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Another Hc I had : Ben's wife takes Shanks side in teasing (like how Makino and Ben relationship is) because it's amusing. I can imagine Shanks + her vs Makino & Ben repartee battle xD

“I never thought I’d see the day,” Shanks sighed. “Our Ben, getting hitched.”

“I’ll get someone else to do it,” Ben said.

“Oh, please. Who’d do a better job officiating this shindig? I dare you to give me a name.”

“Luffy captains a ship,” Ben said. “That ought to do it.”

“Luffy has the attention span of a goldfish,” Shanks said. “You’d get to ‘we are gathered here today’, and then he’d announce you wed and get something to eat.”

“Perfect,” Ben deadpanned. “It’ll be quick and painless.” Then with a look at Shanks, “Which is the opposite of what you’re promising with that shit-eating grin.”

“You mean fun?”

“That’s one name for it,” Ben muttered. “‘Hell’ is another.”

“Oh come on, Ben,” his wife-to-be said. “Don’t be such a wet blanket.”

“You won’t find a wetter blanket on this sea,” Shanks told her. “Which is ironic, since you’d be hard pressed finding anyone with a drier sense of humour.” Then with a glance at Ben, “I also don’t think you can get much greyer, but I wouldn’t put it past him to try.”

She frowned. “He does look distressingly grey in this light,” she agreed. “Maybe we should move the ceremony to after sunset.”

“No, the moon will be out,” Shanks said. “That only makes it worse.”

“Damn. You’re right. He’d shine like a floodlight.”

“A blindfold should do the trick,” Shanks told her, pouring her a drink. “Or three shots of hard liquor. Both, if you want to cover all your bases.”

She grinned. “I like the way you think, Red-Hair.” She nudged Ben, a wink slipped sideways. “Lighten up, love,” she chirped sweetly, before her grin widened. “But not too much.”

Shanks barked a laugh, before the clink of glasses announced an alliance formed, and Ben pinched the bridge of his nose. He looked to Makino for assistance. “If we eloped, would you cover my back?”

She smiled, ever demure. “Oh, Ben,” she sighed, patting his shoulder.

“Not a chance.”

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Nsfw and Dad Smoker, Sanji, and Zoro pls with their girl (for that nsfw) pls.

I don’t do nsfw anymore, but i love parental hcs *-*


  • He’s a strict Dad
  • When his child is still young, they have him semi-wrapped around their finger, as in he knows when to say no, but can’t help buying another ice for them, just one.
  • OMG OMG OMG He is that Dad who like, builds little ships, trains with his child, you know the ships in the bottles? TOTALLY his thing
  • In a modern Au he is that Dad who screams the loudest at a sports competition for his child
  • The teenage years tho
  • *Smoker’s hair completely incoherently gets greyer*
  • An exceedingly frustrating phase in which his child disagrees with everything he says on principle
  • No matter boy or girl, I’m telling you if his child brings home their s/o Smoker will pull a Liam Neeson, dangerous, overprotective Daddy with a lot of skills


  • Sanji is the pushover al dente
  • Like completely, totally wrapped aound his child’s finger, whenever his little child comes to him with big eyes and says “Daddy?”, he melts away like butter in a desert
  • He always has them on his arm, when they’re younger
  • If his child is a boy, he will look just like him, a mini Sanji
  • If his child is a girl he won’t do partner looks, rather dress her up as a HIS LITTLE PRINCESS
  • Teaches his child how to cook and kick
  • He always make sure that his child does WHATEVER they want in their life, WHATEVER, because that’s what he was denied
  • “Yes, sweetie, of course we can go to Grandpa Zeff after that.”


  • Another strict Dad
  • Gives next to no fucks if boy or girl, this child will be woken up at 3 am for a nice training, and that’s only the first one before breakfast
  • Totally inherited his disorientation
  • “Dad, it’s this way!”
  • “No, it’s this way!”
  • Distant Sighs from Zoro’s S/O going a completly other direction
  • That doesn’t mean he can’t be sometimes pushover for his child
  • He can totally
  • Everytime when he naps and his child comes up to him cuddles up to him, he protectivly wraps his arms around them
  • No matter how old they are or if boy or girl
  • He never intervines when his child is fighting, I know it sounds irresponsible but I picture Zoro having so much fate in his child, that he knows they’re gonna beat their opponent

  Everyone wants to talk about Lily being older than James and often reminding him of it, but come on, this is James Potter here. Don’t you think he turned it around on her, too?

