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God Kenny, your hair is.....horrible

Kenny: What do you guys have against my hair? It’s just shaved, and yall whine like I’m permanently disfigured. 
Karen: What? Do they not like it?!

Karen: I tried really hard on that one! It looked cool in the pictures I saw…
Kenny: It does look cool! You did a great job on it, sis. 
Tweek: Well, now you guys hurt Karen’s feelings. 
Mrs. Tweak: Alrighty, kids. I think it’s time we put down the camera and get to work. 

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Heyo! I'm a Toppklass, Monbebe and Fantasy (Topp Dogg, Monsta X, Sf9) and I was wondering if you could name some other really funny and crazy groups to stan (Preferably underrated). Is it possible to get links to their vids or names of vids at least? I know you're really busy with all those requests so sorry for adding to the work load. Thank you!

Don’t worry bb I love it when yall go out of your way to stan underrated groups, it warms my heart bruh…I’m gonna list a few that you might be interested in and try to link some videos for you ;’))))

•  Cross Gene!!
•  They’re a group who debuted in 2012 with 6 members: 4 south Korean, 1 Chinese, and 1 Japanese  (listen he’ll break ur heart don’t watch Takuya’s gay lil drama)
•  they’re pretty big in Japan and have many Japanese releases of their songs
•  they’re so talented but it seems like they’ve been having trouble with their company and contracts lately, there’s just not that many people who are giving them the recognition they deserve, so please support them I’d love you forever!!!

Some videos to watch: (or all their ASC videos but this one is my fav they’re hilarious) (a song for you) (just them being idiots and exposing each other via lie detector) (Play with Me, my favorite song by them ahshdjd it’s so catchy)

Please check them out n give them some love bc they deserve it

•  Day6!!
•  they debuted as a group of 6 in 2015, but a member left shortly after their first release bc of some dating/scandal rumours idk it wasn’t bad tho
•  jae has actually been one of the main hosts of ASC for the past year or so and he makes the whole show tbh
•  it’s been scientifically proven that day6 cannot come out with a bad song, they’re all hits and bops and they fit to everyone’s tastes (my fave is I Wait)

Some videos to watch: (just do yourself a favor and watch all the ASC videos tbh) (dorm tour feat. Father sungjin) (just an interview of them being dorks) (my fave song by them, I Wait)

They’re finally getting their career together thanks to jyp, please support them!!

•  B.A.P!!
•  I recently just got into them and tbh what have I been missing on
•  they’re not exactly *underrated* but it’s insane how underrated they are now compared to what they used to be before their long hiatus
•  they’ve had some trouble with their evil company but now they’ve come out on top and they’re ready to kill us all…You’ll be blessed, is2g

Some videos to watch: (weekly idol, get ready for the cringe) (again, watch all their ASC episodes bc they’re hilarious, you’re welcome) (the Qmentary, all out to expose each other rip) (Wake Me Up, an actual masterpiece)

Please support their solos and future projects together bc they can’t lose fans and popularity again :((((

If yall have any other suggestions for nonnie, add on to the list!!

Quit Messin With My Hair

Yo yo yo autumn and I wrote one shots based off of the same prompt!!! ahh this is like my third post this week but enjoy this short one!

Alexander gently pulled the hair tie out of his hair then shook his head lightly from side to side to loosen his hair. He put the black hair tie on his wrist like a bracelet. Alexander then gently pushed open the backdoor. Alexander smiled once his bare feet touched the slightly warm grass. The weather has been surprisingly nice in New York, it has been sunny and warm John has told Alexander its like this in South Carolina in December and what is considered winter in New York.

“Alexander!” Alexander smiled and waved at Lafayette calling his name.

Alexander walked over to his friends saying a few quick hellos before sitting on John’s lap leaning against his chest for support.

“What the hell man?” John asked playfully before wrapping an arm around Alexander’s stomach.

“Ew gross,” Hercules teased the two.

John laughed the rolled his eyes at Herc.

“It’s so nice out!” Lafayette exclaimed their words dripping with a french accent.

“Just think in South Carolina it’s this nice in December,” John said shaking his head playfully his dark curly locks falling from their bun.

“My god John why did you ever move then,” Hercules said jokingly.

“I have no idea now I’m stuck with you losers,” John said laughing at the end.

