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If London was a person, what would she be like?

I love this question.

To me, London is exciting, London wears what she wants, when she wants it. She accepts everyone regardless of who they are or what they look like, and she’s safe in the most adventurous of ways, and adventurous in the safest of ways. She makes you feel like you could do anything, without it being scary or overwhelming, and she doesn’t push you out of your comfort zone, but she makes you want to get out of it on your own. She’s the kind of person that stories are written about, who endless people get inspired by, and not in a cliche way - in her own, unique way. Everyone looks at her differently, if everyone wrote a story about her, every single one would be different but beautiful, and she means a great deal to a lot of people in a lot of different ways. 

London is adventure, and she’s comfort, and she’s knowing that no matter what, there will be something good on the horizon always. She’s light in the darkness, hope when you feel lost. She’s drinks at nights in your favourite place. London is the kind of person everyone would want to be friends with, but no one resents. 

She’d be lovely.

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I'm massively procrastinating on texting a guy. I like him but my anxiety is the worst

What’s the worst that could happen? Either he’s not interested and he doesn’t reply… or he is. You can make a new friend, get out of your comfort zone.

I know it’s easy for me to talk and that anxiety is crippling sometimes and it’s not that easy to say “what’s the worst that could happen”. But maybe give it a try anyway? :)

Hugs! <3

Confess something to me :)

Okay but imagine Yuuri retires from competitive figure skating at 27, and he decides to go back to college to become a teacher.

So this boy walks into class sporting the just-rolled-out-of-bed look with the sex hair and the big comfy sweater and the starbucks cup in one hand.

And you know, he’s enjoying his life, he makes friends in his program and on the weekends he helps his husband teach cute little kids how to skate and they have this cozy little house together in a nice neighbourhood. He probably has girls and guys falling for him left and right.

And then one day, Yuuri’s out with his friends, and they’re at a cafe or something.

And a group of girls comes up to them, and they’re all blushing and nudging each other saying “You talk first!”.

So Yuuri just turns this absolutely blinding smile on them and asks, “Autographs?”

The girls squeak, and nod furiously.

“Sure!” he says, reaching out for the notebooks they’re holding out for him to sign.

And about ten minutes later, after several selfies and autographs and a lot of gushing and squealing and “Please let Viktor know we’re looking forward to Yuratchka’s upcoming season,” the girls leave.

So Yuuri turns back to his friends, and they’re all just staring at him with wide eyes and gaping mouths.

Yuuri kinda wonders if there’s something on his face.

The first thing that comes out of anyone’s mouths is, “…who’s Viktor?”

And Yuuri’s kinda confused as he replies, “….my husband?”

“YOU’RE MARRIED!?!?!?!?” his friends all shriek.

Yuuri looks down at his hand to make sure his ring is still there. “Yeah?” he says, holding his hand up.

“I thought that was just a fashion statement!” one of the girls exclaims.

“Why did they want your autograph though?” asks another of his friends, and Yuuri just looks away sheepishly.

“I’m…uh….a retired competitive figure skater?” he asks, his voice going higher with embarrassment. “And I…uh…got 2 golds in the Grand Prix…and 2 golds in Worlds….and maybe a silver in Pyeongchang?”

His voice gets progressively quieter as his face gets even redder.

His friends are staring at him in horror and shocked disbelief now.

And he thinks he might as well get it all out now.

“And…my husband might be the most decorated athlete in figure skating history?”

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♡ relationship dynamics in astrology ♡

Astrology can show some insight on your relationship dynamics with others. The relationships described can either be platonic or romantic, since both types of relationships can run deeply between two people. Be sure to look at other elements of your chart, for this post illustrates the connections between the 7th House and 8th House. If you would like to check your relationships with lovers, check the 5th House. if you would like to check your relationship with friends, check the 11th House. You can gain a further understanding of your relationships with others when you are able to piece these areas together.

If you have two signs ruling the 7th and 8th House, you may find that you can’t disconnect your intimate needs from your one-on-one interactions. This may prove to be very difficult since it is hard to achieve intimacy with another person right away. With that in mind, there is a struggle in maintaining a functional relationship dynamic.

If you have your 7th House intercepted, you can struggle to start one-on-one interactions easily. What you ideally want in your one-on-one interactions can be unstable. If you have your 8th House intercepted, you can struggle to have intimate relationships with others.

7th House ruled by Aries//8th House ruled by Taurus: Your one-on-one interactions with others are generally very passionate and fun. There can be a lot of arguments and fun debates with who you talk to. There is a focus on keeping the relationship spicy, dynamic, and relevant to you. However, with your relationships, you intimately need stability and calmness if you want your relationships to be significant to you. People can leave you once you try to calm down the fiery dynamic of your relationship or can stay to stabilize your relationship with them. People may also try to leave you if you aren’t able to settle down the passion in your relationship and calm the the relationship dynamic down.

7th House ruled by Taurus//8th ruled by Gemini: Your one-on-one interactions with others are generally very slow-paced and steady. There are rarely arguments, and if there are any, they are eliminated immediately to keep things calm. There is a focus on comfort, and you like to keep your relationships in the comfort zone. However, with your relationships, you intimately need constant communication and change if you want your relationships to be significant to you. People can leave you once you try to get out of the comfort zone and communicate more or can stay in your relationship and keep a intelligent conversation. People may also try to leave you if you aren’t able to get out of your comfort zone and open your mind to different opinions.

