getting me addicted


And I wanna fall in love… and I wanna fall in love… with you

Just a short Adlock video focusing on Sherlock denying his feelings for Irene.

It was going to be a happy sketch but then I re-watched the season 2 finale and it was not happy so I thought I would share the unhappy. 

IDK what happened here.  Maybe for whatever reason Marco couldn’t use his dimensional scissors to find Star and he spent the entire summer looking for her. 
Star got in a big battle with Toffee some place in Mewni and barely escaped with her life… and that’s when Marco finally manages to find her.  Disheveled and hurt, but alive. 


When you’re sick and you have to study biology and paint pinecones and draw trees and check up on Avengers Academy but inside your head the Hamilton cast album is just playing on repeat.