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Davina’s (recent) wardrobe appreciation 

《NCT “Dream”Theory》

So, as we all try to make sense of NCT’s concept, I decided to try and make sense of the story line the MVs bring along instead; just cause it’s more fun. So grab some fishy crackers, fruit, pizza rolls, whatever floats your boat, because you’re in for a dramatic explanation (?) that I tried so hard to make sense of. Beware of grammar errors, jumping around, inconsistency, as well as spelling, I’m not perfect, and  enjoy~ tell me what you think!

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Pass The...(Bucky x Reader Drabble)

Summary: A bit of a bombshell is dropped at Bucky’s birthday dinner.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 572

Warnings: Language, implied smut, Daddy kink

Based off of this request: Idk if you’re doing requests right now, but if u are can I request a Bucky x reader where the reader is Tony’s daughter and the avengers are all having dinner together and the reader says “daddy can u pass me the (insert food item here) and both Bucky and Tony reach for it, thanks!

A/N: I’ve never written anything involving the Daddy kink so here’s a slight shot at it, hope you like this anon, & sorry it took so long to get out - I was working on my new series. I’m nervous about posting about this but here we go anyway lol.

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Riding For a Fall

Have some Bethany Hawke x Fin Larkson fluff and mutual pining from the Noir AU. These events, of course, take place before More Than Smoke. Since I didn’t write their arc in order (why would I do that? that’s a perfectly NORMAL thing to do. /cries), this falls after their first meeting. I have one more to write before the two Kissing Day fics and then I think their arc will be complete enough to count one. lol 3.5k SFW. 

The Doctor & the Blacksmith Masterpost here.

“It’s not a date,” Fin insisted, staring past his reflection in the bathroom mirror to meet the mischief in Essa’s grey eyes. She was leaning in the open bathroom door, still dressed in her gym clothes, a bruise blossoming dark around her swollen left eye. He had very much hoped to get out of the apartment before she got home. “And I won’t be taking romantic advice from someone who thinks trading punches counts as—“

“Unless your next word is ‘foreplay’, Fin Larkson—” Essa glared at him in the mirror. “—I’d stop right there.”

Right. Fin rolled his eyes. Because whatever it was she and Garrett were doing, it damn sure wasn’t anything that could be misconstrued as romance. It also wasn’t up for discussion. Well, then, neither were he and Bethany.

“Whatever you say, Es.”

Fin finished combing his hair, debated wearing cologne for the ninth time. He didn’t usually. The only bottle he had was a small sample bottle that had come with his favorite aftershave, something light and little woodsy.  He had tried it once, thought it wasn’t too bad, but Bethany was a nurse. She couldn’t wear perfume to work, and last week she had commented that she was starting to get a little too used to wearing and washing in unscented everything.

“If you put on cologne,” Essa teased when his fingers hovered too long over the small green bottle, “it’s definitely a date.”

And this, Fin thought, was just one of the reasons that anything other than friendship with Bethany Hawke was folly. Their social circle was too blighted close, group dynamics too delicately balanced.

“It is not,” Fin repeated calmly—because any greater display of ire was just letting Essa win—“a date.”

He had never meant for the tickets to be for the both of them. A gift only. He knew how much this particular ballet meant to her.  Maker’s breath, he had nearly tripped over his own tongue when she asked him to attend the ballet with her. A man like him had exactly zero business being in some fancy theatre. He was a blacksmith for Andraste’s sake.

“And I will thank you very kindly not to say anything like that to Bethany,” Fin added.

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courfelicious  asked:

10, 21, 40, 45 and 50!! ☆☆☆

10. Dark sexy ball gown or cute bright ball gown lesbian

Well, if I ever get to dress a ball gown, I’d like to look sexy LOL is that even possible? Probably not. 

21. Studio Ghibli lesbian or Cartoon Network lesbian

It’s a SHAME but I haven’t watched any Studio Ghibli movies yet……… I have a few of them on my watch list though! :’) So yeah, I’m a Cartoon Network lesbean~ 

40. Pink hair lesbian or blue hair lesbian

I’ve thought about dying my hair blue many times LOL I don’t think it’s gonna happen, tho…

45. Pin stripes lesbian or plaid lesbian

I’m a plaid lesbian but I’m looking forward to become a pin stripes one someday. Looks fancy, doesn’t it? lmao

50. Love her with your entire heart lesbian or lover her with your entire soul lesbian

I’LL LOVE HER WITH MY ENTIRE HEART AND SOUL BECAUSE I’M THIS EXTRA hello future wife, I hope you know that, wherever you are 


Invel said that Zeref would be the one to defeat Acnologia and that Gray will kill E.N.D.

Eileen said the same thing on a previous chapter.

Don’t you think Zeref isn’t that ambitious to do evil things? I mean the guy’s not “that” evil considering how he looked at Mavis. He’s just lost…for 400+ years.

