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This sketch is a good example of what I’ve been struggling to understand. Animating a figure as a solid image makes for a good, quick, resource-light work flow. The trouble is it’s also pretty limiting with what you can do or get away with. It’s not that it’s impossible to make anything with this, Modest Mouse published a beautiful music video eight years ago (I’m getting old!) that used this exact technique.

it’s just that I’m not certain this is the direction I want to go in. I’ve got a good idea of a way I can use that “click” I mentioned previously in a good way, so I’m gonna experiment with that next. I”m just kind of sad I don’t get to animate like this more often… If all goes well though, in the coming months my animation free time will increase exponentially!

They’re singing “Barrett’s privateers” by stan rogers, by the way.


Just a quick note to say that I am a liar and that I will NOT be releasing the Hobi fic soon, because I want to pad it out a little and make it a super long chapter… It may eeeeeeven just be a 2/3 parter. But super long parts. So that is that. On a completely separate note, I’ve just spent some time stalking my readers and i just want to say, so many of you are so pretty. I cannot 😩 The rest of you mainly just have kpop idols as your pics, but that is absolutely ok with me too 😏🙃 Anyway, to make up for the lack of Hobi newness, I’ll be publishing WIT this week at some point. I love all of you beautiful people and pls continue to slide in my DMs (or my asks since I never get those 😭) because that’s what’s keeping me insfiredddd.

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Calum Hood One Shot - Jealousy Can Be Satisfying

(photo not mine)

Category - One Shot

Smut or Fluff? - Smut

Requested? - Yes! :D Hey love, so if its not too much to ask, could you make one where Calum gets REALLY jealous that you are hanging out and having fun with Mikey and he publishes you (if you know what i mean 😉😉 lol)? Thanks Beautiful!

Pairing(s) - Calum Hood/Reader

Word Count - 2,108

Summary - You and Michael have been spending so much time together over the past couple weeks that Calum begins to get jealous. At the carnival, he makes you two leave early and makes you pay for it at home.

Author’s Additional Comments - This. Is. So. Long. I’m sorry guys lol. Oh! And btw, when you send me requests, please know that I do try to get to them as soon as I can. I wasn’t expecting to take this long to make this request, but so many things are happening in rl right now so I’m sorry.

You were out with the boys at a carnival, having a great night out. Well, most of you were. It just so happens that your boyfriend, Calum, is the only moody one. He’s been like this ever since you two got picked up from Ashton and you and Michael were talking in the car. Sure, you were laughing loudly at his jokes, but Michael’s a funny guy. You couldn’t help it. You tried talking to Calum, but all you got out of him were one word answers or a head nod, so you just continued talk to Michael.

Maybe that’s why he was so moody.

“Y/N, you wanna go on that spinny-thingy?” Michael asked you.

“Sure!” You accepted. “Anyone else wanna come?” You asked and Luke and Ashton both declined. “Calum?”

He only shook his head and headed off to a game where you have to knock down all the cans for a prize. Probably to let some anger out. You shrugged and you and Michael started walking to the ride, then you heard a loud clash of cans fall everywhere and you two quickly whipped your heads around. It was the game Calum was at. He definitely went to it to let anger out because he threw the ball at the cans so hard, some of them flew out of the booth. Instead of getting a prize, he simply walked away to catch up with Luke and Ashton.

“What’s up with him?” Michael asked as you two started walking again.

“I don’t even know.” You half-lied. You had a good idea what was wrong, you just weren’t sure if you were right. Plus, you didn’t wanna hurt Michael’s feelings by telling him that he’s unknowingly pissing Calum off. Well, its not all him. Partly you too.

The line for the ride was long, but with Michael, it went by really quick. One of the things you loved about Michael was that he almost never stopped talking and he’s super funny. Out of Michael, Luke, and Ashton, you were closest with Michael. When Calum introduced you to his friends, you and Michael hit it off pretty good. He knew that and he had no problem with it, mostly because Michael had a girlfriend of his own at the time. They broke up two weeks ago because he caught her cheating.

And that’s when you realized, Calum’s only pissed because since Michael and his ex broke up, he’s been spending more time with you to get over her. You spent every day for the past 12 days with Michael, getting him to feel better since the other boys couldn’t. You could’ve sworn Calum had no problem with it though. ‘Shit…’ You thought, suddenly feeling guilty that you’ve been spending more time with your boyfriend’s best friend than you have been with your boyfriend.

