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GOT7 Wedding Day

Mark: You approach the top of the aisle and the minute he sees you he can’t contain the smile on his face as he sees his future wife walk towards him.  As he tries to gain composure you wink at him knowing exactly how he’s feeling, causing him to smile even more. “Here come’s my best friend, my soul mate, my wife.”

Jaebum: He’s feeling anxious as he arrives. He hasn’t seen you for the past couple of days and is wondering if you’re feeling the same nervousness and excitement he is. He just can’t wait to see you as soon as possible. “I want to see her, I can’t wait to hold her, I can’t wait for our forever.”

Jackson: He’s ready, he’s been waiting for this moment for a long time. He announces to the rest of the members in the room, “Okay, Let’s go. I’m getting married!” He puts on his sunglasses as you two are having an outdoor wedding in the summer like he’s hoped for. “This is really happening, not one single damn thing can ruin this moment for me”

Jinyoung: He walks towards the venue with a few of his groomsmen, eager to see you and even more excited that today you’ll become his wife. “Our hyung is getting married!” Youngjae shrieks. Jinyoung grins unable to contain the sense of happiness he’s feeling. “Our forever starts today,”

Youngjae: He’s waiting for you and the minute he lays eyes on you in your wedding dress, you take his breath away. He lets out a deep breath to try and calm himself down but he can’t believe how beautiful you look. “How lucky am I?”

Bambam: It’s the night before your wedding and he’s working hard on writing his wedding vows for you. He asks Jinyoung for his help to read it over but he’s struggles to find the right words to say to properly convey his feelings. “I’ll spend the rest of my life telling you how much I love you”

Yugyeom: He’s getting ready, laughing and blushing as his older members tease him in the grooms room. “Look at our little Maknae, growing up” they pretend to tear up. Jinyoung teases “are you sure Y/N wants to spend the rest of her life with you?” Yugyeom turns around, “Of course she does!” a big smile on his face. “I’m ready to spend the rest of my life with her.”


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The reader eloping with the Gladio and the chocobros as best men? Maybe her parents didn't want them married?

This is so cuuuuuuuute omg. I hope this is okay, I think it’s a little rushed but I hope you enjoy in any case. Just a small drabble to tide you guys over, maybe I’ll revisit this idea some day. ❤⃛ヾ(๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ )

“Where are we going?” Prompto whined from the back seat. “And how come I can’t drive shotgun?”

“Pipe down,” Gladio ordered from behind the wheel, shooting him an irate glance in the rearview mirror. You gently patted his arm from the seat beside him, a small smile on your face. You and Gladio had told your friends that you wanted to take them on a small road trip, but didn’t tell them where you were going. You loaded them up in the back of the Regalia, and started off down the road.

“I must admit,” Ignis chimed in from the back seat. “I’m rather curious as to our destination. We seem to be heading south—what business could the two of you possibly have south of the Crown City?”

“Just enjoy the ride, Iggy,” you replied coyly, turning to wink at him. “You’ll see soon enough.”

The drive was long, and the sun beat down from the sky. But Prompto kept asking where you were going and if you were there yet, and Gladio kept barking at him that you were getting close.

Eventually, the Regalia pulled into the parking lot and Gladio stopped the car.

Noctis peered around, and saw nothing but ocean, a blue horizon for as far as the eye could see. “Are we in Galdin Quay?”

“Galdin Quay?” Prompto repeated. “What are we doing here?”

“Fishing trip?” Noctis asked, his voice carrying a hopeful tone.

“No,” you answered, stepping out of the car and pulling out a duffel bag from the trunk. You looked over at Gladio, whose face was rosy as he bit back a smile. “Gladdy and I are getting married.”

Noctis and Prompto almost fell out of the car, while Ignis gracefully exited on the other side.

“You’re getting WHAT?”

“Fill them in, would you, hon?” you rose to your tip toes to give Gladio a peck on the lips. “I’m going to check into our rooms.”

He nodded and swatted your ass as you walked away, earning a yelp and a playful glare as you headed towards the reception desk. Gladio turned to see his three friends staring impatiently at him, demanding an explanation.

“Well?” Prompto asked, tapping his foot against the ground with his arms folded over his chest. “When were you gonna tell us, Big Guy?”

