getting it done this weekend ;)

I have so much to do before work at 1:30 tomorrow.

  • take oversized load of laundry to laundromat for washing
  • take old corner desk to dumpsters and cover with garbage bags because I know someone is going to pick it up and I wanna try to keep the elements off it
  • haul new desk up to my apartment from my car
  • drag the vacuum in my trunk to my apartment also
  • take out garbage including bags of stuff that are too worn out to take second hand
  • take decent unwanted stuff to second hand (took some, more is buried behind bins of clean clothing, so done I guess)
  • buy shelf from Target to replace tv stand (maybe also new lamps)
  • wash dishes, bake cookies, wash dishes again

This isn’t everything I’d LIKE to get done this weekend, but it’d be enough. I NEED to get the desk out of my car so I can pick up the shelf for the TV and get my discount before im done at Target. I also NEED to do dishes because I really want to bake all the cookies for a goodbye treat tomorrow. Everything else is just - I have a whole afternoon and I wanna make some serious progress because I want a kitty damnit.

Note: I bought a bunch of storage bins that I’ve been using for the oversized laundry and they’ll be used to store seasonal clothing, holiday decorations, and fabric for sewing and craft projects, but I can’t gather that shit and put it away until I’ve finished washing everything and gotten rid of the extra stuff I don’t need to give myself more room to organize shit.


I’m going to really try and get a few of your requests done this weekend, guys. If I don’t get to you, I’ll make sure to sometime this week.

My ask box is still open to head-canon and fiction requests and general questions - so feel free, it’s not a worry!

Also, I’m going to be editing Final Fantasy VII Tinder Profiles after I finish with the Astrals ouob

Is there a character preference I should start with or should I just go with Cloud?

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Goals for after work—

  • House cleaning
  • Grocery shopping
  • Put the three baskets of folded laundry away (dammit)

Writing weekend goals—

  • Otayuri Skype WIP (get almost done)
  • Otayuri cam/DJ WIP (get almost done)
  • Finish @otayuriauzine piece (figure which of the two to actually use, wrote two pieces)
  • Father Altin WIP (just redo the damn thing)
  • Repression — do half next chapter
  • Lerovich— either ignore or start next chapter
  • Star (since this keeps being brought up) Work a new chapter
  • Go through prompts as I’m sure I’m forgetting everything

Seems doable ….. 😳


lup & lucretia

“lucretia, dear, i’ve already forgotten about the whole thing. oh, uh! sorry, bad choice of words.”


I’m slowly getting my workspace looking the way I want it too 👯 So happy! I have a little bit of work left to do tonight & a whole lot of admin to get done before I can enjoy my weekend! But I’m so excited because my mom is coming to visit from the UK 😁


“10,000 years you have ruled most of the known universe

10,000 years you sat on that throne, spitting every demand to your commanders

Now, its my time to stand in the spotlight and out of the shadows. and become the leader that you could never imagine.



YES ! finally Lotor-week is here ! most of my artwork is still in lineart form but I will get them done since im off this weekend >< 


Confessions in the Moonlight | Jungkook

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 1780

Summary: After nearly a month of avoiding you, Jungkook finally confesses the true reason behind it.

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concept playlists

it’s early afternoon and you’re lying in a quiet meadow with a cool breeze blowing through the grass around you. you have no responsibilities and you are totally hidden from the world. the sun is warm and so is your heart. you breathe deeply and watch the clouds float past. you feel at peace for the first time in a long time

it’s very late at night, or maybe very early in the morning and you’re curled up in a blanket fort you’ve made. soft fairy lights shine through the material and you can hear a pattering of rain on your window. you feel peaceful but long for the rain to get heavier. you think the world might be magic after all.

you’re sat on your bedroom windowsill, window closed to the heavy afternoon rain and strong winds outside. you warm your hands on a large cup of coffee and are wrapped in your favourite blanket. you think about your life, the little things you will get done over the weekend and the tasks you’ve already completed. you are relaxed and proud of yourself.

Before I begin, I’d like to thanks @amazingmegara for making me this lovely banner after I accidentally made a post about being too shy to ask anyone you’re a gooden (’:

Aaaand I hit 2k! I’ve only been active as a dnp blog since around December, so seeing how far this blog has come over the course of a few months is absolutely bonkers! I’d like to personally thank anyone who has ever smashed that mf button and followed me. I’d also like to thank anyone who has ever sent me a message/ask, as well as reblogged or liked any of my posts or even mentioned me in any of their posts. I am a very lonely girl, so all of the attention I’ve gotten on here from anyone has given me an overwhelming feeling of warmth and welcoming. You all make me smile.

That being said, here is a thanks to some lovely friends and mutuals <3

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