getting high for your first time and being smothered in cats

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hey if you're still doing prompts, the time(s) someone outside of the team (or inside) mistakes aaron for andrew or the other way around?? thanks!! i love your writing!!

There should be some sort of rule, Aaron thinks, that identical twins have to avoid celebrity. 

It was disarming enough to be a teenager the first time he saw his own face with nothing inside of it, like an indifferent stone likeness. Then Andrew went and got himself famous, made himself important to everyone (including Aaron). He stares out from magazine spreads with his middle finger up when Aaron goes through the checkout counter, and he follows him closely with his reputation.

He’s had patients bow out of the exam room when they heard their intern was ‘A. Minyard’. He’s had anger and relief flip toggles in his chest when he caved and bought a magazine, finding Andrew and Neil piled in Exy gear to promote a product. They looked uncommitted and severe except when they were jostled together and shot from the side, candid, staring. 

It almost makes him miss the moments with the foxes when everything was as simple as watching Andrew’s face for the changes and catching the wave to the next game.

But it’s better to have the kind of work that he knows he does best, stockpiled for the rest of medical school and the rest of his life after that. It feels good to stretch on rubber gloves and distance himself from the worst sort of rot in the world. 

It feels good for his feet to throb and his head to twist itself into knots, and to come home to Katelyn, who always tries to wait up for him and never can. She passes out with her legs over the armrest of their secondhand couch and her hair fanned over the cushions. He kisses her awake more often than not.

He goes for runs, sometimes, like he never did in college. It’s when his own reflection makes his neck prickle and he thinks, god, he’s here. He’s never not here. If you’re a twin you’re a member of a club, and you’re constantly in uniform.

He gets stopped on the street and asked for his autograph, and he feels comforted to know that his “piss off” is gentler than whatever Andrew would have said. 

He sees his own face hoisted at pride, watches Andrew become half of a relationship that handcuffs exy to entire social movements, and it coaxes old fear into his blood. It takes some wrangling and undoing of rusted closed spigots before he realizes that he’s impressed, too. 

He hates Neil out of habit. He watches the sun make new colours with Katelyn’s hair at 5 am. He puts his alarm on snooze just so he can lie there with her. He likes that his life is a can on a string, and somewhere, tossed out into another state, in a high-rise with blackout curtains and an orange cat, Andrew has the other can.

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Usually you would send these in as asks, but I still haven’t fully figured out how Tumblr works myself and I’ve been chilling on this platform for years! I also take what I can get, cause someone was actually nice enough to give me a request and I’m happy to please! I also kinda hella loved the idea :D
so here you go, I hope you like it @animeawakens



♬ after you officially got together it took weeks until he let the two of you share a bed

♬ it’s not that he doesn’t trust you – although you do like to get hot and heavy – but that he mostly doesn’t trust himself

♬ sometimes he even went as far as to send you home in the middle of a make out session because it got too much for him to handle

♬ whenever you did sleep over – because he just couldn’t let you go – you slept in the bed and he slept on the couch

♬ meaning; you never got a good look at him sleeping

♬ after about two months he finally lets you stay over and you two share a bed

♬ sleeping with Zen is extremely comfortable

♬ he’s a great big spoon but doesn’t mind being the small one either

♬ his hair can get a little tricky when he opens it up, but if that means you get to cuddle him, you can endure a little hair tickling your nose

♬ what you can’t endure is Zen’s beauty

♬ one day you’re awake before him and you decide to actually get up instead of trying to sleep again

♬ you roll out of bed and turn around to get one last glance at sleeping Zen, since you’ve never really seen that

♬ it’s almost like a punch in the guts

♬ he is drop dead gorgeous!

♬ if you didn’t know better you’d think he was posing for some sort of photoshoot right then and there

♬ one of his arms is resting on his chest while the other is effortlessly resting above his head

♬ his white hair runs down his chest like silk as he lays on his back

♬ on top of that his face is relaxed, peaceful, untouched

♬ just watching him breathe in and out like this is mesmerizing

♬ one part of you is almost angry at how effortlessly beautiful he is

♬ the other appreciates it enough to get out your phone and snap a quick pick

♬ “Jaehee will so appreciate this…”


★ you and Yoosung moved in together much later than both of you would have liked to

★ he had to finish school and starting a vet clinic by yourself was near impossible at his age

★ after a while though, you couldn’t stand being apart and while money was short, you moved in together

★ luckily Jumin invested as a wedding gift and so the clinic came to be

★ money was no longer an issue and so you moved into a bigger, nice apartment together

★ at first everything was great, even sharing a bed, which neither of you had ever done before

★ looking back on it you realized it was due to stress that your sleeping arrangements worked out

★ the second his head hit the pillow Yoosung fell asleep like the dead

★ however, once he’d gotten used to being a vet and the stress reduced, his annoying sleeping habits kicked in

★ for one, he’s a horrible blanket hogger and you woke up more than once during the night because you were shivering without your blanket

★ at the same time you also found yourself waking up from being smothered and that was the biggest problem

★ it was easy to buy a separate blanket set, but getting rid of squid Yoosung was a near impossible feat

★ once he’d wrapped his arms, sometimes legs, around you, there was no getting rid of him

★ only only did you feel smothered, but you began growing hot rather soon as well

★ that boy felt like a hundred degrees wrapped around you

★ when you told him about it he felt extremely ashamed

★ you attempted to sleep in separate beds for a while, since you had work too and being completely drained of energy due to lack of sleep wasn’t an option

★ it didn’t work out

★ suddenly you felt cold and empty without your little octopus wrapped around you

★ after about a week you craved and climbed into back during night

★ about an hour later Yoosung had moved in his sleep and slung his first arm around you

★ half an hour later he was once more completely wrapped around you

★ you just sighed contently

★ “Much better…”


♨When you and Jaehee first moved in together it was as ‘best friends’

♨ you each had your room and did it for 'practical reasons’

♨ it was just 'easier to split the rent and chores’

♨ for anyone who didn’t notice, those were all keywords for you weren’t quite ready to admit to yourself and each other just how gay you were for one another

♨ eventually you got drunk and made out though and the cat was kind of out of the bag

♨ so you decided to confess and move into the same room

♨ the spare room remained a bedroom, but mostly for guests or just in case things got too much

♨ Jaehee is practical that way

♨ anyway, now that you were finally sleeping in the same room, arrangements had to be made

♨ the closet space had to be shared and a bigger bed had to be bought

♨ you went shopping together and Jaehee had so much fun you fell in love with her smile even more

♨ the first couple of nights you didn’t really focus on how Jaehee slept, to be honest

♨ most of it was either spent cuddling or making out or…well you know what new couples do

♨ a lot of exploration, to put it that way

♨ the fun kind

♨ after all the excitement of a new relationship died down you finally settled and calmed a little

♨ really, that is where your relationship began

♨ it was also then that you first stayed awake for a while to just look at her

♨ Jaehee was always trim and tight, even now that she wasn’t working for Jumin anymore

♨ she was organized and focus

♨ but when she slept, all of it went away and her face evened out, relaxing into something so pure

♨ she slept on her stomach, face buried into the pillow

♨ it looked utterly adorable

♨ she also drooled a little and you couldn’t help but chuckle at how cute and innocent it made her look

♨ almost childlike, really

♨ she was very embarrassed when you brought it up, but you assured her you didn’t mind

♨ after that night you put a box of tissues on her nightstand so she could wipe any remains off

♨ “You should always be as relaxed as when you sleep. I’ll make that happen one day.”


♛ while Jumin was allowed to watch you sleep early on in the relationship, the sentiment wasn’t returned

♛ you weren’t allowed to share a bed for the longest time until he finally craved

♛ morals were overrated anyway, right?

♛ when you first shared a bed you couldn’t really believe your eyes

♛ the second he laid down, it took him a maximum of five minutes to fall asleep

♛ frankly, you found that incredible

♛ sure, he worked until very late and was probably exhausted, but it wasn’t just the speed that surprised you, but also the position he slept in

♛ it was a picture book sleeping position

♛ he lay on his back, blanket pulled up high with both his hands clasped and resting right below his chest

♛ through the entire night, he didn’t move an inch

♛ Not. An. Inch

♛ you knew that some people called him heartless and cold, but you hadn’t expected him to actually sleep like a goddamn vampire!

♛ you actually had nightmares about this

♛ dreaming about him sleeping in a coffin, suddenly waking up with red eyes and fangs bared at you

♛ in his defense, the dream did turn out quite nice

♛ another positive aspect, you totally used his chest as your pillow, arm thrown over his middle

♛ “Hmm, better than any silk pillow ~ ”


☼ sharing a bed with him is a plain mess

☼ you love him still, of course, but you spend many nights waking up at least once

☼ at first everything is fine, when the two of you go to sleep

☼ you spoon or cuddle up face to face, the typical couple sleeping positions

☼ then you actually fall asleep and things start to get messy

☼ when it first happened you didn’t think much of it

☼ you woke up the next morning and Seven had spread out over the entire bed, leaving you with close to no space

☼ it was alright though, you understood

☼ he’d been a single person and you were guilty of starfishing at home yourself

☼ you figured he’d eventually get used to sharing his bed with another person and adapt

☼ you figured wrong

☼ in fact, things became even worse from there on

☼ not only did he basically corner you on your own half of the bed, eventually you found yourself waking up to your face kissing the floor

☼ you tested out different things, from sleeping on the different side of the bed to giving him sleeping pills to knock him out

☼ it didn’t work, you always ended up either corner or on the floor

☼ eventually you bought a pull-out bed so now when you fall, you fall onto another mattress

☼ on the plus side; you’ve learned to fall asleep really quick after

☼ you also learned to see positive things even in negative situations

☼ “Sometimes I don’t even wake up anymore! How cool is that?”


☀ Sharing a bed with Saeran took ages

☀ he probably wouldn’t have minded, but you did

☀ the therapist had said to give him some space, let him heal

☀ physical contact in general was a tender topic, let alone sharing a bed

☀ it was a rather intimate thing, even without having sex

☀ you really didn’t want him to push you away or feel caged

☀ it was about half a year into your relationship that he asked you to sleep with him

☀ even in bed, you stayed on your side, not touching him at first

☀ especially when you first turned over too look at him sleep

☀ really, it broke your heart

☀ he slept in a fetus position, making himself so small it must have been uncomfortable

☀ he also didn’t look relaxed or calm like you would expect a sleeping person to look like

☀ even in sleep, he looked troubled

☀ maybe even more so than in real life, where he constantly wore a mask, you realized

☀ you actually found yourself crying at his fate

☀ he woke up one night, hearing you sob

☀ for a moment he just stared at you in confusion, but apparently he understood

☀ without a word he scooted closer and cuddled up to you

☀ it almost made you cry even more, the way he tried to hide himself in your embrace

☀ from then on you held him every night, his face buried in your chest and your fingers brushing through his hair

☀ you didn’t cry anymore, he didn’t look as pained

☀ “I like our new sleeping position much better, you know?”

