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  • Snow: All of the kids failed. That doesn't make sense! I'm doing everything exactly the way I used to.
  • Jasmine: Perhaps that's the problem. From what I heard, you had a very birdhouse building heavy curriculum.
  • Snow: Yeah. So?
  • Jasmine: So you're going straight from birdhouses to Newtonian physics? Does that seem like a proper progression?
  • Snow: Wow, you're right. I can't believe I skipped over the most crucial step: cool archery tricks.
  • Jasmine: What? No.
  • Snow: You get my bow and arrows from under my desk. I'll get this kids together. This is gonna be sick!
  • Jasmine: I didn't mean--
  • Snow: See you in ten. You're the best!
  • Jasmine:
  • Jasmine: I can't believe a kid is gonna die on my first day.

as much as I do enjoy smtm4 (messy as it is), my biggest dream is for mnet to cancel it in favor of a show about zion.t and crush doing domestic shit like grocery shopping or walking their dog

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"what would it be like to be coupled up on WGM with Ugly Duck, Iron, and Rap Monster?" But with jay, simon and loco pretty please 😁

Jay would probably show off on their first few dates by dancing and hip thrusting to show her how fit his body was. He’d lowkey be shy when she complimented him but he’d try his best to show her his best image.

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Simon would have two sides to him. He’d be really soft and gentle with her but when she got comfortable he’d have a dirty joke up his sleeve to make her flustered. He’d love doing skinship and would squish her cheeks all the time, wanting to get closer to her.

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Loco would be extremely shy when he met his virtual wife. He’d need her to take the lead at first as he wouldn’t be sure what to do. He would bring her food all the time and bring extra clothes so she wouldn’t get cold. He’d be really thoughtful and caring towards her.

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Reaction - Loco Gets Jealous

“So what’s the point of this game?” You asked, tentative of anything that Jay proposed during a night of drinking. You had been dating Hyukwoo long enough to know the amount of teasing that happens between the guys.
Jay had proposed that AOMG needed a team building night out so you found yourself at his apartment with plenty of alcohol. He had decided that it would be fun to play some dirty version of Two Truths One Lie. So here you were, sitting on the floor wrapped in Hyukwoo ’s arms as you went around trying to guess the lie. If you got it, then the liar had to take a drink but if you didn’t then the one who guessed had to. 

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“Alright, babe. Your turn,” Hyukwoo said. You had promised to use only things he didn’t know about you since otherwise he was at a disadvantage.
“Okay. First, I was suspended for a week for punching a guy in the nose. Second, excluding Hyukwoo, the best looking one in AOMG is Wegun. Third, I once quit my job because I was too hungover to make a meeting.” You sat back in Hyukwoo’s arms as they tried to figure it out. You could tell from the way your boyfriend’s arms wound around your waist that he had already had a bit to drink.
“Easy,” He whispered next to you. Kiseok was the first to guess.
“You would never quit. The lie is three.” You gave a chuckle, shaking your head.
“Sorry Oppa, take a drink.” Since he had given up drinking he simply took a swig of water while Hyukwoo laughed. 

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“Babe. Come on, it’s the first one.” You bit your bottom lip as you gave him a kiss on the cheek and his smug smile came out.
“Sorry, oppa. You have to drink.” He stared at you, pulling back as the guys all busted out in laughter.
“Hahaha, wow! Wegun, you moved up in the world!” Jay exclaimed as his fell over grabbing his stomach.
“I’m offended, [y/n]. You might be the only girl to not find me attractive.” Gray acted offended at your revelation.
“Babe! Seriously? Wegun…is he cuter than me?” Hyukwoo asked, slightly flushed from the alcohol and he sat down his shot glass. 

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“Of course not, Oppa. Your the best looking one by a long shot. But Wegun is mysterious and handsome in a different way. You’ve got nothing to worry about.” You smiled at him though you could tell that he was going to pout for a long while.
“Whatever. But don’t even look at him anymore!” He jutted out his bottom lip as he glared at the innocent Wegun.
“Let me know once you get tired of the famous Loco. I’d show you just how handsome I can be,” Wegun said his a smile and laugh, causing everyone else to lose their heads again while Hyukwoo brought you even closer. 

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With a brave hand, you slowly rubbed Hyukwoo’s thigh slightly. “I think I’ll stick with Hyukwoo. He’s pretty cute when he’s jealous.” You buried your head into his chest and planted a kiss on the side of his neck, just where he liked it. While he always trusted you, it was still fun to give the boys something to tease him about every now and again.