getting married humor

This man kills me.

I mean look at him.

He cannot believe that Emma could even begin to THINK of the possibility of waking up with him on their wedding day because superstitious baby is superstitious as fuck and holy shit woman are you serious?????

Find a love that looks at you the way Killian looks at Emma when she challenges superstition and settle for no less than that.

Vernon/OFC: When we get married...

Genre: Fluff/Humor/Romance

Word Count: 921

Characters: Hansol Vernon Chwe/Original Female

“Hey.” Vernon poked her in the cheek, effectively breaking her concentration. “Wanna get married?”

“Sure.” she waved offhandedly in frustration, dusting the flour off the counter top.


“Yes.” she exhaled, gesturing to her kitchen. “Vernon, I’m trying to make a pie.”

Vernon whistled in understanding, absorbing the colorful array of berries around the kitchen. Getting out of the way before he really got in trouble, he called out from the doorway, “You’re definitely making those for us every night.”

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Personal Vendetta (Part 2)

your best friend meets your boyfriend aka nathan’s not too sure about your choice

(not a direct sequel, but the same idea as the first one - part 1)

word count: 2,779

The room you were in was too loud that you could barely hear Nathan on the other line. He mentioned how he was going to be late and couldn’t come to your parent’s party until later in the night due to sponsorship related things. You immediately felt the urge to panic at his late arrival. He was supposed to be coming for the first half of the party and then leaving later because he still had his usual early morning practice. Apparently it looked like it was going to be the other way around. You had specifically planned it a certain way for a reason, and it looked like the thing you were trying to keep a secret was no longer going to be one.

“Honey is everything alright?” Your mother asks. All you can do is nod and tell her things are fine, you don’t want to ruin your parents’ anniversary party by bringing in unwanted drama.

“Is Nathan not coming?”

“He’s coming, just going to be late…” You tell her and she immediately smiles, “Oh good I was starting to get worried.”

Your parents, especially your mother loved your best friend. They would often tease you about when you were getting married; you would just laugh along because the thought was humorous. Getting married to Nathan was something you had thought about once when you first met him because let’s face it. He’s absolutely perfect, and what girl wouldn’t want that? You just couldn’t see him ever really feeling the same, not to mention with his schedule it was hectic enough being his best friend, you couldn’t imagine wife. You two had made one of those typical “if we’re both single by 30 we’ll get married” deals with one another, but you didn’t see it coming true. 30 was just around the corner for both of you and you definitely didn’t feel ready to get married.

“And Matty?”

Your stomach churned, “He’ll probably be here around the same time as Nathan.”

Matty King was the secret you had been hiding from Nathan for months. You didn’t mean for it to happen at all, but it just did. When you first started dating Matty you knew it would probably be a given to introduce him to your best friend, but you kind of ended up skipping Nathan and introduced him to everyone else. You didn’t have to lie all that much, a lot of the time Nathan would be gone for meets and you didn’t need to make excuses about why you couldn’t hang. It just came so naturally.

You felt as though you couldn’t let Matty and Nathan meet, and there were a couple reasons as to why. First off Nathan’s opinion was vastly important to you and you were having fun with Matty, you didn’t want Nathan overtly pointing out the obvious things wrong with your relationship and ending things right there. Also, Matty and Nathan were very different from each other, them together in the same room was sure to be a disaster and you had evidence as to why. All three of you had gone to school together at Cal, and Sophomore year you never heard the end of how much Nathan hated “that Mathew guy” in his Biology class. At the time that was something you definitely took with a heavy heart because your best friend didn’t usually hate people. Therefore you also decided to hate this guy too, it was only right.  

That was until a couple of months ago when you had run into him at the local farmers market. You both had vague recollections of who the other was, mostly him knowing you from being Nathan’s friend and for the brief period of time that you had been involved in on campus activism.

“Didn’t you run through every class protesting the raise of tuition?” He had asked. You just blushed and nodded. Your interaction with him was sweet, and he had teased you a bit which you kind of liked. After exchanging phone numbers you both texted for a while until he finally asked you out, and the rest was history.

You had promised yourself you would tell Nathan sooner or later, it just never came up until now. There was no way you could avoid it, Nathan and Matty were going to interact tonight and you would have to introduce Matty as your boyfriend. The boyfriend you didn’t tell Nathan about for months.

You couldn’t focus on talking to guests; you just kept looking at the door waiting for one of them to show up. There was no way you could concentrate.

