getting my swag on

Finally finished this design i’ve been working with on and off the last month; A Digimon Christmas Sweater! So if you are in the mood for for a digimon-inspired look for your christmas swag, check it out on my Redbubble Store 

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11 questions tag ʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ

i got tagged by @aegyovendingmachine and @sambashua (hi guys, how’s it goin’) like 50 million years ago to do this tag. THANKS FOR TAGGING ME ILY BOTH.

so apparently i’m suppose to answer 11 questions that they’ve asked and then tag people to answer 11 questions that i come up with. 

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     Ingabe ukuthi amaphoyisa? [Is that the police?]

Wednesday - 07. 06’17

Went on a stroll having one and the cops were just chillin while I casually had some mary. Musa ngisho niyazi ukuthi ngivelaphi haha funny how I didn’t get caught.

Kazi boi swag reloaded with my OOTD x KOTD. I stay too fresh for the popo. Was too high to even remember how to use the camera yesterday, I was gone….

How everybody day going?