getting over derek

    I would rather be at home all by myself not in this room
   With people who don’t even care about my well-being
  I don’t dance, don’t ask, I don’t need a boyfriend
So you can go back, please enjoy your party.



Dylan: [Derek] makes him realize that this world they’re about to enter is a dangerous place. Especially for a human. (talking to Hoechlin) I feel like that’s mostly why you’re disgrunted with me. You’re just protecting me. You’re just scared for my life. He’s got grumpy ways of going about it but I can see right through him! Big cuddly bear.

scarred hands (but whole hearts)

DexNursey 1.4k H/C I guess? Who knows. Have this thing

The hands are scarred.

(The hands are always scarred, this is hockey there are scars everywhere, Derek, get over yourself-)

The hands are scarred. Will’s hands, not the, he has a name even though, Derek thinks, he’s fully intent on making Derek forget that, and Derek’s own, and everything else but the feel of his knuckles as they drag across cheekbone. Derek’s fucked.

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Teen Wolf drinking game

Watch Season 1 and take a shot every time Scott says ‘Allison’ in a worried voice.
First to die of alcohol poisoning loses.

scruffysterek  asked:

For the prompts - Sterek (obviously lol) and H (just because I'm so curious what they'd be wearing and/or why.. )

H. “Everyone knows the 90s were the epitome of high fashion.” 

“Most of your clothes look like you’re in a 90s grunge band, why I can’t just wear something you already own?” Derek asked, glaring at the outfit that Stiles held up for him to wear.

“Don’t be so dramatic Der,” Stiles said with a wide smile, his eyes bright, “Everyone knows the 90s were the epitome of high fashion.” 

“When you said you wanted me to dress up as Slater from Saved By the Bell for Scott’s stupid 90s themed birthday party I figured you’d make me wear an ugly shirt and those stupid acid washed pants,” Derek said, “Not that you’d want me to wear his wrestling uniform.” 

“It’s a timeless look,” Stiles mused, tossing Derek his outfit and pulling on his faded jeans that he had bought at Goodwill earlier that week, “Now get dressed, it’s no fun being Zack Morris without AC Slater.”

“I’m sure it could be,” Derek muttered, watching as Stiles tugged his bright tee shirt over his head and then his patterned windbreaker.  He had even been growing his hair out so he could dye the ends blonde and style it like Zack. Derek knew that Stiles look this seriously for some stupid reason he couldn’t comprehend. 

“Come on Derek, you’re going to look amazing in it,” Stiles said, stepping closer and running his fingers through Derek’s exposed chest hair, “Really sexy.”

Derek rolled his eyes, but he picked up the maroon wrestling uniform and pulled it on over his jockstrap, “You owe me big time for this.”

“I will pay you back in sexual favors,” Stiles said, running his eyes up from Derek’s muscular legs to his bulge, “All the sexual favors you could ever want.”

The Bayside High School logo was pulled tight over Derek’s broad chest, his nipples exposed on either side, “I look incredibly stupid.”

“Well that’s because you haven’t put on your super awesome white high top sneakers yet,” Stiles said with a wide smile, “We’re going to look great.”

“You look perfect,” Derek muttered, grabbing Stiles by the windbreaker and pulling him flush against him, “You should know that the only reason I’m doing this is because I love you.”

“I know,” Stiles said, kissing Derek on his cheek shaven cheek, “I love you too.”

“Let’s get this over with,” Derek said, kissing Stiles once on the lips before they headed out of apartment and over to Scott and Kira’s apartment. 

When they got their Derek discovered that there was a prize for best costume and best couples costume. He and Stiles won. He still didn’t think it was worth the wedgie he had most of the night, but the look on Stiles face made the whole affair worth it. 

Drabble Prompts


anonymous asked:

So I just needed to share this idea I had with someone creative and so: Karate Instructor Derek. Like the pack don't know his day job and they follow him one day and they see their grump alpha helping 8 year olds break boards with the biggest smile and Stiles just melts and yeah

Can you just imagine though????

He probably brings them all treats for after class, and I’m not talking about sweets or candy but actual prizes. He prints out certificates and when someone does something well or manages to do something they couldn’t before he writes it down on the certificate and makes sure to give it to them at the end of the day and tell them what a good job they did. 

For the kids who tried really hard but couldn’t manage to do the stuff, he always makes certain to high five them and tell how awesome they are doing if they’re sad - which naturally Derek can sense with his wolfy nose - and lets them choose a prize from ‘Mr Hale’s Goodie Bag’.

