getting fit for quidditch

Genderbend!James, based on this post.

Part 1

Jane Potter collapsed in her seat on the Gryffindor table and sighed heavily.

‘Alright?’ Sirius Black asked, regarding her amusedly.

‘Bloody fucking Filch,’ Jane grumbled in response, grabbing the plate of chicken thighs in front of her. ‘Bloody fucking Filch, who made me polish every bloody fucking trophy three times. Three! Look at my hands, Padfoot! They’re skinned raw.’

Jane dropped the plate to wave her hand in front of his face. Sirius grabbed it from the air and took a closer look.

‘That is quite an unsightly colour,’ he observed. ‘What do you think, Wormy?’

The boy sitting across from them frowned at the sight of Jane’s hand. ‘I think you need to wash more often, Jane. Your fingernails are putting me off my dinner.’

Jane’s eyes narrowed in mock anger. ‘Your lack of priorities are putting me off mine. I have more important things to worry about than nail care.

‘Or hair care, for that matter.’ Sirius smirked, ruffling Jane’s already messy locks. ‘I’m surprised you don’t lose things in there.’

‘Oy!’ Jane ducked away from his hand and ignored his bark of laughter. She did have bigger things to worry about! For one, that Ancient Runes essay was due the next day and she had yet to write more than 3 sentences. There was also that pesky problem with a certain redhead chatting to Remus Lupin about head duties. They sat a few seat to Jane’s right, but were still in perfect view when she turned to face Sirius. Not that she was staring, or anything.

Jane’s attention snapped away from the pair as a Hufflepuff sixth year she vaguely recognised approached them and tapped Sirius’ shoulder.

‘Hi,’ she said confidently. ‘Would you mind if I talk to you for a second?’

Sirius turned to Jane and lifted an eyebrow. ‘Sure,’ he said, but made no effort to get up.

The girl’s confidence didn’t waver, and she carried on. ‘I was wondering if you have any plans for the Hogsmeade weekend?’

Sirius nodded. ‘Yeah, Jane and I are going to stock up at Zonko’s, then she needs to get fitted for new Quidditch gloves.’

The girl glanced at Jane, who had just stuffed her mouth with mashed potatoes. Jane attempted a smile, full cheeks and all, but the girl didn’t seem to appreciate her efforts.

‘Right,’ the Hufflepuff said. ‘I hadn’t realised.’

Jane swallowed. ‘Realised what?’

The girl glared as if Jane was being deliberately obtuse and walked away.

‘You dodged an Imperius there, Padfoot.’ Peter laughed.

‘I thought Hufflepuffs were supposed to be quite charming,’ Sirius shrugged carelessly, and glanced at Jane. ‘People must think we’re dating again.’

‘Again.’ Jane repeated, careful not to glance behind Sirius.

‘Sorry for the inconvenience, mate.’ Sirius grinned, and nudged her shoulder.

Not able to stop herself, Jane glanced above his shoulder again, before fixing a grin on her face. ‘Don’t they realise I’m much too good-looking for you?’

‘I think they figure it’s balanced out by how much cleverer I am than you.’ Sirius grinned back. They bickered back and forth throughout dinner and as they made their way toward the Gryffindor tower. Jane finally bid Sirius and Peter goodnight in front of the stairwell that led to the girls’ dormitories, and made her way upstairs for a fun night of essay writing.

Jane was having a hard time ignoring the loud giggling in her dormitory. She was almost done with her Ancient Runes essay, and needed to concentrate. However, her five roommates seemed to think it was a great night to stay up and fiddle with each other’s hair and nails.

Seeming to sense her glare, Mary MacDonald looked up from Laurel Plunkett’s hair and smiled.

‘Jane, why don’t you join us? Lily’s almost done with Marlene’s nails.’

Jane’s eyes widened as Lily glanced at her. ‘It’s alright,’ Jane said hurriedly, trying to act as nonchalantly as someone could with blood heating his or her face.

Lily stood up from the floor where she was painting Marlene McKinnon’s toes and grinned. ‘I won’t bite, Potter. I’ve been dying to get my hands on your hair anyway.’

Jane shook her head quickly. ‘It’s alright, honestly. It would take all night just to brush the knots from it. And I have this essay.’

