getting called names

literally cannot wait to go back to morocco and eat some karantika 


It’s been a while since I’ve edited Jack but I watched his serious video and going through the comments broke me. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but Jack was getting called hurtful and vulgar names and I felt bad and sad. I love this Irish bean so much and he is the kindest sweetest person ever and he gives us so much💚💚
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Now whoever is giving Michael and Lindsay shit over the sex reveal can fUCKING STOP IT


i’m shippy trash and find cute pairings everywhere :’D


the ballad of mona lisa // panic! at the disco


in the manga the writing was only scribbles, but in the OVA it’s all real words. real small words that i can only take an educated guess at

I have been thinking seriously about this, but even as a real god, there are times when you get distracted, and these gaps in your attention are a constant worry. For example, after bathing, when you pass through a room where shinki are present and cross in front of the TV while undressed, like the other day. Certainly this attitude may be preferable to [being overly formal?], but it would be nice if you would give a little more consideration to [??]. Additionally, while I’m not necessarily complaining about your divine garb, I have concerns about always wearing clothes that expose your shoulders and chest like that. As such, if there happened to be some other god who addressed you rudely because of it, while it is certainly that person who is at fault, I still feel that it would be better for you to put on even just one more layer. Furthermore, I already mentioned this, but [something about being too kind and unable to abandon spirits and naming too many shinki being worrisome]On the other hand, there is the matter of your scant familiarity with your various shinki, which perhaps I should not dare to mention here, but I cite as a matter of concern as it might possibly reduce your burden. Though I do feel that [it] is always excessive, because there are reasons for being a [?] god it cannot be completely denied; but again, as a shinki, it is always a point of concern.

I forgot to add, the other day while [?], Kuraha noticed [?]. Although I would not want you to stay armed all the time, it may be prudent to be a little more careful.

As a person who bears the wishes and pain of many, it may seem impossible, but I hope there will come a day when you can rest without being bound to anyone.

One more thing. All of us shinki are willing to do all we can to increase your popularity and make you the center of the Seven. I think that appeal is in the

“this guy…” x  x

whenever bitty says anything remotely NSFW or inappropriate the Frogs cover their ears and scream “MOOOOM STOOOPP”

Bitty thinks it’s the sweetest most hilarious thing he’s ever seen

they extend it to Jack too, his dry jokes and chirps are met with “Dad PLS”

ch 104

Took a look at the scanlation… oh no. There’s just… too much. My heart especially mourns the whole exchange between Ui and Matsuri, because it is hilarious. I don’t know how much it comes through in the scanlation, but Ui is the most passive-aggressive spoiled Princess. I love him in this mode. Let’s see, I tried to do justice to their respective dialogue (even though at this point it’s been translated like 5 times). It’s probably not as funny as I think it is. Imagine Ui widening his eyes and staying calm and polite, while Matsuri grows more terse with every word.

Matsuri: What’s the meaning of this.

Ui: The meaning of what?

Matsuri: Who authorized this operation?

Ui: It needed to be authorized by someone?

Matsuri: Yeah. Me. The acting Bureau Director.

Ui: First of all, the jurisdiction of that position was never officially sanctioned.

Matsuri: It’s customary. In an emergency, a Washuu blood relative within the bureau assumes executive authority.

Ui: Isn’t First class Furuta also a Washuu blood relative? Meaning, he has the same executive authority.

Matsuri: Let’s say it’s true. As a Special class, I still outrank him.

Ui: Well then, consider me his proxy. Any decision he makes goes through me, and I’m also a Special class.

Matsuri: …Right.

Oh, and one other big thing for me was Aura’s message to Aura Jr. 

“Don’t become so obsessed with a foe before you that you lose yourself. I pray that your hatred of the One-Eyed King does not consume you.”