7th House ruled by Gemini//8th ruled by Cancer: Your one-on-one interactions with others are generally very talkative, intelligent, and fun. There’s a lot of logical communication and learning, and you try your best to keep your emotions out of sight with others. There is a focus on talking and having fun. However, with your relationships, you intimately need a deep, nurturing emotional connections if you want your relationships to be significant to you. People can leave you once you try to move past the logic and delve into their emotions or stay to emotionally understand you. People may also try to leave you if you aren’t able to take their emotions into account and to see that logic doesn’t give you the whole picture.

7th House ruled by Cancer//8th ruled by Leo: Your one-on-one interactions with others are generally very nurturing, emotional, and soft. You are able to express yourself emotionally with others, and you like to focus and help others emotionally. There is a focus on feeling good and gentle with each other. However, with your relationships, you intimately need to feel that you are important and to be validated for your talents if you want your relationship to be significant to you. People can leave you once you try to make yourself feel recognized or stay to validate you for what you do. People may also try to leave you if you don’t directly work to get validation for your talents, because usually, you may try to get such validation passive-aggressively.

7th House ruled by Leo//8th ruled by Virgo: Your one-on-one interactions with others are often fun, creative, and spontaneous. You are able to have fun and be spontaneous with others, and you like to focus on creatively empowering yourself and the people you interact with. There is a focus on yourself. However, with your relationships, you intimately need to realize that instead of solely serving yourself, you need to serve others if you want any of your relationships to be significant. People can leave you once you try to get past your creative endeavors or stay to keep you aligned. People may also leave you if you refuse to acknowledge others and fail to realize that a relationship does not revolve around you.

7th House ruled by Virgo//8th ruled by Libra: Your one-on-one interactions with others are often meticulous, intelligent, and dynamic. You are able to have a nice, comfortable routine with others, and you like to plan and organize the dynamic of your relationships. There is a focus on being punctual and detailed in your one-on-one interactions. However, with your relationships, you intimately need to see the beautiful, rather than efficient way of life if you want your relationships to be significant to you. You may feel unloved or unattractive in your relationships. People may leave you once you try to loosen up and have fun or stay to let you indulge and please you. People may also leave if you refuse to relax and fail to slow down and see the beauty of the world.

7th House ruled by Libra//8th ruled by Scorpio: Your one-on-one interactions with others tend to be very social, charming, and equal. You are able to have a nice, balanced relationship with others, and you like to compromise and please others. There is a focus on keeping things peaceful. However, with your relationships, you intimately need to realize that peace doesn’t last forever and that conflict will inevitably occur if you want your relationships to be significant to you. People may leave you once you openly express your discontent or say to make your relationship stronger due to resolved conflict. People may also leave if you choose to stay passive-aggressive, actively trying to keep your relationship peaceful, but also shallow.

7th House ruled by Scorpio//8th ruled by Sagittarius: Your one-on-one interactions with others tend to be very intimate, deep, and secretive. You are able to have a deep, transformative relationship with others and you like to intimately know others. There is a focus of knowing everything about someone. However, with your relationships, you intimately need to keep your relationships fun, adventurous, and lightly mysterious to you if you want your relationships to be significant to you. People may leave you once you try to lighten up your relationship or stay to keep your relationship fun and light-hearted. People may also leave if you choose to keep your relationship heavy and dark with a pessimistic, suffocating dynamic.

7th House ruled by Sagittarius//8th House ruled by Capricorn: Your one-on-one interactions with others tend to be very fun, adventurous, and light-hearted. You are able to have a humorous, not-so-serious relationship with others and you like to escape responsibilities. There is a focus on not worrying and just having fun. However, with your relationships, you intimately need to implement responsibility and practicality if you want your relationships to be practical to you. People may leave you once you try to take the fun out of your relationships or stay to keep you responsible and grounded. People may also leave if you choose to run away from your problems and responsibilities, ultimately making you an individual that is irresponsible and potentially harmful to others.

7th House ruled by Capricorn//8th House ruled by Aquarius: Your one-on-one interactions with others tend to be very serious, practical and perhaps productive. You are able to have a functional relationships with others and you like to keep your relationships under control. There is a focus on keeping things in line. However, with your relationships, you intimately need to accept sudden changes and excitement if you want your relationships to be significant to you. People may leave you once you try to make your relationships more unpredictable or stay to keep the relationship dynamic exciting. People may also leave if you choose to restrict your relationships to be boring, static, and strongly restricted due to your fear of change.

7th House ruled by Aquarius//8th House ruled by Pisces: Your one-on-one interactions with others tend to be very quirky, weird, and exciting. You are able to have dynamic, unpredictable relationships with others and you like to keep your relationships different and interesting. There is a focus on variety, rationality, and logic. However, with your relationships, you intimately need to be irrationally compassionate with others if you want your relationships to be significant to you. People may leave once you try to become subconsciously and deeply close or stay to establish a truly compassionate relationship with you. People may also leave if you refuse to be to irrational to help others, for refusing can lead to an awkward detachment to others.

7th House ruled by Pisces//8th House ruled by Aries: Your one-on-one interactions with others tend to be very compassionate, creative, and dreamy. You are able to have kind, gently relationships with others and you like to keep your relationships relaxing. There is a focus on keeping things easygoing. However, with your relationships, you intimately need things to be straightforward, direct, and conflicting if you want your relationships to be significant to you. People may leave once you try to start needed arguments or stay to strengthen your relationships through helpful confrontations. People may also leave if you refuse to be clear, for being unclear can result in a lot of confusion and passive-aggression between each other.

15 tips for traveling alone

I recently returned from a four-month trip around Europe. I backpacked to Spain, Portugal, Italy, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Germany, Norway and The Netherlands, sometimes with my best friend, sometimes with new friends, and sometimes all alone. 