‘The essay can wait. Come on, live a little.’ Lily smiled and reached out for Jane, and Jane reluctantly rose from her bed. Lily guided her in front of a mirror the girls propped up on Posy McLaggen’s bed, and told her to take a seat.

Jane watched in the mirror as Lily gently removed the headband tying Jane’s hair back, and her heart started to do a silly hop-skip as she felt Lily’s hands run through her hair.

Lily grabbed a hairbrush and smiled at Jane in the mirror. ‘It won’t hurt… much.’

Jane laughed meekly, and then winced as Lily began tackling her hair. She decided very quickly that she needed to get her mind off Lily’s fingers running through her hair, and her back pressing against Lily’s chest as she pulled her head back. Oh Merlin.

‘So!’ Jane said a bit too loudly, ‘Any plans for the Hogsmeade trip coming up?’

Lily shrugged, her hands moving mechanically through Jane’s hair. ‘I don’t know. Dirk Cresswell asked me to go, but I haven’t decided yet.’

‘Why not?’ Jane asked, ‘I thought you two got on. Wasn’t he your Defence partner last year?’

‘He was. You have a good memory.’ Lily smiled. ‘He’s also, sadly, very dull. Painfully so.’

Jane nodded understandingly. ‘I sat next to him once during breakfast. He was so boring I was praying Binns would come over and chat to me instead, just for some excitement.’

Lily grinned, and put the hairbrush down. ‘I won’t argue with you there. Is a French braid okay?’

Jane shrugged, and watched as Lily began parting her hair. She was so absorbed by how nice it felt that she didn’t realise Lily had spoken again.

‘What?’ Jane shook her head, ‘Sorry, I wasn’t paying attention.’

‘I was asking you about Hogsmeade too,’ Lily grinned again. ‘I heard you and a certain Sirius Black are back together.’

Jane rolled her eyes. ‘Sirius and I were never together. I have no idea why people always talk about us like we’re bloody in love and hiding it.’

Lily shrugged one shoulder, her eyes trained on Jane’s hair. ‘It’s the way you act around each other, I suppose. I mean- you’re always together.’

‘I’m also around Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew all the bloody time.’

‘Yes, but Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew didn’t carry you in their arms for an entire day last week.’

‘That’s because Sirius lost a bet,’ Jane sniffed proudly, ‘and I was feeling particularly lethargic that day.’

‘And he goes home with you every summer…’

‘You haven’t met his mother,’ Jane muttered. ‘There’s nothing going on between Sirius and me. Honest.’

‘If you say so,’ Lily finished braiding Jane’s hair and made her way around her chair, plopping on the bed in front of Jane. ‘It’s just that you never seem to date anyone else.’

‘I date,’ Jane said haughtily. ‘I dated my neighbour’s cousin this summer.’

Lily smiled sympathetically. ‘That’s another thing- there’s always someone, conveniently during the summer. You can imagine why people might be suspicious.’

‘I’m not making it up!’ Jane all but yelled, ‘and I don’t understand why it’s anyone’s bloody business.’

Lily folded her legs and leaned forward, and Jane could see the small freckles across the bridge of her nose. ‘I wouldn’t blame people for talking,’ Lily said, reaching out and pulling a strand of hair from Jane’s braid so it rested artfully on her cheek. ‘You’re a pretty girl, you’re funny, you’re nice when you want to be, you’re dead clever, not to mention you like Quidditch. If you asked a wizard to list what he wanted in a girlfriend, you would be it.’

‘But I don’t- that’s not the point!’ Jane frowned.

Lily laughed. ‘It never is!’

‘It’s not what you think.’ Jane said pointedly.

‘Then what is it?’ Lily said, seeming to grow frustrated.

Without thinking, without realising what she was even doing, Jane reached out, grabbed Lily’s neck and kissed her. She would have sworn that time slowed down as soon as their lips met, and she would have sworn that right before she pulled away, a mere half a second before she came to her senses and realised what she was doing, she felt Lily kiss her back.

But as it happens, reality crashed on Jane as soon as she pulled away and saw Lily’s shocked expression. She also grew very aware of the silence around her, and reluctantly turned toward the four other girls sitting on the opposite bed. They had all stopped what they were doing and looked at her, their expressions ranging from Marlene’s grinning face to Posy’s horrified one.

Jane realised that she still held Lily’s face and moved away quickly, horror settling in.