Gladio scratched at the back of his head. “We didn’t want to make a big deal of it,” he admitted. “You know how her parents are. They don’t really approve of our relationship.”

“Have they ever offered you an explanation as to why, aside from the fact that your profession keeps you tied to the Crown?” Ignis inquired, his hands on his hips.

Gladio shook his head. “No. I think maybe they just don’t like me. Can’t say that us eloping is going to do me any favours, but…” he sighed, looking off at where you were. “I love her. And I want to spend the rest of my life with her.”

Noctis punched Gladio on the bicep, and then recoiled, shaking out his hand. Gladio snorted. “I’m happy for you, Gladio,” he said once he recovered. “I remember when you met her. You told me and the guys that you wanted to marry her right then and there.”

Gladio shrugged. “That hasn’t changed. Clearly.”

“Come,” Ignis led his friends in the direction of the hotel. “I think it’s best that we get the groom ready for his own wedding.”

The sun was starting to set at the end of the dock as Gladio stood there next to the pastor, waiting for you to arrive. He’d changed into white pants and a white button-down shirt, opting to actually wear it properly this time. His friends stood alongside him in a row, and Prompto had his camera at the ready.

Small white twinkle lights lined the railings of the dock, and little candles were on each side, creating an aisle that led to the groom.

When Gladio saw you, his jaw slowly dropped.

You were dressed in a simple white gown, spaghetti-strapped and flowing around your frame, your hair curled neatly over one shoulder. You wore a bird-cage veil that was pinned to the side of your head, and in your hand you held a bouquet of light pink gladioli.

You smiled when you reached him, and could have sworn you saw tears in his eyes. Ignis took the flowers from you and you gripped onto Gladio’s hands, which were clammy and shaking. You were sure that yours were the same.

The pastor made his speech. He turned to Gladio, and he turned to you. He had you repeat each other’s names, and then Gladio pulled the rings out of his pocket. He put yours on your finger, whispering his vows in your ear with a trembling voice. You put the ring on his, trying to get the words out past the tears pricking the corners of your eyes and the tightness of your throat.

Finally, you heard the words. “You may kiss the bride.”

Gladio wasted no time, pulling you against him and pressing his lips against yours. He dipped you down low as your arms came to wrap around his neck. The guys cheered and Prompto snapped away with his camera, blubbering at how romantic it was.

“I love you,” Gladio whispered into your ear. “Until my dying breath, I love you.”

You looked up at your new husband and smiled so wide that your cheeks hurt, never wanting the moment to end. You rose to your toes and kissed him again as the sun dipped below the horizon, signalling the start of your new life together.

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since u think that galra r really big on family/social interaction: how do you think they show affection (platonic or romantic)?

I mean, much like humans I imagine they have about a zillion different ways and it varies heavily from person to person. Many of them overlap with humans. 

The whole social grooming idea is something I see in their society as a very… domestic expression of affection, especially in that it’s something parents (or just, older galra in the group) do for their kids. In general I see the galra as culturally, very tactile- there’s certainly galra who don’t like being touched or only want to be touched by close friends but they’re considered kind of unusual. So even outside of specifically grooming or getting ready for the day they might card their fingers through others’ hair, or lean together.

Galra parents are very big on carrying. Baby strollers are the weirdest idea to them like what are you talking about no, babies don’t go in little carts, why do you have carts for babies humans what’s up with that. Babies go on mom, dad, or other parent’s back or in their arms and if parent really needs to do something and can’t hold baby there’s always another adult to hold them.

I stick to the idea that galra toddle and are really mobile much earlier than human babies, but I also stick to the idea that galra and human babies are about the same size even though the adults are so much bigger- so that’s a practical move because it’s super easy for a child walking alongside their parents to struggle or get tired trying to keep up. On the other hand, I think of them as really good at climbing so a perfectly socially acceptable response for a kid to be tired is for them to just find a familiar adult and climb them.

Mouth smiles are sort of a galra thing they’ve picked up from other cultures and species but not very well? Toothy smiles are really a lot more of a sneer. A legitimately happy/relaxed galra might open their mouth a little but mostly, eyes are where it’s at. Slow blinks like a cat.

