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Growing Up Batty: Part 4

Prompt: really love your Damian Wayne series! I was wondering if you are willing to do another Damian series where he’s around 13 and Bruce forces Damian to go to school and he has to face what is it like being in middle school with the help of his brothers and he starts to develop feelings for the reader and they get really close and Damian tries to keep her safe and keep her from finding out that he is Robin??

Words: 858

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

You don’t have any delusions about yourself. Your parents had been honest about your heritage from day one. You know you’re different. While you understand emotions, you have a hard time expressing them. Deep down you know the truth. Your mother was an emotional being, dedicated to your sperm donor like no other. She let her emotions rule her and had ended up having a mental break that haunted the whole of Gotham.

    So yeah, you and emotions didn’t get along too well. You kept them closely guarded, and occasionally you let them out. Typically only around those you trusted. Like your parents, and eventually Damian Wayne.

    You can see it in him. That battle with emotions, the battle between doing what was right and what was needed. It hadn’t taken long for you to figure it out. Especially, with the hint Bruce Wayne had dropped. If someone knew who your birth parents are, then they knew everything about everything, and the only person who knew everything about everything, was the Batman.

You choose not to say anything. It’s their secret to keep, and since Damian obviously doesn’t know your secret, you figure it’s only polite to let him reveal his own. That is, until the academy is attacked by a gang of psychopaths, and Damian comes dangerously close to revealing his secret to the whole school.

You grab his hand before he can do anything. You grip it in your own, and when he tries to pull away, you dig your nails in. The look he gives you is one of confusion. You mouth the words, “Some things need to stay secret.”

He understands what you’re saying. You see the reluctance in his eyes, as he backs up into the shadow with you. The shadows are your friend. While for most they hide the scary things, for you they hide friends.

You don’t let go of Damian’s hand until Batman and his merry gang of birds arrive. You stay put in the classroom, while Damian runs to help his family. He never orders it, you just consider it common sense. You tuck your legs underneath you and grab your book. It won’t be long now before the police arrive and start clearing the school. You find it best to remain helpless when it comes to men with guns.

There’s also the fact that your classmates had already run screaming from the room. Foolish in your opinion, when there were men running around with guns. You enjoy the peace and quiet, right up until the door creaks open.

The lack of noise tells you the person is barefoot, which only slightly interests you. Self preservation wins over interest though, and you slide back farther into the shadows. That doesn’t stop her from finding you. She seems just as drawn to the shadows as you are. You meet her eyes without hesitation, and you can see the curiosity there.

You can see the dots slowly connecting behind her eyes, and when it clicks she frowns. As she crouches downs in front of you, her hand slowly reaches out and plucks a hair from your head. You scowl, at the slight pain. It’s almost as though she’s able to analyze your DNA, and as her scowl deepens, you know that’s exactly what she’s doing.

She straightens and stares at you before shaking her head, “Stupid, stupid Harley. She actually had you. That liar. I should have known better.”

You raise an eyebrow at her, “You should have known better? Shouldn’t she have known better than to screw a murderous clown.”

The grin that takes over her face, is more than a bit unsettling, “So you know.”

“What I come from, yeah. My parents think it’s better to be prepared.”

“Does being prepared cancel out genetics?”

Your eyes narrow, “My family does not define me. I choose who I am.”

This time, when the woman smiles, it’s a bit more kind. A small flower blooms out of her hand, and she reaches out and places it behind your ear. She straightens and says, “As always I’ll clean up your mother’s mess. Be well little Arlecchino.” Then she leaves.

You lean back against the wall, and let out a breath you didn’t realize you had been holding. Then the sounds of footsteps, this time boot clad, catch your attention.

He’s dressed in his typical outfit. Black suit, cape, mask, and utility belt. He kneels down in front of you, and you give him a half hearted smile. “Hi Mr. Wayne.”

He smiles, “Y/N, I see you received a visit from Pamela.”

You nod, “I’m guessing that’s the green plant lady.”

He nods, and reaches forward, to remove the flower. “You’re at a crossroads.”

“This where you convince me it’s time to throw away my family’s legacy, and join the side of heros?”

“I’d be happy as long as you don’t go on a murderous rampage.”

You nod, “I can understand that. But if I do want to join …is that an option.”

“I’m not a nice teacher.”

“Never thought you were.”

He smiles, “Then maybe we can work out a deal.”

