getting brutally kicked in the face

Here’s a thing that happened to one of my friends. I was there.

Basically, we were walking down the sidewalk, talking about something meaningless. I think it had to do with a movie. Then this bus screeches up, stops next to us, and a bunch of people with “Down with Cis” shirts climbed out and started beating him up. I was punched and kicked a bit too, but I managed to avoid brutalization by going for their faces. After figuring out what’s happening, I started attacking them back, getting them off of him. He was quite injured but I called 911 and he made a full recovery at the hospital. I was fine, with only a cut on my arm that they patched up.

Hey there, I really love your blog! Makes me smile whenever I read one (especially during a hard time like now, my dad’s passed away last week) Anyway, can I have a scenario where Sabo/Mihawk/Zoro/Law’s s/o is attacked and they rush in to save them, being like “don’t you touch my woman!”?        

A/N: I am so sorry about loss, I wish you the best. If you need someone to talk to, you can always message me! When I read your request, I wanted to do it right away, but it took a bit longer. I hope this puts a smile on your face. Thank you for requesting! (Also, humandrill are the monkeys on mihawks island + The zoro one is fictional, please don’t drink too much and especially don’t go someone alone while drunk! 🌺🌺🌺🌺 )


S/O is in danger and they come and save them


“I hope she likes pineapples…”

The blonde man nervously went through his hair. He could practically hear koala laugh in his head, “You’re so whipped for her!” But it was true, he knew it. Sabo was completely wrapped around your little finger, just one glance from you or one smile and he turned into jelly. It was the first time he had ever felt like this, he never knew something like this even existed, but like his brown haired friend told him, “You’re in love with Y/N!”, and he was. Head over heels in love with you.

The revolutionary walks along the busy streets of the market, through the shouting voices of people trying to get him to buy their vegetables and turns around every two seconds, searching for you. You both had to get some fruits and vegetables, dragon insisted that you could go alone, but Sabo had thought of every excuse his brain could think of, only to come with you. He remembers perfectly how you had bitten your lip and stared at the ground, avoiding his gaze. He wishes he could have taken your chin in his hand, push your face up and kissed you right on your lips, like in those romantic movies you and koala always watched, but sadly, he couldn’t.

He plays with the pineapple in his left hand and frowns. He wanted to walk with you, but you were so stubborn.

“Sabo, I can walk alone.”, he remembers your sweet voice. “I’m not going to get attacked by someone while I buy tomatoes!” He still feels his heart beating faster at the thought of your laugh.

“Y/N… your leg is still injured from the training with Ivank-”

“That doesn’t mean I’m not strong enough to defend myself!”, you said. Your features turned softer. “If I see someone trying to kill me with a banana, I will call for you. I promise.” And so he had agreed to let you go alone. He had a bad feeling though, he couldn’t say why, but something just did not feel right in his heart.

“Handsome boy!”, an elderly woman called out to him. “This fruit will change your life! Come on, come on! Take one bite, you’ll love it!” Somehow, he got interested. He stopped at her basket and tasted fruits, fruits he never even heard of. The woman looked at him in such a friendly way, Sabo almost forget about his worries. But just almost.

He rummaged through his pocket, searching for the money to pay the woman with, when his ears caught your sweet voice, screaming out for him in pure horror. Instantly, he let go of everything and turned around, eyes searching for your familiar face. He couldn’t find you at first, there were too many people, too many voices. Heads were turning in every way, searching for the person who just screamed, making it harder for Sabo to find you.

Your scream echoed once again and this time Sabo knew where you were. He jumped over the heads of other people in a heartbeat, you the only on his mind. He didn’t even notice in which direction he was running. At the very end of the street, everything turned quiet. The street was almost empty and Sabo wondered, is this really where you were? Suddenly, your scream cut through the silence. Then, he saw you.

You stood in the very corner of the street, fruit baskets and their content swimming around your feet, eyes wide open in fear. In front of you were three men, all dressed in black, cornering you with no way out. “Y/N!”, the blonde man called.

“Sabo!”, you screamed back, feeling relief washing over you at his sight. You were just minding your own business, picking out the ripest fruit for your blond friend, when someone had grabbed your shoulder and pushed you against the shelves. All of the content toppled onto the ground, you turned around angrily, ready to tell the person off, when you turned around however, you saw three men, who were double the size of you.  Normally, you could have fought them, but not with your injured leg.

“If we bring her to the marines, we will get so much berry!”, one of them had said. They stared at you in such an animalistic way, you got sick. You had glanced around you, but no one else was close and all three of them easily block your way. So you had taken a deep breath and called out for one of your best friends; Sabo.

“Do not touch her.” Sabo said, voice trembling with anger. He had to get you out of there as quickly as he could. His hands suddenly started to burn, dangerous red flames erupted in between his fingers. “I’m warning you only once; let her go now or you will regret it. ”

“Isn’t that the Sabo kid? Today is our lucky day!”, the man on the very left said. “If we bring him to the marines too, we will drown in berry!”

“We will regret it?”, the man in the middle asked. He was the biggest one from the three, probably the leader. “I hate kids like you, we will show you, how much you will regret!”

The three men glared at the blonde boy, Sabo glared right back.

You blinked once, and then the whole corner erupted into a big fire. You gasped, about to hide somewhere, when a warm hand softly caught yours. Sabo was suddenly by your side and stared at you in between all those flames. You could hear the three men scream in fear, but neither of you cared.  “Can you wait two seconds for me, love?”

You nod once and he let go of your hand. You bend down and grab the food around your feet, trying your best to pull the baskets back up. You faintly register your opponents scream and sounds of faces meeting the wall, too busy to get the vegetables back into their basket. Suddenly, a cold hand grabs your arm. “There you are!”, one of the men screams into your face. “Now be a good girl and come with me!”

