getting pretty obsessed with these tbh

Rubiam little Christmas things

It’s December 16th I’m so behind!!!!!

•So for the first couple of years of living together they live in an apartment that is pretty small. But that didn’t stop Liam from buying the biggest Christmas tree every year.

•It’s seriously so big that it’s impossible to fit through the door even with trimming

•Ruby is obsessed with scented candles alright. She buys so many and their house just smells like Christmas all year around

•Liam is out in snow before his kids are tbh

•he also wakes them up on Christmas Day which Ruby finds utterly adorable

•one year they get a puppy for Christmas and let’s just say they may or may not have ran out of storage in their phones from all the hella cute pictures

•I feel like Ruby could really pull off all those Pinterest Christmas desserts in one try.

•that’s the reason for their house being the host for the Holidays

•secret Santa is must, but does anybody take it seriously? HA no

•rubiam cuddling by the fire. I think yes.

•winter is the most dangerous time of year for Liam

•he has to get special shoes that minimizes the chance of him falling on his face on icey side walks

honestly i don’t understand why isn’t half of tumblr obsessed with the wicked and the divine?? 

seriously though

mythology? checked, it’s literally about gods

poc? yep, including the main character

queer characters that aren’t cis white men? yes, including again the main character and basically everyone else tbh

+ hella pretty art and pop culture references

Okay so my mom has been obsessed with memes lately. I explained the concept to her and she made me promise to point out any memes we come across. And tbh she’s getting pretty good at figuring it out because she pointed to the minions on a happy meal box and asked “is this a meme” and when I told her yes she got really excited.