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Like Ships In The Night (you keep passing me by) (5/?)

Enchanted Forest AU-Princess Emma does a reverse Cinderella and meets a Captain in a tavern instead of a Prince at a ball. It should have been a one-time thing but fate had other plans and they just keep meeting. Originally a one-shot birthday fic for @spartanguard but now a full on multichapter  Extra thanks to @phiralovesloki for being a stellar and fast beta!

5.2k | T | | AO3 | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

The woods were darker than Emma had expected. Clouds obscured the moon and stars and the trees were little more than shadows against the black. It was the kind of night that called for curling up by a fire, not tromping through the forest looking for an escaped pirate.

There was a pull on her wrist from the black fabric wrapped around it. Emma adjusted her direction, trusting the locator magic to lead her through the darkness. She fingered the rough cotton in the dark. The scarf Hook had used to keep her from calling Elsa’s guards hadn’t been a bad idea but with a locator potion added, it had become Emma’s personal pirate finder. Her father and his knights had clattered off toward the port assuming, as Emma had, that the pirate would commandeer a ship. By the time she had poured out the potion, it was too late to tell them that Captain Hook had fled to the forest and not the sea. Determined not to let him get too far away, Emma had set off at a gallop on a horse only to abandon it when the scarf pulled her into the deep woods.

She didn’t know where Hook was going, only that, once again, he had betrayed her. This time she was going to throw him in the dungeon where he belonged, where her father had wanted him to be from the beginning. Her mistake had been to think that she understood him, that because they had both been hurt by love they were similar. She had thought that his encounter with the Dark One had changed him, made him recognize the futility of his vengeance, made him want to be a part of something. She thought she had sensed it that night in her room and later in the council chamber, but she had been wrong. After Neal and Walsh, she should have known better, but the damn pirate had made her forget herself and forget the lesson she knew all too well–the only people she can trust is her family.

Suddenly the pull on her wrist stopped and Emma paused in confusion. Then she heard the crack of a twig from behind and on instinct, she ducked. The momentum of her attacker took him over her body and to the ground. In a flash, Emma was on top and sliding up to pin his biceps with her knees. She put her full weight forward and he hissed in pain. She grinned in triumph but the smile fell as a sharp pain pierced her thigh. She had forgotten about the hook.

“Ah! What the hell!” She rolled off and away, her right hand going to her thigh and her left pulling her dagger. She hadn’t expected an actual fight, hadn’t believed he would really hurt her despite his escape, but of course she had been wrong.

“Emma? Bloody hell, Emma! Are you hurt?” His shock and remorse made her loosen her hold on her dagger but not on her anger.

“You stabbed me with your hook! Of course I’m hurt,”

There was movement and suddenly he was beside her, his shadowed form becoming something recognizable close-up.

“Where?” Then his hand was on her knee and sliding upward as he probed for her wound. Heat flashed through her and she slapped his hand away. He drew back as if she had slapped his face.

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You Have Me


Every time he casts a spell, I think, you have me.

When he gets excited over a stuffy old piece of classical literature, he has me.

His drowsy grey eyes blinking down at me as he says, “I choose you.”

You 100% have me.

Baz Pitch will own my ass until the day he dies. Or I die. He’s convinced he’s immortal but, to be honest, he gets the flu more than I do now that we’ve moved in together. 

London is teeming with illnesses but apparently Pitches can’t deign to use Germ-X. 

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Mysterious Hazelnut | Pt. III

Summary: Coffee have always been key to lighten up your mood in cloudy days. Specially when its made by your favorite barista.

Author: @sleepywinchester prev. deanwincehster-af | Mobile Masterlist |

Pairings: Barista!Sam x Plus Size!Reader

Words: 2.4k

Beta: @waywardlullabies [thank u, xoxo]

Warnings: FLUFF.

A/N: Hope you guys like. Feedback is always appreciated it! <3

Previous Parts: 01, 02,


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“Are you nervous?” Melissa watched you get ready for the date.

You nodded with a nervous smile, “Kind of… I’m more excited than nervous to be honest.”

“I bet you are, you’re going out with your hot barista crush,” she teased. “And for what you’ve told me, the dude is totally into you.”

A subtle smirk grew on your lips She was right, Sam did seem really into you. With time, Melissa has become more than your roommate, she’s become your best friend and sister. Having your back since day one as you also did for her. It didn’t matter the time or situation, you would always be for each other. Melissa personally helped you put together a nice, fashionably and slightly flirty outfit for tonight.

This would be your first date in a very long time and you were really excited for it. Even though you didn’t said it much, you were lucky she was a model and had an amazing fashion taste. Melissa nodded in agreement and proud of her choices as you turned and showed the outfit.

“Damn gurl,” Melissa’s shouted, “I already can hear his jaw dropping.”

You laughed at her humours words, “That’s the plan, ain’t it?”

Melissa chuckled, “That’s my girl.”

Your heart skipped a beat when the building’s bell sound filled the room.

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i really, really, REALLY dislike and get mad uncomfortable when people just start giving me advice or ideas or tell me what they think I should do when I literally never asked for any of that… and like 90% of the time i know ppl mean well and are just excited about what i do and i appreciate that, so i usually dont say anything but smile and say “thats a good idea thank you” and then ignore whatever they just said lol
but if im being honest i really dont need any more ideas, ive got more ideas than i know what do with, my entire existence is made up of ideas, im producing ideas at a rate of like 10,000 per sec.. if you really want to help you can FUND me :), buy something from me :), share my work :), find me resources :) tell your coolest friends about me, :) tell your RICHEST friends about me lmfao. :)

I think i speak for like every young poor black creative pushing out work despite our 2 dollar budget, the very last thing in the world we need are ideas, our entire existence as creatives starts w/ “i have nothing but i want to do this how can i make that happen” so if you see we arent doing something, its prob not because we havent already thought of it but because EVERYTHING COST and because everything cost, if we are even able to find a way to do something it will probably take A LOT longer and require A LOT more labor to do vs if we were just properly funded. so if you want to support our ideas into fruition, do something to help make our work easier dont just tell us what you think we should do :)

The Chasm

Prompt by the wonderful jfc-kade.