What Seungcheol Would Be Like Masturbating
  • seungcheol is totally a PRO at pleasuring himself
  • (and others lbr)
  • can come in under a minute if he needs to he’s that good
  • rough and fast and dirty
  • leaves his sheets filthy
  • touches his chest to tease himself and get himself all worked up
  • so much lip biting his lips are r a w
  • doesn’t always bother taking all his clothes off, just pulls his jeans to his knees and his shirt up his chest
  • gotta be able to see those abs u kno
  • the hand that isn’t tugging on his dick is always wandering
  • sometimes in the sheets, sometimes rubbing his chest or his neck
  • sometimes touching his balls, sometimes trying to hold down his own hips
  • totally owns a fleshlight
  • power hips: initiated
  • fucking up into it hard and wet and rough
  • uses so much lube so that it’s all noisy and slick
  • little grunting gasps and groans
  • head tilted forward watching himself bc he looks daMN GOOD
  • hips bucking up and stuttering into his fist/the fleshlight
  • groans get louder as he gets closer
  • when he comes he throws his head back and lets out this broken groan as he comes all over his hand
  • doesn’t come as much as seok does but still comes a lot
  • gets lots of lil aftershocks of pleasure that send his hips bucking again
  • basically i wanna die so i can be a ghost and haunt seungcheols dick

I wanted to jock out, but I didn’t really think this shit through.  I’m horny like a mother all the time now, man, it’s fucking hard to just sit in class when this body just wants to lift and put this muscle to use.  Plus I throw a bone or even start leaking pre over any little thing now… fuck.  I mean FUCK, man, is there an empty classroom or even the bathroom we can go in, I just don’t want to wear this shit right now.  You look so fuckin’ hot dude, I want to get my hands on you, you know you want this body.  I want to get down and dirty with you, like right now, I don’t even care about school.  Oh dude, your ass looks so hard in those sweatpants… I mean I could pound that shit so hard.  Let’s go find a room, man, I don’t even care, one where we can lock the door somehow.

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cishet aces are discriminated against, not oppressed. they are not oppressed at all. there are no systems in place to hold them down. no targeted laws or cultural norms aimed at sexual attraction specifically. lots of aces have sex, date, and get married, so dont pull "but some of theirparents are upset they won't have kids!" because plenty of aces do and will

I’m really tired of playing this. Are y’all listening to aces at all? Like it’s not that hard to try and be an understanding person. I mean geeze I have disorders that make it nearly impossible to relate to people in a manner based in reality and I have alters that cannot relate to people and straight up lack sympathy and I still somehow can get this.

If you’re allo you don’t get to tell aro/aces if they’re oppressed. You just don’t get that. If you’re cis, don’t tell trans people if/how they’re oppressed. If you’re white you don’t tell POC how they’re oppressed. 

It’s a right you. Don’t. Have.

If you want examples of how they are oppressed, google it. Shit, this work has already been done and I’m not educating people who just wanna argue.

I really don’t have the time or energy for someone who does not want to talk to me in a kind manner. The last ask was kind and inquiring. This one is not.

im taking another little break from tumblr this week, im having a hard time coping right now and i feel like theres a lot more negativity here than usual (im not trying to tell people to calm down or anything i get that theres a ton to angry about both in this fandom and in the world in general) I want to be educated and informed but for me my mental health is too bad right now.  i feel so bad because i was trying to answer some of the asks in my inbox before i did this but i honestly just cant so im really sorry and ill see you in a little while. Ill probably be on snapchat a little tho, so anyone who has that can get me there if you want my name you can send me an ask but ill be deleting the tumblr app soon

(1) Law and Order svu preference:

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Dominick (Sonny) Carisi Jr:
You were running late for a blind date so you literally ran to the restaurant where he was waiting for you. However, fate had a different plan for you…

As you were practically sprinting down the street you collided into a lean, tall man and hit the floor hard. “Oh my God, are you okay?” You heard the thickest New York accent ever ask you. “I’m fine, it’s my fault anyway. Are you okay? I’m so sorry!” As you were getting lost in yourself, the mysterious man just smiled at you, stopping you in your sentence: “What? What are you smiling at?” You asked, slightly self conscious. He shook his head but continued smiling, “It’s nothing sweetheart, my name is Dominick by the way but everyone calls me Sonny. Where were you going anyway?” “Well, nice to meet you Sonny, I’m Y/N. I was actually going on a date.” You finished but you couldn’t help notice how Sonny’s mood had suddenly dropped. “Oh, I’ll let you go then.” In that moment, you decided that you weren’t going. You don’t know what made you change your mind, but you’re glad you did. “I’m not going, I didn’t really want to go anyway. It’s a blind date and the way my friend described him, he sounded like a bit of a dick.” You both laughed but then stared at each other. “Would you like to get a coffee with me?” Sonny asked, hopefully. “I would love to, Sonny.”