“But I’m your loser,” Alexander said looking up at John.

John peered down at him, “yes you are.”

Alexander smiled at his freckled boyfriend as John gently kissed the crown of Alexander’s head.

“Ew,” Lafayette teased now laying on the grass their head resting on Herc’s lap.

“Yall keep sayin’ we’re gross look at yourselves,” John said laughing.

“Yall?” Lafayette questioned looking confused.

“My bad its like how people in the south say you all,” John clarified.

Lafayette nodded lightly then laughed a little at themselves.

“Alexander,” John said tapping Alexander’s shoulder lightly.

“Yes my love” Alexander responds lovingly.

“You gotta get off of me,” John said laughing.

“Why?” Alexander playfully questioned.

“My legs are gonna’ go numb,” John said laughing.

Alexander then got up and stretched out his legs after sitting. Alexander watched as John gently ran his fingers through his hair then smiled. Alexander then took his seat sitting directly behind John. Alexander then took ahold of John’s hair and divided it into three pieces.

“Quit messin’ with my hair man,” John said laughing.

“Shh I’m gonna make it even more beautiful,” Alexander said starting to braid his lovers hair.

Alexander then with one hand took the end of the braid and with the other grabbed John’s left wrist. He then pulled the hair tie off of John’s wrist and secured the braid.

“Now don’t move,” Alexander said standing up.

“Okay okay,” John said holding his hands up in surrender.

Alexander stood up and quickly jogged to the garden. He then scanned the array of colorful flowers. Some light purple flowers caught his eye. Alexander carefully made his way to the purple flowers he then selected three that satisfied him and jogged back to the others. Herc and Laf both looked up to see what Alexander retrieved. Alexander held up the flowers and got a nod of approval from his friends. Alexander then went and plopped himself down behind John again and carefully places the flowers throughout the braid.

“Perfect,” Alexander said to himself.

“I wanna’ see,” John said holding his phone up for Alexander to grab.

Alexander quick took a picture then gave John his phone back.

“Alex oh my god this is so cute,” John said.

“Show us,” Herc said excitedly.

John turned around to show off his hair and smiled at Alexander.

“Beau! Beautiful!” Laf said laughing, “you should do that to my hair,” they said looking up at Herc.

“Perhaps one day I will,” Herc said booping Laf’s nose.

“Thank you Alex,” John said kneeling to even out the height.

“My pleasure Laurens,” Alexander said.

Alexander opened his mouth to speak but before any words could come out John had leaned in and kissed Alexander.

“Hey,” Alexander said as John pulled away.

“Love ya’ babe,” John said turning away from Alexander.

Alexander smiled like an idiot before muttering a quick ‘I love you’ back to John.

Bless Your Heart-Part 1

A/N: This was written for @deanjensengirlmaggie’s strange pairings challenge. It’s my first attempt at fan fiction, and it got a little out of control, but I was having so much fun that I just decided to roll with it. Since I have to break it into two parts, I decided to steal another quote from her list of prompt choices and use one in each half. I really hope you enjoy it!

Warnings: Language and some explicit content (sexy but not full blown smutty)

Originally posted by loveissupernatural

“Dude, what the hell are we doing here? I’m gonna to get carried off by these pterodactyls,” Dean complained as he doused himself in another layer of Off Deep Woods.

“Man, quit being a whimp. I can’t believe you are even complaining. We are somewhere tropical for a change. It’s not cold. It’s not the end of the world. Just a regular case in a beautiful country. If a few mosquitoes are the worst we have to deal with, I’ll take it,” Sam countered.

“Yeah, yeah, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth and all that shit. I get it, Sammy. Still don’t want to get Zika though.” Dean glanced around at his immediate surroundings and he had to admit, though he’d never say it out loud, Sam had a point. Belize was something else. Better than their normal gig, that was for sure. Waves beat against the reef that stretched under the crystal-clear water right off the coast of Ambergris Caye and a nice breeze carried the smell of salt right to the boys’ noses and almost made them forget why they even came. Maybe they could spend a few days and eat some salbutes, catch a few fish, and throw back a few beers with Eliazar and a couple other locals. 

 “Tell me again what E said about these missing fellas on the island,” Dean said at about the same time a tourist in a neon pink golf cart nearly plowed him down in the middle of Front Street.

