getting dressed in the dark lol

honestly white feminists can whine all they want about Still Star Crossed, but the truth is that a dark skinned black woman being a heroine, a romantic love interest desired by two men, and a woman from an important family in 1300s Europe is freaking revolutionary. black women, especially dark skinned, never get to be the lovely heroine wearing beautiful dresses that everyone desperately falls in love with. interesting to see that period dramas and stuff à la Reign are suddenly not cool anymore when it’s filled with black and brown people lol


JD stands for Jedi Dean 

Blame @nevuabby because she was laughing at the “things people compared JD to” because honestly… how can I refuse a Star Wars AU??? 

Easiest way to explain it is that JD is basically Anakin in this scenario, except he’s not dumb enough to fall for someone like Palpatin’s tricks and he just gets pissed off the hypocrisy of the Jedi system, among other things, and his rage takes over and he slips dark side. But then…. dies lol and even if he didn’t die he certainly wouldn’t work for the Empire either… ever. 


Davina’s (recent) wardrobe appreciation 


just don’t even imagine him taking steve out on their FIRST real date after bucky comes back ((bc civil war and infinity war like never happen whattttt even is that lol)) bc bucky would dress up so cute probably with nat’s help cause he’s still not  aware of the fashion nowadays…. but he’d probably set up some cute picnic in the park and take steve there when it was getting dark and there’d be litltle candles and he’d have food all ready for them and bucky would be lowkey so nervous cause he wanted steve to like it and he wanted everything to go well… and obviously steve loves it cause he loves him and they spend the whole time talking and joking and kissing on each other and its just gay

《NCT “Dream”Theory》

So, as we all try to make sense of NCT’s concept, I decided to try and make sense of the story line the MVs bring along instead; just cause it’s more fun. So grab some fishy crackers, fruit, pizza rolls, whatever floats your boat, because you’re in for a dramatic explanation (?) that I tried so hard to make sense of. Beware of grammar errors, jumping around, inconsistency, as well as spelling, I’m not perfect, and  enjoy~ tell me what you think!

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Pass The...(Bucky x Reader Drabble)

Summary: A bit of a bombshell is dropped at Bucky’s birthday dinner.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 572

Warnings: Language, implied smut, Daddy kink

Based off of this request: Idk if you’re doing requests right now, but if u are can I request a Bucky x reader where the reader is Tony’s daughter and the avengers are all having dinner together and the reader says “daddy can u pass me the (insert food item here) and both Bucky and Tony reach for it, thanks!

A/N: I’ve never written anything involving the Daddy kink so here’s a slight shot at it, hope you like this anon, & sorry it took so long to get out - I was working on my new series. I’m nervous about posting about this but here we go anyway lol.

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Daily update hello

  • I’m snuggled back in bed rn but I’m planning on getting up soon and making waffles and lots more coffee
  • I have a therapist appointment today with the new therapist and I’m really nervous! I just don’t like spilling my entire story all over someone brand new and tbh I’m not a very good patient when it comes to being honest with my treatment team and I just get so worried that I’m being judged and ugh anxiety
  • I went out for my roommate’s birthday last night and dressed up and wore dark lipstick and felt really good about myself
  • I finally planned a trip home in the next couple weeks so I’m excited to go apple picking and see my dogs
  • ED thoughts aren’t as loud today as they have been in the past couple of days which is a nice break
  • I want lots of new lipstick and candles and nightgowns lol fall is such an aesthetic time I love it

Halloween party tonight!!!

Ok, since we’ve been married, @negan–is–god and I have been throwing Halloween parties and we have always dressed up. The Phantom and Christine, vampires, a sociopath lol. But since we’ve been back in Michigan, I’ve stepped up my game a bit. But have had my eye set on one costume in particular….. the Red Hood…. but my 2 years as bane

And then a zombie security guard

Have been pretty good build ups….. eventually I’ll do the Dark Knight movie’s Joker, but this year…..

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Oh yes, Negan! I will be posting pics later of the final look, and I’m listening to clips of JDM to try and get his speech patterns down because I feel like even the way a character speaks and carries themselves is just as important as the look!!

