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She Said Back Off - Scott McCall

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Prompt: Theo is flirting with you and Scott gets protective aND I KNOW THATS NOT THEO IN THE GIF BUT JUST LET IT GO 

Request: “Can I request an imagine about protective Scott from Teen Wolf? Xo”- anon YOU ARE MY SAVIOR I LOVE SCOTT WITH ALL MY HEART HSRIRINS

Warnings: Protective!Scott ??

Word Count: 597 shortttttt af

You and Scott have been dating since freshman year, you have this bond like no one else. You guys are also the definition of relationship goals. When you guys would hang out with his pack they would always make comments about how disgustingly cute you guys were.

Today was just like any other day; wake up, get dressed, go to school, see Scott, “learn”, and go home, or at least that’s what you thought it would turn out to be. When you entered the school you instantly saw Stiles talking to Scott a mile a minute; and you could clearly see that Scott wasn’t paying attention. You walk up behind him and cover his eyes with your hands “Guess who” you said in a low voice “oh i don’t know hmmm Derek?” he said playing along. You giggled and uncovered his eyes “Hi babe” he said kissing your lips but that didn’t last long thanks to Stiles “Ya hi i’m still here” you pulled away from Scott to look at Stiles “You’re just jealous because you still don’t have a girlfriend” you said teasingly “I am not” he scoffed “Are too” “Am not” “Are too” before Stiles could say anything the bell rang and Scott muttered “Saved by the bell” making his way to his first period with you following behind him.

All period you and Scott had been passing notes, thank god you had a substitute or else you’re pretty sure you would have been caught. After a few more periods of laughing at stiles’ stupidity and getting yelled at by the teachers, it was time for your favorite period, lunch.You had packed yourself a sandwich, some chips, and baby carrots.

You were on your way to your locker to get your lunch when after your locker opened it closed. “Scott that-” you stop mid sentence because you realized it wasn’t scott instead it was the new kid, Theo. Scott had told you once that he and Theo used to be friends but you don’t know the rest. “What do you want Theo?” you retorted. “I just came by to say hey, and to ask you if you wanted to go out sometime” he said smirking. Was he serious? Does he not know i’m dating Scott? You thought “Uh no sorry, i’m dating Scott” you said politely reaching to open your locker once again. “Are you sure? Because i’m sure i can treat you way better than Scott could ever treat you.” he said taking your hands in his, but you quickly ripped your hands away from him. “Yes i’m sure now back off” you said getting a little annoyed. “Come on, babe.” he said getting really close to you, you were about to tell him to go away when you heard a voice behind you saying “She said back off” you turned around to see scott, his eyes glowing red, and his claws out; and if looks could kill well, Theo would be 6 feet under right about now. “Woah dude calm down i was just having some fun” Theo said smirking “Well you can take your fun someplace else” Scott retorted back. Theo put his hands in surrender and walked away.

“Are you ok? Did he hurt you? I swear to god if he-” I cut him off by saying “Scott i’m fine, but I am hungry so if you could move away from my locker that would be great” i said teasingly. He put his hands up and moved away. I grabbed my lunch and we went to eat with our friends.


I think you’re beautiful. (Stiles Stilinski) Teen Wolf

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Based on: “Imagine where you’re new to Beacon hills but no one will help you around or sit with you at lunch because they find your hearing aids freaky. Stiles finds you crying outside the classroom and comforts you because he had a small crush on you–Alice ;)”

Author: Alana, assisted by Jade

You had just finished getting dressed for your first day at Beacon Hills High School.

You and your parents moved to Beacon Hills for your dad’s job. Your dad is a well known surgeon and he was needed at the Beacon Hills Hospital for a bit.

You grabbed your purple hearing aides off of your dresser and headed down stairs.

“What do you want for breakfast?” Your mother signed to you as you set your hearing aides on the counter. “Just toast.” You quickly signed.

You pulled on your converse and tied up your laces. You looked at yourself in the full body mirror that was hung up on the hallway wall.

You smiled a little at yourself and pulled your hair up into a tight ponytail. You walked back into the kitchen and sat at the bar where your toast was now waiting for you.

You took a small bite of the toast and stared off into space. What if I don’t meet anyone nice? What if no one likes my clothes or my hair? You began to bounce your knee and took another bite of toast.