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               Somewhere near South beach😬

     Found myself at this chill ass bar last night after S.M Indya left me to hang with her friends and shit 🙄. Yall don’t ever visit her, she is a horrible house host 😂

     Ended up watching a few game highlights and getting a lil tipsy. stumbled around for a bit then called an uber back to the crib. Aye my uber was dope…she couldn’t hold a tune for shit but she lowkey had bars. All she played was instrumentals and freestyled the whole ride. I was in the back noddin’ my head hella like ayyee fuck it up, hypin‘ her up and shit 😂😂

Things that irks me, a taekook shipper

Okay listen, I am not a petty or ugly shipper. I am chill most of the times. I just get really happy when taekook happens but I don’t hate on other members when when other ships happens nor do I call other shippers names when they go batshit crazy with theories over their ship. But why are so many of yall so ugly to taekook and taekook shippers. For example:

1. “Eww Taekook are incest.”

WTF. HOW??? If we are speaking technically, then according to my sources they have different last name, different father, different mother, different grandparents, different siblings, different genes, different dogs, were born in different hospitals in different parts of South Korea. so explain how are they suddenly long lost siblings now?

If we are speaking in a non-technically manner, then how is your ship not incest but taekook is? Your ship literally grew up together just like Taekook.They all are hyung-dongsaeng. Please explain to me the differences here between Taekook and your ship cause I am not getting it.

2. “I don’t ship Taekook, they’re too comfortable with each other.”

LMAO WTF!!! I am sorry but what kind of toxic and abusive relationship are you into?? Since when is being comfortable with each other is bad for a relationship??? If you are talking about some kind of tension and chemistry, then Taekook have plenty of those moments where it’s plausible they might be attracted to each other but that doesn’t mean they’ll stay uncomfortable 24/7. They share a happy and healthy relationship (whatever kind of relationship it might be). And thank god for that. They make each other truly happy, a big reason why I ship them even more.

3. “Taekook are only fan-service.”

I am sorry but BITCH WHAT??? How dare you call Taekook only fan-service when 70% of their moments are from low quality fancams where we have to look past crowds, increase brightness, zoom in, put shit in slow motion to find that moment. Why are they going all that extra mile for fan-service? They can just appear together in Bangtan bombs or be paired together in mvs and shit. But oh wait .. maybe your “non-fanservice” otp does those shit but you don’t bat an eye [cough cough]. Also, the happiness in Taekook’s face in doing the smallest thing like Jungkook tying Tae’s hair or their handshake, how can you call that genuine happiness fan-service. You are blind and petty if you don’t see how much they enjoy each others company.

4. “I hate Taekook because Taekook shippers hates Jimin.”

First of all, stop generalizing Taekook shippers. NOT EVERYONE hates Jimin. How can anyone hate Jimin? He’s the sweetest little bean, the most kindest angel on this planet. Listen hoe, I would give up one of my limbs if it meant Jimin will be happy forever. And some people are ugly doesn’t mean everyone is, I know some people hate on Tae too because of their ships so there are bad in every fandom. Second of all, why would you hate on Taekook because of few ugly shippers. What kind of logic is that? I am not saying ship Taekook, ship whoever you please my darling but don’t hate on Taekook. They share a beautiful relationship. The least you can do is appreciate their friendship instead of being salty every time they share a moment.

5. “Taekook shippers are larries.”

Okay, yeah sometimes we might get too excited and write some deep ass theories about taekook making eye-contacts xD but bitch don’t pretend like yall don’t do the same shit. Yall be wilding over the simplest shit your otp does too but we get called larries for having theories over Taekook cuddling/kissing in bed. Bitch that’s a big ass moment, that’s one of the highlight of 2016 for me (I know I have no life of my own) so you bet your ass imma be coming up with theories to torture myself more than anyone else [I just like suffering]. Your ass would be doing the same shit if it was your otp, but you stay salty cause that ain’t your otp. MY POINT: If we are larries, so are you !!

6. People that comment under Taekook selca with crap like “Jimin and Hoseok doesn’t like” or stuff like “Jikook/Vhope etc is better” under Taekook fmv on youtube.

