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Romance, Representation And You

So the last post I reblogged got some interesting comments I want to touch on, namely people stating that they don’t dislike Romance because it’s fluffy and feel good, but because it is often sexist, misogynistic, ableist, heteronormative and woefully lacking in diversity, which yes, absolutely, yes. Those are entirely valid criticisms of the genre—indeed I find them to be valid of any genre, whether it’s sci-fi, fantasy, young adult or otherwise. There is a shocking lack of diversity in our fiction and media—and not because people don’t want it or aren’t trying to make it, but because publishing houses and media can’t see the co-relation between what their marketing teams are telling them, and the actual reality that of course straight white stories are selling the best, of course it is, because you won’t sell anything else, that’s why there’s no sales numbers for anything else.

I worked in a romance publishing house for a good few years, I also worked for their erotica team, and do you know, not once did I ever come across a manuscript with a disabled person? Not a single one. There was also never a manuscript that featured a character with mental illness who wasn’t the villain, or whose issues couldn’t be Fixed With Love™(*vomit*). 

The few times a story featured non white characters, it was usually “The Best Friend Who Gives Sassy Real Advice”, or so horrifically racist that our modus operandi was to nuke it from the office servers rather than try and deal with it because how do you politely tell an author, hey, you’re a fetishistic piece of shit please find God and change the entirety of your story so we can print it, (Answer: you don’t there is no polite way to tell someone they are a  fetishistic piece of shit and you never want their work to darken your inbox ever again.) when you can instead say “Sorry, not what we’re looking for a the moment” and retreat to the relative safety of the slushpile where maybe, just maybe, a hidden gem awaits excavation.

And our publishing house prided itself on diversity because we had an LGBT section, and oh boy let me tell you I was so excited when I got moved over onto that side…only to realize, there’s no w/w fiction because “it doesn’t sell well” and 90% of the m/m fiction is being written by women for women and they fired the one gay author cause his work wasn’t “what was selling” and every bisexual character I ever encountered was either Actually Gay/Actually Straight, or surprise! The Evil Greedy Homewrecker who needs to pick a side, booo hiiiiss, grab your pitchforks and burn the witch.

And I remember, I remember looking to my senior editor who was also my friend at the time, a poly bisexual, mentally ill woman and saying “what the fuck Rebecca” (yes, her name was actually Becky) and she looked at me over our skype call and said “You want to keep your job? Deal with it.”

Because you see, Marketing reigns supreme, and Marketing doesn’t give a shit about people like you and me. It doesn’t care if the neurodivergent person wants to see people like them in fiction, it doesn’t care that people of color want to be more than just the friend/villain, they don’t care that there is more to LGBTQIA+ than the L and specifically the G, it doesn’t care if disabled people want to be represented as more than someone ele’s story arc prop. They don’t care they, don’t care, and do you know why so many publishing houses look down on indie publishing and self published authors and try to call them hacks? Because we don’t give a fuck that they don’t care and we’re doing what we want anyway.

Oh sure you get the usual “but the work is so unpolished, no one has vetted it, it’s just bad, this is why we need publishers to stop the crap from rising to the top”—and yet Fifty Shades of Grey still gets a multi-billion dollar production budget and to the top of the best seller list—do you see, where I am going with this? They’re not interested in selling the best they are just interested in selling, and we are living in a society that has a system designed specifically to a quite literally straight and narrow demographic. So of course XYZ stories sell well, of course they do, because that is where the vast majority of marketing goes, to make sure you buy into it. And Romance…Romance is a lucrative industry to be in if you can get the weight of that campaign behind you…but if you can’t? Well, not only do you have to compete with lack of funding and resources, but also the pervasive lie that because you’re not affiliated directly with X Publishing House or Y Agency, you are not good enough, and no one will want to read your story.

And that’s a bunch of baloney. It’s so much baloney you can slap it between two slices of bread and cover it in mustard because the whole thing is a ham.

Do you know what I would have loved growing up? (And still would) Stories about girls who liked people regardless of gender—and who wasn’t conflicted over it because people are people and gender is fluid and irrelevant to love. Stories about people with mental health issues, where the person is still loved and shown as functional, with their mental health issues, not despite. Stories about disabled and ill people who have fulfilling lives whose arc doesn’t revolve around being brave for simply existing or how much of a saint their families/loved ones are for putting up with them. And do you know what I get instead, even now as an adult who has worked in the industry that sells these stories? I get things like Fifty Shades of Domestic Abuse, and train wrecks like You Before Me where the death of the disabled person is seen as a romantic gesture of selflessness that sets the love interest free to fully live her life. HOW FUCKING FUCKED UP IS THAT. Oh you can argue with me all you want that wasn’t  Moyes intent when she was writing it, but it damn well was the end result.

Yes, Romance is lacking, and yes it needs revamped, it needs more cultural diversity, it needs more inclusion, it needs so many things—but it also needs for people to not want to not write for it because it’s “fluffy” and cheap, like somehow they are selling their souls away. 

I’ve got friends who have written amazing, diverse stories told from their point of view…but they won’t ever get them published because as soon as you mention self publishing or the Romance industry they turn their noses up. And they’re shooting themselves in the foot in doing so, because there ain’t no way a story about XYZ is going to make it in a sci-fi house, no matter who much tech you add in. On the flipside of that, I’ve also got a friend who has written about her experiences as a Black queer disabled woman and it’s filled with relationships and great life stuff and so funny…but she can’t get it published anywhere because she’s been explicitly made to feel like she doesn’t belong in the genre because her stories are too complex, they’re too different they’re too comedic…too…too…too (the list goes on). And that’s awful because Romance is a genre that is primarily about people and if you as a Romance house are telling me you can’t sell a story about people, boy are we well and truly fucked.

The biggest criticism of the Romance genre shouldn’t be that it’s too damn happy and therefore unrealistic and nothing but fluff. What’s unrealistic is the complete lack of diversity and inclusion in the genre that makes it so alienating that a huge part of our society immediately feels like they don’t belong. 

And that’s a bigger problem than fluff.

So great, yes fine, Romance isn’t for you, you can tell me all the time that you don’t like Romance and I will cheerfully talk to you about literally anything else. But don’t ever tell me you don’t like Romance because it’s simple and fluffy when there’s a whole wealth of actual problematic shit to dislike it for.

And to you, yes you, I’m talking to you. You with the idea in the back of your head and the worry that you’ll never be a Serious Author because all you want to write about is romance and people and angst and fluff and also thinking no one wants to read stories about people like you: take that idea and run with with it, learn from your experiences and keep doing it some more and maybe one day we’ll have the publishing industry we deserve that will acknowledge you. But until then: Rebel and Do It Anyway.

Kids who have never finished a book on their own before can pick up a graphic novel and be done in an hour and feel empowered. … They’ve never had that experience before. They finished something.

Author Raina Telgemeier

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In fact, comics for early readers are booming; even big publishers like DC are getting in on the action.

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ECCC. My epilogue.

There were already quite a few great posts about outlander ECCC experience but wanted to share my little “cherry on the cake” of attending comicon.