The Chasm

 What the hell were you thinking choosing Dauntless you pondered as every part of your body ached.  You missed your parents, you miss home, you miss the feeling of the soil between your fingers. What were you trying to prove picking Dauntless? You remembered exactly how you felt during the choosing ceremony. You felt it had to be more. You felt you could accomplish so much more than planting vegetables and teaching Amity children to read. To be honest you needed a little excitement and boy did you get it by choosing Dauntless. As soon as you walked through the Dauntless compound you were picked on and pushed mercilessly by the leaders and fellow initiates. You knew it was rare that Amity ever chose Dauntless much less make it through initiation but you didn’t care as you vowed to yourself you were going to make it no matter what you had to sacrifice.

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anonymous asked:

I'm so excited that Maggie is getting more scenes that aren't with Alex. She's becoming more of a person instead of just a love interest!

However, so far, there hasn’t been any development around her persona or her backstory. Hopefully, the Valentine’s Day episode will fill this hole a bit. I mean, I would pick a narratively good reason for Maggie not to like Valentine’s but it’s more likely that Supergirl might go down the “It’s just tacky” route, to be honest …

Maggie has been shown to have interest character traits, it’s sad that the show fails her so much.


lilyjcollins: I couldn’t be prouder or more excited to finally reveal this labor of love that I’ve been writing for the past year! Thank you for inspiring me to be brave, honest, and able to open up about the things we all struggle with: body image, self-confidence, relationships, family, dating, and so much more. You constantly remind me that all it takes is one person standing up and saying something for us to realize we’re never alone. Can’t wait for March 7 when I get to share with you how I’ve started #LivingLifeUnfiltered… (Pre-Order)

She's Too Weird

Can you do a one shot where you’re at playlist/vidcon and you and Dan have been flirting and Phil makes fun of dan for liking you and then you overhear dan defending himself but saying stuff like ‘she’s too fuxked up in the head’ and stuff, I just think it would be so good and if anyone could do it you could

I’m sorry this is so disappointing, my writing is seriously getting worse :/ and sorry I’ve taken so long. Thank-you for the request xxoo

You were more than excited for vidcon this year, and even more excited to see Dan again. You had met Dan at the last Vidcon and you both had gotten along more than anyone you had ever met.

To be honest, you were quite surprised you even got to meet him, seeing as your were a small YouTuber and he was basically king of the Internet. But thank god you had.
It only took a day with him for your crush to develop, and you could only prey he liked you too.

“Y/N!” You heard your name being called out, pulling you from your thoughts. You looked around you, your eyes quickly recognising the two tall figures.

As soon as they walked over to you, you became very shy. This was another issue for you, your self confidence being low therefore it was impossible to talk to people let alone tell them you have feelings for them.

Dan instantly wraps his long arms around you, giving you a warm hug.

“You look beautiful” he says before letting go, then allowing Phil to give you a quick hug.

“How have you been?” Phil asks, giving you a friendly smile

“Not too bad, how about you?”

“I’ve been great thanks! It’s great to see you again” Phil replies before soon deciding to find some other friends, leaving you and Dan alone.

“So are you looking forward to tomorrow?” Dan questions, referring to your panel.

“Yeah, more nervous than excited” you admit

“You shouldn’t be nervous, you’ll do great. And you look incredible so you definitely don’t need to worry about that” Dan States with a wink, instantly bringing a blush to your cheeks.

“Thank-you” you reply

“Would you like to come get a coffee with me?” Dan asks, smiling down to you.

“That would be great.”

Dan ended up taking you to a cute little cafe, buying you a coffee and muffin (even after you declined the offer). You both sat together for two hours, catching up and obviously flirting. In these two hours you doubts began to fade, maybe Dan did like you back? I mean, he kept calling you beautiful and flirting so…

Phil ended up texting Dan, telling him to come back to the motel, so together you and Dan walked back to you room.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, thanks for a great day” Dan says

“No, thank-you” you reply, smiling up at him.

Dan pulls you into a hug, holding you close as he sways for a few moments, as he pulls away he places a quick kiss on your cheek before wondering off to his own room. Leaving you a blushing mess.

Later that night a few YouTuber came knocking on your door, inviting you out for dinner. After agreeing, you decided to go invite Dan along.

203, 204 and… 205, Dan and Phil’s room. The door was slightly open and as you were about to knock you heard your name.

“You spent the whole day with her! You even got her coffee and you were clearly flirting with her!”

“I wasn’t flirting and getting someone coffee didn’t mean I like them!” Dans voice almost yells

“But you do like her, it’s obvious” Phil replies in a sing song voice

“I don’t like y/n! Why would I? She’s too weird”

Oh… Well that hurt. You could feel your heart sink at his words and tears prick your eyes. You really thought he liked you back.. Wow you must be stupid. You turn around and start down the hall.

“Y/n?” You hear, you look back and there’s Dan, watching you walk away.

The moment Dan sees the tears in your eyes and your sad demeanour, he knows exactly what’s happened. He knows you’ve heard everything. Every stupid thing he said while trying to defend himself, and the worst part? Phil was right. Dan did like you, a lot. But he just couldn’t admit it.

“Y/n please, I’m so sorry I was” and that’s all he got to say before you entered your motel room and closed the door. You weren’t sure if you were angry, sad or embarrassed. But either way, you could face Dan again.

