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okay tipsy boss: voltron gbbo. opposite of downfalls. what earns each of them the star baker badge

Shiro is just one of those people who’s irritatingly good.  He tends to come in 2-3rd most of the time anyway unless he has a really bad mistake/gets badly distracted at an awful moment.  He’s also incredibly consistent, so any challenge that says make X number of something, he excels.

 When Keith’s flavor combinations actually work and end up with something both unique and tasty, it works well for him.  He’s one of those people who gets high marks for at least being creative and not under doing/overdoing the flavors.  Also, when time is crunched, he’s very good at keeping focused.  Very hard to knock off his game.

About 1/3rd of the time, Lance’s strange hodge podge of maybe-it’s-real-maybe-it’s-pinterest-bullshit information turns out to be absolutely vital in the technical bakes.  His tendency to push ahead in what seems like a mistake also keeps him from hesitating and restarting and using up all his time.  His bakes themselves also tend to have really good timing.

Pidge overextends, but she does so because she’s really that good.  Her stuff is gorgeous and imaginative and, most importantly, incredibly structurally sound.  When she gets it all on, it’s always a sigh to behold and has won her the showstopper more than once.

As for Hunk - c’mon, it’s Hunk.  He’s just really goddamn good at this.  Wins star baker basically every third week

Imagine Person A of your OTP works at an ice cream parlor. One day Person B comes in and starts flirting with Person A, who is not amused. When Person B orders, they tell Person A to “surprise them.” Person A gives Person B the weirdest or most unpopular flavor they can think of. Person B fakes enjoying it despite the clearly disgusted look on their face. From then on, Person B comes to the shop to flirt with Person A and always tells Person A to surprise them when ordering. Person A finds the disgusted faces Person B makes amusing, but sometimes Person B surprisingly likes what they’re given. Person A is forced to get creative when they start running out of weird flavors and starts getting either ridiculously small or large amounts of ice cream which Person B takes all in stride. Then one day, when Person B says surprise them, Person A leans over the counter and kisses them and asks a flustered Person B if that was enough of a surprise.


I am absolutely in love with date based truffles. There are so many ways you can customize them using whatever you have around to really make delicious, sweet, grab and go energizing bites. They’re perfect for me before early morning workouts to get a quick boost, in the afternoon on my way out the door, or a few as a night time treat that tastes incredible and is good for me too! None of these truffles have any added sugar, all of them are gluten free, and the only non-vegan ingredient is whey protein powder in some of them which can very easily be swapped for a vegan protein powder or left out completely (add equal parts nuts to make up the texture difference). I hope these truffles inspire you to get creative and create your own unique flavors! I know I’m certainly going to keep experimenting! :)

For more healthy, easy dessert ideas go here! :)

The Best Lip Balm You’ll Ever Use!

Hi friends! It’s time for our very first DIY beauty product! I think it’s fitting to make the first one lip balm, because who doesn’t love lip balm? This recipe is super easy with as little as four ingredients! It’s comparable to Burt’s Bees but at a fraction of the cost!

What You’ll Need:

3 Tbs Beeswax

2 Tbs Shea Butter

¼ Cup Grapeseed Oil (you can use jojoba, olive, almond oil instead)

8 drops Vitamin E oil (extends the life of the lip balm, great for your skin)


15 drops of essential oil (in this recipe I used 10 drops of Spearmint and 5 drops Vanilla extract)

In a double boiler (if you don’t have a double boiler, set a glad measuring cup into a pan of simmering water, that’s what I did!) melt the beeswax and she butter. Once both are melted add the grapeseed oil and Vitamin E oil. The oils will combine very easily with the others so once you add them you can remove from heat. Now that it’s removed from the heat you can add the essential oils for flavor and scent.

Use an eye dropper to fill the containers. This will reduce the chance of overfilling or spilling the lip balm. You can buy empty chapstick and lip balm containers online but I saved some containers (lip balm addict) and reused them!

That’s it! It’s that simple! Once the lip balm is in the containers, let it cool for about an hour and you are good to go! With this recipe I was able to fill three tubes and seven little pots! I have enough lip balm to last for years!

Get creative with the flavors! You can do it with no flavoring, but there are so many options! The next batch I make, I’m thinking lemon-lavender or ginger-orange blossom!

Any questions? Please feel free to send me an ask!


These are amazing! I call them breakfast puddings because they’re the perfect make-ahead, no time in the morning, sleep as long as possible, grab on you’re way out the door breakfast (can you see what my mornings are like? haha)! I came up with these 3 varieties based on what I had around but you should absolutely feel free to get creative! I also used plain Greek yogurt and flavored it with vanilla and honey but you could also start with a flavored yogurt and use toppings that compliment it (lemon yogurt with blueberries? yum!).

I made my pudding the night before then spent 10 minutes assembling all my jars Saturday afternoon so that through the week I had a delicious, super healthy breakfast ready to go. I like to enjoy my jar with a nice big soy latte but you could also pair this jar with a piece of fruit, toast, or cheese to make it a full meal.

For more easy breakfast ideas go here and for more healthy dessert recipes go here (okay I’ll admit it, these are dessert for breakfast but with 9g protein and nutrient-packed chia seeds I’m okay with that!)

3-2-1 Microwave Cake

This personal sized cake is easy to make, easy to have on hand, and easy to remember!

