getting over the urge to lay in bed

The Belly

Eric’s libido skyrocketed when ever he would see and feel his baby kick and roll in his womb. Eric was lying in bed poking and prodding at his swollen belly. His 49 week pregnant belly had made his young 16 year old body heavy and awkward. Eric watched his belly move and a great urge came over him. Eric quickly stripped off his clothes and rolled on his back. Eric called for Shawn, his 19 year old partner, who was sleeping in the next room. Shawn got out of bed and walked into Eric’s bedroom to find Eric laying naked on his back and rubbing his stretched pregnant belly. Shawns penis immediately grew hard watching Eric’s massive pregnant belly moving. Eric heaved his massive pregnant belly out of bed and slowly stood up. “Get on your knees.”, Eric said. Shawn immediately stripped off his underwear and got on his knees. Shawn placed a hand on Eric’s stomach, tight as a rock. His navel poked outward. The fetus inside was almost 10 months, nearly a month overdue, moving violently beneath his hand. Shawn began to suck Eric’s outie navel, with a few bites occasionally, but was interrupted by a strong kick from the baby. Erics belly bounced as he laughed. His lips found Erics 13 inch penis and engulfed it with his mouth. As the man sucked off Eric, Shawn began to masterbate himself. From past experience, Shawn would have to stomach as much of Eric’s 13 inch penis down his throat as he could to prevent Eric’s large load from filling up his mouth. 15 minutes passed and Eric was approaching his climax. Eric’s hips started to convulse violently as he threw his head back and moaned sexily. As Eric reached the point of no return, and couldn’t delay his load any longer, he slowly wrapped his hands around the back of Shawns neck and throat. He convulsed his hips, and pulled Shawns head in so close that Eric could shove his 13 inch long penis as far down Shawns throat as Shawn could take.  Eric’s penis erupted like a volcano spewing his seed down Shawn’s throat while Eric orgasmed, his hands clutching his belly, as his cock shot the liquid into the Shawns throat. Due to Eric throating Shawn, this triggered Shawn’s gag reflex. Eric groaned in agony, pleasure, and self satisfaction. Through his cum filled mouth, Shawn muffled, “That’s right, feed me daddy’s seed.” Eric continued to erupt in Shawn’s mouth. Eric sexily moaned and groaned as Shawn sucked his penis to the best of his ability. Eric’s baby always kicked and did belly flops inside him when he had sex, but this time it was different. Eric’s belly rumbled, rolled, kicked, and bounced so much that Eric thought his baby was having little orgasms of his own. Shawn grunted the muffled word, “Enough”, but Eric continued to empty his load. His partner stomached as much of Eric’s sperm as he could hold. However Eric was not done. Eric waddled over to the bed and Shawn followed close behind. This time Shawn was planning to try something new. Shawn had a special lubricant made especially for pregnant men. Shawn pulled it out and slathered it all over Eric’s slimy cumstained belly and penis. Shawn then did one final blowjob as he had never done before. The second Shawn swallowed Eric’s monster penis and started to suck, Eric began to convulse as he had never done before. Shawn watched his Eric’s pregnant belly rise up and down as his hips thrusted outward. Eric threw his head back looking directly at the ceiling and let out a loud moan of pleasure as he had never experienced. With all of Eric’s convulsing, the baby  became agitated and rolled, punched, and bounced off the walls. This made Eric even hornier. Eric let out a blood curdling scream as the baby kicked Eric’s cervix. Eric gave the signal to keep going. Shawn sensed Eric was about to cum so Shawn quickly spit out Eric’s penis (as if he swallowed anymore of Eric’s cum, he would probably throw up) and pointed it upwards. Eric’s eruption this time truly looked like a volcano erupting. However, something in the lubricant did something to him. He began to orgasm violently and his cumshot shot higher and with greater force than he had ever experienced before. His cum went at least 3 feet high in the air before splashing down on his pregnant belly. By this the baby was bouncing off the walls. Eric shot at least 25 cumshots like this. His belly was now covered in white, sticky, cum. Shawn started to lick the cum off of Erics pregnant belly. At the feeling and sight, Eric began to orgasm violently once more. Shawn stood up and Eric kneeled in front of Shawns penis. As Shawn knocked on Eric’s belly with his cock, the baby moved beneath it. Its massive head slowly migrated beneath the navel and settled to the left of the bellybutton, opposite of where it had been. Shawn looked at Eric. Eric said, “Me and my baby’s hungry”. Eric grabbed Shawns penis and shoved it as far back in his mouth as it would reach. It wasn’t until minutes later that Shawn cummed in Eric’s mouth on accident, releasing his load earlier than intended. Eric was a champ and swallowed it all, rubbing his heaving belly as he did. His belly rose up and down with each swallow.  