getting over derek


If I go back, it’s not for Beacon Hills.

In case ya’ll don’t already know, I feel obligated to tell you that Anya has to literally stand on a box to effectively kiss Dmitry in the Anastasia Broadway musical and it’s honestly too adorable for words.

    I would rather be at home all by myself not in this room
   With people who don’t even care about my well-being
  I don’t dance, don’t ask, I don’t need a boyfriend
So you can go back, please enjoy your party.



Dylan: [Derek] makes him realize that this world they’re about to enter is a dangerous place. Especially for a human. (talking to Hoechlin) I feel like that’s mostly why you’re disgrunted with me. You’re just protecting me. You’re just scared for my life. He’s got grumpy ways of going about it but I can see right through him! Big cuddly bear.


[7284w | Teen]

When Stiles moves back to Beacon Hills after college, he pretty much immediately decides to convince Derek Hale to date him.

Unfortunately for him, it seems as though they’re not on the same page. Like, Derek thinks Stiles hates him (and apparently, so does everybody else). And surprisingly, none of Stiles SUPER ROMANTIC (screw you, Scott) plans to woo Derek seem to be working. Probably because Derek still thinks Stiles is making fun of him. Or something.

But Stiles is nothing if not stubborn. He’s going to win Derek over. No matter what.

His 10 point lists are definitely going to help (no matter what Lydia says).

Note: This is a wonderful read with characterisations I don’t think I’ve come across before where, as the author describes it, “picture Stiles thinking they’re season 1 Sterek, while Derek has actually retained his maturation trajectory”. I spent most of it half cringing/half almost-laughing thinking “GDI STILES!”, though the dream sequence cuts particularly deep but is fantastically written and really feels like a blow to the stomach. All the blankets and cuddles for Derek!

This fic was sent in by an anon requesting fics similar to it. These might not be exactly what they’re looking for, but here! (I’ve tried to put them in order of relevance…)

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Teen Wolf drinking game

Watch Season 1 and take a shot every time Scott says ‘Allison’ in a worried voice.
First to die of alcohol poisoning loses.

Being Stiles Stilinski’s kid sibling and Derek Hale making it his job to look after you

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 -Him literally rolling his eyes when you tag along with, as Jackson so kindly put them, testicle one and two.

 -The first time he hears you speak is you yelling at your brother for doing something stupid, he ends up agreeing with you.

 -He ends up babysitting you a couple times which at first pissed him off, then eventually he became less irked by your presence.

 -Him rolling his eyes every time you refer to him as ‘Sour Wolf’, calling you ‘Little Stiles’ which pisses you off just as much.

 -”God can’t you not be such a Sour Wolf” He turns and raises an eyebrow “Do you ever stop talking Little Stiles”

 -Getting into trouble with your brother and his best friend only for Derek to come and drag you all out, you being confused as to how he always finds you all.

 -”How the hell do you always manage to find us?” “I have my ways Stilinski”

 -Whenever there is a new possible threat he comes and picks you up at school, again thinking Stiles is too incompetent to safely pick you up. 

 -Him dropping you off for Stiles sometimes because your brother and Scott tend to attract danger like shit attracts flies. 

 -Constantly trying to tell him he doesn’t have to do these things and he only gives you limited responses

 -”Hale you don’t have to breathe down my neck twenty-four seven” He huffs “Yes I do Stilinski”

 -Not being on a first name basis until he forms a pack and you practically become one of them, Erika not liking you at first and Derek using that for comedic purposes.

 -”Hey Derek why is she looking at me like she’s going to eat me?” He smiles “Cause she probably wants to eat you Y/n” You gape “That doesn’t help Derek”

 -Eventually becoming friends with Erika, after she gets over the fact Derek cares about you for different reasons and you aren't ‘taking’ him from her.

 -After you two get closer you start calling each other nicknames, some annoy each other (Der Bear and Sweetie) but others were tolerable (Pipsqueak and Giant) 

 -Him ignoring your complaints about how tall he is, rolling his eyes at them and chuckling before commenting that you’re still growing.

 -”Why are you so freaking gigantic!” “I’m not gigantic, you’re just small” “I’m n-” “Don’t have a brain aneurism, you’re still growing pipsqueak”

 -Him reluctantly letting you wear his leather jacket when you’re cold, you relishing it and take multiple photos of yourself in it so you have proof for when people don’t believe you. 

 -You coming to him with certain problems, such as bullies low grades etc., that you don’t really like to go to your brother about.