Travelling alone was one of the best experiences of my life. You’ll surprise yourself with your keen intuition, your ability to cope with a new language, your friend-making skills, your geographical bearings and overall just how much you enjoy doing whatever you want, whenever you want - from eating whenever, going wherever and doing whatever you feel like doing. Sometimes I had gelato for breakfast, once I spent six hours in a museum, a few times I slept til midday, I went to a music festival solo and I swam in the ocean morning, noon and dusk. 

But travelling alone can also be problematic and lonely if you’re not properly prepared. Here’s some easy tips that really enriched my experience travelling alone. 

1. Laptop smart
Not only is it exceedingly hard to navigate foreign transport sites from a phone, my laptop proved really valuable to me when I needed precious downtime, which was about once a week. I loaded up a portable hard drive with movies and boxsets so I could retreat into my own little world with my headphones on to watch a movie in bed when I needed a bit of ‘me’ time. 

2. Device smart
- I subscribed to Spotify Premium for $10 a month and built myself some playlists by mood - chill, happy, groovy, pensive. Then I downloaded them, so they were available offline.
- I also downloaded Tripit, an app that links with your email and builds you an automatic itinerary based on your email confirmations.
- I also downloaded, an app with offline maps and GPS location so I was never lost. I dropped a (permanent) pin on the location of my accommodation in each city so I always had my bearings. 
- Also make sure your emails are accessible on your phone - I found the Gmail app to be the best option for me, because many of my emails were available offline - valuable when I needed an address or confirmation number, which was a lot!

3. Spend smart
I went with Citibank Australia, who offer a Citibank Plus everyday account with fee-free withdrawals and fee-free transactions anywhere in the world. Shop around your banks and see what deal you can find - don’t just go with your own bank, who might smash you with withdrawal and transaction fees. Every dollar counts when you’re overseas.

4. Insure smart 
This was a non-negotiable. I actually submitted two claims after this trip - one for a lost phone and another for a change of trip. Make sure you know what you’re entitled to before you commit to a policy - valuables up to $1,000 is essential if you’re taking that laptop or smartphone!

5. Pack smart
A few quick tips:
- Don’t take anything that needs ironing. You’ll never wear it, trust me. 
- Bring your runners so you can walk miles during the day. It really made all the difference for me - on days I wore them I could walk up to 30,000 steps without any pain whatsoever. 
- Bring your flip flops for showering. Tinea is rampant in hostel world!
- Bring exercise gear. I always moved from place to place in my exercise gear - it’s easy to sleep in on long haul bus-rides, and you don’t want to wear your 15kg pack with bad shoes - it hurts your ankles!
- Pack, then don’t take half the things you packed. Every little thing is a lot heavier on your back in the blistering heat, trust me. And they have toiletries in other countries too, you know!

6. Disembark smart
- Always carry some cash with you for the country you’re going to - for me, it was mostly euros. It was essential for my commute from the airport, and when I forgot to arm myself with currency, I was left disoriented, tired and wandering around trying to find an ATM while not getting robbed.
- It’s also worth Googling bus or train information before you board your plane, so you know the fastest and cheapest way to your accommodation before you land. Taxis are tempting - but will run your budget dry quickly. 

7. Book smart 
- Book directly through the website, not the compare-sites - it’s cheaper! This includes airlines, bus companies and train websites, and the hostel websites when it comes to booking your accommodation.
- Also, always book your bits and bobs in a private browsing section. Airline websites have algorithms that send the ticket prices up if they log your IP looking at a price a couple times to create a sense of urgency in you.
- But don’t feel like you need to map your whole plan out before you even leave home - I purposefully left gaps in my plan and life filled them in. I stayed with europeans I’d met overseas, travelled with new friends and went to countries that I had no plans on going to, like Norway (one of my favourite countries in the end!) 

8. Backup smart
After every country I backed up my phone to my laptop and my laptop to my hard drive. If you trust the Cloud, backup to there too. It is devastating to lose travel photos - they’re about the most important thing you own when you travel. 

9. Stay smart
- is the go-to site for hostels. If I was nervous about my choice, I’d usually book one night in and extend my stay if it felt right. I always read plenty of reviews for each place, particularly taking notice of the location rating. Cleanliness in the bathroom, uncomfortable beds or a tiny kitchen were things I could deal with. A 30 minute commute to the city was something that wore me down pretty quickly.
- Speaking of the kitchen - that ‘free’ shelf in the fridge is your best friend - use it!

10. Be alone smart
- Find a local pub and go and sit at the bar with a good book. Strike up a conversation with the bartender - they are probably bored out of their mind! Bartenders have a wealth of cultural knowledge about their city that you’d never find on Trip Advisor - ask for their hot tips on eating, drinking, shopping and the sights. I asked each bartender to draw all over a fold-up map in each city so I had a visual reference - it helped me pair things together that were close by so I could plan my days better.
- Also, do the walking tour on your first day. They are usually free (the tour guides live on tips) and they are the most useful introduction to a city - not to mention hugely interesting.

11. Commute smart
If you’re wondering if you should walk or get a metro, walk. If you’re wondering whether you should get the metro or a bus, bus. The metro is fast, but you see nothing. 

12. Dress smart
- If you’re spending the day exploring, wear one less thing than you think you need to. It’s awful being hot and sweaty, but easy to speed up if you’re feeling a little nippy. Plus, your thighs will thank you when they can crush steel between your rippling muscles!
- Runners are pretty much always the best option - you’ll double your productivity with them on. 

13. Mini-pack smart
Your daypack should contain:
- headphones
- a book
- a city map (to ask the locals to circle their favourite places on!)
- a knife and fork (plastic, for impromptu lunches in the park or by the water)
- a water bottle. Water is your best friend between all that exercise you didn’t realize you were doing (win!), the salty restaurant meals you’re eating (yum) and the drinking (inevitable). Drink it in litres - otherwise you’ll be perpetually dehydrated and wondering why you feel so tired. 

