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Petition to Cancel School/Work After The Final Problem

So today (Monday after TLD) I was walking from my homeroom class to my first period class, and my high school is huge, so it takes me 4 full minutes to get to my class.

And on the way there I actually had to BLINK TEARS OUT OF MY EYES because all I could think about was Johnlock in TLD and their hug.

And then I was completely distracted the whole day because I was emotionally compromised.

I guess it was appropriate that I was wearing my “I am too emotionally attached to fictional characters” t-shirt.

If I struggled to get through the school day after TLD, God knows what state I (and the rest of us) will be in after TFP. Let’s all just call in a sick day (or week), okay?

TV Show You Watch (Marvel Preferences)

woooohoooo more preferences


Warnings; none

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Steve Rogers/Captain America

How I Met Your Mother

With all the shite that goes on in SHIELD and your everyday life, you both need some humor and comedy to relieve the stress. You both really liked the way it had the perfect balance of comedy, emotion and romance and you had fun comparing Barney Stinson to Tony. 

Tony Stark/Ironman

(BBC) Sherlock

Tony started watching the show when someone compared his IQ to Sherlock’s. He watched the first episode and tried to work things out and solve the mysteries quicker than the character, but he never got ahead. In the end, you both forgot about the whole trying-to-beat-a-fictional-character thing and ended up getting hooked.

Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier

Orphan Black

Out of the two of you, you were the one who got emotionally attached to the characters and Bucky was the one who got interested in the science side. It had episodes set in the military too which interested him, and you would always argue over which clone is your favourite. 

Thor Odinson

The Big Bang Theory

Thor liked to watch it and laugh (’Look at these nerds try to explain a universe that know nothing about.’ - Even though he was the one who knew shit all) at the characters, while you enjoyed it for the comical side.

Loki Laufeyson

Game of Thrones

Loki loved Game of Thrones because of the time it was set it, but you both enjoyed it for the entertainment value. And Kit Harrington. But mainly the entertainment value. (And Kit Harrington.)

Clint Barton/Hawkeye 

Gossip Girl

 If anyone were to ever ask Clint what his favourite show was, he would reply with ‘definitely not Gossip Girl’. He got you into it, surprisingly. Obviously, he would never tell anyone that. His OTP was Dan and Serena.

Bruce Banner/Hulk


It was science-y, had comedy and drama and therefore fulfilled everything the both of you looked for in a TV show.  He’d tried to work out the science of zombieness many, many times but the nearest thing he’d ever got to it was what the characters in the show said.

Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver

Orange Is The New Black

Aside from the hilarity of the show, you both enjoyed the different characters background stories. It also taught you both that everyone has backstories that you shouldn’t judge them for - For Pietro, that was an important message given his past with Ultron.

Sam Wilson/Falcon

Doctor Who

You’d both been watching the show since you were kids, and nothing changed when you got together. You’d have marathons or just watch single episodes - But would always, always fight over which Doctor was the best.

Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow


Natasha always needed something with a light-heart as a distraction on her dark days, or just any day. Friends was the kind of show that you could just turn on and watch from any point and the characters reminded you of the different Avengers in a way. 

Wanda Maximoff/Black Widow

Jane the Virgin

Even though the show had all kinds of ups and downs, you both got addicted and were both addicted from the first episode. You both tried to learn Spanish to understand some parts of the show without subtitle but you both ended up getting distracted by the new season.

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anonymous asked:

hey im just wondering about something. i tend to become extremely obsessed with things like anime, a character, people (mostly famous ppl) or smthing really random. i become so emotionally attached that it's exhausting. also it's usually the only thing on my mind and i can't imagine my life without that specific thing or person. and also i get really horrible thoughts, for example while holding a baby i think (while resisting) "should i fcking haul this across the room?" does this mean anything?

That does sound like possible favorite person business…but most of us do become too invested in fictional characters. And it is VERY tiring indeed. I feel that way about Levi Ackerman. You know how it goes for me? My first and biggest love is my daughter, the second is my (deceased) mother, then my boyfriend and girlfriend, my (deceased) dog, my (alive) cat…and then Levi. The other thing you asked about– those are intrusive thoughts. A hideous part of many personality disorders. However anyone could have them. My advice is to examine yourself carefully. Think about how long this has been happening and what may have led to the behaviors. Like I said they do sound neurodivergent but can also be normal things in life.

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1. how old are you?
17, 18 in March

2. current job?
I babysit and clean houses and sometimes house sit, so just regular teenage jobs.

3. dream job?
Can I be a professional fangirl?

4. what are you talented at?
Procrastinating, being lazy, getting emotionally attached to fictional characters, being obsessed with lana parrilla (Bee’s answer is perfect because saaaaaaaame)

5. what is a big goal you are working on or have already achieved?
I’ve been working on losing weight and trying to get abs

6. what’s your aesthetic?
Stary nights, converse, black, old music sheets, sparks, halsey music

7. do you collect anything?
Emotional baggage?

8. what is a topic you always bring up on conversation?
Lana Parrilla

9. what’s a pet peeve of yours?

10. good advice to give?
Be the best person you can be, you are worth the stars and the moon, everyone has a purpose.

11. recommend three songs?

Dynasty- MIIA
Mercy- Shawn Mendes
Strange Birds- Birdy (Bee showed me this and I fell in love with it)

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  • Therapist: Why are you here today?
  • Me: *pulls out a 100 pages list* I become addicted to fictional characters and it just keeps getting worse. I have no self control when it comes to tumblr, books, re-playing my favorite otp scenes on youtube or re-watching a whole series in a few sleepless nights in a row. Also I ship too much. I have more otp's than clothes. And they just keep pile up, they keep calling to me. To top all that, I'm addicted to reading fanfiction, especially at night. I am way too emotionally attached to those fictional characters I mentioned earlier, I bawl my eyes out whenever my favorite characters die or hurt and now it's feels like there's literally a hole in my heart. I can go on but I'm pretty sure you get the point... Now I know that the first step to solving a problem is admitting that you have one, so that why i'm here today.
  • Therapist:
  • Me:
  • Therapist:
  • Me: Shall I continue?

Amelia is, in my opinion, the most real person on the show. I’ve been emotionally attached to her from the beginning and people think I’m silly for it. I have my reasons. The main one being she is a fighter. Her struggles have helped me get through mine and seeing her struggle hurts. I really hope she makes it out okay because it gives me hope for myself and I just want to thank the greys people and caterina for helping me through all of my struggles through a fictional character.

The scene where Arno thought he saw Elise in the Franciade tavern and it turned out to be a case of mistaken identity was cruel and unnecessary. Seriously Ubisoft, stop playing with my feelings like this!! Arno and I are still grieving!! (Also, I clearly get too emotionally attached to fictional characters than what’s rational/healthy …)

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