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if harry never covers young and beautiful what is like,, the Point

i watched all of lasagna cats videos when i first joined youtube when i was 7-8 and they had a huge impact on me. i watched them all many times and would periodically check his channel to see if he ever posted anything new and today is the first time since then that he has. i havent been able to bring myself to watch them yet, i kind of want lasagna cat to be untainted in my memory, the way it felt to watch those videos when i was 7 years old

seth morley • 35 • climatologist + stormchaser

intrepid reporter; bruiser with a soft center; white male lead; beware the nice ones; good is not dumb; bruises are cool; rise above your past; proud member of ragtag bunch of misfits; chronic hero syndrome; hair of gold, heart of gold

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Well hello hello I’m coming back with anotha get 2 know me post and I will focus on more personal thingz so let’s start!¡
•I HATE 2 smile because I have braces and it makes me feel insecure.
•I realized that I had depression when I was 9 years old, that was one of the worst years of my childhood, I was in a really dark place at that moment.
•I have a crush on a literal angel he is so gorgeous and a true gentleman wow I love him and the cool thing is that we are really good friends!
•People oftentimes think that I’m a super unfriendly person and I hoe but after they get 2 know me they are surprised how sweet and kind this potato can be.
•I feel so uncomfortable and sad when people are hurt or they are sad like I need 2 fix it let me hug u and love u.
•I once got a really bad grade from English class and I always panic when there’s a test coming and I want 2 cry.
•BUT I’m actually really good at English, Math, Physics and History class.
•My goals in life is 2 travel until I die because I fucking love traveling so so much.
•I looove drama, it just seems so stupid to me and worthless and I just love laughing when people spend their time on drama.
•I’m in love with fashion.
•I work out every single day and I loooove it.
•My favorite colors are black, white, beige and khaki.
•Deep inside I’m a true hoe and a princess but lets keep it real, most of us have that inner hoe/princess/bad ass bitch attitude.
•I’m allergic to mosquitoes(AND I HATE IT)
•I’m all about the Kardashians, they are so GORG even if they are fake I think they slay really hard.
•I used to sing when I was in forth grade but now my voice is so ugly ew.
•I have like 378272639202 crushes but as I mentioned that one boy has my heart.
•I hate my nose it’s super weird.
•But I like my eyes, they are really basic but cute.
•I love super hot and sunny days.
•I’m such a makeup junkie it’s not okay.