He starts to pull you towards him but you try your best to stay where you are. He suddenly grabs your shirt, pulls in such a brutal way, that the fabric tears. You kick him right in the face and clench your teeth at the pain that shoots through your leg.

“You little-”, the man screams and is about to hit you, when a hand grabs his tightly. “What-”

Sabo stands behind him, eyes as dark as the night from anger. He is breathing heavily, not because he’s exhausted, no, because he is trying his best to get his flames under control from his emotions. His voice is the biggest contrast to his flames, you have ever heard.

“Do not touch my woman.”

You gasp. In middle of this mess, you still feel your heart jump at his words.

Sabo grabs the head of the man and smashes it against the the wall next to you. He falls onto the floor and lays there, unconscious. Now you realize, that everything turned quiet and the flames start to disappear slowly. You’re about to stand up, when you register your shirt being completely ripped, exposing your skin in more ways you’re comfortable with. So you stay put on the ground, shamefully hugging your legs to your chest.

“Here,” Sabo whispers to you, voice back to normal. He sounds like the cute, kind and friendly blonde boy again. You look up to him and see his jacket in his hand, offering it to you. “Just wear this.”

You thank him quietly and glance at him in shame. He frowns at first, but understands. His back is turned to you, while you put his blue jacket on.

“Can you walk?”, he asks you softly. You glance down on your leg and nod, but the boy is already crouching down in front of you. You smile shyly and crawl onto his back.

He grabs your bag of vegetables with his one hand and holds your leg softly with his other. That’s how you both get back to Dragon and the others.

You can’t help but thank Sabo for three days straight, feeling bad that he had to come and save you, but he just smiles. When you leave again, Koala runs towards her blonde friend and smirks.

“Look at you smiling. What a hero you are. Now you just gotta confess!” He grins and turns around, yeah, he thinks. Now he just has to confess.


The faint smell of wet leaves surround your figure comfortably. Sighing, you hug your arms closer to your body and keep walking into the forest. You can’t help but kick a pinecone on your way, you never were the kind of person to be so dramatic, really. But today? Today was not your day.

For some reason, you had started a fight with your lover, Mihawk. You knew he hated unnecessary drama, you knew it, but yet you could not help yourself when you threw word after word at him.

You were being a pain in the ass, even yourself noticed that, but you didn’t stop. Mihawk had stood by the window, white shirt open and his typical neutral expression mustering you in silence. That made you even angrier, how dare he just stare at you in silence? The fight was rather one sided and at the end you just left with, “Alright then! I will leave!” And that’s what you did. Completely consumed by your own anger, you had left the castle and walked into the forest, without a jacket, without a light, without any weapon, but a head full with regrets.

You can hear an owl scream next to you, making you almost trip from surprise. “Stupid thing…”, you mumble, not knowing if you mean yourself or the animal.

The moon was giving you a bit of light, but the way in middle of the forest was still too dark to make something out. You couldn’t even see two metres in front of you. A sigh leaves your lips another time and you stop walking. The fresh air was giving you enough strenght to realize, you had to go back and apologize. You turn around and take one step. Suddenly, you feel something weird around you, so you squint your eyes in concentration and try to make out what it is, your blood freezing in your veins at the sight that confronts you.

A humandrill was standing in front of you, mustering you curiously. You swallow down a gasp and take a step back, only for you to trip over a root and fall down. The animal starts to come closer, you slowly crawling back on the ground with every step it takes.

Shit, you think. You didn’t even notice how far you were going and now you were already too far away from the castle, so far, the humandrill were slowly starting to surround you. Mihawk had warned you about them, even though they would never come too close to the castle. He still warned you about going too close to them. And look at you, running into the arms of the only thing that could potentionally hurt you on this island.

You notice more and more eyes appearing around you, making your own eyes water with fear. You could never, never fight one of them, let alone all of them together. Suddenly, the animal in front of you starts to make a loud noise and runs towards you, a sword raised high and aiming at you.

You shield your eyes with your arms and scream. You were so stupid, so freaking stupid!

You wait for the pain to shoot through your body. A tear escapes your eye, a sob following close by. Now you could never laugh with Perona over stupid things again, never smell the beautiful forest that was so scary but so interesting, and the worst, you could never see Mihawk again. Never lay in his arms again, never stare into the beautiful eyes of your lover again, simply because you were too stupid.

You wait and wait… and wait, but nothing happens. Instead, you hear not very human- like gasps surround you and screams of fear swimming in your ears. Your arms slowly lower, you peeking.

Instead of the animal, Mihawk stands in front of you, black sword raised in warning. You don’t see his face, but from the way he stands in front of you, he seems to be mad, furious even.

“Don’t touch my woman.”, he says lowly and even you feel the goosebumps spread on your body. The animal looks terrified, takes a few slow steps back and sprints into the darkness. You hear loud noises around you, a mess of heavy footsteps echoing around you.

Mihawk turns around and musters you shortly, then he crouches down. He puts an arm under your legs and the other one under your back, raising you up from the dirty ground into his warm chest.

“I’m sorry…”, you mumble and sniffle. He doesn’t say anything, instead, he pushes you closer towards him and walks the both of you back to the castle.

Mihawk only lets you down in your shared bedroom, where he takes your head in his hand and stares into your eyes for a long second. “The next time you want to run away, stay in the castle. It’s big enough and I will let you have your space if needed. I don’t want you to get hurt, not now and not later.” You nod shamefully and feel the tears burn in your eyes again.

“I’m sorry, it’s my fault, I don’t even know why I acted the way I did.”, you stare at the ground and lightly touch his hand on your face. “I’m really sorry.”

Your lover nods once and plants a soft kiss on your forehead. “Let’s sleep, my dear.”


“What are you sayin’, ” Zoro mumbled, glancing at you. “I never drink too much, you can never drink too much! ”

The green haired man laughed wholeheartedly at his statement and threw an arm around you, spilling some of the content in his glass on the table. You sipped at your own glass of sake and rolled your eyes in amusement.