I think that some of his spriggans are manipulating him to do those craps. Like Invel and Eileen. I think August is the most loyal one as in he just wants the best for the emperor.

And to defeat Acnologia? I thought Zeref “made” Acnologia.

I don’t know how and when will Zeref get his senses back. Maybe the only way is to take out his magic and let him be the fairy heart instead (rather than Mavis). Those two are immortals right? That means they have infinite supply of magic. And maybe that way Natsu won’t die since Zeref “won’t” die as well.

I’m kinda afraid of Happy though. Right now, he’s the only one who knows that if Zeref dies, Natsu dies as well (aside from Zeref and Natsu). Will he make a huge sacrifice? Or will he eventually tell Lucy and she’ll make the huge sacrifice? (considering she has the celestial magic and we know nothing much about it) but “spirit world” = endless possibilities.

Right now, I think anything can happen.

Let’s talk more about Natsu and Gray’s fight…

The term “bros before hoes” simply isn’t in their bro code. Those two literally don’t care about dying because they thought that their gals died. Lol, it’s surprising to see HM-sensei to pull off a Romeo and Juliet move on Natsu and Lucy. “The thought of Lucy die…I don’t care anymore! I might as well just die!” and same goes for Gray, now I know why he did that Revival of Juvia move; it’s the only freaking way to stop Gray before he kills his best friend for good. I’m not sure that killing Natsu is possible (unless the book is destroyed).

Now…will Lucy and Happy get to Natsu and Gray safely OR will they encounter a spriggan? If Juvia got there first, Gray will stop and if Lucy got there first, Natsu will stop. Will they make it on time? I mean, there are spriggans out there…

What confuses me is that can’t Natsu sense Lucy’s presence? He has demonic/dragon ears and nose better maybe he’ll stop fighting Gray if her voice or scent is getting closer and closer to him.

Maybe he already sensed it but denied it immediately considering the “dead” Lucy he saw (and hugged kya~).

Anyhow, next chapter will be called “Trump Card” who might that be? I’m guessing it’s Rakheid Dragneel; he didn’t have a lot of panel before and Zeref even called him his secret weapon, didn’t he? But maybe it’s Fairy Tail’s trump card instead? Who or what might that be? Is it Lucy’s Capricorn star-dress? I’m starting to get the feeling that HM-sensei is saving it for something good since up until now, we don’t know Capricorn’s exact magic (I think it’s not that human subordination thing, it’s black magic, right? And it belonged to that crazy guy).

There are so many theories lol. I’m starting to get crazy here ヽ(;▽;)ノ

Don’t you think that Natsu has been E.N.D. this whole time and that Igneel/Zeref (or both) did some cool dragon magic to “seal” his demonic power? (his muffler may be an anti dark magic repellent?) Proven by the Zeref saying, “the E.N.D. you feared 400 years ago is no longer here” to Acnologia and the time Zeref almost killed Natsu back in Tenroujima.

So basically Natsu is E.N.D. in a weaker/human version but since he has grown stronger (from fighting most of the bad guys in FT) the “seal” is probably weakened while his demon side is trying to get out? My argument is that ever since he heard Zeref’s name, Natsu has been giving such a sharp look. Invel told Gray that all Zeref’s demons are “programmed” to kill him.

My argument is that back when Natsu, Lucy, and Happy were trying to restore back the guild, Natsu made a promise to Lucy that he will bring Gray back. I think while he’s trying to get to Zeref and confronted by Gray, his demon side is already compiling (that eye thing he did back in DiMaria’s S&M dungeon) all because he’s angry, confused, and sad.

Maybe there’s still a little sanity/humanity left on him but when Natsu remembered the part when Lucy died…he won’t stop because there’s no one left to guide him back. BTW, what he did to DiMaria is probably what angry boyfies would do when they see their gurls in such condition; look back to Gray/Jellal/or Gajeel, lol. It’s just that since that Natsu’s demon power had been resized, his “curse” started to take over, enabling him to move in DiMaria’s Age Seal. THEORY: Can Mira “take over” Natsu? She did that to Alegria and Seilah.

Anyhow, I think once Natsu sees that Lucy is alive, he will be the usual Natsu again.

LOL. I’ve been wondering and pondering about this! ヽ(;▽;)ノ

Capricorn’s Magic Theory

I’ve been talking a lot about this. Heck, I talked about this in most of my posts.

The last time Lucy summoned him was during her training and they talked about that ‘One Magic’; which Layla and Lucy hypothesized it as ‘Love’.

I do believe HM-sensei will bring this up again once the FT reaches its climax. (I’m such a late NaLu shipper, lol. Didn’t realize it until the end of the Eclipse Arc.)

Anyway, just like the title, I wanna discuss more about Capricorn’s magic.