When little Jack from his teeny bopper class shyly confesses he has a crush on him Derek smiles and in the nicest way tells Jack he’s maybe just a little too old for him but he’s glad Jack told him and that liking other boys is always okay and he can always come and talk to Derek about anything. 

When Lacy from his slightly older class comes in one day and tells Derek the only reason she’s there is because her parents work until late and can’t afford a babysitter and she really doesn’t like karate, Derek talks with her parents and tells them Lacy is welcome to come and sit in with him free of charge Monday - Friday. Every day Derek talks to Lacy about the stories she likes to write and starts bringing in gold stars so he can give her one every time she finishes a new story. 

No one ever fights in Derek’s class because Mr Hale’s disappointed face is devastating. No one ever likes to see Mr Hale sad, especially because he doesn’t have a mommy or daddy. They all found this out on Mr Hale’s birthday (because every single one of his classes are really nosy) but they guessed it was okay because he kept getting texts from someone called Mr Stiles all throughout the day and that seemed to make Mr Hale very happy and go all red in the face, like a tomato.

It’s not until Thanksgiving though the pack finds out what Derek does as a day job. A couple of the kids’ parents had to work on the holiday so Derek asked if he might throw them a little dinner. He got a big projector to watch movies on, a turkey and some mac and cheese for Jack who is a vegetarian and really loves pasta. The pack (or should we say Stiles and Erica) are really adamant they can’t have Thanksgiving dinner without Derek, so they track him down and once they do, well…Erica declares she is never going to let Derek live it down because he currently has paint on his face and is in the middle of telling some ridiculous story - complete with funny faces - when Erica and Stiles walk in. 

Stiles, on the other hand, is trying not to freak the fuck out because he just managed to talk himself into finally trying to get over Derek yesterday. So much for that plan, especially when a little girl pulls on Derek’s hand and points at Stiles and whispers (see: stage whispers) it’s the really pretty boy from Derek’s phone he always talks about. “Are you dating Mr Stiles? Are you going to let us meet your boyfriend? Are you going to kiss him at Christmas???”  

All the while Derek is blushing like mad and doing his best not to frown because he loves these kids and he really works hard at keeping a smile on his face for them. 

(Not that he has to try hard for long. Not when Stiles comes over and takes Derek’s hand, waggling his eyebrows, says, “gee, I don’t know, if Mr Hale gives me some pie I could be persuaded to go out with him”. Naturally, the kids all offer Stiles their slice of pie on behalf of Mr Hale because they all want Mr Hale to be really, really happy and have tons of babies and puppies with Mr Stiles because then Mr Hale will be happy always and they’ll all get to hold the babies and pet the puppies and be happy always too.)


A Safe Place (Pack Mom 3) | Derek Hale Imagine ft. Liam Dunbar 

request ; could you write a part 3 to pack mom where the arguments between liam and his parents get worse to point where liam doesn’t want to go home so he spends even more time with the reader so the reader and derek have been talking and say for him to move in with them and the reader continues to care for him like a mother and derek helps him train? AND could you write an imagine where you find out liam’s stepdad has been abusing him (subtly because i know it’s a touchy subject) so she tells him to move in with her and derek. 

word count ; 1449

warnings ; mentions of abuse, mild swearing, and a v angry but still caring pack mother. 

a/n ; the reactions you guys have to these little “Pack Mom” imagines overwhelm me. you guys are fucking awesome. i love you all. tysm for 800! hope you all love this part, too. also, this does have mentions of physical child abuse, it’s a relatively brief mention, but if that makes anyone uncomfortable, you can skip over it or not read this at all. i don’t want anyone to feel upset over something i’ve written, okay? 

There was a distinctly different air about Liam. You couldn’t quite put your finger on it, which irritated you to no end, but you could feel it in your heart that something wasn’t right with him. 

It was nearing one in the morning when you realized that he was still sitting on your couch, a controller in his hand as he concentrated on the game playing on the television. He had asked you yesterday if he was allowed to bring over his xBox so he could teach Derek how to play (which was a sight that you had been extremely entertained by). But Derek had long since given up, throwing the controller to the ground in annoyance because his little werewolf powers weren’t helping him to win. 

That had been another experience that you dearly wished you could have recorded on your phone. He was now sulking in your shared bedroom.

Noticing your presence in the living room for the first time since Derek had stormed out, Liam grinned up at you and paused his game. “Wanna join me for the next game? I hope you don’t start throwing things like your grumpy fiancee in the other room,” Liam joked, knowing full well Derek could hear him from your room, though you knew Derek wouldn’t get too mad at the kid. 