The strawhat crew had just arrived at your island, where they were only supposed to get some food and new medication. The local at the island, however, fell in love with them as soon as they sat a foot on their ground. The mayor of the island even invited them over and thus, a big, loud banquet happened. You had to be honest too; when you saw the crew for the first time, you were amazed. They looked so strong, so unique and so interesting. The swordsman with the green hair was your favourite; you were already swept away from your feet at first glance. Those muscles, that smirk and all in all… your ideal type.

You couldn’t help yourself and so, you had gotten some sake, sat down next to him and flirted as much as you possibly could. You were scared at first, but the more alcohol you drowned, the better it suddenly got. You weren’t so sure, but you guessed, the swordsman cared more about his drink than about you. At first, he didn’t really care about you at all, but you wouldn’t let that pass. You bugged more and more, trying to find out more and more about him. His name was Zoro and he liked to drink. You guessed, you were fine with those information for now.

The more time passed, the more you guys started to enjoy each others company. After a few hours, the sun started to set and a few minutes later, it got dark. The lights turned on, one by one, shining brightly into everyone’s happy face, laughing and drinking- celebrating the new build friendship.

After some time and a lot bottles alcohol, heads were thrown back in laughter, bodys were pressed against each other and cheeks were burning red; either from the alcohol or from the person next to you.

“I think I’ll get something to drink for us.” You say and stare at your empty glass. Zoro nods and stares at his own almost empty one. Then, he smirks at you.

“You know how to make me happy.”, he slurs and you giggle. You stand up, your head suddenly spinning at the alcohol in your veins. “Are you okay? Sure you can go alone?”, he asks again and laughs. You nod heavily.

“Of course!”, you call out, louder than expected and leave the table. Your vision turns a bit blurry and you’re not sure if you’re really walking towards the bar, but your feet can’t stop anymore. You keep walking and after some time, you’re standing in between bushes, no orientation to where you are.

“Oh no,” you mumble to yourself and try to turn around, when a hand on your shoulder stops you. Your drunk mind barely registers the strong smell of liquid, stronger than everyone’s you have met so far, hitting you, so you curiously turn around and muster the person behind you.

In front of you stands an elder man, smiling wickedly at your face. His face is covered in dirt and you can see boughs sticking out from his messy hair, making you frown. You should probably leave…

“Do you want to come with me, cutie?”, he asks and takes a step closer. His breath hits you face and you can’t help but groan in displeasure. You wanted to leave. Now. “I have a nice and cozy place, just for the both of us.”

“No, I don’t think so.”, you say and try to go back to the others, when he grabs your arm roughly, shoving you against a tree. You notice his pupils grow and gulp nervously.

“Really? That’s too sad.”, the man whispers and comes closer, almost touching your cheek with his nose. “You’re so beautiful.”

You take a deep breath and kick with your foot, almost hitting the man between his legs. He jumps back fast enough and glares at you in anger. You take the chance and turn around, about to run, when you crash into something hard.

You look up and stare into the eye of the green haired swordman; Zoro.

“Y/N, stand behind me.” You do as told and hide behind your previous drinking partner.

“Oi, grandfather, ” he says and pulls his Shusui visibly out of its hiding, making it gleam dangerously at the pervert. “I hope you’re not doing what I think you’re doing.”

“N-no, no! I would never, I-”, the man almost shouts, taking a few steps back. He looks mortified.

But Zoro already took two steps towards him, aiming his sword directly at the face of the old man. “Touch my woman one more time and it will be the last thing you will be touching, ” He glares at the man, making him visibly shiver at his next word. “ever.”

“I’m so sorry!”, the man calls out and runs into the opposite direction, tripping once, leaving you and Zoro alone. You stare at his back for a few seconds, too shocked to proceed what just happened.

“I- thank you…”, the adrenalin completely consumed the alcohol in your body, so much, you were sober again, like a cold splash of water hitting your face.

Zoro lazily turns around and musters you, “No problem. Are you hurt?” You shake your head. “Let’s go back then, I’m getting hungry. ”

The swordsman seems to be not affected by the alcohol at all, simply throws an arm around you and walks back to your table. On your way back, you can’t help but cling a bit to him, feeling safer than you have ever felt in his company.

“How did you even know where I was?”, you ask after a few minutes, now staring at your filled glass of ice cold water on the table, something you should have considered before.

“Hm?”, Zoro asks confused. He scratches his head for a second and shrugs. “I actually wanted to go to the toilet, but somehow I ended up where you were.”

You nod and smile shyly. “I’m glad you  came.”

To your surprise, the swordsman leans down and stares into your eyes, making your heart jump at the closeness.

“I’m glad, too.”


The wind blew through your hair, blocking your vision for a short time. You pay no mind to it and stare at your opponent two meters away from you. The pirate stares right back at you, the tension between you both at maximum.

“Unbelievable how someone as pretty as you is in that filthy crew with that filthy captain.” The man spits out, staring at you like you were something unworthy, like he was above you. “I will give you one last chance; join my crew or die here.”

You laugh dryly at the man’s statement. “You’re the only filthy person here. I will not join you, nor will I die.”

The pirate glares at you and shouts angrily, making the birds on the tree next to you fly away in fear. But you don’t care, instead, you start running towards him. He starts running too,  sword raised high. You both clash together, shouting in adrenaline. He tries his best to catch you with his sword, but you’re too fast; he can’t see you and then you’re behind him, kicking the side of his head so hard, he flies off to the side, crashing into several trees.

A huge cloud of dust erupts around you both, making it harder for you to see.

A few seconds pass, where you’re basically blind, you try your best to scan your surroundings, when you hear footsteps behind you. You turn around smoothly and raise your foot again, about to kick another time- with haki this time, when you stare into your favorite polar bear’s face.