‘Oh Merlin,’ Jane whimpered, rising so quickly her chair fell to the ground with a loud bang. Before she could process what just happened any further, she ran toward the dormitory door.

‘Jane, wait!’ She heard Lily cry out, but she couldn’t stop. She legged it across the landing and ran toward the boy’s dormitory.

Jane opened the door with a bang and the four boys inside looked up.

‘I live here now.’ Jane announced loudly, her face matching the red Gryffindor banners that hung everywhere.

‘I thought you already did.’ Magnus Burbage mumbled, going back to reading the book on his lap.

‘Come here, Prongs.’ Remus said, gesturing toward the bed where the three other Marauders sat around an open hex book.

Peter scooted over so Jane could sit down next to him, and she sunk her head in her hands as soon as she settled in.

‘Not that I’m happy you’re living here now,’ Sirius said, ‘but is there a reason for the sudden need to move? It’s already a bit cramped in here.’

‘I did something.’ Jane said behind her hands.

Peter reached out and grabbed them away from her face. ‘We can’t bloody hear you. What happened?’

‘I did something.’ Jane repeated, ‘Something I will never live down.’

‘Did you kill someone?’

‘I wish. I’ve had my sight set on Snape for weeks.’

‘Then what is it?’ Sirius asked, reclining on a pillow.

‘I might have…’ Jane looked toward Burbage, and lowered her voice. ‘I might have kissed Lily Evans.’

‘About time.’ Peter yawned, and Jane glared.

‘What’s the big deal?’ Remus asked. ‘You’ve kissed girls before.’

‘Hell, you’ve done more than kiss some of them. I’m forever scarred by the sight of you and that one girl over the summer. I didn’t even know it was possible to bend that way.’

‘That’s not the point!’ Jane hissed, ‘I kissed Lily Evans in front of everyone in the dormitory.

Peter perked up at this new bit of information. ‘Did they join in? Was it in the shower?’

Jane resisted the urge to smack the back of his head and rubbed her eyes wearily.

‘What am I going to do?’ Jane sighed.

‘You could, you know, just tell everyone that you like girls. It won’t shock them as much as you think.’ Remus said.

Before Jane could question what he meant by that, Sirius said. ‘Hey- what happened to your hair?’

‘Evans happened to my hair.’ Jane grumbled, reaching out to touch the neat braid.

‘What- one snog and you’ve changed your hair for her? I didn’t know you were such a fucking push-over.’ Sirius grinned.

Jane resisted the urge to grin back. ‘Piss off, Padfoot.’

‘Well, whether you want to deal with it or not, you’re going to see everyone soon. Tomorrow, in fact.’ Remus said.

‘Thanks, Moony. That’s very comforting.’ Jane said pointedly.

‘What are mates for, eh?’ Peter said, and slapped Jane on the back.

Good Morning || Sonder & Caldwell

He couldn’t be a Ravenclaw. Too many stairs. Maybe this is why he’s got such a nice bum… Not worth it. He was sort of fit because of Quidditch but stairs were torture. Getting to the top, he realised he might be waiting a little while before any students came out of the common room. It was 7:30am after all. He couldn’t sleep. Sonder was, quite pathetically, lonely. He missed Jeremy. He missed sharing his room with someone. He missed chatting on their way to breakfast. He’d been intending on escorting Caldwell to breakfast instead, giving them a little time together before class. He’d ran up the stairs of the Ravenclaw tower and hadn’t even wondered how he would get in. Moron. As he approached, the knocker asked it’s riddle. He barely took notice until the very end. “Sorry, what was that?” Really? He must have heard incorrectly, because surely not- “What’s black and white and red all over?” He actually laughed. “Really? Really. Um, a newspaper?” The door swung open, and Sonder rather gleefully asked a second year student to point him in the direction of the boys dorms. Seventh year. Caldwell. He was still sleeping, which wasn’t unusual, but he looked so peaceful and happy that Sonder’s heart lept dangerously in his chest. “Gosh.” He squeaked aloud. His fluffy hair was all strewn and sleepy-mused. He wanted to bury his face in it. “Caldwell?” He cooed softly, pursing his lips. He didn’t want to wake him, and as much as he thought Caldwell was adorable as he slept, it was dangerously close to stalking. “I’m just going to - yep.” He sat himself down at the end of Caldwell’s bed. “You keep sleeping, sweet boy, I’ll read a book or something…”