Euphoria {Pt. 2}

OK so there were so many ways this could’ve gone and I played around with all of the scenarios *trust me) and I felt like this was the one that was the most interesting and most exciting. Pt. 2 definitely isn’t as raunchy as some of my other one shots but I think it’s one of the sexiest ones and also one of the ones that’s more this-is-disturbing-but-hot-anyway, which is what I wanted to go for. I really, really REALLY hope you guys enjoy this installation because I am excited for you all to read it and I think it gets into their relationship and into Bonnie’s psyche about the relationship a little bit more and I think it’s very honest. I’m going to link part here just in case you guys want to read it back-to-back: and because no one answered my call for gifs/manips I just used ones already made :) People to tag: ‘bonkais-witchywoo bonkai-is-life bonkai-diaries bonkaiforever bonkaiqueen bonkaimonluv thewitchandlonerdiaries humbu-bumbu beccacupcakesxo writeturnlove wasabicakes jordanjanellejoy darkbonkai offlinebonkai malachaibennett misslilmel kissmebluesexyvioletsme melissasbamonromantictales mysticfalls-originals l0nd0ninnit much-lemons queensfelicity sunnydrive92 sobeyondtwisted @iddieforkai @tasha-sews @ecksnohhs

(not my gifs/manips!)

The stench of death was immediate. Bonnie stepped into Kai’s foyer and was automatically filled with dread and righteous anger; Kai had fed here recently. Bonnie could sense it, feel it.

“Kai!” Bonnie stormed through the halls, looking in the living room, the kitchen, the bathroom. “Kai!” She walked upstairs and found him watching TV in his bed, eating the remainder of a slice of apple pie.

“Where’s the body, Kai?” said Bonnie.

“Don’t you love eating in bed?” he said. “There’s nothing like it. It’s just so… decadent.” He put another forkful of pie into his mouth.

           “The body.” Bonnie repeated. “Where’s the—”The blare of the Friends theme song interrupted her.

“Ah, Friends,” said Kai. “The nineties might’ve been hell— literally but at least it had Friends. I bet you were into Monica and Chandler. Not me. Ross and Rachel … people don’t fight that much if there isn’t something real there.”

“Kai, where is the damn body?”

“Gone,” said Kai, his eyes remaining on the TV.


“Yeah, I disposed of it,” he said as he put another piece of pie in his mouth, chewing as he laughed at something Chandler said.

“You don’t even have the decency to at least try and lie to me about killing someone? Or at least try and act like you care that you took someone else’s life?”

“Why would I care? And why would you expect me to. You know who I am.”

“I do know who you are,” said Bonnie, nodding her head, her face etched with angry repulsion. “You’re a monster.”

“And you’re sleeping with me so what does that make you?”

“Worse,” said Bonnie. She watched him eat the last of his pie and she felt something in her snap; there was something about the way he was always eating that enraged Bonnie, it was an embodiment of Kai’s smugness, of his cavalier devilishness — an embodiment of what attracted her to him and angered her about him. “How are you still eating when you just fed?”

“Ironically, feeding makes me hungry for human food, like food humans eat,” said Kai. “Well no, feeding makes me hungry for you but I didn’t think I’d see you for a while with you know, the intervention and everything.”

Bonnie didn’t bother to ask how he knew about the intervention; Kai always knew about everything that happened to her. He had his ways. She had long since given up on questioning what methods he used to acquire information about her daily life, the life separate from him.

           “Everything about you, about this, is just wrong on every level; morally, legally —”

           Kai put his plate on the bedside table and stood up, walking toward Bonnie with that deceptively lazy gait he adopted when he wanted to appear harmless but was actually preparing himself to strike. “You came here looking to pick a fight,” he said. “Don’t start freaking out because Jeremy showed up.”

“Don’t you dare say his name,” said Bonnie sharply, the threat in her tone sliced through the air and split the window so that the glass spider-webbed.

           Kai raised his eyebrows appraisingly and Bonnie glared back, her hands clenched in fury. It was a gut reaction; hearing Jeremy’s name come out of Kai’s mouth spiked her with indescribable fright that was both violent and heavy with guilt. It wasn’t something she could explain, only something she could feel and it felt unbearable.

           “Me saying Jeremy’s name isn’t going to corrupt his soul,” said Kai. “Which is too bad for him. He would’ve still had a shot with you if it did.”

           “A shot with me? A shot with me? He isn’t some guy I met at the campus bar, he’s—”

           “The boy you loved.”

           “The man I love still.”

           “You’re protective of him you’re not in love with him.”

           “How the hell would you know? You know nothing about me and him, what we were — I died for him, Kai, something like that, what we went through, it doesn’t just go away. I can’t just wake up one morning not loving him.”

           “Who are you trying to convince?”

           “Don’t you —”

           “And even if that’s true,” said Kai, interrupting her. “You know it doesn’t matter. Love doesn’t mean the same thing to you as it did before, what you two were, what you two had, you don’t want that anymore, you can’t want that, not after you’ve had this. Simplicity just doesn’t cut it for you now and that’s all Jeremy is. Simple.”

           “You piece of shit,” said Bonnie, her voice low and dangerous. The lights in the room began to flicker. “I am so sick of you acting like you know everything about me.”

           “I do know everything about you!” Kai yelled, his voice reverberating throughout the house, cracking the ceiling so that the flicking chandelier started to descend. “Why else would you be so goddamn angry? Because you know I’m right and you hate yourself for it. This, us, it’s in you now. You fiend for it, for the places I take you, you spend all your waking hours thinking about it, driving yourself crazy with need for it and you can’t ever go back to the girl who stupidly died because she felt the warm, gooey feelings they sing about in love songs.”

            “Oh get a hold of yourself, it isn’t that deep!”

           “Then why are you here, Bonnie?” The chandelier crashed to the floor and the cracked windows shattered completely. “The boy you say you love —”

           “Stop calling him a boy!”

           “The boy you say you love shows up after all this time and where the hell are you? Not with him! No, you’re here. With me. Your friends ambush you with an intervention about how much you’ve changed—”

           “The intervention was about me fucking a sociopath,” said Bonnie venomously.

