getting fit for quidditch

Good Morning || Sonder & Caldwell

He couldn’t be a Ravenclaw. Too many stairs. Maybe this is why he’s got such a nice bum… Not worth it. He was sort of fit because of Quidditch but stairs were torture. Getting to the top, he realised he might be waiting a little while before any students came out of the common room. It was 7:30am after all. He couldn’t sleep. Sonder was, quite pathetically, lonely. He missed Jeremy. He missed sharing his room with someone. He missed chatting on their way to breakfast. He’d been intending on escorting Caldwell to breakfast instead, giving them a little time together before class. He’d ran up the stairs of the Ravenclaw tower and hadn’t even wondered how he would get in. Moron. As he approached, the knocker asked it’s riddle. He barely took notice until the very end. “Sorry, what was that?” Really? He must have heard incorrectly, because surely not- “What’s black and white and red all over?” He actually laughed. “Really? Really. Um, a newspaper?” The door swung open, and Sonder rather gleefully asked a second year student to point him in the direction of the boys dorms. Seventh year. Caldwell. He was still sleeping, which wasn’t unusual, but he looked so peaceful and happy that Sonder’s heart lept dangerously in his chest. “Gosh.” He squeaked aloud. His fluffy hair was all strewn and sleepy-mused. He wanted to bury his face in it. “Caldwell?” He cooed softly, pursing his lips. He didn’t want to wake him, and as much as he thought Caldwell was adorable as he slept, it was dangerously close to stalking. “I’m just going to - yep.” He sat himself down at the end of Caldwell’s bed. “You keep sleeping, sweet boy, I’ll read a book or something…”