In general I feel like galra don’t emote happy/content/gentle emotions with their face very much, which if you’re not used to being around galra, they can seem very moody and dour as a species. They’re not, it’s just that most of how they say ‘softer’ things (“I’m happy you’re here” “I missed you” “I love you”) are touch-related. Face touching is like. pretty intimate, whether a familial thing or a romantic thing, it implies a lot of personal closeness and if you haven’t really earned that it’s kind of “um excuse me what the hell”

I imagine that the galra have a thing where culturally, intimacy is very… polarizing. Like if both people feel that way about each other, it’s comforting and gratifying. If that intimacy hasn’t been socially “earned” or expected, or someone being aggressive in an intimate manner (what I said about face touching, someone grabbing someone else by the face) it is really disquieting and rude. 

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Hello, I'm so sorry to bother you but I'm at the end of my rope! My cleffa, Feem, won't stop grooming herself. She's plucked nearly every stray bit of fluff and fur off her tail and curl. The doctor says she's free of any parasites, but doesn't have any other answers... I try to keep her well exercised, and her diet's not changed recently, do you have any ideas of what could be wrong?

Over-grooming is often a response to stress or boredom. Does Feem have enough to do during the day? Are there situations when she is more likely to start grooming? Has anything new or disturbing happened to her?

Plucking can also be a response to hormone changes. Is she getting ready to evolve?

Lastly, Pokémon with poor nutrition can often develop over-grooming habits. Check her diet according to Pokémon center recommendations. Fairy-types need a lot more protein than many people suspect.

Good luck!

A mock-up based on one of my ideas for Sinnoh remakes: an overhaul of the Super Contests. One of the things I thought of was a grooming portion to get your Pokemon show ready, as opposed to the convoluted accesorizing based on an even more convoluted theme.

I’ve based the idea mostly on Pokemon Refresh, using similar tools from that, like a brush, a cloth, and a comb. As a little cute touch, I based the brush on Altaria, the cloth on Xatu, and the comb on Skarmory, kind of like how the hair dryer in Refresh was Porygon.

Anyway, hope you like it!

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Give me a character: Ravage

  • What they smell like:

Nothing. Actually, Ravage has a complete lack of scent that can be unsettling, as even the air around Ravage is…sterile, and free of scent, due to their unique properties. After all, stealth must encompass multiple senses.

  • How they sleep (sleeping position, schedule, etc):

Ravage generally recharges in Soundwave, curled up in docking form and locked in to passively absorb charge. If they cannot dock, they will find an individual they trust and enter recharge state somewhere they can be protected by them- napping spots include Megatron’s quarters (or on Megatron himself), Lugnut (just…lugnut as a whole) and failing that, ventilation systems.

  • What music they enjoy:

None. Ravage, left to their own devices, favors silence. Although they do enjoy music, they do not seek it out on their own.

  • How much time they spend getting ready every morning:

None. A quick self-grooming protocol can be enacted anytime, typically they wake and begin operations immediately.

  • Their favorite thing to collect:

The severed fingers of bots who tried to pet them.

  • Left or right-handed:

Ambidexterous. No preference for any particular side. Ravage does prefer  using their tail to manipulate objects as opposed to their paws, however.

  • Religion (if any):

None. Staunch atheist, does not care where or how Cybertronians happened because tbh everything that’s happened since then has been garbage.

  • Favorite sport:

Tag, except fatal. And Ravage is “it.”

  • Favorite touristy thing to do when traveling (museums, local food, sightseeing, etc):

Avoiding all contact with the locals, and studying from afar. Also sometimes enjoying their media, but Ravage prefers books to anything else.

  • Favorite kind of weather:

Dark, overcast, with a strong wind to hide any sounds or scents.

  • A weird/obscure fear they have:

Ravage was not always what they are now- Ravage is effectively an uplift. A non-sapient mechanimal that was modified to be sapient and have the capabilities it does, specifically Ravage was modified to be an operational symbiont. Without regular access to another mechanism’s spark (docking and recharging within Soundwave) Ravage’s capacity for personality and higher thinking begins to fade, and while Ravage would never admit it to anyone but Soundwave there is a very real fear that Ravage will, at some point, not be able to function as an uplift any longer. Ravage was meant to be disposable, like others of their kind, and nobody’s really certain how long they can function like this. They’ve already outlived most other modified symbionts, and there’s no precedent for the future.

