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Angie is a really big fan of Spiderman


head-bitch-inquisitor and I had a great conversation about the Inquisition as cats after finding out her cat’s name is Tessa. After practicing for two weeks, here is the product.

The rest of the squad will be out in due time

Just realized something weird. When you talk to Marethari as part of Merrill’s act two companion quest, she says that the varterral killed three hunters, and sure enough you find three dead Dalish inside the cave. But then you run into Pol, the city elf who ran away to join the Dalish in DA:O. Why didn’t the Keeper mention him? It’s a small clan, so she must have noticed that he was missing even if she didn’t know that he accompanied the hunters.

I guess she doesn’t consider him a real Dalish anymore than the varterral did. :( Poor Pol. 

You know as much as I’ve tried to divorce myself from Homestuck canon at this point, I’m kind of… morbidly curious about what’s going to happen with retcon Terezi. Like, she’s still destroyed over killing Vriska even though she didn’t even do it, and she seems to view Vriska as like this one good thing in her life/that she did/whatever. And yet it’s pretty darn clear that the best thing Terezi could have done for her was to kill her - in that set of constraining binary options, anyway, since I imagine there is at least a theoretical middle ground between stabbing someone in the back and letting them run wild with their worst, cruelest, and most destructive instincts unhindered. Dead Vriska is sorta ok. Bringing Vriska back just made her more of a monster, and (setting aside the potential for the story to excuse or celebrate living Vriska’s atrocities, I guess) I really want to know if Terezi is going to realize that and what that’s going to do to her.

But if I start wondering about that, I’ll start wondering about EVERYONE, and that’s not a good road to go down.

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can you explain the origin of get down from there reanimator plz

I think this was the first of the get down from there posts, but it was definitely not the first time Reanimator climbed a thing and then jumped off it. He has been doing that for at least as long as I have been attending Protomen shows, and every damn time I am amazed that he has never broken an ankle or all of his drums or an entire robot.

Notable instances of getting down from there (or failing to get down from there) include but are not limited to:

There are many, many more. If you are interested in Reanimator’s failure to abide by the laws of physics, you may consider following Get Down From There Reanimator and/or keeping an eye on our get down from there reanimator tag.

I mean all you get is a tid bit in DoC and AC. They’re married. The ship is named after her. lol That’s it.

Come on. What happened between them? Why is there no case of Cid, and further more, WHY THE FUCK AIN’T THERE A  CID PLAY ART. Y’ALL STOP PLAYIN’ WITH ME.


yes i have read case of barret u___,u