Here are my theories:

1. (Dear readers, you will laugh at this one) A magic goat butler. Think of Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji but a humanoid goat version of him. Oh, and that he’s not evil and wants to eat his master.

I know my first assumption is just dumb. But the last time she summoned him, she asked him to train her. Lol.

2. Is it possible that Capricorn’s magic is actually the subordination magic? Maybe that’s why she chooses not to summon him? Unless for training (But will she summon him to tame E.N.D?).

3. I don’t think he’s the combat goat kind of spirit…we already have Taurus for that. When Lucy summoned Capricorn for the first time, during battle against Master Hades, he only hit him with his hand…and that’s it. Oh come on!

4. He’s able to use Loke’s Regulus, maybe Capricorn can use all the 12’s magic (like Zeno from Akatsuki no Yona) and maybe that’s why Lucy is able to use Aqua Metria. Btw, if you reread Lucy vs. Brandish and Lucy vs. Jackal, her bikini changed!! It might be because of the not so 100% full power since she didn’t have Aquarius’s key during her battle with Brandish (the Spirit King lent Aquarius’s magic to Lucy at that time).

5. Last resort? Like in case of a fire or something…?

6. Summoning the dead? Meh. If so, he would’ve reunite the mom and daughter already.

7. Some kind of powerful magic that’s draining Lucy’s life? To heal someone or revive them?

8. Time traveling? Like when Aquarius showed Lucy and Brandish the Star Memory (brings back the joy of reading Rave Master, by the way; to all FT readers who haven’t read this, I HIGHLY recommend you to read it! I know it’s an old manga and the drawing is sorta different but I guarantee that you will fall in love with Haru and Elie just as much as you love Natsu and Lucy!)

9. Tbh, I’m sorta out of ideas. And I just like the number 10 (my birthday month is October).

10. Make owner a spirit? That comes with a key? Or make someone a spirit?

What’s your theory? Do you think that I’m insane? Lol, feel free to comment & let’s be friends! ❤︎

Now, let’s talk about the star dress!

1. A princess gown. Makes her look like mommy Layla. Makes sense, they’ll have the princess and the butler vibe.

2. A school girl? Lucy looks so cute in a uniform.

3. A butler outfit. With a cute skirt!

I really hope that HM-sensei doesn’t show a lot of her boobs or let her wear a bikini and panties again in this star dress. I feel so sorry for Lucy for being just another fan service…she’s more than that! I honestly enjoy seeing her fights because her determination is just as strong as Natsu’s or Gray’s or Erza’s especially when it comes to her friends.

Even though she isn’t as tough as them at least, she fights with her brain. Cana wouldn’t have Fairy Glitter without her aid and even Loke and Gray stalked them to get to Mavis’ grave. The way she pushed herself to help her friends and she even sacrificed her first friend to rescue her current friends.

Anyhow…I think I’m out. ヽ(;▽;)ノ

krvm  asked:


what’s your favorite thing to do outside? 
- go inside. okay, not really. sometimes during the beginning of the summer it gets really cool in the evening, so i like to take my crappy camera across the street and take pictures of the lake and sky.

do you like camping? 
- lol that’s funny, el.

what would you spend $1,000 on? 
- MAKEUP!!!!!!

what’s your job, or what do you want to do as your job? 
- I would love to be a makeup artist but i am gonna go to school to be an esthetician and then get my cosmetology liscense in the future. i wanna write on the side as well.

what’s your favorite article of clothing?
- dresses. i love flowy neutral and dark toned dresses. especially with heels and thin pantyhose.

A little portrait piece I had lying around of my character, Annaliese! This is actually sort of a collab between me and @juliajm15 since she did the sketch for this, and I lined and flat coloured it <3 Sigh she always gets my characters so perfectly! Oh, and don’t mind the not-so-Victorian clothes lol, this is a Black Sails-crossover; Annaliese and Eleanor Guthrie have some similarities, so I wanted to dress Anna up in Eleanor’s pirate queen-outfit hahaha. Anyways, hope you all enjoy!

stoned-abby-rp  asked:

Abby was getting read to go on a date with Chad. She wore a black t-shirt dress and a pair of black flats. Her long dark hair was down and curled amd she wore a little make up. She hears her doorbell ring and opens the door, seeing Chad. /it wouldn' let me reblog the last ask i sent you so i had to redo it lol sorry

Chad was wearing a white button-up shirt and tight skinny jeans. He was holding a bouquet of red roses in his hand for her and smiles. “Hello there, beautiful.”

The best endgame for Bonnie Bennett at this point is to get the hell out of that godforsaken town, Mystic Falls, alone.  For good.  And I mean literally alone, none of those loves, friends, or random ass characters that only use her and that’s it.  She’s become one of those people that get/are in relationships (platonic or romantic) when really she should stay single and find herself.  Practice self-love.  It’s basically been a season/season and a half of her having no magic and Bonnie doesn’t even display an inkling that she cares it’s gone, WTF?  She’s been out of school (~3+ years), which I can see it being fine if not for the fact, she literally does nothing else: no job (town slave witch doesn’t count), no hobbies, no long-term goals/desires, again WTF?  I mean even superheroes have alter egos and lives outside of their super duties.  Again, what the actual fuck, Plague?