As some of you know I flew from London to get the chance to see Sam & Caitriona ‘in real life’ at ECCC. And as I was sitting in airport lounge, waiting for my flight back and reading first fan reports on comicon I rose to get a drink…and there they were!!! Just a couple of tables away, just the two of them, waiting for the same London flight as me :). I didn’t dare to try to talk to them or get a selfie- as frankly after 2 days of intense fan interaction this would be an inappropriate intrusion. This was their private time. And also because Sam seemed preoccupied with some problem and Cait was cheering him up so getting in there with hi can I have a selfie would make me feel a bit classless:). So I just sat gazing at those two beautiful creatures with clearly at least great friendship and affection for each other. But. I could not resist some sneaky snaps…which you can see here to back up my little story (publishing them b/c I think they are innocent 😇 enough to not be too much of privacy invasion ;).

So there you go - my little tidbit…

If anything seeing them at ECCC even so briefly made me ❤️and respect them more ( I was worried I may be disappointed). Great people and I just wish them well whether together or each on their own.

Also, once again I wanted to thank @supertam87 @sileas84, @chrismosstree, @mama-tumblz and @caitriona-m-balfe and several lovely other ladies that I met throughout the 2 days for making my short but intense Seattle trip such a terrific experience!

10 Amazing Queer Comic Creators

I wanted to get to the positive bits of queer stuff and totally avoid any negative today. So I present a list of 10 queer creators you should be checking out, This is by no means a top 10 creators or top 10 queer creators list. This is just 10 queer creators I really like that I managed to think of first. These aren’t in any order or anything so just enjoy seeing 10 awesome persons who can enrich your life with their amazing content.

Jen Bartel: Jen Bartel is an amazing illustrator currently doing covers for Jem and the Holograms and creating her own comic Crystal Fighters on the comic app Stela. I discovered her work Jem and the Holograms and am excited, despite my utter love for Sophie Campbell (and do expect to see her popping up again), for her to do some pages of Jem and the Holograms. She infuses a lot of life into characters, she has a nice style that feels like it has just enough punk rock influence to always be badass.

Marguerite Bennett:  Bennett is one of my favorite writers hands down. She manages to flawlessly creator amazing queer story after amazing queer story. Not only are they amazingly queer but amazingly written when some of the strongest uses of character voice in comics. Along with this she is really great at at humor and I very often find myself giggling across stories she writes. She is currently putting out DC Bombshells and Insexts with Animosity and Josie and the Pussycats coming up soon. I also highly recommend her work on Angela in particular Angela Queen of Hel  that is soon releasing in trade.

Brittany Williams:  Brittany is an amazing artist who’s currently working on Hellcat at Marvel. She is also the artist on Goldie Vance and the upcoming Legend of Korra graphic novels. Brittany’s work manages to have such a wonderful defined style that I can’t help but be impressed with every time. She has a very cute chibi style she also uses and it flows really well with her normal art. I am excited to see anything she draws and it’s always an amazing time visually. When I think amazing art Brittany is always near the top of the list.

Kieron Gillen: Kieron Gillen defined many of Marvel’s most iconic queer characters. While none of the characters he wrote as part of the Young Avengers roster were his own creation America Chavez in particular went from old man’s perverted teen fantasy to bad ass defined queer woman. His work on The Wicked + The Divine is amazing, thought provoking, and charming. Kieron Gillen in many ways is sort of artist personified infact coming out he wrote a whole long  essay because he is like  the writer incarnate. Seriously though he is an amazing talent who manages to really balance so much creatively. When it comes to a large ensemble cast I think there is no writer better to getting them each to feel totally their own and uniquely likeable (or unlikable).

Noelle Stevenson: Noelle has moved away from comics for a little bit but she is one of the most important writers for queer media. With Nimona her webcomic then print comic she helped further prove that webcomics moved to print can be a nice payday for the publisher and the creators (Side note she also did the art on that book, and it’s great). Then being one of the biggest creators on Lumberjanes she has set childrens queer media in comics on fire. I believe Noelle is very much one of the main reasons that so much queer content is getting published in smaller press. Lumberjanes is an amazing series and something that really brought life into the comics field. Right now you can go back and buy her older work including a Secret Wars run of the Runaways that is pretty underrated. You can also see her writing live in animation in the Disney XD show Wander Over Yonder.

Ted Brandt: Inking for Princeless Raven the Pirate Princess Ted is the best in the biz. Ted adds so much to the art and it’s one of the very few times where I can really tell the inkers influence on art. Ted is also just a super nice person in every interaction I have had with him so that is good. Ted is currently putting out Raven The Pirate Princess and you should really be checking it out. It’s super cheap on Comixology and the first two volumes are out in trade. It’s a great time to catch up before issue 9 releases.  

Sophie Campbell: Oh my gosh, I can’t even begin to talk about how great Sophie is. Sophie is a double threat being a talented writer and artist. Her art manages to always have lovely body types and I have had the experience of thinking for a moment, people look odd, then i was like “wait these people just look like people.” It’s so amazing, so lively, so fantastic.  I always watch what Sophie is doing be that art or writing.  Sophie is currently putting out reprints of Shadoweyes and Wetmoon some of her older projects. There is more Wetmoon coming in the future as well as a webcomic she is working on. You can also read the book I found Sophie in Jem and the Holograms as she goes to her last issue of drawing the series.

Kate Leth:  Kate’s work in comics transcends her writing and her art. Kate has put so much into She is a founder of The Valkyries making the industry much better for woman working at comic shops. Her writing is also so filled with energy, fun and queer characters. Kate recently had her creator owned project Power Up come out in print and it’s a great comic. Kate always manages to really bring this lovely lively feeling and Power Up displays that pretty well. She is also doing writing on Hellcat, Girl Over Paris, and Vampirella.

Shannon Watters:  I had to have an editor somewhere here and Shannon is the very best in the business. She edits pretty much if not all the Boombox books and is a leading force for queer representation in the comics industry. In fact she now shares writing duty for Lumberjanes after Noelle Stevenson left the book. She is a fantastic writer, fantastic editor, and a general talent. You can find her work on a lot of things since she is Head of KaBOOM! & BOOM! Box.

Magdalene Visaggio: I wanted to include Mags here despite not really being attached to her work yet. She is the writer of the upcoming Kim and Kim and it’s my most anticipated comic this year. Mags is a trans woman getting to write a trans woman and this is so insanely rare in print comics. Reading the preview and the earlier tease of it both filled me with so much joy. Kim and Kim is a book I have all my faith in and I really want it to be a success so please do check out Kim and Kim issue 1 that is coming out very soon.

you know what I love with fanfiction that you never see in published work? the author notes on every chapter. makes the whole fic feel more personal, like you get to know the author through it. even if it’s just a short note like “does anyone know know the average amount of rainfall the cayman islands experience in one year? I didn’t. I had to look it up”

it’s great and I adore all of them

FAQs: Writing While in School

Every so often I start to notice trends in my e-mail/tumblr inbox/etc., and since I’m not able to personally respond to each question, it seemed best to do a more general answer here. One of the questions I’ve been asked a few times recently is how do you write while you’re busy with school?

