getting ready for tears


“By all means, antagonize the angry beast. See where that gets you.”

“Every corner you turn, there will be someone ready to tear you down.”

“I’ve been doing this as long as you have." 

"I want so badly to improve, but I don’t know where to start.”

“Whether I’m whole or half, this is who I am.”

“I will find out if you told them and if it turns out you did, you will pay. Dearly.”

lmao so I’m considering getting my next tattoo fairly soon, which is gonna be a small suit of spades on my inner wrist, and I have to decide if I’m actually gonna explain the meaning behind it to my parents or not

faking it

Happy holidays @bellslarkes! – From your Secret Santa.

Summary: “So my mom thinks we’re dating.”

Clarke raised an eyebrow. “And you set her straight?”

Bellamy shrugged. “In so many words.”


Octavia’s getting married and Bellamy can’t break his mom’s heart by ending up alone.

  • Wordcount: 1203
  • Rating: G
  • Additional tags: fake relationship, wedding dates, friends to lovers

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So anyway I’m ready to watch Jemma tear the universe apart to get Fitz back

Word Count: 2.2k

Pairing: Eric x Reader

Part 2 to the Drunken Mistakes Series.

A/N: Y’all deadass have waited for like 4 months and I’m so sorry voushfjnsd. I don’t want to spoil anything so I can’t say shit but have fun reading!!

Beep, beep, beep-

Argh. You slam your hand down on your alarm clock that was blaring loudly, causing you to  jolt you out of your much needed slumber. As you pull yourself up, the events of last night make their way into your mind almost like the way a tsunami floods land; instantaneously. It wasn’t like you were going to forget, but you were hoping that it would be shoved at the rear of your mind for today.

That was obviously not the case.

Grumpily, you tear the sheets off of you and get ready for work. You were relieved that it was Eric’s go at training the initiates today, leaving you with Four to guard the fence. You and Eric usually did that together but, for obvious reasons, you were not up for that. At-least not for today.

Or ever.

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I haven’t cried at a show in a long time, but a spies goodbye sent the tears streaming down my cheek. A parting shot was meaningful and emotional and I loved it so much

Jemma, crying her dear little eyes out, hidden behind a smile for her friends

Fitz, his little nod letting his friends know it’ll all be okay.

Daisy, who just lost a sister and a friend.

May, looking like she still needs to say sorry to her friend.

Coulson, so proud of his friends overwhelming strength and bravery.

Mack, who lost his two best friends and has to say goodbye

Bobbi, still smiling as her friends say goodbye the tears rolling down her cheek.

Hunter, looking so surprised that his friends even care.

Because that’s what they are, friends, not just a team but friends. Saying goodbye in the only way they can; with a parting shot.

Game Over

Shawn Mendes
Words ~ 500
Warnings ~ Swwweeeeaaaarrrriiiinnngggg
3) You’re just another stupid player, and it’s game over for us.
8) Being with someone shouldn’t be this hard. It shouldn’t hurt like this.
10 ) I can’t stand to be around you anymore. I can’t stand feeling so insignificant.
15) I want to be around you, I want to know yo and let you know me. But I can’t keep letting myself get hurt like this. Hurt by you.

Notes ~ I know I said there wouldn’t be a story tonight. But as I was getting ready for bed I started writing this, and through a lot of tears I managed to finish it within like twenty minutes. So here you go!
Also, I changed number 15 a bit :D

*I will find a GF tomorrow!*

“Leave me alone Shawn." Snow crunched beneath my feet as I stomped towards my car. Shawn followed close behind.

"I said I was sorry!” He exclaimed. I laughed harshly. Sorry? Really? Yeah, like sorry can seriously fix things now. I was so sick and tired of hearing the word sorry coming out of his mouth.

Shawn placed his hand against the car door, preventing me from opening it. Letting out a frustrated sigh and turned to face him, slumping against the car with my arms crossed her my chest, instantly closing myself off to him.

“I’m not letting you leave until we talk about this.” Shawn demanded, his face expressed no signs of emotion, but there was a hint of sadness in his eyes and maybe even a bit of desperation.

“Talk about what?” I let out another laugh, “Talk about how you were making you with yet another girl? How many times is it now? Two? Three?”


“No! This has happened too many times and I’m tired of it. You promised! You promised that you would try harder! And I was dumb enough to believe in. In reality you’re just another stupid player, and it’s game over for us.”

Shawn’s emotionless façade faded, sudden shock took over his features, “Y-you don’t mean that?”

Honestly, I was just as shocked. I didn’t want things to end between us, especially not like this. But there was only so much I could take, and I’ve just about reached breaking point.

“Being with someone shouldn’t be this hard, Shawn.” My voice trembled, “I can’t stand to be around you anymore. I can’t stand feeling so insignificant.”

“You’re not insignificant, you’re the most important fucking thing in my life.” Shawn’s hands cradled my face, his thumbs smoothing over my cheek as he pressed a kiss on my forehead, “I swear I’ll do better this time. I won’t even think about another fucking girl. Just don’t leave, please.”