           “And that’s not indicative of how much you’ve changed?” said Kai. He didn’t wait for Bonnie to answer. “Whatever the intervention was about, the point is, you’re not with them, working things out, you’re here yelling at me. And Damon —”

           Bonnie let out a frustrated yell that sent a tremor through the entire house, causing the floorboards to shake. “Don’t start on Damon!”

           “Do not defend him,” bellowed Kai.

           “I can’t believe you. My ex-boyfriend shows up but you’re hung up on Damon?”

           “Jeremy wants someone who doesn’t exist anymore. He’s way out of his depth. Damon —”

           “Is with Elena!”

           “Don’t act like that means he doesn’t want you! He belongs to Elena but he thinks you belong to him and that’s something I can’t fucking stand!”

           “What century are you in? I hate it when you do that. ‘Belong’? I don’t belong to anyone!”

           “Well certainly not to Jeremy.”

           “You’re despicable,” said Bonnie, her mouth contorted with fury, her voice ragged with vitriol. “I don’t know why I didn’t just let Caroline and Elena intervene.”

Bonnie charged out of the room and down the hall but Kai followed her, yelling as he trailed her footsteps down the staircase to the foyer. “Yeah, Bonnie, why didn’t you let them? Pretty defensive on my behalf, weren’t you?”

Bonnie whirled around so quickly that Kai flinched but didn’t take a step back. The floorboards had stopped shaking but the television and radio turned on to white noise and static, the microwave started to beep.  

“I was defensive on my own behalf,” screamed Bonnie.” I just couldn’t believe the nerve they all had to pass judgement on me when they’ve all also screwed mass murderers!” She started to walk again.

“Stop acting like this is just about sex,” said Kai. He pushed the front door shut just as Bonnie wrenched it open but used so much force that one of the hinges fell off.

           “It is just about sex!” Bonnie turned to Kai, gesturing wildly. “There is nothing else here.”

           “What do you call what you’re doing to my house?” said Kai. “I work you up this much that you’re destroying it! There’s power between us, there’s power in you that only I know how to reach.”

           “This is just rage!”


           “And hate! God, I hate you. I hate you so much I can’t —I can’t even — I can’t control how I react around you!”


           “Are we just saying words now? Fine! How about these ones: pain, guilt, disgust, shame. Those are the emotions in me only you know how to reach.”

           “If you didn’t get off on that then you wouldn’t be coming back every single time!”

           “I come back because the sex—”

           “It isn’t just sex, it’s fucking euphoria.” Snap! Pop! The sounds of appliances exploding. “You’ve never had it so good. You’ve never felt so good. You’ve never wanted anything as much as the pain and the guilt and the disgust and the shame and that’s why you’re here! You don’t want to escape this!”

           “Stop telling me what I want!”

           Bonnie turned to leave again but Kai grabbed her by the wrist and jerked her to him so that her back collided with his torso. His lips pressed against her ear. “Escape it then.”

           Suddenly, they weren’t in his house anymore.    

           They were …

           Not they. She. She was alone. Kai was gone. And she was in her dorm. The lights were off. Candles were lit. She was standing in front of them, holding a lighter and she was in a blue sundress … wait, she knew this scene, this night. The night after she’d returned from the Other Side. The night she and Jeremy first …

           A vision. Kai had used his vampirism to implant a vision in her mind; to make a memory resurface and engulf her.

           The door opened. Footsteps. And then she heard herself say the words, “I’ll admit it.” She kept trying to get the lighter to ignite. “I miss magic.”

           The footsteps got closer to her and Bonnie quickly glanced behind her to see Jeremy walking further into the room, a small grin on his face. Warmth spread throughout her chest as she listened to him approach; it was a fuzzy feeling, gentle and light and then —

           It was like her entire body pulsated.

           She was still in that blue sundress, her hair cut into the same short bob it had been on that night but now she was in the corner of the dorm watching herself and Jeremy, watching her own memory. “Step away from the candles,” said Jeremy.

           “Not one for the element of surprise, was he?” said a voice; it was low and smug and mischievous, full of promise. Before she could respond, Bonnie felt lips graze the back of her neck, tickling her skin, sending her body into a shock of shivers. Strong, careful hands slowly circled her waist, making her heart pound hard against her chest. Already, her breathing was shallow. Already she ached between her thighs. Already, the rage that had overcome her during their argument morphed into a riotous desire churning uncomfortably within her. He could do this with just one touch? No matter the situation? No. Bonnie couldn’t allow that.

           “Kai, what’s the point of —” She started to turn around to face him but Kai took her by the arms and angled her back so that she was once again looking at her past self and Jeremy.

           Kai whispered into Bonnie’s ear. “Watch,” he breathed, nibbling her earlobe. His lips trailed down to kiss and nip her neck, steadily intensifying the pulsating ache in her gut. He leisurely ran his fingers up and down the length of her midriff, stroking her skin through the material of her dress and the effect was immediate, almost magnetic; Bonnie reached behind her and grasped his shirt, her back arching off of his torso.  She started to close her eyes.

           “Watch,” he breathed again and Bonnie opened her eyes, pressing her lips together as Kai’s hand slid down and pressed against her groin, rubbing her dress against her panties, which rubbed against her. “That, what you’re seeing,” Kai’s voice was husky as he rubbed Bonnie harder. “That’s what you still want, right?”  

           Bonnie watched as Jeremy and her past self started to kiss. It was slow. Sweet. Hesitant. Like they had been. She remembered how at the time she’d felt like it was a life-changing moment, how that warmth had enveloped her, how —

           One of Kai’s hands slipped beneath the hem of Bonnie’s dress, his fingers caressing her legs, up and down and back again, teasing her, taunting her; he stroked her softly but there was a menace to it, a deviousness to his softness that agitated Bonnie with delicious anticipation; that inflamed her skin with a lustful need for more and more now.