OK, we all know there’s infinite headcanons/scenarios for Bonnie-centric storylines, but many I come across normally involve her and a ship.  But how cool would it be if there were Bonnie-solo storylines, some examples include:

  • Bonnie finding a way to resurrect Grams (I’m surprised this was never brought up at all - not surprised since Plague called the shots).
  • Bonnie meeting up with Lucy (her cousin) again and finding more Bennetts (this could have been 15 minutes of an episode, goddammit, Plague LOL).
  • Dark!Bonnie (no ship has to be involved though).
  • Depressed!Bonnie where she actually distances herself from her loved ones not just her being sad amongst the same shitty people (half this show).
  • Bonnie finding her magic (didn’t think they will take this long for her to get it back again, like another post said (can’t remember which one), they’re testing to see how long they can go before having to rely on Bonnie again like they did with 98% of this show).
  • Bonnie declaring a major.  Bonnie in a fitted dress.  Bonnie fucking a HOT RELEVANT DUDE/CHICK.
  • Bonnie making new friends (<<<<<< THIS though).  Real ones.  Not the same users and abusers, which is like nearly all new characters end up being to her.

So much wasted potential.  This whole show is basically wasted potential, but what they do to Bonnie is especially maddening.  What’s worse is that she’s one of the few characters on this show that could carry a story arc and not have it be totally contrived and full of shit.

Anonymous said to hoothootmotherfluffers:
Hi could i have a matchup? I’m a Leo, a typical one lol. I love dogs skittels singing playing piano. I’m mostly dressed in black and wearing eyeliner. Love punk/pop bands. I need music to function. I try to look scary at strangers but fail bc I’m scared of everything. I like it when people have the same dark humor as me and im sarcastic. I’m not afraid to tell my opinion. I’d do anything for my S/O and Im super supportive. I get jealous easily bc I’m a bit insecure and i need loads of cuddles

I ship you with… Tendou Satori!

~Tendou is a Taurus! This means your relationship is perfect for both parties, as each of your needs are fulfilled by the other. 
~Tendou really likes dogs!! But he always seems to scare them away :c Can you please teach him to be gentle towards these small dogs?
~He loves to hear you sing whilst you play! He’s always wanted to be able to play the piano, and is outright jealous that you can do it so well! You promised to teach him, and one day, maybe you’ll get to play together?
~His sense of music… it’s a bit more… scary?? You criticize each other for you tastes in music, only as a joke though. Who’s to say Tendou doesn’t enjoy these punk/pop bands? (He probably has a secret thing for Brendon Urie)
~Want to look scary at strangers? Don’t worry, you won’t have to fail with Tendou by your side!
~Tendou happens to have the same sense of humour as you! (Who would’ve guessed…? boi everyone) and you probably share the darkest of jokes to each other, that results in slapping the other and covering their moth with their hand to stop them from laughing. 
“SATORI! YOU CAN’T SAY THAT!!!” you cry as you slap his shoulder.
~He’s glad you’re supportive of him, and he’ll never take it for granted. He loves how you take care of him, and how you make sure he’s okay if you think he’s down.
~The only person you should ever have to be jealous of is Ushiwaka-chan! But, as long as you let Tendou talk about Shounen Jump, you will forever be above Ushiwaka… (seriously, no one from Shiratorizawa wants to talk to him about Shounen Jump)

Is this okay? I’m not too sure, but I hope you like it!!
~Admin Akaashi

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Title: Devil in the Details (ch. 2)
Pairing: Cassian Andor x Fem!Reader
Genre: Angst/Some fluff
Warnings: None
A/N: Heyooo Merry Christmas everyone!! I decided to do chapter two since so many people were excited about the first one, so here we are. I had to make up a name for the mother since she’s, y’know, a made up character, and I’m sure I’ll have to do the same with the father in the future. Deadass I used a freakin Star Wars Name Generator to get the name lol. Anywho I hope this is what you were all hoping for, feedback is always appreciated. :-)

People who asked to be tagged: @badwolfandtimelords @geeky-girl-394 @princeofsassgard
If anyone else would also like to be tagged in future chapters of this series please reply to this post saying so <3

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II: The Rebellion

Gentle snoring echoed throughout the ship, but it only seemed to annoy one person. And that person wasn’t even really a person.

“May I kill her now?” K2 asked Cassian impatiently.

“I told you, we’re not killing her. We need her,” the captain replied.

“What could we possibly need her for?” K2 said, “Frankly, I think we should have dropped her on Hoth.”