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silverhawk show me the trans darkstripe hcs

why of course

- darkstripe’s just sorta,,, always known he was trans?? it was never a big deal to him either, he went thru the ‘tomboy’ phase a lot of trans guys [me included] went thru but really realized that he was a guy in what would be late apprentice days in warrior canon, and about…..17-18 in human years

- he doesnt rly prefer to be like super masc lol???? like he’s not the “im going to wear suits and board shorts all the time and get top surgery” he’s more like “i wear whatever i want” like he wears mostly baggy hoodies and those pants w/ the giant pockets, but he also wears dresses sometimes just bc and other times he’ll do somethin a lil more special its like,,,, just sorta His Thing he doesnt really present 1 way

- it doesnt rly Matter but i dont think he ever gets top surgery in a human au lol, some ppl r really,, adamant that thats Necessary for trans dudes [which its not btw] and dark?? just never does. he takes testosterone injections and all but he doesnt have a the money nor the need for top surgery lol

- this is rly personal and has to do w/ Kids and stuff so u can skip over this, but i read him as someone who like, did have a kid once but he had to give them up for adoption and its something he thinks about a lot. he and mapleshade bond over that a lot

- i can see him being the type who has a rly scratchy voice; his voice sorta goes between octaves a lot lmafo and sometimes he’s rly high pitched, other times he’s rly low sounding. he hasnt mastered the art of speaking from his chest and not his throat but he tries to copy how tigerstar sounds which,, ,doesnt work

- speaking of tigerstar, i just wanna let it Be Known that get that “tigerstar is transphobic / homophobic” shit outta here like idk why everyone wants to make clans a very Anti LGBT thing, moving on

- HE AND MAPLESHADE ARE TRANS SOLIDARITY hes a trans dude, shes a trans woman, together they make Culture.


some crap from Once Upon a Child. not Aery, tho, she’s from Five Below. my mom wanted to get her bc we have a spot for her now with the others.

i got that Toralei bc i like her face better than mine. i had to order the Fierce Rockers two pack online and ended up with a goofy Toralei. plus the price was right.

i got Picture Day Draculaura bc i miss dark makeup 😢 she’s missing her bow headband. 

i got that mixed up Ghoul Fair Elissabat for a few reasons. i’ve always wanted that skeleton dress.. the Day at the Maul tights are cute. got some Ghoulia glasses. but mostly i got her for Cupid’s stuff lol now i can finally have a totally complete Cupid with the addition of this stuff. plus she’s actually cute… i kinda like this outfit whoever had her before put together. i might just leave her in it if i can find some shoes that look good.

also it’s weird but i was just thinking about that Rarity recently… and now i have her :^)

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I have a request!! So since it's halloween, reader invites kise over to watch some horror movies (dressing up to scare trick or treaters is optional lol), after a few pretty good horror movies the electricity suddenly gets cut off! I mean, kise COULD sleep on the tiny couch, or the reader could, but... it's cold... and should get colder at night...


The dead silence passes by in the dark room, nothing but the noises coming from quivering body and the little whines arrives from the same source under the blanket.


The whines grow into louder volumes, and it does little to wipe the extremely unimpressed expression on your face. Your eyes haven’t moved from the television in front of you, long gone the horror movies the two of you decided to marathon earlier in celebration of Halloween.


A loud yelp bursts out when your tone changes into a hushed shout, and in a few seconds, a shivering blond strand of hair peaks out next to you. “I-Is it over yet?”

You grimace, feign annoyance at his display of cowardice but in truth, it’s to hide the fear in your voice. It’s a bit of a shame for you to admit you have been sitting frozen since the last jump scare, too afraid to even go on a bathroom break. But he doesn’t need to know that. 

Yeah, since fifteen minutes ago.” 

Your groan becomes audible from the depth of your throat when you try to shrug Kise away from your arm after noticing how clingy he becomes. It doesn’t help when he’s practically draping an entire leg over your lower half in a futile attempt to find safety. 

All because of one sure thing, if darned Annabelle stumbles upon the two of you right now, you would ditch him and run for your life. Screw true love and noble human’s sacrifice.

“Anyway, we should turn in for the night. It’s la —” The words barely have the chance to leave your mouth when a crackle of electric and noises resembling crashes come a moment before everything black out.


The previous grimace on your face deepens upon the realisation of your current situation and how Kise’s reflexive response is immediately retreating under the blanket again to hold on to you with a suffocating hold.

As if the previous atmosphere isn’t eerie enough in the dim-lit environment you put on in order to create suspense for the horror movies. Now, you have to deal with uncontrollable darkness and a terrified boyfriend clutching on to you for dear life.

That’s it, I’m so going to drop him if a serial killer comes for us.

You try to break out of your frozen stance and his dead grip to withdraw back to under the blanket with him to sleep for the night, hoping the fear would go away when you submit to exhaustion. But, oh ho no, if only life is that simple. 

It takes less than fifteen minutes for the cold to sink in now that the electricity goes out and takes with it the heater. The curse leaves your breaths voluntarily when you realise human body’s heat do little to help, especially with this thin blanket and the cold temperature of the living room.