I squeezed my eyes shut, partly to keep myself from crying, but so I didn’t have to see Shawn as he broke down into a sobbing mess, knowing that if I saw his tears then I would cave into his wishes. And, although there were no other signs, I knew he was drunk. Big bad boy Shawn Mendes would never be caught dead crying in public.

He only cried harder as I flinched away from his kiss, “Please. I love you. I love you so fucking much. Please don’t leave me.”

I opened my eyes, my own tears started to fall as I sucked in a deep breath before replying, “I’m sorry. But I can’t keep letting myself get hurt like this. Hurt by you.”

In a moment of weakness, I managed to pry Shawn’s hand away and open the door. I really didn’t want to leave him like this, but I knew if I didn’t leave now I wouldn’t leave at all.

Pretty much the whole party were now stood outside watching the drama unfold. One of Shawn’s friends dragged him away from the car as I started the engine and pulled away from the drive. I told myself not to look back as I drove away, but apparently I was a sucker for pain. My heart hurt to see Shawn sitting in the snow sobbing while his friend struggled to console him.

I didn’t turn back.


Not gonna lie… I teared up a bit at making this video.

This year may have been riddled with negative outcomes, but we should never let that shroud the good ones.

The individuals mentioned in the video by order:




















I cannot thank you all enough for getting me this far and I also cannot thank my friends enough for helping whenever I needed it.

I’m sorry if I wasn’t able to put all my friends in this video, but please know that if you’re watching and reading this, you mean the world to me!

I love each and every one of you so much.

And remember…

To Stay Golden!

It's okay to grieve

Grieve, my beautiful goobers. And then dust yourself off and get ready to stand. Even if you have tears in your eyes, we stand. We can make it. We can fight. We WILL fight. But, for now, I need a little time to grieve.

Okay but can we talk about queer Slytherins?

Like, going to spend holiday break from school with their girlfriend/boyfriend/enbyfriend and having to lie to their parents because their significant other isn’t a pureblood and isn’t a Slytherin and being absolutely shocked when their datemate introduces them as a romantic partner instead of lying. 

Then imagine their face as one of their partner’s parents wraps them in a hug and says “Welcome to the family.”

Think about nonbinary Slytherins getting ready for the Yule Ball with their Ravenclaw friends, and the tears that come to their eyes when the Ravenclaw presents them with a binder and different dress robes than the frilly dress their mother had sent with a note saying “All the better to catch a husband with my dear.”

And imagine the way their face lights up when they come back, binder on, to see themself in the mirror.

What about a Gryffindor, seeing the way a Slytherin’s parents scold their pureblood kid for kissing his male friend on the cheek, and think about the Gryffindor guy walking over to them in the Great Hall, and in front of a bunch of people, kisses him on the cheek.

And imagine the whistles he gets coming back into the common room from his fellow slytherins (who after the war are much more accepting than their parents) that night, and the blush he can feel under his dark skin.

And what about the way McGonagall cuts a homophobic parent to size with her cutting wit and her scathing tone when she receives a letter requesting that the parents child be separated from other children of the same gender to discourage “h*m*sexual tendencies.”

And think about Slytherin kids coming to headmaster McGonagall for advice and her absolute befuddlement, until she realizes that her Gryffindors have been telling them that McGonagall is very accepting, and listens to anyone.

Think about the Slytherin common room being a safe space, but there being no dorm room for intersex/genderqueer/nonbinary kids, until the other students realize that four or five of the kids have been sleeping in the common room instead of the dorms. Then they team together with the Ravenclaw kids to change the magical architecture of the dormitories to include an extra dorm, Then the Gryffindors chip in to bring in all sorts of furniture and decorations and then even help with a custom charm to make it seem like there are windows showing the weather outside, even though they’re underground. The the Hufflepuffs hear about it, and immediately take over to redecorate the horrific colors the Gryffindors have accidentally chosen.

Then imagine all the Slytherins paying back the other houses by helping them make their own gender neutral dorms.

Just, take a second to talk about queer Slytherins.

Exo’s Reaction to catching you masterbating

Haha…We hope you enjoy the reaction :)


Xiumin: “Jagi, you could’ve waited for me… but, please, don’t let me intrude… Please, continue.”

*As he takes a seat and watches you as you finish to pleasure yourself.*


Luhan: “You want some help there??”

*Gets ready to tear up that pussy.*

Sorry, Not Sorry


*Walks in*

Kris: “Same.”

*Walks out, but will bring it back up later.*

Kris: *later that night while you guys are in bed* “Sooo, Baobei. About earlier… You want to continue the fun?”


Suho: “Awe, Does my baby girl need her Daddy?”




Baekhyun: “You know, Jagi. I know a couple things about female anatomy, if you want me to show you…”

Y/N: “Then come here and show me what you know…”

*Baekhyun then gets into bed and prepares to show you every thing he knows… with his fingers…*


Chen: “How could you do this without me??”


Chanyeol: “May I join you?”


*Walks in*

*Walks out*

Kyungsoo: “What the actual fuck, did I just witness?”


