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Apollo/Trucy Swap AU

Basically an AU where everything is the same but Apollo and Trucy’s roles are swapped. They’re ages aren’t, Apollo is still older and Trucy is younger, just Apollo is the magician that Phoenix takes in and Trucy becomes a Defense Attorney. (I haven’t finished SoJ yet so I don’t have all the details yet)

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i feel like if aliens do exist, we are one of the youngest planets ever so like we are just the babies and they probably don’t want to ever hang with our lame asses until we are at like a trillion years old and have sorted out our shit. 

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Why do you think people ship hanzo/mccree I've always wondered. Is it because of a Reason or is it because someone thought of it and everyone decided they agreed?

There’s a reason!

Okay so, there’s this whole samurai/cowboy thing that people have loved since basically forever. Which results in things like Shanghai Noon where the outcast and slightly misfit American cowboy teams up with a mysteriously bereft Asian warrior to save the day. A Japanese example of the trope being Sukiyaki Western Django. But it’s not just an American/Japanese trope. It’s global. Like another film I can think of is the French-Italian-Spanish produced Western film Red Sun. Just those three movies spread the trope across at least three continents and there are more I can’t remember right now. And that’s just movies, not even counting anime or American animation or video games that include this. 

The Japanese side of this trope generally is thought to stem from Akira Kurosawa modeling several of his samurai films after American Westerns. Which then caused Americans to re-make those movies back into ‘Actual’ Westerns. (See Seven Samurais becoming The Magnificent Seven, and then that whole trope going out of control on its own which is a story for another day.)

Both samurai and gunslinger archetypes occupy the same space as sort of updated versions of the Knight Errant trope and is something that unites different parts of the fandom across the globe. It gives characters basic aspects of each other to relate to and a sense of understanding to base things off of. (Usually in the trope this contributes to the cowboy and the samurai working towards a common goal, in our context it’s the basis for a romantic relationship.) 

But regardless of that, a lot of those things could also apply to McCree/Genji, and the reason I think that ship is less popular with the fans is cause Hanzo and McCree initially appeared to be closer in age to each other. (And I think some people might be uncomfortable shipping Genji because he’s a cyborg.)

So   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ there’s reasons, but who knows how much that consciously played into people deciding to ship it.