           What the hell is wrong with me?

           The thought was a distracted one. It was hard to concentrate on anything other than the feel of Kai behind her, against her, on her, overwhelming her senses so that the only thing she could experience was him but she knew, she knew even now that the promise of depravity, of her depravity the way he unleashed it attracted her like nothing else had in the past and nothing else would in the future and that killed her.

Kai’s other hand crept onto Bonnie’s collarbone. He curled his fingers beneath her chin, holding her head in place so that she couldn’t look away from her past self and Jeremy kissing. The fingers on Kai’s other hand brushed the underside of Bonnie’s underwear as he looked at her looking at Jeremy and Pre-1990s Bonnie. She hated how she moistened at Kai’s touch; hated how she was in this memory with him, watching herself with Jeremy; hated that she had the power to disengage from this memory, from this game Kai was playing but she didn’t have the strength to.

           Jeremy lifted Past Bonnie onto him and turned around so that she was sitting on the bed and she started undoing his shirt with what she’d thought was frenzy at the time but that now looked woefully restrained.

           “He doesn’t know what to do with you,” said Kai, moving his hand from Bonnie’s chin. “He doesn’t know who you are in bed. The depths you can plummet to…” He placed his hand on Bonnie’s wrist and then moved her hand to his mouth, wrapping his lips around her index finger. He sucked. Hard. Bonnie gasped. Her knees almost buckled and Kai pressed her against him to keep her from falling. He withdrew Bonnie’s finger from his mouth.

           “That’s what you want? That’s enough for you now? ”

           He brought Bonnie’s hand back down to her side, slipping it beneath her dress and past her panties, guiding her fingers into herself. He moved her wrist in circles so that she started massaging her clitoris.

           “Oh.” Bonnie moaned, swaying her hips with the movement she was making, with the movement Kai was orchestrating her to make. She grinded back on him and he hardened against her, causing a trill of arousal to burn deep in her gut. She rested the back of her head on his shoulder.

           “Watch,” said Kai, his voice hoarse. He grabbed her beneath the chin again as his other hand worked her wrist into faster circles. “Tell me that what you’re seeing is what you want now.”

           Jeremy and Past Bonnie were kissing again and Jeremy had grabbed her to him so that Past Bonnie had to stand up to continue the kiss; they switched positions so that Jeremy was the one sitting on the bed, he was kissing her neck, she was starting to take off the straps of her dress…

           “If that were me I wouldn’t have been able to wait,” whispered Kai. He slid his hand down her neck to her chest to her breast, his tongue running along her jaw. “I would’ve torn that dress off you the minute I saw you in it. I would’ve said ‘fuck the party’.”

           Bonnie tried not to let his words lay claim to her body; tried to not only remember but relive what she’d felt the night she and Jeremy first had sex; tried to appreciate the feelings he’d inspired in her at that time but she couldn’t. She was devastated with lacking, harsh disappointment; suffocated with the knowledge that Kai was denying her, holding back from her, not giving all of himself over to her but promising to with his touch because sex with Kai … each time it unlocked something within Bonnie, brought her to a part of herself she didn’t know existed before him, took her to depths that wrecked her with pleasure, that brought her to a hedonistic bliss that charged her with a strange empowerment, that brought her to … to …

“Say it,” whispered Kai.


“Bonnie, say it.”

She wouldn’t. No, instead she would — quickly, Bonnie turned around but before she could kiss him, Kai sunk to the floor, kneeling in front of her, throwing one of her legs over his shoulder. He kissed her leg with a voracity that left Bonnie breathless and he trailed his nose down her stomach, his lips skating over her navel, over her panties; he nuzzled her between her thighs, tugging at her underwear with his teeth, agitating her ache. Bonnie fisted her hand through Kai’s hair, clenching tightly onto his strands, pressing his face further into her, her entire body slick with sweat. His mouth had found its way to her ache and Bonnie mewled as Kai flicked his tongue and she tugged on his hair, demanding, begging that he continue, that he do more but he only teased her, gently licking and then pressing his lips against the lace of her underwear, inflaming her ache and refusing to satiate it. Bonnie couldn’t help the moan that escaped her lips and she saw Past Bonnie stop kissing Jeremy and look up but instead of seeing Jesse like she had done that night, she saw herself with Kai kneeling before her. Bonnie and Past Bonnie had locked eyes.

           “Oh my God…” said Past Bonnie, staring at the corner.

           Distantly, Bonnie knew that this was when she’d said “I think Jesse’s dead” but she didn’t know if Kai had allowed her to say that in this constructed memory. She couldn’t ask. Didn’t want to. Kai had chosen this moment to slide his hands up Bonnie’s curves, massaging the dips of her skin, his palms kneading and squeezing her breasts, rubbing her nipples and a red streak of pleasure flashed before Bonnie’s eyes, making her lightheaded, making her entire body hot.


           “Say it,” he murmured against her skin.

           Bonnie made a sound halfway between a sigh of frustration and a groan of arousal. She watched as Past Bonnie and Jeremy started to talk. “You. And Me. And this…This is worth it. Any consequence is worth this.”

           How she had meant that then. How being with Jeremy had taken precedence over physical pain, over personal consequences, over her own life. How that type of devotion wasn’t one that spoke to her anymore.

Past Bonnie kissed Jeremy and started to move toward the bed. The moment she put her hand down and inched on to the mattress, Kai had grabbed Bonnie from behind, his face still pressed against her pelvis, and swung her other leg onto his other shoulder so that only his hands supported her and she grabbed onto his neck to strengthen that support. Jeremy followed Past Bonnie onto the bed and Kai had moved forward so that Bonnie’s back slammed down against the floor, her thighs cushioning his head.

           He took no prisoners then.