Ingredients: 2 different cake mixes: one angel cake and one other flavor (I used Betty Crocker angel food cake and devil’s food cake). Depending on where you purchase, this whole recipe can be under six or seven dollars for many servings! (and i mean many)

Prep: pour the powdered cake mixes into a large container, such as a storage jar or tupperware. mix well. 

Making the cake: in a microwave-safe mug, mix 3 tablespoons of cake powder mixture and 2 tablespoons of water. microwave for 1 minute. be careful removing the mug from the microwave, it will be very hot. let cool for a minute or so. serve as-is or with a small amount of whipped cream or ice cream if available. you could even drizzle with a little chocolate syrup if desired. 

Optional: before microwaving, stir in some mini chocolate chips or some flavored syrup (chocolate, caramel) to add even more flavor. the mixture is thin so the chocolate chips will likely sink to the bottom, so just be aware of that. serve this cake as-is or with a small amount of whipped cream or ice cream on top, if available. you could even drizzle the cake with a little chocolate syrup!

Have fun experimenting with this! This is a yummy midnight snack or afternoon sweet treat. Get creative with flavors… there are a lot of cake mixes out there that you could mix with the angel food cake. Enjoy!

Dietary info: Betty Crocker cake mixes are not wheat, egg, or soy free, and they may contain small amounts of dairy. Be sure to check the nutrition info of whatever brand you purchase if you have an allergy or dietary condition.

Top 7 of 2013

Yeah, I’m jumping on the “Top __ of 2013” bandwagon. Here are my seven favorite recipes of 2013! Let the countdown begin…

7. Pumpkin Spice Sort-Of Doughnuts

Essentially just a really awesome pumpkin bread batter baked in doughnut pans. (click for recipe)

6. Toasted Almond Biscotti

Biscotti is so underrated! These toasty, just-sweet-enough, just-hard-enough cookies make the perfect coffee companions. (click here for recipe)

5. Easy Homemade Marinara Sauce

Extremely easy and extremely flavorful. (click here for recipe)

4. Asian Milk Toast (Tangzhong Method)

You’ve got to try the tangzhong method of bread-making at least once. Please. (click here for recipe) If you want to be a little healthier, go ahead and make whole wheat toast.

3. Homemade Rosemary Cheddar “Cheez-Its”

I discovered this recipe last week and have already made three batches. These cheese crackers are addicting. (click here for recipe)

2. Super-Soft Butter Rolls

Soft and buttery - the perfect dinner roll (or breakfast roll, lunch roll…). You can get creative and make flavored dinner rolls by substituting other liquids for the water and milk. (click here for recipe)

1. Halloween Cake Pops

If only it made sense to make these all year round… (click here for a tutorial)

Hope everyone had a fun and safe NYE! Happy 2014!



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Hi! So, I've been struggling with particularly terrible writer's block for over a year now. I've tried to get past it with free-writing and all of that, but I never know what to free-write about! Any suggestions?

Free Writing

Well, free writing is all about writing whatever is on your mind. Problem is that when we sit down to write, we try too hard to think of what to write, as opposed to just letting something unfold. You can start by writing something simple, like what you’re wearing, or what you had for breakfast, and just let your train of thought take you where it will.

Maybe you start by writing that you had Cheerios for breakfast, which leads you to realize that you think the other flavors of Cheerios are gross, which most people probably think is weird but you think that if you’re going to eat a healthy cereal, you might as well make it healthy right? Except you usually follow it up with a gooey blueberry muffin which doesn’t really contribute to the whole healthy breakfast thing. Hey, I just realized that when I make muffins at home, I always have to put butter on them but I never do that with bakery muffins, but maybe that’s cause homemade muffins are usually so dry, especially those like instant ones where you just add water. My mom always used those muffins so I grew up eating muffins with butter on them. She wasn’t honestly the greatest cook, but looking back I actually enjoyed nearly everything she fed me. Maybe it’s a mom thing. Maybe we all think our moms are great cooks until we get out into the real world and see what kinds of food other people are making…

^ That is free writing. I started with a very basic thought, and allowed my mind to just get creative. Yes, some of this is true, but I actually love the other flavors of Cheerios and I limit my muffin intake as much as I can. So when you write, you just let your brain make associations. If this were a real story, I probably wouldn’t use most of this nonsense, but I did uncover something real here: The idea that we all think our mothers are great cooks when we’re young, whether it’s true or not. That’s a thought I could expand on, or even use as the jumping off point for a story. Did I know I was going to write that when I started writing about Cheerios? Not at all. I just kept writing until I found something worth thinking about.

Free writing is a jumbling, bumbling mess half the time, and it doesn’t always make sense. When I was in school, my professor would have us start a workshop by free writing, and she would walk around watching us, listening for pencil scratches. And when she saw us pausing, she’d tell us to keep writing. Because if we were pausing, we were thinking.

There are many different kinds of what we call “writer’s block,” but the kind where you’re lacking in ideas is a relatively easy one to fix. If free writing doesn’t work for you, try prompts. Image prompts in particular are wonderful, because they usually provide you with a character or a setting right off the bat. Write World posts many of these so follow them if you don’t already. 

One of my old teachers had an exercise where you sit by the road and watch cars go by. Choose a car and write a story about the people inside. When I did this, I saw a truck with an old couch in the back, so I made up a story about where the couch had come from, where it was going, and how the people driving it felt about getting rid of it.

Writing is about asking questions, so observe things in life and just ask questions about them. Make things up. And keep making things up until something interests you long enough to develop into something bigger. Keep pushing yourself, and I’m sure you’ll discover something that inspires you soon.