Jihyun Kim/ V

📷 moving in with V was equally easy as it was hard

📷 even with Rika out of the picture it still felt like she was present

📷 there was a side of the closet unused, a free shelf in the bathroom and decoration too feminine to have been chosen by V himself

📷 even when your things started to fill these spaces it didn’t feel quite right

📷 it just felt so much like she was still there

📷 you hated that feeling, and it made you feel insecure

📷 especially when you first came home late and V was already sleeping

📷 you stepped in and it was obvious that he’d shared a bed before

📷 painfully obvious

📷 he neatly slept on his side of the bed, but his arm was stretched out, reaching for something

📷 you figured it was Rika

📷 you slept on the couch that night

📷 he asked you about it the next morning, but you dodged the topic

📷 when the same thing repeated itself again about two weeks later, he didn’t let you off the hook

📷 so you explained

📷 he was shocked and embarrassed with himself

📷 there was a bit of truth to it, it had been the position he’s slept in with Rika

📷 but he’d gotten over her thanks to you, and hated having hurt you like that

📷 without you asking him, he gets rid of everything that once belonged to her

📷 from there on he pulls you to his chest, holding you close through the night

📷 both of you finally have what you always needed

📷 “Thank you so much, V.”


little side note, I’m sorry this took so long. I went to sleep shortly before I got your request and while the first couple of peeps were easy to write I constantly struggle with V so it took a while. I still hope you guys like it :3

Pharaoh Harsiese (Harry Styles AU Imagine)

“Can you believe I’ll be chief wife to Harsiese the Magnificent, Nafretiri?” My eighteen year old sister, Shamise, exclaims as she greedily drapes a shining, gold necklace across her neck where it gently grazed her breasts.

Her silver eyes glitter as the sun set and casted a ray of light from the open door on the balcony and her ebony hair and skin glistened from the oils her body servants had put on her during her bath.

My lighter, green eyes trail from the window where I watched the pomegranate tree, that my mother planted years ago before she died, sway in the slight wind, in the small garden that was mine and my mother’s old happy place, to her as I try to hide my frown. It was the first month of Shemu and the days were becoming hotter. Our ladies fanned us from the heat, trying to stop us from sweating as the Nile flooded.

I was sad to leave it, to leave my home in Akhmim and go to Thebes, where Pharaoh Harsiese resided in the Malkata palace, to help my older sister as she fought for Pharaoh’s approval over his other wife of five years, Bahiti.

Pharaoh Harsiese had been in power since I was young and the Romans invaded even though he was only a few years older than I. He was nearly fourteen when he become Pharaoh and now he is twenty and I sixteen. The people of Egypt adored him as he took over and saved our country from starvation and poverty with the help of the viziers.

They didn’t mind how different he looked from the past pharaohs; how his skin paled during Peret, the colder months, and how his hair was the color of the sand that covered the ground. To them, he was a god and from what I had seen and heard, he looked like one.

The first and only time I saw him was when I was almost fourteen and he eighteen. He was being carried on a gold and lapis litter through the streets, waving to his people, with his wife, Bahiti by his side as they showed off their newborn son. He was absolutely breathtaking and for a moment, I was jealous of my sister who has always been promised to him.

Sadly, a few months after, their son died in the night, smothered himself in his sleep by his own blanket, and they have yet to have another child. It was said the pharaoh was getting impatient, demanding a child and an heir from Bahiti soon or he would throw her into a harem.

That’s why my father, one of the most respected viziers to the royal family, took his chance and is finally making Shamise take Harsiese’s attention and become chief wife.

I go to answer my sister’s question, that she asks at least twice a day, when the door to the room opens and our father walks in, his smile immediately becoming adoring as he lays his eyes on his two daughters.

“Senit,” he leans down and kisses my head lovingly as he whispers the word for little girl before doing the same for Shamise. I pet my beloved cat, Khensu, meaning traveler of the sky, as he slept peacefully in my lap. I named him after the God of the moon as he loved to explore at night.

“Are you ready for the travels?” He asks us as we both nod, my eyes trailing to the window again where the servants were loading our heavy chests. My sister leaned over the window to look down when she heard a sudden ruckus and scowled.

“Be careful with that! It’s worth more than your life and what we paid for you,” she hisses as I frown and look down. I hated when she was rude to others. I could never find the way to be mean to someone, even if they were lower in class.

“Nafretiri,” my father suddenly speaks, making my head shoot up. He gives me a soft smile, holding out his hand which I grab, placing Khensu on the floor as he leads us out of the room.

“Your eyes are like a cat’s in the sun, senit. Green as the emeralds that line the palace thrones,” he says as we walk out into the garden. I instantly pull off my sandals to feel the cool, fertile silt against my toes as I lean down to inspect my mother’s mandrakes that I continue to take care of.

I smile lightly at my father’s words, looking up at him. “I don’t think you brought me out here to talk about my eyes,” I say as he chuckles and nods.

“Nafretiri, when we arrive at the palace and your sister becomes chief wife, it is your duty to make sure she stays well behaved and remembers the task at hand. She is hot tempered and you, my girl, must help her. You have patience and kindness, little cat, unlike your sister. She must become pregnant with Harsiese’s heir in the first year or she will be thrown into a harem just like he’s threatening Bahiti. Our family’s fate lies in your hands.”

I listen to his words as I stare at the ground. It was going to be hard to make sure my sister stayed in line. She was wild as a bird, never staying in one place, and had the bite of a cobra when someone upset her. She frightened even me on occasions and I instantly prayed that I wouldn’t be over my head.

I fear that is not the case.

Reeds, lotus, and cattails lined the banks of the muddy Nile as our barge carried us to the City of Pharaohs. My breath was caught in my throat in jealously as I watched my sister parade around in a sheer, white dress that accentuated her curves as rare, glistening jewels and a gold collar sparkled in the afternoon sun as they hung from her throat. She looked beautiful, like always, as her honeyed, tan shoulders and obsidian hair caught the eyes on the slaves as they rowed.

My own dress was as green as my eyes with gold accents, my dark ebony hair was in several braids and pushed back with a gold headband. My sister warned me I had to look plain, but not too plain, and have her be the first one Harsiese sees so he will fall in love with her instantly and not me. I told her she didn’t have to worry about that earning a laugh and shake of the head as she marched off to bark more orders to the servants.

The fact that she was about to become chief wife to the pharaoh of all of Upper and Lower Egypt was beginning to be unsettling, but I wisely kept my mouth shut.

As we grew closer to the palace, the water became clearer, shining like liquid lapis and silver as it glittered in the light. Many boats and ships lined the banks as men, women, and children pushed and shoved to see just a glimpse of the future chief wife of the great pharaoh.

“Great Osiris,” I whisper to myself as I see the Elders being carried high in their shining litters and hundreds of soldiers and slaves waiting for our arrival. As we stepped onto the bank, we were all escorted to our individual curtained litter and picked up as they slowly carried us to the palace.

I smile as I watch musicians entertain the growing crowds and close my eyes as the beautiful flutes play as we passed the sandstone homes that the people of Thebes lived in. I knew Harsiese was an avid music lover, as was I, and I knew he would be disappointed when he realized Shamise was not.

Entering the Malkata Palace was overwhelming. Sweet perfumes of incense wafted down the hall made of beautiful alabaster stone, the walls beautifully covered in bright tiles and paintings of papyrus fields and the Nile. I trail my hands across the magnificent art work, happy that my new home was so exquisite.

We were escorted to our own rooms where body servants helped us bathe and I was happy as they rubbed rich lavender oil into my skin as it always helped calm my nerves. My tanned skin shone from the oil as they wrapped another green dress around my body, accentuating my small waist and long legs while pushing my breasts up slightly.

The body servants then spent hours expertly lining mine and Shamise’s lips with red rouge, our eyes with thick, black kohl and mine rimmed with malachite making my green, cat like eyes even more intense, and hennaed our breasts with intricate, gorgeous designs.

After they placed heavy, hot Nubian wigs covered in braids and beads on our head before securing them with beeswax and resin. Soft creams were massaged into our skin making it silky smooth, sweet smelling perfumes spritzed between our breasts and neck, and gold and silver dust was blown softly from their palms until our bodies were covered all the way to our feet.

Looking down at the bath water I emerged from and seeing my reflection, I almost gasped.

For once, I felt beautiful next to my sister.

“You look like Isis herself,” my body servant whispered to me, making my cheeks heat up. It was rare I ever received a compliment as my sister normally stole every man and woman’s attention.

“Thank you,” I whisper back, gently giving her arm a small squeeze making her gasp lightly. I ignored it knowing why she reacted that way. They were rarely shown any kindness.

Soon, the servant stand and open the doors before turning to us. My breath catches as the utter the words,

“Are you ready to meet the the great Harsiese, Pharaoh of Egypt?”


The music and festivities could be heard from the other side of the palace as we neared the large doors. Shamise gripped my hand tightly, leaning down to whisper in my ear. “Stay behind me. He must see me first.”

I nod as the doors slowly creak open and I could instantly feel a million eyes on us. My cheeks heat up instantly, my instincts telling me to shyly bow my head but instead I keep my head high like my sister. I had to get used to this; a world of constant watching.

We are greeted by a herald who clears his throat before loudly and grandly introducing us, which was very unnecessary since everyone’s attention was already on us.

“The Lady Shamise, daughter of Mehu, Senior Vizier of Egypt.”

Gasps fill the Great Hall as she takes a step forward and the endless chatter faltered instantly. I bite my lip as I step closer to the herald.

“The Lady Nafretiri, daughter of Mehu, Senior Vizier of Egypt.”

Whispers pick up making my heart rate start to thump wildly in my chest, my eyes darting left and right. Their eyes were burning into my skin  as I step forward and begin to walk towards the Horus thrones where Pharaoh and his wife sat. I see my father in the crowd and he gives me a proud nod, making me feel a bit more confident. 

As we approached closer, I feel an intense stare on my face but I ignore it, my eyes on my feet as I make sure I don’t trip and make a fool of myself. Arriving in front of the thrones, we both bow deeply with our arms outstretched.


A deep, raspy voice that reminded me of pure honey spoke dominantly sending a feeling of sparks through my veins. I wondered if Shamise felt the same as we both stood up straight. 

My eyes finally move from my feet and come in contact with the most brilliant green eyes that looked like they were mixed with pure gold. I hold in my gasp as I allow myself to be drowned in their depths.

The owner of the most gorgeous eyes adorned the Nemes crown, the royal head cloth that was striped blue and gold. In the center held the Uraeus, the golden cobra crown with its hood flared that symbolized kingship. Stories say that it was able to spit fire into the eyes of the wearer’s enemies, blinding them permanently.

Pharaoh Harsiese

What shocked me the most was how the eyes were looking straight at me and not my sister.

“Harsiese,” my sister begins earning an stern, out reached hand, cutting her off.

“Silence,” he commands making my blood run cold at the sound, his eyes never leaving mine as he demands silence from my sister, the girl who was supposed to be his chief wife. From the corner of my eye, I see my sister deflate and glare at me but I can’t find myself to care.

My breathing catches in my throat as I stop myself from collapsing as he regally stands, sweeping his dark blue cape behind him as he slowly walks down the stairs towards me, his eyes still never leaving mine. His body was one of the gods, lean and full of muscle from battles at war.

The room was silent as he soon stands directly in front of me. The scent of him almost made my eyes roll back in pleasure as I inhale the rosemary oil mixed with the musk of his own body.

“Nafretiri,” he speaks lowly, his voice even more beautiful as it spoke my name. My mouth gapes slightly as I try to say something back but nothing comes out. He smiles playfully, his hand gently reaching up and caressing my chin as he closes my mouth.

Sparks dance across my skin wherever his fingers trail. “Beautiful creation. Your mawat named you well,” he comments making my cheeks heat up for the third time of the evening as he speaks the meaning of my name my mother chose. His smile becomes even brighter at the sight.

“Miw-sher,” he whispers the word ‘kitten’ as his eyes admire my face and body. “You are now mine.”

I barely have time to react before he turns and grabs my hand, raising it up. “Bow before your new, soon-to-be queen,” he exclaims loudly as I finally remember to breathe, my chest heaving dramatically as I watch the entire room, including my sister, bow before Pharaoh Harsiese and me.


I tried something different! Hope you like it! Give me some feedback please! It will mean a lot and I’ll try to post Part 2 soon if you want it! x

sentient-sin-bin  asked:

ok but now that we know that everyone is a teen, that would put most of them in high school/uni and i need that AU in my life! Lance is just the embodiment of the public school experience tbh

It’s only been like (checks watch) three days, I can’t believe I’m already caving in to the high school au.

