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Things that irks me, a taekook shipper

Okay listen, I am not a petty or ugly shipper. I am chill most of the times. I just get really happy when taekook happens but I don’t hate on other members when when other ships happens nor do I call other shippers names when they go batshit crazy with theories over their ship. But why are so many of yall so ugly to taekook and taekook shippers. For example:

1. “Eww Taekook are incest.”

WTF. HOW??? If we are speaking technically, then according to my sources they have different last name, different father, different mother, different grandparents, different siblings, different genes, different dogs, were born in different hospitals in different parts of South Korea. so explain how are they suddenly long lost siblings now?

If we are speaking in a non-technically manner, then how is your ship not incest but taekook is? Your ship literally grew up together just like Taekook.They all are hyung-dongsaeng. Please explain to me the differences here between Taekook and your ship cause I am not getting it.

2. “I don’t ship Taekook, they’re too comfortable with each other.”

LMAO WTF!!! I am sorry but what kind of toxic and abusive relationship are you into?? Since when is being comfortable with each other is bad for a relationship??? If you are talking about some kind of tension and chemistry, then Taekook have plenty of those moments where it’s plausible they might be attracted to each other but that doesn’t mean they’ll stay uncomfortable 24/7. They share a happy and healthy relationship (whatever kind of relationship it might be). And thank god for that. They make each other truly happy, a big reason why I ship them even more.

3. “Taekook are only fan-service.”

I am sorry but BITCH WHAT??? How dare you call Taekook only fan-service when 70% of their moments are from low quality fancams where we have to look past crowds, increase brightness, zoom in, put shit in slow motion to find that moment. Why are they going all that extra mile for fan-service? They can just appear together in Bangtan bombs or be paired together in mvs and shit. But oh wait .. maybe your “non-fanservice” otp does those shit but you don’t bat an eye [cough cough]. Also, the happiness in Taekook’s face in doing the smallest thing like Jungkook tying Tae’s hair or their handshake, how can you call that genuine happiness fan-service. You are blind and petty if you don’t see how much they enjoy each others company.

4. “I hate Taekook because Taekook shippers hates Jimin.”

First of all, stop generalizing Taekook shippers. NOT EVERYONE hates Jimin. How can anyone hate Jimin? He’s the sweetest little bean, the most kindest angel on this planet. Listen hoe, I would give up one of my limbs if it meant Jimin will be happy forever. And some people are ugly doesn’t mean everyone is, I know some people hate on Tae too because of their ships so there are bad in every fandom. Second of all, why would you hate on Taekook because of few ugly shippers. What kind of logic is that? I am not saying ship Taekook, ship whoever you please my darling but don’t hate on Taekook. They share a beautiful relationship. The least you can do is appreciate their friendship instead of being salty every time they share a moment.

5. “Taekook shippers are larries.”

Okay, yeah sometimes we might get too excited and write some deep ass theories about taekook making eye-contacts xD but bitch don’t pretend like yall don’t do the same shit. Yall be wilding over the simplest shit your otp does too but we get called larries for having theories over Taekook cuddling/kissing in bed. Bitch that’s a big ass moment, that’s one of the highlight of 2016 for me (I know I have no life of my own) so you bet your ass imma be coming up with theories to torture myself more than anyone else [I just like suffering]. Your ass would be doing the same shit if it was your otp, but you stay salty cause that ain’t your otp. MY POINT: If we are larries, so are you !!

6. People that comment under Taekook selca with crap like “Jimin and Hoseok doesn’t like” or stuff like “Jikook/Vhope etc is better” under Taekook fmv on youtube.

UMMM BITCH WHY YOUR UGLY ASS HERE THEN?? IF YOU CANT SAY ANYTHING NICE OR RELEVANT, DONT SAY ANYTHING AT ALL. I even saw some other shippers tweet stuff under Taekook selca like “you guys look cute, so I won’t be petty.” EXCUSE ME ?? Just cause you ship someone else, do you now want Tae and Kookie to stop taking selcas all together. You do realize they are still part of one group and share a house and live together and see each other 24/7 and will continue taking 10 billion selcas (even though they post once after 3 years). Like I am here sitting at home and praying for a Taekook selca cause it’s been decades and your ass says “ya cute so I wont be petty.” Oh you’re so kind bitch. I HOPE YOU CHOKE ON YOUR KINDNESS.

7. People that tweet me or tells me in to ship their ships. Like for example, I get stuff like ”ship vmin, vmin are real” all the time. Listen, I love me some Vmin. Their friendship gives me life. But if I don’t wanna ship them romantically, nothing you say can make me so just STOP. Does your annoying ass not see all the Taekook in my header, in my dp, in my bio, in my location, in my website link. I literally put Taekook every where so CAN YOU JUST STOP IRRITATING ME FOR FUCK SAKE. 

