getting pretty emotional about

Since I’m still very upset about this, I’m gonna make a post about it. Just to spread the word.

Stop invalidating Jeremy’s trauma. Just because he made a bad decision and hurt the fan favorite (still love you Mikey), doesn’t mean what he went through shouldn’t be acknowledged??? Everyone seems to think the Michael would be much more affected by the “squipcident” than anyone else when, ironically, he was the only one without a Squip.

Michael didn’t have to go through constant degradation when he already thought he sucked. Michael canonically accepted where he was socially in high school. Jeremy, however, did not. He already thought poorly of himself, so I imagine a constant voice confirming that fucked him up a little bit.

Jeremy basically went through intense shock therapy everyday. Imagine being shocked for any little thing you did wrong. Poor Jeremy was probably constantly on edge, worried that he fucked up. That doesn’t just go away as soon as the actual stimulation disappears.

When Jeremy activated the optic nerve blocking, he was being heavily influenced by the Squip. He was probably also scared that the Squip would get angry if he didn’t agree to it.

When Jeremy blew up on Michael, he was not only drunk, but also very recently sexually assaulted. The Squip and Chloe were forcing him into something he didn’t want to do. Anyone who went through that would make some pretty irrational decisions.

Just because Jeremy didn’t get a relatable emotional song about his problems doesn’t mean he doesn’t have any.

I just think that Jeremy, the main character of Be More Chill, should get some solid solo recognition. Not just with boyf riends, or the Squip Squad, but just him. He deserves it.

{ H E A D C A N O N S } // NSFW with Levi

Request: NSFW with Levi??? ♥️ :D - from anon
Warnings: NSFW.
Author’s note: Have some more head canons because I didn’t plan my time well enough to have an imagine ready today.

❀ Ooh boy, his S/O is in for some real fun.

❀ Levi has some serious stamina. If his S/O can handle it, rounds four and five will most definitely be a thing.

❀ Levi’s packing it pretty good if you know what I mean. Definitely nothing to be disappointed in.

❀ After sex cuddles aren’t really a thing with Levi. He has to clean up right away, and by the time he’s finished with that his S/O’s usually fast asleep.

❀ Although he doesn’t mind giving oral, he much prefers receiving it.

❀ When he does end up giving oral, though, he’s pretty sloppy with it as there’s other things he’d rather be doing.

❀ He loves pulling on his S/O’s hair if it’s long enough.

❀ If he can do it in the bath or shower, he will. Less messy.

❀ He prefers taking his S/O from behind as he can be a little rougher then.

❀ Pre-mission sex can go one of two ways; either it’s slower and more sensual than usual as Levi’s scared of what could happen to him and his S/O, or he’s the roughest he’s ever been because he has so many pent up emotions that he needs to get out.

❀ Levi’s usually pretty specific about where he and his S/O have sex. He prefers solitary places where he knows they can’t be interrupted, but if he’s been needy all day and his S/O’s been teasing, an unoccupied broom closet in the middle of a busy hallways will do.

Another Phone Call
  • Molly: *rolls over in bed to grab and answer her ringing mobile* Hello? This is Dr. Molly Hooper.
  • Sherlock: Molly, it's me. I'm using a different phone.
  • Molly: *sighs heavily* Right, what now?
  • Sherlock: I just need you to do something very easy for me.
  • Molly: *clenches her jaw* Are you trying to be funny, Sherlock? When you said that earlier today there was nothing easy about it.
  • Sherlock: Yes, but now I mean it. Because all I need you to do now is listen. Can you do that?
  • Molly: Well...yes.
  • Sherlock: Good. *exhales* You count to me, Molly, so very much. And I trust you. I trust you with my work, with my secrets, and with my very life. You matter more than most of the other people that inhabit this entire planet. You are unique, intelligent, brave, and puzzling to me in the best sort of way. And you're beautiful; so very beautiful in every way a person can be. And...I love you, Molly...I love you.
  • Molly: *speechless*
  • Sherlock: Molly?
  • Molly: Y-yes I'm here.
  • Sherlock: Good.
  • Molly: *her voice unsteady* And...was that it?
  • Sherlock: Yes, that was all I needed you to do.
  • Molly: *softly* Ok.
  • Sherlock: Well...goodnight, Molly.
  • Molly: Wait! Sherlock, can you do something for me now?
  • Sherlock: Anything.
  • Molly: *pauses* Come to my flat please.
  • Sherlock: ...right now?
  • Molly: Yes, now please. Because...I'm not saying it over the phone this time.

