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Holy fuck.

So I just got an email from my aunt ( i finished up a logo commission for her a while back) and apparently they (the CEO and another lady) now want me to work on a couple projects for/with them as well as make a metis children’s colouring book.

Never thought that’d ever happen to me haha

Wow. I’m just. I don’t even know what to say.

This is big

I hope you guys know the band makes no money, I make no money on this. It goes back into VyRT. The band doesn’t get paid for the stuff that we do. I know people think “Oh, they’re all about the money. They wanna charge us to watch the content”. Yes, we do wanna charge you because we believe that what we create is valuable. We are not making poopoo jokes on YouTube. This is our art. It’s our life. Just because we are artists doesn’t mean that we should work for free. There is value to our work and that’s a huge debate that I know people get very sensitive about.
—  Jared Leto on VyRT

anonymous asked:

Wtf is wrong with Jojo?! Like equating people in the closet to being liars and weak willed? That's so fucked up on so many levels! Like some people are in the closet to protect themselves from actually physical and emotional abuse they may face, they don't deserve to be called liars and weak willed because of it. Like how dare she pretend to "care" about Louis when she's spewing this nonsense. I'm actually fuming right now, I'm so pissed that someone actually thinks this way. She's disgusting!

Anonymous said: Accusing of being gay???? As if beating gay is something you need to be accused of? Like “yeah, he’s been accused of being a pedophile” and “he’s been accused of being gay” LIKE WTF?????

sadly, she’s a lowlife who gets paid for this stuff. why do you think she’s always acting as if she’s buddy buddy with the boys? she has been a go-to pap for years and is ensuring her future work relationship with 1dhq. can’t let people think being gay is okay! i’m retching.

From a reader’s point of view, it might not be clear all of the many different ways you can get paid to do stuff for this site, right off the street. Most people know Cracked for informative yet ridiculous list articles on every subject from Medieval history to sex toys. If you’re not into that and think you’re better suited to writing video scripts, Cracked Interrupts has got you.

Do you have a crazy, original theory about your favorite movie or TV show? That’s cool, pitch it as one of our new Fan Theory pieces. Do you have a keen eye and unique point-of-view for current news? Try your hand at a Quick Fix. Want to inflict hilarious torture upon yourself for glory and profit? Tell us what you have in mind.

Do you dream of being a Cracked columnist and long for the ability to shout your opinions to hundreds of thousands of people but are intimidated by the many years it surely takes to reach that status? Fear not, because anyone can pitch a column now. Have you lived through a unique experience or held anobscure job, or do you have some other cool story to tell? Pitch it to the Personal Experience team and we’ll literally pay you to talk about your own life. Do you have rudimentary-to-expert photo-editing skills? You can start posting stuff in one of our contests at any moment. And, of course, you can always stick to the traditional list format, the foundation upon which our apparent $39 million empire was built.

Maybe you aren’t interested in any of those options. That’s OK. Even if you have some crazy new idea that doesn’t fit anything you’ve ever seen on the site before, we want to see it. We’re ready and willing to shake things up. Who knows, maybe you could be responsible for a whole new genre of content on the site.

All you have to do is join the Workshop right here:

Write For Cracked: We Will Pay Your Ass To Do It

of an endless summer for BansheeOdair

Zayn shrugs unapologetically. “My first time away from home,” he admits with a blush that make Niall’s knees feel weak. “But there are perks, I think.”

“Yeah, I love it here,” Niall says. “It’s kind of nice getting paid to do stuff like this, like watch kids swim in the lake, while you either swim with them, or you could even read a book. I don’t know, there’s a lot to love.”

“Not really the perk I was thinking of,” Zayn says. “But yeah, sure. The lake, whatever.”

Niall stares at him, watching as Zayn winks before he goes back to his food.

word count: 27835

rating: mature

warnings: sexual content

side pairings: minor harry styles/daisy lowe, minor liam payne/sophia smith, minor nick grimshaw/louis tomlinson


Avatar icons Commission!!

Doing these beauties only for 10 usd! YES! 10! AND THEY’RE PRECIOUS SO BUY ME. HAHAHA.

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— how to get them —

Send me a message here on Tumblr or an email at
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I do the work after GETTING PAID, yes, and then I proceed to work and give you your avatar.

I need references in case if too complex.

That’s all!

Thank youu and spread the word!

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I was recently hired at the company I was interning for. How would I write that out on my resume? Would they be written separately or combined together?

Write them separately as two different jobs, because you’re probably covering different duties. But, if you’re doing all the same stuff and just getting paid for it now, list it as one job, then put “began as an intern…” in one of the duty description bullet points, but start the dates when you began the internship.