Ravage doesn’t want to become an animal, and that in part, is why they will not allow others to treat them like one.

  • The carnival/arcade game they always win without fail:

Ravage prefers to just steal the prizes. Why compete when you can just take?

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Could I get an imagine for dating a dragon that likes to cuddle the reader?

You would think it’d be to sap your warmth, but your dragon s/o actually enjoys warming you up!

They also enjoy how soft and squishy you are compared to them- especially since they’re used to hard scales and muscle.

Also, get ready for some grooming- especially if your head is near them. They just gotta Lick™.

You might also want to lay on top of them- considering most of their “cuddle spots” is on their hoard. Gold coins HURT, you know.

Daily Affirmation Spells

Easy Affirmation Spells for Your Daily Routine

An affirmation is any statement in the form of “I am”. While not solely used in the craft, it is a very powerful mantra that can be done while performing mundane daily tasks; it imbues you with power and sets the stage for a wonderful day! You can repeat your chosen mantra or mantras as much as is needed to help charge your day.

Getting Ready

  • I am beautiful/handsome (as you groom yourself for the day)
  • I am magickal
  • I am confident
  • I am able to handle all that comes at me
  • I am ready to shine today


  • I am safe
  • I am free from distraction
  • I am able to navigate through anything
  • I am on time

Preparing Meals

  • I am nourished
  • I am healthy
  • I am satisfied

At the Workplace

  • I am safe from harrasment
  • I am competant and successful
  • I am respected
  • I am able to complete my tasks
  • I am able to achieve my goals
  • I am willing to learn
  • I am open to new opportunity
  • I am sought after for my skills
  • I am able to focus
  • I am able to communicate effectively
  • I am stronger than those who doubt me

At Home

  • I am surrounded by peace
  • I am filled with light and love
  • I am safe and secure
  • I am in my environment
  • I am right where I need to be
  • I am loved
  • I am worthy of security
  • I am tidy
  • I am clean
  • I am relaxed
  • I am able to leave behind this day

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can you do Tonks for the weird headcannons?

Why of course!

  • What they smell like: Tonks always smells like soft fruity but musky perfume and a slight hint of incense smoke
  • How they sleep (sleeping position, schedule, etc): Tonks is a night owl and doesn’t usually crash until around 1 in the morning and when she sleeps, she sleeps like the dead so whatever position she falls in, that’s it for the night
  • What music they enjoy: Tonks is really into the UK punk and rock scene and really enjoys wizard rock as well
  • How much time they spend getting ready every morning: About an hour because she rolls out of bed, grooms herself, does her makeup, and gets dressed before sauntering downstairs and making coffee for herself
  • Their favorite thing to collect: Anything relating back the night time, she has a lot of moon and star related things all over her and Remus’ bedroom. She always felt that the moon would protect her since her mother always protected her and she was named after a galaxy. When Teddy was born, she put glow-in-the dark stars, moons, and planets all over his ceiling so he’d stay safe
  • Left or right-handed: She is actually ambidextrous! When she shifts around she has to adapt to something different and so she uses both hands for everything
  • Religion (if any): Tonks is actually of the pagan persuasion, NOT Wiccan but she does support some of the old gods and goddesses that reign over magic and the night
  • Favorite sport: Qudditch, hands down
  • Favorite touristy thing to do when traveling (museums, local food, sightseeing, etc): She loves to go to the crappiest bars and watch musicians play, you really get a sense of a person when they start at the bottom
  • Favorite kind of weather: Thunderstorms, she loves the rush of hearing the thunder roar out and the flash of lightening, the rain on their tin roof
  • A weird/obscure fear they have: She has a fear of losing her family, she wouldn’t know what to do if Remus went before her or if she had to see Teddy die (I know I know)
  • The carnival/arcade game they always win without fail: Are you kidding? She’s a pro at all of them because she’s too competitive to lose to her husband at something so childish

Galincik Wedding

“Through this ring I look at you, welcome me to your heart”

Galiċnik is a small village in the mountains of Macedonia known worldwide for organizing collective weddings each year on St. Peter’s day. In its time of glory, there were as many as 30 weddings being organized on July 21. Nowadays there are less and less, but the ceremony is still gathering tourists from all over the world appealed by the amazing costumes and the intricate rite.

