getting on a plane in 3 hours

Plane situation

Probably nobody cares much about this but im just gonna put this here for the peeps who curious.
So… Im about to literally spend 12 hours at an airport :/

I cant do a read more on mobile :V Sorry

Also, i know this isnt the place for me to vent, but i just wanna make this apparent.

We got at the airport at around 10:15. It all started with our plane originally taking off at 11:40am, but then was delayed till 1:30pm, which was delayed till 3:30pm, which was delayed till 4:30pm. In the end, it was cancelled entirely at around 3pm. Take note: We were never told what the issue was and we still arent being told why this happened.
3 hours of angryly calling and criticizing a plane company for its poor service later, we got a lay over that starts at around 9:50pm and would most likely end at 2:40am ( when we get back home ).
Surprise surprise, now THIS first plane is delayed until 10:25pm (edit: 10:43 now ) which will set us back to getting back home to around 4:00am.

The entire airport’s just about empty now
Im tired
And Im probably gonna be sleeping at an airport at this rate

A slight rainstorm might have been the cause of this but even so, with the predictions of weather already apparent, it wouldve been nice if we were notified ahead of time so we could schedule for another day instead of staying at an airport hoping that it passes enough so we can fly over. Cause right now, we have nowhere to stay except the airport :/

Just dandy~

Moral of the story?

Dont fly with Frontier airlines… They havent done a good job of addressing this whole thing.
I had a whole day planned and now its thrown entirely out the window and into the nether.
Ill keep drawing as much as i can to try and take my mind off of this.

good taz thought: on the tenth or eleventh plane the ipre squad visits, cameras have already been invented, and they manage to take a couple polaroid cameras with them when they yeet outta there at the end of their year. after that, they make a point of taking pictures of every world they go to — for documentation purposes as much as for fun — but they also end up with a lot of silly candids of each other, and the pictures get taped up all over the walls of the starblaster, and its real good + happy

Possible solution to the problem of how to kill the Rakshasa that no one will take because it’s incredibly risky and frankly not something VM would think of:

1. Scout out where the prison is. Very important to be able to get in ASAP.

2. Give Vax the Gatestone (I’m using Vax for this example because lets be real, he is the one who would volunteer for this, but realistically any of them could do it).

3. Vax chugs the Oil of Etherealness. You can walk through walls with this shit on so any amount of doors or barriers are pointless. At this point, the rest of the party starts counting down 1 hour.

4. Find Meow Mix in the prison. Difficult but not impossible to do in an hour if Vax hurries.

5. Purposefully dispel the potion and stab him in his gross furry egg form.

6. Use the Gatestone to get the fuck out of there since it should work across planes (because I assume it’s based on the Gate spell).

7. Confuse the shit out of Scanlan when Vax pops up where ever the fuck he is.

8. Once an hour is up, the party in the Nine Hells tries to scry on Vax. If he has fucked up and is stuck in Mentiri, well the other plan was a jailbreak anyway. If he cannot be reached, he is back on the Material Plane and the party can bail.

9. Once back on the Material Plane, scry for Vax again and go collect him.

10. Go back to Whitestone and have a celebratory drink or six.

11. Give Pike her goddamn storyline.

Do Kyungsoo//Denouement

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Summary: The world is black and white to everyone. At least, until they reach 18, and realise who their soulmate is or meet them for the first time - and then colour will burst into their life, one shade at a time. You’ve been desperate to graduate high school and move away, but you can’t run from fate. - ft. big brother Yixing 
Scenario: Soulmate!au 
Word Count: 5,977

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It’s interesting that the new article is saying police were dispatched at 8:25pm. That would mean louis would have HAD to take the 4:15 scheduled flight from charlotte which got to the gate at LAX at 8:09. That’s a total of 16 minutes for them to open the gate doors, louis to leave the plane and make it all the way to baggage claim, get into the altercation, be held by security and for police to be called to the scene. 16 minutes for all that is cutting it super super short. And then they would have held him for over 3 hours before arresting him. Not saying it didn’t happen that way, it’s just odd to me.

Relentless | Calum Hood Series Pt.3

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                                               Part T H R E E

Request: Being the cousin of Ashton Irwin was exciting, especially when invited to their tour to hang out with his best friends. You found yourself becoming fond of Calum Hood, who finds you annoying from your constant appearance. But what would happen if you stopped giving him that attention?

Word Count: 3k+

A/N: i actually really like this part so i hope you guys do, too!! please try and get this to 100 notes (the regular) and im so happy a lot of you are enjoying it. i love your responses abt it so much, it makes me smile lots :] ty bubbas ‘n enjoy !!

Parts: one, two, threefour, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty. [DONE]

                                                   I M A G I N E 

 Flight to Helsinki, Finland, 3 Hours In

“Switch with me,” Luke spewed out as you put your magazine down and looked up at him. He was holding tightly on your seat while the plane was entering light turbulence. “Hurry!”

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Top 10 Facts Of The Day (March 31, 2017)

10. The Queen of England once “terrorised” Saudi Arabia’s King by driving him around. In Saudi Arabia women are not allowed to drive.

9. Snoop Dogg and Cameron Diaz went to high school together and Snoop was Cameron’s weed dealer.

8. Squeezing lemon juice on fruit like apples and bananas will prevent oxidation (turning brown).

7. Netflix employees get unlimited vacation days. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings says tracking vacation time is an “Industrial Era Habit” and prefers to focus more on workplace efficiency than time spent in the workplace.

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Sitting next to J-Hope on a flight-

AGAIN, so sorry this one took so long! But anyway, here it is!😇


Your dad had always taught you to arrive early for your flight. ‘Always get to the airport 3 hours before your flight, you never know what delays you might face!’ His words tumbled round in your head as you made your way to your seat on the plane. You were one of the first passengers onboard, as always.

After a few moments of rummaging around in your bag you pulled out your phone and ear phones before settling down and staring out of your window. A few minutes later you were startled as you felt a weight drop into the seat beside you. ‘Sorry I didn’t mean to startle you!’ The male voice said as you pulled an earphone out and turned round to put a face to the voice.

