getting my yall on for the south


Do you have sex in jail: - NO, I have not had sex since sept. 15 , 2013 the nite before I got locked up

Where are you from: - im from the Bronx, but I moved down south in 2002

Where are you locked up at: - im locked up in NC

How much time do you have left: - I told yall already I come home the end of 2021 if I stay out of trouble. Please stop asking me that.

How old are you: - Im 29. Its on my profile yet yall ask me that EVERYDAY

What are you looking for: - I ain’t looking for nothing, just started my Tumblr to have something to do when I get bored and to document my daily activities, struggle,,thoughts and routines so I can look back on it when I get out. Nothing more/less.

Where you going when you get out: - Not sure yet, can either move to charlotte, atl or back to NY. Got family and friends everywhere.

  • Akira: I don’t want to be a delinquent my whole life, you know what i’m sayin’. Hey for real, I got bigger and better plans, you know what i’m sayin’. Figured I’d get me a job at the post office, you know, maybe at a bank. You know what I’m saying.
  • Yoshida: That’s all good, man.
  • Akira: Work real hard. Work my way up to manager.
  • Yoshida: We need more young people like this.
  • Akira: You know what I’m saying? Learn the system a little bit. [pulls out a pistol an cocks it] Then I’ll rob that motherfucker blind. Break all yall selves.

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Heyo! I'm a Toppklass, Monbebe and Fantasy (Topp Dogg, Monsta X, Sf9) and I was wondering if you could name some other really funny and crazy groups to stan (Preferably underrated). Is it possible to get links to their vids or names of vids at least? I know you're really busy with all those requests so sorry for adding to the work load. Thank you!

Don’t worry bb I love it when yall go out of your way to stan underrated groups, it warms my heart bruh…I’m gonna list a few that you might be interested in and try to link some videos for you ;’))))

•  Cross Gene!!
•  They’re a group who debuted in 2012 with 6 members: 4 south Korean, 1 Chinese, and 1 Japanese  (listen he’ll break ur heart don’t watch Takuya’s gay lil drama)
•  they’re pretty big in Japan and have many Japanese releases of their songs
•  they’re so talented but it seems like they’ve been having trouble with their company and contracts lately, there’s just not that many people who are giving them the recognition they deserve, so please support them I’d love you forever!!!

Some videos to watch: (or all their ASC videos but this one is my fav they’re hilarious) (a song for you) (just them being idiots and exposing each other via lie detector) (Play with Me, my favorite song by them ahshdjd it’s so catchy)

Please check them out n give them some love bc they deserve it

•  Day6!!
•  they debuted as a group of 6 in 2015, but a member left shortly after their first release bc of some dating/scandal rumours idk it wasn’t bad tho
•  jae has actually been one of the main hosts of ASC for the past year or so and he makes the whole show tbh
•  it’s been scientifically proven that day6 cannot come out with a bad song, they’re all hits and bops and they fit to everyone’s tastes (my fave is I Wait)

Some videos to watch: (just do yourself a favor and watch all the ASC videos tbh) (dorm tour feat. Father sungjin) (just an interview of them being dorks) (my fave song by them, I Wait)

They’re finally getting their career together thanks to jyp, please support them!!

•  B.A.P!!
•  I recently just got into them and tbh what have I been missing on
•  they’re not exactly *underrated* but it’s insane how underrated they are now compared to what they used to be before their long hiatus
•  they’ve had some trouble with their evil company but now they’ve come out on top and they’re ready to kill us all…You’ll be blessed, is2g

Some videos to watch: (weekly idol, get ready for the cringe) (again, watch all their ASC episodes bc they’re hilarious, you’re welcome) (the Qmentary, all out to expose each other rip) (Wake Me Up, an actual masterpiece)

Please support their solos and future projects together bc they can’t lose fans and popularity again :((((

If yall have any other suggestions for nonnie, add on to the list!!

Bless Your Heart-Part 1

A/N: This was written for @deanjensengirlmaggie’s strange pairings challenge. It’s my first attempt at fan fiction, and it got a little out of control, but I was having so much fun that I just decided to roll with it. Since I have to break it into two parts, I decided to steal another quote from her list of prompt choices and use one in each half. I really hope you enjoy it!