“There you are! Captain will kill you, Y/N!” Bepo screams and pulls your arm, trying his best to get you back to the submarine.

Your crew had stopped at this island a few days ago and today was the day, where you were supposed to leave again, but you had other things in your mind. On your first day, you had noticed other pirates, who were not very fond of your arrival. They had tried to stare you down, made provocative comments and even insulted your captain, your captain! You were furious. On your first day, you were already ready to fight them, but Law had held you back. “They’re just some newbies, we’re not here to fight.” He had said, making you nod. Law was right. But, to your utter disappointment, they didn’t stop. Instead, it got even worse. On one day, your favorite bar on the island got destroyed and no one knew who it was- but you did. You knew it. It couldn’t have been someone else.

“Y/N, we will leave today, let it slide. We are only here to get medicine, not fight.” He had reminded you again, but you were burning with rage. How could you just leave! It would put shame on your crews name, and especially, on your captain. You couldn’t just leave, not today. So you sneaked out as soon as you saw Law being busy, running as fast as you could and confronted the pirates.

Here you were now, on some grass- field, in middle of a fight between the captain and you.

Bepo pulled harder, but you just shook your head. “No, I have to! Bepo, let go!”

“No! This is ridiculous! C'mon now!”, the bear frowned at you. “Or at least let me help!”

“Listen,” you were starting to get annoyed, grabbing onto you own head in irritation. “I can do it alone, I’m strong enough.” But the bear was too stubborn.

“Y/N, if you don’t let me help, I will call for-” Suddenly, the bear let go of you, eyes growing twice the size. “Behind you!”

You turned around, but it was already too late. Your opponent was running towards you in full speed, face dirty from the earlier contact with the ground. His sword was raised high, cutting the skin of your arm in one swift motion.

You hissed and jumped back, making sure to push Bepo away from the man. Blood was slowly dripping out of your arm, only a bit at first, but the more time passed, the more blood rushed out. “Y/N!” You heard the bear scream.

You have no time to cover your injury, because the pirate already aims for the second hit. You jump away, land behind him and turn around. He is slower than you, so you raise your foot in anger and kick, but instead of hitting your opponent, you hit the air five meters away from you.


You almost lose your balance and hold onto the tree next to you. “Law!”, you scream angrily.

Your dark haired lover stands where you stood a second ago and cuts with his sword through the body of your previous opponent. “Shambles.” You hear him mumble and then the body of the man turns into three separate parts.

“What-”, the man screams and stares at his legs flying away right in front of his eyes. “My body!”

Law smirks devilish and takes a step towards the head laying on the ground. He crouches down, still smirking, and grabs the head with his right head. “Don’t touch my woman ever again.” Then he throws the head back and walks towards you. You can hear Bepo cheering loudly in the background, but you’re too mad.

“That was my fight, Law! You’re so mean!”, you cross your arms in front of your chest and try your best to hide your injury, but the doctor already pulls your arm towards him, scanning the skin concentrated.

“Just one time.”, he mumbles. “Listen to me one fucking time.” You can hear how mad he is, but at the same time, you find a bit of amusement in his voice.

“I could have won, but Bepo was in the way!” You defend yourself angrily, earning a loud ‘hey!’ next to you. “The guy called you filthy!”

“Do I look like I care if he calls me filthy? His strength is as high as your level of listening to your captain; not fucking
existing.” Law says and lets your arm go. “You’ll be needing stitches.” He nods towards your arm.

You huff in annoyance and turn around, sassily walking back to the ship. “I told you!”, Bepo calls out laughing, falling silent at the cold glance you give him. “I’m sorry.”

Law slowly walks back behind the two of you, pulling his hat down to shield his smile. They were calling him stupid names, that’s why you fought them. He knew you could kick their asses if you wanted to, but you were his woman after all. As long as he was there, you had no reason to fight.

Deep down, the doctor was relieved that he had someone like you close to him; someone that had his back. Always.

Am I Distracting You?

Pairing: Dean Ambrose x Reader

Word Count: 1,019

Warnings: None

A/N: It’s my first post here and I had no idea I would be so nervous about it. I know it’s trash but you know what they say, practice makes perfect!

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You try catching your breath as you stumble into a corner of the ring. Tired and hurt, but still not willing to give up, you use the ropes to help yourself up. You and Nikki have had matches on numerous occasions before, but this match was much more different. This was a number one contenders’ match for the Smackdown Live Womens Championship. Since this was your first opportunity to get a chance to fight for the championship in a while, the stakes were incredibly high. Losing again would definitely not help you in the ranks.

“Come on, you can do this! Pull yourself together, Y/N” you mutter.

Nikki stood dazed and confused in the middle of the ring, still dizzy after the attacks from your substantial move set. This is your chance to finish her. You push yourself off of the ropes to gain momentum for your next move, a single leg dropkick. Nikki spun around just in time for the move to connect perfectly.

“Mammia mia!” Mauro Ranallo yelled from the commentators table.

You roll back into the corner of the ring, using the ropes to help yourself up again. A grin appears on your face when you spot Nikki lying motionless on the ring mat. You glanced at the crowd and embraced the cheers that dominated the whole arena. You proceed to stomp your foot, signalling to the crowd that you were about to preform your finishing move, a super kick. Nikki was slowly getting back to her feet. Just as you were about to deliver the brutal kick, the sound of an engine revving mixed with some cheers filled the arena.

“What the hell?!” you yell.

The commentators are almost as baffled as you are.

“You don’t think it’s-” Mauro gasped.

“Who else could it possibly be other than the lunatic fringe himself, Dean Ambrose?” JBL groaned.

“But what is he doing coming out here?!”

Once Dean came out, the crowd cheered even louder. He’s wearing his regular attire; the usual blue jeans, white sleeveless shirt, black combat boots and a black leather jacket to complete the whole ensemble. You stared at him for a few seconds. It wasn’t exactly hard to get lost in his baby blue eyes. Before you knew it, he was already halfway down the ramp.