  • Pidge, Hunk, Lance and Keith are all juniors at a high school that’s nicknamed ‘The Garrison’ because part of the school used to be an old fort and down the street there’s a couple of military bases. 
  • Coran is a quirky chemistry teacher who everyone loves because he’s like, ‘Hey guys today we’re going to mix up this flammable solution and then I’m going to set the table on fire. Please don’t record this, it’s perfectly safe but you know how parents get!’ 
    • His tests can be SUPER HARD and really challenge the memory of his students, but to make up for it he has really easy extra credit questions like, ‘on a scale of 1-5 how amazing is my moustache.’ If a student answers five he gives them five extra points. Also, his moustache is just that good.
    • Coran also randomly has another bachelor’s in physics so he’s always stopping by that department, which is why he knows Shiro and has taken him under his wing. If a physics teacher is out, Coran is usually happy to substitute.
    • Coran is also Allura’s ‘uncle’ (idk maybe he and Alfor are gay dads in this AU) and he’s so proud of her!! She’s so smart and beautiful and kind and- *wipes away a tear*
  • Allura is the principal’s daughter who has just finished up secondary school with a bachelor’s degree in math. She works as a substitute for the math classes and is a full-time tutor in the math department. She’s around 26 years old, and it’s like a rite-of-passage at the Garrison to have a crush on her at some point or another. Lance tries to hit on her and she’s like “Haha, okay” and then just walks away. After a few months Lance stops, to everyone’s relief. 
  • Shiro is also a high school graduate back to teach, idk I guess the Garrison really inspires loyalty in its alumni lol. He’s 24 years old and a teaching assistant for the physics department. He’s getting his bachelor’s degree at a nearby certified college. He and Allura are best friends who always get lunch together after Allura saw him eating a calzone alone one day and invited him to lunch.
  • The Garrison has this weird version of a homeroom where instead of dividing the students alphabetically, kids are just grouped randomly. That’s how everyone meets; Shiro and Allura are the homeroom leaders and Pidge, Lance, Hunk, and Keith are the only students who ever actually participate. They have to come up with a name for their group and Allura is like “How about Voltron!! After my cat” and she’s so cute, everyone just immediately agrees.
  • Their mascot is Allura’s cat, who she sometimes smuggles into school. It is the ugliest, fattest cat ever. Think Crookshanks from Harry Potter, but even fluffier. Voltron loves jumping on Lance’s head, and he swears that one of these days Voltron is going to smother him in his sleep. Everyone falls in love with Voltron on the very first day. 
    • (Also, halfway through the year Voltron has kittens! Allura allows Pidge, Lance, Hunk, Keith, and Shiro to choose one they can take home at the end of the school year!! All the kittens have collars that match their corresponding color in canon, oh my god this au just became 10000x cuter. I’m in love.)
  • Lance and Hunk have been best friends since middle school. They stood by each other in their ugliest phases (the emo phase, anime phase, and youtube phase), and their friendship emerged from the battlefield even stronger. The bond between these two is REAL.
  • Hunk and Keith are both in band, but they’ve never talked before junior year. Hunk plays the drums, because that is ESSENTIAL to any band, fight me on this. He’s the rock of the group. Keith plays the saxophone because that is a hilarious mental image.
  • In freshman year, Lance was also part of band and also played the saxophone. He always competed with Keith for first chair, because Lance loves being the center of the attention so solos are his THING. Unfortunately, Lance isn’t that great at the saxophone, so Keith always blew him out of the water without even noticing lmao. Lance despises Keith for this slight with every fiber of his body. Keith has no idea.
  • Lance dropped out of band in sophomore year and joined the co-ed cheerleading team. He claims it’s because he wanted to meet hot girls, but only Hunk knows that the summer before sophomore year Lance binge-watched every single ‘Bring It On!’ movie and got inspired. Lance is now ridiculously flexible, and also co-captain of the cheer team.
  • Pidge is captain of the robotics team. They saved the position for Pidge while she was still in middle school. Also, Pidge has no reason to disguise herself as a boy since this is a mundane au, so her name is Katie Holt and stuff. In middle school she got swarmed by a flock of pigeons and fought them all off with a single spork, so now her nickname is Pidge. Her gamertag is Pidge_GUNderson, and she is merciless.
    • Pidge’s brother and dad are attending/teaching a college very, very far (think like in Europe) away and she Skypes them every night but she still misses them a lot :(
  • In addition to band, Hunk has also joined the culinary club (the only reason why he isn’t president is because he always eats the food lol) and Model UN. At first he wasn’t that thrilled about Model UN (his mom told him to do it), but then he met Shay who is PASSIONATE about Model UN and Hunk also became really inspired as a result. Team Voltron always travels with him to meetings to cheer him on lol.
  • Everyone thinks Keith is a ~bad boy~ and Lance HATES him because of band, but then junior year rolls around and they all have to hang out and everyone realizes that Keith is actually? Kind of boring?? 
    • Like for YEARS there have been all these rumors about Keith because he’s always hanging around the school after hours, but when Pidge asks him what’s up Keith just goes “Oh, my foster parents don’t get home until around five, so I just hang out at the school ‘cause I don’t like being home alone.”
  • Lance just??? That’s kind of sad?? So he starts inviting Keith to his house after school to hang out with him, Hunk, and his family. And then Keith brings along Pidge and Lance is like ‘hey why not’ and gets out the Xbox and Pidge DESTROYS them until someone puts in Mario Kart and Hunk finally ascends to God Status on Rainbow Road. Also, sleepovers happen. It’s amazing, Lance’s family adopts everyone pretty much (Hunk of course was adopted when he was eleven.)
  • Zarkon is that piece-of-shit English teacher who always assigns essays and then mercilessly rips them apart because the students don’t perfectly agree with how he interprets the text. Everyone hates him and his homeroom which he named the ‘Galra Empire’ after himself. What a jackass. Team Voltron and the Galra Empire are in constant competition to be crowned the best homeroom at the end of the year.
  • Sendak is like, a grumpy janitor who always snitches on students (usually Team Voltron) when they do ANYTHING wrong. He and Zarkon are in cahoots. If he catches you running in the hallways, you better say your prayers. He’s like Filch from Harry Potter, lol. 
    • He and Shiro are in a cold war after Sendak purposefully erased some equations Shiro spent ALL DAY working on off the whiteboard. Sendak claims he only did it because it’s ‘his job to clean up the room’ and he thought that Shiro’s ‘chickenshit handwriting was just the ramblings of a high student.’
    • Shiro is determined to get his revenge one day.
❤️ Welcome Home ❤️

Title: Welcome Home

Genre/Rating: Fluff/Mild Angst - T/M (mentions of premature birth, non-explicit sexual content, innuendo)

Summary: Daddy Tom, Celine, Harry and Daisy from “Fireworks” - Tom comes home with a suprise for the children that causes some tension.

Author’s Notes:  This is a little long, almost 4k.  Inspired by a conversation with @coalea and @i-wanna-be-toms-body-pillow <3 Not beta’d, all mistakes are mine.  Thank you for reading/liking/reblogging/commenting.


The purring ball of fur was tucked snugly in his jacket as he made his way up the few steps to the front door. He’d always loved coming home after being away for so long, but it had become even sweeter now that there were smiling faces awaiting him. The habit of bringing a small surprise for Celine had begun in their first year of marriage and he’d continued it when Harry arrived. His son would normally thank him with a hug and a concise, but heartfelt, “Thank you, Papa” and then promptly retreat to his room to examine the treat with his usual quiet care.

Then there was Daisy. She had squealed with delight upon seeing his face months before she had the capability of being aware of what a “surprise” was, her rosy baby cheeks flushed and ripe for kisses. Her little hands would reach for him and he wouldn’t be able to put her down for hours without instant crocodile tears. Her pleasure at these reunions was only increased when her knowledge of the surprises formed. The items he chose were often picked up wherever he had been working, but he also would frequently grab things on impulse. 

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anonymous asked:

smol 5'2 f!s/o with lev, bokuto, kuroo, kenma, and two more characters of your choice for whatever you want to write about?

hullo anon!! hope you like this fluffy piece because i suddenly thought of all these scenarios on the spot and had to complete this. it’s just for the characters you requested bc my character limit is 4 !! (ps: i have ONE last request to complete b4 i open up my ask box, i’m excited!) 


You had no plans of owning a cat, because Kuroo makes up for the animal itself. With his wild bedhead (which of course you found attractive) and his feline like characteristics, there was no need to own a cat. However, on your walk home today, a cat had grown attached to you after you fed it some of your leftovers.

“Aww kitty, you’re too cute, but we don’t have any space for you,” you bent down, scratching its head and under its chin. The cat was a regular black cat, however its fur stood out from the other cats you have seen. First things first, its fur was disheveled and messy (much like Kuroo’s hair) and there was something about its eyes that captured your attention further. “You know, you remind me of someone special,” you picked up the cat, stroking its fur and it purred in content.

There was only one problem right now, and it was trying to hide this cat from Kuroo. He was a cat person however, your shared apartment was made only for two and three might not be a good mix. “Now the only problem is, where to keep you,” you pursed your lips. As you had just popped down to the convenience store, you had not brought much except for your phone and your purse. However, you were in an oversized hoodie (Kuroo’s) and there was a pocket in the front where you would warm your hands.

“Hang on tight kitty,” you cooed gently, setting it in the pocket of the hoodie. The cat mewled in protest but soon settled in the warmth of your hoodie, purring in content and rubbing against your belly, making you giggle. “Kuroo would love you.”

Stepping back into your apartment, you were relieved to find that Kuroo was still in the shower, meaning you could still surprise him with the cat. Whether or not he would approve, he is still a sucker for cats so there was no doubt that he’ll let you keep the cat. Taking the cat to your kitchen, you soaked a wet cloth and attempted to clean and tame its wild fur.

It mewled loudly at the first contact of water but soon settled down. However, Kuroo managed to catch the mew over his shower soprano. “_______, why is there a cat meow?”

“I’m watching a cat video!” you answered. He acknowledged your answer and resumed showering. Whilst cleaning the cat, you racked your mind thinking of possible names for your cat but thought of none except for Kuroo. “No wonder I brought you in,” you stroked the cat and dried it up. “You look exactly like Kuroo.”

“What looks exactly like me?” Kuroo asked suddenly and you jumped back, yelping in protest. The cat too was startled by the new voice and hopped from the counter into your arms, clinging to your hoodie. “Why do you have a cat?”

“You see, the thing is,” you began. “This poor thing was on the streets so I fed it and it kinda looked like you so I brought it home, surprise!” you made jazz hands at Kuroo. For a moment, he looked unimpressed but then his face broke into a giant grin and attempted to pick the cat up with gentleness. Surprisingly, the cat allowed Kuroo to pick it up and Kuroo began meowing at the cat.

“Hey there little guy,” Kuroo purred, nuzzling his nose with the cat. “______ over here thinks you look like me, and aren’t you blessed to look like me?”

“You’re so full of yourself,” you teased, bumping his shoulder.

“You love it~”


There was one thing about shopping without your boyfriend around. There was another thing shopping for his clothes when he’s not around. Since he had agreed to go on his ‘bro date’ with Kuroo on the particular day you wanted shopping, you decided it was not fair for him to follow you as they had been planning to meet up for a while. You found yourself in the men’s section even when you had not planned to venture without him, but the tempting offer of BUY TWO SHIRTS FREE ONE was too good to resist.

Walking in the men’s section, you found many fashionable articles of clothing in which you snapped pictures of, sending it to Bokuto for him to give his stamp of approval. There were many casual sweaters, knitted and in neutral shades that you knew looked great on him and your fingers itched to buy one of the sweaters for yourself.