I was just talking to a friend the other day about how amazed we are that we survived high school, strictly from a “how did we have the energy for it?” standpoint. In order to get to school on time, I woke up at 6:30AM (a time with which I am no longer remotely familiar). School started at 7:25AM. There were eight class periods, including lunch, gym, choir, and five academic classes. School let out at 2:40PM. After school I did debate once a week and sometimes choir. Then I went home and did up to five hours of homework. Honestly, I’m exhausted just thinking about it, and I remember feeling, at the time, like I wasn’t doing enough, because the people around me had more extracurricular activities, or they were taking an extra class instead of a lunch period, or they had a job, or they played three sports, or what have you.

So first of all, if that sounds at all familiar to you, you have my deepest sympathies.

During this time of overwhelmedness in school, writing was an extremely relaxing activity for me. Some people, even people who love to write, don’t feel that way about writing, and that’s fine– everyone has a different relationship to it. But it was relatively easy for me to write while I was in school because I didn’t find it at all taxing at that time in my life. I would write when I finished my homework, or during particularly boring classes, or even during slow lunch periods. I didn’t worry about how much I was getting done or whether I was finishing the story or what my writing could one day become. I can honestly say that the hypothetical fruits of my labor did not once cross my mind when I was younger. I did not have plans to be an author, in so many words. I simply knew that I would write for the rest of my life because I enjoyed it so much. 

I feel like there’s a lot of pressure these days to channel your beloved hobbies into P R A C T I C A L  T H I N G S S S S S S. And I get that. But I also think it has potentially negative consequences, like teaching you that you can’t just do things because you like them. 

The world in which young people live sometimes feels, to me, like this INTENSE PRESSURE COOKER in which YOU MUST HAVE IT ALL FIGURED OUT BY AGE 16 and YOU MUST BE GOOD AT EVERYTHING and YOU MUST BE CONSTANTLY BOMBARDED WITH INFORMATION and YOU MUST SHARE EVERY MOMENT ON THE INTERNET and YOU MUST HAVE CLEARLY DEFINED REASONS WHY YOU LIKE THE THINGS YOU LIKE AND DON’T LIKE THE THINGS YOU DON’T LIKE and YOU MUST BE SUCCESSFUL AT A YOUNG AGE, ETC. So whenever I see young people I have this intense urge to tell them to take deep, cleansing breaths, even if they don’t look stressed out.

I’m telling you all this to put it into context when I implore you not to be so very worried about not having much time or energy to write while you are in school. Do it if you like it. But for the moment, it’s probably more important that you survive the shitstorm of homework and pressure and weird social situations that surround you. You do not need to be one of those people who finishes a book and gets it published at a young age. I realize this is rich coming from one of those people, but I swear it’s the truth. There are many many years (God willing) to learn how to finish stories and to see what you can do with them. It doesn’t feel like that when you’re young, sometimes, but it’s true anyway. Study hard, sure, and be practical (i.e. do prepare to have a day job, most writers do even after getting published!), but for heaven’s sake, find as many ways as possible to enjoy your life, because being exhausted and perpetually stressed is not a great way to spend your youth. Or your adulthood. Or any stage of your life.

Northwestern University, where I went to college, was full of intense people. That’s still the word I would choose to describe them– and myself. I use it very fondly! I love intense people. I like that I am an intense person. The reason I mention this, though, is because it will help you understand that only in a world of very intense people could I possibly perceive myself as laidback. I wasn’t double majoring (most people around me were), I didn’t always take the most challenging classes available, I didn’t get straight As, I didn’t usually do all my reading for class. (lol even the thought is amusing.) If I asked anyone else how they were doing on any given day, they would say “stressed.” But I was not perpetually stressed!

I did do most of my homework, study for important tests, take time on my papers, and generally try to ensure that the money spent on my education went to good use. I’m not saying I turned into some kind of irresponsible person. But in college, I realized that my overall well-being was important, and that if I focused on the things that I really valued and made sure to do them as well as I could, other things would inevitably fall by the wayside, and that was okay. Because…

I made good friends that I still hang out with today. One of them became my husband. I made time to exercise. I got at least seven hours of sleep a night. (IN COLLEGE!) I spent time on my hobbies. I took naps. I watched movies. I was less anxious in college than I have been at any other time in my life.

You can’t do all the things. You do not have the time or the energy. And if you try to do all the things, you will just end up doing all of them halfway. But you can do the things that matter to you.

What’s important is to A. figure out what your priorities are, B. commit to them, and C. accept that when you do that, you will sacrifice other things.

This is not an “I figured it out and now I’m set” kind of thing– it is a process of trial and error that spans years. I did well in school, and I had friends, and I wrote a lot, and one of the things I wrote turned into Divergent, and that’s awesome. No actual regrets here. But let’s be real: sometimes I look back and wish I had taken more challenging or more interesting classes outside of my writing classes. Or that I had kept up with choir and voice lessons. Or done all the reading. Or gone to at least one party. (I had friends, yes, but didn’t go to parties. It’s a whole…thing.)

But mostly, even though there were some things I missed out on, I’m happy that I had a clear understanding of what I valued: writing, friendship, and my overall well being. (SLEEP!) You will never live life perfectly moving forward. There are many possibilities for your life that you have already missed out on, and there will be more. But it’s okay, because there are still a crapload of possibilities in front of you, and you should pursue the ones that interest you most. You should keep in mind that you can veer sharply to the left if you realize you don’t like the road you’re on. You can double back. You can change your mind. You can just barely make ends meet for several years while you figure out your shit. You can disappoint your parents and wait for them to get on board with your unconventional life plan. You can disappoint your parents now but later make them proud. You can be the one falling behind while all your friends and loved ones surge forward in worldly success, because you are still confused about what to do. You can make big mistakes, ask for forgiveness, and rebuild your life. I have done some of these things, and I have watched others do some of these things, and all the lives I have observed and lived are rich in value and worth.

This is a far different answer than the people asking me how to write while in school were anticipating, I’m sure. But if you figure out why you’re so stressed out about writing while in school, or what you hope to accomplish by writing, or what you are willing to sacrifice to make time for writing and the potential consequences of that sacrifice, I promise, you can answer this question for yourself. I have no recommendations for you because we likely don’t have the same priorities or put them in the same order. I have no judgments about whether you should value your writing more or less, because I don’t know how much you love it, or how good you are at it, or how much you value career stability, or the answers to a myriad of other questions that are relevant to this discussion.

What I will say is that I believe you are capable, question-askers, of guiding your lives to where you want them to go, even if it takes a couple tries. I believe you can be resilient. And resilience has been more valuable to me than all the ambition or strategy or intellect in the world.

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@hlm-ff-x @beyondthemoor


After reading and analyzing the chapter correctly, I must say that it was not a bad ending. I know that we all expected (and I include myself) that at least the famous ships known as the “Big 4” had their romantic moments with a kiss, confession, marriage or even children.