You felt vibrations from the counter up into your forearm. You looked up to see your mom gently pounding the counter to get your attention. “Don’t be nervous, beautiful. Everything will be fine.” Your mom signed, giving you a reassuring smile and kissing your forehead.

You smiled at her. You picked up your hearing aides and turned them on using the battery cage. You placed the aides into both ears and turned the volume up.

Your mother smiled at you, “You look amazing, (y/n). Now let’s go so you aren’t late.” She said, grabbing her purse and car keys.

Now that your aides are in, you both can just speak to each other.

“What if no one like me?” You asked quietly to your mom. You got into the car and played with your fingers. “Then they don’t deserve to be friends with you, (y/n). Don’t think that you’re so much different from everyone else, darling.” Your mom smiled over at you quickly, before looking back at the road.

You nodded a little, tucking your phone into your book bag and zipping it in. “Text me when you can, mom.” You told her as she pulled up to the school. You kissed her cheek and got out of the car. She waved you off as you walked into the entrance of the building.

You walked up to the office to get all the papers and information that you would need for your classes.

“Uh… Excuse me, I’m new here.” You said, arriving at the window. There was a secretary turned around in her chair from the window. “Ah! You must be (y/n) (l/n). I’ve been expecting you.” Said the lady, turning around with a smile.

Good, someone friendly, you thought. You smiled back at her. The secretary’s smile faltered as she noticed your hearing aides. “What’s that?” She asked rudely, “Are you on the phone with someone or is that a Bluetooth?” She questioned, furrowing her eyebrows.

You blushed, embarrassed and bit your lip. “N-no… They are my hearing aides; I’m deaf.” You told her quietly. The secretary made a disgusted face and you grimaced at her look. She quickly gave you the paperwork and shut the glass window in your face.

You frowned a little and looked down at the papers, “Excuse me, I don’t know where these classrooms are!” You exclaimed a little at the glass window. The secretary paid you no mind and kept working on her computer.

Maybe a student who isn’t so rude will help me, you sighed. You walked down the hallway and there were few people. You guessed that the classes were going to be starting soon.

You saw a girl and a guy at the water fountain. You made your way over quickly, “Excuse me, I’m new here and I just need to know where my first class is.” You told them, trying to hurry so you wouldn’t be late to your next class.

The guy looked down at you with a weird look, almost as if you were an alien. “Uh, I guess we can help. I’m Charlie and this is Bianca.” He said sounding unsure and glancing at the girl beside him.

Bianca stood there taking in your appearance with her arms crossed over her chest. She continued watching you while Charlie and you both examined your schedule. Bianca’s eyes widened a little at the sight of your hearing aides. “Okay, so here’s what you do-” Charlie was cut off by Bianca yanking him back to her side. “Baby, don’t help her. She’s just a freak. Look at her ears.” Bianca scoffed.

You frowned and took your belongings before quickly walking down the hall. I can just find the class myself.

Surprisingly, it didn’t take you too long to find the Calculus room. You walked in and rushed to the only open seat left, just in time for the bell to ring.

“Okay, class, I just got word that we have a new student!” A bubbly teacher said, walking in and setting a stack of papers at her desk. “Uh, the name was…” She started, flipping through some papers. “(Y/n) (l/n).” She smiled looking up from the papers, “Is (y/n) here?” She asked, looking around and making eye contact with you. She motioned for you to come up to the front of the class room.

Your heart started racing and you slowly stood up from the desk and slowly walked to the front of the classroom.

“Go ahead and introduce yourself, sweetie.” She smiled. You tilted your head a bit, but didn’t she just introduce me, you thought.

You were zoning out, stuck in your own thoughts that you didn’t realize all the students staring at you weirdly.

You were snapped out of your thoughts by loud snickering and loud whispering among the class. “Oh my god, what’s wrong with her?” “What’s in her ears, they look weird.” “Ew, why is she allowed here with us?” The students began to laugh and the bubbly teacher frowned and looked at you sadly.

You frowned at everything happening around you and bit your lip. You made eye contact with a cute boy who didn’t seem to be laughing like the rest. Instead he gave you this sad look filled with pity. He glared at someone sitting next to him and slapped their shoulder. “Knock it off, Isaac.” You heard him say.