As you talked to one of your many relatives you felt two hands cover your eyes and the classic, “guess who?” be said. Instead of answering, to avoid an awkward situation you simply turned around to see Matty. Smiling, you give him a kiss.

“How late am I?” He asks.

“You’re on time. Right when I told you to be here.”

He puts his arm around you, “Do I get another kiss for promptness?” You giggle, “Why of course.”

After you kiss him again you feel your eyes floating towards the door once again and it’s clear Matty has noticed. “What’s going on babe?” You and Matty had never really talked about Nathan, but deep down you could tell that he had the same sort of dislike towards your best friend as he had for him.

“So I’m sorry for kind of just dropping this on you, but Nathan’s going to be here soon and I kind of never told him about us.” He furrows his eyebrows, “What do you mean you never told him?” Just as your about to answer him, out of the corner of your eye you’re able to see your 6’7” best friend walk in, standing high above everyone else in the party.

“Wait here for a minute.” You don’t wait for Matty’s response you walk off, squeezing through people to get to Nathan at the doorway. As soon as he catches sight of you, you feel his arms being wrapped around you. “Hello.” You murmur into his shoulder, crushed by his strong arms.

He lets go of you smiling, “Hi.”

You find it hard to look into his eyes, you had been keeping a part of your life away from him for the last couple of months and you felt as though you didn’t deserve to stare into those warm eyes. Your best friend could tell something was off and he placed a hand on your shoulder, “What’s going on?” For some reason, both of the men in your life seemed to know your tell, you definitely had to change it up soon.

No matter how you presented the situation to Nathan he would be caught off guard and perhaps horribly upset with you. Somehow you just had to manage to get it out.

“Nathan… You know I love you very much.” Looking down, he blushes a bit, “I know that.”

“And I would never want to do anything to hurt you.” You say and he frowns a bit but nodding as a sign for you to continue.

“Well Matty is here…”

Nathan twists his face together in confusion, clearly trying to search the back of his brain for who this Matty person is. “Who?” He asks.

“Matty. You know Matthew. King.”

“You mean from school?” You nod once and he continues to question, “What is he doing here? Why is he at your parents’ anniversary party?”

Averting your eyes away from him once again you answer, mumbling most of your words, “He’s kind of my boyfriend… And has been for a couple of months.”

Although your speech is almost inaudible he’s able to catch what your saying and his eyes widen, “Kind of? A couple of months?”

Just before you can say anything your interrupted by none other then Matty. He grabs ahold of your hand and looks at Nathan, “What’s going on man?”

Judging by Nathan’s stance you can tell he has no want to talk to Matty, but then he looks at you and sighs, “Not much man. Just trying to have a conversation with my best friend.”

“Oh sorry about that. Just thought I would come and find my girlfriend.” You roll your eyes at both of the boys being extremely ridiculous. You knew that they didn’t like each other and this first meeting wouldn’t be the easy, but judging by the way it was starting it was only going to get worse.

“Why don’t we get a drink? Nathan, do you want a drink?” You say trying to avert the attention away from their behavior. Nathan smiles at you and then looks at Matty, “I would love one, thanks y/n.”

As you walk to the table for refreshments you can’t help but completely regret the decision you made in all of this, because obviously it was the wrong one. Maybe this is what you deserved.

Pouring Nathan a drink you hand it to him, which he takes with a smile and a wink, Matty watching the whole time with a bitter stare. You can see your mother watching the three of you from the other side of the room. This was definitely where you wanted this to happen, at a family party in front of a bunch of relatives you talk to twice a year.

As soon as you give Matty a drink, you’re all left standing in uncomfortable silence. Well except for the glares Nathan and Matty were exchanging, otherwise those were louder than words.

Matty is the one who breaks the silence surprising enough, “So y/n mentioned you have early practices. I guess that means you won’t be able to stay very long. That sucks.” His tone bothers you, not liking the way your boyfriend is speaking to your best friend. “Actually I can be here as long as I want.” Nathan says, clearly wanting to stand his ground.  

“That’s really cool man, I know how hard it is to be a swimmer. Traveling all the time, never getting to see your family and friends as much as you want. Don’t worry though, I’ve been keeping y/n company while you’ve been away.” Matty puts an arm around your waist and you suddenly feel strangely uncomfortable in his grasp.

Nathan grits his teeth and takes another sip of his drink, “Thanks. You know, as long as she’s not in the hands of a complete douchebag.”  