Cassian sighed and glanced over his shoulder at you briefly. Once he was sure you were really asleep, he turned back to K2.

“I didn’t get the info we needed.”

“You what?!”

“Quiet, you’ll wake up Y/N.”

“We’re doomed,” K2 said, exasperated. “You’ve doomed us all, Captain Andor.”

“Relax,” Cassian laughed, “I got something better.”

“What do you mean you-” K2 stopped mid-sentence when he finally put the pieces together. “You weren’t really helping the girl, were you?”

“Partly,” Cassian said, “She did help me, but I had planned on killing her once we got back to the ship. Then I remembered that we had nothing to bring home, so…”

“Unbelievable,” K2 scoffed, as much as a droid could scoff.

“She’s the daughter of General Krie,” Cassian further explained, “If anyone knows anything, it’s her.”

“You say that like I don’t already know it,” K2 replied, “How exactly did you plan on getting the information from her? Bring her flowers? Seduce her? I’m sure she’d love that.”

Cassian didn’t respond.

“You are truly repulsive.”

“Look, what do you want from me?” Cassian snapped, “We’re stuck with her now. May as well use this to our advantage.”

“Chances of this failing are hilariously high, I hope you know that.”

“She’s too kind for her own good, I think it’ll work out fine.“

“It’s in the low 90′s.”

“I should have programmed a mute button for you.”


Someone was shaking you gently, mumbling something to you that you couldn’t make out. You tried to open your eyes but only found a blinding light, so you squeezed them shut again.

“Y/N, are you hearing me?”

“I hear you,” you groaned.

“Come on, you slept a lot of the trip. You can sleep more when we get inside.”

Your eyes popped open when you remembered your current situation. You were face to face with Cassian, with mere inches separating the two of you.

“Where are we?” you asked, rubbing your eyes.

“Yavin 4,” he answered with a smile, “Welcome to the rebel base, Doctor.”

“I’m a nurse,” you corrected him.

“Either way,” he said, “We should get you to bed, Y/N.”

“That’s the best idea you’ve ever had,” you chuckled, sitting up completely and stretching your arms above your head. Your neck popped and you let out the tiniest of shouts, the pain startling you.

“What is it?” Cassian asked, suddenly much closer.

“My neck,” you whined, rubbing the affected area tenderly.

Cassian sighed in relief. “I thought you were hurt.”

“Why are you so… nice all of the sudden?” you asked, his proximity giving you goosebumps.

“You’re one of us now,” he replied kindly, “You helped me, and for that, I owe you.”

“What happened to ‘after this, we’re done here’?” you asked, raising an eyebrow.

“I changed my mind,” he shrugged. Cassian stood and extended his hand to you, which you took cautiously. He pulled you up a little too forcefully, which sent you practically flying into his arms.

“Sorry,” he apologized with a smile, “Come on, I’ll show you around and then you can get some rest.”

“Sure,” you said, swallowing hard and forcing a smile. His change in behavior was vaguely suspicious, but at the same time, you’d rather have this version of him over the one you met the night before. The closeness was also a nice perk.

He helped you step down from the ship, despite your protests. If anything, you should have been helping him, you thought. He was the one who’d been shot. You were just wobbly from sleep.

The first thing you noticed was the color green. Green, everywhere, surrounding and consuming anything and everything. Lush forestry surrounded an enormous stone temple, vines and greenery clinging to the walls like glue. The air was damp and heavy, much to your dismay. You rolled up the sleeves of your shirt the moment the air hit your skin. Oh, this would be fun getting used to.

Cassian motioned for you to follow him and began walking toward the temple. You followed, unable to take your eyes off of the scenery around you. The trees seemed to stretch on forever and were the deepest shade of emerald. Life on a spaceship didn’t provide you with much to look at other than blank walls, so you were a little more than excited to be somewhere where the air wasn’t artificial.

Without realizing it you’d stopped in your tracks, completely enthralled by the environment. Cassian turned around to tell you to keep up, but was surprised to find you twenty feet back. You had your eyes to the sky and a small but bemused smile on your lips. For a moment, Cassian found himself getting lost as well, but not in the greenery. He watched you in fascination, his heart stopping when a drop of water fell from the treetops and landed on your face. You made a tiny noise that sounded something like a laugh then wiped the liquid from your cheek.

He shook his head and slapped himself mentally for getting distracted. He whistled once, catching your attention. He then made a gesture with his hands to follow him, and you picked up the pace. Your smile hadn’t faded all the while, not even once.

After catching up to Cassian, you started to speak but found your voice being drowned out by shouting. All soldiers on patrol surrounded the two of you, guns at the ready.

“Whoa!” Cassian shouted, throwing his hands in the air. “Put them down, she’s no threat to us.”

“She’s a filthy Imperial spy, that’s what she is,” one of the soldiers shouted, pointing his weapon directly at you. Your heart was hammering in your chest, threatening to burst from your rib cage at any second.