*Walks in*

*Runs out*

Tao: “No, nope… I didn’t see anything…”


Kai: “If you really wanna feel good, let me help you out there…”


*Sehun would walk in and notice you were doing your thing and then he’d walk out, but on his way out let you know he’s expecting something from you later.*

Sehun: “Since you didn’t wait for me, you owe me…” *closes the door behinds him and lets you continue.*

If you have any request, Please, feel free to submit it/them :)


it had been several days since kyouka had ran from atsushi. those few days had been spent in solitude ( minus the exception of spending time with ranpo. ) it gave her time to think about things – about the news she had received and how it affected everyone. she had come to a decision in the end – which was why she didn’t run when she heard her best friend charging into ranpo’s apartment.

` … I’m sorry for running away. `

Wedding dress

“Y/N, come downstairs, Zoe and Tanya are here” 

You hear Joe shout and you quickly finish to get ready before heading downstairs. On your way to the living room, tears start pooling in your eyes and you wipe them out with your fingers. 

Joe, Tanya and Zoe catch you do it and smile wildly at you.

“Aww y/N are you getting emotional already ?” Tanya coos whilst both girls hug you tightly. 

“She’s marrying my idiotic brother, the biggest weirdo on this planet, of course she’s crying” Zoe adds, kissing your cheek. 

Joe frowns and grabs your hand to pull you into him “You’re not having second thoughts are you ?”

You kiss his lips and ease the crook between his eyebrows with your thumbs. 

“I’m never going to regret this, Joseph. I love you with all my heart. You’re not getting rid of me ever” 

He smiles and sticks his tongue out at his sister. The four of you laugh and Tanya claps her hands. 

“Alright, are you ready for your appointment at Vera Wang ?”

“I can’t believe today’s the day I’m going to pick my wedding dress !” you answer, looking proudly at your fiancé. 

“6 more months and I’ll get to be your husband” Joe whispers 

“And I get to be your sister-in-law !” Zoe adds jumping around in excitement.

 “And I get to be one of your flower girls !” Tanya screams and suddenly you’re all screaming in excitement and happiness. 

Joe hugs you goodbye and whispers in your ear “See you later sweetheart, don’t forget you’ll be the most beautiful bride no matter which dress you pick” 

Joe’s so precious. He knows how nervous you get when you have to make decisions, or how hard it is for you to plan this huge wedding so far away from home.

“I wish my mom could come, though” you whisper back.

“I know, baby”. He lets go of you.

You chose to get married in England because it’s where you own a place and Joe’s whole family and all your friends live here too, but your family has to fly overseas to attend your wedding. So you pretty much have to plan it on your own… Well, luckily your friends are always there to help you out. But lately, you really miss your parents being there for the big moments. 

When you get to the store, it’s privatised for you and there’s a table with champagne and cake and you know you’re going to have a good time with Tanya and Zoe, who are just like family to you - and for one of them it’s going to be more than a figure of speech sooner than later. 

The lady from the store is absolutely adorable and does everything to make you comfortable. You go through a few dresses before one flashes. It’s silky with white pearls and just the right amount of puffy. 

“Oh my got y/N, I can totally picture you in this one !” Tanya says

“My brother won’t be able to take his eyes off of you” Zoe tells you, tears in her eyes.

“Alright alright let’s try it on” 

you ask where the fitting rooms are and the lady walks you in and hangs the dress on the hanger and asks you if you need anything else.
You notice that there’s a throw covering the full length mirror 

“Is this on purpose ?” you ask her pointing at it

“Yes. You can uncover it as soon as you’re wearing the dress, if you want to check yourself out before coming out and showing your friends.

“Alright thank you”

She closes the curtain and leaves you alone. You zip up he dress and take a big breath before taking the throw down. To your surprise, there’s a note on the mirror, written with lipstick. 

It reads 

‘Dear y/N. I bet at this instant, you’re not only the funniest, nicest, smartest person that I know, you’re also the most gorgeous girl in the world. I’m so happy to be the lucky guy who gets to share every day of my life with you. From now on, I’ll be there for every ups and downs, every step of the way. But today, you need to share this one with your family. Have a good one. I love you. Your fiancé, Joe.’

You don’t understand Joe’s note right away, still a little shaken by his surprise. You mecanically open the curtain to join your friends…

And your mom is there.

You freeze, everybody freezes. 

“Baby, you’re stunning” your mom says and suddenly you throw yourself into her arms, sobbing. 

Zoe takes pictures and Tanya seems to be vlogging. You realise they all were in it… 

“I can’t believe you’d surprise me like that” you tell them, not leaving your mother’s arms

“It was Joe’s whole idea, he just told us yesterday, we didn’t do anything, it was him”. 

“Joe was so sweet” your mom says “he planned this and paid and sent me a plane ticket. Oh honey I’m so glad to be there with you”
After a little moment, everybody admires your wedding dress which is a perfect fit. 

“Where’s dad?” you ask.

Zoe holds out her phone and shows you a snap that is from a few minutes ago. It seems sneaky, like it was taken from the inside of Caspar’s jacket. You can see Joe fixing his bow tie and looking up at someone, asking “is this alright?” and just like that, your dad appears in the shot, tugging lightly at the edges of the bow “It’s perfect, son” he says before giving Joe a manly pat on his back. 

Your future bride heart is just about to explode.