The previous offer that had tempted you in was in another section and you found there were many t-shirts that had the similar offer. You decided not to spend too much time at that section because you personally wanted to shop for your own clothes so you quickly picked up a few coloured t-shirts that he would love (with one having an owl print because he can) and paid quickly.

Upon arriving home, with a handful of shopping bags, both Bokuto and Kuroo were lounging on the sofa playing video games and having their usual banter. You were in awe at their friendship that had lasted from high school, and if you had to admit, you were a little envious because through the journey of adulthood, you had lost some of your high school friends due to different universities and etc. But it seems as if distance can never separate these two.

“Kou, I’m back,” you announced. “Hello Kuroo!” you greeted, joining them on the sofa. They greeted you quickly but resumed back to their ‘intense’ game of Mario Kart. Their game soon ended with Kuroo emerging as winner and a mildly salty Bokuto. “How was your ‘bro date’?” you asked.

“Great,” Kuroo said sarcastically. “Bokuto forgot his wallet.”

Bokuto smiled sheepishly, earning a smack on the head from both you and Kuroo. “But that’s cool too because we’re going to go out again and next time, you’re paying for everything okay?” Kuroo smirked evilly.

The three of you chatted for a while until Kuroo left to join his girlfriend back home. You took this time to show Bokuto what you had bought today. “Kou, look, I got you some t-shirts.” you pulled the bag up and passed it to him.

“Really?” his eyes lit up and he smothered you in kisses. “Thank you so much, what would I do without you.” he squeezed you tightly. Lifting up the shirts, he nodded in approval at your selection and whooped (or hooted) with joy when he saw you had bought something owl printed. “And I thought you were sick of owls.” he teased.

“They are slowly becoming my favourite animal thanks to you,” you admitted. “Try it on!”

“Oho?” he raised his eyebrow. “You know, if you wanted me shirtless,” he began, lifting up his shirt to reveal those toned muscles from years of volleyball. “You could’ve just asked.” he winked. You scoffed and rolled your eyes.

“Whatever floats your boat, Kou.”

However, you had to admit, those were some pretty good muscles. Bokuto pulled on the shirt however, he froze midway. “Um _______, I think this is a little too small,” he admitted, pulling it over his head. He was right. The shirt was way too tight for him and it seemed if he made the smallest movement, it would rip.

Bokuto, in general, was known for doing stupid things - especially with Kuroo. And these were one of his stupid things. He decided it would be a great idea to flex and in doing so, you heard the loud rip echo in your apartment. “Kou…” you began.

You didn’t give him any time to respond because you were already attacking him. “You’re such an idiot.” you whacked his head, lying on top of his chest.

“Your favourite.” he leaned up and pressed a kiss on your cheek.


Grocery shopping with Lev usually ended up in two situations. One: the two of you get what is needed and nobody is injured or nothing is knocked over. Two: the two of you not getting what is needed, someone is injured and something is knocked over. There’s never an in between and every time two of you went to grocery shop, you pray it would be the former and not the latter.

As today was the first of the month, the two of you had to buy certain groceries that will last throughout the month then eventually buy whatever is lacking across the month. Lev always looked forward to grocery shopping because he is just so tall he can act like a knight in shining armour when you couldn’t reach for something (mostly everything since you are practically a hobbit).

“_______, what do we need?” Lev asked, bending over to push the cart and avoiding some of the signages. Being tall and gangly didn’t pair well with most of Japan’s interior design because mostly everyone was relatively average.

“Just the basics: rice, cereal, milk, some spices, you know the drill,” you answered, leaning against the cart. There was a mother and a baby to your right and they stared in awe at both you and Lev, however, you were used to the staring because first things first, Lev is tall as heck and secondly, he looks different thanks to his Russian heritage. They also stared because they are amazed at how a small five foot two like you ended up with a six-footer.

Halfway through your trip and the two of you had already gotten almost everything, except for cereal which was a staple in your opinion. You hated the cereal aisle because it so happens that your favourite brand was on the highest shelf and it’s not very short people friendly. However, your grocery trip was going rather well, considering none of you are injured and all the groceries are still in one piece.

“Cereal is the last one right?” Lev asked and you nodded in response. A glint sparkled in his eyes. “Oh I know this very well, you can’t reach it right?” he teased.

You scoffed but nodded your head. “You see if I was Yaku, I would’ve kicked you right here,” you began. “But there are people in this area so I can’t.”

Lev mock gasped. “You wouldn’t dare,”

“Try me,” you challenged.

Lev chuckled and pushed the cart to where your favourite cereal was. As he reached for the box of cereal, you decided to get him back for his short comment by poking his sides and tickling him. “What the- _______, it tickles!” Lev giggled.

“That’s the whole point,” you smiled evilly, not letting him go for the comment. However, luck today, wasn’t on your side. Being tall meant that his arms were quite awkward and flailed about rather easily. Whilst tickling him, he accidentally knocked over a few boxes of cereal and those fell on top of your head. When the first box made impact on your head, you stopped and sighed. Two more followed suit and you led out an even louder sigh. “Lev,” you began.

“Yes?” he responded meekly.

“Get the tally. Make this the eleventh mark,” you stated, picking up the fallen boxes and placing it back on the shelf.

“Got it,” Lev answered, pulling out his phone to add a tally mark, before kissing the top of your head. “I’m sorry _____.”

“My fault,” you admitted sheepishly.

“Do you want some ice cream?”

“Yes please.”


There were some pros and cons about dating Kenma. As a game enthusiast yourself, it was fun to be playing the newest games with him or simply nerding out together. However, you had other interests besides gaming, and being someone who liked expressing yourself, you needed to vent out to Kenma occasionally. Kenma would usually be holed up with his new game, with his hood pulled over his head - but other times, the two of you would watch movies together, go on outdoor dates and etc. It was a good balance.

Today, the release of a particular game that Kenma had been raving about kept him holed up in his room for God knows how long. You had already watched a gameplay of the game and found no need to play it however, Kenma was insistent on playing it so you let him be while you went out shopping. Returning home, you saw that Kenma was still on the same level where you left him before.

“Kozume…” you began. “It’s been half a day, have you eaten anything?” you asked, concerned.

Kenma paused his game and nodded in your direction. “This is the last level, the boss one. It’s so hard.” he complained, resuming his game. Looking at the clock, it was soon to be dinner time and you had to prepare dinner since it was your turn. You decided to leave Kenma to his game whilst you prepared a simple dinner.

Soon enough, you completed dinner and Kenma was still stuck at the boss level. Pursing your lips, you didn’t like the way Kenma was obsessed with this game, it wasn’t healthy. Usually, you wouldn’t mind if Kenma was playing with his game but today, it was different. Maybe you felt a little needier for attention today, that’s why you were feeling this way.

“Kozume…” you called, entering his room to see him in a slumped position on his bed. His arms were above his head, with the console just above his eyes. Thankfully, the light was switched on meaning that he wasn’t some weirdo gaming in the dark.

Being of a smaller stature meant you could crawl under him and pretty much distract him from his game - which was what you intended to do. Crawling onto the bed, you slide over under his arms and pressed a kiss onto his nose, making him blush. “_______, you’re a little distracting.” Kenma stated. You were used to his truthfulness when playing games and ignored his statement.

“That’s the whole point,” you teased. “Come on Kenma, how hard can this boss level be?”

Just as you uttered those words, the sound of a congratulatory fanfare rang and Kenma’s eyes widened. “I just beat the boss.” he stated in disbelief.

“Congratulations,” you pressed a kiss on his lips. “Now, pay some attention to me,”

Kenma set his console down and smiled cheekily at you. “With pleasure.”

alys07  asked:


Hey there, @alys07! I got your other prompt, too, and am working on it. Thank you! Based on that message, I am assuming you won’t mind terribly where I went with this one. Initially there was more to this chapter, but it was getting a little exhaustively long so I’ve split it into two and combined the last half with another word prompt. Anyhow! Point is, Part 5 below and Part 6 to be posted soon.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Come On Baby, Light My Fire (Part 5)

Gymnophoria - The sensation that someone is mentally undressing you

Send me a word and I’ll write a drabble

There’s a festive air in the park. Delicious smells of greasy fair and ballpark style foods linger on the gentle early autumn breezes. Laughter and the ping of baseballs off metal bats can be heard at every turn. In front of me, Annie bends over, spinning the ball in her hand behind her back and staring down the stretch at an imaginary batter. Ms. Seeder punches her glove then settles into her stance and holds the glove up. Annie winds up and launches the ball at the plate, the impact a resounding shunk!

“Great! I think that’s good for a warm-up,” Thom says as Seeder throws back to Annie. “I’ve got our first game.”

He waves a white envelope in the air and the team jogs in to congregate around the makeshift pitcher’s mound. We all wait as he rips into the envelope labeled D12 Schools: Game 1. I try not to roll my eyes at the absurdity of treating this like it’s the Academy Awards. Thom claims they do this so no teams have the advantage. If you don’t know who you’re playing until five minutes before the game, there’s no way to prepare for a specific opponent. That’s fine, but I think it’s a waste of paper.

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reveredwings  asked:

What do GoM + Hanamiya do to get their S /O out of bed in the morning when their S/O doesn't want to leave the comforts of their bed?

I am merging this ask and midorichan10‘s ask:

I’M NOT A MORNING (or afternoon) PERSON EITHER LOL. Love you too! and you as well, Ree! Thank you both for requesting. 

Also I apologize if this wasn’t as cutesy as you guys expected LOL but it was so fun to write. 

Kuroko: “___-chan.”

“MMffmmm.” You could feel his eyes drilling holes into your back.




“WHA’ D’YEH WAN’ TESYA.” You pulled the covers over your head. 




At this point, thoroughly annoyed, you jumped out of bed and tackled Kuroko to the ground, trying to smother him with a pillow. “SHUT THE HELL UP.”

Kuroko took it in stride, and once you’d calmed down, he took the palm of your hand and pressed his lips to it briefly. “Good morning, ___-chan.”

Kagami: He first tried to shake you awake. You gave him a good kick for that. He then tried making as much noise as possible and shaking the covers off of you, but you clung to the blanket with all of your strength, and ended up being dragged around with it. 

Sighing gruffly, he stomped out of the room. You thought you finally had some peace and quiet, until a little while later you heard his boisterous footsteps trudging back down the hallway towards the bedroom. And then you smelled it. 

A beautiful aroma, smelling of fresh rice, grilled fish, and toast. Your head popped out of the covers immediately, stomach growling. Kagami stared down at you with a smug expression. 

“Look who’s awake.” 

Izuki: He sat cross legged on the bed next to your head, chin resting in his palm, and finger poking your shoulder. “Hey, time to get up.”


This had been going on for the past few minutes, and Izuki was getting bored. Laying down flat on his back, and throwing his legs over your body, he stretched his arms to reach his night stand drawer, pulling it open and blindly digging around until his hand hit what he was looking for. 

It was volume seventy-two of his favourite series of joke books. He cleared his throat, flipping to a dog-eared page. 

“Y’know, ___, a boiled egg in the morning is hard to beat.” He began, then lifted his book to see your reaction. Nothing. He continued. “I’m always very sad when I wake up.”

Now you stirred the slightest bit. “… why…” you mumbled sleepily. 

“I’m in morning.”

You scoffed lightly, then tried to turn your back to your silly boyfriend, but his legs prevented you from doing so. 

“How long do you think it’ll take for me to put on my underwear this morning?” Izuki asked, smiling to himself. 

“… are you not wearing pants?” You cracked an eye open to check Izuki’s attire. “Ugh, you are. What do you want.”

He repeated his question. “How long do you think it’ll take for me to put on my underwear this morning.”

Rolling your eyes, you finally gave in. “Just briefly.” 

Izuki burst out laughing, and tried to high five you. 