Sansy and i did early Giftmas since I won’t be in town when actual giftmas rolls around, and they made me the most perfect charms?????

i’ve been so lucky to have a friend in Sansy.  They’re actually the best and i get pretty emotional when i stop and think about it.  This is our third christmas spent worrying about skeletons, which really makes you think, tbh.  about friendship.  and skeletons. 

anyway, no one in my regular life will appreciate an “is sans ok tho” charm and i had to share it with the ppl i know will Understand.  Merry festive early giftmas.  Is sans ok tho.


I’m not sure love makes a person weak, Cara.

Top 5 Beautifully Tragic Independent Movies

Disclaimer: I’m not a film critic, I’m a photographer who gets excited about pretty, emotional things. 

By the time I was 16 years old, I had become obsessed with drama, independent and art-based movies. This was to the extent that I could barely fathom the fact that - on my first day of film studies class - our teacher informed us that our lessons would largely encompass generic blockbuster titles.

‘But there’s so little to these films…’, thought the younger, less knowledgable me. 'What could possibly be of interest about easily interpretable movies that follow cliche, overused narrative tropes, structures and visual stylings?’

Eventually I learnt the error of my thinking, and how dense filmic scrutiny could extend, even in the most conventional of titles. However, my love for movies that differ a little from the norm never really ceased. If its obscure, super dramatic/romantic, bizarre, confusing and/or beautifully shot I’ll probably be convinced by the end that it’s changed my life somehow. Yes, it’s relatively pretentious of me - at least I’m honest about it.

Since my departure from university, I’ve found myself with a little evening time to watch movies again. Subsequently, I’ve proceeded with my incessant hunt, in which there is no final target, to find films that are worthy of my 'list’. This is a catalogue of cinema that has moved me via nothing less than pure, superlative artistry. To celebrate this continuation, I have decided to share a section of my list so far with you. Whether a positive experience or not, these flicks are sure to blow your mind.


'LOVE’ (2011)

If you’ve heard of a wonderfully talented American musician named Tom Delonge (that dude who played in blink-182 and somehow managed to make bad singing sound great), you might also be familiar with the numerous art projects completed under the alias and associated iconography of his band, Angels & Airwaves. Delonge has crafted a wealth of different media under Angels & Airwaves, but no other manages to compare to the 2011 LOVE feature length movie. Directed by William Eubank and produced by Delonge, LOVE is a truly gripping movie that aims to explore the unconditional human need for contact, connection and companionship.

At the very end of a long space exploration mission, astronaut Lee Miller becomes the last human in existence as an unexplained apocalyptic incident sweeps across the world. This event is insinuated only by Miller’s discontinued contact with earth. LOVE possesses a pace that is binary in nature; utilising calm, suddenly sporadic and inconsistent shots to expertly depict Miller’s descent into madness. These skilfully crafted scenes are successful in simulating feelings of irritability and hysteria within its viewers - perfectly epitomising the human need for raw emotion that LOVE strives to explore and present. In turn, we are guided towards the films resolution: Love is the answer; the reason for our very existence. To truly feel gratitude for those you have in your life, you need to experience LOVE.


Why do we struggle to breathe a more righteous breath, when we all end up in the same place?’


'Submarine’ (2010)

This is a movie which is set in a town called Swansea, south-west Wales. What’s kind of wonderfully coincidental to me is that five years after seeing this movie, I am now dating a girl who’s lived in Swansea her whole life (200 miles away from my current location), and roamed some of the locations in the movie during its production. I also met a guy back in university who was actually in the movie as an extra! Kind of strange… anyways.  

As a slightly bleak coming of age comedy about a lovelorn boy named Oliver Tate (Craig Roberts), Submarine manages to adhere to, and subvert the conventions of the genre simultaneously. As Oliver tries to work out who he really is, he makes attempts to save his parents marriage and develop his relationship with his equally strange and somewhat pyromanic girlfriend, Jordana (Yasmin Paige). His naivety often results in ill-informed decisions and hilarious results.

I loved the striking performances delivered by the cast of the film; strong portrayals of refreshingly authentic character types. Additionally, the dry humour that remains consistent alongside more serious themes keeps the storyline concurrently sincere, yet humorous.