You simply blinked when you saw the person who had taken the seat beside you. 'So it looks like you’re stuck with me for company on this 11 hour flight… I’m Hobi!’

You nodded at him and cleared your throat. 'Oh I know who you are…’ You replied, 'I’m Y/N.’ He smiled at your words.

'Don’t worry I’m not going to scream and fangirl…’ You joked, looking past him and observing the rest of the Bangtan Boys sitting in the seats in front of and behind you.

Hobi relaxed back into his seat. 'I don’t mind you fangirling as long as you only fangirl over me and not the others.’ He smiled before leaning his head back.

You let out a laugh before placing your earphone back in, 'I’ll bare that in mind…’ you replied before turning your head back to the window and watching as the plane took off.

Half an hour had passed before Hobi spoke to you again. You had just pulled out some papers for work that you had to look over. 'Ooo that looks boring!’ You looked to your right to see his head hovering by your shoulder.

'Yeah well the life of a teacher isn’t exactly exciting when compared to a globe-trotting KPop star…’ You replied with a smile on your face.

Hobi was completely right, marking students work was boring, but you loved being a teacher and it had to be done. 'Oh so you’re a teacher? You must have a really big brain in there…’

You looked up from your papers to see him smiling at you. 'Yeah, I teach English in a few schools in Gangnam…’ You replied.

'Oh so are you returning to Korea after some time at home?’ He asked, seeming genuinely interested.

'Yeah, the school has a 4 week break so I figured I’d come home for 3…’ You replied.

Hobi watched as you started to mark your students work, leaving comments for improvement in Hangul. He leaned over your shoulder again, 'Wow… you know Hangul too, you really do have a big brain in there!’ You couldn’t help but smile at how friendly and complimentary he was.

Later into the flight you had started to doze off when you felt one of your ear phones being pulled out of your ear. You forced your eyes open and saw Hobi had placed it into his own ear. 'Good song choice…’

You realised you were listening to one of Bangtan’s songs. 'Yeah, I heard the boys behind the song are supposed to be nice as well…’ You replied with a sleepy smile on your face.

Hobi chuckled to himself at your response for a few moments before another head popped up from the seat in front. 'He’s not bothering you is he? Just tell me and I’ll make him leave you alone?’

You immediately recognised Jin. He gestured towards the earphones you were now sharing, 'Seriously you took her earphones?’

You laughed at Jin’s judging expression. 'No don’t worry he’s not bothering me!’ You replied with a smile.

Jin narrowed his eyes and shot Hobi a look. 'Hmm… okay, but I’ve got my eyes on you… I don’t know who’s idea it was to let him sit alone next to a girl…’ Jin sat back down and you struggled to hold in your laughter, so 'Eomma Jin’ strikes again.

Hobi noticed your giggling and poked you in your side. 'Are you laughing at me being told off by him?!’ He asked while continuing to poke you.

'It’s cute really it is…’ You laughed swatting his hands away.

Hobi managed to change the conversation by looking at his watch. 'Well it’s been a whole 8 hours and you’ve managed to keep your fangirling to a minimum!’

You rolled your eyes at his statement. 'Yeah well it would be a different story if I’d been sat next to… oh let’s say Namjoon.’ You joked smiling at Hobi.

He threw his head back at your words, 'Ouuuuuuch my heart!’ He groaned loudly.

Jin’s head popped back up over the seats again, 'Will you be quiet the whole plane can hear you? Is he bothering you? If he’s bothering you Namjoon will swap seats with him?’

You decided to continue humouring Hobi. 'Ooo! Namjoon? Yes please!’ You replied with a huge grin on your face.

'She’s joking Jin, she’s fine!’ Hobi replied pushing his head down while shaking his head at you.

You and Hobi continued to entertain each other for the rest of the flight and before you knew it you were back in Seoul. After the plane landed you began to gather your things together to leave the plane. Hobi was already up and stood beside his mates when you went to leave the plane.

You thought you’d caught your bag on an arm rest or something when you felt yourself tugged back. 'Hey wait a sec Y/N!’ You quickly realised you weren’t caught on anything, someone had grabbed your bag and pulled you back. Hobi was standing with an arm hooked through the strap of your bag.

'Wait before you go… Y/N would you like to maybe meet up when you’re settled back in? Maybe for dinner or something?’

You were completely shocked by his request, 'what like a date?’ You replied trying not to seem awkward.

'Only if you want it to be a date too?’ Hobi replied with smile. 'Sure of course, I’d love too,’

Hobi appeared to let out a little sigh of relief. 'Oh here…’ You said before handing him one of your business cards with your name and number on. 'And thanks for keeping me company today…’ You said before going to leave the plane.

'No, thank you for agreeing to keep me company again!’ He called after you as he saw you disappear through the aircraft doors.

All you wanted to do on your flight back to Seoul was to get ahead on your marking, but somehow you’d ended up getting yourself a date with Bangtan’s very own J-Hope…

BTS Reactions #3- Love at First Sight

NAMJOON-  Life as a flight attendant could be pretty exhausting.  You were constantly dealing with irritable passengers and long hours stuck trailing up and down the aisles in the cramped plane.  It didn’t help that the dress code required you to be in heels and a uniform that did nothing to relax your posture.  Your face was also so heavy in overly colorful makeup, you couldn’t wait to get home and wipe it all of and put on some sweatpants.  

  Currently, you were bending over the small space between to rows of seats in an effort to capture the empty soda cans the most recent passengers left behind.  You really couldn’t understand why they felt the need to shove it into the seats.  Suddenly, you felt a tap on your shoulder.  You turned around to be met with a fellow co-worker of yours.  

  “Hey (Y/n), Ally got sick last minute so do you mind taking her spot up in first class for the next flight?”  Inwardly, you groaned.  First class passengers were the worst.  They were just so entitled and saw flight attendants as personal slaves.  You were half way done with declining the offer when you suddenly stopped.  Ally had worked your shift that one time you had a family emergency on that flight to Germany.  You guessed it was time to repay the favor. 