“You shouldn’t stare, Y/N, it’s not polite. Then again, who can blame you?” he said in an almost mocking tone.

You clenched your fist and narrowed your eyes as you watched him make his way past the ring.

“Don’t you have to go be irritating somewhere else?” you asked.

Dean glanced down at his wrist and pretended to look at a watch.

“Hmm… No, not for another half an hour” he responded.

You scowled at him. It wasn’t until a few seconds passed by that he motioned for you to turn around. You furrowed your brow and spun around directly into a forearm smash from Nikki. You stumble around the ring a bit with your face in hand. Still dizzy, you walk straight into Nikki and she is quick to lift you up.

“Will she be able to pull off the Rack Attack for the number one contenders’ spot?” Mauro yelled.

“Come on, Y/N! Wouldn’t want to lose that opportunity for the title, now would we?” Dean called from ringside.

You barely managed to fight out of it and land on your feet. Nikki stood in the middle of the ring, frustrated. You grit your teeth and try your best to ignore the rest of the unintelligible yelling coming from Dean. You charge towards the middle of the ring, spearing Nikki. You lift your arm up and the crowd goes wild. In addition, Dean took off his leather jacket and swung it around. You looked over and rolled your eyes at him. You were about to go for the pin until…

“Let’s go, Y/N! Make daddy proud!” Dean yelled.

You knew you shouldn’t have, but you turned around anyway. Dean laughed.

“Sorry, am I distracting you?” he asked.

You shot Dean a dirty look hoping he got the message.

“Awh, you look cute even when you’re mad!” he teased.

You were about to open your mouth to respond until Nikki rolled you up for the pin.

“1… 2…” the referee counted.

You managed to kick out just in time. Nikki looked furious, and so were you.

“Will someone get that lunatic out of here!?” JBL yelled, “He’s interfering in a very important match!!”

That’s it, now you were riled up. The adrenaline kicked in and you sprung up to your feet. You pointed at Dean.

“How’s this for ya, Ambrose?” you yelled.

You backed up into the ropes, gaining momentum once more and gave Nikki a devastating clothesline, similar to the signature move Dean would always preform during matches. Dean admittedly looked a little surprised. You continued the assault with a Dirty Deeds to Nikki right in the middle of the ring. You went for the pin, still not breaking eye contact with Dean.

“1… 2… 3!” the referee shouted.

The referee lifted your arm.

“Your new number one contender for the Smackdown Live Womens Championship, Y/N!” cheered Mauro.

The crowd was filled with joy and began to chant your name. You were still catching your breath when Dean slipped into the ring. He casually walked over to you. You showed no expression when he gave you a big dimply smile. God, those dimples. You lifted your arm into the air one last time and the crowd roared. Dean didn’t take his eyes off you as he stood inches away. You eyed the lunatic and gave your lip a subtle bite.

“This isn’t over, Ambrose” you mumbled.

He was still looking at you as you slipped out of the ring. You sat on the ringside and before hopping off, you turned around one last time. Dean shot you a wink and waved to you. You chuckled. You made your way up the ramp, stopping once you got to the very top. You took one last moment to let out a deep breath and smile before continuing.

Tag You’re it (Edward Nygma x Reader)

This is just a snippet of something that came to my mind. Inspired by the song, Tag You’re It by Melanie Martinez. 

“I’ve been watching you for awhile.” He whispers in my ear. “It’s like you were made perfect for me. Someone who understands me, understands the darkness.”

I squirm against him, trying in some futile attempt to get away from him. “You’re a freak. I don’t even know who you are.” Kicking hard backwards, landing a swift blow on his shins, I run like hell, not bothering to look back.

The air is abruptly pushed from my lungs when I’m pushed face first into the concrete, the man from earlier tackling me harshly. I try to suck in any amount of air only succeeding in coughing brutally instead.

“Oh trust me, you will know me.” Even through my blurred vision I can see the smirk plastered across his face. “Tell me, what’s your name?”

I try to comment something rude in response but the words felt like they were took right out of my mouth, only the rasping sound of me trying to catch my breath filling the silence.

“I guess you’ll have to tell me later.” He laughs loudly.

(Should I make this a whole one shot? Add more to it? Maybe make it a few short snippets?


Some dumb doodles to get a little plot bunny out of my head…

Basically BoM Keith ending up on Earth after deviating from a mission after sensing something from the strange green and blue planet. Things don’t go as planned and ends up getting caught by military and taken to the labs for research and experiments.
There he meets Shiro, one of the scientists that invests a lot of time in Keith because HOLY SHIT ALIENS ARE REAL, and legitimately wanting to take in the welfare of their unexpected guest because the tests can be brutal. Goes as well as you’d expect at the start…A scar after a kick to the face, and first proper communication via taking offence to ‘Do you understand English/ A universal business language most alien species use to as a 2nd language?’ and morbid curiosity on how Shiro lost his arm (Humans are depressingly delicate)
Things get a little fun when tests find traces of human DNA in a blood sample 

the-cool-internet-guy  asked:

here's a thing that happened to one of my friends. I was there. Basically we were walking down the sidewalk, talking about something meaningless, i think it had to do with a card game. Then this bus screeches up, stops next to us, and Taako with a "Down With Cis" shirt climbed out and started beating him up. I was punched and kicked a bit too, but i managed to avoid brutalization by going for their faces. After figuring out what's happening, i started attacking him back, getting him off of hi

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That jimon superhero idea is really cute do you think you could do like headcanons of when simon ask jace to teach him self defense and jaces teaches him/they spend time together

hi!! sorry this is almost 24hours later. D: this verse - which is essentially about jace being a superhero and simon being catnip for evil and therefore jace’s frequent rescuee - may or may not go anywhere because i have 0 execution skills but if it ever does, these are some of the events that i’d want to happen as simon falls in love with jace / angel:

  • the very next day, simon runs into jace at their building lobby putting up flyers for a self defence class he teaches for free every tuesday and thursday. what a strange and serendipitous turn of events!! but, “oh man,” says simon, crestfallen, “my work schedule’s kind of all over the place though, i don’t think i can make it?” and jace’s gaze lingers on the bruise on simon’s jaw, the discolouration suggesting it was from the night before, and he says, “anytime you have an hour, just pop by to see if i’m home - looks like you needed to learn how to make a quick getaway years ago,” and simon is bewildered by the generosity of this offer but (obviously) he accepts 
  • jace is a brutal instructor and doesn’t cut simon any slack each time he takes simon down. “again,” he demands, “get up.” at first simon’s embarrassed by how easily jace kicks his ass, flustered by how jace is even more attractive when he’s covered in sweat and pinning simon down, face so close that simon can clearly see the darker roots of his eyelashes and follow the curve of the individual lashes to their delicate golden tip. but as their sessions keep going, simon stops seeing jace as someone he wants to make out with and instead as a threat he needs to take down. it shakes simon to realize what an easy target he is, how he might be dead if angel hadn’t saved him all those times and the reality is that if someone devastatingly sexy was trying to murder him - well, he can’t just let them because he’s too distracted by their beautiful eyes

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Here’s a thing that happened to one of my friends. I was there.

Basically, we were walking down the sidewalk, talking about something meaningless. I think it had to do with a movie. Then this bus screeches up, stops next to us, and a bunch of people with “Down with Blackhawks” shirts climbed out and started beating him up. I was punched and kicked a bit too, but I managed to avoid brutalization by going for their faces. After figuring out what’s happening, I started attacking them back, getting them off of him. He was quite injured but I called 911 and he made a full recovery at the hospital. I was fine, with only a cut on my arm that they patched up.

Here’s a thing that happened to one of my friends, John C. Miller. I was there.

Basically, we were walking down the sidewalk, talking about something meaningless. I think it had to do with a movie. Then this bus screeches up, stops next to us, and a bunch of people with “Down with John C. Miller, President and CEO of the Denny’s Corporation, he is a capitalist running dog and his wealth must be seized and redistributed to the people” shirts climbed out and started beating him up. I was punched and kicked a bit too, but I managed to avoid brutalization by going for their faces. After figuring out what’s happening, I started attacking them back, getting them off of him. He was quite injured but I called 911 and he made a full recovery at the hospital. I was fine, with only a cut on my arm that they patched up.

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(And finally after the long, awful wait, it’s here! I really hope it turned out good! Sorry for making you all wait forever.)

He had been watching her for weeks now. The mysterious girl had caught his eye as he was venturing down the muggy streets of Gotham. She had been in a shop window, fixing a flower display that had fallen over. Her hair fell over her shoulders gently, her eyebrows knit together in concentration, her teeth biting down gently into her lip. Edward had paused, watching her from the short distance. His curiosity evidently peaked. Eyes followed her as she finished her business and made her way back into the depths of the store. Ed made a mental note, the name of the store, where it was, and the girl he saw. His day was far too busy to pursue anything at the moment, but it was clear, he would be coming back soon enough.

The day was far too long. Who knew that so many people would need bouquet after bouquet. I sighed a heavy sigh of relief as the clock ticked to closing hour. The store was void of customers. The flowers sat in their pots of water, their cheerful heads turned towards the plant lights above.

I took a deep breath, the floral scent enveloping my lungs. Checking that the cash from the till was counted and locked away in the safe at the back, I did my final checks, and made my way outside.

I always hated the streets of Gotham at night. They were bad enough during the day. Now with the news reporting almost weekly of maniacs and psychotics running about, it didn’t make a girl feel to safe about walking alone, even if it was for a short distance.

Having an apartment all the way on the other side of Gotham made the commute to work difficult, but in a city such as this, wherever you got a job, you made it work.

Setting a brisk and steady pace, I made my way down the streets attempting to get to the abandoned parking lot as quickly as I could, not wanting to chance any story worthy encounters with some freak on the street.

Edward glanced at his watch. Half past nine, she should be arriving any time now. After watching her for nearly a month, since that fateful day, he decided she was truly someone who he could be with. Someone who would understand and treat him the way no other would. The darker part of his psyche would whisper it constantly to him. When he was just working in the lab, or examining a crime scene, the sinister voice would creep into his mind, reminding him of the girl and her potential with him.

The shadow of a figure crawling upon the walls caught his attention. A sinister smile creeped on his face. It was her.

“Show time.” His dark voice whispered as he unlocked the door and made his way out.

My breath came out in uneven puffs as I spotted my car. “Why on earth did you park at the end?” I cursed myself under my breath. Stopping briefly I rummaged through my bag, finding my keys, I continued forward. Hearing the sound of footsteps I turned abruptly, nothing. You’ve got to stop watching horror movies. I thought, continuing forward.

A hand whips its way to my mouth, muffling my quick scream to protest. “What the?” Came muffled from behind the stranger’s hand.

“Hello.” A deep male voice calls into my left ear. “Nice night for a walk.”

“Help!” I screamed as loud as I could from behind his hand.

A fistfull of hair is tugged sharply causing me to yelp in pain. “Hush now, wouldn’t want to alert the whole city now would we?” His next movement surprising me as he strokes my hair gently.  “I’ve been watching you for awhile.” He whispers in my ear. “It’s like you were made perfect for me. Someone who understands me, understands the darkness.”

I squirm against him, trying in some futile attempt to get away from him. “You’re a freak. I don’t even know who you are.” Kicking hard backwards, landing a swift blow on his shins, I run like hell, not bothering to look back.

The air is abruptly pushed from my lungs when I’m pushed face first into the concrete, the man from earlier tackling me harshly. I try to suck in any amount of air only succeeding in coughing brutally instead.