First we have to remember that Fairy Tail is not an romance anime/manga, it will be cliché my comment but it is a shonnen, it is true. FT focuses a lot on friendship, trust, union, laughter, etc. Mashima himself has made it clear. Even so I will explain ship by ship and part by part:

Gray and Juvia: yes, I’m a big fan of this couple and of course I also expected as everyone the Gray’s long-awaited “answer”. Unfortunately we could not witness it but, it is a fact that it was a positive one. Why? Well, to start, a year has passed since the end of the war. I agree that obviously Gray does not wait a year to tell her. Then, as Gray takes Juvia out of the party to talk alone, it’s something new, Juvia was the one who pulled him in the past and now, he is the one doing so and it’s telling her to not strip, means that he cares if they see her just like Gildarts did (lol) but the most important thing here and what I loved was that they mentioned the scars. At the beginning of the manga, Lucy asks Gray about a scar on his forehead, which replies that “It does not bother me to have scars as long as you can see them because it means something important for happened for me.” Gray tells Juvia to ask Wendy for help so that she no longer has the scar, again worrying about her. Juvia tells him that she doesn’t mind having it, because Gray has an equal one. I’m sure Mashima wants to imply that those scars attach great importance to their relationship. The memory that both decided to hurt themselves at the point of dying for each other, is confirming again that importance they have for each other. Then we see that Gray is in his usual “tsundere” mode, he still admits that the body of Juvia (or Juvia itself) belongs to him. Recalling that Juvia told Gray that “her life will always belong to him” and of course, also remember that Gray emphasize that “he would take her feelings seriously from now on.” Then, I liked that the personalities didn’t change, Gray is a character who has always struggled to open and it’s easily for him to turn red but come on, he admit it. This scene plus the previous chapters of how Gray acts with Juvia is a great development. Also, Wendy manages to hear Gray say “now you’re mine” thing after seeing Juvia who had a pretty face meanwhile she was in her knees making it something compromising to Gray… yes, Wendy’s red face along with Lucy’s comment from “You Re-imagined Things” says it all. I do not think Gray would say that to Juvia without being anything. If this is not cannon then I do not know what it is. LOL

Gajeel and Levy. The whisper of Levy next to that red face of Gajeel like saying “HOLY SHIT!” was gorgeous! But again the faces of Lucy and Wendy confirming that they heard “baby” can only mean one thing. Levy is pregnant and those twin babies that are shown in the imagination of Levy in the chapter that Gajeel is sucked by the hole of the underworld confirms it even more. Gajevy cannon.

Zeref and Mavis. I know that we had an end with them when they went together to the afterlife but it was nice to see them again because it is clear that it is a reincarnation, same look, different names and personalities but the feelings remain. Meaning that, no matter what they do, Mavis and Zeref were and always will be meant to be.

Jella and Erza I confess that I’m disappointed like many people because, how we can’t even see a talk of both???!? it’s very striking that Lucy thinks them both and says “Erza straightens her hair every day” showing Erza In a happy panel with casual clothes (not armor) plus Lucy’s face of that little smile while thinking about this and looks at Erza… I think a certain red hair girl sees Jellyberry very often;) and that’s why she dedicate so much to her looks! Don’t you think? Mashima left it open this along with those hints;)

And now, Natsu and Lucy. Many say they are in the “friendzone” but this is similar to Jerza’s: leave the situation open with hints. Let’s analyze … Lucy makes it clear in the chapter that she is a little jealous of the other couples plus some of the things she did when she was drunk saying “oh, I will never be a good wife”, her memories of Natsu, her tears and of course the Cute hug of a full page, implies that Lucy has illusions in love and more evident than by Natsu. Instead, Natsu is one of those characters who are clueless about love, he has the personality that can relate love with food really. A romantic Natsu would be very out of character. Natsu does the usual thing since the beginning of the story: Go to Lucy’s house along with Happy, make her smile, invite her to a job, implying that trust will always be there. Natsu in some translations says “We will always be together from now on” and in others “We will do what you want from now on” that comment is key, again: open situation with hints. You must understand Mashima’s game here: tell you things indirectly.

Leaving the ships aside for a moment, I was very nostalgic to see the team Natsu ready for an adventure and more because, Lucy returned to her main hairstyle with her first outfit, Gray in his white coat, Wendy in her red outfit when she entered the Guild and of course, could not miss: Erza with her suitcases. 

Also, some will say “If Gruvia is cannon … why is not Juvia out there with them?” For two reasons: 1) Because is the main team and 2) Juvia is shown in a panel chatting at ease with other members, implying that a couple does not always have to be together, meaning the trust in each other.. and bye to the “Love rivals” lol

To conclude, a couple to be cannon does not necessarily need a kiss, a wedding, a cofension or kids. What matters is to confirm that both characters have mutual feelings and there’s so many ways to do it. Let me tell that in the couples I mention, I do see it! Mutual feelings.

Do not get carried away by not seeing romantic moments and say that it was a “bad ending”. Yeah, I confess, at first when i saw spoilers I made a mistake by my impatience and got a lil influenced by others:c but after reading it and analyze it I come to this.

In other comments, I really liked Lucy fulfilling her dream of being a writer! Although, honestly, I would have liked to see Laxus as a guild master come on!!!

Anyways, different ending, but never leaving aside the theme of friendship, values and feelings.

I yes expect some more but I’m also not disgusted at all. At last, Fairy Tail is Fairy Tail and I love it and respect Mashima’s decisions! 



arcticvisitor  asked:

Heh, thanks for getting back so quickly. Personally, I'm a fan of Style, Crenny (I cannot find any decent fic for this wth, perhaps I'm not looking hard enough?), Staig, Bendy, and K2. Big fan of angst. And yeah, love the blog - I've been lowkey stalking it since last night, not to be weird.

Oooh some lovely choices my friend. (Thank you for the compliment again, not weird!) The original ask for this was asking for fic recommendations, and I replied that one away so I could grab what pairings they were into. Also the lack of Crenny content is a complete tragedy and I’m hoping to directly change that by writing more of it someday, haha. This got lengthy, sorry!

Fanfiction Recommendations (A Short Few)

Splendid by SaucyMongoose. (Crenny)

This writer has a very unique grip on language that I adore. The whole fic gave me a feeling that I want to call whimsical, like I was floating through a breeze of words. It’s incomplete as of now, but well worth the read so far. The writer hasn’t put out too much as of now but I imagine the quality of their work must resonate throughout their repertoire. It’s such a pretty use of language, almost like poetry. 

Painted in Shrouds by Courtanie (K2)

I’ve been in love with Courtanie’s writing from day one, and this is the first fic I read of hers. It really sucked me in, and I felt like I was reading a particularly good book rather than fanfiction. It had an excellent, driven plot, with a really compelling story. I’m also a sucker for Kysterion, admittedly. My other recommendations from the same writer would be Ok, Cupid It Isn’t Funny Anymore (a really lovely K2 one-shot) and if you’re interested in a whole lotta whump and Kyle-suffering, Seven Candles. Not for the faint of heart, but it has angst covered and then some. If I’m being honest, even though I haven’t been able to sit down and read every one of her works, I’ve yet to find one I didn’t love. Seriously consider her if you haven’t already.