  The next set of passengers were way less rowdier than ones on the last flight.  For that, you silently thanked god. However, now was the time you were dreading.  It has been 15 minutes since take off, and now officially time to go out and offer drinks and snacks.  You dreaded dragging that huge cart around to serve arrogant rich people.  

  You had just begun going down the aisles when you heard a loud boom at the end of your cart.  You gasped.  Uh-oh.  your worst fear came true, you hit someone with the cart.  Scared at being yelled at, you ran up to the person who you hit.  He was currently rubbing the back of his head, telling you he probably poked his head out at the same time you were pushing the heavy cart forward.   To add insult to injury, you spotted a huge stain on his shirt.  Great, you even spilled a drink on him too.

  “Oh my god, I’m so sorry.”  You said while padding away at the mess that was on his shirt.  

  “Oh, it’s okay.  I’m kinda clumsy t-” Suddenly he cut off as he stared up at you.  Prepared to get chewed out in front of everyone, you rushed to explain yourself.  

  “I’m sorry, I swear I didn’t see you.  If it helps I can offer you anything from this menu for free.”  You looked up from the huge stain, to see him staring at you.  

  You noticed that he was quite handsome however his eyes looked glossy as his overall expression became dazed.  Then, you heard him whisper in that deep voice of his, “So pretty.”

  Your heart dropped, you gave him a concussion!  

  “Oh my god, I’m gonna loose my job.”  And to your confusion he just laughed.

  this was the story of how you met your boyfriend, Namjoon.

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JIN-  The brisk spring air hit your body in a rush as you sped down the street.  To your calculations, all you had was two more houses to go and then your shift would be done.  And just in time for your favorite K-drama too!  

  Being a student was hard.  Although you loved focusing all your attention to getting your degree in health in order to help people, bills were pilling up and you could only apply for so much financial aid.  Eventually you got off the couch and applied for some part time jobs.  Although it was annoying to have to begin work right after you get off class, the running electricity and food in your fridge thanked you.  

  Eventually you reached you destination, and got off your bike.  You took off your helmet and switched it for the box of steaming chicken.  Quickly, you took out your phone and double checked the address. You were at the right place.

  As you stalked up the the home, you couldn’t help but notice how big it was.  Perhaps today was your lucky day and you would actually be delivering some chicken to a celebrity.  You chuckled at the thought.  

  You rang the doorbell and patiently waited.  It took only a few moments for the door to open to reveal a very tall, broad-shouldered and angel-faced man.  He didn’t spare you a look and instead dug around in his pockets for his wallet.  

  Somewhere in the back of your mind, you realized he looked oddly familiar.  You could’ve sworn that you saw him on television or something.  But, you decided to leave it as he probably wouldn’t like being asked about his social status.  

  “How much do I owe you?” he asked quietly.

   “14.50 please.”  you answered shortly.  

  Out of nowhere, you heard a fast intake of breath.  Concerned, you looked up to find he had dropped his wallet and was staring at you with his jaw dropped. 

  “Sir, are you okay?”  

  He just continued staring at you as though he had never seen a girl before.  it took him 15 minutes to fork over the money and let you leave.  

  Three weeks later, Jin would still call up the chicken place demanding that YOU deliver.  

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   Yoongi-  So you weren’t the smartest.  You weren’t the prettiest.  And you weren’t necessarily charming at all.  But there was something you were extremely passionate about…and that was music.  

  You were a college dropout and a starving artist.  Although you weren’t making your parents extremely proud, you were living life the way you wanted to and focused all of your attention on music.  

  Music helped you through so much in life, you dedicated your life to it.  However, the world wasn’t as understanding as you wished it to be.  This explained why you were playing your violin at the city corner playing for tips in hopes of paying your rent on time.

  Some kind people watched for a while and dropped a few crumpled ones into your jar.  But other than that, people continued to pass you, too caught up in their lives to care about yours.  

  Unknown to you, a man who was sitting on a bench nearby couldn’t help but notice the interesting tune that was floating through the city.  As he sipped on his coffee, his eyes began to search for the source of such a gorgeous sound.  Like a moth to flame, his sight landed on yours as you continued to play your violin.  

  He almost choked on his drink when he saw you.  For a few minutes he continued to stare, wondering if he was dreaming or not.

  Subtly, he passed by your jar just to quietly deposit a $50 dollar tip.

  In the next few days, you couldn’t help but notice that your tips got higher.  For some reason, you always ended up with at least one 50 dollar bill.  You thought about this on the bus ride over to your usual city spot.  Perhaps your music just go better?  The thought made you smile.

  You had only been at you spot for 5 minutes when rain suddenly began pouring down on you and your violin.  your groaned loudly as you witnessed potential tippers run off to nearby shops for protection from the weather.  You were about ready to head off home, when you felt a tap on your shoulder.  You turned around to see a man whom you’ve never seen before.

  All he did was smirk and ask, “You know after all those fifty dollar bills, I think I at least deserve your company for getting coffee.”

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As always, Hoseok, Jimin, Taehyung and Jungkook version will be posted in a bit.

Do not imagine... going to a concert with Shawn

Do not imagine how he‘d go to any concert with you, even if the artist isn‘t his favorite. And you‘d tell him he doesn‘t have to, but he‘d insist to come (because he gets to spend time with you, but he‘d never tell you that.)

Do not imagine how you‘d spend your evenings planing everything. What outfit to wear? Shawn will give you advice (Advice you shouldn‘t follow, he‘s a hormonal boy after all, and some things are not appropriate, even for sweaty concerts.) Who is your ride? Shawn is volunteering before you finish the question (He will also let you listen to said artist on your way to the concert and back.) Do you eat before or after? Shawn proposes to get takeout (Before and after.)

Do not imagine how he‘ll get ready to leave 3 hours before the concert begins, because he knows you want to be there early but you also don‘t want to make to much of a deal about it.

Do not imagine how he‘d hold you hand in a death grip on your way in because he‘ll be damned if he loses you.

Do not imagine how that little shit would comment on your hand being sweaty. and do not imagine how you‘ll point a finger at his chest and angrily whisper „It‘s because I‘m exited you- you- you know what? That‘s rude to say.“ He‘ll just shake his head and and scrunch his nose, „That‘s disgusting, you‘re lucky I love you.“ (He does absolutely not mention how his hands are drenched every time he goes on stage.)