UMMM BITCH WHY YOUR UGLY ASS HERE THEN?? IF YOU CANT SAY ANYTHING NICE OR RELEVANT, DONT SAY ANYTHING AT ALL. I even saw some other shippers tweet stuff under Taekook selca like “you guys look cute, so I won’t be petty.” EXCUSE ME ?? Just cause you ship someone else, do you now want Tae and Kookie to stop taking selcas all together. You do realize they are still part of one group and share a house and live together and see each other 24/7 and will continue taking 10 billion selcas (even though they post once after 3 years). Like I am here sitting at home and praying for a Taekook selca cause it’s been decades and your ass says “ya cute so I wont be petty.” Oh you’re so kind bitch. I HOPE YOU CHOKE ON YOUR KINDNESS.

7. People that tweet me or tells me in to ship their ships. Like for example, I get stuff like ”ship vmin, vmin are real” all the time. Listen, I love me some Vmin. Their friendship gives me life. But if I don’t wanna ship them romantically, nothing you say can make me so just STOP. Does your annoying ass not see all the Taekook in my header, in my dp, in my bio, in my location, in my website link. I literally put Taekook every where so CAN YOU JUST STOP IRRITATING ME FOR FUCK SAKE. 

Anyways, that’s all on today’s episode of Annoying shipper 101. Again, I’m sorry if I sound annoying myself but its like every time Taekook have a lot of moments, uglies just spam my timeline with their ugliness. I just want to enjoy moments of my ship in peace. THANK YOU!!!!!!!

hey pals

I’m doing a Sunday Stream! I haven’t streamed in little over a year, so I’m pretty really excited

It’ll mostly just all be south park related stuff, some requests from the past that I haven’t done yet, and maybe some other ones too ☜(⌒▽⌒)☞

I posted some (pretty vague) preview sketches earlier if you wanna get an idea of what I’m doing

here’s my channel, I hope you yall can make it, if not, im still going to make a speed paint out it :D

(reblogs appreciated!!)

itss uhhh pretty late here so im gonna vent in my 1st language  yall so dont mind this post

Di ko gets.

Di ko talaga gets.

Ano yung pa-”desexualization of Asian men”???? Pero ok, sige kasalanan ko kasi chismosa ako tas nag lurk ako sa blog nun so of course anong mae-expect ko kundi dissapointment. Sayang pa naman, ang ganda pa naman ng mga reblog mo minsan. Pero talaga, nalitong lito ako. At nainis rin ako sa mga walang kabuluhan niiyang pinost.

Pero yun na nga eh. Walang kabuluhan.

I mean, sige. Meron ngang nangyayaring pagmamaliit sa mga Asyano pero dude. MARAMING taga Asia. May mga sa south at west na tipong Kano pero iba lang kulay,,, ganon. Ano ba yung unang type ba na pumapasok sa isipan mo pag sinabi “Asian men”?? Sa east?? South east???

AT alam ko nga na oo, sa west na de-desexualize sila pero WALA namang kinalaman yun sa pagiging ace bruh???  Hindi sila nade-desexualize kasi they believe them to be “ace”, nade-desexualize sila kasi hindi nila kamuka yung mga stereotypical na white male gary fcking stu.

Pero teka lang, nawawala na ako sa topic.Gusto ko lang matanong..sino ka ba?? Kung sige nga may actual na racisim na nangyayari sa paligid mo, diba mas tama na umaksyon ka sa TOTOONG BUHAY?????

Hindi sa online??

Hindi sa punyetang tumblr na KAHIT ANO pede ipost kasi tangina blog site nga toh eh?????

Eh pakshit puta anong alam mo sa racism nayan kung naapektuhan ba LAHAT ng asyanong lalaki sa mundo??? Pretty sure jan lang sa inyo nangyayari yan..