14. Wash, dry and iron smart
It’s inevitable you’ll have to wash atleast once a week. Face it, pretty boy. Mama aint here to help you now. 
- Every night, wash the underwear you wore that day in the shower. It takes five seconds, stops them from stinking up the place (we all know undies get the most dirty) and fresh undies are one of life’s little pleasures!
- You can iron out major creases by wetting a towel and wiping the clothing while it’s on you (it’ll dry), or bringing the item on a coat hanger into the shower area (the steam makes the creases drop out) 
- Splurge occasionally and get laundry done. Most hostels do it for less than $10, and having fresh clean dry clothing one of those amazing little things that lifts your spirits when you’re out of your comfort zone. 

15. Socialise smart
Talk to people! Everyone is the best version of themselves when they are travelling. Strike up conversations with people you would never usually speak to, especially those travelling alone as well. Ask them their story, compare itineraries, go on adventures together and who knows? You might just make a friend for life. 

March Horoscopes

Aries: friends and family are important to you. You’re having trouble reaching out and getting help with your problems right now. Don’t be afraid to open up and focus on your priorities

Taurus: You’ve been stuck in a rut lately. Get out of your comfort zone and try new things. A secret is making you nervous. You’re prone to small accidents right now, so be careful when handling sharp objects.

Gemini: now is a good time to start a new project, especially something out doors. Remember to stay positive as the seasons change and don’t let the negativity of the past few months hold you back. You’re vulnerable to stomach upset right now, so avoid salads.

Cancer: things are looking up! Don’t overwhelm yourself with too many commitments, focus just on one thing at a time. It’s ok to be selfish sometimes. Your lucky numbers are 9, 35, and 83.

Leo: the thing you’ve been dreading will soon come to pass. Do not shy away from the road ahead, and embrace adversity as you’ll only grow for it. Unrelated, but now would be an excellent time to plan a short vacation somewhere new.

Virgo: Chill Virgo. Virgo you have got to relax. The problems of close friends and family are not your problems, let other people take care of themselves. It’s a good time to take bold action and personal risks. Break up with him Virgo.

Libra: Things are going positively in your career. Now is the time to make long term commitments and big purchases. Some wind chimes would be nice.

Scorpio: despite everything, you still cannot legally marry a spider. Maybe that’s for the best. Stop taking wild gambles and think before taking action. Consult a close friend for advice on important decisions. Your color this season is teal.

Sagittarius: now is the time to start focusing on your health. Start a diet and workout regime, do a juice cleanses, quit vaping. Really just get down on a bowl of that sweet sweet kush. Be careful when running outside though, as you’re more likely to encounter petty bad luck this month.

Capricorn: I don’t know if I want to be you or marry you. You’re in the spotlight this month- enjoy the attention you deserve. Fortify relationships with Aquarius and Taurus, they’ll help you to further greatness. Be sure to push food away from the edge of the counter this month and be wary of ants.

Aquarius: you did it! The period of strife is over, so enjoy your well earned break. Remember balance work and pleasure. A Virgo is very important to you. Don’t start any big projects until you have all the small things you’ve been letting pile up handled. Avoid gluten. You literally cannot digest wheat gluten like stop eating so much pasta. Aquarius come on.

Pisces: it’s your month! Don’t let jealousy get the best of you. If you feel you are being outshined or ignored, just build yourself a bigger pedastal. Fuck Capricorn it’s your month. Bitch. You’ll have a fateful encounter at a smoothie stand this month.

BTS reaction to you being shy


If he knew you were shy, Jin would always make sure you never had to talk in public if you didn’t want to. He’d order your meals for you and ask questions at stores for you. Anything to keep you comfortable. He would just make sure that you’re safe and that you’re happy with him. “Don’t you worry! You won’t have to say a word if your uncomfortable! I’ll keep you safe, princess!”

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Yoongi would understand why you’re so shy. People are just terrible, and both of you know better than anybody why. He would tell people to leave you alone if they were bothering you or upsetting you. He would like that you only opened up to him. “Don’t you be shy around me, though, okay? We’re safe together.”

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Hobi would try to get you out of your comfort zone while trying to respect your shyness. He wouldn’t push you too far, but try to encourage you to talk more. When you did he would praise you happily and make a big deal about you moving forward. If you said no, he would nod with a comforting smile and do all the talking for you. “I can talk for both of us when we’re with people! Don’t worry!”

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Namjoon is rather introverted himself, so he would understand. He would think it’s cute how shy you were and always try his best to keep you out of uncomfortable situations. He would rub your back and make sure you knew he’s right there for you. “You got this, baby. Don’t worry about them. Just pretend you’re talking to me.”

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Jimin would be the cute protective little mochi he is. He would be super defensive for you and wouldn’t let anybody pressure you into talking. He knew if you wanted to talk, you would. When you didn’t, he made sure that everybody knew that they couldn’t make you. “They won’t force you to talk if you don’t want, princess. You just keep looking cute~!”

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Tae would try to push you to be more outgoing, too. He would try to make you dance with him in public, sing and be a little more loud than normal. He would just try to let you be yourself around everybody like you were with him. “I love how you are, jagi~! You should let everybody see how amazing you are~!”

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He wouldn’t mind that you were shy. He knew how you were with him and how comfortable you were with only him. It made him feel really special that you were safe with him. Jungkook would make sure you were comfortable when you were out and always tell you comforting words. “Shhh… I’m right here. I promise.” He’d say, giving you a soft kiss.