Do not imagine how he‘d give you the ear plugs. He jokes about how he‘s the only artist allowed to ruin your hearing. You bump your hips into his in annoyance.

Do not imagine how his eyes would light up in amusement when the lights finally go out and you put your hands over his mouth and order him, „Don‘t say a word. This is the magical moment.“

Do not imagine how when a slower song comes on, he‘d press his chest to your back and pull his arms around you. And do not imagine how he‘d lean down and whisper the words into your ear. You‘d barely hear him, but you feel his hot breath and honestly, that‘s enough to get your heart rate up.

Do not imagine how he‘d pout when you tell him that was the best concert you ever went to. „Hey!“ „What?“ „What about me?“ „Oh right-t-t. But have you seen how great they were? Like the thing they did at that one moment? And their voice was so great?“

Do not imagine how you‘re too high on adrenaline to notice your surroundings. After you stumbled over his feet (how is that even possible?) and bumped your hip at a corner (not even adrenaline keeps that pain at bay), he‘ll simply pick you up and get you to his car, muttering about how he‘d a babysitter for his significant other.

„You love it, don‘t lie.“

„I really do- love it, you know. And I love you, too.“

Greetings from E!

I might have changed the girlfriend at the end to significant other… oops? BUT I READ DO NOT IMAGINE AND LITERALLY FELL OUT OF MY CHAIR E YOU KILL ME EVERY TIME

all to myself: vlog 3

“It’s hard to be a vlogger when half your subscribers care more about your hot friends than you.”
- Y/N, from her April 23, 2016 vlog titled ‘Jimin shows his stupid abs 8 times (not clickbait)

↳ vlogger au
pairing: jimin x reader, yoongi x reader

teaser&info (i suggest reading this first) | 1 | 2 | 3 | on-going

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for anon who requested something super fluffy about vernon and his long distance girlfriend. i had so so much fun writing this and may have gone a lil overboard, but im still excited. i hope you like it! (also, sorry for any typos or weird grammar errors, i still need to do a lil bit of editing but i didnt want you to wait too long before i posted it <3)

genre: the fluffiest fluff

word count: 1,256

warnings: none <3

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     It was early. It was cold. You were tired. Honestly, by this point, the only thing you wanted was food that wasn’t from an airplane, but you still had 3 hours to go. Staring out the window at the perfect, fluffy clouds eventually got boring, so you shut your eyes and tried your hardest to get another nap in.
When you woke up again, the plane was just about to land. It took you a second, but once you came to your surroundings, your heart jumped. You were gonna see him again. Biting back a grin, you waited patiently for the plane to land, and once it did, you were desperate to get back on land.
Coming out of the airport and into a taxi, you had realized a terrible mistake in fashion. Where you lived, it was really warm, but it was still chilly in Korea. You wrapped your arms around yourself and hoped that the dorm the boys stayed in was relatively close. To your relief, the taxi quickly made it to the dorm where your boyfriend and his 12 band mates lived. Biting back nerves and any fears, you swallowed, and raised your hand to the door. A couple short knocks seemed to echo inside until the door opened to a very shocked Seungcheol. Before he could say anything, you interrupted him, praying that he wouldn’t ruin the surprise. 

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Traveling with BTS { 2/7 }

• he would sing loud at 5 am because he is sooo nervous
• packing everything neatly and perfect
• would chat with the other members before waking you up
• “ Babe we have to go! Or we will miss our plane!” - “ Namjoon we have 3 hours left”
• listening to music to relax
• you would make secretly pictures of him
• when you’re finally in the airplane oh lord prepare your hand :)
• suddenly telling you weird facts about everything
• he will act cool when you will arrive there
• but will gets so soft when you’re in your room
• he would find very interesting places where you could take pictures together
• everyone will think that you’re already married
• he would prepare a very romantic dinner
• and give you sooooo many compliments
• in the end of the end CUDDLING
• sending the pictures to his mom
• P.S.: she loves it
• matching Ryan the lion pajama
• giving you alottt of morning kisses

Unexpected (Part 8 - Final...)

Your relationship with Yoongi has finally returned to a happy healthy place, but he is ready to start pushing some boundaries.

Warning: This chapter is long - 17000+ words. There is so much sex in here, I was worried that you might get tired of it (LOL!).  Super graphic and vulgar, like usual.  Lots of dirty talk, including derogatory name calling during sex – but then so do most of my stories. Includes non-BTS idols in major roles for this chapter.

Parts: 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8 (final)  8.5 (bonus)

It was 3pm.  Yoongi’s plane had landed at 2pm and now you were just waiting to hear from him.  He told you that he would come to your apartment as soon as he could after landing, and you were getting impatient waiting for him.  You busied yourself with cleaning the apartment as a distraction.  Between getting his luggage, going through customs, making his way through fans, driving back to his place to drop things off before turning around to come to your apartment… it was probably going to be another hour or even longer before he would be at your place.

It had been three weeks since you had last been together; he and the other boys were on a tour through several countries.  While he was away, he texted you frequently, sharing pictures of the places he was visiting and the two of you made a point to video chat every night before he went to sleep.  Being able to see his face even though he was so far away, was a comfort to you.  Yoongi would tell you funny stories about what was happening on the road or share snippets of songs he was writing; on a few occasions you made arrangements to share a meal over the internet – you would set up the laptop across from you on the table as if he was sitting there while you ate your meal and he would do the same, eating whatever he had ordered from room service.  More often than not, your late chats would devolve into an online sex session, with Yoongi asking you to strip and bend over in front of the camera, pulling your pussy lips apart so he could see inside you while you described a fictional account of you having sex with other men while he was gone. 

When Yoongi was still in town, role playing was something you would do maybe once a week to provide some variety to your love-making, but while he was out of town, role playing took a much more prominent position.  The scenarios you played out all started in different ways, but they always ended the same… with a graphic description of another man having sex with you, ejaculating in you, followed usually by Yoongi ejaculating in real life from masturbating while you spoke.  As much fun as your on-line sex sessions were, you were looking forward to doing something a little different.