 Can you just imagine in sixth year when Lily and him are mates but he still has his stupendous crush on her, and he’s sitting around the common room within ear shot of her when Peter asks about the fifth year Hufflepuff who’d been trying to get his attention. And James says, loudly enough for Lily to hear, “She’s all right, Pete, but you know I have a thing for older women,” causing her to roll her eyes because he is utterly glaring at her and grinning that stupid grin when he says it.

 And then when they finally are a couple, he reiterates that she’s older than him frequently:

  • When Peter has issues with the girl he’s talking to (“Sorry I’m not much help, mate. Don’t remember what it’s like not dating a sophisticated older woman.”)
  • When Sirius wants to go do something James tells him he has to go check with his old lady first (“What? Why are you glaring at me, Lily? You are older and you are my lady–oof! Hey you snapped my glasses again”)
  • James going to Lily asking for her advice because she is so much older and wiser (and did he mention older?) than him.
  • Right before they get married, he tells her he knows he definitely wants to grow old and grey with her, but has to remind her that she’s gonna get older and greyer first, and she throws her engagement ring at his forehead in annoyance.

  Then it finally drives Lily to the point where she calculates their exact age difference (“I am 56 days 6 hours and 2 minutes older than you and if you ever call me your old lady again, I will hex your mouth closed permanently”).

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Re: Cho: A Gryffindor will stand beside you when life is hard as long as you are never weak, as Marietta was weak. A Slytherin will stand beside you as long as you are never beyond use, as Wormtail became useless. A Hufflepuff will stand beside you, because to a Hufflepuff it doesn't matter who you are; you deserve someone to stand with you. A Ravenclaw will stand beside you because it *does* matter who you are, and a Ravenclaw, and only a Ravenclaw, cares why you did it, no matter what you did.

A Gryffindor will stand beside you when life is hard as long as you are never cruel, but especially if you are weak and in need. 

Bravery is not the only way to be a hero. But it is one of them. 

A Slytherin will stand beside you as long as you are theirs, as Voldemort was Bellatrix’s, as Draco was Narcissa’s. If you are one of their own, they will die for you, lie for you, burn for you. As the Hat says: Slytherin, where you’ll make real friends.

A Hufflepuff will stand beside you, no matter your crimes, no matter how much sacrifice your needs demand of them, until they realize that they, too, are a person worth standing by and defending. 

A Ravenclaw will stand beside you because they have decided to; not because they necessarily have sharper eyes or quicker tongues, but because they are the most defined by their word, and so they keep it. 

Integrity. Honor. Dedication. These are the tenets of her House. 

There are many ways to be a hero and they are in all of these.

Referring to this piece in defense of Cho Chang. 

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43: Sexiest person that comes to your mind immediately

“"Oh no…” This made the demon blush immediately and he covered his face with his crimson hat. “"W-Will I get my behind kicked if I said Ms.Mama? Just don’t tell er please!!! She might kill me for this!!!!” He begged while he hid his face with his hat. His cheeks getting greyer by the second. “She’s…quite stunnin…”

//I’msosorry!!! Mama is the first thing that came to my head for some fricking reason and I was like screw it and AAAAAAAAAAAAA- Also i’m on mobile so-


Marichat Week I | iv. kittens
> On FF.Net and AO3

Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug
Pairing: Chat Noir/Marinette Dupain-Cheng | Marichat
Genres: Romance/General
Universe: Canon universe
Warning/Notes: maybe someday I’ll fix all the mistakes
Status: In-progress
Summary: He is Chat Noir, a hero and a public figure, and Marinette Dupain-Cheng is just a civilian.