Wag niyo idamay ang fictional dito. Hindi to yung “Racism” na nakikita mo “everytime”. Kung gusto kong mag HC ng ace DAHIL ACE ang dating nila sakin. At kung tangina na nagkataon na asyano sila, ay sana naman hindi ako dumating sa punto na kailanagan ko pang sabihin ang background ko para ma justify ko ang isang fcking harmless na HEADCANON.

bye at sana wag ka nalang acephobic, ganun lang kadali

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Is this blog no longer active?

ive been getting a lot of messages about this so heres the story

I started highschool this year and to make this explanation short and easy, its been kicking my ass along with depression & other things

Im going to end this blog and abandon all the storyline ideas i had for it because… Im just not interested in doing it anymore. I have my own webcomic Ive been developing for a few months now and ive been more invested in personal projects than this

Although, i do plan on closing the blog with a conclusion & such. Itll have a proper ending that I think youll all like and be satisfied with. I should be getting that out sometime next month.

anyways, sorry for the disappointment. Hopefully my followers here would be interested in my personal projects once theyre out. tx for understanding!!

yall can follow me on my main blog, @craiq, my south park only blog @tweek0, or my twitter @weesmeet

hc post 2: Yooran Boogaloo

so here’s… another VERY long headcanon post ;;;;; mainly because i wanted to and also i got a few people asking for my thoughts on these boys

very long and unorganized i’m sorry ahaha, i talk a lot in the first portion about how i think things would happen before their romantic relationship even starts so you can skip that if you just want some silly thoughts on these two and 500 things i talk about wanting to write but will probably never have time for. i tried to space this so it’s a little easier on the eyes since there’s uh, a lot. ill learn how to shut up one day i promise

anyway it’s time to make the donuts

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- First Impression:

Originally posted by neogohann

Dis boy got jokes! He’s shy and awkward just like me, I love him!

- Impression Now:

Originally posted by dragonatics-saiyan

I relate to Krillin so much when it comes to personality. Which is one reason why he’s one of my favorite characters. He’s such a great papa to Marron, a great husband to 18 and the greatest best friend to Goku! 

- Favorite Moment:

I have too many! All of Cell saga and Buu saga!

- Idea for a story:

Chestnut family vacation! Krillin, 18, Marron and 17! They go to the beautiful South City (at least in my fanfiction’s it’s beautiful idk about others) and Krillin has so many things planned but everything just kinda goes it’s own way. Krillin gets a little frustrated at first but ends up giving in and having more fun.

I need more Chestnut fluff in my life

- Unpopular Opinion:

Don’t have one for Krill-Master.

- Favorite Relationship:

I seriously can’t choose.

Originally posted by vgeta

Originally posted by mvc2

- Favorite Headcanon:

Krillin totally calls himself “The Krill-Master” after accomplishing anything. 


1. Age: 21, 22 in March 2. Race/Ethnicity: Half Jamaican (Mom)/ Panamanian (Dad) 3. Location: South Florida 4. My Tumblr SBs are like my friends. I tell yall ERRYTHING. 5. Fave Sugar Blogs: TBA 6. Sugar Start Date: few months after my 18th birthday 7. How many SDs I’ve had: 3 8. Allowance: 2-2.5 a week (Money for my bills, business, Savings acct, etc). Some weeks He wont give me cash money and im okay with that. He too has bills and things to take care of. He takes care of my needs so on weeks I dont get anything I dont cry about it. Im not a spoiled brat. And I actually respect him because of that. He teaches me the importance of saving what I have, investing and needs vs wants. 9. Perks: Shopping and occasionally a business trip here and there and my school tuition is paid (paid for my remaining 2 semesters because I lost my bright futures :p ) 10. Public or Discrete: We go out in Public together. He doesnt look his age. 11. Secret Life or Open Book: My mom and bestfriends know about him. I dont go putting our entire business out but if a person asks I dont lie. 12. Anything Else: Before I met Jet I had 2 jobs and had money, I model part time, was designing clothes in my house, and did hair. Having a SD shouldn’t be because you are desperate for money because you lose your self worth and will succumb to even the lowest of an allowance. Unless all you want is your phone bill paid for. Main started me off with 500 a week. As our relationship grew so did my allowance. Those just starting off. Simply think about what your needs are and base what you want off that. About Jet (current SD) 1. How we met: Marketing Event in Orlando 2. His age: 40 3. Race/Ethnicity: Half Black Half Hispanic 4. Kids: No 5. Married: No. 6. Sex Involved: Yes You do not NEED to have sex with a guy to have him be your SD. Main and I didnt have sex. He was just obsessed with having me around. Mini Advice: Know your limits and boundaries before becoming a sugar baby. Know your age limit. Are you willing to travel? Do you want something discrete? Would you date a married man? Know why you want to sugar in the first place. Being a sugar baby or being an escort can be risky. Try to find at least 1 friend (sugar baby or not) that is local and close to you that you can keep updated on your whereabouts when going on dates with POTs. Your life is more precious than any amount of money. Also do not compare yourself to another sugar baby. I use to envy MANY sbs when I first started. And it took me a lot of time, research and messups to finally get to the point I am now. Envying them didnt make my life any better or worse so there was no point. Dont try to be someone you arent. Like I stated before. Jet loved how into my business and marketing that its what attracted him to me. So be you and The right person will find you.

fykai, more like fuck you.