It was 3:45pm when your doorbell rang.  When you opened your door, Yoongi came bursting through, throwing his bag on the floor and pulling you immediately into a deep kiss, thrusting his tongue violently into your mouth without even saying a word to you first.  He wrapped one arm tightly around your waist to keep your body close to him while the other hand rested on the back of your head to keep your lips tightly locked with his.  Yoongi walked you backwards towards your bedroom while still kissing you feverishly, the movement was awkward since you both were too preoccupied with the kiss to pay much attention to where you were going.  Your feet got tangled up with each other more than once, you almost fell over when he accidentally backed you into a chair and he fumbled with the door knob to your bedroom.  Once he managed to get the door open, he walked you directly into the door jamb where you hit your head with a loud crack.  You cried out at the sudden pain and Yoongi pulled away, his eyes wide with shock.

“I’m sorry.  I’m so sorry.  I wasn’t paying attention, I was just so eager to get to the bed, I misjudged the width of the doorway.  I’m sorry.  Are you okay?”  Yoongi’s hands cradled your head while he looked to see how badly you were hurt.

You couldn’t help but start laughing at the situation. “I’ve missed you so much,” you told him.

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😊Stressed Out Trip Home (Grayson x Reader)

Summary: Hi! Can I get a gray imagine where he gets really stressed out, and he ends up taking y/n to jersey with him and showing her all of his childhood places and takes her to meet the family please!

Warnings: None

A/N: I hope you guys like this! This was more about Y/N meeting his family, but still enjoy! Requests are Open! 

“Grayson relax.” I said as I was sitting on his bed. He was currently stressing out over some rumors going around about him and Ethan on twitter.

“We didn’t hook up with anyone! We aren’t doing drugs! We aren’t quitting Youtube! Who starts these rumors?” Grayson panics as he furiously clicks with his mouse.

“Baby shhhh it’s okay they’re just rumors.” I walk up behind him and wrap my arms around his shoulder holding him tightly. He rests his head against my arm before pushing his seat back causing me to let go.

“Wanna meet my family?” He asks taking my hands in his. I cock my head confused at him. “I’m serious Y/N. Whenever I get super stressed I fly to Jersey to clear my head. Y/N let’s go. We’ll be back by Monday in time for classes. Come on.” Grayson begs and I think for a minute. Today was Friday so we would be gone for about two days. I’ve never met Grayson’s parents either. I’ve only ever hung out with E and Cam on occasion. However, the fact Grayson wants me to meet his family makes my heart flutter. I looked into his brown eyes and his white smile. He gives my hands a gentle kiss. I knew my answer.

“Let’s do it.” Grayson jumped up and pulled me in for a kiss.

“Great because I just got our plane tickets and we leave at 3 so be ready.” He says before he runs out of the room to pack.


“And this is where Ethan and I went to school for a little bit.” Grayson says as he’s showing me around his home town. We left LA around 3pm and it took about 5 hours to get here on just a straight flight. We crashed at a hotel because I wasn’t ready to meet his family just yet. This morning we woke up nice and early and drove around New Jersey this morning. We went to an old diner that he used to eat at every Sunday morning with his family. We just drove by his old school and now we were going to a park that he would go to whenever he needed inspiration or anything. After the park I think we would be heading to his house after the park too and I could feel the butterflies trying to break free from my stomach. I haven’t met Grayson’s parents at all and I was so worried to hear what they would think of me. Ethan told me not to worry and that they already loved me because Grayson did. Still, things can change.

“When’s dinner?” I asked snapping out of my thoughts. Grayson just chuckled as he took my hand in his and gave the back of my hand a gentle kiss.

“Babe you don’t have to be nervous for it. I’ve already told them about you and they are so excited to meet you. You have nothing to worry about.” He says rubbing his thumb on top of my hand. I felt a little bit of relief, but I still worried.

“Okay I’m just worried. What if they try and convince you that we shouldn’t be together? What if they think we are bad together? What if–”

“Babe.” Grayson cuts me off. “Come on.” Grayson gets out of the car and I do the same. He walks to my side and gives me the biggest hug he’s ever given me before. He slightly pushes me against the car. His head rests in the crook between my neck and my shoulder. His hug feels so nice and warm. “Don’t worry okay? We came here to get away from the stress.

They’re going to love you. Please stop worrying.” He mumbles into my shoulder, but I understand every word. Hearing him attempt to calm my nerves made me melt. He was always so thoughtful and caring with everyone. That’s probably why he’s so stressed all the time is he’s worrying about pleasing everyone else before taking care of himself. I interlocked my arms under his so they wrapped around his shoulders while I buried my face in his chest.

“I love you Gray.” I said as he stroked his hand up and down my back.

“I love you too Y/N and that’s why I want you to meet my family so they can love you as much as I do.” He says as he kisses my lips softly. I kiss him back which makes him pull away smiling. “Well maybe not that much.” He says as we both started laughing. “Come on, I’ll show you the monkey bars that Ethan pushed me off of and broke my collarbone in second grade.” He takes my hand leading me to the park. We climbed in jungle gym, slid down the slides, played hop scotch, and he even helped me on the monkey bars. We laughed and just had an overall good time. We hung out at the park for a few hours before going to Grayson’s favorite ice cream shop and having dessert before going to his parents house. As we pulled in the driveway I could feel my stomach knotting up again. Grayson must have sensed my nerves rising, because he took my hand in his and rubbed his thumb softly. He then leaned over the console and kissing my lips with a little force but he was oh so gentle. “Ready?” He asks smiling. I nodded. We got out of the car and he took my hand in his and we walked up to the front door. He gave me a kiss on the cheek before he opened the door.

“Mom! Dad!” He hollers as a woman walks out from the kitchen. She has dark hair which lightens at the ends. She was smiling wide.

“Gray! How are you?” She comes up and gives him a hug which he gives on back. She pulls away and looks to me. “And you must be the famous Y/N Grayson always tells us about. I’m Lisa, Gray’s mom, and Sean is somewhere around here. You kids go sit at the table. Dinner is almost done.” She tells us and we do just that. I sit next to Grayson who starts to put food on his plate.