“I brought her here,” Cassian said, stepping between you and the gun. “She’s denounced the Empire. Leave her be.”

The soldiers hesitated at first, but eventually stood down. They stood there looking around at each other as if to ask with their eyes what had just happened.

“We’ll be having a big meeting later,” Cassian said, “We’ll explain everything then. Go about your business until then.”

The men dispersed slowly, keeping their eyes on you as they left. Their judgemental gaze was more than enough to make you feel small, both inside and out.

“Thanks,” you thanked Cassian softly. He turned to face you and felt his insides shrink at your expression.

“They’ll come to respect you, just give it time,” he said reassuringly.

“I don’t want their respect,” you said, “I just don’t want them to think I’m like my parents, that’s all.”

Cassian placed a comforting hand on your shoulder and squeezed. “Give it time.”


The next half hour was spent touring the base and avoiding eye contact at all costs. Though you were excited about being there, you felt like an outsider, and you weren’t used to that. You were used to being in charge, used to making other people feel small without even trying. At Yavin, it was quite the opposite.

After a while you began dragging your feet and your eyelids became heavy. Your bag felt like it weighed a thousand pounds and it was killing your already aching back. As cool as the base was, you thought going to sleep sounded a lot cooler.

Cassian noticed your change in pace and thought it best to show you where you’d be staying. The living quarters weren’t too different from the rest of the temple, architectural-wise. It was, however, so far underground that the air had gone from warm to freezing in three minutes of walking down the stairs. You were clutching your torso, doing everything in your power to stop the shivering, but to no avail.

“Your room is at the end of this hallway. It’s been vacant for a while and barely anyone stays on this level, so I thought you’d like the privacy,” Cassian said, pointing to the room.

“Thanks,” you said, offering your best smile. He led you the rest of the way to your room, opened the door for you, and gestured for you to enter. You stepped inside the small room slowly, your eyes trailing over the walls and concrete floors. A bed and a dresser were the only furnishings, but you were just grateful to have anything at all.

You set your bag on top of the dresser and flopped onto the bed, sighing loudly as you hit the soft linens. You heard Cassian chuckle from the doorway.

“I’ll leave you to get situated,” he said, “I’m going to talk to Mon Mothma, see what I can do about getting you into Medical.”

You made a muffled sound of approval, heard another small laugh from Cassian, and felt yourself already drifting off to sleep.

“I’ll see you soon,” he said, shutting the door behind him as he left.


For the second time that day, you were being shaken awake by Cassian, his soft voice whispering inches from your ear. When you opened your eyes, the room was dark all but for a candle sitting on the dresser. It hadn’t been there earlier, so you wondered if Cassian had put it there. Or, maybe you were just too tired to notice it the first time. A pile of folded clothes sat next to the candle, and you knew for a fact that it hadn’t been there when you arrived.

“You need to get dressed,” Cassian said softly, “Everyone’s waiting to meet you.”

“I didn’t think anyone wanted to meet me,” you said, your voice still heavy with sleep.

“Well, they kind of don’t,” Cassian smiled, “They just need to be convinced that you’re not here to cause problems.”

You sighed and sat up then swung your legs over the side of the bed. “Guess there’s no putting it off. Let’s go.”

Cassian left the room and waited for you to change, the gentleman that he was. When you met him in the hall, he smiled at you, and led you back up the billions of stairs to the floor level. Everything seemed vaguely familiar, but not to the point where you could wander around alone and find your way. The idea of getting lost in the vast facility sent a chill up your spine.

The two of you entered what you recognized as what Cassian had called the “Temple Throneroom.” The large doors opened to reveal hundreds of rebels, all with their eyes on you. A long pathway stretched before you, leading up to a small set of stairs where some very important looking people were waiting.

You swallowed hard and kept your eyes trained forward. If there was anything you were good at, it was looking like you knew what you were doing, thanks to your familial status. You’d been to countless similar meetings with your mother, so it wasn’t hard to keep your head high and pretend that you had it all together.

The room fell silent as you and Cassian made your way toward the stairs, and it became increasingly difficult to keep your composure. These weren’t Stormtroopers, whose faces you couldn’t see, these were people. And they all looked like they wanted to throw you into a volcano. Cassian seemed to sense your discomfort and leaned over to you, whispering, “Everything will be fine, I promise.”

His words did little to slow your heartbeat but they did offer a false sense of security. You knew you were the most hated person in the room, but if Cassian could move past your roots, maybe everyone else could. The two of you ascended the stairs and you were face to face with people who were presumably in charge.

“Y/N, welcome to Yavin 4. We’re very pleased to hear that you’ve denounced the Empire to join us,” a woman with short brown hair said to you, her voice much kinder than you’d expected. “Captain Andor says you helped him escape from a mission that went sideways, is this true?”