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Elliot Stabler:
Today, you started your job as counsellor for the Special Victims Unit. To say you were nervous was an understatement, how were you supposed to deal with these people? The crying, bloody victims. This was your first job, you could do this, right?

Before you could question yourself anymore, you met by multiple people introducing themselves to you but, you only listened to one. “Hi, I’m Elliot Stabler, I’m guessing you’re our new counsellor?” He asked, well, more like stated. “Yes, I am, my name is Y/N by the way.” You said while shaking his hand. “I will show you to your new office.” Said who you could only assume was the captain. As you were walking away, you heard Elliot’s partner talking: “Will you stop staring at her ass.” “I can’t help myself.”

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Nick Amaro:
Sadly, you worked in a strip club. At least you didn’t sleep with people for money but that didn’t make you feel any better. Sure, you were very smart but living on the streets from an early age didn’t really give you much of a choice. You were currently giving some sleazy, old man a lap dance when your boss came in and said two detectives wanted to talk to you.

“Hi, I’m Nick and this is Sonny, mind if we have a word with you?” Said the very attractive detective. “I don’t mind at all. What can I help you with?” You asked, attempting to cover yourself up a bit so they wouldn’t judge you anymore than they probably had. Nick, the attractive detective, must have noticed how you were trying to cover yourself up so he took off his long coat and handed it to you. You blushed and he smirked, it was very cliché but quite adorable. “When you two have stopped with the sex eyes, we would like to talk about a rapist who is targeting brunette strippers…” Started the man with the very New York accent.

“If you see him, give me, I mean us, a call. ” Said Nick, giving you as the other man called them ‘the sex eyes’. “I will. Here is your coat, thanks for lending me it.” As you were taking it off, Nick shook his head and started talking: “Keep it, it’ll give you a reason to call me later.” He finished with a wink and walked off with his partner. “Smooth.” You heard Sonny say.

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Rafeal Barba:
You were sitting in the hospital, covered in blood. It wasn’t your blood though. You (and many others) had been held hostage in a bank by a man who was shot right in front of you. It was his blood that was slathered all over you. He basically exploded everywhere, covering you and only you in the red liquid. You were in the hospital because everyone that was held hostage had to be checked on, to make sure you were okay. Everyone else was with a family member, being held by them and laughing with them, easily forgetting what had happened only hours before. It wasn’t that easy for you, you had no one.

“You okay? How come you aren’t cleaned up yet?” You looked up to see a man in a suit, looking down at you with pity in his eyes. “I’m good, they tended to the people with injuries first, this isn’t my blood. It’s that poor man’s blood.” You explained while looking down. “Poor man? He held you hostage.” Complained the man while sitting next to you, placing his briefcase on the floor. “I bet he didn’t have the best life, he must have had some reason why he did this. No one deserves to die like he did.” The man just looked at you with a small smile, slightly happy that there was some genuinely nice people left on Earth. “That is a very nice thing to think. I’m Rafeal and you are?” “I’m Y/N.” You said while looking up at him. “Come on, I’ll help you clean up.” Rafeal took your hand and guided you to the bathroom. “What about your suit, it seems expensive.” You wondered exactly how expensive it was. “It doesn’t matter, let me help you.” You smiled at him and he smiled back, knowing a beautiful relationship would spiral out of this.

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Boys of your choice finally working up the courage to talk to their crush, but their crush just became 1000% more intimidating to talk to bc they're wearing something a bit more revealing or cute today. (Not naughty or anything when I say revealing, maybe they run into them on their way to the pool and it's the first time seeing them in a swimsuit or something)

(For this one, I went with Junkrat, Roadhog, and Zenyatta)

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jimin is more into pda and big romantic gestures, while namjoon is into more subtle things (like writing lyrics, etc.) but they both also love to indulge the other (namjoon surprises jimin on their anniversary one year, jimin sits down every once in a while and writes for namjoon)

yesyesyes!! agh

-namjoon writing songs about jimin and jimin complying and singing them

-namjoon knowing jimin likes big gestures and always going the extra mile to get him flowers, make them dinner, take them on vacation

-jimin doing small things like asking namjoon if he’s had dinner yet, if he’s been working too hard and not taking care of himself