You plopped down next to Liam, joining the game in the hopes of figuring out what was wrong with him. “You know, its getting kind of late. Are you sure your parents don’t mind you being out at this hour? I would be worried, if I were them.” You cast a side glance at him, watching his expression change from cheerful to solemn. 

“Oh…they won’t mind,” he mumbled, focusing on the game rather than your questions. You weren’t dropping the subject, though. Definitely not. 

“Are you sure? I could call them -” He grabbed your arm suddenly, eyes wide as he shook his head back and forth. 

“No! No, please don’t call them. They won’t mind, I swear,” he pleaded, slowly dropping your arm and staring at you so intensely you almost let the subject drop. He clearly didn’t want to talk about it, but there could be something seriously wrong. “They don’t even care,” he added in an attempt to make you leave it alone. But that was what set you off even more. 

“What do you mean they don’t care? Is everything alright at home? You can tell me if something is going on at home, I want to make sure that you’re okay.” He paused the game reluctantly, not quite looking at you. But you have a sincere, tender look in your eyes as you stare at him with concern. 

“Remember the fights I told you we were having? They, um, they’ve been getting a lot worse. A lot,” he admitted, playing with his hands in his lap. “I don’t like going home, if I can even call it that anymore. I hate it there, Y/N. Please, don’t make me go back tonight.” His blue eyes began watering, and he hastily wiped them with the back of his hand, a blush spreading across his cheeks. 

You hugged him, squeezing lightly to show that you’re there, that you won’t make him go back if he didn’t want to. “You can stay here for the night, but you need to go to school in the morning, okay? And, I just need to make sure of one thing.” He pulled away a bit, scrunching his nose in confusion. “They aren’t hurting you, are they, Liam?” He pulled away completely, not looking you in the eye once again, which sent you into a frantic panic mode. “Liam Dunbar,” you said, your voice dangerously low and actually scary. You were never, ever scary. “Tell me that nobody in your house is hurting you, right now.” 

“My - my mom isn’t,” he said quietly. “And, and my stepdad…well, it’s not even that bad and the bruises heal really quickly, because of the werewolf thing, and it doesn’t even hurt.” 

You abruptly stand up, your heart pounding in your chest and all the air sucked right out of your chest. You can barely breathe, you’re seething with so much rage that you can barely even think straight. Your hands are shaking as you leave the room, Liam sinking back into the couch with a defeated sigh. 

You marched straight into your room, ignoring Derek, who was sitting up against the headboard of your bed and reading. He looked up at you as you walked in, about to say something when he smelled the pure and uncontrollable fury that was masking your usually sweet scent. You threw open your closet door, anxiously rummaging through everything on the bottom two shelves. 

“Derek,” you called out, trying to settle your wavering voice. “Where’s the baseball bat Stiles bought me for my last birthday? It’s not in here and I have some serious business to attend to with it.” 

“Oh, you mean this one?” You turned around to see Derek smiling sarcastically at you, the bat dangling in his hand. 

“Yes, give that to me,” you lunged for it, but Derek was too quick, actually tossing it out of your open window, sending it spiraling to the ground two stories below you. “I cannot believe you just did that! I have some major ass kicking to do tonight and it requires that bat!” 

“Y/N, my darling, I love you very much, but I am not letting you go out and start hitting people with a baseball bat. In fact, I’m going to have a stern talk with Stiles about why you aren’t to be trusted with weapons.” 

“You don’t understand!” You insisted. “His stepdad is abusing him! I am not letting that sick bastard get away with abusing my - well, my Liam. He is not theirs! And he is not going back there ever again.” Derek sat you down on the bed, placing an arm around your shoulders and rubbing your back with his hand as you attempted to compose yourself. You sniffed, holding back your tears. “He doesn’t feel safe there. I don’t want him going back to a place he doesn’t even call home. He should feel safe when he goes to sleep at night.” 

“He feels safe here,” Derek pointed out. “And he calls this formerly dumpy place home now, even if he doesn’t admit it. He’s over here all the time, he comes to you when he’s having trouble with something. He practically lives here already, why don’t we just make it official?” 

You hugged Derek so tightly you almost knocked the wind out of him, pressing your face into his shoulder and mumbling a million thank yous into the fabric of his shirt. When you lift your head, your face was red and tear-stained. “How are we going to get him away from them? I don’t think they’re going to want to just give him up, not without a fight.” 

Derek smiled at you, making his eyes glow for just a moment. “I can be pretty persuasive.” 

“I love you so much,” you said, stroking his stubbled jaw with your hand. Placing a kiss on his lips, you stood up, rushing out of the room to tell Liam.

You walked in on your two boys starting yet another round of training, Derek sweaty but not yet out of breath, Liam completely winded. 