You have no idea how Kise can simply ignore that, maybe it’s because he’s even more scared than you are. There was a few high-pitched screams coming out from the two of you, but most of them are in his courtesy. 

And, your suspicion is only further confirmed from how his teeth are clattering above your head. All the while he’s burying his nose into your hair, you might add, perhaps he’s wishing for comfort. 

But he’ll find none here, because you’re going to lead him into the dark sooner or later. There’s no way you’re going to survive with this cold through the night, you’ll venture into the dark of the house and get to the comfort of the bedroom. Even if that might give Pennywise a chance to attack you in the dark.

Though you do pray that he only attacks children, or in this case, oversized pretty man-child.

“Ryouta. Let’s go to the bedroom.”

“Nuh uh.”




Sometimes, the idea of the perfect Halloween night is leading your boyfriend through the dark of your house with only your smartphone as the the source of light. You hate how his whimpers get worse and become more ominous after getting muffled by the pillow he holds up to defend himself. It sends chill down your spine, and not even the good types.

Though his full gear comes with a blanket wrapping over him as the two of you edge around the corners of the stairs, you can feel him shaking, for a reason other than the cold.

“Ah — !” The loud thud rings out bring the two of you into a halt, the force drags you forward, but only you. At the very least, the grip in your hand, now tightens even more than before, holds you back from the impact. If only a bit.

Kise jumps automatically like a scaredy-cat, waiting for the impending doom. “______-chan! Did you die?!” 

“No, you idiot, I tripped.” You grunt through your teeth as he scrambles to pick you up from where you fell. Because of what happened, Kise tries his best to put on a better brave face to follow you back to the bedroom.

By entrapping you into his burrito blanket as the two of you try to trudge back to the bedroom, that is.

The urge to let out a deadpan snark is strong, but you persist, there is a more pressing matter at hand.

And finally, through trials and errors, the two of you reach the fort called bedroom and scurry inside as soon as you catch sight of it. Though, the haste might have made the two of you stumble onto the bed and barely enough time for Kise to close the door shut. At least you have escaped from the dread of the cold.

With a triumphant cheer, you sneak down under the warm, fuzzy blanket on your bed in celebration of your safe arrival. Just a second after Kise anyway. One of these days you have to ask how he manages to act that fast. Must be some kind of secret family’s mastery.

Now, and only now, you finally find a little peace inside you to feel at ease enough to cuddle with him. He feels so much more comfy now that his fear wears down thanks to the protected interior of your bedroom. But, oh how the dread returns, as it always does in horror movies.


“Mhm…?” Kise’s reply is hazy, it seems like he’s close to sleep. It makes you feel almost guilty, almost, to ask this of him. 

“Can you go to the bathroom with me? I need to pee.”

And the echoes of his groan ring on in the depth of the night.


Invel said that Zeref would be the one to defeat Acnologia and that Gray will kill E.N.D.

Eileen said the same thing on a previous chapter.

Don’t you think Zeref isn’t that ambitious to do evil things? I mean the guy’s not “that” evil considering how he looked at Mavis. He’s just lost…for 400+ years.

I think that some of his spriggans are manipulating him to do those craps. Like Invel and Eileen. I think August is the most loyal one as in he just wants the best for the emperor.

And to defeat Acnologia? I thought Zeref “made” Acnologia.

I don’t know how and when will Zeref get his senses back. Maybe the only way is to take out his magic and let him be the fairy heart instead (rather than Mavis). Those two are immortals right? That means they have infinite supply of magic. And maybe that way Natsu won’t die since Zeref “won’t” die as well.

I’m kinda afraid of Happy though. Right now, he’s the only one who knows that if Zeref dies, Natsu dies as well (aside from Zeref and Natsu). Will he make a huge sacrifice? Or will he eventually tell Lucy and she’ll make the huge sacrifice? (considering she has the celestial magic and we know nothing much about it) but “spirit world” = endless possibilities.

Right now, I think anything can happen.

Let’s talk more about Natsu and Gray’s fight…

The term “bros before hoes” simply isn’t in their bro code. Those two literally don’t care about dying because they thought that their gals died. Lol, it’s surprising to see HM-sensei to pull off a Romeo and Juliet move on Natsu and Lucy. “The thought of Lucy die…I don’t care anymore! I might as well just die!” and same goes for Gray, now I know why he did that Revival of Juvia move; it’s the only freaking way to stop Gray before he kills his best friend for good. I’m not sure that killing Natsu is possible (unless the book is destroyed).