You whimpered quietly and grabbed your bag, leaving the class. You couldn’t stand being where you weren’t welcome.

You waited in the bathroom until lunch came around. You passed the time by just playing games on your phone.

The bell rang and you warily stood up and exited the bathroom. You made your way to the cafeteria and bought your favorite type of sandwich. You looked around for any open seats.

You found a table with few people. You set your stuff down getting thrown a dirty look from each person. You felt yourself getting insecure again and picked up your lunch, preparing to walk out of the lunch room and just eat outside.

“Look, that’s the freak I was telling you guys about.” You heard Bianca whisper to her table, sneaking a glance at you along with the rest of her table.

“Hey, (y/n), right?” You heard as the boy from precalc approached you. He was the one who didn’t laugh at what the rest of the class was saying about you.

You nodded a little at him, “Yes…” You replied quietly, walking out of the cafeteria. The boy followed you hastily, “Hey, I’m Stiles. I didn’t have the chance to introduce myself earlier in class.” Stiles said, smiling kindly and walking with you outside. You smiled up at Stiles a little and nodded. “Nice to meet you.” you responded, walking into the courtyard.

Stiles smiled and sat down with you, pulling out his lunch. “So,” Stiles started, pulling out a water bottle, “What made you move to Beacon hills?” He asked, taking a sip of water.

You smiled over at Stiles. Someone was genuinely taking an interest in you without saying something rude or offensive.

Stiles stared at you with admiration in his eyes as you talked. He loved the way your face lit up at bit when he asked you about your hearing aides. You even taught Stiles a little bit of basic American Sign Language words. Which he caught on to rather quickly.

Stiles was eager to learn more about you and get to know you better. He found you very beautiful with your glowing complexion and big (e/c) eyes, looking everywhere around you with interests.

He couldn’t believe that everyone was so mean and rude to you just because of your hearing. You were an amazing down to earth person who just wanted to help others.

You two got into a deep discussion, not realizing that the lunch period was now over and it was time to return back to your classes.

Stiles helped you up and offered to walk you to your next class. You agreed happily. “So, I’ll uh, see you later, (y/n).” Stiles said, giving you a cute yet awkward smile and wave.

You smiled and waved back, walking into your anatomy class. You held your anatomy book to your chest as you walked in. I really hope this class goes by smoothly, you thought.

Lucky for you, the period was half way over with and you didn’t have much trouble. You had to either turn up your volume or turn it down a few times, but you were used to that even at your other school.

“Okay, class! It is time to partner up for this next assignment.” The teacher said in a loud bold voice.

Everyone immediately scrambled to find a partner. There was one group with three people and you were left by yourself. “Greenberg, you can’t go three to a group! Work with (y/n).” The teacher said, motioning over to where you stood, embarrassed, by yourself.

Greenberg sighed and rolled his eyes, “But why do I have to work with the freak??” He whined, making you cringe at the word you had been called so many times in the last few hours.

This time you couldn’t hold the tears back and just walked out of the classroom, crying. You leaned up against the lockers outside the classroom and slid down them. You pulled your knees to your chest as you cried harder.

All you wanted to be was like every other kid here, but you were too different for that to happen.

You kept crying and heard footsteps approach. You didn’t bother to look up, thinking it was someone else who was just going to bully you.

You felt yourself being lifted and pulled into someone’s lap. “Hey, it’s okay, (y/n). Don’t cry. Everyone is just a jerk.” You heard Stiles coo gently in your ear. You buried your face into his chest and hugged his torso. Stiles continued to hold you until you calmed down. “Don’t let what they say get to you. You are an amazing person and I can say that because we spent all lunch getting to know each other. And in that one hour, I realized that you’re more special than anyone else here. That’s why they’re mean, they can see how great you are. So they decide to make you feel bad about yourself.” Stiles said, tilting your chin up to him. “And you know what?” Stiles asked, giving you a gentle smile.

You tilted your head up at him, waiting for him to continue. It looked as if he was thinking before he slowly brought his hands up in front of your face and signed to you, “I think you are beautiful.” He signed slowly, trying not to mess up.