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It feels nice

Bucky x reader 

Notes: angst(ish), PTSD, fluff, service dogs, isolation, masturbation. 

Summary: Bucky’s been going through the motions ever since he got back from his last tour, missing one arm. Then he meets a girl while walking his service-dog Ziva at an ungodly hour. She might be the breath of fresh air he doesn’t know he’s been missing.

A/N: Hi guys! This story is a one shot AU.Hope you enjoy it! x

There’s something -everything- so calming about being outside before the crack of dawn; sure, it’s because Bucky has trouble sleeping and wakes up at four in the morning and is unable to go back to sleep, but, still. It’s like the world is his own for a while. A short while, maybe an hour before the first early birds show their faces, but a while at least. Usually long enough for him to clear his head after another short night of sleep, maybe after being awoken by a nightmare.

Having a reason to go outside, is even better, gives him a sense of purpose; even if his German Shepard, Ziva, usually gives him the stink-eye for waking her so early.

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Study tip - Get out of your room

Your room is full of temptations and distractions – try studying in other places, such as the library, a coffeeshop, or a study room if your school has them. Being in a different environment will bring you out of your comfort zone and help you be on your game.

supersquiddy  asked:

Werid question but how do you get your traditional artwork to look so smooth but also sketchy? If that makes sense.

My main things are (this turned out to be a lot longer than I thought! Srry!)

Loose lines: draw with your whole arm if you can! (drawing anchored to your wrist can lead to Carpal tunnel syndrome.. and no one wants that)

Full lines: try to keep your lines fluid, fast and long (as opposed to short and scratchy lines that make one big line) look for YouTube videos on gesture drawing! Get things down quick and flesh them out later, usually the first thing we mark down will be the most accurate when doing gestures!

Sketch lightly: use heavy lines sparingly! They can really define a sketch but be sparing, there can be too much of a good thing. I always start sketches almost invisibly light to map out the bare bones of my drawings! Then because they’re so light, you don’t have to erase them if you don’t want to!

Shapes: shapes r your friends!! 🌸 use shapes to get the (figurative or literal) skeleton down!! Almost anything can be boiled down to basic shapes!

REFERENCE: IT! IS! OK! TO! REFERENCE! I can’t stress this enough, free reference photo databases are just a google away! Learn that anatomy fam! Even if you’re doing cartoons, it will be so much easier with the anatomical knowledge! Also, I have no problem with learning artists referencing my art when starting out with drawing.. 2 RULES TO REFERENCING PRE-EXISTING ART: 1) don’t claim it’s your art. 2) ask the artist if it’s cool first! Some aren’t okay with it and ya gotta respect it! ❤Also try to get off the crutch of referencing pre-existing art quickly! Referencing art helps you practice, but nothing beats referencing from real, organic life, because that’s where your style will come out.

Simplify: esp. pertaining to expressions, the more you complicate things, the harder it will be for it to read. It will get lost among the busyness. Look at the drawing as a whole as opposed to only paying attention for details. Don’t be concerned with making a masterpiece!! Sketchbooks should be messy!

Get back to basics: anatomy, colour theory and the elements of design!!! they help a whole heck of a lot!!! Never be satisfied with your knowledge of these basic things bc you learned them in like kindergarten,, okay????

A(cting)RT: you can convey a LOT if you have the mindset of telling a story with your sketch!

Cheap: don’t worry abt using fancy shmancy supplies! I get mine from the dollar store (sketchbook, erasers and mechanical pencils! Definitely get good paper if ur using copics or high quality markers but like I literally only sketch traditionally w pencil… ) I find I’m so scared to use expensive sketchbooks that I hardly draw in them and I hate everything I draw. I go through like 1 or more sketchbooks a month so… that would rack up quick if I was using like $20.00 sketchbooks instead of $2.00 ones.

Listen: Listen to music or podcasts or audio books or drawing tutorials if it helps!! It can sometimes even influence the mood of your drawing :0

Sketch often: every day if you can!! It’s a good habit if you want to get better!! And therapeutic!!!

Accept CONSTRUCTIVE criticism!!: It’s not an insult! It’s someone else’s view! Get critiqued often! And actually listen!! Know the difference between constructive and destructive!! Also join a community! Meet other artist! Collaborate! Art isn’t a competition! ❤

quick round!

Study art history: they’re famous for a reason!

Draw inspiration from everywhere!

When referencing, draw what you see, not what you know!

Think about drawing in 3D, more like it’s sculpting instead of drawing! Everything is made of flat plains and will cast shadows!!

If you’re up to it, challenge yourself! You’ll only get better if you step out of your comfort zone! Try to draw one new thing each sketching session!


Don’t stress!: most important drawing tip! Drawing is supposed to be fun and therapeutic because it doesn’t have to be anything! All art is art and everyone who makes art is an artist, it’s not some exclusive club, we all start somewhere! This is your art journey! Enjoy the ride!

I know you just wanted to know about how I sketch but I couldn’t help myself!!! Sorry! Hope this helps! 🌸
-hanna ❤

Art Advice for Perfectionists:

- Once you post your art or go through the final save, IT IS DONE. It’s easy to go back and knit pick for forever about things not being just right, but trust me. Save it and move on to your next project.

- Set a time limit for yourself to get a certain amount of work done. It will help you to keep from overanalyzing. 

- Take a break or work on something else if a piece is frustrating you. It’s okay to return to it later.

- Force yourself to get out of your comfort zone. Nobody is perfect at everything right off the bat and it will help your art to progress faster.

- Finish your art!! Even if you’re doubting yourself. Pushing through and getting it done is much more rewarding then cramming it in a WIP folder. 