“Ahem.” We hear a man clear his throat looking at us. “I know you are not serving yourself before feeding your girl. That’s not how we raised you.” I started chuckling softly and Grayson looked worried.

“No of course not sir.” Grayson says and he grabs my plate and he starts to pile mashed potatoes and some chicken on to it.

“That’s what I thought. Hello there I’m Sean, also known as Grayson’s dad.” He introduced walking over to me. Lisa then walks in the kitchen too.

“Hey I’m Y/N.” I said awkwardly.

“Yes Y/N we know all about you. If Grayson isn’t telling us about you, then Ethan or Cam is.” Lisa says as she sits next to Sean who was sitting at the head of the table. We all sit around and have little conversation here and there. Grayson’s hand was on mine under the table and he would squeeze every so often to reassure me everything was fine.

“You are the first girl Grayson has ever brought home to meet us believe it or not.” Sean says and Grayson snaps a look to his dad. I smile and I could feel myself blushing.

“Dad.” Grayson groans.

“Yeah Grayson has never been smooth with the ladies. Ethan and him are both pretty awkward kids. I mean look at their father.” Lisa says laughing. Sean looks to her while Gray buries his face in his hands. This time I give him a reassuring squeeze. He looks to me which I crack a smile for him.

“Yeah but in the end I got the coolest girl I know and that’s what my sons will do. I mean it looks like he’s already following in my steps. Look at Y/N. She’s a sweet peach.” Sean says which sends Grayson and I into a fit of laughter.

“Yeah you’re right honey.” Lisa leans in and give Sean a kiss on his cheek which makes me gawk.

“You two are so cute.” I said blushing.

“Well so are you two. You know when I first met Sean’s parents he would squeeze my hand too when I felt nervous.” Lisa says sipping her water. I immediately turn red and I feel embarrassed. “Don’t worry honey we love you. You have no reason to be nervous. Grayson is definitely happier with you and that’s all we want in the end is for him to be happy. Plus, you’re absolutely stunning.” She says which makes me sigh in relief.

“That’s so sweet of you guys to say. I really do like Grayson a lot. You guys did a wonderful job raising him.” I said sounding really awkward.

“Well thank you. We can only do so much. And don’t worry honey he really likes you too. He tells us all the time. He says ‘guys Y/N is honestly so perfect’ or ‘she means everything to me wow I love her’ or sometimes–” Grayson interrupts.

“Alright mom we really need to head out. We’ve had a busy day so we’re going to bed so we can escape this conversation.” He says before pulling my hand to stand with him. His parents give us a hug goodbye, not before Lisa showed me baby pictures of Grayson like him in the tub or just in a diaper.

“It was great meeting you guys.” I said which Lisa gave me a big hug.

“It was great to finally meet the girl Grayson won’t stop talking about. Everything he told us about you does no justice because you are too amazing for words.” Lisa says giving me another hug.

“Don’t be a strange now you two. We love you.” Sean says and Grayson and I walk to the car.

“I love you guys.” Grayson says which I wave goodbye as we sit in his car. We start driving away to the hotel which I look to Grayson.

“I love you so much. Your family is so great.” I said and he takes my hand and kisses the back of it while keeping one hand on the wheel.

“I love you too and I’m pretty sure they love you too. I mean you are the first girl I’ve brought home.” He says shrugging which makes me laugh.

“Well I feel special. I hope this trip relieved your stress.” I said which makes him nod.

“I’m here with you, I got to show you around my hometown, and my parents absolutely love you. If that didn’t relieve my stress I don’t know what will.” He looks to me out the corner of his eye. “I hope you enjoyed Jersey Y/N. I do want to bring you back many times from now.”

“As long as I’m with you I’m ready for anything.” I said kissing his cheek as he parks the car and we walk up to our room and we change into our pajamas. I cuddle into Grayson who has his arm wrapped around me tightly as we drift off to sleep.

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All My Idols Ch 1: First Class

Hi lovelies I’m sorry I don’t have a new chapter of Bad Girl or I Am An Alpha for you tonight so I’m going to add another one of my stories. This one has no smut! It’s a lot of fluff so be prepared!

Summary:  Twenty-two year old, Charlotte Quinn has decided, on a whim, to up and move to Korea. She has a good idea of the culture and knows the language well, and can’t deny her love of kpop. So when she runs into big bang at the airport on her way to her new home she doesn’t know what to do. Somehow she ends up befriending them and is lead into a whole new world of idols. She doesn’t know what to do when she sees all of her favorite idols in person and is even more thrown off when they want to befriend her as well. What is a girl to do but say yes?

I have never been so exhausted in my whole entire life. I sit down at the terminal, frustrated and starving, upset that all the little shops were closed or too expensive. After being stuck at the Chicago airport for almost 24 hours I have never been so excited to get into one of those uncomfortable economy seats. Glancing around, I’m surprised to be one of the few at the terminal, only about half of what it would take to fill one of those giant planes. One of the screens displaying the take off time and board time changes once again. Another hour delay, giving me three more hours to wait, having us leaving at 3 am. Fucking delightful.

I slouch lower in my chair before deciding to use the bathroom one more time incase the flight leaves earlier. Making sure I have all my belongings I head towards one of the many bathroom, picking the one farthest away just to waste time. To my surprise I see a group of security guards standing outside of the men’s bathroom. I try not to stare at I pass, quickly going into the women’s bathroom. After taking care of my business I leave the bathroom, mindlessly staring at my phone, when I bump into someone. Looking up to apologize, I’m surprised at the strangely familiar face staring back down at me with a solid cold expression.

Top. Big Bang’s Top. My bias of the group. He’s even more handsome in person with his strong jaw and perfect face. He is wearing what you expect from Top, a very nice suit, his black hair is perfectly styled.

Without a thought, I bow slightly, mumbling a small sorry in Korean. I can tell he is slightly surprised by me speaking to him in his own language. He tells me it’s no problem before scanning around us. I follow his eyes, noticing the group of security is now gone.