Warnings: Language and some explicit content (sexy but not full blown smutty)

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“Dude, what the hell are we doing here? I’m gonna to get carried off by these pterodactyls,” Dean complained as he doused himself in another layer of Off Deep Woods.

“Man, quit being a whimp. I can’t believe you are even complaining. We are somewhere tropical for a change. It’s not cold. It’s not the end of the world. Just a regular case in a beautiful country. If a few mosquitoes are the worst we have to deal with, I’ll take it,” Sam countered.

“Yeah, yeah, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth and all that shit. I get it, Sammy. Still don’t want to get Zika though.” Dean glanced around at his immediate surroundings and he had to admit, though he’d never say it out loud, Sam had a point. Belize was something else. Better than their normal gig, that was for sure. Waves beat against the reef that stretched under the crystal-clear water right off the coast of Ambergris Caye and a nice breeze carried the smell of salt right to the boys’ noses and almost made them forget why they even came. Maybe they could spend a few days and eat some salbutes, catch a few fish, and throw back a few beers with Eliazar and a couple other locals. 

 “Tell me again what E said about these missing fellas on the island,” Dean said at about the same time a tourist in a neon pink golf cart nearly plowed him down in the middle of Front Street.

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yo, sorry if this is more bothersome than anything else, but i really hope you, alana, and everyone else will be alright in the coming storm. ive been watching the news and keepin yall in my thoughts, stay safe

this isn’t bothersome at all! it’s actually very sweet and i really hope everyone will be okay too. from the looks of it, the part of florida that alana and i live in won’t be getting the brunt of the storm but those arms, man. i’m more worried about the people in south florida and all the islands that got hit… especially with jose right behind irma.

On S7, Jon, Sansa, & the weirwood

Prior to 7.02, there was lots of hope among Jonsa fans (aided by glimpses in the S7 promo) that we might get a scene of Jon and Sansa by the Winterfell weirwood before he left to go south. And yall let me tell you, I get it, I do. This is the NedxCat parallel that I *LONG* for. But before 702, I prepared myself for the likelihood that it was not yet time for this parallel right now. I know some fans were disappointed we didn’t get that scene in 7.02. I wrote this up in my drafts last week and it got lost and never got posted. But in effort to spread some Jonsa positivity, I thought I’d share. This was my rational for why 7.02 was not the time for a Jonsa weirwood scene, but not to discount one in the future:

In the books, Sansa, like all the Stark kids, has been tied to the godswood since AGOT. But in the show, I only count twice that Sansa has been there: her wedding to Ramsey in S5 and then LF declaring his intentions to her in S6. When we see Sansa sitting peacefully under its leaves in 610, it’s as if Sansa as reclaimed the weirwood back as *hers* after reclaiming Winterfell and committing Ramsey to death. And then here comes LF, tarnishing the weirwood all over again. So I reason LF has to die (at Sansa’s hand) before the Winterfell weirwood be—for lack of a better word—"purified" in Sansa’s eyes, for a true Jonsa weirwood scene.

Also, we’ve already had so many the NedxCat parallels going on already. There’s only so many NedxCat scenes left to parallel, so they have to save some for S8!

The original NedxCat scene at the weirwood is my absolute favorite and super iconic. Where Cat brings Ned the raven about Jon Arryn’s death and King Robert’s visit, which both understand as a call for him to go South.

My hunch was that doing a Jon x Sansa scene by the weirwood in 7.02 would have been a little bit TOO on the nose right now. Especially if they’re not going to take the same path–unlike Ned and Cat, a reunion for Jon and Sansa is practically mandatory.

Also, in terms of pacing for these final 13 eps, it’d be too early in the narrative, for the same reason Jon probably will not reunite with Arya until S8. Both are these iconic scenes from the first two episodes of the show (or first 150 pages of the book, whichever way you look at it!) that will most likely be bookends to the series.

So, if I were to bet on anything in the series, it’s that Jon and Sansa will get a weirwood scene before the series closes. We’ll just have to have patience.

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Can wr get a (south park style) comic (kyman) with parts

Hmm I’ve actually kind of thought about that, but I was only able to think of a huge plot for the Exposure comic. Like I can do one (it’ll even be like 10x easier and faster to make) but maybe yall wanna shoot me some ideas for a lengthy comic in the south park style, my ideas are kinda all in the Exposure comic ath the moment.


