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Summary: A couple hours into the flight home, it gets dark outside the plane’s windows. Eggsy sits still, watching the light drain from the sky.

“The only thing I know for sure,” he says, “is that whatever happens, I can’t do any of it without you.”

SPOILERS for Kingsman 2

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Hey, I was wondering, how do you color Frisk's hair?

Hello! I actually get this question a lot from my peers on the physical plane, so it’s about time I answered it with a lackluster tutorial. LEZGO!


To color Frisk’s hair, you will need: a Frisk to color, a dark brown colored pencil, a deep yellow-ish color (I use the Goldenrod Prismacolor pencil), a blender color (white works pretty well, I use a beige tone in most cases though), and a black colored pencil for shading.

STEP ONE: fill in Frisk’s hair with a saturated layer of dark brown, leaving small, slightly jagged strips empty on either side of their head.

STEP TWO: with the deep yellow, lightly fill in the spaces you left white.

STEP THREE: with your blender color, color at full saturation over those spaces, blending them slightly with the brown to look like a smooth highlight.

STEP FOUR: shade with the black pencil.

Do any necessary clean-up (blending the shading, accentuating the highlight more, etc) until satisfied, and you’re finished!

Fun fact: I employ a similar method for Undyne’s hair, but with different colors (of course) and more highlights. I also directly blend the highlights with one color as opposed to the double layered highlights I do for Frisk.

Anyway, I hope that was helpful!

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Jesus performing miracles like a magician and tricking Stan into getting on a plane in Super Best Friends

//send me your fav sp scenes to laugh at//

“okay now turn around” *pulls out the fish* “tadaaaa”

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honestly little kills me with sympathy-cringe more than the part in the s4 finale when frasier is dining alone and everything keeps bringing attention to it

honestly i hate doing certain things alone, like eating at restaurants or going to the movies/theater, because part of me is convinced that that’s everyone’s internal reaction, as ridiculous as it sounds. 

but nothing makes me cringe more than frasier actually going to the airport to see that woman, and then getting on a plane for another woman.


My aesthetic: on a plane, daydreaming of my destination with a few of good books and a glass of wine. Not only did I pack way too many books for the journey but I've already read two of them before. Why am I like this :’–)

It’s a superpowered Splatfest this week in Splatoon 2! Which team will reign supreme? Let’s take a look.

Team Flight gets to save a bunch of money on plane tickets and you never have to sit in traffic again! Invisibility has its perks too though. You’d make a pretty great spy, being able to listen in on secret conversations, and skipping lines would be a breeze!

Of course, there’s only one way to settle this argument, and that’s by inking up your opponents on the splattlefield this weekend! Splatfest kicks off Friday 9/1 at 9PM PT and ends Saturday 9/2 at 9PM PT. 

May the best superpower team win!


Yondu and his toys