getting emotional over wow when i should be sleeping

Exo Reactions To You Learning Korean/Chinese So You Can Confess That You Love Them

Done, I wrote this at almost 7am so I’m sorry if some of it makes no sense. Also, I’ve been apologizing for that a lot lately… maybe I should stop making these when I’m sleep deprived haha xo

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Baekhyun: *gets emotional immediately & almost starts tearing up a little* “Wow.”

Chanyeol: “Really? You like me?” *a little bit cocky but he tries not to let it show so he doesn’t ruin the moment*

Chen: “That’s awesome.” *being a dick but he’s really touched by the gesture & the confession*

D.O.: *in utter awe over the fact that you went through so much trouble* “You learned that… for me?”

Kai: *gets shy & becomes speechless, not sure what to do or say, plays with his hair out of habit to avoid eye contact*

Kris: “That’s so nice.”

Lay: *can’t believe what he’s hearing* “I didn’t know that you speak Chinese.”

Luhan: “You did so good. Towards the end.” *smirks*

Sehun: *tries not to act too invested, but he’s really getting emotional & struggling against it*

Suho: *giggles like crazy listening to you because he’s so proud & flattered*

Tao: *lets you finish confessing & then he gives you a confident smirk* “I know.” 

Xiumin: *he knew what you were up to but he pretends to not have a clue until he hears you confess & then he gets all genuinely flustered* “I wasn’t expecting that.”