-jimin listening to all of namjoon’s playlists and his half of their shared iTunes library

-namjoon telling him about a great new book he read and jimin reads it too so namjoon can tell him everything he thinks of it

-jimin noticing something while they’re walking out of the mall and namjoon gets it for him because he loves spoiling his boyfriend

-both of them just being super cuddly and adorable for valentines day tbh

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Hello Mama, I hurt myself today. One of the worst it's ever been. I carved words into myself, and random other scratches. I don't feel bad about it, and I don't regret it like I usually do. I'll most likely regret it in a couple days though. Do you have any idea as to why I'm not feeling guilty? <3 -G

You probably don’t feel guilty yet because it hasn’t fully sunken in yet. Especially since you haven’t cut in a while the high is more intense and lasts longer. You just haven’t come down from that yet.
I’m so sorry that you relapsed I know how much it hurts to feel like all your hard work was just destroyed. Remember that this isn’t the end of the world, you will get better. It took me years to even admit I had a problem so you’re already ahead of me XD. Honestly tho I know it seems impossible but there will come a day when you don’t even have the urge to cut. I believe in you.

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imagine Liam playing with Theo's tale, until Theo yells at him and Liam gets sad so Theo tries comfort him.

So Theo is sitting in wolf form and Liam thinks the fluffy tail sticking out from Theo’s back is cute. He picks it up and lets it fall. Theo’s golden eyes are watching him. Liam touches the tip of the tail and it moves, Liam then picks the tail up by the long black hairs all the way down his tail bone. he moves the tail in a circle and pretends to wag Theo’s tail. 
The wolf just blinks slowly as Liam pulls a bit too hard on the tail and Theo yaps at him, shows his teeth. Liam freezes and doesnt touch Theo again, Theo wants him to, but Liam wont, so Theo comes under Liam’s arm and nudges him up

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If we're doing callouts can I ask people via your blog to maybe say something nice to @flowerjom if they have time.. She too is pretty down on herself right now and she's always doing so many anonymous acts of kindness it would be cool if she got some in return c: (No hard feelings if you can't post this, I get if its too odd a request or anything)

yeah of course

she’s a super cool person so leave a nice message for her if you get the chance, guys c: @flowerjom

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See everyone is like "end it I don't care what else happens" but I guess my perspective is different. While I think BG has definitely been one of the most toxic things Louis has had to endure over the years, I definitely don't think bearding is the lesser of two evils for him. Eleanor was so damn overly involved in everything Louis did for four years & now he's on his own trying to build his solo career and HER of all people comes back AGAIN to damper him down. I find that equally as hard to see

i get where you’re coming from but i think having a fake child is a much bigger hurdle to overcome image-wise than a fake girlfriend. they can break things off any moment with danielle (which we saw) or eleanor (which we’ve already seen in the past and they can do again whenever) but you can’t just pull the plug on a fake baby scandal. you need to work very carefully to end things without also completely tanking your image and losing everyone’s respect.

the burden of a fake baby (and everything that comes with that) is far heavier than that of a fake girlfriend.

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8:01 pm and I broke up with her cause I couldn't do it anymore, I have problems from every corner and so much to fix but I loved her and I wish I could stay but I'd just drag her down with me. She went on a date the same week

I’m sorry bub. She just went on a date because she was hurt/it’s her way of coping. Everyone copes differently, don’t take it too hard. I love u I hope you get everything worked out

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yknow i thought of deity josh crucifying ty but instead ty's got a toy under him an if he loses his balance on his tippy toes he sinks down all the way hard

cute…. his eyes flutter an toes curl as josh jus watches smiling while tyler looks up at him so pathetic whimpering an struggling to get back upright but he cant so he jus weakly squirms gasping as josh walks over to touch an tease making him shake on the toy even more

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They are rehashing the end of the CH rs partly and rehashing the great love connection of hiddleswift. Hence taking a fake trip down memory lane with made up jet trips. Also not mentioning the jet trip to FL if that is true. One sight doesn't show her jets moving at all evidently. I have no idea what people look at that shows them. I know the little one is hard to follow so I'll give them the benefit they aren't purposely leaving that out for their loyal followers.

Geeez. Here’s a memory for them- she’s a petty bitch who wanted to make her ex of a week jealous and get her name in all the gossip sites and magazine covers, so she makes a deal with a good looking actor who could use a bump in name recognition and wants to hang out with the head cheerleader and be cool to spend two embarrassing months posing for cameras. Memories 🙄🤢😒


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