The sky is getting greyer and greyer with each day that passes and winter draws near. Marinette cannot find it in herself to like the season; it makes it hard to get out of bed, she does not enjoy wearing layers of clothing and she always catches a cold or the flu - she has to admit that it is during winter that the most beautiful clothes are on display, though. It is easy to find her huddled by the lit ovens of the bakery when she returns from the streets, arms around her own shoulders and teeth chattering as she complains about the temperature.

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Incarcerus: Chapter 1

summary: AU. Vampire and bail bondsperson Emma Swan is drawn into a supernatural murder mystery that entangles her with strange forces, dark secrets, a far-too-charming, handsome, and enigmatic fellow vampire named Killian Jones, and the ultimate questions of how to start a blog on Fangd, get a parking spot in Boston, and avert an immortal war. She is confident love is nowhere in the plan.
rating: T
status: WIP
available: and AO3
notes: I decided to go ahead and post it. This is my new project, and as usual, I would probably not expect the speediest updates on it, but oh well. I can’t stay away from multi-chapters too long, apparently. Alas.

 I am a vampire.

 It’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

 In fact, and you probably saw this pun coming a mile off:

 It usually kind of sucks.

Emma sat staring at the computer screen until her eyes crossed, she leaned back in her chair with an aggravated noise, and deleted the text, only to find nothing more scintillating to take its place. Then she was left performing the frustrated writer’s gaze upon the abyss of blank-white doom, which was even worse, so she typed it back in again, tried to think of synonyms with more syllables, made a louder noise of aggravation, and deleted them for the second time. This was pointless anyway. Nobody was going to read this blog even if she started it, those that did weren’t liable to be happy with her for it, and she had not a single scrap of penetrating or original insight to help anyone who might find themselves thrust unpleasantly into this new situation, which was the reason she’d had this whole godforsaken idea in the first place. They didn’t exactly hand out “So Now You’re a Vampire, How To Not Fuck Up Your Afterlife” how-to guides, and considering the hash she’d made of her previous one, she was probably the least qualified individual to think about offering advice on this one. Still, though. She’d had a moment of believing she could be useful; they came along every so often, long after the last one had died of loneliness. That she could try to build a support group for people who did what sensible people did in this day and age, when their entire life turned upside down and they had no idea how to deal with it: Google that shit and complain about their problems online, just like everyone else. Connect over similar interests. If in this case it happened to be the fact that you were now an immortal blood-drinking unholy creature of night and terror instead of some ordinary hobby like TV shows or collector cars or pictures of cats doing dumb things, not that different. But she’d just been deluding herself. As usual.

After a moment, Emma closed the browser window, then clicked her dash through a refresh. Figuring out what to name a social media site for supernaturals had taken, possibly fittingly, a truly legendary effort. At first it had just been Fangbook, until the werewolves objected that this was discriminatory, and attempted to start Furbook in revenge, which had not worked out for them; it was remembered as the MySpace of the equation, and besides, it sounded like the home of disturbing niche porn. Fangstagram was, for obvious reasons, out, as vampires and cameras generally rendered each other obsolete, and a Twitter full of actual wolves might be even worse than the regular one. Their manifold networking difficulties had finally arrived at a compromise in the form of their current vehicle: Fangd. To avoid a second go-round of the nomenclatorial dilemma, it had been pointed out that both vampires and werewolves had fangs, and besides, it sounded cool. Currently, it was mostly used for chat posts, arranging feeds, perusing heavily filtered photos of buff shirtless werewolves, and the inevitable casual hookups section, as well as worthless shit to buy (all products promising to increase a vampire’s tolerance to sunlight were to be filed in the same category as penis-enhancement-pill spam emails).

As far as Emma had found, admittance to the supernatural set seemed to function along the same rules as your first day at high school: asking for help marked you out as the newbie, and in this case, the cool kids snacking on you might not be at all a figure of speech. So everyone, even if they didn’t, acted like they knew exactly what they were doing. And the high school comparison could be depressingly apt, considering that all-powerful immortals with hundreds of years of age and experience at their disposal could still hold the pettiest of ridiculous grudges. The “blood feud” and “perpetual enemies” things were way overblown, but stuff did happen. Another reason Emma had wanted to start the blog. Immortal did not by any stretch of the imagination mean indestructible, and plenty of clueless newcomers got caught in the crossfire of the power struggles. Then there were the simply stupid ones. You couldn’t be killed by the same things as before, no, but you could still Darwin Award yourself out of the running.