“Michael, I gotta go talk to Calum. I just remembered something.” You spoke up.

“Oh…” He said, his facial expression slowly dropping, which made you feel so bad. “Okay. Will you be back in time for the ride?”

“I don’t know. Probably not.” You admitted.

He only nodded. You stood on your tippy toes and gave him a tight hug, before making your way back down the line. You made your way around the carnival walking at a fast pace, looking around frantically for your tall Kiwi boyfriend. You didn’t exactly spot him, but you let out a sigh of relief when you spotted dirty-blonde hair that belonged to the 7’’ man that is Luke Hemmings. You jogged over to him and soon spotted Calum. Without a word, you grabbed Calum by the wrist and dragged him to a spot that gave you two a little privacy.

“Oh, now you wanna talk to me? What, is Michael taking too long in the bathroom?” He spat angrily.

You felt more bad at his words. “Okay…I guess I deserved that. But, Calum, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize that I was basically ignoring you, I was only trying to help Michael feel better about his shitty break up. I didn’t mean to hurt you.” You apologized sincerely.

“Yeah, well you did! I’m so fucking pissed that I can’t even think straight! I almost punched Ashton in the nose just for saying he had to go to the bathroom!” He exclaimed. “You know what? We’re leaving. C'mon, let’s round up everyone.” He decided and grasped your wrist, pulling you back to where Luke and Ashton were.

“No, Calum! We can’t ruin everybody else’s time just because you’re mad!” You protested.

“Yeah? Watch me.” He simply said and went to them. “Hey guys, Y/N’s not feeling well. Sorry to cut this short but can we go?” He asked in a totally different tone of voice than the one he had earlier.

“Well, I can just leave, drop you two off, then come right back.” Ashton suggested.

Calum nodded and Ashton told Luke to go find Michael and stay with him while he was gone. Being the baby of the group, Luke complied and did as he was told. We all walked to the car.


The car ride home was silent. Very silent. Ashton dropped you two off at your house and you thanked him before getting out. You walked to the front door and waited for Calum to come and unlock it. He did and he slightly pushed you in, slamming the door behind him. You sighed.

“Calum please ta–” You started, but he cut you off.

“Shut up.” He said in a low, deep voice.

You were taken aback. Did he just tell you to shut up? What the hell?

“What did you just say to me?” You asked, slightly offended.

“I said, shut up.” He repeated, clenching his jaw. You knew that when he does that, he’s really mad. You decided not to push it further. “Get your ass upstairs and you better be naked and laying in the bed by the time I come up. I’m giving you a minute.” He ordered.

You quickly followed suit, running up the stairs and stripping as you go. As soon as you jumped in the bed and got comfortable, Calum busted into the room in only his boxers. In his hands, he held a tie, handcuffs, a vibrator, and a thin whip. You felt yourself get excited at the thought of all the things he could do to you with just those four items.

“Now, I don’t think you’ve been very nice to me these past couple weeks, do you?” He asked in a fake calming voice, sauntering toward you. You shook your head no and he smirked, satisfied. “Put your wrists together and put them against the headboard bars.” He demanded and without question, you did as you were told.

He cuffed the furry black handcuffs around your wrists, making sure not to do them too tight. Next, he blindfolded you with the tie. With that sense gone, your other senses were automatically highered and you shivered just when he ran two fingers down your torso. He ran them back up and used only his index finger to rub around your nipple, then taking the nub in between his index and thumb, pinching it. You let out a soft whimper and bit your lip, loving how this was going.

“Now, tell me. Have you and Michael ever done anything…” He paused, trying to find a correct word. “Unfaithful, behind my back?” He asked.

You wrinkled you eyebrows at that question. You and Michael? What? Well, you weren’t gonna lie, Michael is pretty damn hot, but no. You would never betray Calum like that.

“No, never.” You answered.

“That’s a good girl.” You heard the smirk in his voice and you felt his cold thumb begin to rub circles onto your clit, causing you to let out a moan at the feeling. “Have you ever thought about fucking Michael?” He asked.


He hummed in satisfaction and slipped his index finger into your wet heat, rubbing it against your walls while still rubbing your clit. You arched your back slightly and moaned in pleasure, loving the feeling of Calum’s fingers work you.