Eric looked up at Shawn and said, “More! Please, more! Me and my baby’s starving. Please! Eric sat there, panting. His huge belly rising and falling with each breath. By this time Eric’s belly was moving violently as his belly’s stretched skin looked like it was about to split right open. Shawn quickly pulled his penis out of Erics mouth, and grabbed the whole bottle of the lubricant gel and squeezed ¾ths of it out on his penis and the other ¼th in Erics watering mouth. Shawn stuck his penis in Eric’s mouth and Eric began to suck. Eric loved the feeling of Shawns penis, the gel, and the saliva in his mouth. Together they made a taste and feeling you couldn’t compare or begin to explain. Eric swallowed Shawns whole penis and Shawn cummed instantly. The sound of  Eric gulping his cumload down, and rubbing his active belly as the babys movement made Eric’s belly grow about inch outward as Eric’s thrusted his belly out to give his baby more room. Shawns load was nowhere near as big or as sexy as Eric’s was, but Eric loved it all the same. Shawn emptied the remainder of his load into Eric’s throat. Shawn felt another load and aimed his penis at Eric’s belly, and shot his load all over Eric. Shawn rubbed the cum all over Eric’s squirming belly. The cum slid down the curve of Eric’s belly. With a hand, Shawn caught the river of cum and smeared it over Eric’s stomach, especially over the lump where the baby’s head was. But Eric’s huge sexual appetite wasn’t quenched. Eric noticed his belly and penis was still sticky with cum. Eric struggled to reach his belly but amazingly he did. He licked it clean in 10 minutes flat. Eric still wasnt done. Eric was extremely flexible and some how managed to reach his own penis with his mouth. His baby squirmed and kicked protesting for more space. Eric began to suck the cum off of his own penis. Eric’s penis erupted with a grand finale in his own mthouth. Eric gulped it all down. Shawn stood there wide eyed amazed at what pregnancy had done to Eric. Shawn walked away to give Eric peace. Eric’s penis was throbbing, erected, and numb. Eric was too tired to heave his pregnant body back into bed. Eric laid on his back on the floor. Eric said belly expanded about 2 inches after the activity. In total, Eric drank a little more than a pint of cum. A few minutes later Shawn came back into the room and said, “Are you ready again?” Shawn began to massage Eric’s stretched belly and massaged his penis with his mouth. Eric’s pregnant belly seized in on itself as another contraction came and caused his erection to swell in the mans mouth. “Aghh!” Eric moaned, throwing his head back as he orgasmed involuntarily into the mans mouth. “The fuck!” Shawn said, pulling his mouth away as the goo swirled on his tongue and dribbled down his chin and into his beard. He spat out the pearly essence onto Eric’s stomach like a loogie. The gob slid down the exaggerated curve of his contracting belly. “I told you to warn me before you shoot in my mouth!“ Shawn wiped his mouth clean as he realized Eric was having a contraction. Another moan escaped Eric’s lips. "Fuuuuuuuuuuuck!” The boy’s clenched stomach looked tighter than knotted rope. Sweat poured from Eric’s forehead. His belly was slimy and his lips crusty as his body tried in vain to pop out his oversized fetus. Eric screamed again as another contraction came. Shawn massaged Eric’s belly and said, “Relax, Eric. Don’t exert yourself.” Eric’s back arched as he screamed from another contraction. The baby was anxious to get out of his fathers cramped womb. After a particularly brutal contraction, Eric mewled like a baby. He was in pain. His sweaty, cum-stained belly protruded low, low, low on his waist. The baby would crown soon, no doubt, the man thought. Shawn rubbed Eric’s gut in serene circles. He looked so sexy laying there in pain, struggling, and his belly never looked so appetizing. It was the perfect shape, especially when it was contracting and the navelstood outward like a nipple. Shawn kissed Eric’s belly slowly nearing his nipples. Shawn engulfed Eric’s right nipple and sucked till it was red. He loved the milk. Eric croaked, “Please, leave some for the baby.” Eric’s  belly arched upwards and grew about 3 inches upwards. Eric was beginning to crown. Eric pushed with all his might and the baby slowly started to slide out. When the baby was a little over halfway out, Eric screamed, “Shawn, push it back in! I don’t wanna give birth! I wanna be pregnant forever!” Shawn replied, “Eric, you knew this day was coming.” Eric screamed at the pain. Eric took the head of the baby in his hand, and pushed it back into him self. Eric’s  stomach swelled up again, nice and tight and full, and the contractions never started back up. Eric, tired, sweaty, and pained, rubbed his big gooey pregnant belly as the baby kicked inside once more. Shawn’s mouth dropped open. Oh the things Shawn would go to his belly. Eric commanded Shawn to cum on his belly again. Shawn walked over to Eric, and stood over his huge belly, Shawn masturbated his self violently and released his load, splashing down on Eric’s belly. Shawn rubbed it on Eric’s belly. Eric’s penis shot one cumshot continuously for 25 seconds. Shawn ran to the kitchen to geta cup and scoop up the cum. The cup was filled almost to the top with Eric’s thick cum.
Eric told Shawn to give it to him. Shawn placed the cup by Eric. Eric grabbed the cup and gulped it down loudly. Eric groaned in pleasure. “Go to the kitchen and get 5 more cups. I want you to cum in all of them till they are filled to the brim. Don’t come back till you get all 5. Eric laid on the floor for 2 ½ hours waiting for Shawn to comeback. Shawn was in the bathroom groaning as he milked himself and filled the cups for Eric. Shawn came back with all 5 cups in hand and set them beside Eric. Shawn rubbed Eric’s squirming pregnant belly as Eric chugged then down one by one. "Thanks.” Eric said as he licked his lips. Eric’s belly rolled and gurgled. In total Eric drank half a gallon of cum. Eric’s belly grew from 52 inches to 64. Eric rubbed his gooey and squirmy pregnant belly. Eric kissed his belly and said, “Sorry, sweetie. I’m not quite ready for you to come out yet. Maybe in a month.” Shawn laid on the floor in back of Eric. Shawn spooned Eric and hugged his slimy moving belly. Eric feel asleep but Shawn was still awake rubbing Eric’s belly. Shawn noticed that Eric’s penis started to erect itself. Eric groaned and thrusted his hips but was still asleep. Eric night cummed and Shawn figured by the way he was moving. “Please honey. Put more babies in me. My belly isn’t big enough.” Eric continued to spew his load on the carpet. Shawn got up and went back to his bed. Eric turned over to make himself comfortable, but instead rolled in his own cum. Eric slept through the night.