I’ve really been contemplating about adding my opinion about this whole fykai issue, but I really feel the need to express myself.

Firstly, to that admin/mod that shamelessly bashed both Kai and the asian exo -l’s who were at the LA  concert, please take a good look at the mirror before judging anyone at all. I find it extremely disturbing how an update blog about Kai has admins that actually insult him ( his skintone, his eyes ) etc. What the fuck? Absolutely ironic if you ask me.

As a Chanyeol stan myself, I’ve witnessed multiple accounts of Yeol getting into deep shit bc of what he said about Kai’s skin colour or anything about being dark in general. Im not stereotyping anybody, but weren’t all of you quick to put Yeol down bc of what he said? And now look what’s happening.Please get this right though, I am not in anyway supporting/condoning or backing Chanyeol up , in fact I was pretty disgusted myself. But he learnt, at least. Everyone is quick to judge/bash/criticise idols whenever they make any comments that are rude/discriminative, but it looks like we have a greater problem amongst the fandom itself isnt it? Im sure we all know how sensitive Kai is about his skin colour. He IS trying to embrace it, but by all these nasty comments you obv arent letting him do so. Give him a break!  In fact, he goes along saying that his ideal type is someone who has a dark skin tone. Really? Does he deserve this??? Even if he is a victim of nasty comments about his skin tone, he made sure that his dark skinned fans will never feel the same. So how could you ? Im glad that admin/mod decided to move on from being a Kai fan, bc tbh he dosent need a fan like you, oh and please, jfc I think Sehun wouldnt want someone who insults his close brother as well, so you can fuck right off. 

Regarding the fellow exo-ls that she insulted, body shamed, how dare you. Im an asian myself and Im proud of it. Whats wrong with being short? Whats wrong with being on the chubbier side? If they have no problem with it, who are you to judge? We all come together as one regardless as fans of exo, noone gives a fuck shit about how tall and skinny and glamorous you look standing in that god damn pit. Stop racism, stop body shaming. Everyone is beautiful in their own way regardless. I hope we can get this message through.

I’ve said my fill, Im sure that there are many other kai update blogs out there whom yall can follow, who provide you with un-white washed updates of our nini.  please unfollow @fykai. She dosent deserve her followers, She dosent deserve to be in this fandom at all. If you are so judgemental and disgusted about Asians, mind you, the day you created this blog, you were creating a blog dedicated to a south korean ASIAN BOY GROUP, with an ASIAN member KIM JONGIN. What were you thinking? Get your brain checked, please.

Lastly, spread the Kim Kai love everyone, show him how much we love and embrace him regardless, and that he is perfect in every way. Same goes for the fellow Exo-L’s she insulted, Your’e beautiful, never forget that.

hey you racist fucks

calling cal asian and yelling ching chang chong at him not only makes him uncomfortable but it makes me and the other asians in the fam angry and awkward and unwanted because this is how i feel in real life whenever people make fun of me being asian. i get so much shit for my background in real life, so can you pieces of shit who are obsessed with being funny and popular find some new joke because i don’t think you’re funny i sort of just want to cut all of you.


Yo guys I need yalls help! So many of yall know already I am a musician and, I am actually gearing up to release my first mixtape in the next couple months. So to any of you that can listen/reblog/comment on my first single for it would truly mean so much and help me out a lot. Thanks in advance!  