Kise: He lay in bed with you, making a video. “Good morning, guys! ___-cchi and I are having a late morning today, because they don’t feel like getting up! Please send words of encouragement to them!”

And then there was silence. You really did want to open your eyes to see what he was doing, but you were also tired. You decided to leave it. 

After a few minutes, Kise’s laughing voice filled your ears. “So ‘hellohellonekochan’ says that you should wake up, because you’re lucky enough to wake up to me.”

You snorted.

“… And ‘jinpachixoxo′ says that we look very cute together. Then we have someone saying something very, very detailed and sexual, ooh wow. Oh, there’s this one by ‘kiselover776′ who says that if you don’t want to wake up to me, then they would gladly take your place. Looks like you have some competition, __-cchi.” He teased. 

Gasping, you sat up immediately. You just realized something horrifying. “Did… did you post my sleeping face on the internet?”

Kise blanched, then shot out of bed. You followed closely behind him, screeching threats. 

Midorima: After throwing open the curtains and ripping the blankets off of you, calling your name loudly all the while, Midorima was at a loss as to what to do. You wouldn’t wake up. You just curled into a small ball and fell back asleep. He wasn’t certain that you’d even woken up in the first place. 

Frustrated, he marched into the kitchen, filled an empty yogurt container with cold water, and then trudged back to you, holding the water-filled container over your head threateningly. “I’m going to give you five seconds, ____.”

You hummed without care. 

“Five… four… three…” he furrowed his brows, confused as to why you weren’t taking his threat seriously. You continued to look annoyingly peaceful. His expression darkened. “… twoone!” And he dumped the water over your head. 

You quickly scrambled up, gasping, sputtering out unintelligible words. Staring up at Midorima’s expression, you noticed he looked infinitely pleased with your ‘drowned cat’ look. 

Your own expression darkened. Calmly, you crawled off the bed and started to leisurely stroll towards the door. “I’m about to go and smash your lucky item.” You threw over your shoulder pleasantly. You then started running when he came after you. 

Aomine: “Wake up.” Kick. “Wake up!” Kick, kick.

You kicked back just as hard. “You don’t control me.” You mumbled rebelliously. 

“Thank god I don’t.” He muttered to himself, turning around in bed and snuggling into his pillow. He’d made it very apparent that he wasn’t going to get out of bed until you did, but he also felt like getting out of bed now. 

Poking his shoulder, you snuggled under the covers and into his back. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

He scoffed. “I don’t wanna be responsible for even half of your stupid-ass decisions.”

 “Me?” And now you were feeling a tiny bit more awake. “You literally set your eyebrows on fire, Daiki. I’m not the one who makes stupid-ass decisions.”

Enraged at what he claimed was a ‘taken out of context anecdote’, he sat up and loomed over you, listing off every single of your bad decisions. You hoisted yourself up, got in his face, and did the same. 

Murasakibara: The lower half of Murasakibara was on the bed, the rest of him sprawled out on the carpeted floor. He nudged you with his bare foot. “___-chiiiin.” He whined tiredly. 

“Let me sleep, oh my god.” Your angry plea was muffled by the pillows and the blankets you had stuffed around you. “It’s not my fault that you fell out of bed.”

He kicked his legs and made irritated sounds. “Shut up, I know, stupid. But I’m awake now.”

You nudged his leg away from you, trying to send the rest of his limbs to the ground with him. “That doesn’t have anything to do with me.” You turned your back to his form. 

“But if I’m awake, I’ll be bored if you’re not awake too.” He tried to reason, valiantly doing his best to make sure it didn’t come out in another whine. “So you need to wake up.”


He was silenced for a minute, and then you felt the bed spring up once Murasakibara had removed the rest of his body from it. You heard sliding noises, going towards the door. Moaning in annoyance, you peeked at what he was doing. 

He was sliding his body into the hallway, and when he noticed that you’d looked at him, he gave you a positively evil look. “I’m gonna eat the truffles your friend gave you yesterday.”

Alarmed, you quickly sat up, noticed that Murasakibara had gone back to his sliding, and then jumped off the bed to land on him, as if you were doling out a body slam. “Don’t you dare!”

Akashi: Akashi, bless his soul, was trying to do his best to be the good, romantic boyfriend he felt you deserved. But you were making it incredibly difficult, he thought, eyebrow twitching. 

“Seijuurou, I am telling you, you could literally light this bed on fire, hell, light the whole house on fire if you want. I still won’t get out of bed.” You stated from somewhere beneath the covers. 

He took a deep breath, and put on his ‘Father-needs-me-to-make-a-good-impression-so-I’ll-tolerate-you’ face, that he usually saved for meet-and-greet events at the company. “____, I got breakfast for us. I was thinking we could eat it on the balcony.”

Your head finally, finally, emerged from under the covers with a small, fond smile on your face. “That’s… that’s really sweet, Sei, thank you. I love you.” And then, you pulled the blankets back over your head. 

He had thought he’d gotten you, for a second. But apparently not. He put his arms on the mattress and leaned forward, trying to be as charming as possible. “It’ll get cold if we leave it for too long.”

“That’s terrible.” You agreed. But you didn’t stir. 

“Please eat with me.” He tried. 

“Maybe later.”

And that’s when he reached the end of his rope. He tore the blankets off of you. “Be cute with me, goddammit!” He said angrily, lifting you off the bed and safely depositing you to the floor, where he grabbed your ankle and started dragging you towards the balcony. You held on to the bed frame leg for dear life, yelling protests. 

Hanamiya: Hanamiya had reached a very stressful point in his book he had picked up first thing in the morning, and looking at you seeming so relaxed was irking him. 

He nudged you with his hand. “Hey. ____, wake up.”

You didn’t even twitch. 

So he tried again. “Wake up. Right now.”

Groaning, you tilted your head to look up at him with bleary eyes. “Wha…?”

“Wake up.”

“Why?” You whispered, eyes already falling shut once more. He poked your stomach, startling you.

He really didn’t want to explain why you needed to be up, so he just shook his head. “You just need to get up now.”

“I don’t wanna.” You mumbled, then flipped over so that you were sleeping on your stomach, faced away from him. 

Thoroughly irritated, he bookmarked his book, carefully putting it on his side table, before giving you his full attention. Staring at your back for a minute, he thought about how he should approach this. Maybe he could play it off as wanting sex. That’ll probably wake you up. 

So with that in mind, he leaned over you, ghosting his lips across your cheekbone. “Wake up, ___.” He repeated, voice a little husky. He tried to hold back a smirk when you cracked an eye open to assess him.

You then, surprisingly, sighed. “Go jerk yourself off in the washroom or something.”

Hanamiya pulled back immediately, affronted. He was suddenly at a loss of words, not used to such a reaction from you. “Th-that was so… fucking rude!” 

Disrupting Routine [Genral Hux/Reader]

Pairing: General Hux/Reader
For: @houseoftombombadil
Summary: General Hux tried to portray himself as the eptiome of perfection, you only wanted him to be there in your arms when you awoke in the morning.

Often times you awoke in a bed with the shared occupancy of only yourself and Millicent nestled in the crook of your legs. Even through your groggy haze, you would sweep your arm across the cold satin at your side, searching for the warmth that hadn’t been there in quite sometime. When the heavy veil of sleep finally lifted from your eyes, you always found the adjacent spot pristine, meticulously smooth and tucked tightly enough that even your fitful slumber didn’t disturb the sheets.

You laid there awake, gliding your hand across in practiced motions over the sheets, creating a visible trail where your fingers once were before you blurred it out with quick swipe. Millicent roused at that point, chirping a greeting when you peeked down your body at her. She was always a far less considerate than yourself and readily trotted across the sheets towards your face, bumping her head against you.

As tranquil as the scene was, you only wished for Hux to be there to treasure those sweet moments with you as well. But, you were well aware entering your relationship with the General that it would be rather unorthodox. He wouldn’t be there to hold you as you jolted awake from your night terrors, screaming and trembling, utterly afraid. There weren’t many opportunities to see him during the day, either.

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daichis-thighs  asked:

narikino and iwadai pls


  • who wakes the other one up with kisses:

Oh, Narita definitely. Kinoshita’s a heavy sleeper, and Narita’s usually the first one to wake up anyways. He probably goes for a jog first and when he comes back smothers Kinoshita in kisses to wake him up before he goes to shower.

  • who cooks for who:

Ah, they switch off. Narita’s the better cook of the two but Kinoshita’s the quicker one. Most of Narita’s meals are fitness associated so high protein and healthy while Kinoshitas aren’t nearly as healthy, they’re easier and closer to homecooking

  • who is the morning person/night person:

Oh it’s a nightmare. Narita’s a complete morning person while Kinoshita’s a nightowl. They usually compromise for midnight being the time to be in bed, but as long as Kinoshita’s quiet, Narita doesn’t mind if he stays up playing video games and what one.

  • who is the romantic one:

Narita, totally. Kinoshita TRIES to be romantic but because of his sarcasm and inadvertent rudeness, he often fucks up. But Narita’s the sort who gives him spontaneous “thinking of you” gifts while Kinoshita’s the one who stumbles over words when saying “I love you”

  • who is the top when it comes to sex:

Narita again. Kinoshita is TINY by comparison so physically he doesn’t do that great of a job at topping, although he does dom from the bottom from time to time and doesn’t mind if Narita rides him instead, but he’s mostly a little pouty bottom.

  • who would lead in ballroom dancing:

I swear, Narita is in charge of this relationship. He leads but he also has two left feet so he ends up doing a really bad job. Neither of them can dance.

  • who is the more cuddly one:

Kinoshita, but it’s mostly stubborn tsundere cuddling where he’ll kinda nudge him like a cat does when it wants to be pet like “Ay. You. Snug me.”

  • who is the one to most likely pick the movie they watch:

Kinoshita, and it’s always a terrible idea. He loves horrible movies, like The Room. Ennoshtia got him into watching obscure foreign shit too, so RIP in pieces Narita.

  • who is the one who would pay for dates:

Ah, both of them pay. Occasionally, one person will pay for the entire date, but they try to keep things pretty even. If one person pays for dinner, the other pays for the other stuff.

  • who is the one who would initiate a quicky during classes:

Either of them. Depending on the schedule that day and if there’s practice later, either of them would do it. Kinoshita’s more likely to initiate surprise blowjobs or handjobs, but Narita’s more likely to initiate the whole shebang.


  • who wakes the other one up with kisses:

It changes depending on who wakes up first! Iwa’s slightly more likely to give Daichi wake-up kisses, but it’s not like a series of quick goofy kisses but more like one or two soft ones to the cheek like “Hey. Crow papi. Wake up. It’s morning.” When Daichi does it, it’s a couple little pecks to the lips followed by “Don’t open your mouth with my face this close, your morning breath is gross.”

  • who cooks for who:

I love Iwaizumi cooking in general, so Iwa cooks for Daichi, but Daichi from time to time will bake for Iwa, even though he has to get pre-made cookie dough or boxed cake mix to make something.

  • who is the morning person/night person:

Both of them are morning people, but they’re not opposed to staying up late together if they can sleep in the next morning

  • who is the romantic one:

Both of them!!!! They’re both romantic in their own way. Iwaizumi is much more the more physically romantic, prone to tender touches to Daichi’s jaw, shoulders and hands. He caresses more than he speaks and that’s just how Daichi likes it. It makes when Iwaizumi does express himself verbally even more meaningful. When Daichi’s romantic it’s much more in indirect phrases and gestures. Remembering exactly what texture Iwaizumi likes his tofu cooked to, picking out the brands of soap he likes most. And then phrases that just might be really insignificant to others but are really deep for Iwa.

  • who is the top when it comes to sex:

They’re switches but Daichi bottoms more. There’s a lot of balance in their relationship so they don’t worry too much over who tops and who bottoms.