Drafts that I'll never finish (2/?)

Ronan felt guilty as soon as his bones began to loosen up, his eyeballs ached in their sockets and he woke up in the dream. The feeling was so close to green pills in the passenger seat of a white Mitsubishi that he found himself with his finger at the back of his throat. But his stomach was empty and his head was full.

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  • CLARY: heard almost immediately from alec about jace's behavior. it hurt more than anything else. left her with a heartache she couldn't quite get over. knowing that he was fooling around with countless girls while ignoring her wouldn't sit well with anyone. she knew they were siblings and could never be together, but still the pain was there. he wasn't acting like himself and she knew the responsibility to get him back at the institute would be left in her hands. alec, izzy, and magnus urged her to go talk to him. that's exactly how she found herself stepping inside of the warlock's apartment and moving inside of jace's room without knocking. "out. everyone out." she hissed out at the three fae's that were in bed with her brother. a stern look took over her features as she crossed her arms over her chest. while the girl's got dressed, she tossed a shirt laying on the floor at the blond. "we are going to have a talk. i can't believe this is how you are spending your time instead of helping us find valentine. i'm surprised you even came to help me the other day. what is going on with you?" she frowned.

Do you think Clarke ever regrets all the time she spent being angry at Lexa now that she doesn’t have her? Do you think Clarke lays in bed at night regretting that entire week she spent in Polis avoiding Lexa instead of kissing her and touching her or even looking at her? Because sometimes I do and then I get the urge to drive over to Jasshole’s house, stake my heart on a pike, and leave on his lawn. 

for @eeyore9990

basically it’s just cordia fuckbuddies smut with a little bit of plot and feelings

Lydia Martin is no stranger to one-night stands. She loves them, in fact, mutual arrangements of sex without emotional attachment.

Fuckbuddies, on the other hand, are more difficult.

“I thought we said we weren’t doing this anymore,” Cora says, arching an eyebrow, although she doesn’t make any move to try and get out from under Lydia, sprawled comfortably out on the bed.

“Well, congrats, Hale,” Lydia replies, tone acidic. “You’re a better lay than anyone else in this town.”

“Damn straight,” Cora says with a sharp smile, and pulls her shirt off.

Lydia doesn’t know if she’s ever going to be able to get over how damn good Cora looks like this, dark hair fanned out over the light pink of her sheets and so much pale skin on display. Lydia doesn’t fight the urge to lean down and bite at Cora’s neck, darkening her skin with bruises. There’s nothing gentle about it, but Cora seems to like that, if the way she tries to suppress a muffled moan is any indication.

“Get this off,” Cora growls, tugging at Lydia dress. Lydia rolls her eyes and bats Cora’s hands away, before pulling back to drag the dress up over her head in one clean movement, leaving her in her bra and panties, which aren’t much more than a scrap of lace.

“Wipe the drool of your face, Hale,” Lydia snorts, although truthfully she likes the rush she feels whenever Cora looks at her like this: hungry, a little wolf-like.

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whydoyouthinkileft || [ x ]

Technically, Fitz was still supposed to be working, but seeing as his only real “project” had been finished for almost a week, he figured he could get off a few hours early. He’d made sure everyone in the lab wasn’t blowing things up outside of simulations, and no one was being unsafe, and really that was as far as his responsibilities went unless Ward asked him to do something else. Hence why he was laying next to her on his bed, mostly silent.

He immediately worried, not that either of them were surprised by that, and he shifted so that he could get a closer look, frowning at the marks on her skin. Settling in as comfortable as he could while slowly running his fingers over them again, he shook his head and resisted the urge to lean over and press a kiss to her skin – he wasn’t quite that brave.

“You’re okay now, though… You’re not in any danger… You should be able to feel comfortable whenever you want to sleep.”