getting loko

caflappy  asked:

Rwby *cough* Im basic *cough*

THANK U FRIEND i was hoping to get RWBY! :-)

Favourite Female: 

the bae <3

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Favourite Male: 

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3 Other Favourite Characters: 

Blake Belladonna, Ruby Rose, Yang Xiao Long <3

3 OTPs:

*slams fist on table* WHITEROSE, LADYBUG, AND BUMBLEBY


Tauradonna, WhiteKnight, Iceburg, any adult x minor pairing, or incest pairing 

Funniest character: 

tie between Ruby and Yang!

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Prettiest character:  Weiss Schnee *-*




Most Annoying Character: Jaune :-)

Most badass character: Qrow Branwen

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Character I’d like as my BFF: Ruby, Blake, Yang, Penny, Nora, Sun, Neptune, Pyrrha, they all seem fun to hang with 

Female Character I’d Marry: Weiss again augh <3 

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1000/10 wife material

Male Character I’d Marry: probably Sun! 

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Character I hate/dislike/least like:

Adam :-)

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Straight White Boy Problem #745

bro we are going to get so fucking wasted this weekend dudee!!!!! i know bro!!!!! *high fives my bro* lets get crazy on four loko and pass out on the pool table in your basement!!! i’ll give your mom my car keys so she knows we are being safe!! hahah this will be so sick dude once we get someone to buy our lokos I cant WAIT