Put Our Pistols Down by scarlettshazam (Style)

There are a ton of Style fics out there that are worth recommending, but I don’t see this one very often and it deserves some stage time. Scarlettshazam as a whole has a great handle on all things ranging from bizarre to downright horrible (in a good way), but they’ve got a ton of great angst content besides this fic. They’re not afraid to write the gritty details of reality as it hits their characters, and it packs a punch. This one is one of my favorites because it paints a very unique picture- the setting isn’t cookie-cutter South Park, even if some themes remain. There’s something about the way their words flow that always hooks me in and does a great job of keeping me captivated and invested in the plot. Also worth a read is The Game Of Life (angsty K2) and a lot of their one-shots are awesome. Specifically, Too Old To Dream (Style) made me cry buckets, no exaggeration.

Mysterion Trilogy by indirectkissesiniceland (K2, Creek)

This is one of my favorite series for sure. While this one is definitely on the lighthearted side, I found myself so delightfully wrapped up in the storyline and the way the characters were written. I highly recommend the whole thing, but if you are interested in avoiding Creek, just the first installment is K2 oriented with Creek in the background, and it’s not necessary to read the second one to find resolution from the first. Yeah, Dude, Civil War is another ongoing project that they’re co-writing with polarspicecap (whom I also recommend as an individual writer for some unique takes and great humor) which is probably the lightest read in this list. It’s just a fun time, and a pleasant read. Gold Digger (K2) made my heart feel again, it was so sweet. Overall, this writer does a lot of fun stuff if you’re looking for great stories to cleanse your intense angst palate.

If I could recommend every great fic I’ve ever read I’d be here all day long, but I’m going to cut things short here. I don’t have much for Staig, as I ship it but not too enthusiastically so I haven’t sought it out, and same goes for Bendy. I wanted to publish this publicly for more people to get to see and maybe consider. Hope you don’t mind, and hopefully I suggested something you haven’t read yet. Enjoy!


By Carolyn Zimatore, Director, Talent Management at HarperCollins Publishers

My five-year anniversary with HarperCollins has come and gone. On top of that I celebrated my ten-year anniversary in book publishing this past March, and I still have to pinch myself sometimes because every day I get to work with such intelligent, creative, and passionate people. Book publishing is a very special industry—you get into it because you love books, you care about them, you love talking about them, you love how they feel,you love how they make you feel. That’s why to me, whose primary job function is to hire people into book publishing, the cover letter is so very important.

Here are some great reasons why you should submit a well-written, well-thought-out cover letter each and every time you apply for a job in publishing.

We want to know the “why”

Why do you want to work at HarperCollins? Why are you interested in working on, let’s say, romance novels, if that’s the job you are applying for? Why do you want to be an editor? I don’t like to think of publishing as just a job. It’s a career, and it’s full of people who LOVE books. We want to know that you love books, too.

This is especially important if you have no publishing experience, or you are looking to switch industries. Prove to me that you aren’t just going to and applying to every opening that has the word “marketing” in the title. It’s fine if that’s how you found the job opening, but we want to know you are excited about the prospect of marketing books.

It is also great if you write about why you are interested in the imprint or genre the job works with. It helps if you already have a love of informative, beautifully designed books if you are applying to a job with HarperDesign, for example.

I am not sure which is worse: a generic cover letter that says “I would like the open position at your company” without any mention of what the company is or what the job is or why you want the job, or no cover letter at all.

Interested in multiple job openings?

That’s great! You should apply for them—but there has to be a reason why, let’s say, you like subsidiary rights and design. What aspects of those jobs, based on your knowledge of them or on what you read in the job ad, do you think you would like?

And you should be submitting a separate cover letter for EACH. Why? Because they are different jobs! In the second paragraph of your cover letter, I should know why you are qualified for the job. Do you have experience doing some of the things that you would be doing in the role? Address it! Even if it is not spot-on but a transferrable skill—explain it.

Address any holes in your resume.

Don’t live in the area? We tend to fill jobs very quickly, so if you are planning on taking a month or more to move to the NYC area AFTER you get a job offer, it is going to take you a long time and a lot of applications before you find something. But perhaps you have a friend who already lives in the area and he or she said you can crash at their place for a few weeks while you find your own apartment—note that in the cover letter! You can say “while I currently reside in ___, I have a place to stay and I would be able to start within two weeks of an accepted offer.”

Look, I know applying to jobs is incredibly stressful, and doing it right can be very time-consuming. That being said, putting extra effort into your cover letter—at least when it comes to applying for jobs in publishing—will really pay off.

The resume does not tell your whole story—you see what I did there?—use your cover letter to show your interest the job and why you are qualified for it.

Good luck, and I hope to read your cover letter in the future!

anonymous asked:

I don't know what I expected when I bought your book, but it wasn't man hating feminist propaganda. Your treatment of men is awful. They're all evil or incompetent and the women all save the day. You bait heterosexual relationships constantly even on the back cover where you say Marian meets Robin Hood and 'love blooms'. But then there are only lesbians. Not to mention the implausible diversity. 0 stars out of 5. I'm giving it to a thrift store.

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to review my novel!! It means so much to me to receive reviews even now, over half a year after self publishing. I know I’m not one of the big cool great authors that everybody knows but hopefully one day I will be and getting feedback makes me feel like I can make it~<3

That being said, what the fuck are you talking about?

What’s implausible diversity, a group of companions from multiple cultures? Where does feminist propaganda come into it- because the main characters happen to be women? But it isn’t at all anti-feminist propaganda when the protagonists are all men? And, of course, the most important question: what on Earth is “baiting heterosexual relationships”?

For anybody interested in a piece of apparently man-hating, hetero-baiting, implausibly diverse piece of fiction where “there are only lesbians”- Robins in the Night is available on Amazon worldwide, or apparently in your local thrift store if you happen to live nearby this chewed up piece of Lego.

anonymous asked:

I've had ADHD my whole life and it's been a mountain of a struggle to get through basic tasks like studying. I've had to work extremely hard just to get by in school and college. I really wanted to be a doctor because I want to help other people with ADHD. I'm applying to med school right now and there's a chance I may get in. I wanted to know if there were any resources that could help me get through it. I know it's a stretch as med students are usually geniuses and I'm always behind. Thank you

Okay, so first thing I’d like to say is don’t sell yourself short. There are lots of gifted and talented individuals in STEM fields, but I think you’ll be surprised at how many people have to work their arse off to get into med school.

And you won’t be alone. It may feel like it at times, but there will be other neurodivergent students in your courses, if not ADHDers. In fact, there was research published late last year that revealed that the prevalence of individuals with disabilities in US medical schools was far higher than previously estimated, almost 3%, and ADHD topped the list!

It’s likely that, if you have provisions in place, you’ll get to know other students with disabilities, and they themselves can be a really great resource. Having support structures is important, but having people who actually get it because they have to deal with the same stuff you do every day, is amazing. 