Your face brightened as you watched him sign. You smiled and wrapped your arms around his neck and hugged him tightly. “Thank you, Stiles.” You whispered to him and kissed his cheek. This caused a blush to creep up into his cheeks and he smiled, “No problem, how else am I supposed to treat the girl I want to be my girlfriend?”

You stared at Stiles in awe and giggled quietly.

A few months after hanging out, you two eventually decided to become official and start dating. Since you now had Stiles in your life, you didn’t care what people thought about you.

You had Stiles and Stiles had you. That was enough for the two of you.

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The Unwanted Hand (Part 1)

Taehyung x Reader

(Reader’s pov.)

I wake up… I get dressed… I go to school… I go to work… I come home… I study… I change… I go to bed… I wake up… And the cycle goes on forever…

“Alright students, it’s a new semester and I hope you enjoyed your break.” Says Mr. Green.

Yes the semester has begun and I still feel as if I haven’t accomplished anything with life.

But that’s okay because I’m living. And I can do something before I die.

On the way to my dorm I get a text from my mother. “Sweety I need you to do me a favor. I need about 250,000 won.”

“Sure. But why do you need that much mother?” I text back.

“I used the rent money to buy myself cosmetics and now the landlord is asking me to pay for the rent” She texts back.

“Mother how many times have we gone through this? I only get paid enough to pay for your apartment and my dorm room. I even struggle to pay for food sometimes.” I text her.

“I know sweety. But can you help your mother this once?” she texts.

“Fine but please let this be the last time we go through this.” I press the send button and then put my phone in my pocket.

Yes that is the way I live. I work two part-time jobs and barely get 1,600,000 won. Yes that might seem a lot but actually it’s not.

I spent 800,000 won on my mother’s expenses and I have about 250,000 to save every

month. If my mother doesn’t ask for more.


While laying on my bed I contemplate what I should do with my mother, I mean I do have a brother is a lawyer but she still makes me pay for everything. So should I stop helping them?

I feel my body suddenly starting to heat up in a very rapid uncomfortable way. So I decide to go to the hospital.


I get back home with a bunch of pills in a bag.

I lay down on my bed. I grab my phone and call my mother. “Mother. I’m sorry. I don’t think it will be possible for me to give you any more money so please ask Eugene.”

“Why sweetheart? Is something wrong?” she asks.

“No, it’s that I’m kind of feeling like you guys are using me. I mean my brother gets paid four times as much as I do. So why can’t you ask him to do you that favor?” I say hanging up in anger.


“Why the hell do I have to take sh!t from anyone? I’ll save up enough money to go on my own and that’ll go the way I want it to go…” I whisper to myself as I start to sob lightly.

I get out of bed and I go to school… At work I was getting paid finally. I got my salary sent to my bank account.

So I head home with a can of beer to drink.

I reach home and after the drink I start to paint…

Yes… I do enjoy painting and sometimes I even sell my paintings for a good amount of money.

So today I’m painting my feelings… a flood of blood coming to destroy everything I own and I everything that I want to own…

Just like I lost dad… I lost him to the same flood.

(Taehyung’s pov.)

“Please just a piece of bread…” I punch the baker as I remember my childhood… That baker that I begged when my mother was dying, and my brother was starting to starve.

“You can’t F#cking remember me?! I was the one that you kicked aside when I begged you to spare me a piece of bread and now look where I am!” I yell as I stab his stomach.

I leave the bakery and go to my apartment shared with my younger brother Jungkook.

I’m killing every single person that has abused us in any kind of way when we were younger, of course Jungkook knows nothing of it. All he knows about is the fact that I steal for the sake of survival.

“Hyung! Did you get the chicken? Jaeyoung is coming over.” He yells while he’s in the shower.

“Yeah. I got the chicken. But who’s Jaeyoung again?” I yell.

“Jaeyoung is my girlfriend.” He says as he comes out of the shower with a towel wrapped around his waist.

“So in other words you want me to leave?” I ask.

“No actually she wanted to meet you.” He smiles.


My brother is nice type. You can say that all the girls dream to be his one and only… He’s gentleman like and he has the looks. But the only thing he lacks in is taste in women.