“Oh trust me, you will know me.” Even through my blurred vision I can see the smirk plastered across his face. “Tell me, what’s your name?”

I try to comment something rude in response but the words felt like they were took right out of my mouth, only the rasping sound of me trying to catch my breath filling the silence.

“I guess you’ll have to tell me later.” He laughs loudly, before taking something from behind him, bashing me rudely in the head. Inky darkness swims before my eyes before consuming my conscious mind.

Harsh coughing comes from my lungs before I thrash upwards, eyes wildly searching for anything around me of familiarity. Where am I? What happened? The tall stranger across the room brings things back to focus, reminding me of the events before. I inhale heavily, trying my best to get as much air into my lungs as I could.

He approaches me in long, quick strides. A bottle in one hand, his other picking up a syringe. “Gentle now. I’m not gonna hurt you.” He claims, closing the rest of the distance sitting on me next to the bed. “But if you’re not careful you’re going to hurt yourself.” He says matter of factly. Flicking the syringe, he pulls my arm harshly, injecting the clear liquid into my bloodstream.

“The hell?” I manage to get out before I’m sucked back into the abyss from before.

“There’s something about you that I can’t explain.” A voice pierces through my foggy conscience. “There’s darkness within your eyes, you understand things, you can understand me.”

Wearily, I open my eyes, trying to observe where I was. I was in the same bed as before. Edward sitting in a chair next to me, staring out the window whilst voicing his thoughts.

“You’re sick, and depraved.” I spat out.

He whipped his head towards me, shock and hurt on his face. “Don’t say that! You know that’s not true! You understand me.”

I hadn’t expected him to lash out so abruptly. Pulling my knees closer to my chest, I did my best attempt to make myself smaller, hoping it’d make things easier. Something seemed to snap in him, something dark and terrifying.

He rubbed his neck, seeming to search for his words. “Do you ever feel like you were meant for something, something important?”

I hesitantly nodded my head.

“There’s something inside of me, just waiting to get out! I know that! I just,” he trails of, looking around the room. “I need someone by my side. I know that person can be you.” He turns to look at me darkly. “Please, (Y/N). I desperately need someone.”

I turned, giving him a cold dark glare. “Go to hell.”

Standing up, he straightens out his sweater, composing himself. The next movement he makes, he’s slapping me across the face. A searing pain bursts in my left cheek. I’m still processing it when he grabs my chin, forcing me to look in his eyes.

“Don’t,” he breathes in heavily. “Test me.”

Ed let’s go with a hard jerk of his wrist.

Almost as if someone had snapped their fingers, his posture goes back to normal, his eyes look cool and calm. He flicks his wrist, glancing at the watch on his wrist.

“I have to go, but when I come home, you better have changed your answer.” He turns, grabbing his coat and keys and walking out.

After hearing the click of the lock I lose it, realizing the situation I landed in. Without thinking, I scream, hoping praying, that anyone might hear me.

“and that’s how you ruin a life” + remy lebeau

ask: @heroes-imagines “hey :)) can you do number one with remy? 💕”

a/n: i got prom today ahaaa my body is ready

warnings: cheating n angst yikes (word count: 221)

   “It was just a kiss, mon ami.” He pleads, putting his hands on your shoulders, eyes pleading, hoping that you would say something, anything. He’d rather be yelled at by you, rather you punch and kick him than have you just stand there, quiet, eyes brimming with tears, looking utterly disappointed. “It didn’t mean anything.”

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Cassian sees the fist directed right to his face the second the other Illyrian aims at him, but he doesn’t move, stays still until the last moment, gives his opponent the illusion that he will be the one who will bring the Commander down.



Cassian moves quickly to his left just when the other Illyrian knuckles are just a few inches from his jaw, making his opponent stumble and drop his defense, it’s just for a second, but it’s enough to leave the other Illyrian with no idea of what actually happened.

Cassian closes his hand and then it’s just fist after fist after fist, and he doesn’t stop -he wants to savor the fight, to feel the adrenaline as long as he can- until the other Illyrian is on the ground, his hands raised in defeat. Cassian thinks of giving his opponent his hand, to help him get up, but thinks better of it; that prick is the sixth Illyrian who tried to challenge him since Rixalata begun, the sixth who wanted to see the bastard-born commander with his face in the dirt and the sixth to get his ass kicked.

Rixalata is one of the few Illyrian traditions that Cassian is particularly fond of: it’s a whole day and a whole night of fights where everything is fair if it comes with the blow of a fist-no swords, no killing power, no siphons, no weapons of any kind, just the brutality of fists and kicks and of the breaking of bones.

There’s just one simple rule: no killing; if the opponent raises his hands in defeat, the fight ends.

His blood is singing with triumph, the beating of the drums makes everything seems faster, more vital, and Cassian feels all the energy flowing through him. He looks around, hoping for another challenge, another fight, another stupid prick who thinks he’s better than him, but it’s not a fight he wants.

He wants her.

Nesta is a constant in his mind, the first thing he thought of when he woke and felt that energy, that need in the pit of his stomach and even if she was miles away, her scent filled his lungs and he wanted nothing more than go to her, to take her and take her and take her.

He goes to a well, taking the water from a little bucket and cleans the dirt and blood from his skin.









They talked about it, him and Nesta, of what Rixalata means, of what would happen. She listened, never interrupting as he told her that he would act on instinct alone, even more than usual, that he would pass all day fighting other Illyrians and his voice lowered when he told her that he would pass the night thinking of her, touching himself and pretending it was her hand, moaning her name.

Nesta looked at him, her face turning an endearing shade of red at his words, and he knew she was plotting something in that lovely little head of hers.

She moved toward him slowly, calculating her every move, like she was still making a choice and wasn’t sure of what would happen, of what would his reaction be, until their faces were not even an inch apart, her breath hot on his lips when she whispered, determination seeping through her every word “At night, come home to me.”