I myself didn’t realise the value of this until I made friends with another ADHDer in my courses 12 months ago. It’s nice to have someone who you can vent to about ADHD and having to navigate the university system with a disability.

Unfortunately, there appear to be very few online communities for neurodivergent people in STEM - I looked for every variation on ADHD/ND in med school/STEM, and came up empty handed.

However, I did find a few Reddit threads that might help you:

I’ll leave you with this piece of encouragement which was sent to us about a year ago on anon:

I’m in med school right now, I have dyslexia and ADHD. I am not medicated and I want everyone to know that even though society looks down on us don’t ever look down on yourselves. We are so much more than what’s written on paper, don’t let anyone try to stop you from achieving your goals - especially not yourself. You can do whatever you want, even if it seems very very hard!

- Prue

Bad day, huh?

At this point in her day, even unlocking the front doors felt like a hell for Y/n. She didn’t know why she was flipping off on this innocence lock that did nothing to her.

But seriously, could anything else go wrong today? First in the morning she overslept, plus Justin wouldn’t let go of her, then she broke her nail, which isn’t a big of a deal, but it happened. Then she spilled coffee all over herself and almost fell.

And as a bonus, like her day didn’t suck already, her dumb boss was hitting on her, once again.

She just wanted to crawl into a ball, somewhere in a corner of the room and scream and cry, as loud as she could.

As soon as she managed to unlock the doors and push them open, she heard steps coming down the stairs, very energetic ones.

And then Justin’s body popped behind the wall, smiling, with his arms spread for a welcoming hug. “Y/N” he shouted like an excited kid, making his way towards her.

Her face expression made him stop and drop his hands against his body. “Bad day, huh.” Justin mumbled mostly to himself.

Y/n only nodded, because she didn’t feel like talking, but also she feared she might cry out of all the stress.

He extended his left arm “C’mon.” Y/n took his hand and followed him. He pulled her closer so they were walking next to each other, as close as they could. He connected their fingers and placed their hands behind her head.

He took her upstairs, towards their shared room. “Get rid of that.” Justin pointed at her clothes as he disappeared behind the bathroom doors.

Moments later Y/n heard the water running, and Justin whistling some unknown song. Probably something he wrote but never published. Sometimes she wanted to beat his ass for not realising such great songs.

She threw her bag on the bed, and started undressing as she was walking towards the clothes. She didn’t even feel good completely naked, so she took out one silky rope and put it on.

When she turned around, Justin was already leaning onto the doors waiting for her. When their eyes met, he turned around and walked into bathroom, and she silently followed him.

He prepared her a bubbly bath, the lights were dim, but he light up her favourite candle so everything smelled like roses. It smelled like she was in a heaven garden, surrounded with the most beautiful roses.

Justin was sitting on the edge of the bath, playing with bubbly water. Y/n approached him, she took her rope off, and Justin helped her get into the bath.

She put her head back, closed her eyes and appreciated the feeling of hot water on her body. “Thank you.” Y/n mumbled.

Y/n thought Justin was going to join her, but when she opened her eyes to invite him, he was long gone. She was too bothered with the hot bath to realise he disappeared somewhere again.

Y/n sat up and looked towards the doors, but as little as she could see, he wasn’t in the room. Just as she was about to call his name, Justin appeared with two cups in his hands.

She could smell the scent of hot chocolate from across the room. He handed her one and she was quick to taste it. “Mhm.” Y/n mumble against her cup.

Just like she loved it, sweet but not too much, with little marshmallows on the top. She put her both hands around the cup, and before she took another sip, she whispered. “Join me.”

Justin placed his cup on the edge, and slowly started taking his clothes off. Her eyes never left his muscular body.

Soon he was standing there naked, Y/n moved forward in the bath so Justin could sit behind her. Once he was in, Y/n leaned onto his chest.

She placed her cup aside, closed her eyes and enjoyed the moment. She heard the water move and in the next moment Justin’s hands were around her neck, massaging her lightly.

“Mhm.” Y/n mumbled again. “Have I ever told you how magical your hands are?”

“I’m pretty sure you did.” Justin whispered into her hair.

Y/n chucked and Justin joined her. “But have I ever told you how cute your little giggles are?”

“I am afraid not.” Y/n said jokingly.

“Well how rude of me. I will use this opportunity and tell you, that you have the cutest little smile I have ever heard.”

“That smile only exist when I am with you.” Y/n said turning her head to face him. He was already smiling.

“That’s so cheesy.” Justin giggled.

“You are all cheesy.” Y/n giggled too.

Justin connected their lips, for a quick peck on the lips. Y/n moved away and looked into Justin’s eyes.

“What would I do without you?” Y/n asked.

“Be lost, mostly.” Justin chuckled.

“You really know how to ruin a moment, don’t ya?”

“It’s my middle name.”

“Wait, I thought Dick was your middle name.” Y/n said raising her eyebrow, pretending to be very confused.

Justin squeezed his eyes a little bit, and then attacked Y/n with tickles. Y/n tried to move away but she didn’t have anywhere to go.

Y/n’s laughter, Justin’s giggles and the sound of water being splashed everywhere, fill the room.

“Justin, stop.” Y/n managed to say in between the laughter.

“I don’t want to.” Justin said.

“Please.” Y/n begged.

And then he stopped. “Alright, since you asked so nicely.”

Y/n connected their lips once again. “I love you, you idiot.” She mumbled against his lips.

“I love you too, dummy.” Justin mumbled into the kiss.

“You don’t have work tomorrow, right?” Justin asked once they separated, when Y/n nodded, Justin continued.

“We should have a movie marathon.”

“I choose movie, you make popcorns?” Y/n asked.

“Sounds like a plan to me.” Justin smiled.

Something short for the weekend, know i havent posted in a while, and im sorry, school sucks but i still have to do some shit for it.


To celebrate the beginning of Pride Month, I want to talk about one of the things that I love and that’s BOOKS. And not just books, but books that feature LGBTQIA+ characters and story lines. 

You have no idea how excited I get when I find out a book includes a queer character. (Especially when it is done in a new and exciting way without stereotyping)

This post will feature some of my favorite queer books that I have read. I will include a brief description of why it is on this list and I will also link it to a Goodreads page where you can read all about it. 

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Sáenz - First of all, it is beautiful. It’s about two boys, who are best friends that fall in love. You get to follow Dante as he explores and dicovers his sexuality, Ari as he defends Dante and pretends he’s not totally in love. They both have amazing accepting parents. Did I also mention, they are Mexican. What more could you want?!?!

Carry On by Rainbow Rowell - A fantacy spin-off baced on a fanfiction from Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. Baz is a hella gay magic vampire who just wants to get good grades, make his family happy and kiss Simon before they have to kill each other. Simon Snow is the oblivious chosen one who is convinced that Baz is up to something and just wants to live up to everyones expectaion of him. Correct me if I am wrong but I’m pretty sure he is BI. Adorable, must read!

