getting bullied by his brother in law

Tai: Oooooh, look at me! I’m the famous Qrow Branwen. I’m sarcastic, suave, and have issues telling the difference between women’s and men’s fashion.

Qrow: -sigh- Tai, Short Stack and I just got back from a long mission and I haven’t had the time to–

Tai: Look at my beautiful man bun~ I’m Qrow Branwen, a manly huntsman~ I once wore a skirt in school~

Qrow: …Are you done yet? How are you even making fun of me? You have one, too–

Tai: People are beginning to question my sexuality~




And that is the story of how Tai got a black eye and broken nose.

Warm-up before I start a new comic. I have had this thought for about a week now. Like…guys…STRQ daddy’s in MAN BUNS.

Qrow usually takes Tai’s jokes with a grain of salt, but sometimes he gets his buttons pushed a little too much.

These bro’s take jokes to the next level and don’t care if they get hurt in the process. Taiyang still has that prankster, bully nature from school and forgets that Qrow can kick his ass. They’re friend, close brother-in-laws and this is how they show affection sometimes…by pissing the other one off.

They’ll be sharing a beer later that night and having a good laugh.

There’s a common trope that really irritates me of the put-upon everyman who goes on to reclaim his masculinity through violence. It seems to be especially common at the beginning of movies and TV where the main character is going to do some heinous shit later so the writers want to grab our sympathy up front.

Walter White at the beginning of Breaking Bad is a perfect example: he teaches in a school where the kids don’t respect him, he works at a car wash where the boss doesn’t respect him, his wife is friendly in a perfunctory way and doesn’t make him the center of her life, and his brother-in-law is more successful and doesn’t respect him. Oh and he gets cancer, because the world hates him too.

Lester Nygaard at the beginning of Fargo has a similar thing going on: he is an insurance salesman who cannot convince customers, his younger brother is far more successful, taller, and doesn’t respect him (“I tell people you’re dead”), his high-school bully is more successful in life and still bullies him, and his wife finds him a failure of a man and doesn’t look at him while they have sex so she can imagine more successful men. Ouch.

Anyway, the frustrating part is that some of this really does deserve sympathy! People can suffer from abusive bosses and abusive partners and people want and need to feel valued by others around them. If ideals of masculinity have made these men feel even more like failures then that’s sad too, and it would be so heart-warming to see them react in productive ways to this challenge, for example by seeking to build strong relationships with other men, find meaning in non-work activities, and cultivate a better family life that isn’t just founded on them being a financial provider.

But they don’t of course, they go on to kill a bunch of people and indulge in violent movie heroics ranging from morally questionable to morally abhorrent which their initial suffering is meant to justify or at least partially explain.

It’s okay to tell stories about bad people, or tragic stories about people in difficult situations or people who make the wrong choices, but so many uses of this trope just end up reinforcing the idea that no really if your life sucks you have to react with violence to fix it that is literally the only way and I strongly dislike it.

BMP: Prince Academy (Headcanon & short FF)

Be My Princess

What if: The princes are studying together in a class? What type of students will they be?

(Headcanon alert)

I know a similar headcanon had been done before but I am writing one about the type of students they will be in class. :) 


Prince Keith will be the one that a lot of people (the guys, especially) looks up to, the gang leader basically. I can see him being a bully to weaker students as well. His quick temper/guts to challenge will get him into trouble with the teachers/Joshua.The girls find him scary, but at the same time attractive. 

Prince Wilfred will be the quiet one in the corner of the class, reading his book, seemingly cold and unapproachable. But he is charismatic, thus a lot of girls will fawn all over him; forming a secret Wilfred/Spencers Brothers fan club. He is the quiet Prince Charming of the class.

Prince Joshua, no doubt, the class monitor who keeps the law and order in class. He reprimands anyone who breaks the school/class rules (come late to class, didn’t do homework etc), which means he often gets into arguments with Prince Keith. Oh and I see him making up his own class rules as well.

Prince Roberto is the class clown, always the center of attention. He is always surrounded by the students as he entertain them with his antics & jokes. He is well-liked by both students and teachers (with exception of a certain someone =P).

Prince Edward, the straight As Mr Perfect at everything, the one that all students turn to for help (in homework, especially). However most students find him eccentric with his poetry-like speech and his obsession over roses.

Prince Glenn, the one with a lot of extra curriculum activities. He is always involved with competitions for his club, archery. Glenn is also, always, missing for class although with valid reasons. I can see him skipping class too if the class is a bore for him.