           Abruptly, Kai pushed Bonnie’s dress up and grabbed her beneath the chin yet again, turning her head so that she was facing Jeremy and her past self. Kai tore through Bonnie’s underwear with his teeth and then stroked her clitoris with his tongue, twirling and lapping, burrowing his face between her thighs, grunting with greed. He eased a finger into her, making her cry out and she wanted to move, writhe as his tongue and finger swirled pleasure into her body, but she could only watch Jeremy and Past Bonnie together and suffer the waves of guilt that crashed over her because she’d felt disturbed by the situation but she was too aroused to care. Kai withdrew his finger and then pressed it against Bonnie’s lips; she enclosed it in her mouth, sucking on it, tasting herself on Kai’s skin, as she watched Past Bonnie raise her head to kiss Jeremy. Jeremy had gently pushed Past Bonnie back down onto the bed so he could nibble at her neck…

           Kai increased the pressure of his tongue and Bonnie sucked his finger even harder, dragging her nails down the nape of his neck, moaning loudly, desperately. She tilted her pelvis upward, urging Kai on, and she felt her ache start to throb into a build that sent her entire body into convulsions.

           And then he stopped.

           Bonnie had never before suffered such violent frustration. It tore through her, making her entire body scream. The word No! reverberated against her bones, her blood boiled.

           Kai raised his head, moving his hand from Bonnie’s chin so that she could turn away from Past Bonnie and Jeremy kissing and look at him.

“Say. It.” Kai’s eyes were intense. Red. Veins darkened his face. He stared at Bonnie with wicked longing — there was haughty stubbornness there, the determination to keep teasing her until she gave in but the gluttony for her lurked beneath that, his desperation for her to just say what he needed to hear so they could lose themselves in each other, so he could bury himself in her. And even with all the pain and the guilt and the disgust and the shame, Bonnie lived for it. The way she could torture him. The way he could torture her. The power she felt over him and because of him and wrapped up in him; the savage gratification. It wasn’t something she’d ever experienced with anyone else, it wasn’t something she could experience with anyone else. Least of all Jeremy.

           “Bonnie,” he whispered frantically.

           “Euphoria,” said Bonnie. “You bring me to euphoria.”

           And then his mouth was on hers, a moan low and deep and primal in his throat as he kissed her with a frenzy so passionate it made Bonnie’s entire body sing Kai’s name. His lips were everywhere: her jaw, her collarbone, her breasts; the tip of his tongue trailing down her throat, he sucked her neck , pushing his hardness into her groin, making her mewl into his mouth. Bonnie hooked her nails into his shirt and tore, ripping it in half so that she felt his bare back, felt his muscles work beneath her palms. She ran her hands all over his chest, feeling his tautness, hastily removing what was left of his shirt so she could kiss his shoulders, biting down so that he groaned. He moved away from her, settling on his knees and hastily began undoing  the belt to his jeans and Bonnie’s body screamed again; she needed him against her, she needed to feel him, it was physical, any space between them was torturous. Bonnie sat up and without hesitation pressed her lips against Kai’s neck, kissing her way down his chest, tasting him with her tongue, teasing him with her mouth; his breathing turned ragged, his hands slipped beneath her dress and squeezed her bare behind, which made her squeal, which made him laugh. Her mouth reached his fly and Bonnie’s unbuttoned his jeans and tugged down his zipper with her teeth. He inhaled sharply and she grinned. Then he was in her mouth. He clutched her behind even harder, stroking its roundness with his thumbs. Bonnie eased him further into her mouth, bobbing her head.

           “Shit,” he breathed.

           Bonnie sucked harder, Kai’s groaning and swearing mixing in with the mingled sighs of Past Bonnie and Jeremy entwined together; she saw them in her mind’s eye, the gentle almost insecure way Jeremy had rocked into her and as she saw them, she felt Kai, not only in her mouth but on her skin; his pleasure incensed her. One of his hands was now on the back of her head, clenching her hair and urging her on and Bonnie twirled her tongue around him, itching the tip of his manhood with the tip of her tongue, feeling herself giving in to some sort of satisfaction of pleasuring him here, in this memory.

           It was wrong. And it was depraved. And she didn’t care. She knew she would later but later was forever from now.

           She moved away from Kai, leaving him wanting like he left her and she started to slide the straps off her dress but Kai grabbed her by the wrist to stop her and then yanked her to him so that her mouth smashed against his. He kissed her now with an urgency beyond desperation now that they were both so close and so ready. Abruptly, Kai wrenched away and flipped Bonnie around so that she was lying on her stomach and no longer facing him. He rubbed his hands on her ankles and then smoothed them up her calves, pushing up her dress, his palms brushing over her behind, his lips suddenly on the base of her spine and then on her back, on the nape of her neck … Bonnie closed her eyes and groaned.

           “Say it again,” he whispered.

           “Euphoria,” said Bonnie.

           He eased into her and Bonnie’s hands turned to claws on the floor, her nails scratching the hardwood. She swore as Kai started to flex and gyrate his hips, his torso now flat against her back, his arms on top of hers, his palms on the back of her hands, his fingers entwined with hers. He tugged on her earlobe as he rocked into her, his thrusts making sweet contact with her ache. He kissed the part of her back that was bare as he maintained his rhythm  and then removed one of his hands, sliding it beneath Bonnie and then into her and she couldn’t help but scream from all of the sensitization. Searing red and a deep blue, vast blackness … colours, vivid and intense, flashed into Bonnie’s mind — visual embodiments of desire, of pleasure; she was faint, her entire body tingled, everything around her seemed to flicker, and she felt herself build, felt herself rise to an eruption that was sure to wreck her completely; this was a different from when Kai bit her, this wasn’t vampirism, this was magic, this was … it was …

           Oh God.