According to the tradition, the wedding ceremony begins Saturday evening, at the sunset, when the groom hangs on the right side of his house a flag decorated with flowers. Gunfire announces his departure towards the village, where he meets his best men for a celebration that includes music, wine and well, partying. The next is the mother-in-law’s dance and then a traditional dance, after which the groom and his party head towards the bride’s home carrying torches. All through the night, everybody dances and is enjoying a nice time.

Sunday morning, the groom and his family go to visit their ancestors at the cemetery and ask for their blessing. Later on, back at his home, while the groom gets ready (gets a shave and a haircut) the party sings a farewell song, which sounds very familiar to the Romanian lyrics sang to the bride while women put her veil on.

Meanwhile, the bride gets dressed in the traditional wedding gown of the Galiċnik village, wearing a beautiful red costume, with long sleeves and fringes at the end, white batik, silver and gold coins around her waist and a red and black skirt. Both the bride’s and the groom’s wedding costumes are traditional, being hand sewed with silk and gold strings and decorated with folkloric elements specific to the Macedonian region. The costumes get so heavy that the bride’s wedding gown gets to weigh almost 40 kilos.
Later that day, the groom and his party arrive at the bride’s house riding horses. Here are welcomed by the bride who looks through her wedding band and says: “Through this ring I look at you, welcome me to your heart”. The whole wedding party heads to the village fountain, where the bride fills up pots with water, while men dance the teskoto, a celebration dance of their ancestors who faced hardships working as emigrants. Sunday after-noon, at the St. Peter and Paul church, takes place the last part of the wedding ceremony. After that, the newly-weds dance the bride’s dance and go back at the groom’s house riding their horse. (X)

Videos: I II  III IV

Their first impressions [closed w/the-wandering-rock-collector]


It took them a while to finally arrange something; between business days and weekends where Lorene had to work there wasn’t chances to have an entire day off to spend on a trip. 

Waking up before dawn -and actually not sleeping because of her anxiety-, she stayed several minutes on the bed thinking if it was a good idea; Was she too persistent when it came to ask him for a day together? Was he really interested or he accepted just for being polite? What would happen if he doesn’t appear, or if she decides to cancel it? 

She shook her head and immediately got up to get everything ready; she was looking for perfection. “Just as perfect as he looks”, thought for a moment. After getting ready and grooming every one of her pokemon, she took the PokeNav, showed the map to her Pidgeot and wrote him a message, just in case he forgot it. 

    “Good morning! Are we finally going, right? What if instead of meeting in          Rustboro we go directly to Slateport? I’ll be there at 10 am. See you! 

                                                                                         - Lorene”

Carefully stroking Pidgeot’s feathers she accommodated over him, as she used to do before, and with the flapping of his wings both elevated a few meters. Lorene didn’t remember how scary was to fly using a pokemon, but she trusted him more than anyone else. 

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🔵 - What activity to do with them to get them relaxed and in the mood?

Mutual grooming is a good way to get Blitzwing ready for either sex or a nap. The ideal pattern is spar, clean, and then he’s either gonna get hot and bothered or fall asleep

EXO react to their wedding day

You most certainly can!
A/N: Korean weddings (even modern ones) are fairly different from American ones - taking place in large wedding halls with an announcer and the bride and groom get ready in the same room and take pictures with their guests beforehand. The ceremony is usually very quick. So, I’ve written some MODERN Korean and some more Americanized weddings for this.

Xiumin: Sitting in the bridal room, he’d sit back and stare at you as they take pictures of you getting ready, a small smirk would spread on his face, hoping to catch your glance for just a moment so he can blow you a kiss. “If I hadn’t already asked you to marry me, I would now, seeing how you look.”

Luhan: One of the boys would film him getting ready with the rest of his groomsmen, straightening ties and toasting the day. He’d laugh and join in as the others tease him about how manly he’s acting for you. “Here’s to proving once and for all that even if I’m prettier than most girls, I’m all man.”