Now…will Lucy and Happy get to Natsu and Gray safely OR will they encounter a spriggan? If Juvia got there first, Gray will stop and if Lucy got there first, Natsu will stop. Will they make it on time? I mean, there are spriggans out there…

What confuses me is that can’t Natsu sense Lucy’s presence? He has demonic/dragon ears and nose better maybe he’ll stop fighting Gray if her voice or scent is getting closer and closer to him.

Maybe he already sensed it but denied it immediately considering the “dead” Lucy he saw (and hugged kya~).

Anyhow, next chapter will be called “Trump Card” who might that be? I’m guessing it’s Rakheid Dragneel; he didn’t have a lot of panel before and Zeref even called him his secret weapon, didn’t he? But maybe it’s Fairy Tail’s trump card instead? Who or what might that be? Is it Lucy’s Capricorn star-dress? I’m starting to get the feeling that HM-sensei is saving it for something good since up until now, we don’t know Capricorn’s exact magic (I think it’s not that human subordination thing, it’s black magic, right? And it belonged to that crazy guy).

There are so many theories lol. I’m starting to get crazy here ヽ(;▽;)ノ

Don’t you think that Natsu has been E.N.D. this whole time and that Igneel/Zeref (or both) did some cool dragon magic to “seal” his demonic power? (his muffler may be an anti dark magic repellent?) Proven by the Zeref saying, “the E.N.D. you feared 400 years ago is no longer here” to Acnologia and the time Zeref almost killed Natsu back in Tenroujima.

So basically Natsu is E.N.D. in a weaker/human version but since he has grown stronger (from fighting most of the bad guys in FT) the “seal” is probably weakened while his demon side is trying to get out? My argument is that ever since he heard Zeref’s name, Natsu has been giving such a sharp look. Invel told Gray that all Zeref’s demons are “programmed” to kill him.

My argument is that back when Natsu, Lucy, and Happy were trying to restore back the guild, Natsu made a promise to Lucy that he will bring Gray back. I think while he’s trying to get to Zeref and confronted by Gray, his demon side is already compiling (that eye thing he did back in DiMaria’s S&M dungeon) all because he’s angry, confused, and sad.

Maybe there’s still a little sanity/humanity left on him but when Natsu remembered the part when Lucy died…he won’t stop because there’s no one left to guide him back. BTW, what he did to DiMaria is probably what angry boyfies would do when they see their gurls in such condition; look back to Gray/Jellal/or Gajeel, lol. It’s just that since that Natsu’s demon power had been resized, his “curse” started to take over, enabling him to move in DiMaria’s Age Seal. THEORY: Can Mira “take over” Natsu? She did that to Alegria and Seilah.

Anyhow, I think once Natsu sees that Lucy is alive, he will be the usual Natsu again.

LOL. I’ve been wondering and pondering about this! ヽ(;▽;)ノ

Capricorn’s Magic Theory

I’ve been talking a lot about this. Heck, I talked about this in most of my posts.

The last time Lucy summoned him was during her training and they talked about that ‘One Magic’; which Layla and Lucy hypothesized it as ‘Love’.

I do believe HM-sensei will bring this up again once the FT reaches its climax. (I’m such a late NaLu shipper, lol. Didn’t realize it until the end of the Eclipse Arc.)

Anyway, just like the title, I wanna discuss more about Capricorn’s magic.

Here are my theories:

1. (Dear readers, you will laugh at this one) A magic goat butler. Think of Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji but a humanoid goat version of him. Oh, and that he’s not evil and wants to eat his master.

I know my first assumption is just dumb. But the last time she summoned him, she asked him to train her. Lol.

2. Is it possible that Capricorn’s magic is actually the subordination magic? Maybe that’s why she chooses not to summon him? Unless for training (But will she summon him to tame E.N.D?).

3. I don’t think he’s the combat goat kind of spirit…we already have Taurus for that. When Lucy summoned Capricorn for the first time, during battle against Master Hades, he only hit him with his hand…and that’s it. Oh come on!

4. He’s able to use Loke’s Regulus, maybe Capricorn can use all the 12’s magic (like Zeno from Akatsuki no Yona) and maybe that’s why Lucy is able to use Aqua Metria. Btw, if you reread Lucy vs. Brandish and Lucy vs. Jackal, her bikini changed!! It might be because of the not so 100% full power since she didn’t have Aquarius’s key during her battle with Brandish (the Spirit King lent Aquarius’s magic to Lucy at that time).

5. Last resort? Like in case of a fire or something…?

6. Summoning the dead? Meh. If so, he would’ve reunite the mom and daughter already.

7. Some kind of powerful magic that’s draining Lucy’s life? To heal someone or revive them?

8. Time traveling? Like when Aquarius showed Lucy and Brandish the Star Memory (brings back the joy of reading Rave Master, by the way; to all FT readers who haven’t read this, I HIGHLY recommend you to read it! I know it’s an old manga and the drawing is sorta different but I guarantee that you will fall in love with Haru and Elie just as much as you love Natsu and Lucy!)

