getting my vape on

Characters in American Gods
  • Laura Moon: I would kill for my husband
  • Mr. Wednesday: it's called a hustle sweetheart
  • Me. World and Co.: here come the men in black
  • Czernobog: "Fuck you and fuck your mother and fuck the fucking horse you fucking rode in on. You will not even die in battle. No warrior will taste your blood. No one alive will take your life. You will die a soft poor death. You will die with a kiss on your lips and a lie in your heart." - best curse in all of fiction tbh
  • Me. Nancy: best character 10/10 anxiously waiting for the movie adaption about his kids
  • The Zoryas: Slavic aunties with magic powers
  • Media: My speech is italicizes for emphasis. EMPHASIS!
  • Bliquis: ooooh here she comes, she's a man eater, oooh here she comes, watch out boy she'll chew you up
  • Buffalo God: BELIEVE IT
  • The cab driving ifrit: doesn't matter had sex
  • Tech Boy: we get it you vape
  • Jacquel and Ibis: I believe in my cool funeral dads
  • Whisky Jack: fuck this shit I'm out
  • Easter: sugar and spice and everything nice and about to save the world
  • Loki: surprise bitch I bet you thought you'd seen the last of me
  • Shadow Moon: I specifically asked for the opposite of this
  • Hinzelmann: hello naughty children it's murder time
How do you feel about him now?”
I paused at this unexpected question, and inhaled some vapour to give myself time to think of a suitable answer. I briefly considered lying, before realising that my alcohol-clouded brain had no choice but to be honest.
“I don’t really know. I loved him. And he didn’t love me. Or maybe he did to begin with, but he certainly didn’t when it ended. So I’ve trained myself not to love him. Life’s too short to waste time longing for someone who’s never going to want you.
—  excerpt from a book I’ll never write #2 // vapour

anonymous asked:

okay you hate smoking and rightfully so, but thoughts on vaping?

i’ll be honest i dont know why ur bringing any of this up lmao

but since it doesn’t stink, doesn’t stain, and it won’t cause legit damage to anybody’s (read: my) lungs I generally don’t give a fuck, people can do what they want if it aint hurtin nobody

I redesigned a fire faerie character I never did much with. Her name is Char and she hasn’t been a part of the faerie kingdom in a long time. She lives in a volcano in the Neopian sea. She hoards a variety of items like a dragon. Travelers that complete her quests get items of equal value in return. 

An altright/tradnat girl fucking lost it at me and spent an entire reblog chain REEEEEEing at me when i tagged my response to her nonsense with #we get it you vape