All the girls he dated are the gold-digger type or just purely fake. And my poor brother can’t tell the difference.


After his girlfriend leaves I sit him down on the couch.

“Look Jungkook. You’re my younger brother and I love you. But that girl doesn’t seem right for you.” I say bluntly.

“So what are you telling me to do…?” He asks still not comprehending the situation.

“Break up with her.” I say.

“But hyung…” He says. “Okay I will.” He continues.

Another thing about my younger brother is that he’ll listen to everything I say because he remembers how I did everything for him when we were younger…

And sometimes I feel guilty that he doesn’t get angry at me but just listens…


“Hyung listen. There is this girl in school that doesn’t seem fake at all. She generally doesn’t speak to anyone. She’s very quiet.” He says.

He brings out his phone showing me a picture of that girl. “Her name is Y/N.”

“She seems decent. But why are you showing me this?” I ask.

“I wanted to ask you if you think I should ask her out or not.” He smiles shyly.

“Man you fall in love easily.” I chuckle.


Going through my SNS I see a picture of a painting that’s going to be sold. People are bidding for it on the comments. The highest price so far is 3,000,000 won. I think I should steal this painting it has a lot of earning behind it.

The name of the painting is ‘Flood of Blood’

(Jungkook’s pov.)

Hyung doesn’t realize that I know about his dark side he always tries to hide it in front of me just because he doesn’t want me to get hurt…

I wish he’d rely on me more.

“Jungkook? What are you doing with that knife?” She says.

Blood suddenly starts to spill from her mouth as she began gasping for air while coughing. Her body goes limp and she falls to the ground.

“Sorry Jaeyeon… I just hate it when girls go for my appearance.” I say as a smile creeps up to my lips.

“Sweetheart don’t feel upset. I mean it isn’t your fault that I’m that good-looking.”


Soooo! First ever fanfic that I’m writing and the idea is actually by the on and only @bts-sexy-reads and I love you so freaking much. I hope you enjoy. I’ll try to update as soon as I can.

I don't get school dress codes

When I was in middle school I got in trouble for having a shirt that was too long. I was wearing shorts that went down to my fingertips (school rule) and still got in trouble because my sweater was covering them. If anything my top was covering more skin, yet I still get in trouble.

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lol I get turned on by the dirtiest shit
I look so innocent but I have fantasies about such naughty things
Let me dress in a school girl outfit and get spanked every time I get a answer to a question wrong

[After that intense sing-a-thon, Blaine feels more like himself. Leave it to his one true love – singing – to get him out of a funk, even if it’s momentary. He scrolls idly through tumblr and sees Ryder’s post.]

Or tonight, I’ll be there.

Was Ryder still out at the front lines? Even though it was past midnight? Worrying for his friend, Blaine takes his coat. He’s still dressed as he is up late trying to get to his summer school homework, and while he needs to catch up, there are things of greater importance. He quickly dials Madame Jason’s midnight snack hotline as he exits his dorm.]

I met with the career service coordinator at my school today. Had to get all dressed up and proper (you know me) she told me I was all that and a bag of chips. And told me my smile would be perfect for pediatrics because it’s warm and inviting 😅😅 I’m excited

alphys-the-scientist  asked:

10, 19, 42?

10. Amusing memory?

I am an avid supporter of April Fool’s Day and pranks in general. For one April 1st, during high school, I did something particularly memorable. Typically in my school I was part of the ‘silent loner who could maul you’ stereotype and fit it decently well. I dressed like a government worker. All black, semi-formal high activity clothing and boots. I was the peacekeeper.

I came to school dressed in my usual get up, but the colors were basically the inverse. I wound up wearing all pink. Pink windbreaker, pants, boots, you name it. But I kept the same demeanor. I got a lot of stares, but literally no one asked me about it all day except my closer friends. It was pretty great. The hardest part was keeping a straight face.

19. Favourite Animal?

My favorite animal would have to be cats, hands down. Toe beans, kittens are adorable, they’re typically really intelligent and affectionate. And best of all, they’re incredibly independent and low maintenance.

42. Preferred career?

I would love to be a Librarian, or professional author. Though recently I’ve been finding a lot of passion for voice acting. It is something I had been seriously considering as a career path with writing on the side now.