“Did you enjoy spending all that time with Michael?” He asked.

“Yes.” You muttered without thinking.

Suddenly, you felt him hit your clit and your thighs clenched together as you let out a holler in pain and pleasure. He slapped your inner thighs before making a 'tsk tsk tsk’ sound.

“I knew I was gonna have to punish you.” He sighed, pretending to be disappointed. “Open your legs wide, baby. Keep them open, no matter what the fuck happens, alright? And. Keep. Still.” He ordered.

You gulped and nodded, scared but excited for whatever was gonna happen next. You heard the vibrator turn on and it was on the lowest setting, then you felt him gently press it on your clit. You bit your lip to try to keep still, considering you were already majorly turned on by how hot Calum was being right now.

“Hm.” He said as if he was impressed and he turned it up higher, pressing down harder.

“Calum…oh my God Calum.” You muttered, trying hard to keep your hips still now. It took so much willpower. You grasped the headboard bars and squeezed as hard as you could, trying your absolute best to keep your hips still.

He chuckled darkly and turned it to its highest setting, pressing it down harder. You felt yourself already reaching your first orgasm and began to mindlessly buck your hips. Suddenly the vibrator turned off and it went away, but what came back was a sharp sting to your heat, which caused you to gasp in surprise, pain, and pleasure all at once. That must’ve been the whip.

“You just don’t like to listen, do you?” He said in mock disappointment, whipping your heat again, causing you to let out a loud moan. He whipped you once more before tossing the whip aside. “I’ve got something else up my sleeve.” He said and you could literally hear the mischievous tone in his voice.

You felt the pillows dip at both sides of your head, which could only mean one thing. Right when you mentally guessed what it was, you felt his cock on your chin.

“Open up.” He demanded.

You did as you were told and he slid himself in, not going down your throat just yet. He pushed himself back and forth like that for a while, letting out little moans and whimpers before he went deeper, pushing all of him down your throat.

“Fuck…your throat’s so tight.” He moaned loudly, taking a handful of your hair and gripping it harshly.

He began to fuck your throat, occasionally keeping his hips pinned to your mouth as he throws his head back in unbelievable pleasure. His breaths got heavier and his moans got louder, then he reached behind himself and started rubbing your clit at a fast pace, causing you to buck your hips up in pleasure. When he felt himself about to cum, he pulled out of your mouth and took his hand off of your clit, licking your juices off of his fingers. He untied the blindfold from around your eyes and you blinked a few times to get used to the dim lighting of the room.

“I wanna see your face when I fuck you.” He sharply whispered. He lined himself up with your entrance and slid in with ease, considering how wet you were for him. “Mmm, is all this wetness for me?” He smirked.

“Yes.” You breathed out, your eyes rolling back at the feeling of Calum filling you up.

Calum groaned and slowly began moving back and forth to let you get used to his size, then eventually picked up his pace. He sat up and wrapped your legs around his waist, gripping your hips harshly. You were, no doubt, gonna have thumb-shaped bruises on your hips by the morning. All of a sudden, his thrusts became angry. Desperate. Controlling.

“You’re only fucking me.” He growled.

“Yes, Cal. Only you.” You moaned, arching your back as you felt your orgasm approaching.

He noticed your pussy clenching and unclenching around him and he propped one of your legs up on his shoulder and at the new, deeper angle, you hit your climax in no time. You shouted his name as you came, him filling you up with his cum shortly after. After that, he collapsed beside you onto the bed. He reached up and unlocked the handcuffs, taking them and tossing them somewhere in the room. He pulled you into his chest and started softly stroking your hair.

“You do love me right?” He asked, almost as if he was afraid of the answer.

“Of course.” You nodded. “I promise you, Michael’s just a friend. I would never do that to you.”

“Okay.” He said and kissed the top of your head. “I love you too.”

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50 Shades of Beautiful?

16-year-old Emily Baker just inked a deal with Penguin to publish a fanfiction story about a teen who finds herself caught in an intense love triangle with two of the boys from One Direction.

Just like 50 Shades of Grey, the names in Baker’s original story – which has already been scrubbed from the Internet – will be changed in order to avoid copyright infringement. Apparently, one of the boys is now named Shaq. SHAQ.

More on Baker, her book’s title, and her ardent fan base here.


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