- Everything you create (no matter how big or small) is a stepping stone to where you want your art to be. Tell yourself this when you’re feeling low/ thinking about giving up on a piece.

1. Some people aren’t meant to be a part of your life. If they want to leave, let them. Don’t fight for someone to stay if they fight to go. 
2. Your value is not determined by others. A masterpiece is still a masterpiece, even when the lights are turned off and no one’s around to appreciate it.
3. Be grateful, even for the little things - especially for the little things. They are what makes life so wonderful.
4. Always take your time to let go, to move on and to heal. It doesn’t matter if you need a week, a month or a year to find closure. Just don’t rush. Take as much time as you need and find your own pace.
5. Be brave enough to try new things. Don’t shy away from challenges, who knows where you’ll end up?
6. Don’t be afraid of change - it’s always around the corner anyway. Think about what kind of person you were this time last year and how much you’ve transformed during the last 365 days. Truth is we don’t stay the same. No one does. So embrace the change in you.
7. Think of something you’re absolutely terrified of, then do it. Get out of your comfort zone. You’ll feel invincible noticing that you’ve accomplished things that seemed impossible only weeks ago.
8. Pay attention to details. A person may look entirely different to you once you put in some effort to get to know them, and to get to know all of them. The same rule applies to everything around you: your environment, your relationships and also yourself.
9. You don’t have to be in a relationship to feel loved. We often disregard the sings of affection our family and friends show us because we crave romantic gestures. Don’t discredit this kind of love - your family and your friends are the ones who stay.
10. “Good things come to those who wait” - do they? I don’t think so. Good things come to those who get back on their feet when they were torn down. They come to those who just begin, begin fighting for what they want, begin giving their all to get where they want to be.
—  10 things I learned before I turned 22
🎶 Practicing Tips 🎶

This is mostly for university students who practice several hours a day, but it could def be helpful for any musician 😋

1) Have water!!! If you play an instrument with repetitive movements (trombone, Piano, strings, percussion, etc) drinking water can help stave off muscle cramps

2) HAVE AND USE YOUR METRONOME if anything is difficult, start it slowly with a metronome and gradually speed it up until past where you need it to be. Ex. final tempo 100, start 70-75-80…100-105-110. Then playing it at 100 should be easy! You can also do this with entire pieces (do the same thing a few days in a row for the optimum outcome)

3) Rhythmatize! Instead of playing something as straight 16ths, play it in groups of 2 or as triplets or doted eight 16ths etc with a metronome, then playing it straight is super easy. (planning to make a post about this with pics)

4) Use your pencil! I know there’s some kind of judgemental standard where having like no marking on your music except fingerlings is “mature” but that’s such BS. If you make a mistake more then 2-3 times, MARK IT. I photocopy all my music so I can scribble all over it and not feel guilty for destroying original music. That way too you can label it “2016 Prof John” and then when you revisit that piece or teach or if a friend learns it, you can see exactly what you were thinking when you did it.

5) If you make a mistake, don’t automatically go back a few notes and keep going or just fumble over it and keep going. STOP AND DECONSTRUCT THE PROBLEM! (Unless you’re practicing performing and you’re purposely not stoping obvi)

6) Have your phone or iPad + charger so if you’re practicing for several hours, you can take a break to listen to the pieces you’re playing, compare bowlings, articulations, dynamics of diff performers, compare to the score or piano part etc. Then you don’t have an excuse to leave your practice bubble.

7) STRETCH!!! Regardless of weather you’re playing Rachmaninoff on piano or Revel on flute, stop and stretch your arms, neck, wrists, back and maybe even hips. This way you can practice longer without soreness or cramping and you have less chance of injury. Do this before and after practice as well. (will make another post with pics for this)

8) Take breaks! Depending on what you’re playing, how long you’ve been practicing, etc. take breaks every 15-40 mins. You can check your tumblr/twitter OR you can listen to your pieces, do score study, stretch, take a walk outside your practice room. Also, maybe split your practice? 2h before class and 2h after class?

9) Don’t play through! Chunk things, deconstruct things and have a specific goal for each time you play a section. Then when you’ve played all the chunks of a page for example, play though it all together slowly then speed it up with metronome.

10) If you’re getting frustrated or stuck on something STOP! Take a break or work on something else and come back to it.

11) Start with scales or tonalizations or a comfortable study or warmup every day. I know it’s annoying, but if you have like a 10min routine that you start your practice with every day, your intonation will improve AND your mind & body will get used to focusing in and starting your practice every day. DONT ZONE OUT OR PLAY MINDLESSLY! Have a goal to improve a specific skill or aspect of your warm ups every day. (If you’re having multiple practices in the same day, you can probably just do 2mins of the same warm ups to get in the zone for 2nd or 3rd practice sessions)

12) Touch on everything at least a little everyday. Even if you don’t have time to deconstruct and practice everything in chunks, at least go through each piece/study/excerpt, etc every day with special attention to what you focused on in your last practice.

13) Once you’ve “finished” with a piece (performed it, played for a jury, etc) DONT STOP PLAYING IT! Revisit it a MINIMUM of 2x week, then if when you need a piece for a masterclass/unplanned performance, you can just spend a little extra time practicing and you’ll be all set.

14) Don’t wait till the week before your performance to practice with your accompanist! If you practice with your accompanist every week or 2 after you’ve mastered a piece, then when you have a performance, you and your accompanist will be super comfortable playing together. (This can be expensive with a professional collaborative pianist, so maybe try to use a 4th year piano performance major? Still worship them tho obvi, they are heros)

15) Try playing with recordings, esp diff recordings, or with a midi on a music program so you can be adaptive, if you can play your piece well at diff speeds with diff rubato, diff dynamics, then playing it the way you like it is easier.