 -Keeping him from killing anyone who hurts or looks at you in the wrong way 

 -”Who the hell do they think they are!? I’m going to kill them!” “No you aren't” “But” “Just no you insane giant” 

 -Always knowing what he’s going to say when you annoy him, beating him to it

 -”If you keep on repeating that word I’m go-” “Going to rip my throat out with my teeth, I know” 

 -Him treating you like a little sister and you treating him like a brother, loving one another equally despite the arguments you have.

 -Being very patient when he’s turned into a kid again, though you wanted to hurt him half of the time you didn’t.

 -”So are you like….my girlfriend?” “Oh My God No Change Him Back Now!”

 -Never forgetting each other despite the problems beacon hills throws at you.

Derek Hale As A Father


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A/N: This is not proof read
         This is based on a very weird dream that I had 😂
         And can we talk about Nolan? I know he’s a lil bit of a psycopath but those nose freckles are so cute and I can’t really hate him props to Froy Gutierrez for the amazing acting skills

Pregnancy and going into labor

  • When you tell him he’s scared at first thinking that he’s not ready for a child. What if he’s not good enough? What if something happens to him and the child has to grow up without a dad? What if they make your child a target because of him?
  • But after you assured him like two hundred times that he’s going to be a great dad and nothing is going to happen because the pack is there to protect the child and he accepts the idea
  • He actually gets really happy, he smiles and laughs
  • And fuck what a sight
  • You go to the doctors right away to see if everything is okay
  • The pack is thrilled
  • Lydia starts to plan shopping sprees for the baby
  • He growls at everyone who is too close to you
  • You can’t even lift a finger, he does everything
  • It gets kind of annoying because pregnancy is not a disease
  • “I don’t see the point of having a baby shower…”
  • “Because it’s fun. C’mon Derek don’t be such a sour wolf”
  • “Then why is he here?”
  • “Peter is your uncle.”
  • You guys don’t want to know the gender of your baby, you want it to be a surprise
  • The pack places bets
  • Scott, Lydia and Mason bet on girl
  • Malia, Liam and Stiles bet on boy
  • “Are you betting on my child?”
  • He doesn’t really know what to do about your mood swings but he tries his best
  • Like he’s really confused
  • One minute you’re angry, the other you’re crying and then you start laughing
  • He gets disgusted af with your cravings
  • Bc let’s be honest you wouldn’t eat that shit unless your hormones were all crazy
  • Which they are
  • But if you’re craving ice cream at 2am and it’s raining cats and dogs Derek still goes out to buy you ice cream
  • If you take up the whole bed, it’s fine he sleeps on the couch he doesn’t mind
  • Foot rubs
  • Back rubs
  • Wearing his shirts because you’re clothes are starting to get tight
  • Peter is not allowed to be alone in a room with you
  • “Derek do we have Nutella?”
  • “No, (Y/N) the book I read says that you should eat fruit. Do you want an orange?”
  • “Derek, which one of us is going to have to give birth to a werewolf baby? It’s me, I don’t want any goddamn oranges I want Nutella!”
  • Late night talks about your baby’s future
  • Derek talks to your belly when he thinks you’re asleep
  • “I don’t know if you can hear me but I just want you to know that I’ll always be here for you. No matter what”
  • He carries you everywhere
  • The smile that lights up his face when the baby kicks for the first time
  • But then it gets painful
  • “Derek tell your child to stop kicking me, I can’t sleep”
  • Whenever you feel insecure he reassures you that you’re still beautiful
  • Having the pack over a lot
  • Everyone is always listening to yours and the baby’s hearthbeat just in case
  • Painting the baby’s room together
  • Which ends up with you two painting each other instead of the walls
  • Your waters break in the middle of the night
  • You try not to freak out as you wake up Derek and tell him that the baby is coming
  • He is  f r e a k i n g  o u t  but he tries to stay calm because of you
  • You guys are quick to leave the loft and drive to the hospital
  • When you get there you realize that you don’t have your maternity bag
  • Derek wants to go back to get the but you want him to stay
  • And although  it’s 3am and he still calls Scott to get the bag from the loft
  • Contractions are a bitch
  • Especially with a baby werewolf
  • You have to wait a few hours before you start pushing
  • You only start pushing at dawn
  • Derek is by your side holding your hand and lowkey taking your pain away without the doctors seeing it
  • Forget the pain of contractions
  • Pushing is worse
  • Even with Derek taking your pain it still hurts
  • You cuss him out while your pushing
  • He just agrees because what else can he do?
  • But everyone knows that’s a lie because the baby making process is really fun especially when it’s with Derek Hale am I right?
  • Finally after three hours of pushing you finally hear a tiny cry
  • And all those hours of pain are worth it
  • Derek kisses you happily as he mumbles how much he loves you
  • The first time he held your baby he cried
  • Then you cried
  • Everyone cried