  • who would lead in ballroom dancing:

Iwaizumi would, definitely. He’s probably classically trained. Daichi however, is really good at hiphop dance though.

  • who is the more cuddly one:

Neither of them are much for cuddling frankly. They’ll put their arms around each other when on the couch or going to bed, but they’re not big on that. If anything, Iwaizumi’s the cuddlier one given that he’s the more physically romantic.

  • who is the one to most likely pick the movie they watch:

Daichi. Like with Kinoshita and Narita, he gets suggestions from Ennoshita. Most of Iwaizumi’s movies involve aliens courtesy of Oikawa.

  • who is the one who would pay for dates:

Iwaizumi’s more likely to, he probably has more money and Daichi seems more inclined to be trying to save up for something. While Iwa pays for more dates, Daichi gives more gifts.

  • who is the one who would initiate a quicky during classes:

Daichi, definitely. Iwaizumi would just get really irritated with him…and ultimately say yes.

Of ticklish necks and burnt eggs

Pairing: Gruvia [tickle fight fluff]
Setting: canon | takes place during the 1 year timeskip
Word count: 1,3k

A/N: So @wolfcry17 needed a gruvia tickle fight after @kanarenee‘s gut-wrenching angst, and I took it upon myself to mend her broken kokoro, haha. Do check out Crystal’s fic if you haven’t because it’s fantastic but make sure you have tissues.

It was that very moment he realized the defeat was all his. He had completely, utterly, hopelessly lost to her long ago.

Gray entered the kitchen with a silent groan, stretching the remnants of fatigue off his muscles. Juvia was already there, as every morning, stirring the pan with a wondrous amount of spirit given the early hour. He was in awe of the vigor she always put in everything she did, even after hours of rigid training that left him with a lasting soreness.

He was in awe of many things about her lately.


“Good morning!”

Scratching the back of his neck, he leaned against the counter.

“You know,” he said as he grabbed a freshly baked bun from the dish beside him. Thankfully it didn’t have his face – or hers – on it. “I keep telling myself I should make breakfast one of these days, but you always wake up earlier and beat me to it.”

Her ponytail bounced as she turned to flash him a quick smile. “Ah it’s alright, Juvia likes making breakfast.”

Gray tucked the bun between his teeth and shuffled to open the cupboard above her head. Then, as he stood behind her, he was struck with an idea. One that made his occupied mouth quirk deviously. It was something small, yet so very tempting as she hummed a cheerful melody, too oblivious, too absorbed in her cooking.

He shoved the rest of the bread into his mouth before his hands lifted to her sides, inches above the curve of her waist, and poked.

Juvia squeaked and whipped the pan in the air, almost dropping the eggs before she caught them with a clumsy movement.

“What was that for?” she stammered.

But Gray had dissolved into a stifled fit of laughter, holding his bare stomach and almost choking on the bun. “Oh my god, you should have seen your reaction.”

He didn’t know when he took a liking in teasing her, but a playful nature had swept both of them, and neither cared to pretend otherwise.

Perhaps it began when he’d found her drooling on the arm of the couch in her sleep for the first time, or when he’d stopped outside the bathroom door, chuckling to himself as he listened to her sing in the shower. Perhaps it was when she sprayed him because he made fun of her for naming her new move ‘Supreme tidal grace of love’. The time they spent together was like a cord pulling them closer, winding and tightening until there was no more distance between them.

He didn’t know how, but he had dropped his defenses along with his cold mask, and found that he liked it better this way.

Laughing still, he watched her flushed face twist from indignation to fondness, and from that to challenge.  

“Is Gray-sama looking for a fight?”

“Nah, you’d lose before it even started. Besides, I’m not ticklish.”

Juvia raised a suspicious brow, eyes glinting with mischief. “Is that so?”

“Yeah,” he lied.

“That’s funny,” she drawled, feigning a frown as she approached him. “Because after so many times that Juvia has hugged Gray-sama,” – a smile flickered across her lips – “or at least tried to, she would swear that you’re sensitive…”

Gray stiffened, bracing himself for the upcoming touch. Her smile twitched in amusement as she tilted her head and slowly brought a hand to his neck.

“Right here?”

She stroked where his nape and shoulder met, and the response was instant, beyond his control. He smothered an embarrassing giggle and whisked away, covering the ticklish area with the flat of his hand.

“Oh,” was all she said, a sly look on her face.

He knew this was his cue to join her in a survival battle and shook his head.


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Lame Excuses ( Tom Holland's Peter Parker x Reader)

You and Peter have been close friends since you started high school, and recently you’ve both started making lame excuses as to why you can’t hang out with each other.

A/N: Both you and Peter become local crime-fighters and unbeknown to the two of you, you work together as your alter egos.

Warnings: Possibility of death (?¿?)

Word count: 4135 words


Being friends with Peter was always easy. It was easy for the two of you to geek out over something together, both being huge nerds, and you spent most of your time making puns and generally being embarrassing. Neither of you minded though. You loved how easy Peter was to talk too, sharing your recent troubles with him whenever he noticed your attention was strained and you were being crushed under stress.

“Whenever you need me Y/N, you know I’ll be here to listen to you.” He had assured you one night, talking to you over the phone after a terrible day at school where you’d failed a test and then come home to hear your pet cat had been euthanized. In the midst of your sobbing you had phoned Peter up and spilled everything to him over the phone. The day after, he invited you over, bought you pizza from your favourite takeaway and let you choose a film to watch.

Then around four months ago, a vigilante appeared in the city, spread over the newspapers and on the radio and television. A do-well local hero, who went by the name of Spiderman. He had stopped robberies, kidnappings and plenty of car chases. You found it quite impressive really. Soon, Peter began showing up to your flat with bruises and cuts on his face and arms, probably hiding more under his clothes. The first day you were horrified, and your mother invited him in to sit down and have a coffee. She had made the offer to drop the two of you at school since you were bound to miss your bus. The two of you had sat across from each other at the tiny kitchen table, talking about what had happened. He explained, rather sketchily, that he’d gotten in a fight the night before as he was walking back to his Aunt’s apartment building from the local supermarket. A guy had followed him and beat him up for money. You were furious at this, shouting around the kitchen as you slammed your mug into the sink. Peter had told you not to make a fuss around Aunt May, pleading for you to stay quiet, to which you begrudgingly agreed.

“But if it happens again you have to ring the police, okay?” You’d told him, tracing your fingers along a healing cut on his cheek. Peter had nodded and downed the rest of his coffee, his cheeks a dark crimson red.

But it didn’t stop there, soon Peter was throwing rocks at your window during the night no matter what day of the week it was, and climbing up the drainpipe to your bedroom window which luckily was only on the second storey. He climbed with such grace and ease you wondered if he went to the gym, or had competed in gymnastics when he was younger. He said he hadn’t when you asked him. On these nights he would sit on your windowsill as you grabbed the first-aid kit from the bathroom, and let you clean his cuts and patch him up. You asked again, why he kept getting beaten up.

“It’s complicated.” He’d muttered, hissing as you dabbed antiseptic on a gash across the back of his left hand.

“Complicated? Peter you’re being assaulted! You need to speak to the police, or…or try and contact Spiderman!” You gabbled, wrapping his hand in a bandage. Peter had laughed at you, telling you the Spiderman wasn’t going to waste his time on a high school kid. Before you’d sent Peter on his way, you kissed his bandaged hand and told him to stay safe, pulling him in for a tight hug. He’d smothered you in his arms and rested his head on your shoulder, promising you he’d try not to get hurt again.

When he had left, you’d sat on your windowsill and watched the odd car drive past your street, before falling asleep with your head against the window glass.

So maybe being friends with Peter wasn’t always easy. After three and a half months of having to deal with him coming to your window at least three times a week, you knew you needed to take action. So one night you snuck out of the flat after your mom had gone to bed, and took the elevator to the top floor where you climbed some steps that took you onto the roof of the building.

The view was astounding from ten storeys up, and you stood as close to the edge of the roof as you dare, your feet inches from a long drop. There was sounds of police sirens wailing in the distance, and smoke billowed out of the chimneys from the odd building. A car would occasionally drive along the otherwise lonesome road, the headlights cutting a path through the faint glow of the street lamps that only half illuminated the sidewalks. You hear a wail of a cat in some alley nearby and the crash of a bin falling over and spilling it’s contents onto the floor.

You had a plan, a crazy and far-fetched plan, but still a plan nonetheless, to keep Peter safe.

“Spiderman!” You shouted, not raising your voice much louder than average speaking level. “Spiderman!” You yelled again, louder this time. “Help me! You’re supposed to be a hero, so help me!” You bellowed, hoping your voice would carry on the wind that was blowing your hair around your face.

No answer.

“Okay then.” You muttered, your teeth chattering as you turned around to go back inside. As you turned around your foot slipped over the edge of the roof, dragging the rest of you over as gravity took a hold of you and you fell over. You clung for dear life onto the ledge of the roof, your legs and lower torso now dangling above the concrete sidewalk below.

“Spiderman!” You cried, digging your nails into the stone ledge. There was real fear in your voice as you hung for dear life. “Help!” You shouted, your arms aching as you tried to pull yourself back up. “Oh God.” You whispered, realising how stupid you had been to think it was a good idea to stand so close to the edge.

Just as your palms began to slip from sweat, a strong hand grabbed your wrist and began to pull you up. Two strong arms under your armpits yanked you back onto the rooftop, sitting you onto the floor. You turned to look at who had saved you, looking at the familiar red mask of the well-known Spiderman.

“Spiderman!” You gasped, shocked that your ludicrous plan had actually succeeded.

“Are you okay, Miss? What were you doing up here?” He asked, his voice muffled by the mask but still giving you this strange feeling of deja vu, as though you had heard this voice before.

“I-I’m fine. But I really needed to ask you something, it’s important.” You told the web-slinging hero, who cocked his head to the side in confusion. “I need you to help my friend Peter. Someone is beating him and he’s to scared to tell anyone.”

Spiderman nodded understandably, but sighed. “I can’t help your friend. I fight crime all over the city, I can’t watch over your friend all the time. I’m sorry.”

Spiderman stood up and extended his red-clad hand out to you to help you up. You nodded, biting your lip hard to stop your chin wobbling as you held in the tears.

“Bye Spiderman, thank you for saving me.” You half-laughed at yourself, finding the whole situation ridiculous. Peter was right, of course Spiderman couldn’t look over one kid all the time.

“No problem, I’ll see ya around.” Spiderman replied running and leaping gracefully over the side of the building, shooting a web at a lamppost to swing away into the dark. As you ran down the steps, your mind was already whirring away, concocting a new idea. A better idea. Nowhere near as safe as the first, but one that could ensure Peter’s safety.

A second vigilante/hero.

So everyday, after you dashed home from school, you grabbed your mattress off your bed and lugged it outside, beneath your window. Then you got dozens of pillows and placed them around and on top of your mattress to create a comfy landing pad. You needed to do what Peter had done so many times in the past, and learn how to get up and down the drainpipe to your bedroom window. You had around two hours to practice everyday before you had to return everything to its place so your mom didn’t suspect anything when she returned from work. Instead she’d find you at your desk, doing homework whilst secretly hiding plans for a costume under your textbooks.

You somehow managed to get a baseball bat from school one day, and lugged it home with you which you then hid at the back of your wardrobe.

This also meant you had little time to hang out with Peter, but weirdly enough he didn’t follow you up on it, instead claiming he had a bunch of homework to do and errands to run for his aunt. Honestly, you were so distracted with your training that you never even noticed until one day he wasn’t at school. He wasn’t in Homeroom, and he wasn’t in any of your classes you had together, which also meant sitting alone at lunch. You were worried about his absence, and made a note to ring him after school and go round to his flat to visit.