16) Play for your friends once in a while. If you’re like me, you have a lot of rep and you don’t get to play it all in your lesson, maybe you only touch everything every 3 weeks with your prof? And maybe you’re not ready to play everything in masterclass all the time (bc that’s insane lol) so just playing through for your friends once in a while could get you some super helpful constructive criticism once in a while.

Hope this helped some of you 🎻😎🎵

Scream It Louder

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Character(s): Reader X Wonho, BestFriend!hyungwon

Genre: smut, slight sexual tension

Warning(s): jealous smut, slow build, praise!kink, rough sex

Length: 8.5 k words

A/N: For the anon that requested a wonho smut similar to the kihyun one. im sorry this ain’t really my best work, but yoooo Wonho got me feelin some type of way

You scrunch up your nose as you stand behind Hoseok, fingers digging into the hem of his shirt as he drizzles cheese onto the nachos.

“Are you sure you know what you’re doing?” You ask, eyeing the mess of salsa, ground beef, tortilla chips, and cheese on the baking sheet.

He groans, tipping his head back, “Of course I know what I’m doing. God, do I look like I’m 12?”

“Nah,” you respond, grinning cheekily, “More like 15. That awkward mid-puberty boy type of look.”

He swats his hand at your grip on his shirt, pointing the wooden spoon in his hand at the sofa.

“Go and sit and be quiet if you want any food,” he says, turning his attention back to the nachos.

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What I learnt after losing 20kg in 3 months

1. It always starts on a high note but the key thing is to keep it going.

You see someone losing a lot of weight and suddenly you are so inspired and pumped to reach your ideal weight, or you realise that you have put on a significant amount of weight and decide to crash diet. It could even be for an upcoming important event. Usually this inspiration will last for a week or two, after which you start to give yourself a little more allowance, this is where most people fall back to where they were. It happened to me countless times.

You have to want it bad enough.

2. You have to be consistent.

Losing weight is hard af, but the important thing is to be consistent. This is what I did:

- take weekly progress photos (whenever I see how my body changes week by week I’m motivated to push on)

- weigh in weekly (I know how easy it is to be obsessed with the scale)

- follow inspiring people (this helps you more than you think)

- whenever I feel lazy to work out, which happens almost every single day, I tell myself this: ‘if you get out there and do what you have to for 30mins, you are one step closer to your goal. If not, the time will pass anyway even if you’re scrolling through Facebook.’

3. Workout

I started with swimming because it was the easiest. You don’t sweat as much, it’s easy on your knees, and it burns a shit load of calories.

After some time, I switched over from swimming to cycling HIIT on my stationary bike. After which I started doing blogilates’s PIIT28, and started hitting the gym after that.

What I’m trying to say is, change up your activities once in a while! Add some variation to your workout by keeping things interesting and you will look forward to it.

My best friend got me out of my comfort zone. I have been so unfit all my life that I wasn’t able to complete even a 2.4km jog. She dragged me along for a run and I fell in love with jogging. To be fair it happened about 6 weeks after I started working out.

It doesn’t get easier, you just get better!

You only need 30mins a day to complete your daily workout. Choose one workout, be it jogging or HIIT, and just do it!

No matter how tired I am, I make sure to get my 30mins in. Sometimes I impress myself with my determination.

4. Moral support

You’re committed to your goals and are working hard towards it. We all know it gets lonely sometimes. Motivate a friend to do the same! Motivate each other when things get tough or the scale is not budging. I’m lucky to have my BFF on this journey together with me.

Even for those who discourage you or those who once called you fat, you got to have the fire in you to make a change and prove them wrong!

Do it for yourself, your love ones. I know you can. I have fallen off the wagon many times too. But the lower you fall, the higher you will fly. Believe in yourself. I promise you, once you start believing, everything will fall in place. There will not be success without failure. You will get there sunshine. One day you will shine. You just got to start believing in yourself and start working damn hard towards your goal.

Old saying but pushes me a lot: 
it’s never going to be easy but it’s going to be SO worth it.

5. You didn’t gain it overnight, don’t expect to lose it in a month.

Don’t be demoralised just because people ain’t noticing the changes. Don’t beat yourself up.

I gave myself 6 months to reach my goal weight. 7kg more to go! Yay!

6: Your boobs/butt will shrink, there might be loose skins/ stretchmarks if you lose weight too fast.

What I did for boobs and butt:

Do planks and squats every day. Yes every day. It helps firms your boobs and squats give your flat booty a lift. 

I learnt this the hard way. Losing 50kg in a year 2 years ago definitely tested my skin’s elasticity. I researched ways to reduce the appearance of stretch marks since the only way you eliminate them is through a laser surgery.

Loose skins and stretchmarks are tricky. I tried everything so I can’t pinpoint what worked and what didn’t.  But it reduced the appearance of stretchmarks and my skin doesn’t look too loose either.

What I did:

- Drink lots of water (it really works!)

- Dry brushing

- Body scrubs (if you ask me I would say coffee scrub, I didn’t start selling it for no reason)

- Bio oil

- Clarins body tonic oil

- Weight training/resistance training                        

7. Relationship with food

Many asked me what meal plans do I follow or do I have certain calorie restrictions.

I have to clarify that I’m not going for a hot lean body hence this method might not work for you if you are going for that.

I do not follow any specific meal plans. I did many times in the past and tried countless meal plans including Herbal life, natroslim or even master cleanse diet. I’m not saying that all these doesn’t work, they do. You will see yourself losing weight, but it isn’t sustainable.