           Bonnie couldn’t think, she couldn’t concentrate, she couldn’t remember, she could only feel, she could only experience, she could only let that far corner of her mind unlock with each of Kai’s thrusts, his primal grunts constant in her ear. Bonnie put her hand over Kai’s and stroked his wrist as it stroked her and then she turned her head to the side in time to see Jeremy rest his head on Past Bonnie’s shoulder. Then —

           She felt the muscles deep inside her clench and quiver around Kai, his erection deep within her, his harsh breathing and strangled murmurs radiating throughout her body. She felt herself roil and churn, Kai’s movements making her quicken and then she cried out, feeling herself shatter into thousands of pieces, giving way to oblivion, giving way to that vast blackness that flashed through her mind; the pleasure too great, too intense, too extreme for one body.



lilyjcollins :I couldn’t be prouder or more excited to finally reveal this labor of love that I’ve been writing for the past year! Thank you for inspiring me to be brave, honest, and able to open up about the things we all struggle with: body image, self-confidence, relationships, family, dating, and so much more. You constantly remind me that all it takes is one person standing up and saying something for us to realize we’re never alone. Can’t wait for March 7 when I get to share with you how I’ve started #LivingLifeUnfiltered
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For Starters pt 3-REQUESTED

Part One

Part Two

You were actually very excited for your non-date. Dylan seemed like a cool, funny guy to be around. You liked that he understood where you were coming from and excepted that. 

To be honest, you were surprised at how willing he was to agree to your non-date. 

Maybe he was being genuine when he said that he’d rather be friends first with people from now on. You could understand that. Getting to actually know the person before trying to develop a more meaningful relationship. 

Not that friendships weren’t meaningful. Or that your friendship would develop into anything more. 

Dylan had said that he’d meet you at your house around 5. Considering this was a non-date, he figured it should be earlier in the evening.

You decided, as a joke, that you’d look super nice when he came to pick you up, tell him that you weren’t ready yet, and go change into some sweatpants. 

So, when he knocked on your door, you made sure you were wearing your favorite date outfit, hair and makeup perfectly done.

Now was that time.

You opened the door to see a khaki short, t-shirt, Mets hat wearing Dylan.

“Hey,” you smiled, letting him in.

His mouth dropped, horror appearing on his face. “I uh…I didn’t think we were…”

“Come on in and sit for a few minutes, I need to finish getting ready.”

Blushing profusely, Dylan walks in an grabs a sit on your couch.

You run into your room to change and put your hair in a pony. A minute later, you walk out. “Okay Dylan, I’m ready to go.”

He stands up and turns around to face you, saying, “Hey Y/N I’m really sorry I didn’t-” He stops mid-sentence with an extremely confused look on his face at your sudden change of appearance. 

You smirk, “Dylan, that outfit was kind of a joke…”

He starts laughing, nervously at first but then realizes what you did. “Okay, that’s actually really funny.”

A big cheesy grin forms on your face, “Yeah?”

“Yeah,” he confirms, still chuckling. 

“Alright, then lets go.”

“Where are we going?” he asks.

You fake, shock, “You mean you didn’t make reservations for anywhere?”

“Normally on a date I would, but you don’t get the privilege.”

“Good answer. Lets go see a movie.”

“A movie? Isn’t that pretty date like?” he questions. 

“Actually, you aren’t supposed to go to a movie on a date. Doesn’t let the two people talk. So we’re going to a movie.”

“Okay, sounds about right. What kind of movie are we going to see then?” 


“Alright, lets go then.”

The two of you leave your house, Dylan making a point to not hold any doors for you. He makes you pay for your own ticket and snacks. You love how into the non-date he got. 

After the movie, you tell him you want to get something to eat. 

He comes up with the best idea.

Fast food.

The two of you take your non-date to a fast food restaurant. 

There you talk about everything you aren’t supposed to. Mainly, your exes. 

It makes you laugh as he goes through each of his exes, occasionally acting like he’s still hung up on one. You know he’s joking because of his sarcasm and obvious over-embellishments. 

You return the favor by discussing all your exes with your own sarcasm and fake sobbing. You couldn’t always hold down your acting because you’d occasionally start laughing while you “cried”. 

Your non-date was full of laughter, teasing, and compliments on the other’s performance. 

When he went to drop you off, he gave you a handshake, not even bothering to walk you to the door. 

The whole thing was just what you needed. You opened the door, signaling a middle-finger instead of a friendly wave, and not even bothering to turn around after getting in the house.

A second later you get a text from Dylan saying, “You’re not supposed to call for 3 days after a date. So since we’re friends I’m texting you and telling you that we’re going to hang out soon.”

He’s brillant. 

My opinion on GMW ships

Rucas: I have to admit I did have a soft spot for these two when the show started, very cute and innocent. But as they get older the more contrived and unrealistic it becomes. If the goal was to make this ship into the new Cory and Topanga it was a failure. You see, the cute thing about Cory and Topanga was the fact that they were best friends first and Cory wasn’t exactly the fantasy prince charming they make Lucas out to be (making Corpanga more sweet and realistic than Rucas) and neither was Topanga, throwback to her weird earth mother early years. I’ll be honest that in the first season when Lucas said “My moment will be my moment” I was excited and it was swoon worthy. But when Lucas finally did get his moment in Ski Lodge it was just…flat. And when I think of Riley and Lucas as a couple I just think; boring. Not to mention that if Lucas really liked Riley back, why would he consider Maya (her best friend) as an option.

Lucaya: I hated this ship since the first second I heard about it, Their shippers seem to think their chemistry is undeniable. But I have always strongly denied it. I really don’t see it. The main reason I hated it at first mention was because it just felt so wrong. Even if Maya “tried to step back and hold in her feelings” it just feels weird and wrong that she would start to have feelings for someone Riley was so infatuated with. Even if it was infatuation and not love, the whole concept of Maya liking Lucas is completely flawed. And although the fairytale aspect of Rucas is childish, Lucaya’s appeal is equally childish…the entire “she’s mean to you because she likes you!” is (excuse my language) utter bullshit. And despite the fact that Riley putting Lucas on a pedestal is bad, putting someone down all the time is downright destructive.