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I was tagged by @stuck-in-theclouds Love you!!!

Relationship status: Single? I’m kinda dating a girl but idk if we’re together?

Favourite colour: Red

Three favourite foods: Cucumbers, cherries, and pasta

Last song I listened to: Technically, it was Dentist from Little shop of horrors

Last movie I watched: uhhhh, beats me

Top three favourite TV shows: The Good Doctor, Adventure time, South Park (I have such bad taste, I know)

Top three favourite bands: Marina and the Diamonds, Owl city, and panic! At the disco

Book I’m currently reading: The five people you meet in heaven

I’m tagging: @uniquenightmarecollector @naenae00love @family-charades @misswingless @andy-the-anon @freiheitsdroge @traaaashchild @coincidence-said-to-fate @italian-ice-13 ALSO!! If you see this take it as a tag from me because I’m forgetful of urls

America is becoming more trash by the minute. I honestly don’t want to spend my college years here if every damn day the government finds a way to butt fuck our lives…

How’s the U.K.? Is their universities good? What is the highest paid industry right now? Trying to get into either medical, law, or buisness.

Perhaps I can go to Europe. My French accent is pure ass but other than that I can keep up with conversations. I know some Italian and Spanish here and there…I hear Finland is lit but I don’t know how yall niggas treat black folk so…Nigeria seems like a fine ass place to live in…Might consider South Korea or Canada…

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1. Age: 21, 22 in March 2. Race/Ethnicity: Half Jamaican (Mom)/ Panamanian (Dad) 3. Location: South Florida 4. My Tumblr SBs are like my friends. I tell yall ERRYTHING. 5. Fave Sugar Blogs: TBA 6. Sugar Start Date: few months after my 18th birthday 7. How many SDs I’ve had: 3 8. Allowance: 2-2.5 a week (Money for my bills, business, Savings acct, etc). Some weeks He wont give me cash money and im okay with that. He too has bills and things to take care of. He takes care of my needs so on weeks I dont get anything I dont cry about it. Im not a spoiled brat. And I actually respect him because of that. He teaches me the importance of saving what I have, investing and needs vs wants. 9. Perks: Shopping and occasionally a business trip here and there and my school tuition is paid (paid for my remaining 2 semesters because I lost my bright futures :p ) 10. Public or Discrete: We go out in Public together. He doesnt look his age. 11. Secret Life or Open Book: My mom and bestfriends know about him. I dont go putting our entire business out but if a person asks I dont lie. 12. Anything Else: Before I met Jet I had 2 jobs and had money, I model part time, was designing clothes in my house, and did hair. Having a SD shouldn’t be because you are desperate for money because you lose your self worth and will succumb to even the lowest of an allowance. Unless all you want is your phone bill paid for. Main started me off with 500 a week. As our relationship grew so did my allowance. Those just starting off. Simply think about what your needs are and base what you want off that. About Jet (current SD) 1. How we met: Marketing Event in Orlando 2. His age: 40 3. Race/Ethnicity: Half Black Half Hispanic 4. Kids: No 5. Married: No. 6. Sex Involved: Yes You do not NEED to have sex with a guy to have him be your SD. Main and I didnt have sex. He was just obsessed with having me around. Mini Advice: Know your limits and boundaries before becoming a sugar baby. Know your age limit. Are you willing to travel? Do you want something discrete? Would you date a married man? Know why you want to sugar in the first place. Being a sugar baby or being an escort can be risky. Try to find at least 1 friend (sugar baby or not) that is local and close to you that you can keep updated on your whereabouts when going on dates with POTs. Your life is more precious than any amount of money. Also do not compare yourself to another sugar baby. I use to envy MANY sbs when I first started. And it took me a lot of time, research and messups to finally get to the point I am now. Envying them didnt make my life any better or worse so there was no point. Dont try to be someone you arent. Like I stated before. Jet loved how into my business and marketing that its what attracted him to me. So be you and The right person will find you.

hey you racist fucks

calling cal asian and yelling ching chang chong at him not only makes him uncomfortable but it makes me and the other asians in the fam angry and awkward and unwanted because this is how i feel in real life whenever people make fun of me being asian. i get so much shit for my background in real life, so can you pieces of shit who are obsessed with being funny and popular find some new joke because i don’t think you’re funny i sort of just want to cut all of you.