I eat whatever I want now but I control the portions strictly. I cut out sugar drinks too. Don’t underestimate the calories you are taking in as well, it could be the reason why you are not seeing results.

Learn to say no when being offered food (who does that?!). It’s not easy to say no to the piece of chocolate your best friend got for you, but it’s even harder burning it off later during your workout. If you didn’t plan to eat it, don’t. Save it for another day.

There are days when I have peanut butter toast in the morning, fish soup for lunch and economic rice without any rice (just the meat and vege side dishes) for dinner.

But there will also be days where I crave fried chicken. I order them without sides and go without sugar drinks.

Sometimes I live on ban mian (Singapore-style noodles with mince pork soup) without finishing the noodles. Or some days I have fruits before going to bed.

I try to keep my calorie intake within 1500. I don’t feel starved at all and I eat whatever I want in moderation. It keeps me content to keep going.

You are what you eat. If you know the food you are craving for is unhealthy, have it in small amounts. We all know what happens when we over indulge. A healthy journey consists of 80% diet and 20% exercise.

Food that will help you in your journey:

- Water, just drink enough water.

- Unsweetened green tea, yes you’ve heard this 2 million times. But it works.

- Fruits: Papayas, Watermelons, Apples, Bananas, Lemons and Kiwis.

- Needless to say lots of vegetables

Try new recipes like cauliflower rice. Or replace potato chips with kale chips.

There won’t be any food to avoid in my list because I genuinely believe in moderation.

8. Curbing cravings

You just had dinner but you are craving for dessert. We all know it’s not acceptable to do it every day.

I’d go for a jog if I were you. The cravings for unhealthy food usually subside after a run. You’ll burn 150 calories with 30 minutes of jogging, but it takes 1 serving of potato chips to gain it back. Is it worth it? You be the judge.

If not I’ll find an alternative like yogurt or fruits to curb the cravings.

The last method is to take off your clothes in front of the mirror and stare at your body. Tell me if you still want that tiramisu after that.

Many times we eat not because we need it but because we want it. A treat is only a treat if you have it once in a while. 

9. Shitty days

Just recently I broke down and cried just because I felt fat. I felt like the ugliest/biggest girl in the world and I just wanted to hide away from the world. There will be days where you feel like shit and nothing you do makes sense to you.

I allowed myself to cry and tell myself that I’m not good enough.

Sometimes we have to embrace our emotions instead of hiding them. Only when we acknowledge what we are feeling, will we be able to fix what’s really broken inside.

After my emotional battle, I pick myself up and continue whatever I was doing. I fixed what was going on inside and stayed focused. People around me saw results. I saw my results. I deserved every single bit of it because I worked hard for it.

Happiness is a choice. You are how you feel about yourself.

Don’t give up on something just because of the time or the difficulty to achieve it. The time will pass anyway. If you don’t work on yourself, who’s going to do it.

I learnt to love myself for every stretchmark, cellulite and scar that’s on me. At the same time, I do my best to be a better version of myself.

10. Take a break If you are tired, not quit.

Lastly, regardless how many times you fail, as long as you get up and try again, you will succeed in the end.

Getting healthy is not a quick fix, it’s a lifestyle. There will be days you feel like eating fast food and not working out. But as long as you get back on your feet the next day, I promise that everything will work out.

Never ever give up on yourself and your body, because you are the only one living in it.

Hope this helps!! Happy 2017! Keep on rocking! :) Let’s embrace 2017 together and achieve whatever you need to acheive!

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Development of Saturn

Inspired by @from-the-west-meadow​.
“Have you written any tips on how to work with or ground Saturn’s influence?”

1. Self-discovery. This is the most important part of any self-development; know yourself, understand yourself, fully experience yourself before you try to heal, improve, and change yourself. There’s no way around this.

2. Time. You have to be patient with yourself, and with Saturn.

3. Effort. Nothing just “happens” when it comes to Saturn, you absolutely have to work for it. Strive and struggle and try again. It will be worth it.

4. Respect. Respect yourself, respect other people, respect Saturn. Respect the issue. Respect boundaries. Understand the rules, understand the problem, and be reverent toward the reality of the situation. Handle what obstacles are thrown in your way with maturity, rationality, and humility.

5. Rest. Don’t run yourself dry. Saturn isn’t trying to weaken you – that’s the opposite of the purpose of the pain. Give yourself a break so you’ll be able to keep learning. This doesn’t mean you can “recharge” what you’re trying to erase; don’t go back to old bad habits. Just relax, and then get back to work.

6. Exposure. Saturn doesn’t care about your comfort zone. If you want to learn from Saturn, follow him outside your little circle of security. Face whatever it is that you fear, because that’s the only way to get over it.

7. Practice. This is on the same level as #3, but it’s a bit different; don’t just put the work in – accept that the work will not always yield perfect results. Art teachers will tell you this when you first start drawing: don’t try to make everything a masterpiece, especially when you’re nowhere near ready. Not everything has to work out. Make room for error. The difference between the beginner and the master is that the master has made a million more mistakes than the beginner. Be willing to fail; turn those failures into success.

8. Openness. If you don’t want to change, you never will. If you don’t want to learn, you never will. You can’t be stubborn and blocked off. You have to make yourself available to the transformations or you will certainly never grow.

9. Return the tough love. Possibly the most imperative yet most overlooked aspect of developing Saturn’s placement in your natal chart is learning how to appreciate the nature of Saturn for what it is. It’s not gentle at all. It’s not easy. It’s unbearable & that’s the point. It’s a good thing. If it’s the worst thing you’ve ever experienced in your life, good. Adore it. Because without the wounds and challenges of Saturn, we might never amount to anything.