“One more round?” Derek asked, wanting to make sure the boy was okay with going at it again. He was getting really good at controlling the shift, at being a werewolf with the control he always desired. 

Before Liam could agree, you stepped in. “I think that’s enough training for now, hm?” Liam silently thanks you with his eyes, grabbing a towel and wiping his sweaty face. “Anyways, the last of your stuff is here. Your room is all set up now.” 

“Seriously? Thank you so much!” His voice laced with excitement, he rushed out of the designated training room to go see the room that was going to be his as long as he wanted it to be. You and Derek followed him out, Derek’s arm wrapping around your waist as he pressed a kiss to the side of your head. He cared about Liam, a lot more than he actually let on. 

You entered Liam’s room, where he was standing in the middle of it and looking all around with clear happiness written in his expression. “You okay, sweetheart?” You asked, smiling softly at the back of his head. 

He turned around, smiling brighter than you had ever seen him before. “Yeah, everything’s okay now.” 


Gif source:  Peter  |  Balthazar ((Merged))

Imagine being friends with the pack and Peter is flirting with you one day and you can’t help but giggle at his efforts and when someone asks you why you’re okay with it you say he reminds you of your old friend Balthazar and mistakingly say his full name, causing said angel to appear in the room, leaving you to explain the sudden appearance.

——— Request for anon ———

“Why do you put up with that?” Lydia asks, pursing her lips in distaste as Peter gets called over by Derek, forcing him from where he’d been avidly flirting with you.

“He reminds me of someone,” you chuckle, getting a curious look from your friend that has you elaborating before you thought the better of it. “My old friend, Balthazar.”

There’s a flutter of wings before you can realize you’d even said the angel’s whole name, and suddenly he’s standing before you with that familiar smirk, “To what do I owe the pleasure of your call?”

“What the hell?” Stiles jumps from where he’d been standing, startled by the sudden appearance more than the rest of the pack had been, however the others were all looking on with wide eyes.

Derek takes a step forward with a defensive growl before you even have a chance to call them all off, “Who are you?”

“Woah, woah, guys,” you plant yourself between your friends. “Sorry, let me explain!”

I hate that MTV never plays old episodes of Teen Wolf.

Like, if this is one of your best rated dramas then why wouldn’t you have marathons so other people can watch it?

I want to be able to turn on my TV and scroll through channels and just watch Teen Wolf during off seasons.

Anonymous said: Could you please do a dating Derek Hale would include? Sorry if you’ve already done one I couldn’t find it

A/N: Yes of course I shall! I haven’t done this one, done a best friend one for Derek. If I ever make an imagine, after I always put it in my masterlist under the character it’s for. So you can find my imagines in my master list. If anyone wants a link to it because they can’t find it and are on the app, just let me know. Other wise, if you’re on a computer and on my blog just go on ‘my links’ and you’ll find my master list there.

Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Dating Derek Hale would include:

- You scolding Derek whenever he scares Stiles.

- Supporting Derek no matter what.

- Hot sex everywhere.


- Derek being extremely protective of you.

- You getting extremely protective over Derek.

- Derek getting jealous all of the time.

- “Are you jealous?

- “Yes.”

- “Well at least you’re not beating around the bush about it…

- You getting jealous whenever girls flirt with Derek.

- “Are you jealous, (Y/N)?

- “NO!

- “Your heart rate picked up there. Are you sure you’re not lying?”

- “No?

- “You little liar.

- “Did you really have to punch him Derek?

- “Yes.

- “Okay, so still no beating around the bush.

- “He was looking at your ass. There. Is that reason enough?

- “In your books, yes, but in mine, not really.

- Derek glaring at you whenever you annoy him or say something dumb.

- You sticking your tongue out at him like you’re five because why the hell not?

- Dating the hottest werewolf in existence.

- Realising his family’s pretty much psycho.

- “Okay so your family, - apart from Cora-, is filled with psycho’s like Peter?

- “Pretty much.

- “And you’re all pretty much brooding and pessimistic?

- “Yup.

- “There is so much hope for our children…

- “Children?

- You blurting out things that you think you say in your mind but you actually say out loud.

- “Uh I guess so?

- “You really are serious about us? You want kids with me?

- “Probably. I don’t know?

- “Probably?

- Derek teasing you whenever you say something out loud you didn’t mean to.

- “Shut up okay?

- “Why? It’s cute.

- “No it’s not! That was meant to be said in my head not out loud.

- “Well you didn’t and now I’m curious.

- You automatically hating Peter and asking him random questions to annoy him.

- “Peter, do you tango?