Fan Art by Sarah Tregay - Jamie is in love with his best friend Mason. All the fangirls in art class ship it. After being tasked with publishing a cute queer comic in the schools magasine, things get out of hand for Jamie as he tries to keep his sexuality and crush a secret. Another lighthearted cute story about crushes and missing some obvious signs. 

How They Met by David Levithan - A collection of stories about love. Including a lot of same sex relationships. Both cute and angsty stories, a good variety and very well written with a great story behind how the collection came to be. 

Grasshopper Jungle by Andrew Smith - Follows a possiably bisexual character as he sorts through his feelings regarding both his girlfriend, and his best friend Robby. At the same time, the world is coming to the end at the hands of some very large praying mantises. Unbelievably unique and disturbing in the BEST way.

Cherry by Lindsey Rosin - A completely honest account of losing your virginity, exploring sex and realtionships and sustaining friendship throughout your teens. Follows 4 girls, one of which discovers her sexuality while attempting to complete a “sex pact” set by one of the other girls. Real, funny, intelegent. highly recomend. 

I intend to add to this list as the month goes on (I have a pretty good book collection). Feel free to add more of your own and also I would appreciate any recommendations of books to read <3

hiccstridlover14  asked:

Hey kat! It's me, your super fan from fan fiction! First off, I want to say how proud I am of you. I remember when you published your first story and now you're this great, popular writer... YOU GREW UP SO FAST. which is funny bc i'm younger than you... I'm being dramatic again... ANYWAYS, I wanted to ask you if you could write a one-shot where Hiccup and Astrid get captured and they fet separeated and they tell them that the other one is dead but then they start shouting each other's name and..

Hey girl! So glad to see you here on tumblr! ;) Thank you lol, I feel like I’ve grown up fast as well. When I started all this I didn’t have a clue what I was doing, and now I feel… well, somewhat confident haha. Not a lot, but a little. xD Thanks for the support! <3 You were there with me from the beginning.


Hiccup stumbled back, world fading and vision blanking white. He blinked in stunned shock as his hands absently palmed the wall behind him.

“No.” He whispered in horror. He lifted his head, staring at Krogan through wide pain-filled eyes. “No, dear Thor, no…” 

“Will you confess now?” 

Hiccup shook his head, gaze empty and unseeing. He felt himself falling but he didn’t care. Crumpling against the wall he buried his face against his hands, knees sliding up to his elbows.

He distantly heard voices but it was all a memory to him. In his mind he was replaying every beautiful moment he’d ever experienced with Astrid, every day, every touch, every look.

She couldn’t be gone. She couldn’t.

“Please tell me it isn’t… bring her here, I demand to see her!” Hiccup screamed in anger, lunging against his chains. They jerked painfully, forcing him to fall back and smack the wall instead of Krogan. It wasn’t nearly as satisfying as he’d hoped.

Shut up. Pathetic.” Krogan growled and paced between the cell walls, taunting Hiccup by standing just a few inches out of his reach. “Tell me now or the dragon is next.” 

“No, no, no no no no, please!” Hiccup pressed further into the wall, once again pressing his face against his hands. He could feel the wetness against them, the sticky stinging of salt water. He was beyond the point of hiding his pain from his enemy. Let them see, he didn’t care. 

“Please bring her back.” Hiccup whispered in a breathy sob. 

“I’ll bring her body if you give the answer to my question.” Krogan got on one knee, now eye level with the quivering boy. “Give me the answer. I might even let you have a visit with your dragon before he- and you- are sold.” 

“No…” Hiccup curled further. He hated the sounds of the chains clinking, emphasizing his hopelessness. “Shut up.” He hissed through gritted teeth.

“My men had a good time of it, I must say.” Krogan went on. He stood, cape swirling at his feet. “She was feisty.” 

“Shut up!” Hiccup shrieked with a jerk. He could feel the stones shake behind him with the force, but nothing gave. He had hoped the soft walls of the cave would crack, perhaps loosen. He whipped his head back around to glare hatefully at the man, spitting at his feet. “Don’t talk about her that way.” He didn’t try to cover the pain in his voice.

Krogan smirked with a chuckle, shaking his head. “Such a shame a spirit like yours must be wasted.” He crossed his arms over his chest, eyes locking with Hiccup’s. “Now, tell me. Which dragons can break the Mold?” 

“I won’t tell.” Hiccup murmured, ducking his head. He blinked again, realization snapping him with vengeance. Astrid was dead. She wasn’t coming back.

A rock hard hand grabbed his jaw in a vice-like grip, nearly suffocating Hiccup in the process. He choked and closed his eyes, listening distantly to Krogan’s demands.

“I won’t… won’t tell…” 

The hand disappeared, leaving Hiccup weak and dazed. He blinked drearily, watching. Krogan strode to the door and motioned with quiet words to the guard outside. he spun back around, hands hidden behind his back.

“I figured… you’d want your proof.” Krogan tipped his head sharply with a crack, the sound and action menacing. He tossed the object in his hand at Hiccup’s feet, the thing clattering to a halt by his prosthetic.

Hiccup stared, terrified. Slowly, hesitantly, and in shock, he reached for the pendant he’d given to her not many months ago. Holding it in his chained hands he continued to stare, feeling the tears pour down his cheeks and drenching his wrists.

“Now, as you can see, your fiance…” Krogan laughed again with a shake of his head. “Tell me, and I’ll have her body brought.” 

Hiccup fingered the metal lightly, giving a distant smile as he imagined that day again. The day she was so embarrassed to not have a gift to give. The day of their betrothal.

“Sònraichte Dragon.” Hiccup whispered. “Hills of Tusk.” 

He didn’t bother to look up to see Krogan’s victorious smile. He’d let the enemy win this time. He was beaten. Broken. 

“Perfect.” Krogan moved, the sounds of clothes shuffling and footsteps gradually fading. “Bring the girl.” 

Hiccup shuddered, holding the pendant to his chest. He bowed his head and felt himself shake again.

The doors creaked, footsteps shuffled. Hiccup looked up and saw the limp shape held in the guards arms. With a choked sob he pulled as far away from the wall as possible, trying to reach her.

The guard carelessly dropped Astrid to the floor, and had Hiccup not lunged to catch her she would’ve slammed unceremoniously to the ground. But he easily aught her in his arms, tugging her limp body close to his chest.

“Ast, Ast.” Hiccup murmured, pressing kisses to her nose and lips. “Astrid, please…” He bent his head, kissing her hand. The tears fell unbidden and unstopping. 

He looked up, glad to see the guard was gone and they were left in private. He tore at her shirt and armor till he reached her chest, within modesty, and pressed his ear to her skin. Listening, he waited desperately.

No words could describe how relieved he was to hear the light thrum of her heartbeat.

Hiccup sighed heavily and leaned back, exhausted, but relieved. He kissed her again and made sure to tug her torso against him in hopes to keep her warm. 

“Stay with me.” Hiccup mumbled, pressing his nose against her hair. “Alright? We’re gonna make it, just keep breathing.” 

She exhaled shakily, her breath tickling his neck,. He smiled and rubbed her arm gently, giving a silent promise.