If it was a boy

  • Okay I can’t get over the fact that Derek would buy a leather jacket to match his own
  • Stuffed wolves because you’re that cliche
  • He’s the one who gets up in the middle of the night when the baby cries
  • As soon as your son starts to crawl he just leaves the room so quickly that Derek panics for a few seconds before he hears a giggle in the other room
  • And he starts doing it on purpose
  • He takes after Derek
  • Basically you have a tiny version of Derek walking around
  • Big green eyes just like his father
  • And as soon as he can walk, your son just walks away from you like he doesn’t know you
  • He likes picking on Stiles too
  • He bites him, drools on him and the lil shit still laughs
  • Derek is sooooo proud
  • That little frown when someone picks him up after he walks away
  • He eats a lot
  • The only thing he takes after you is your clumsiness
  • He bumps into everything
  • He trips over nothing
  • His first word is “no”
  • He said after Stiles told him to stop biting him
  • Derek teaches your son how to play basketball
  • “Derek why are you taking him to the woods?”
  • “Because he needs to learn”
  • “Derek, he’s two”
  • Sometimes you walk in on them sleeping, your son curled up on Derek’s chest
  • Your son is very sarcastic at an early age
  • “Stiles is a bad influence on him, (Y/N)”
  • “He learned it from you Derek”
  • They team up to prank you
  • Crying on the first day of school
  • Derek cries, you don’t
  • You help him with his homework
  • As a girl you teach him how to treat a girl’s heart
  • Or a boy’s heart
  • Really you don’t really care as long as your son his happy
  • You accept whatever career he chooses because you just want him to do what he likes
  • “Dad, stop I’m 17”

 If it was a girl 

  • She cries a lot as a baby
  • Derek found out the only way for her to stop crying is when he flashes his blue orbs at her
  • Her favorite uncle is Scott
  • Probably it was because of the red eyes
  • Werewolf things you know? Can’t relate to that
  • When she starts to crawl she hides
  • And she’s tiny so she fits everywhere
  • It’s hard to find her sometimes
  • Lowkey Derek is proud because as a werewolf if she can hide she’ll be fine
  • It takes her a while to start walking but when she does she never wants to sit still
  • She loves when Derek holds her tiny hands to help her up
  • Her first word is “Lucky” the name of your dog
  • Actually it was more like “Wucky” And she’d have Derek wrapped around her little finger
  • Whatever she wanted, he’d give it to her
  • “Derek you’re spoiling her”
  • “No, I’m not” *silence* “Okay maybe I am but I can’t say no to her”
  • Play dates would include Scott and Derek sitting on her bedroom floor with tiaras and tutus sipping tea
  • Also you and Stiles by the door laughing your asses off
  • If she wanted to do Derek’s make up, you can bet that Derek is going to have lipstick on his teeth and eyeshadow up to his forehead
  • Maybe a sticker or two on his forehead
  • “How do I look?”
  • “You look gorgeous hun”
  • Since she couldn’t braid their hairs, she’d try to braid yours or Lydia’s
  • But that wouldn’t stop her from doing weird ponytails on them
  • Then she’d take advantage of Liam when he grew his hair a bit
  • I feel like Derek would raise is daughter to be a badass
  • And she doesn’t take shit from anyone
  • She’s a Hale, she was born done with everybody’s shit
  • She has the same scowl as Derek
  • Overprotective Derek when she’s old enough to date
  • But she knows what she’s doing
  • How many times have you opened the door to a teenage boy with flowers?
  • a lot
  • Derek’s overprotectiveness gets a little too much
  • “She’s kissing him outside on the front porch!”
  • “Derek, she’s 23 she can do what she wants!”
scarred hands (but whole hearts)

DexNursey 1.4k H/C I guess? Who knows. Have this thing

The hands are scarred.

(The hands are always scarred, this is hockey there are scars everywhere, Derek, get over yourself-)

The hands are scarred. Will’s hands, not the, he has a name even though, Derek thinks, he’s fully intent on making Derek forget that, and Derek’s own, and everything else but the feel of his knuckles as they drag across cheekbone. Derek’s fucked.

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