getting peeved


I’ve thought this for a while, but Victor really does have a good handle on his temper.

You can tell he gets peeved, but he never once loses his cool. Twice with Yuuri, we’ve seen Victor with a decent reason to be a little cross. Instead, he responds cheerfully. We see him act in a similar manner with Yakov, who is not very kind in his words to Victor but still receives kindness in return. Even when Yurio kicks him in the back repeatedly (ouch!), Victor does not immediately lose it.

Until Yurio starts running his mouth about Yuuri and then…

Like. Victor’s hand is SHAKING in this scene. He is PISSED.

And then he still calms immediately down.

I’m always so surprised whenever people say Hanzo and McCree have nothing in common. Let’s just consider: 

Both are former illegal arms dealers who left their respective families/organizations - Overwatch totally functioned as McCree’s  family - when they realized things had gone really bad. Both are currently wanderers trying to atone for their pasts. As Hanzo hints at in the Junkenstein brawl, they’re both goddamn walking talking anachronisms. In a meta sense they are partly based on two different versions of the same character. (Go google ‘Yojimbo and Fistful of Dollars’, please.)

What… what do you want from me.


For reference to people who I keep seeing drawing Breath of the Wild Zelda with blue eyes. 

I know past Zeldas have had blue eyes, but BotW Zelda has in between forest and emerald green eyes. I know it really doesn’t matter, but if you are looking to be accurate to her character, these are her eye color

I have just seen most fanart of her done with her w/ blue eyes and it’s not accurate to BotW Zelda

Edit: I understand some people are color blind and in that case, yes, it would make sense as to why her eye color is wrong. That I do understand, and I also understand people can color her however they want. This is just for people to use as reference who actually want to draw her with her accurate BotW eye color.


I literally said do not repost those photos from the article the website said not too and I see people just reposting away with the watermark and all? Are you guys fucking serious?

And western fans wonder why they can’t have shit or everything is blocked from them. Not just with anime but with music and such its because of stuff like that. You guys completely ignore when it comes to people saying ‘don’t repost my art/ my comics/ my music’ and just shrug and go ‘well it’s free shit who cares about the people providing it for me I’m just gonna steal it.’ I am so sick of seeing this sort of thing on this website. Like I want to share shit that’s going on over here with people or things I discover with Hetalia or MM15 but I can’t because I am like “Well its going to get reposted without permission anyway” and it’s not with just overseas stuff you guys do it in your own country. 

I remember episodes of Legend of Korra were leaked and people were passing around the file when the Creators kindly asked for people not to. I understand being excited about something but like wait. You are going to get it so just wait. Like dude, reblog from the source or fucking post a link. There is no need to steal things or do whatever the fuck you want.

Person: oh i love music!!!!! 


Person: oh but not rock or rap or jazz or metal or…. lol classical??? LOL who even listens to tha–


me: [knocks on your door] now, you may be a believer in jealous!Victor, but can i enlighten you as to jealous!Yuuri? do you really think Yuuri takes all of Victor’s fangirls/boys sitting down? do you really think he wouldn’t get at least a little peeved and pout about it and try his hardest to make Victor focus on him? [raises voice] do you really think he wouldn’t snap one day and yank Victor out of a crowd of his fans and then kiss him silly somewhere? DO YOU REALLY THINK HE WOULDN’T TELL VICTOR THAT HE’S THE SEXIEST PERSON AROUND EVEN WHEN VICTOR WASN’T LOOKING AT ANYONE ELSE?? DO YOU HONESTLY BELIEVE HE WOULDN’T SHOW VICTOR WITH HIS BODY JUST HOW MUCH BETTER THAN EVERYONE ELSE HE IS?? U REALLY THINK HE ISN’T GIVING THAT PALE ASS BEANPOLE HICKIES ALL OVER THE DAMN PLACE–

you: [shuts the door]

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I wanted to say that as a person whose not thin (I'm not plus size, but I am chubby) or tall, I love the fact that Louis never really mentions Daniel weight. I'm always worried when talking to people I like, because I feel like my muffin top or chubby face will drive them away. So to see that it doesn't change how Louis sees him at all alleviates some of that anxiety. So thank you for making a character whose weight isn't a conflict or a joke❣😌

Aw! Yeah, something like that doesn’t matter to Louis at all and he finds Daniel super attractive the way he is ☺️ 💕💕💕

i hate it when people say jotaro kujo had no personality and was a boring character like did you even see him??? he was a little shit. he was a terrible child who punched people but loved his mom and then he became an even worse high schooler before he mellowed out into the bad dad he is today. hes shit at comebacks. he once told someone that he was going to send them to sleep at the bottom of hell. wtf jotaro? also he has an intense love for his school uniform and hes weirdly proud of it? word of god says that he feels like hes got an expressive and easy to read face, so he never emotes even tho hes about as readable as a brick. he likes stupid funky jazz. he once wore an outfit with three dolphins on it. three! these are not the actions of a character with no personlity. hes got shit tons of personality! fight me.

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I've yet to hear of Amy's Alter, but if it is really Peevils, could you imagine the rest of the Egos calling her Peeves to get on her nerves, and she's like "IM NOT SOME FUCKING POLTERGEIST FROM A DAMN CHILDREN'S BOOK!"

she’d probably smite their asses with her alien powers tbh. except signe. i feel like amy’s alter and signe’s alter would get along very well 💛

started drawing and had to stop cause i got so mad thinking about that guy in comp that got angry at me for having 50% kill participation, he thought kill participation and eliminations were the same thing and would not stop yelling on mic “Mercy thinks she’s dps!!! Stay behind and heal would you!!”

can we come together as a community and stop referring to genos as a robot lmao