You have an urge to excuse yourself, to be anywhere else but there. However, you know how leaving them alone together would only make the situation more detrimental than it already was. Taking a large drink of the alcohol in your cup you decide that it was probably better to do this intoxicated than sober.

Somehow, just somehow you had managed to make it to the end of your parents’ party. You had told your mother and father to head to sleep and you would clean up the living room before you left to go home. Luckily you also had Nathan to help who had so kindly volunteered to stay behind. Matty unfortunately had to leave, partly because of work the next day and partly because cleaning wasn’t “his thing.”

You and Nathan had worked in silence for most of pickup duty and you could tell that he was mad at you. Mad that you hadn’t told him anything about Matty, just dropping him with it all at once and mad that this whole night was terrible. You didn’t get to spend any time with your best friend, it was just really uncomfortable.

You hadn’t heard Nathan’s voice since he volunteered to help that when he speaks your caught off-guard, “I seriously can’t believe you’re dating him.” Looking up from the black garbage bag you were currently throwing empty paper plates in you tell him how you really feel, “He’s actually really cool when you get to know him.”

Nathan snorts and pulls out the broom from the hall closet, “I don’t want to get to know him.”

The whole night had gotten you worked up, you understood that both boys had something against the other, but couldn’t they just put it all aside for you? Or if anything put it aside for just one night? You felt done with this whole thing that you throw down the garbage bag down, “Ugh, Nathan why can’t you just give him a chance? You already had an opinion of him from so long ago and you’re sticking to it… But things change, and he’s my boyfriend now so…”

“He was a dick then, and he’s still a dick now. He hasn’t changed at all.”

“Nathan-” You begin, but he’s quit to cut you off. “Do you want to know the real reason I don’t like him?”

You look away from him, but he continues, “When we were at school together he would always ask me if I was friends with that ‘hot babe that lived in Kerr’ and make these stupid, gross comments about you.” You feel your heart fall a bit, thinking about Matty saying things like that about you, but that was a long time ago.

You catch Nathan’s eyes again, “So? He’s different now. I like him.”

“What about our deal?” Nathan asks.

“What deal?”

He sighs as if he’s extremely disappointed in you, “Our get married at 30 deal.”

“Oh Nathan come on, you know that was just something we said one time.” You pick up the garbage bag again and continue throwing trash from the party inside. Nathan still hasn’t moved, “What do you mean something we just said?”

“I mean it’s not going to happen. Thirty is just about three years away, neither of us are ready for marriage, we’re best friends and I have Matty!”

Nathan goes over to your side of the room and catches your wrist, “Can you please stop cleaning up for one minute and just look at me?” Surprised at Nathan’s behavior, you stop. “I’m looking at you,” you say looking into his eyes.

“What if I want to?” You’re confused by his words, “Want to what?”

“To marry you. What if I want to?”

You widen your eyes, you can’t tell if he’s completely joking, just saying this because he hates Matty so much, or if he’s really being serious.

He takes your speechlessness as a sign to go on, “I love you. I love you and I’ve known it for awhile.”

He drops your wrist and you take a step back, “Nathan…”

“I love you and I don’t want you to be with anyone else except me, and I don’t want to be with anyone else except you. I need you and I want you to say yes.”

“Yes?” You mumble, barely able to make sense of the whole thing.

“Say yes to loving me back. Please.” You blink a couple of times, trying to hold back some tears that threaten to spill out if any of the wrong moves are made.

You had been so worried about the Nathan and Matty situation that you never told Nathan about him, why? Was it because they truly didn’t like each other? Or were you just afraid of telling Nathan you had found someone because you had always wanted there to be a space for him to fill?

When the two of you had made that little deal, it was something you had seen in a movie, something that you thought would be funny. Deep down at the time you hoped it would happen, but knew it more than likely wouldn’t since Nathan had beautiful, intelligent girls throwing themselves at him all day.

Nathan had always been there for you, and at the end of the day you had no problem choosing which one you would rather have in your life, Nathan or Matty.

“Yes.” You mumble.

“Yes?” He asks confused.

You give him a half smile with a tear rolling down your cheek,“Yes to loving you back.”

It’s almost as if it happens all in slow motion, he wraps his arms around your waist and leans in. You follow him until both of your lips are connected. He handles you with such a gentle touch as if he doesn’t want to break you, and you can right there and then how much waiting he’s done for you.

Breaking apart, you lean your foreheads against one another, both of you breathing harder than usual. There’s silence as you stare into each other’s eyes.

You smile at him, “My parents are going to be so happy.”

He laughs and kisses you again.