However, what I found most imposing about Submarine was its unconventional cinematography, visual triggers and narrative structure.

The camera work by Eric Wilson has an idiosyncratic, stylised dynamic; beautiful and often erratic. Alongside the choppy and quirky editing, this helps contribute towards the comedic undertones of the movie whilst remaining superficially alluring. The grain from the use of film cameras, and the use of only natural and existing artificial light, also contributes to Submarine’s 80’s era nostalgia.

Basically… it’s dope.


'You’re the only person that I would allow to be shrunken down to a microscopic size and swim inside me in a tiny submersible machine. We have lost our virginity but it wasn’t like losing anything. You’re too good for me, you’re too good for anyone.’


'The Tree of Life’ (2011)

This one is going to have you Googling explanations before the movie has barely begun. Its a CONFUSING film, but an emotional and gorgeously shot one at that. The cinematography is saintly and, as a photographer, I may have wept at little at this movie’s sheer beauty.

The film follows Jack (Sean Penn), the eldest son of a family as he reflects on his childhood in 1950’s suburban America: his relationship with his parents (Brad Pitt, Jessica Chastain) his experiences and the premature death of his brother.. however..

The way the movie has been moulded comes across as more of a lengthy video-based art-installation piece, rather than a feature film. The manner and pace in which the films develops, projects an inarticulate dream-like quality; an exploration of themes, ideas and visuals with no real events to drive any gripping or discernible narrative.

It’s damn complex - at times appearing complicated simply for the sake of being complicated. Some might call it art, some might call it pretentious - I call it poignant and moving.

The Tree of Life is a fantastic movie, demonstrating Terrence Malick’s auteurist style.


'Help each other. Love everyone. Every leaf. Every ray of light. Forgive.’


'Never Let Me Go’ (2010)

Much like the central theme of this movie, this is one that I will never let go of (or forget). Based upon Kazuo Ishiguro’s novel of the same name, NLMG follows its protagonists Cathy (Carey Mulligan), Tommy (Andrew Garfield) and Ruth (Keira Knightley). The trio are pupils at a school of children, all of whom were born and raised to be healthy, donate their vital organs and die young. Yeah.. it’s pretty grim. But hold up.. it gets additionally tragic.

A love triangle forms amongst the three and throughout the movies three act structure (spanning about a decade… I think) it becomes evident that Cathy and Tommy are meant to be. Deep down they knew this all along, yet by the time they act, they’re days from beginning their donations.

There is nothing more tragic than true love that cannot be allowed to exist. I’m getting worked up just thinking about it. Seriously, though… watch this movie. It’ll cut you up but you’ll know what it is to feel true gratitude and appreciation to be a free soul.


‘We all complete. Maybe none of us really understand what we’ve lived through, or feel we’ve had enough time.’


'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’ (2004)

So on account of its cult status - and being that this is Tumblr - my number one is probably one that you’re already familiar with. For those unfamiliar, however, I will enlighten you.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind tells the story of two seemingly incompatible people, Joel and Clementine (Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet) and the deterioration of their relationship. The films director Michel Gondry, presents a tender, endearing and intimate companionship that becomes reduced to a jealous, frustrated and dispassionate mess.

Sounds pretty conventional so far, right? Well, conventional it ain’t.

Overwhelmed and exasperated, Joel discovers Clementine has visited Lacuna Inc, a company which provides a form of brain damage; allowing her to forget she had ever met Joel. Devastated upon realising this, Joel has the same treatment performed upon himself. Joel’s erasure is what guides the films narrative.

Beginning in the present day as Joel starts his treatment, Eternal Sunshine traces back through the cherished memories of him and Clementine as they are removed one by one. However, as the procedure is occurring, Joel realises that he can’t bare the thought of losing Clementine for good; even if only as a memory. From the depths of his unconsciousness, Joel tries desperately to hold on to this paradigm of his psyche.

The reason I adore this film so much is the muddled narrative structure, the obsessively detailed mise-en-scene and visual triggers. This is to the extent that new little details and easter eggs seem to reveal themselves with every viewing. Additionally, the conclusions, lessons and themes of Eternal Sunshine are most certainly transferable to real life.

Although the movie appears as somewhat incoherent at times, Gondry somehow manages to find a perfect harmony within the films delivery; superlatively demonstrating the importance of love and memory, irrespective of life’s eventual outcome.