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ok so I have a new cecil headcanon: mood ring hair

like it WOULD naturally be black and while he’s sleeping it is but while he’s awake it’s different colors. resting state/neutral emotion is sort of platinum ish leading into silver and gradually gets greyer if he is literally not feeling anything at all in a sad/resigned sort of way (which is why kevin’s is always that color). red when mad, pink when flustered, purple for happy, green for fear, etc. and it gets darker/brighter as the emotion gets stronger, and if it’s a mixture then the colors of emotions are either blended or two-tone. 

so imagine him on his first date with carlos having neon magenta hair.

idk i love my confidence so much like i feel bad for people who arent because like the fact that i can still be happy with who i am every single day and night even when i do get the remarks about loosing weight and fixing myself to be a certain way i dont even care about that because i think of myself to be so much more than a number on the scale and in my jeans…. idk about everyone else but i am worth a lot more than just some number i am not measured in quantity but in quality of who i am and what i do for not only myself but others. i get it standing in a group of friends and not getting as many people complementing you or you know just standing there knowing no one wants you and they all want your friend i am here to tell you i want you because i dont shape someones worth and i dont choose someone based on their outer look but more on their inner look. when i meet someone i start everyone on a blank line no one is more elevated than anyone, i start pushing people higher and higher in priority basing them only on their personality and how they do in fact treat me and how they comport themselves thats what makes me say “damn you are so goals i want to be just like you” not “damn you are goals i want your body and face!!!!!!” that to me is nothing because when all these so call “perfect looking people” have kids just like you will they will get fatter and they will also get stretch marks and all that stuff too dont worry and their hair will get greyer also and not to mention wrinkles that’s awaiting all of us not just you the person who thinks is put so much lower on the “hot” scale compared to all of your friends. in life everything happens to everyone some people get it sooner and others get it later. if you take looks for example… its all based on perception just because many many people think one person is beautiful im telling you someone thinks otherwise thats the circle of life and the nature of people and thats why if you find yourself beautiful it doesnt even matter what others say to you because its not what bases your opinion on yourself but you see it more as someone agreeing with what you already see and think of yourself. OKAY IM DONE MY LONG ENDLESS OPINION BYE

Imagine Bones' grumpy internal monologue while treating a sick Jim
  • Goddamn child has to work himself into exhaustion and me into my midlife crisis
  • I swear on my grandpappy’s dairy farm, my hair gets greyer when I get within three feet of him
  • You will take these hypos Jim, and you will like it  
  • “That hurts Bones” my left butt cheek, whiney little shit
  • Look at him all curled up around his hobgoblin like a goddamn kitten, probably thinks he’s so cute
  • No-stop it
  • Don’t you dare make those sleepy little snuffling noises, I’m trying to find you irritating
  • Damn it Jim
  • *sigh*
  • Feel better, Kid

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enjolras and grantaire growing old and gray together is my fuckin aesthetic okay

Saaaaame! Enjolras would get grey hair first, but it’s hardly noticeable with his blond hair. He wouldn’t even get mad when Grantaire teases him about it because they’ve made it. They grew old together

(Grantaire looks like a messy dandelion when his hair get greyer and greyer)

there are a lot of things wrong with dallas buyers club. i’ll start with the assumption that the acting was good, which seems to be the singular praise-worthy aspect of the film. i think both mcconaughey and leto did what the screenplay asked of them–which was, basically, to pull the heartstrings unmercifully and go for broke in all the most obvious, cloying ways possible. hey, they deliver. this film is about as subtle as a falling anvil.