“Yes,” you said, “Mostly. I helped him in the infirmary and forced him to take me with him. I… didn’t think he was going to bring me back here.”

The woman nodded, then turned to Cassian. “It’s a good thing he did. We could really use you in our cause.”

“Those of us that have a say have already decided to let you stay,” she went on, “But we would prefer it if our people were comfortable having you around. Would you mind helping them to understand?” She gestured to the large crowd of soldiers and smiled at you reassuringly.

You turned and faced the rebels, your throat having gone dry and your thoughts racing at a thousand miles an hour. You tried to think of what to say, but everything you came up with sounded horribly wrong. Cassian placed a hand on the middle of your back, met your gaze and nodded in encouragement.

The crowd was staring back at you expectantly and you scanned their faces. Some of them looked angry, some disappointed. You dropped your eyes and took a deep breath before beginning.

“I never wanted to be a part of the Empire,” you spoke loudly, “It was just something I was born into. I had no choice.”

Their faces looked unconvinced. Time to up the ante.

“I… I watched children die,” you said, your voice breaking, “Children that were being used as soldiers. Children that I couldn’t save. They’d been taken from their families to be turned into killing machines, and it made me sick every time I had to tell them not to think about their families. I told them they were making a brave sacrifice.”

“The Empire took my father from me,” you said, “My mother was beyond the point of changing her ways, but my father just wanted to do what was right. He thought that the Empire was right, and he may have died believing that. I was never fit to be a soldier, not like a Stormtrooper, or even like any of you. I was a disappointment to my mother, but my father had faith in me to do what I was meant to do.

“I think I understand what he meant now,” you went on, “I was meant to help, not hurt. I was better at stitching wounds than creating them. The Empire has taken so much from me, from all of us, and I couldn’t live with myself if I kept letting it happen.”

Cassian felt the pit of guilt in his stomach grow ten sizes. He was still going to go through with his plan to become close to you for the sole purpose of gaining information, though he felt guiltier about it now. You’d lost just as much as any of them, and you really were trying to do the right thing. Cassian wasn’t sure if he could say the same.

There was an applause among the crowd, and the woman from before placed her hand on your shoulder. She smiled, showing with her eyes that she trusted you. The gesture made you smile in turn, and for the first time since your father went missing, you felt like you had purpose. A good, honorable purpose.

“Welcome to the Rebellion, Y/N.”

The remainder of the evening was spent being introduced to what felt like hundreds of people. At some point you became separated from Cassian, not that you’d noticed. You were so busy socializing that you didn’t have time to even think about him. There were so many people asking you about what life was like being raised in the Empire, what your mother was like behind closed doors, what had happened to your father.

You opted not to say much, keeping any details to yourself. You stuck to vague but true answers to any question you were asked. If they were going to trust you, you were prepared to give them something to trust.

Cassian had slipped out to his ship, needing a moment to himself to think things over. There was no doubt in his mind; he would do whatever it took to get what he needed. The Rebellion relied on him for information and he fell short, he wasn’t about to give up on that promise. His dilemma was that he felt unbearably guilty. You’d lost so much, and you’d been brave enough to step away and do the right thing. And you were doing the right thing. Cassian wasn’t so sure about himself.

“Moping won’t make you feel better,” K2 said. He was standing at the open door of the ship while Cassian sat inside, a look of contemplation on his face.

“Nothing will make me feel better,” Cassian replied. He sat back in his seat and released a sigh, then ran a hand through his hair. He was at war with himself and he wasn’t sure how to end it.

“Perhaps you should reconsider your options,” K2 said.

“There are no other options, this is all I’ve got,” Cassian said, irritation in his voice. The droid stared at him for a few moments before responding.

“I’ll go find her and you can talk this aaall out,” he said sarcastically, “I’m sure that will make you feel better. And don’t worry, Captain, I won’t tell her about your plan.”

“K2, I swear on the stars-”

Before Cassian could stop him, the droid was already making his way back inside. Cassian dropped his head in his hands and groaned loudly. He sat there like that, shaking his head and cursing K-2SO under his breath. Leave it to him to make matters worse.

Ten minutes later, you were knocking on the side of his ship. “K2 told me you were out here, he said you needed to talk.”

“I tried to tell him not to bother you,” Cassian sighed into his hands.

“I don’t really mind,” you shrugged, “It was getting kind of overwhelming in there, anyway.” You stepped into the ship and sat next to him, the floor creaking beneath your feet. “What’s going on?”

“Nothing you need to worry about,” he said, raising his head and flashing you a brief smile.

“I did not walk all the way out here for you to tell me ‘not to worry about it’,” you said.

Cassian pulled his lower lip between his teeth and remembered K-2SO’s words. Maybe he should just tell you, try to clear his conscience and find a middle ground where everyone would end up happy.