Kris: When the officiant is asking the two of you to say your ‘I do’s, he’d say yes quickly, nodding afterward, proud of his decision to ask you, looking at you with love and devotion. After you also say 'I do’ he’d mouth a few words at you to lip-read. “I love you more than anything.”

Suho: Walking into the wedding hall, he’d be constantly checking his appearance, smiling at any of the guests he sees before entering the bridal room and grinning widely at you, pulling you to your feet. “I am truly he luckiest man alive - you have exceeded my every dream.”

Lay: When he sees you walking toward him, he becomes entranced and when you get closer, he walks out to meet you and take your hand, staring at you like there’s no one else in the room. “I’ve never seen anyone more more stunning in my entire life.” He’d bring your hand up, pressing a soft kiss to your knuckles.

Baekhyun: Waiting at the end of the aisle, he gets a little impatient to see you, fidgeting and smiling at the thought of finally being married to you. “I never saw the wedding outfit… But I think even if we were just wearing garbage bags to get married in, it would be okay.”

Chen: He catches a glance of you walking by as he’s getting ready and can’t look away until you pass from his field of vision, the reality hitting him. He looks down at the tie in his hands. “I’m really getting married today. I’m going to live with my spouse, file taxes as a couple, and go grocery shopping together…”

Chanyeol: He’d send you a video since he can’t see you before the wedding for encouragement and just to show you how excited he is to marry you, laughing at himself. “Jagi, I know I’m going to see you in just a little bit, but I wanted to tell you how much I love you once more before we’re officially married.”

DO: Getting ready to go out to see you, he’d be all smiles, putting up with any number of dumb jokes from the others. “Yes, that’s right, my spouse gets to be co-ruler of hell. It’s only fair.” He’d double and triple check his own attire to make sure he looks perfect for when he finally sees you.

Tao: When he sees you walking down the aisle toward him, he can’t help but grin, eyes crinkling. He reaches for your hand, squeezing it reassuringly and leaning in to whisper to you before the ceremony starts. “No running away now - you’re all mine. And now I’ll have written proof.”

Kai: He’d be giggly all day, tying the rings to Monggu’s collar so he can be the ring-bearer. “You have to be especially well-behaved today. Apba’s getting married, so no barking or chasing your tail.” He’d scratch behind the dog’s ears, grinning and excited to see your reaction.

Sehun: “Wait, where am I going now? What am I supposed to do?” He’d get a little overwhelmed by the goings on, his hyungs and the wedding planner having to push him to follow the schedule, only relaxing once he’s standing at the front with you beside him, holding his hand.

- Admin J

CS Fan Fic: Jones Family AU/ The Wedding Pre-game

A\N: I was having some serious CS feels after the BTS pics came out for their date. This is a continuation of my Jones family AU – the beginning. Emma is preparing to walk down the aisle and she has some quiet moments with her parents.



There was a light breeze blowing in the window after she urged it open. Emma sat on the floor of her bedroom with the white tulle pooling up around her like a fluffy storm. She felt the air rush out of her lungs and she needed to sit down. She blinked her eyes closed and worked to get a grip on what was happening. She took the air into her lungs and let it out slowly.

“Emma, are you alright?”asked Snow rushing over to her.

“Mom, I’m not sure. I just couldn’t breathe for a minute and I felt light headed. “ she said.

Snow helped her daughter up to her feet and checked the back of her corset. She loosened the laces and gave her a little more space to breathe.

“How’s that?” she asked hugging into her beautiful daughter’s back.

“Much better. I will never get used to this fashion.” Said Emma.

“Well, it’s just for today and you look beautiful.” Said Snow smiling.

“I know but I don’t want anything to go wrong. He’s waited a long time for this and I want it to be perfect.” She said.

“Emma, he is going to be blown away when he sees you walk into that room. I’m still so happy you went with a traditional fairytale gown.” Said Snow with tears in her eyes.

“You think so?”said Emma twirling around in a circle.

“Perfect.” Said Snow gripping her hands together and smiling.

“ I couldn’t have done this without you. I hope you know how much it means to have you with me today. That you are my maid of honor.” Said Emma.