As soon as the final bell rang you shot from your seat and hopped onto the first bus you could get. Dialing his flat’s landline first, you checked to see if Aunt May was in.

“Hello?” She answered after picking up the phone.

“Aunt May? It’s me, Y/N. Is everything okay at home?” You enquired, heart beating in rapid succession. She told you everything was dandy. The buildings flew by as you looked out the window whilst Aunt May rabbited on about her day at work.

“Good to hear, I was just worried since Peter didn’t come to school today. I got his homework and made some notes for him.” You explained, grabbing your rucksack and standing up as the bus came to a halt at the stop you wanted. It was only a ten minute walk to Peter’s flat from there.

“He’s been feeling under the weather lately, so I made him take a day off to catch up on some sleep. Are you coming round to visit?” She asked, knowing you were no doubt desperate to check on him.

“I’m about ten minutes away, if that’s okay with you May.” You told her, running into a corner shop. She chuckled.

“See you soon then.”

You said goodbye and clicked to end the call. You’d decided to call into the store and buy some of Peter’s favorite candy. After paying the guy at the counter, you left and turned to walk to Peter’s flat. There was a chill in the air that nipped the tip of your nose and but into your cheeks as you walked down the lonesome sidewalk on one of the quiet roads. A few leaves scraped by your feet as they were blown away.

On your way you heard a familiar sound of something being shot. A kind of “fwsst!” noise. Then Spiderman’s face came popping in front of you, upside down. You gasped, clutching your hand to your chest in fright. Looking up you saw he was dangling from a web attached to a lamppost as he hung in front of you.

“Hello again. Fancy seeing you here.” He chirped, a far brighter and happier Spiderman than the one she’d spoken to on the roof. Again his voice was a muffled yet irritably familiar one.

“You almost scared the life out of me.” You hissed, looking around you. Only a man stood sweeping the leaves away from outside his shop door. Fall was coming and you were eager with anticipation for the endless cups of cocoa and thick socks and the park turning a golden, earthy color as the leaves changed on the trees. You loved Fall.

“Sorry. Where are you off to?”

“Why are you so interested?”

“I was just checking in, as your friendly neighborhood Spiderman, to make sure you weren’t thinking of dangling from a roof again.” He swung, backwards and forwards on his web as he spoke to you.

“Thanks but I think I’m fine, and if you have to know so badly, I’m going to see my friend Peter. He’s been ill today, so I bought him his favorite candy.” You waggled the carrier bag in front of Spiderman’s face.

“Oh! Are those Jolly Ranchers? I love those!” Spiderman reached out but you snatched the bag back and stuck it in your rucksack.

“They aren’t for you!” You chided, waggling your finger at the masked figure still dangling upside down.

“Shame. I think they’re great.” Spidey sighed, climbing up the web he’d been clinging onto. You smiled at the agile figure and watched him sit on top of the lamp.

“Well, I better go.” You told the superhero, shouting up so he would hear you over the sudden gust of wind. Spiderman waved at you from up above, watching you continue your walk to Peter’s flat.

When you arrived at the door you had to press the buzzer for their flat, waiting for Aunt May to let you in, knowing it would be you. There wasn’t a lift in this building and so you had to climb up the steps to the fourth floor where you could knock on their door. Aunt May opened it shortly after your polite knock and was quick to let you in.

“Y/N! I’m glad you came over.” She grinned, shutting the door behind you as you walked further into your flat. “Peter’s asleep I think, I haven’t checked on him really since lunch but maybe you can go wake him up?” She gestured to the closed door which led to Peter’s bedroom. You’d visited before, so you knew the flat well.

“I will do May, don’t worry.” You assured her. Satisfied, Aunt May went and sat down on the sofa to continue watching her program. You knocked twice as fair warning that you were coming in and with no order to stay out, you open the door and stuck your head in. Peter was far from asleep, in fact he was sat up in bed with his big, thick glasses on reading a book. You called them his ‘geek glasses’ much to his dislike, although you secretly found that they made him look adorable.

“Hey!” He grinned, snapping the book shut and hopping out of his covers to stand up and invite you in. You shut the door and turned round to be enveloped in a huge bear hug from Peter, your face buried into his knitted, maroon jumper. His hair was wild from sleep and all round you thought he looked cute with his rosy cheeks and Star Wars pajama pants on.

“I missed you today.” You mumbled, clinging to his jumper as you slowly inhaled through your nose. He smelt of coconut and chocolate, which made your tummy flip.

“Me too, Aunt May forced me to stay in bed. If I’d had a choice you know I would’ve gone to school.” He laughed, pulling back to give you a sheepish grin.

“Well I got you homework from today so you’re not off the hook.” You laughed, yanking it out of your rucksack and handing it to him.

Peter groaned, tossing it onto his desk. “As much as I adore you Y/N, you really didn’t have to get me homework!” He sighed, taking his glasses off and folding them neatly in their case. You took the opportunity of his back turned to jump into his bed and snuggle under the covers to warm up. Peter’s cheeks stained a dark crimson when spotted you hidden among the blankets and pillows on his bed.

“C'mere.” You mumbled, patting the space next to you. Peter hopped in as you commanded and shuffled down into the cocoon of warmth beside you. You fumbled in your rucksack before dropping it on the floor after taking out your present for him.

“What’s this, eh?” He grinned, eyes lighting up as he saw the packaging. You gave them to him with slightly shaky hands.

“Your favorite candy, and apparently Spiderman’s too.” You laughed lightly. Peter froze with the sweets in his hands.

“Spiderman? Y-you met Spiderman?” He stuttered and you realized that you never once mentioned that you had encountered, and spoke to the local superhero. Twice.

“Um, did I not mention that?” You mumbled and Peter sat up.

“No! Y/N how did you forget to tell me that you met Spiderman?!” Peter’s voice rose a little and you sat up too, not comfortable with him nearly shouting at you.

“I forgot.” You admitted. “I’m sorry Peter, we’ve both been so busy that it must’ve slipped my mind-”

“Actually…that’s what I was hoping to ask you about.” Peter interrupted, looking at you seriously. “Why have you been so busy lately? You never have time to come round to mine or for me to visit you, you keep saying your mom wants you to stay in but I don’t think that’s true. Didn’t I see you leaving school with a baseball bat as well?”

“Oh y-you…” You were lost for words really, unaware that Peter had in fact noticed everything and how weird you’d been acting when you thought he was equally as busy. “I’m thinking about…taking up baseball. Yeah, I’ve been going to a lot of training sessions and I asked the head of PE if I could borrow a bat till I got my own.”

It was probably the lamest excuse you could conjure up and you were almost certain Peter didn’t believe you. He sighed, relaxing his tensed up shoulders.

“That’s all it was? Y/N that’s really great, but why not just tell me? You know I wouldn’t mind!” He put an arm around your shoulder and brought you in for a half-hug.

“I-I thought you might feel like I was leaving you out.” You lied, feeling guilty as hell.

“Well I’ll be there to support you at all the games, are you trying out for the school team?” He asked, you quietly nodding in reply because you honestly didn’t dare say more to bury you deeper in the hole you’d got yourself stuck in.

“Peter? Are you still having trouble with that guy?” You asked, changing the subject away from you and your lying ass. He made a humming noise, one that sort of sounded like a yes but a very indecisive one. You elbowed him lightly. “Peter, answer me.” You told him sternly.

“Yes?” He said hesitantly, waiting for you to react.

“Okay.” You said simply. “You know you can tell me anything right?”

Peter yawned, laying down again and gesturing for you to follow suit. You do so and lay your head next to his, his arm still holding you close to him.

“I know, Y/N. I’m just really tired right now, can we talk after a nap?” He mumbled, shuffling on to his side to face you. You nodded, shutting your eyes obediently. But you didn’t want to sleep. In fact, your mind was awake and buzzing with excitement. You knew that it was time for you to finally put your plan into action, and use these past two weeks of training yourself, to help Peter. You lay awake, planning in your head what you were going to do tomorrow. Peter was bound to be at school one way or another, no way would he miss a second day.


Tomorrow arrived and Peter was, as you had predicted, at school again. It was a pretty much normal day and you were sat in your last period with Peter, when all of a sudden there were screams and the sound of things being smashed coming from the corridor. Your teacher halted their lecture and went to check what was happening. More glass shattering and wood splintering echoed down the corridor.

You and Peter both looked at each other in shock, as the teacher came back and began telling everyone to get out of the classroom via the fire exit at the back of the room. Everyone began panicking, running and crowding to get out of the building and as you turned to go you realized what you were wearing under your clothes. Your original plan was definitely out the window, but in your haste this morning, you had put on your new costume underneath your normal jeans and hoodie. If you could get to your locker then you could grab your baseball bat which you had brought with you today, spray painted black.

You made a dash for the other door, ignoring your teacher and Peter who began shouting for you to come back. You sprinted down the corridor, luckily away from the screams and chaos. Opening your locker, you took the bat out of the plastic bags wrapped around it and ran into the nearest girls bathroom. You tugged off your jeans, converse and hoodie as quick as you could. In your bag you had your mask which you had made from a simple, black fancy-dress mask and a purple ribbon. Your costume had a large black hood attached to the one-piece jumpsuit and belt. You had some black ankle boots too with thick soles and a sturdy grip. Flipping the hood over your y/h/c hair, you smiled at yourself in the mirror.

Despite being nervous as hell, you were happy with how your costume had turned out. Hiding your bag in the far cubicle, you ran out the bathroom and towards the chaos ahead of you. Some classrooms were still occupied and as you ran past you stopped to tell them to get out through the nearest exit.

You rounded the corner and saw who was causing the problem. A gang of six men, one with a lethal-looking gun and the rest holding large sledgehammers, were making their way down the corridor. The only one who bothered to conceal their identity was the man holding the pistol, who wore a black ski mask. The other guys looked not much older than you. Why were they here?

“Hey!” One of them shouted, pointing directly at you. You froze as they all diverted their attention towards you. “Who the hell are you?!” The same guy from before yelled. You swung your bat menacingly, smiling to yourself. On the inside your heart was pounding but you came across as confident to disguise your fear.

“I’m Nightmare.” You grinned.

A few of them scoffed whilst the others looked rather nervous at this new masked stranger.

“I was expecting Spiderman, but you’ll do.” Taunted the one who you decided was too cocky for his own liking. Him and the guy next to him began advancing on you, readying their sledgehammers to swing at you.

“You talk too much, shut up and fight.” You retorted. The cocky douche took the first attack, swinging it for your head so you had to duck to avoid your skull being cracked. At your low angle you butted the end of your bat into his crotch, making him double over in pain. Elbowing him in the face, you stood up quickly and brought your bat down from above onto his back, taking him to the floor. His companion swung his weapon helplessly, uncertain where to aim for and regretting having to fight a girl.

In a matter of minutes you had ducked behind him and whacked the back of his head with such a force, he fell flat on his face and didn’t get back up.

“Round two?” You breathed, smiling at the other four who stood on guard.

“Y'know, tag teams are always fun.” A voice overhead spoke. You looked up and couldn’t suppress the laugh that came out of your mouth. Spiderman clung to the ceiling, looking at the very anxious teenagers in front of him. Dropping down gracefully, he stood up and extended his hand to you. “I’m Spiderman.”

“Nightmare.” You replied, shaking his hand.

“Care to dance?” He offered, pulling you by the hand and closing the gap between the two of you. Biting your lip, you slung your bat over your shoulder.

“I thought you’d never ask.” You replied.