mcconaughey’s Character Arc from pussyhound homophobe to crusading compassionate AIDS advocate is delivered without even the most basic concern for reality, depth or tact. like i said on twitter, dallas buyers club probably sets the record for the most naked women in a movie about the AIDS crisis; is it really necessary for the movie to hit us over the head again and again what a totally heterosexual macho cowboy this guy is? did ron woodruff really have zero complexities to his personality? i guess he’s just a hard-drinking, hard-gambling man’s man who turned a 30 day AIDS death sentence into a successful capitalist enterprise. ‘murica!

the screenplay, again, is totally choppy and uneven, vacillating between a specific character piece to a weirdly political diatribe against the pharmaceutical industry.

and then you have probably the most problematic aspect of the film, which is that even though it’s 'based on true events,’ most of those 'true events’ are not accurately depicted in the movie.

there seems to be enough doubt as to whether ron was gay, bi or straight to warrant a serious re-evaluation of why in the film he’s written as sooo very heterosexual. even if, as the slate article suggests, he presented different personalities to different people, why not write a screenplay that investigates these ambiguities? because in hollywood, you have to make something as simplistic, uncomplicated, heteronormative and marketable as possible.

that’s the real sin of dallas buyers club. there’s nothing inherently wrong in presenting a story about the AIDS crisis via a straight, white guy who has AIDS (even though that’s hardly representative of the crisis in america circa 1985). but is that wrong? no. that’s a valid reality. it happened. however, when you CHANGE the reality you’re purporting to represent to make something more 'palatable’ for the marketplace (an A-list star, a monied awards campaign, possible oscars…), you’re getting into greyer and greyer moral territory.

for example, rayon didn’t exist. the screenwriters claim he’s a composite character based on members of the gay community who were members of ron’s club. okay, sure, nothing inherently wrong with composite characters. you know what is super lazy, though? the fatally doomed queer character who’s sacrificed so that the straight, white protagonist can find his (renewed) sense of purpose and complete his mission.

that’s one of the oldest tropes in the book when it comes to representing queer characters in media. it’s old and it’s boring and it’s offensive. does rayon really get any characterization other than: trans, drug addict, estranged from her family? victim, victim, victim. are we ever really rooting for rayon the way we do for ron, or are we just meant to pity her till she croaks? ron is strong (straight, white, independent, resourceful, masculine); he lives. rayon is weak (trans, addicted, dependent, feminine); she dies. again, as a representative composite of the queer victims of AIDS, what is the film saying about those people vs. the kind of singular heroes ron is meant to represent?

personally, i think mcconaughey has done better work in the past few years, especially in killer joe, bernie & currently on true detective. those are subtle, nuanced roles. his part in dallas buyers club is broad and predictable. it’s a lot of tortured ugly-crying and pained redemption–in short, it’s the perfect oscar bait. probably why he has a good chance of winning best actor.

as for leto, i was very surprised, given the near-universal acclaim for his performance, that i wasn’t more impressed by it. this is a minor, minor role with barely any impact on the storyline at all. you could take rayon out of the movie entirely and ron’s journey would be exactly the same. again, leto’s role is only to spur woodruff on and re-invigorate his commitment to getting the AIDS drugs for himself and other patients; and of course for him to become the Kinder, Gentler Ron who makes his homophobic friends shake rayon’s hand. fuck, somebody get GLAAD on the phone, we got a real hero here! leto played the typical trans woman: flighty, flirty, damaged, sassy, etc. i don’t see anything unique or interesting about his portrayal.

in sum, dallas buyers club is a movie that was in production hell for 20 years. nobody wanted to make it. there were ten versions of the script (some, i’d be willing to wager, were more truthful, more complex, more daring and interesting). those didn’t get made. this version got made. this version is not interested in the subtle realities of character or about how people can be more than one thing at once. it’s about basic stereotypes that are understandable to even the most ignorant audience. it’s a pandering 'feel good’ movie. i hated it.


Finland shouldn’t have happened
not that it has
Things are supposed to get less stable
the farther they get away
from their beginnings
like smoke from a fire
But while Russia burned
the smoke just kept getting
thicker and greyer
the further from the flames
till it was carved with fjords
and villages of fishermen
making a living
and the word Valhalla