Lord Nobel Michel is, of course, the principal!

Short fanfiction under the cut! :D

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polycrastinator  asked:

I give you the ship either Davekat or Cronkri

(I’m gonna do both because I like both)


Who kills the bugs: Karkat (I can see Dave freaking out over a tiny bug and Karkat just killing it like, “what are you so afraid of?”)
Who hogs the sheets: Both
Who hates mornings: Both
Who’s cranky before they had their coffee: Karkat (he’ll just do a murder-glare at you until he’s had at least two cups)
Who’s doesn’t like their mother in law: I’d say Dave (partly because of Crabdad, or Signless, depending on the au)
Who drives: Dave (don’t let Karkat drive the car)
Who gets horny in awkward public places: Dave, and then Karkat (because Dave’ll start coming on to Karkat and, well…)
Who had a scene phase: Dave (we don’t talk about that)
Who wore braces: Neither
Who got bullied: Both (Dave because of his brother lurking everywhere, Karkat because of his nubby horns)
Who collects ceramic elephants: Dave (cuz you know, for ironic purposes)


Who kills the bugs: Cronus tries to, but he gets lectured by Kankri on bugs living free and some such
Who hogs the sheets: Cronus (fucking ass)
Who hates mornings: Kankri’s pretty good with mornings, Cronus likes them a little less, but still kind of neutral
Who’s cranky before they had their coffee: Kankri. (Kankri will stab you if you so much as look his way. Cronus tried flirting with him one morning while Kankri was making coffee. He walked into the hospital with a fork in his shoulder.)
Who’s doesn’t like their mother in law: Kankri, Cronus is kind of neutral
Who drives: They both do
Who gets horny in awkward public places: Cronus is just constantly in varying degrees of horniness
Who had a scene phase: Kankri did at one point. I think Porrim burned some of his outfits and then gave him his sweater.
Who wore braces: Little, dorky Cronus Ampora
Who got bullied: Little, wizarding Cronus Ampora. When Kankri found out, they had comfort cuddles.
Who collects ceramic elephants: Kankri does, Cronus doesn’t like them.

31 Amazing Movie Star School Photos

Celebs get ready to cringe, let’s have a look in that yearbook…

It’s… Chris Pratt
The Jurassic Park star and all-round Hollywood nice guy shared this adorable photo of himself aged 13 to support his brother-in-law, Robert Faris, who has produced a special report on CNN about teen bullying. (Credit: Rex Features/Instagram)

It’s… Peter Dinklage
(Credit: Rex Features)

It’s… Robert Downey Jr.
(Credit: Rex Features)

It’s… Anne Hathaway
(Credit: Rex Features)

It’s… Alec Baldwin
(Credit: Rex Features)

It’s… Channing Tatum
(Credit: Rex Features)

It’s… Bradley Cooper
(Credit: Rex Features)

It’s… Jack Nicholson
(Credit: Rex Features)

It’s… Sandra Bullock
(Credit: Rex Features)

It’s… Owen Wilson
(Credit: Rex Features)

It’s… Mila Kunis
(Credit: Rex Features)

It’s… Ben Affleck
(Credit: Rex Features)

It’s… Matt Damon
(Credit: Rex Features)

it’s… Amy Adams
(Credit: Rex Features)

It’s… Hugh Jackman
(Credit: Rex Features)

It’s… Renee Zellweger
(Credit: Rex Features)

It’s… Stanley Tucci
(Credit: Rex Features)

It’s… Zooey Deschanel
(Credit: Rex Features)

It’s… James Franco
(Credit: Rex Features)

It’s… Jeff Bridges
(Credit: Rex Features)

It’s… Naomi Watts
(Credit: Rex Features)

It’s… Paul Rudd
(Credit: Rex Features)

It’s… Pamela Anderson
(Credit: Rex Features)

It’s… Harrison Ford
(Credit: Rex Features)

It’s… Justin Long
(Credit: Rex Features)

It’s… Megan Fox
(Credit: Rex Features)

It’s… Shia LaBeouf
(Credit: Rex Features)

It’s… Jessica Chastain
(Credit: Rex Features)

It’s… Nicolas Cage
(Credit: Rex Features)

It’s… Emma Stone
(Credit: Rex Features)

It’s… Charlie Sheen
(Credit: Rex Features)