There was no way that was going to happen. If you were anything like your mother, even a little, there would be no reasoning with something like that. Even if you’d joined the rebels, there still had to be something you couldn’t say. Some small piece of information that could destroy the Empire entirely. Cassian was determined to figure that out his way. You wouldn’t tell just anyone, it would be someone you trusted. He was prepared to gain that trust by any means possible.

“It’s just been a long day, that’s all,” he said, “Dealing with new arrivals is difficult enough as it is, you’re no exception.” He leaned over and nudged your shoulder with his own playfully, smiling all the while.

“It’s like you said earlier today, just give it time,” you replied, smiling back at him. You sat in silence for a few minutes, listening to the sounds of the night and enjoying the company. Cassian was the first to speak again.

“I wanted to ask you,” he said, “What happened to your father?”

You shrugged. “I don’t know. One day he just… never came home. He was supposed to be on some secret, need-to-know kind of mission. I guess it didn’t go so well.”

“How long has it been?” Cassian asked.

“Almost three years,” you answered. You began to absentmindedly scratch at the skin covering your knuckles, a nervous habit you’d developed over time.

“I’m very sorry,” he said beside you, watching red marks begin to spread over the skin of your hand.

“Don’t be,” you said, “Whatever he was out there for, it was important. I just miss him, I always will.”

Cassian reached over and took your hand in his, preventing you from further hurting yourself with your nails.

“He’d be proud of you for doing the right thing,” he said, “He would be.”

“I have a really hard time believing that,” you half laughed, “My dad loved me, and he loved my mother, but… he loved the Empire more.”

“Then prove him wrong,” Cassian said, “Prove everyone wrong. Show everyone who you really are, not who your family wanted you to be. You’re more than what they gave you credit for, you just needed to find your place. And now you’ve found it, here, with me, and everyone in that building. Do right by them.”

Involuntary tears began welling in your eyes as he spoke. You turned in your seat and pulled him into an embrace, your arms circling around his shoulders and your face nestling into the crook of his neck.

“Thank you, Cassian,” you said, doing your best to keep your voice steady. Slowly but surely, his arms wrapped around your torso and he pulled you even closer.

“Of course,” he murmured into your hair.

He couldn’t deny it anymore. There was no escaping how he felt.

He was falling for you, and he was falling hard.

Why can't I get any POTs?

(I define a POT as having actual potential)

Ive done my research for months, listened to The Art of Seduction audiobook, read Ho Tactics multiple times…and I still haven’t received a dime lol. I go out to these upscale bars, lounges, etc dressed in cute, Feminine dresses, and basically chill by myself.
I place myself in the middle of the bar, and not a single soul talks to me besides the bartender. Im starting to think powerful men are afraid to approach a young woman by herself, or something…

I have the pretty conventional Black woman look: dark brown, no tatts, hourglass figure, full lips, almond shaped eyes, less than 155lbs, full Afro, etc…but still, not a single rich man approaches me.

Instead I get restaurant managers, and other bummy dudes all in my face…😐

I’ve even tried window shopping in the luxury malls & stores…and still no luck.

What am I doing wrong?? Everyone says men in Atlanta trick off easily, well why aren’t they tricking on me? 😡

I’m so tired of living paycheck to paycheck, I want to enjoy my twenties…and it’s almost impossible to do that when I’m stressed out about bills. I don’t aspire to be a spoiled girlfriend for just Fendi bags, but to have a better quality of life.

So this took me a couple days to get how I wanted it to OTL;;; My rendition of Annas coronation outfit, I shall be cosplaying this lol. I kept the palette within Annas. The stripes on the sleeves are the same as her dress and the cuffs will have the embroidery designs that the dress has. The shoulders dark green/teal part is representing Annas sleeves on her dress. I decided to go without the coat because I wanted my design for Male Elsas coronation outfit to have one and I wanted Annas to look more relaxed in comparison. The embroider design will go on the side and back instead of the front, similar to Hans design on his coat. The buttons are Annas necklace piece!~ The three ribbons off the sash are the same as the ones Anna wears in her hair and the pants are similar to Hans but have a stripe to match the sleeves! So yeah, hope you guys like my design ; u;) I hope to get started on this soon. I referenced many of the different Male designs from the Arendale ball, so I hope I did well accuracy wise, although I did take creative liberties with it. OTL! I referenced the DMMD artbook for the pose (Cause I suck at poses lol)

So it’s weird and dark and awkward, but I love this picture anyway!  My five-year-old daughter took it, and she hasn’t quite mastered the art of not putting her finger over the shutter, lol.  But she’s quite taken with my new forearm crutches, and so am I!  Plus, awesome new dress is awesome, imo.  I can no longer wear the big layered flowing skirts I prefer (too easy to catch a cane/crutch in them, and they get in the way in my wheelchair), so I’m trying some new styles.

(Sorry about the double-submit!  Realized I forgot to resize the fucking giant photo, lol.  Fixed!)