P.S anybody that wanna Download the track for listening pleasure or check my other stuff you can get it all off my soundcloud

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Why does black tumblr always use the 'YOUR JUST TRYING TO MAKE THIS ALL ABOUT U!!!' argument whenever someone tries to do a selfie day for Hispanics, Asians, or hell even white people? Like god forbid we stop kissing black tumbler's ass for 2 goddamn minutes and give other people some recognition. But nooo can't do that because then society as we know it will fall back into the segregation period and the south will rise again smh

I kinda wish that I was mixed with white so people can be on the fence about what race I am. So when they have like blackout day or whatever I’ll take a selfie that makes me look white so I’ll get hate from all of black tumblr then I’ll post another selfie of me with my black parent like “Oh yall thought I was white” To make them feel stupid lol. 


Chapter 6

The next day

Tyler P.O.V

“So right now we have the talented Tyler Jackson on the breakfast club right” Dj Envy spoke into the mic along with Angela and Charlamagne saying random stuff in the background.

I giggled. “Waddup waddup”

“Its nice to have you here Ms. Jackson or should I say Ms. Brown.” Charlamagne said with a raised eyebrow making me laugh.

“Na its stil Ms. Jackson at the moment but its hopefully in the works.” I said, stirring my coffee alittle.

“What do you mean by in the works like its you mean like its gonna happen or…” Angela trailed off.

“Yea I mean I would hope so ya know but ….i dont know.” I said with a laugh.

“I feel you but yo i’ve never realized how beautiful you are and how big your hair is until now..” Charlamagne spoke

“Aw thank you”

“Like its one thingto see you in pictures but in person you are stunning and you really do have some big *** hair” He said making me laugh.

“The only reason why its so big is because its not done.” I said through my laughter as I raked my fingers through my hair.

“So like does Chris ever get mad at your hair. Cause I know with big hair like that, its alot to maintain” Angela said.

“Actually yes and the fact that our daughter has big curly hair doesn’t help either.” I said with a chuckle.

Charlamagne spoke.“Thats right yall do have a little one…”

“And she is so freakin adorable, oh my goshh.” Angela gushed makin me smile.

“Thank you.” I took a sip of my coffee.

“Alright so now I know it’s alot being who you are and being Chris’s girl, I know that comes with alot of hate. How do you deal with all of that and basically just your lifestyle?” Charlamagne asked.

“Well before anything family always comes first for me and Chris. That’s something we both vowed on before we got into all this. And only because we wanted Asia to have a normal and stable life.”

“And what about the haters. Like theres alot of people who think that you just livin off his money.”

“Well for one I think people seem to forget that I own one of the biggest fashion labels out there.” I chuckled. “ Like with hate there is always love. So all the people that talk about me and Chris’s relationship are just…… non-existent to me.”

“Thats wassup. Thats the attitude of a boss ladies and gentlemen.” Charlamagne said into the mic making me laugh.

“Na thats just the attitude of a woman.” I daid making them all Oo.

“Aye I like that.” Angela said as she gave me dap.

“Uh oh we got this girl power thing goin on.” Charlamagne said, sounding annyoed.

I chuckled. “You already know!”

“Okay now it time to get serious.”

“oh gosh.” I adjusted myself in the seat.

“Now there have been rumors about you and your family being in the cartel business. Is it true.”

“Alright imma just lay everything flat on the table..”


“No my family as in me and Chris arent in it but that is what I grew up around. Im pretty sure most of yall know my pops Carter Jackson-”

“Your Carter Jackson’s daughter?!” Charlamagne asked, shocked.

I chuckled “Yeah.”

“Who is Carter Jackson?” Angela asked.

“He was one of if not the biggest drug lords in the south.”

“Yea, so i mean I grew up in that lifestyle and all but im not in it anymore.” I said.

“And what about Chris?”

“Chris was never in it to begin with.”

“Alright yall here that everybody. Chris and Tyler are not in the game so yall can stop hittin us up about that ****” Charlamagne said into the mic making me laugh.

“Oh and another question we get alot is did you and Derrick Rose have something. I know there was a time when yall were spotted together and they were callin you his mystery girl because of what happened at that one game. You wanna tell us about that?” Angela asked.

I made a face which made everyone in the room Ooo. I giggled. “Uhh I guess you could say we had our little fling. Nothing to serious though.”

“Do you guys still talk as friends?” Charlamagne asked.

“Every once in awhile he’ll hit me up or vise versa. So we cool.”

The interview went on and soon I was back in my Mercedes Benz. While I was on the road my phone started to ring through the car. I pressed the green phone button on the steering wheel. “Waddup?” I said aloud.