Rilaya: The idea of these two best friends together is beautiful and pure. They protect each other and know everything about each other. “Honey!” “Peaches!” Come on, they’re adorable and definitely can come off as more than just “gal pals”. But let’s face it, it’s Disney Channel. People freaked over lesbian moms on Good Luck Charlie. Maybe if GMW moved to Freeform but right now, might as well not get our hopes up until the old generation of homophobes dies out. (also note “You are my extraordinary relationship, Maya.”) 

Joshaya: Let me get this straight, I might be bias because I think Josh is hot, but I swoon over this ship. i like how smiley Maya is when she’s around Josh. She’s not as guarded with him as she is with Lucas. And I loved how straight forward and honest she was with Josh in Girl Meets Tell-Tale Tot. I’m not blind to the issues with this ship, though. Their is a problem with the age difference, but one thing I like about this ship is that Josh always respected Maya and told her that is was problem WITHOUT EVER BEING MEAN OR LEADING HER ON. I like that in Ski Lodge he lets her know there is chance. THE LINE ABOUT MAYA’S CAPACITY FOR LOVE KILLED ME (sorry I’m fangirling)!!! I feel like the best side of Maya comes out when she’s with Josh, similar to how she is when she’s with Riley. I understand how this ship can risk having the same issues Rucas has, with it being a fantasy that will go flat. But there’s one key difference, Josh isn’t a prince charming, he’s simply a boy to Maya, a sweet and kind uncle and brother. She admires him without putting him on a pedestal (i.e. the uncle boing jokes). Ski Lodge made it clear that Maya is always thinking of Josh and Josh really does pay attention to Maya despite the age difference. I feel like Josh will be a good, mature influence on Maya, without diminishing her adventurous and rebellious spirit.

Smarkle: These two have chemistry, are adorable and are truly compatible with each other. That being said there’s more to a relationship than just compatibility. I think of these two as more of a “for now” couple as in they’re cute for now. Although if they are in it for the long game I wouldn’t be that upset. One small problem I have with them is the running gag of Smackle wanting more than just Farkle, the constant gushing over Lucas and sometimes flirting with Zay. I know that it is a joke and not meant to hurt Farkle, but it seems harmful nevertheless. (kind of like the jokes about Maya’s home life and RIley’s goofiness and somewhat lack of talent).

Riakle: I’m 80% biased with this one because they’re my otp. ROWAN AND COREY’S CHEMISTRY IS A1!!! Had to get that out of the way, sorry. But the number one reason I love these two; they were friends first. They’ve had more meaningful conversations than Rucas ever had and they are the first to notice when the other is hurting (”Girl Meets Flaws”, “Girl Meets Rileytown”, “Girl Meets Texas”). I truly believe that they understand each other the best (besides Rilaya) and that they’re friendship could grow into more. Although Farkle claims to love Riley and Maya the same I think he does feel more for Riley, which is why Smackle always seems to be more jealous of Riley. I hope that when Riley realizes prince charming isn’t all it’s cracked up to be she’ll see Farkle differently. I understand that platonic relationships are necessary but I don’t think Riarkle is one. And I think that it’s Riley making Farkle understand love more than it is Smackle.

Side notes: I ship Zay with everyone, Lucas with no one (not because I don’t like him, but because I don’t see any chemistry between him and any of the main characters) and Charlie is a cutie, he and Riley should be best friends. Ava and Auggie forever! Yes I’m 19 and I did a complete analysis on the relationships of fictional 14 year olds.

Helping Hand (Giants!BBS)

Hey, guys! I’m back with the Giants AU again. Sorry it took so long (To be honest I just procrastinated lol :P) but it’s here now. But I want to say something really quick first. HOLY CRAP, you guys asked for more of this, and I’m so flipping excited that you all liked it. I don’t know how long this will go for, but I’m happy to keep going with this AU. It’s very fun to write, and I’m excited to get into more of the lore surrounding Tyler and the budding friendship between him and Mini. But please enjoy this second installment of the Giants AU, “Tall Tales”! (I know it’s a cheesy name, don’t judge me :P)


Helping Hand (Giants!BBS AU)

<< Previous Chapter

Word Count: 5,085


Craig was most definitely, without a doubt, lost.

Following that path had been a horrible mistake. Craig found himself in an unknown part of the forest, and only became more worried as nothing around him seemed the slightest bit familiar. He kept walking in hopes he’d stumble upon a helpful landmark to figure out where he was, but was only discouraged when he found none.

He had walked for what felt like hours through the winding paths in the woods. Craig was still shaken by the terrifying encounter that he had barely escaped from, and was still trying to lower his heart rate to a more reasonable level. The organ was drumming uncontrollably fast within his chest, even though Craig knew for certain that the threat was gone and he was safe. Craig followed the trail down an unfamiliar path, looking up at the sky to see that the sun had set mere minutes ago and soon it would be getting dark. He chewed his lip and continued walking, trying to find a familiar landmark before it became too dark for him to see anything at all.

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Imagine Donatello’s excitement when you bring him pieces of gear and equipment for him to use. Usually, he would have to make use with old parts and scraps, but since his brothers met you, Casey and April, he’s been able to get closer looks at more update and modern technology. 
Albeit shyly, he often asks you to bring things down for him to look at than Casey and April. Though, if Donnie was honest with himself, it was more to spend more personal time with you, than anything to do with the technology you brought with you. 

so one of the hosts of Melodifestivalen 2016 in Sweden had to quit because she appears in a tv commercial (which isn’t allowed by SVT) and yesterday one of the songs this year was disqualified because it turns out it has competed in Moldova in 2014 (with other lyrics)

and all of this before Mello has even started this year is gonna be fuckin wild