It’s kind of difficult to express through words the impact that this movie has had on me, and the cinematic quality I think it possesses. It’s gorgeously shot, magnificently executed and hard-hitting. The soundtrack by Jon Brion is also expedient and gets you RIGHT in the feelings. It’s one of those films that makes you feel as though a deep, innermost element of your being has been changed somehow. It did with me, at least. It’s breathtaking.


'What a loss to spend that much time with someone, only to find out that she’s a stranger.’

eennoshita-shine  asked:

-sadly I'm on mobile so I can't get to your rules. I truly apologize for being an inconvenience if I screw up. delete my ask if this sucks- Let's pretend Jonathan somehow comes back (at like maybe the end of part 4). Could I request headcanons on how the other Jojos (from parts 2-4 of course) would react to meeting him?

No rules have been broken, don’t worry at all! I hope these turned out okay!

☆ Joseph ☆

  • Joseph would get pretty emotional, actually; he says he doesn’t care much about family name, but having grown up without parents, he’d love to be able to meet his grandfather. He’s heard good things about Jonathan from Erina, so he’d love to meet the man himself.
  • Jonathan would be amazed; this is his grandson? What?? He’d also be very proud at Joseph’s Hamon ability and training; he may even ask that Joseph teach him a few things, or take him to Lisa Lisa, since Jonathan never got training of that level.
  • He’d be somewhat disappointed in his grandson’s attitude, honestly- he seems reckless and loud and very un-gentlemanly. However, when he sees how in love Joseph and Suzie are, he’d be filled to the brim with pride; he’d inherited some of the gentle Joestar spirit after all!

☆ Jotaro ☆

  • Things would probably be pretty uncomfortable between these two at first; Jonathan is a gentle giant, and Jotaro is anything but. There might be some bickering at first, as Jonathan tries to offer advice to fix Jotaro’s attitude- it would be up to Holly to keep them from going at each other.
  • Once they’re settled and not fighting, they’d get into fairly deep conversation. When Jonathan learns that Jotaro is the one who permanently took out Dio, he’d have a new respect for the kid, and would want to spend some time learning about Star Platinum and Stands in general.
  • Jotaro would probably try and be the tiniest bit nicer around Jonathan; he’d never heard much from that side of the family, and the guy’s from something like a hundred years ago, so it can’t really hurt. He draws the line when Jonathan starts entertaining the fangirls and inviting them to date his descendant, though

☆ Josuke ☆

  • Although he’d be confused at how this was even possible, he’d be so excited to meet Jonathan! He’d never even known his own father, and now he’s able to meet one of the men at the head of the bloodline- this is great.
  • He’d want to show Jonathan around the entire town, showing him off to all his friends. “Can you believe I’m related to this beast? The two of them stop to pet every dog they see along the way, and that ends up with all the dogs following them home. They both look ready to cry when Josuke’s mom says take ‘em back.
  • Josuke’d heard a bit about Hamon from his dad, but given that Joseph isn’t in the best shape to teach, he’d ask Jonathan to show him how it works! He doesn’t quite have the talent for it, though; he can make a few sparks fly from his fingertips, but that’s it. Jonathan would be proud of him anyways!

Holding their First Born (Chocobros)

Here’s the bros holding their baby for the first time. I remembered the pregnant s/o mentioned this too and thought I should do it. I rly don’t want to develop a rep for half assing requests lol

Awkwardly stares at the nurse holding the baby for a while. The nurse looks over with a kind smile and asks him if he wants to hold the little one. Noctis tries to come up with an excuse that doesn’t make him look like a bad dad, so he tells her the truth. He has no idea how to hold a child of any kind. The nurse can’t hide how amusing that sounds, so they lay the baby down and grab a pillow to teach him. When he finally nails it and holds the baby though? His eyes light up and his jaw drops. Because here he is. Holding his little baby in his arms. It can’t even open it’s eyes but just seeing for himself that this is his child is magical to him.

Once his s/o has been settled in after giving birth, and his own panic during the experience has subsided, he’ll ask his s/o if he can hold the baby. They urge him to hold the little fuzzball and he looks so happy. The baby is so tiny and soft and innocent and he can’t get over it. Starts singing softly to see how the little thing will react, only to be met with it being a little restless. He’s disappointed to say the least, but his s/o is the one who tells him that babies don’t actually do much when they’re that small. Starts hogging the baby to sing anyway though. I mean it’ll smile back eventually, right? 