She felt the tears pooling in her eyes. She began waving her hand in front of her face trying to fend off the tears so they wouldn’t ruin her makeup.

“I was so honored that you asked me. How many mothers and daughters would get the chance to be such close friends like we are?” said Snow giving her daughter a hug.

Snow smoothed down the billowing fabric around the bottom of Emma’s dress.

“I have something for you. “ said Snow pulling out a little box.

“Mom, you didn’t have to get me a gift.” Said Emma.

“Of course I did. My daughter doesn’t get married every day. Open it.”said Snow.

“It’s beautiful.”said Emma.

It was a tiny blue bird jeweled pin.  

“Well, it’s the blue bird of happiness, it is also something blue as tradition goes.” Said Snow.

“Oh Mom, I love it.” said Emma hugging her.

Snow pinned the tiny bird to the shoulder of her gown.

“Oh no, do I have everything else? I don’t want any bad luck today. We’ve had enough obstacles.said Emma.

“You have something new and something blue with the pin.  I would say your something old is Hook .” She said laughing.

“Yeah right, but that doesn’t count.” said Emma.

“Oh, here.”  Said Snow removing her wedding ring from her finger.

“This is something old and something borrowed.” Said Snow smiling.

“Mom” said Emma with a broken voice.

“Your grandmother did say that true love follows this ring. I only think it’s fitting you should wear it today.” Said Snow.

Emma slipped the ring onto her right hand. 

She hugged her mother tight.  This time she was unable to hold back the tears  and neither was Snow.

“What’s going on in here?” asked David.

The two women separated and David saw his little girl for the first time. His mouth was a gasp and he had tears in his eyes.

Emma stood shyly looking down and smoothing out her dress.

“Emma, you look beautiful.” Said David.

“Thanks Dad.” Said Emma.

“Is that my mother’s ring?”asked David.

“Yes, I thought our daughter should have a piece of your Mom with her today. It was afterall because of her that Emma is here today with us.” Said Snow.

Now David was crying too. 

Snow hugged him.

“Are they ready for us?” asked Snow.

“Ah, yes that was why I was here in the first place. You have a very nervous groom waiting for you out there. He’s afraid you aren’t going to show.” Said David smiling.

“Oh no, really? I’m ready Dad.” Said Emma.

“OK, I’ll alert them to start the music and wait for you by the door.” Said David.

Emma hugged him tight.

“Ok Dad, thank you for everything. I’ll see you in a minute.” Said Emma.

David left to calm the groom and get them started.

“Mom, are you ready?”Asked Emma.

Snow nodded.

“You look beautiful Mom. “said Emma.

“Thank you, now let’s get you down there before the groom comes looking for you. “said Snow.

Snow picked up the gorgeous bouquet of lilies that the florist assembled and handed them to her daughter.

She linked arms with her to help her stabilize and they walked to greet her father.

“OK David, she’s ready.” said Snow handing her daughter over to him.

The music started to fill the little chapel. All of their guests stood as the wide doors opened.

Emma took a deep breath. David gave her a kiss on the cheek and patted her arm in reassurance.

“OK Mom” said Emma.

Snow started down the aisle towards Killian smiling at all of the guests on the way. When she reached the front of the chapel the wedding march began.

“I love you Emma. “said David.

“I love you too Dad. “said Emma.

They started out the doors slowly so she could gain composure. The corset was still cutting off her air but it was better. She took a deep breath when she saw him.

His mouth dropped open at the site of her and a huge smile crept up on his face. She felt a grin spread on her face that matched his and she felt her steps get faster. David chuckled a little as the pace increased.

She didn’t even notice anyone watching her on the way down. Once she locked eyes with Killian she could only think of him and her nervousness was gone. She just wanted to get down the aisle and greet him. She was ready. She was ready to be Mrs. Killian Jones.

When they reached the end of the aisle her father extended his hand to Killian to shake it. He kissed Emma on the cheek and moved to stand next to Killian as his best man.

Killian grabbed Emma’s hand and kissed it lightly. His eyes never left hers. She could see he was forming tears too and she had to blink to hold them back herself.

“I love you Killian.” she whispered just for him.

He squeezed her hand a little tighter.

“I love you too Emma.” He said.