“Guess what I found out.” Tyra’s voice rang through the car.

“You found out blew up my shit and stole my money?” I said, kind of getting excited if she did.

Yes some stole 10 grand from me the day after they blew up my car. They were good because they didnt even leave some sort of trace.

“Yup and you’ll never guess who it is.”

It better not be that nigga August cause I swear on everything Imma fuck that nigga up.


Walking through the glass doors of the tall building, I was ready to fuck someone up but I had to keep my cool.

“Hi ma'am I think you have the wrong building, this is a private office.” The receptionist said. I ignored her and kept walking towards the elevator. the sound of my Red Bottoms bounced off the walls until I stopped, waiting for the elevator to come down.

Tyra better be right. She some how found out his new building address, his schedule, everything. I was kind of surprised but then again I do hire the best.

I stepped into the empty elevator and clicked on the floor I remembered Tyra telling me to go to. The whole ride up it was just me, know one came on. The doors slid open. I looked to my left and right before walking down the empty hall way that led to double doors. Im guessing thats where the conference room was. If Tyra is correct he should be in a “meeting”.

The closer I got the louder his voice became and ther angrier I got. Its been a long as time since Ive heard his voice. As soon as the doors were in arms reach I bursted in, catching everyones attention, including his.  There were only males and two females in the room. Some of the guys were familiar.I noticed they were all in business attire, including him. I see he went and got a new crew.

I could feel all the guys in the room eye raping me as they looked me up and down. I took this moment to walk up to him. The whole time we kept eye contact. As soon as I got to where he stood he smirked down at me. But it was more of an evil smirk.

“Who the hell is this hoe?” One of the girls in the room said. I did my best to ignore her.

“Long time no see Tyler. How you been.” He said with the same smirk plastered on his face.

That only made me angrier. “You know her boss?” a male voice said.

“We need to talk. Now” I gritted through my teeth as I placed my bag in the head chair

“What? No kiss?”

I swear he was pushing it. He took my hand and started to lead me out the room with him. “Ill be back this will only take a second.”
He walked us out, making sure to close the door. He led us into the Womans bathroom and made sure to lock it.

He stood against the door while I stood against the wall. I felt his eyes taking off every piece of clothing I had.

“You look good baby.” He said.

That was it. “WHAT THE HELL CHRIS?”

He held up his hand before I could go on. “Its Breezy now.”

Both of my eyebrows raised as I stared at him in shock. “So this is what it is? YOU WENT THROUGH ALL THIS SHIT JUST TO TRY TO TEACH ME A LESSON. YOU COULD HAVE KILLED ME!”

“But I didn’t.” He said. Before I could snap he went on. “See this is what I realized. If you don’t have to get out the game, why should I? Now I see why you stayed I miss this kind of rush. But here is my proposal.”

He walked up to me until our faces were only inches apart. His hand rested on the wall above me as his other made its way to my waist “ If you get out the game, leave all this shit behind.. Ill get out and do the same.”

I chuckled. “Its gonna take more then a bomb and a couple of bills to get me out this shit baby. You should already know this.” I said with a devilish look on my face.

He looked away for a second then back at me. “Then be prepared for war baby girl.” He said as he looked into my eyes, letting me know he was serious. I felt his grip on my waist start to get tighter and tighter. That spot just so happened to be where my stitches where.

Before he could squeeze any tighter I grabbed his tie and wrapped it around my hand, yanking it down. That made him let go and choke a little. “Im always prepared baby boy.” I said into his ear.

I let go of his tie and walked towards the door, unlocking it and walked out. I heard his foot steps behind me as I walked into the conference room. Yet again all eyes where on me.

I grabbed my bag and turned around only to see Chris behind me. I smiled and fixed his tie, along with his collar. I then slipped my hands into his pockets, getting his house keys. He watched me the whole time. I smoothed out his jacket and pecked him on the lips, which he gladly returned.

“You sure you wanna do this Tyler?” He asked.

“What? You scared… Breezy?” I mocked, making him chuckle.

“Never that baby girl.” He said as I walked to the doors. Before I walked out I turned around.

“You look good baby.” I said with a smirk on my face then walked out.

A war he wants, a war he will get.