9. Tbh, I’m sorta out of ideas. And I just like the number 10 (my birthday month is October).

10. Make owner a spirit? That comes with a key? Or make someone a spirit?

What’s your theory? Do you think that I’m insane? Lol, feel free to comment & let’s be friends! ❤︎

Now, let’s talk about the star dress!

1. A princess gown. Makes her look like mommy Layla. Makes sense, they’ll have the princess and the butler vibe.

2. A school girl? Lucy looks so cute in a uniform.

3. A butler outfit. With a cute skirt!

I really hope that HM-sensei doesn’t show a lot of her boobs or let her wear a bikini and panties again in this star dress. I feel so sorry for Lucy for being just another fan service…she’s more than that! I honestly enjoy seeing her fights because her determination is just as strong as Natsu’s or Gray’s or Erza’s especially when it comes to her friends.

Even though she isn’t as tough as them at least, she fights with her brain. Cana wouldn’t have Fairy Glitter without her aid and even Loke and Gray stalked them to get to Mavis’ grave. The way she pushed herself to help her friends and she even sacrificed her first friend to rescue her current friends.

Anyhow…I think I’m out. ヽ(;▽;)ノ

- Continuation of this -

Seems like it, monsieur. The lady replied. Barely long dark brown hair. Wearing a rather simple white dress with some sparkles here and there. Like her mask, no details or feathers, resembled to those used in theater. Pure white and a smile from cheek to cheek.

Getting some confidence, slowly gave three steps to the front: And yet a shame. One hand placed on her chest as the other marks out the orifices for her eyes in the pale cover. Light brown eyes looking directly at him.

Doesn’t allow someone to appreciate the details held by your pupils. Such a wonderful color… gold I think?


I forgot I had this dress lol, it was actually gonna get sold but the buyer never got back to me, and I lost the name of the other person who wanted it (sorry x.x), I think it suits Claire quite nicely though/ She’s eventually gonna get a dark sultry kinda faceup, but I don’t know what to do for her hair and I don’t really like either of these two wigs I have for her, though the brown does suit her better, and the fact that the blonde keeps sliding off thanks to her weird head didn’t endear me to it either. I kinda like red hair for her, but that I’m not sure that would suit her gothic princess aesthetic… I do really like that dress on her though!

The best endgame for Bonnie Bennett at this point is to get the hell out of that godforsaken town, Mystic Falls, alone.  For good.  And I mean literally alone, none of those loves, friends, or random ass characters that only use her and that’s it.  She’s become one of those people that get/are in relationships (platonic or romantic) when really she should stay single and find herself.  Practice self-love.  It’s basically been a season/season and a half of her having no magic and Bonnie doesn’t even display an inkling that she cares it’s gone, WTF?  She’s been out of school (~3+ years), which I can see it being fine if not for the fact, she literally does nothing else: no job (town slave witch doesn’t count), no hobbies, no long-term goals/desires, again WTF?  I mean even superheroes have alter egos and lives outside of their super duties.  Again, what the actual fuck, Plague?

OK, we all know there’s infinite headcanons/scenarios for Bonnie-centric storylines, but many I come across normally involve her and a ship.  But how cool would it be if there were Bonnie-solo storylines, some examples include:

  • Bonnie finding a way to resurrect Grams (I’m surprised this was never brought up at all - not surprised since Plague called the shots).
  • Bonnie meeting up with Lucy (her cousin) again and finding more Bennetts (this could have been 15 minutes of an episode, goddammit, Plague LOL).
  • Dark!Bonnie (no ship has to be involved though).
  • Depressed!Bonnie where she actually distances herself from her loved ones not just her being sad amongst the same shitty people (half this show).
  • Bonnie finding her magic (didn’t think they will take this long for her to get it back again, like another post said (can’t remember which one), they’re testing to see how long they can go before having to rely on Bonnie again like they did with 98% of this show).
  • Bonnie declaring a major.  Bonnie in a fitted dress.  Bonnie fucking a HOT RELEVANT DUDE/CHICK.
  • Bonnie making new friends (<<<<<< THIS though).  Real ones.  Not the same users and abusers, which is like nearly all new characters end up being to her.

So much wasted potential.  This whole show is basically wasted potential, but what they do to Bonnie is especially maddening.  What’s worse is that she’s one of the few characters on this show that could carry a story arc and not have it be totally contrived and full of shit.