- Derek gives you a weird look along with everyone else in the room.

- “Why?

- “You’re got one of those beefy tango dudes chests. I don’t know, you look like a dude that tango’s. So is that a yes or a no?

- “It’s a shut up before Derek get’s jealous and slashes my throat again.

- You instantly loving Cora and helping her out.

- Dealing with Derek always pushing you away and saying something about it.

- “I don’t get why you keep pushing me away when I can clearly help!

- “You can’t help!

- “And why not?

- “Because you’ll only get in the way!

- Derek saying things that hurt you but he doesn’t mean to hurt you.

- You storming off and not talking to him for a week.

- Hot make up sex.

- Angry sex.

- You not returning Derek’s phone calls, which makes him worry and he sneaks into your house and waits for you.

- You turning on the lights after getting home and practically shitting your pants seeing Derek.


- Derek laughing because of your reaction but composing himself.

- “You didn’t answer my phone calls all week, I needed to know if you were okay.

- “So now you pick the time to care about me?

- “What’s that supposed to mean?

- More angry make up sex.

- Derek telling you things that he has never told anyone else.

“I love you so much. You’re the most important person in my life and I don’t know what I would do if I lost you, and that’s why I never let you get involved in any dangerous conflicts.”

- Derek comforting you whenever you’re upset or after you had a nightmare and sucks at it because he’s never had to do that before.

- “I’m here with you, nothing can get you.

- You two always teasing each other and being playful.

- “You’re an idiot, Derek.

- “How am I an idiot?

- “You just are.

- Derek never liking or trusting any of your friends.

 - “Why don’t you like them?

- “They’re no good for you.

- “Why?

- “Just trust me okay? I know what’s good for you.

- “Oh! You do, do you?

- “Yes!

- “You’re an ass.

- “Tell me something that I don’t already know.

- Derek not really saying ‘I love you’, because it’s Derek, but instead he says it in other ways.

- “You okay?

- “You’re okay, right?

- “I care about you and want you to always be safe.

- “Don’t run off like that again.

- “Call me when you get home safely. I want to know that you’re safe.

- “Stay by my side and don’t move a muscle from me.

- “Stay here and don’t leave until I get back.

- “I’d die for you.

- Derek learning how to say “I LOVE YOU.

- Punching Derek when he get’s annoying. Not maliciously but because of banter and all that.

- “I’m going to proceed in punching you now, Derek.

- “Try it all you want sunshine.

- “Sunshine?

 “Yes, have a problem with that?

- “Oh! You’re so getting punched now!

- Derek easily catching your fist and bringing you close and sweeping you off of your feet.


- Derek being a bad cook.

- “I’m not eating that!

- “And why not?”

- It’ll give me food poison or something! Maybe even the shits.”

- “The shits? Really, (Y/N)? How old are you now?

- “Hey! Don’t question my maturity, the shits are a serious deal for humans. I don’t know about werewolves, but it get’s really messy back there.

- “That’s disgusting.

- “Yeah, well don’t give me the shits then.

- Questioning why you love Derek half of the time.

- “Why do I even love you again?

- “Because I’m awesome.

- “Don’t flatter yourself, sour wolf.

- Derek giving you the expression that says “really?” whenever you call him sour wolf.

- “Easy does it, sour wolf. Don’t want to get worry lines do we?

- Derek laughing sarcastically before glaring at you.

- “Enough with the glares, sour wolf.

- “Call me sour wolf again-

- “Or what? You’ll punish me?

- “Maybe.

- Derek smirking whenever he thinks of you sexually.

- Derek looking at your butt when you walk in front of him.

- “Eyes on the back of my head or else!

- “But it’s a great view, (Y/N). It’d be a shame for it to go to waste.

- “Your flattering will get you nowhere! But thank you.

- Derek practically breaking people in half when they hurt you.

- “Put the poor boy down, Derek!

- “Why?

- “This isn’t the answer. You’ve made him crap himself basically. I think that’s enough.

- “Fine.

- Driving Derek’s car, even if he doesn’t want you to.

- Derek supporting you, but when he doesn’t like the idea he doesn’t.

- “Well that’s too bad, Derek. I’m doing it anyway.

- “Oh really?

- “Yes.

- Doing anything for each other.

- “That’s my boyfriend!

- You surprising Derek by getting tough and badass.

- “That’s my girl!

- Thinking Derek’s the sexiest werewolf in the world, which is pretty much true.

- Derek not being able to take his eyes off of you.

- Derek hating everyone apart from you.

- “I love youuuuu!

- “I love you too, (Y/N). But did you really have to scream that in my ear?

- “Yes.

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