Anyways, that’s all on today’s episode of Annoying shipper 101. Again, I’m sorry if I sound annoying myself but its like every time Taekook have a lot of moments, uglies just spam my timeline with their ugliness. I just want to enjoy moments of my ship in peace. THANK YOU!!!!!!!

unoriginal human au in which the beilschmidt brothers are personal bodyguards for the wealthy vargas brothers, who live with their weird sexy grandfather (he owns several wineries or something idk). for the sake of comedy, feli probably gets kidnapped all the time and ludwig has to rescue him. basically it’s like mario and princess peach switch nationalities.

even more for the sake of comedy, lovino and feliciano aren’t always together and each has to always have a bodyguard. which means either ludwig or gilbert have to endure many insult-filled hours with the combative and irritable lovino.

definite gerita, potential prumano. however if you’re like me, you prefer an aromantic gil and like the relationship lovi has with the vargas family’s dopey and smiley gardener

i always forget that ppl are tall everywhere else (like those positivity posts like “if you’re a trans man under 5'5 it’s okay!”) bc ppl in the south are so goddamn short. my bf is 5'3 and is still taller than me. as a teenager i knew a girl who lived in NY and at age 13 she was 6’. what type of nutrients are yall getting that we’re not


1. Age: 21, 22 in March 2. Race/Ethnicity: Half Jamaican (Mom)/ Panamanian (Dad) 3. Location: South Florida 4. My Tumblr SBs are like my friends. I tell yall ERRYTHING. 5. Fave Sugar Blogs: TBA 6. Sugar Start Date: few months after my 18th birthday 7. How many SDs I’ve had: 3 8. Allowance: 2-2.5 a week (Money for my bills, business, Savings acct, etc). Some weeks He wont give me cash money and im okay with that. He too has bills and things to take care of. He takes care of my needs so on weeks I dont get anything I dont cry about it. Im not a spoiled brat. And I actually respect him because of that. He teaches me the importance of saving what I have, investing and needs vs wants. 9. Perks: Shopping and occasionally a business trip here and there and my school tuition is paid (paid for my remaining 2 semesters because I lost my bright futures :p ) 10. Public or Discrete: We go out in Public together. He doesnt look his age. 11. Secret Life or Open Book: My mom and bestfriends know about him. I dont go putting our entire business out but if a person asks I dont lie. 12. Anything Else: Before I met Jet I had 2 jobs and had money, I model part time, was designing clothes in my house, and did hair. Having a SD shouldn’t be because you are desperate for money because you lose your self worth and will succumb to even the lowest of an allowance. Unless all you want is your phone bill paid for. Main started me off with 500 a week. As our relationship grew so did my allowance. Those just starting off. Simply think about what your needs are and base what you want off that. About Jet (current SD) 1. How we met: Marketing Event in Orlando 2. His age: 40 3. Race/Ethnicity: Half Black Half Hispanic 4. Kids: No 5. Married: No. 6. Sex Involved: Yes You do not NEED to have sex with a guy to have him be your SD. Main and I didnt have sex. He was just obsessed with having me around. Mini Advice: Know your limits and boundaries before becoming a sugar baby. Know your age limit. Are you willing to travel? Do you want something discrete? Would you date a married man? Know why you want to sugar in the first place. Being a sugar baby or being an escort can be risky. Try to find at least 1 friend (sugar baby or not) that is local and close to you that you can keep updated on your whereabouts when going on dates with POTs. Your life is more precious than any amount of money. Also do not compare yourself to another sugar baby. I use to envy MANY sbs when I first started. And it took me a lot of time, research and messups to finally get to the point I am now. Envying them didnt make my life any better or worse so there was no point. Dont try to be someone you arent. Like I stated before. Jet loved how into my business and marketing that its what attracted him to me. So be you and The right person will find you.

time for yall to add sk to ur pray for lists… idk if news has spread to tumblr yet but south korean citizens started a peaceful protest to get the current president to resign, and the government started firing water cannons laced with capsaicin and tear gas at them.
theyre also beating people who arent even part of the protest. idk if this is true but ive seen tweets that say one man has already been killed?
the south korean government is blocking the twitter hashtags #prayforkorea and #fucking_korean_government and #fucking_korea and is forcing the media to portray whats happening as trying to calm down a violent protest.
i dont have all the information so please check the hashtags on twitter!!!
please add south korea to your prayers

anonymous asked:

Why does black tumblr always use the 'YOUR JUST TRYING TO MAKE THIS ALL ABOUT U!!!' argument whenever someone tries to do a selfie day for Hispanics, Asians, or hell even white people? Like god forbid we stop kissing black tumbler's ass for 2 goddamn minutes and give other people some recognition. But nooo can't do that because then society as we know it will fall back into the segregation period and the south will rise again smh

I kinda wish that I was mixed with white so people can be on the fence about what race I am. So when they have like blackout day or whatever I’ll take a selfie that makes me look white so I’ll get hate from all of black tumblr then I’ll post another selfie of me with my black parent like “Oh yall thought I was white” To make them feel stupid lol.