“They left me,” He puffs out.

“Where are you trying to go?” I ask. He looks back down at me, still surprised by my Korean.

“The flight to Korea.”

I give him a small smile, “I’m heading there too,” He just stares at me, “I can show you the way.” I start walking without waiting for his response, figuring if he wants to follow he will and if not, oh well. I’m a bit surprised seeing him here. I knew they were in America, I had just seen them not to long ago when they were in Newerk but to see him this close makes me nervous. But I’m much too scared of fan girling and scaring him away to show it. He stays a few steps behind me as I lead him through the almost empty wing. I can feel his eyes boring into the back of my head.

I’m surprised when he asks, “Do you know who I am?” I look at him over my shoulder, like I thought his eyes are glued on me.

“Yes,” I all I say as I turn back around.

“I feel like I’m at a disadvantage.” He walks faster, coming up next to me, “What is your name?” It’s my turn to stare, from what I now of Top he isn’t the friendliest person, just the quiet one that can randomly get weird with those he is comfortable with.  

“Charlie,” I say slowly, over pronouncing it.

“Charlie,” He repeats just as slowly, trying his best to say it right, making me smile. He gives me a soft smile in return. We walk basically across the whole entire airport talking about nothing really, he asks me random questions, as if he is filling out a profile for me. I tell him my hometown, age, blood type, where my new apartment is located, and he almost died laughing when I told him my height. We talk as if we are old friends, his friendliness and silly questions, ruining my idea of him, replacing it with something much better. Neither of us notice when we finally reach the gate.

“Hyung!” A familiar voice yells out, drawing us out of our bubble. We look to the man who yelled, Seungri. My smile drops as I step away from Top, not realizing how close we standing. The younger blonde man’s eyes move away from his hyung to me, nervously wrapping my arms around my body. “Who do we have here?” The younger steps closer to us to get a better look at me, prompting me to step back and Top to step in front of me.

“A friend.” Top deadpans, his playfulness gone. Seungri, like I had imagined, isn’t phased by the older’s coldness.

“Seungri-ah, leave him alone,” Another familiar voice calls from their spot amongst the seats. Peeking around Top I see the other three were looking away from their phones to stare at these two. They were siting in the last few rows of the gates seating, a few security guards re hanging around, along with their staff.

“Are you a fan?” Seungri asks me once he sees me peeking around Top.

All I can do is nod.

He smiles big at me, making me give a small smile back, “Really? Who is your bias?” I’m surprised when he steps around Top to be right in front of me. I nearly fall back as I try to step away, not that I don’t enjoy his closeness I’m just overwhelmed by it.

“Seungri,” Top growls as he tries to get in between Seungri and I.

“Just let him ask Hyung,” The voice from before, GD, says with amusement, his phone now put away, his complete attention on us. I realize that Taeyang and Daesung have done the same, small smiles on their faces.

“Well?” Seungri digs. When I don’t respond he frowns before looking to Top, “Does she not speak Korean?”

“She does, she probably just doesn’t want to talk to you,” Top teases. I laugh at that, making Seungri’s head snap back to me.

“You do speak Korean!”

I nod.

“Why won’t you answer me?” He pouts like a child.

“I don’t speak Korean that well,” I say quietly. That’s a bit of a lie, I actually know Korean very well, but my speaking isn’t the best. I have never felt embarrassed speaking it to people here but now with five Koreans staring at me I feel as if I’ll mess up and insult them in some way.

“You speak just fine,” Top says waving my fears away.

“Just say the name,” Seungri demands.

“Top-ssi.” I reply honestly. Seungri pouts, Top smiles at me, finally successfully moving the pouting blond away from me.

“Who is after him?” Seungri tries again.

Without any hesitation, “Taeyang-ssi.”

“After that?’


“I swear to god.” He whines.

Without him asking I say one more, “Daesung-ssi.” The others are laughing their ass off as Seungri goes back to his seat, grumbling something about how no one appreciates him.

“I like her,” GD says between laughs, “Come sit with us,” he waves me over to the empty spot next to him. I look over at Top, who waves through their bags on the floor to the spot over. I quickly follow sitting between the two very handsome men.

“What is your name?” Daesung asks, he is sitting across from me, his arms resting on his elbows as he leans closer to me.

“Charlie.” I respond shortly.

“Where are you from?”

“A couple states over.”

“Why are you going to Korea?”

“I’m actually moving there.”

He smiles, “That’s exciting! Do you have any friends there? Or is it for work purposes?”

“It’s more of a spur of the moment thing,” I answer nervously, Taeyang and Seungri, who have been looking at their phones, are now looking back at me. “I just kind of decided this within the last month.”

“Wow, why so sudden?” GD asks this time.

“I just felt like going? That sounds really irresponsible but I don’t have much holding me back here, so I just decided to pack up and go.”

“That brave, what make you pick Korea?” Taeyang asks, all their questions and attention is making me nervous. I look down at my hands.

“I’ve liked the idea of living in Korea for the couple years, since I was 17, and since I took the time to learn the language, I figured why not there?”

They all nod.

“So how long have you been a fan?” Seungri asks, coming out of his slump.

“Almost a year.”

“Were we your first?” He earns a punch from Taeyang for such a dirty phrased question.

I laugh, “Technically, yes. Though I listened to Super Junior first, you are the first group I learned.”

“Really? And are we your favorite right?” Seungri continued to ask.

“You are the group I have traveled the farthest for.”

“What does that mean?”

“I went to Newerk to see you in concert.”

They all smile at that, “You saw us in concert?”

“Yea! It was absolutely amazing! You guys did such a great job!” I say, letting my fan girl out a bit.

GD is grinning big at me, “Thank you so much, it’s great to hear that the fans had fun.”

We talk for the next two hours, I ask about their other concerts and the places they’ve been and things they’ve done while on tour. In turn, they ask me about myself, their interest in me surprising, not just me but from the stares of their crew, I can tell this isn’t normal. I’m thrown off even more when Top puts his arm around the back of my chair; his hand brushes my shoulder. An action noticed by everyone of the member but no one says anything, they just glance at it every now and than. When it’s time to board, it no surprise that they are in first class, they stand up when class 1 is called.

