getting in

So, I’m home now and of course, immediately downloaded and played Episode Ignis




I have ascended to a new level of thirst for Ignis I had not thought possible. It’s like Squenix was like, “Hey, you know that one crazy chick on the Tumblr? She somehow called the entire episode months prior, so maybe we can mix her glowing eyes kink she has for Noct and her obsession with Ignis’s hair being down. As a thanks.”

… okay no I know they really ain’t BUT FUKC I WASN’T READY AND NEITHER WERE MY OVARIES

Other thoughts:

“Fire is cool but ice these Nifs to the ninth circle of hell, Iggy.”

“*grapples through Altissia* I AM THE NIGHT… I AM BATMAN”

“…*glares at Caligo* YOU WERE THE ONE WHO KILLED JARED, YOU MTHRFKR, DON’T THINK I FORGOT I’m whooping yo entire ass all over this fucking town like Titan on these magitek soldiers, bet

“Ignis just tossed that dagger in the face of a Nif like he ain’t give two shits about anything and I have not wanted a man more in my entire life.”

“… did Ravus always sound like a whiny nasaly bitch or nah? 🤔”

“I wonder if Noct is really sleep or is punking everyone like ‘if I just lay here long enough then maybe they’ll forget about this whole Chosen King thing…’”

“*watches the first playthrough’s showdown with Ardyn and Ignis brimming with power and facing each other down standing way too close to each other with a fair amount of sexual tension* …👀 now kiss

“*watches the alternate ending* … okay Squenix, thx for the bone you tossed us after destroying our entire lives with the canon ending BUT TELL ME WHY THIS COULDN’T HAVE BEEN THE CANON ENDING IN THE FIRST FUCKING PLACE”

The “THE DESTROY MY CHANNEL CHALLENGE” stream is a true up and down!! (I will be kicked out of the community for that joke) 

But really… I had a few heart attacks while watching!

I also made this little animation because …it is fun? And because I might have to explain all the noises to my neighbors! 

We got your back @markiplier and we will do as promised but leave the chair alone!

Edit: …..that last fall….please give this man some hugs xD


Sebastian Stan + stroking his beard