Silently, he slipped the pendant back over her head, letting it rest on her chest. 

the argument that the souls games should be more accessible or have a difficulty selector is one ive heard a lot and while its not entirely wrong i know for certain the games would losing something by adding it

hidetaka miyazaki, the director of the series has gone on record saying multiple times that the point of the difficulty was never to make a “hard game for hardcore gamers” but instead as an aspect that draws you into the world

the plot of dark souls 1 in a nutshell is that you’re one of maybe hundreds of faceless nobodies attempting to fulfill a prophecy that most people dont even think is real

the very first guy you talk to laughs in your face when he realizes why you’re here and recommends you just give up like he did, because hes seen so many try and fail to be “the chosen one”

if you got dropped into the first level of dark souls or bloodborne and selected Very Easy when you started the game, you’d be slaughtering everything without breaking a sweat

this clashes so heavily with the oppressive feeling the level design and world is supposed to give off 

i understand that more people want to enjoy this series but to people that truly believe its inaccessible to them i implore you to consider that this is nearly everyone’s initial thought

the difficulty of these games was latched onto by the media circa 2011 and the publisher, namco bandai saw it as a great marketing opportunity, which is where the “prepare to die” slogan comes from

its not half as hard as some would like you to believe its a learning curve, and mastering it feels like not only an accomplishment on a personal level, but like a plot point for the games as well

your character, ____ the knight is supposed to be a shitty idiot, nobody believes in you and getting your shit slapped by Zombie Enemy #2 is appropriate and expected

but when ___ the knight kills the taurus demon, the player should feel as proud as the npcs are shocked

what im getting at is that the difficulty in these games is not a gatekeeper, its an aspect of the storytelling and world, and it sounds pretentious i know but without at least some challenge these games would absolutely lose the kick that made them popular

anonymous asked:

hi there! i'm relatively new (and lost) on this side of tumblr--do you think you could explain what a writeblr is + a few tips on starting one?

First of all welcome to the writing side of tumblr! We have some pretty great little circles here, so you’ve come to a good place. 

What is a writeblr? A writeblr is any tumblr blog with a focus on your own personal writing, generally original fiction. Like fiction itself, each writeblr is unique and there’s no wrong way to go about it. 

Tips for starting a writeblr:

- Follow other writeblrs, and then talk to the people who follow you back. Since you both write, you already have a common interest! The purpose of the writing community here is to help writers support each other. That requires communication.

- Put up a page with a bit of info about your writing projects. It can be however little or much information you want to share, but letting your followers know what you’re working on can help bridge the gap between you.

- Post original content. Everyone is a little different in how they approach this. You could offer writing tips, rant about your characters, write up daily or weekly posts talking about what you’ve accomplished on your wips, post excerpts, write humorous posts about the trials of writing, or motivational posts to encourage other writers to get to work – the options are endless and there’s no wrong way to do it.

- Let off some steam. It’s okay to share your writing struggles on your writeblr. Every other writer has gone through the same thing at some point, and you’ll be surprised at how many people will relate to whatever you’re feeling in the moment.

- Apply for @writeblrconnections. They have a nice little FAQ page that talks about what they are and why to join them. It’s a great way to meet new writers and start getting involved in the community.

I hope that helps a bit, and good luck with your future writeblr! Whatever you do with it, it’ll be great :)

comicbookmama  asked:

For my masters project, I wrote a book for teachers about proper care of class pets. I'm thinking of revisiting it in hopes of getting it published, and am working on updating its info. What small animals do you feel are best suited to school life - assuming that the teacher is a proper caretaker (and as a teacher, I know that assumes a great deal - that's what the point of the book is, that teachers who choose to have class pets are obligated to model proper caretaking for the students).

Gah, I find this really hard because I really just…don’t believe in classroom pets. :-/  I’ve had very bad experiences with it personally, and I rarely hear GOOD stories about classroom pets. So the whole thing just seems like a horrible idea to me.

That said…I guess these are the ones I would suggest if the teacher is really willing to put the effort in and make it work out for the animal, not just the classroom & kids, along with my reasoning.

- Invertebrates: I saw a post discussing this recently…I can’t recall if I reblogged it or not. If I remember, I’ll try to find it. There’s a fair number of invertebrates with pretty easy diets, not a lot of special temperature/humidity needs, can be kept in small tanks (5-10g) & are big enough to be interesting to watch. Also generally pretty cheap to buy, set up, & maintain. Bonus of teaching kids the interesting parts of bugs, their important role in various ecosystems, etc. Examples include roaches, other beetles, preying mantids, isopods…I’m sure I’m forgetting some. 

Mice: NOT to be hands-on for the kids; can keep a couple females together in a small enough tank to be reasonable for classroom - 20-30g; don’t need particularly special temperature/humidity; relatively easy diet to manage in classroom setting. 

- Gerbils: Also not to be hands-on for kids; again, can keep a pair of same sex gerbils in a similar sized tank as mouse; also a relatively easy diet, no special temp/humidity needs. They do need plenty of digging space & care must be taken with enrichment because they’ll chew it. 

These are really the only mammals I’m comfortable even suggesting. I’m still hesitant because both are prey animals that can be easily stressed by noise, so I would consider it necessary for the teacher to watch behavior & health and be willing to remove the animals to their own home if the noise & activity prove to be too stressful. I’m not comfortable listing any other mammals - most need much more space than most classrooms are willing or able to provide, or they need more hands-on socializing, or they have more specific care needs that could get tricky.

- Crested gecko: Similar to above, this is the only reptile I think I’m comfortable with suggesting. I’m not as great on reptiles, so there might be some other potential options. But most reptiles need special heating, lighting, need live prey or frozen rodents for prey, etc. All of that gets a lot more dicey in a classroom setting where heating elements may not be allowed or may get turned off by cleaning staff. Crested geckos don’t really need special heating/lighting (but care does need to be taken that they don’t get too warm, some classrooms can have issues with that), they can be fed a balanced commercial diet that’s easy to prepare, they can be kept in a relatively small tank, they’re fun to watch. 

…That’s all I got. Fish can be more difficult to move since the tank must be drained, it would likely be harder to do water changes in most classrooms, etc. Otherwise I’d suggest possibly a betta fish in a 10g tank. But ehhhhh. Birds are an absolute no, hermit crabs require too elaborate of a set up to really be ideal in a classroom (and are not easy to dismantle for taking home on school breaks). 

I’m sorry, I’m not sure how helpful this was! There just aren’t a lot of animals that really are reasonable to have in a classroom setting for the vast majority of classrooms & teachers. If a teacher is very dedicated & has permission from their superiors, they could check into curriculum-based programs that some places run - I remember my Fisheries & Wildlife courses discussing a fish program of some kind. I know sometimes there are programs with chicks in more rural areas, but I’m also rather skeptical of how good those are - it just depends on who the chicks go home with & the care they get. I’m guessing most just turn into farm hens, but still. 

Another potential alternative idea you could include is doing classroom indoor or outdoor (if possible) gardens. Plants generally need less care, but it’d still be a decent lesson in care and could integrate well with a number of science & environment lessons.