Is the first person the doctor hands the baby to after it’s born. The moment seems like a flash from a distance. He’s handed the baby, he smiles and then he lets his s/o hold it. For Ignis though, the second the baby was in his arms time stood still. He was filled with a rush of parental feelings. He may not show it but he’ll feel pretty emotional about the whole thing. The most anyone gets to see is his smile when he holds the little thing. On the inside though his heart feels full of love. He’s hit by this intense emotion to look after the baby and make it as happy as he possibly can.

Let’s his s/o fall asleep before he goes over to pick up the baby. Part of him wanted to let them enjoy the baby more because they’re the one who just gave birth and the other part felt embarrassed. He isn’t the best at expressing his emotions in a meaningful way and he was worried about screwing up. With his s/o asleep, he scoops the little bundle up and just talks to it. Promising to be the best father ever and that he’s sorry if he ever messes up. And makes the baby promise it won’t be as energetic as Iris was, for the sake of it’s parents. It yawns in response and he laughs softly.

i usually get over things pretty quick but i’m still emotional about pierre and nikolushka bonding because they feel like neither of them have a place in the new family and andrei and natasha are building

Been talking to Florist Girl past while.. think we’re going to do a very very casual date..


Ok so everyone’s already covered the “Not Alone” scene left right upside-down & sideways, so I scrapped that idea for myself. Honestly there are a LOT of really memorable scenes, pieces in the story that really took me and put me IN the world of FFIX, that pulled at my heartstrings and everything else, even amusing ones that put me into laughing fits. I really  do NOT have an easy time picking favorites on this one. But today, I’m going with a very— very OBSCURE scene.

With Dagger & Steiner, when I visited Treno for the first time ever, I did NOT expect “ALLEYWAY JACK” to show up again. I also didn’t expect to have to REACT in an ATE. When I first started playing FFIX, before this scene, I thought ATEs were just scenes to be selected just for the sake of character, world & story development. And while I was right that they were there for that, I didn’t realize until THIS scene that they built on interactions with COMPLETELY OBSOLETE, UNIMPORTANT CHARACTERS. (No I didn’t even realize that in Dali with the innkeeper. It just didn’t click for some reason.) This was really freaking SWEET to me. I also didn’t realize until that moment that ATEs had consequences and branching scenarios depending on the player’s actions. So it was a real treat realizing that I could get two different outcomes from Dagger’s run-in with the Four-Armed Man.

Doubly so, I realized in that series of scenes that I was going to get MORE of that guy. How pleased was I. I was very pleased.
All-in-all, I choose Treno Tradition (and the following subsequent ATEs & scenes) as my CURRENT favorite, because it was so well-executed and involving and it helped me to love love LOVE a character that just did not matter to the overall plot.

More headcanons my favorite four from the Earth Team!

Eva / Molly

-she’s very touch-deprived, even though she’s not fully-aware of it. (Example: she will protest very loudly at getting a hug, but only for about ten seconds. Then she’ll be a metaphorical puddle.)

-completely immune to spicy food. The rest of the team can confirm this.

-reigning Champion Tree-Climber of both her schools.

-shows no mercy in card games of any kind.


-he lived with his mom, his uncle, and his two cousins whom are both girls younger than him, one by two years and the other by seven. His dad isn’t in the picture due to a messy divorce.

-supremely ticklish.

-he’s unable to cook anything remotely edible and he’s fully aware of it.

-if you need to distract him for a while, show him a puppy.


-he’s probably the lightest sleeper in the galaxy.

-he has a bunch of small scars on his hands from various incidents involving mechanical tools.

-cannot stand seeing anyone crying. As in, there’s a fair chance he’ll end up doing the same after a minute if it isn’t resolved.

-he could probably have a secondary career as an artist. (Since being an engineer that handles the physical half of the work would likely result in A) an eye for detail and B) a steady hand.)


-generally does not like physical contact unless it’s someone he trusts; the list is fairly limited to Stan, but the others are gradually added to it.

-do not bother him when he’s overtired. He can and will be snark incarnate.

-it’s actually really hard to get him emotional about anything. It’s not pretty when it does happen.