Let me know if you’d like a part 2! I enjoyed writing this a lot :)

hoemine  asked:


HOLY SHIT okay let me tell you a story when I started shipping BoKuro the fandom on this side of the world was SO SMALL that AO3 had something like two pages of fics top and most of it was pwp’s - do you know how disappointing it was for poor small me when all I wanted was to read silly fluff about them being idiots together very, very disappointing SO even if I never wrote anything I have LOTS OF HEADCANONS because either I thought them up myself or nothing

(bless the anime for bringing in more shippers the world is a beautiful place)


  • They met halfway through their first year of high school thanks to a practice match - it was kind of instant hate because Bokuto’s spikes had enough strenght that Kuroo at first couldn’t stop them for the love of him and THEN when he finally figured out a way he was tall enough to stop most of them, so it was just fuck this guy for the lenght of that first match
  • Then they got to talk right after and realized they had the same kind of weird ass interests and Bokuto’s puns actually managed to make Kuroo laugh (no one ever laughs at his puns) and the rivalry suddenly became friendship - they’ve always been simple guys, what can you do
  • After that first match Kuroo couldn’t stop talking about Bokuto for weeks - Kenma kinda really wanted to smother him just to make him shut up
  • Till up to the end of their first year they had this thing where Kuroo would bring up how much he had grown in height since they had last met just to annoy the hell out of Bokuto
  • Then Akaashi and Kenma made it into the teams and the rivalry moved onto who had the best setter and THAT rivalry is never ever going to go away
  • I mean it
  • They’ll be thirty-something and living together and probably even married and maybe they haven’t even played seriously in years and they’ll still bring up how amazing their setter is and bicker over it for the whole day
  • They both sometimes suffer of a mild form of insomnia and when they happen to be awake together they spend the whole night on the phone talking about the weirdest shit
  • They sing a lot to each other - or more like, one of them starts to sing and then the other picks it up and they duet the hell out of it wherever they are whatever they’re doing
  • Usually it’s really popular up-beat Top40 songs or late-90′s pop they shouldn’t even know of but still. STILL.
  • Every time Bokuto sees a cat he sends a pic to Kuroo and goes is that you or why didn’t you tell me you’d be around
  • There aren’t enough owls around for Kuroo to do the same so he just takes pics of merch with owls on it to send back
  • Whenever they’re around each other they mess with the call and text tones on the other’s phone and make it as annoying as possible because it’s kind of a dare to keep it until they meet again
  • Once Kuroo tried to help Bokuto dye his hair. It was a disaster and they don’t talk about it. Ever.
  • They actually end up together after high school is over - mostly because until moving up to uni they hadn’t even realized they felt that way about each other
  • Everyone in their teams/the teams they practice with aside from Akaashi and Kenma is 100% sure they’re together tho. They don’t even question it, it’s just a thing that is - because they’re always all over each other and constantly texting when not together and they seem to think in tandem and okay, okay, sometimes Bokuto flirts around and Kuroo finds himself a girlfriend but it’s just the type of relationship they’re in, right? It makes total sense to them
  • Then they move up to uni and they share an apartment and play on the same team and people start asking - are you two a thing? or I thought you were with him? - and it’s so weird to them at first? Because, sure, they touch a lot and cuddle and share clothing and sometimes Bokuto feels like sunshine to Kuroo and just hearing Kuroo’s voice makes Bokuto smile like a moron most days but it’s?? normal???
  • It’s not normal
  • Kuroo’s the first to realize just how not normal it is
  • Bokuto’s the first to actually do something about it
  • This is getting out of hand I need to shut up
118 days.

“Tayvin” a couple no one saw coming…no one. I find it hard to believe anyone who says they predicted the coupling of Taylor and Calvin. The great debate still stands of course: “How did Calvin change her mind?” After all this time, confusion about that night at the Brits is contagious among those who weren’t there in the flesh. However maybe some things are better left to the imagination. The point is, somehow…Calvin made Taylor eat her words…somehow.

“If you see me in the press hand in hand with someone even after having said this, it will be because that someone is absolutely extraordinary

By now every Tayvin shipper and their neighbor’s cousin’s cat knows this quote by heart. I think it’s obvious why this is. Not a single soul would doubt Calvin Harris is anything less than “extraordinary”. Taylor Swift is a commonly known woman of great success in her music career as well as the genuine bond she has formed with her fans since she took her first steps into the music world, holding them just as close as her own friends. She is also known for her willingness to do what she has to do to be the best role model for her fans as well as the best artist she can be. This comes along with standing for what she believes in (a crucial part of growing up and knowing one’s true self) and meaning every word she says. This quote in particular paints the perfect picture of what she has found…an extraordinary “someone”.

“-in the press hand in hand with someone” is often taken to another level by those who believe Taylor is anything but capable of having a partner who isn’t a male…but we won’t go there. Hand holding quickly became a symbol of strength especially in the case of these two. The night of the Kenny Chesney concert. Swiftoplis exploded in panic, excitement and astonishment as videos and photos of the two surfaced. Lap sitting documented, kisses, laughs, and hand holding…plastered about the internet as the blossoming relationship earned it’s proper ship name: Tayvin.There were those (as there are always) who needed more than a few low quality photographs and witness accounts of the night which occurred just hours after pictures surfaced of the pair grocery shopping together and taking a stroll around a lake in Nashville. As if any of it wasn’t clear enough already.

However, a lot of people tend to skip over the true meaning of the Nashville trip. They were getting to know each other where they thought they wouldn’t have to face the outside; the cameras. Taylor took him back to her roots and her beginning because you can’t climb a tree if you don’t start at the roots. The beginning stages of this relationship already looked promising as they took their first steps into a new light…a relationship growing in the public eye. Then there is also the significance of Taylor actually going public having said the infamous quote. Everyone knew this was different and it was obvious these two did too.

Not too log after, Tayvin take their nutella-like addicting PDA to the HAIM benefit concert where more lap sitting and hand holding ensued. This also became known as the night of “The First HQs” as the two crashed through a jungle of flashing cameras in an alley next to the building, practically diving into the SUV as Calvin pulled Taylor along, protecting her from the ruthless photographers. Tayvin shippers went ape-shit. I’ll leave it at that because weeks of non stop edits of the same pictures can still be found in the deep depths of the Tayvin tag.

We’ll skip a few more public appearances to importance of the next grand event, the BBMAs. This was when everyone knew it was real. Sure Taylor has sat next to a boyfriend at an award show before but this was different…this was her night. Multiple awards coupled with multiple hugs and kisses which seemed to halt time itself. Although Taylor was sitting next to Calvin the entire night, she still managed to keep the spotlight big enough to fit her crew of friends and Bad Blood music video co-stars. This is another way Taylor has proven herself to be some type of superwoman. Prior to her relationship with Calvin, she always talked about the importance of her relationship with her friends and why she always kept them closest to her. However she has managed to balance her high-profile friendships along with her high-profile relationship. She demands the respect she deserves by proving that being a woman in a relationship does not make you a weak woman at all. She racked up on her awards as she hugged her friends and swung on over to Calvin to hug him as well. Your strength as a woman is not defined by your relationship status because your relationship status is not who you are. Taylor Swift is Taylor Swift just as Calvin Harris is Calvin Harris.

This also touches on Taylor’s view on feminism which I know a lot of people aren’t too happy about. Let’s get something straight, I am not cutting her any type of slack nor am I bashing on any point of view she may have. But I will say that Taylor talks about what she knows about. Taylor knows what she knows and she won’t photoshop herself into any sort of situation. That’s not to say she doesn’t care about the young black woman who is at the same stage in her career and position as the young white guy who is getting more in his paycheck than she is simply because of her race and gender. Taylor is speaking from the point of view of a female artist who’s work should define her rather than her relationships or personal life. Taylor wants to be what she has created, not what the media has smothered the world with for the last few years. That’s where she is speaking from. You can’t ask a duck to bark.

I find it incredible to think that a guy like Calvin could have broken down the barriers Taylor had created around her life. Family, friends, career…no one could make that budge. But Calvin did. Yes, he has a past but what the fuck, so do you, so do I, so does that guy sitting on the bench you passed at the park earlier. No one is defined by who they used to be rather they learn from who they used to be. No, I don’t know if he has learned but shit….neither do you. But you know who does? Taylor. She knows him and i’m sure she knows far more about who he is and who he used to be than some random person on the internet screaming from the top of their lungs that the guy they’ve only seen from a distance or on their computer screen is not the guy for her. Please… yourself enough to realize that Taylor is not going to let her relationship be ruined by words…not this time.

Rather than his past, let’s focus on his present. (I don’t know what people expect Taylor to do with the random receipts they’re pulling up anyways). Calvin is the best in his genre right now playing gigs constantly around the world along with a smooth cruising residency. No one can deny his presence in the music world. He has taken the entire EDM genre and turned it into his cape sailing in the wind as he flies through the skies of life with clouds of bullshit getting in his way every once in a while.

The “bullshit” I am referencing is not just the usual dismantling of prides by just the tap of his fingertips but also the things which may change Taylor’s momentum at all. The apple success? Quickly overshadowed by the questioning of his faith by (once again) random people on the internet as Avicii posts a photo of just the side of Calvin with Eva Shaw’s hand on his should. He didn’t waste time trying his best to take the blanket of false rumors off of the light Taylor shined over the music industry. You cannot deny the support he shows her and how much he cares about her being able to be who she is and do what she does…happily. If it’s not obvious enough, he wants her (and the rest of the world) to know that she is important in his life. People tend to say there is a lot of overreacting that goes on when ever Calvin shows his support for Taylor, calling it “doing the bare minimum” but honestly…if you have any sort of love for Taylor at all, you would be just as happy for the little nice things he does because we see a lot more of it with these two than we do with any other guy she has been with. 

But I’m not here to compare relationships. Yet the prominence of the strength shown in posting a photo of the two of them being a normal couple on her Instagram should not be overlooked in any sort of way. When has she done this before? Let me clear this up for you…she has never done this before. She is comfortable and confident enough to reveal the behind the scenes footage of their relationship. No crowded rooms. No mounds of cameras. They’re in a fucking pool on a floating swan acting like sailors on a ship. Who the fuck are these people and why have they been slowly taking over the world?

It’s because these two are a pair of the biggest names in the industry. Not only that but they are also two artists who explore their craft, take their thoughts apart, recreate what they have built in their name and they’ve mastered the art of selling it. Taylor is the master of social media as Calvin continues to lure in the most prominent of artists in the industry making his name explosive in the world as well. There is no denying the intelligence these two have and it would be dangerous to be caught in the middle of any debate or discussion they may have.

Yet as their superior intellect may intimidate those around, it would be a surprise if one isn’t scorched to the scalp by the sexual tension evident between the two. Longing gazes and sweet smiles lasting longer than Jolly Ranchers are obvious to anyone within a 89273593187087173 mile radius. Both of them are attractive as beautiful sin and everyone knows it. Another reason to add to the “Why I Am Tayvin Af” list.

178 days later and after everything that goes down, Calvin pulls his head out of the fire to publicly share how proud he is of Taylor tweeting “I just played a gig inside a giant owl and my girl just changed the entire music industry what a day” highlighting her accomplishment as one of the high points of his day. Let me say that one more time….HER ACCOMPLISHMENT as one of the HIGH POINTS OF HIS DAY. I think that says enough about this relationship. Here’s to 118 days and 118 more days to come.

Better Without The Bow - SFW

This has probably been done a hundred times over, but what if it wasn’t Sun that found Blake out in that Beacon courtyard, but Yang?

 “Blake, I don’t think anyone in team RWBY is exactly ‘innocent.’ Weiss can be very close-minded at first and will lash out when she gets angry. Ruby le- well, I’ll leave that for her to tell, but for Dust’s sake I blew a damn club before I enrolled at Beacon, and ran away from it, without accepting responsibility for it.” Yang keeps her eyes trained on Blake’s and watches as they grow with understanding. “We’re not asking you to fit into some preconceived idea of who you should be. We’re asking you to be you.”

Fandom: RWBY

Pairing: Yang/Blake

Rating: Rated E for everyone

Progress: one-shot

Word Count: 2,235

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