I give them my best smile and say, “It was nice to meet you.”

They all share a glance before Taeyang speaks up, “Come to first class with us.”

“There probably aren’t any spots,” I wave that idea away, “I can’t afford it anyway.”

Again they glance at each other, Top ends up grabbing my hand and leading to the entrance to the plane. We pass the woman at the desk, who just looks confused but once one of Big Bang’s people come up and talk to her the problem seems to be resolved. Top wordlessly leads me to one of the seats, placing me in the aisle seat, while he gets the window. The others join us with smiles on their faces, Taeyang sits on the other side of the aisle next to me, GD is next to him, while Seungri and Daesung are in front of us.

“Thank you,” I say, staring at my hands, a small blush crosses my tan cheeks.

“You’re welcome.” Top says as he pats my head like a child. The action is strange but comforting, making me smile. He relaxes in his seat, something he does with ease and elegance. I don’t even want to know how much I look like a mess as I try to get comfortable. An attendant walks by, handing out blankets and pillows which I eagerly accept. Making myself comfortable became much easier as I lean my chair back and curl up on my seat with my blanket, sleep sounds amazing, and an 11 hour flight is the perfect time to do so. I didn’t notice that the boys have been watching me with interest as I had made my little nest.

“Tired?” Taeyang asks as he also leans his seat back, making our eyes level, both of us on our sides.

“I’m exhausted. 30 hours with no sleep.” I yawn back as I nuzzle myself deeper into my pillow. He doesn’t respond when my eyes close but I can feel him staring at me, actually I can feel almost all of the staring at me. All except for Daesung, who is like me and actually wants to sleep.

I don’t sleep for long, only 4 hours, because of breakfast. It’s seven back home but I don’t know what time zone we are in at the moment. Top has woken me up to eat, I pick the rice and chicken, while Top take the omelet. We eat in silence, just enjoying each other’s company, at least for a little while before Seungri starts talking again. I can’t get myself to fall back asleep when they start talking, I just want to listen and talk to them forever. The flight goes by quickly, too quick if you ask me, and I’ve already shared my embarrassing stories with, and earned a few of theirs. The idea of not being able to talk to them like this again breaks my heart.

I can’t believe my ears when Top asks for my phone number, not in a hit on me way though, definitely a friendly way. With the other boys hounding me, I can’t say no to them, not that I want to. After typing my number in Top’s phone I feel nervous and can’t help but start giggling. When we land the boys leave first, actually giving me hugs as they go, Top being the last and the longest hug. Even though we are only friends, if that, we didn’t want the fans who were waiting to spot us together.

I find myself laughing at the last day and a half of my life, thinking that would be the high point for me. But little did I know, that it was just the beginning.

PS I love watching you guys binge read Good Girl and other stories, my friends keep asking why my phone is blowing up and I don’t know how to tell them it’s from a bunch of girls reading my dirty fan fiction. Please enjoy and let me know how you like it!

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I want you to know that I am flying halfway across the world on Monday (5/22) to spend three weeks trekking thru Malaysian rainforest disconnected from the world. So if u don't post obs ch 3 this Sunday pls be aware that one of your fans will be suffering, bereft of your fic for 21 days in a hot, southeast Asian rainforest. (lmao. Please take your time writing. Im just teasing; needed someone to know my pain)

Honestly in regards to the post date there are 2 ways it could go. I have a very long plane journey ahead of me in a few hours which also includes a nine hour stopover. So either I get huge amounts of writing done while travelling and all is good or I get disorientated and jet-lagged and can’t write on a plane full of crying babies and nothing gets done at all. We’ll just have to wait and see!  

The Blue Stick

Pairing: Steve x reader  

Warning: Swearing. Pregnancy.

(Remember to always have protected sex people!!)  

A/N: This changes readers points of view. 

(Y/N) your name

(Y/H/C) your hair color

Things with Steve and The Avengers are great till you think you have the flu. When the stick turns blue everything changes, how are you going to tell Steve. Nothings going to be the same anymore and you’re not sure how you’re going to break it to Steve what if he isn’t ready, what if you’re not ready to give your life as part of the Avengers. Everything changes when something goes bad and the team including Steve is waiting for answers.   

“Are you sick?” Nat asks as she tosses you a bottle of water while you slide into a stool at the island she’s eyeing you suspiciously like you might be hiding something. You had finished your work out and Nat kicked your ass across the gym, which wasn’t unusual but this time you just couldn’t handle your own which was unusual.

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what if yixing eventually gets to do a solo concert? like after he releases another solo album or two… what if he really gets to share his music with an entire arena just there for him n him only? what if there’s a dvd of the concert what if I ever get to watch like 3 hours of my man doing what he loves n performing his own music for us n doing the absolute Most n being the corniest in 3 languages I’d well n truly leave this plane of existence

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NAME: Magdaline
NICKNAME: Maggie is literally the only thing I respond to like for 20 minutes @eliai-iriai was calling me Magdaline and I was completely oblivious
ZODIAC SIGN: Sagittarius 
HEIGHT: 5′9-10″?
ETHNICITY: mainly Mexican, Filipino, like a quarter assorted white idfk a lot of things tbqh
ORIENTATION: I like kitchen utensils (pan all the way)
FAVOURITE FRUIT: Strawberries and grapes
FAVOURITE FLOWERS: Stargazers (imagine that stars lmao)
FAVOURITE SCENT: When you step off the plane at the Honolulu Airport, that distinctly Hawaiian smell
FAVOURITE ANIMAL: Foxes or otters
FAVOURITE FICTIONAL CHARACTERS: How dare you ask that… Jesse McCree and Gabriel Reyes
NUMBER OF BLANKETS YOU SLEEP WITH: currently like two but theyre soft as fuck and i love them
BLOG CREATED: Ok well I created this account fucking ages ago but I didnt know how to use it at the time bc I was fucking smol and then in freshman year my friends like hey make one and I’m like wait what the fuck it says I have one so I just changed that one so I’ll use that as when it was created September 2013

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