-he has digital copies of a few movies on his tablet. Ergo, he was the only reason the team wasn’t bored out of their minds on Ōban when they weren’t prepping for a race.

anonymous asked:

I was thinking about the superhero au you wrote and, with Keith's power to project his emotions, would he wonder if he maybe caused Shiro to like him (by projecting his feelings for Shiro onto him??) idk just a kinda random thought I had after I reread it

WELL DAmN. THAT’S REALLY SOMETHING ISN’T IT. HOW DARE. i mean, gosh. shiro’s feelings are definitely real and there in this story BUT GOD. 

in part 2 im writing of lioss, there are some moments where they talk about the implications of their powers and there’s gonna be a lot of keith introspection i haven’t finished yet. but he is going to be dealing with for the first time something really intrusive and unwanted. like he really doesn’t want this power. 

keith’s power is pretty exciting to discuss because it involves a lot of different things. @archaicsextoy​ and i were talking about it a while ago here. but yea it’s been brewing in my mind for months and months through rp and just my own little notes until i finally decided to fic it as well haha. i really wanted to do something that i knew actually…. wasn’t inherently a keith power and make him grapple with something that is really digging into his very being.

and now im thinking about what you said bc keith is pretty self-aware and im getting emotional thinking about this. like…. keith is fully aware of the extent of his powers after a certain point in lioss. that’s why he backs off bc he sees what he is capable of doing when losing control of his emotions - and that he can manipulate emotions around him even unintentionally. it is sporadic in nature and he is still learning to control it even now. it is something that kind of works with and against his own intensity in that respect.

but we also know and see in canon and also in lioss that keith’s perception of himself is quite skewed on a lot of fronts. so building on the selfish motif i honestly would not be surprised if in lioss keith has questioned if he has been selfish and projected his own thoughts/emotion, wondered if he was making shiro stick around or projecting something out to get him to stay. even if they were friends before and ….. well i cant spoil ahhaa :) 

the next part im writing is almost done and im really excited bc it is actually going backwards and dealing with The Backstory and how they became heroes, it’s all to do with how they got their powers which is briefly mentioned at the start, and then how they dealt with them bc it’s really not all smooth sailing. i dont want to spoil anything if you’re planning to check out part 2 because AHHHHHHH. 

it’s cool at first bc at the start of getting these powers for keith he thinks some of these things are his own. like he’ll get a jolt of irritation and wont be able to explain why he’s feeling irritated. or he’ll be irritated about something and someone on the train beside him just huffs loudly and suddenly becomes irritated too bc he’s accidentally given them the irritation. 

so if even he can’t tell the difference at first then yes….. your point is making me v sad and i see a strong case for it being possible bc keith would have probably picked up on that and speculated if that was the case for other people too bc most of the time yes when keith is giving someone something they don’t realise. 

and whilst i can’t say ‘yes this written explicitly in the text’ bc i haven’t finished the story and it has a few more parts to go, i can say that yes….. this definitely sounds like something lioss keith has dealt with and considered before. 

ANON!!!! this is a really cool ask thank so much for sending it. this actually made me really happy bc i love talking about it! take care. 


Mind if I steal your date?


And now onto our precious lil sunshine, the man who can make everyone smile just by being himself, Jung Hoseok aka J Hope aka Hobi

  • Part two is here, werewolf!hobi as a father is here
  • Similar to Jin, he’s a gentle soul who could never hurt anyone, even his worst enemy
  • He’s never lost control since he’s pretty open about his emotions and can get them out the human way of crying on Jin’s shoulder
  • He was the playful wolf
  • He spent most of his time with the maknae line, goofing around and play wrestling and bugging the other members
  • Their favorite to bug is Namjoon bc he tries to stay in his Alpha mode and just focus on being serious
  • But then if they do it long enough, he just has to laugh and he eventually joins them
  • He wouldn’t be the biggest wolf but he’s also not the smallest
  • He’s got a good balance of speed and strength but speed is more his forte
  • We all know Hobi is an amazing dancer and that takes grace, it also takes grace to be able to run as quickly as he does and to be able to move as silently as he can
  • In the pack, he’s a lot more towards the back than Yoongi and Jin are but he still isn’t one of the defenders
  • He’s not enough of a fighter to be able to be able to walk all the way in the back but he’s strong enough to be able to help out if it’s needed
  • Werewolf!Hobi is basically just a puppy that wants to play and hang out and just be with his pack

twenty one pilots / Indianapolis / April 19, 2014