He blinked, not quite believing what he was hearing, but she was serious, she wanted him with her, even after he told her what Rixalata was, she didn’t say it was barbaric or low or even stupid, she just said he wanted him with her.

He kissed her, kissed every inch of her skin with everything he had and showed her just how grateful he was.

Again, and again, and again.


And all day, she was the only thought in his mind, his blood screaming to go back to that damned cabin and to his mate, to claim what was his, to make her body sing, her back arch, to make her moan his name because she’s his heart, his soul, she’s his-


With every fight, he tried to focus on the adrenaline in his blood, on his opponent, on the force of the blows, but he couldn’t stop thinking about her, it was as if every beat of his heart pulled him to her.

come home to me

Cassian looks up to the sky, at the sun that is quietly disappearing, leaving space to the moon.

The Illyrians have their orders: there’s no going out of the camp to go and bother the females that are having their own celebration elsewhere, not if they want to see the light of day after Rixalata with their own eyes, and he can trust Azriel for that.

He looks at the moon and opens his wings, feels the wind calling to him, singing to go to her.

And he does.

He flies and flies and the closer he gets to the cabin, the more his need becomes unbearable: he can scent Nesta all over him, feel the phantom of her touch on his skin, her taste in his mouth.

He dives down as fast as he can when he finally sees the cabin.

When his feet hit the ground he stops in his tracks, unable to move and think and breath and do anything but follow her scent.

He opens the door and finds Nesta in the middle of the living room, on her way to him.

Cassian is in front of her in a blink, his hand in her hair while the other pulls her closer to him, his mouth hovering just above hers, but he doesn’t move.

He tries to hold himself back and his whole body trembles, but he wants- he needs her to make the first move, to accept him once again, with his bruises and cuts and his crashing need of her.

Her hands to got his shoulders, pulling him down, and she kisses him, and the brief contact of their lips is enough to make him snap, to take her in his arms and against his chest, to move until she is with her back against the wall, his hands on either side of her face.

He looks in her eyes, that stunning gray gaze that he loves, see how they are now a pool of black.

Cassian smirks, unable to help himself as his hands move to her nightgown, a white, long nightgown that goes all the way to her feet and he takes it off of her, snarling- he doesn’t want anything on her but her skin and his hands and his mouth- leaving her standing in front of him only in her undergarments.

Cassian moves his hand up and down her sides and the touch makes goose bumps rise all over her body, makes her move closer to him, but Cassian shakes his head, moves her until her back is against the wall again.

The first thing he does is take off the little strip of fabric that covers her breasts and he moves his hands to cup them in his palms, moaning at the perfect way they fill his hands.

One of his hands shifts position and Nesta takes a sharp intake of breath as the calluses on his fingertips move on the soft skin of her stomach.

Her hands are gripping his arms hard enough to leave a bruise but that’s a bruise he wants, the mark of her on his skin.

His fingers move in lazy circles on the fabric that covers her sex and she’s already so wet, the dampness of her heat seeps right through his fingers and when Nesta rolls her head back he moves his lips to her throat, kissing, licking, biting while his index finger moves aside her underwear and he has to touch her, to cover every inch of her skin with his, so he moves closer until there’s barely enough space for his hand to move.

“Hello, sweetheart.”, he says, his voice a low, barely understandable growl.

She opens her mouth to answer but only a moan comes out of her beautiful lips as he sinks a finger into her, the sound going straight to his already hard cock, and Cassian delights in the burn of her nails digging into his shoulders.

He’s mesmerized by her, by the expression of her face, the red of her lips, by the way she tries to get her hips closer to him, by the sight of his finger disappearing into her again and again and again.

“Cassian,” her voice, the wanton sound it makes as she calls his name, it drives him out of his mind.

“Cassian, please, please, more.”

He licks a trail all up her neck, adding another finger and pounding into her, going faster and faster until her legs begin to shake, until her moans are so loud they echo in the room.

He knows she’s close, and he wants her to be.

“Come,” he growls, his forehead on hers, his thumb above her lower lip, stroking “Come. I want my fingers to be soaked with you.”

Nesta moans even louder at that, holding his shoulders like a lifeline as she comes, her eyes half-lidded, her chest heaving and she’s so beautiful he might die.

She doesn’t even have the time to come down from her high before he sinks to his knees, his tongue licking the wetness on her inner thighs and she’s still shaking, her hands now in his hair, pulling.

He moves her underwear down her legs, and her smell hits him so strongly, the scent of her arousal, it’s the proof of how much she wants this, wants him.

Cassian moves his face, goes higher and his tongue trails a path right in the middle of her legs and Nesta wails.

He moves his hands to part her still shaking thighs and then one of his hand goes up to cup her breast, to pinch the soft skin on the peak of it.

She yelps and at the same time she moves her hips on his face, she likes it.

Cassian knows he can’t hold himself much longer, he wants to be in her so bad it’s becoming painful, his cock straining against the fabric of his pants, but the way she’s moving, her hips going back and forth, the way she raises herself up to her tiptoes to give him more space, her moans and her fingers in his hair- he wants her to come again, to scream his name so all the world knows she’s his.

His tongue curls around her and the words coming out of her mouth -more, please, Cassian, love you, want you, please- he will give her everything she wants, and more.

He looks up to her, to the blush spreading on her beautiful breasts, at the blissful expression on her face and she’s looking down on him, her breath stopping in her throat for a moment when their eyes meet.

His hand moves away from her breast and she makes a little sound of protest but he slowly moves it down her stomach and the anticipation in her eyes, the sheer want she feels, it reflects his own.

He dips his fingers inside her again, but now his motions are slow, achingly so, and Nesta starts to move as much as she can, as much as the little space between him and the wall allows her, trying to get him deeper, rocking her hips back and forth, but he doesn’t change the rhythm, his tongue focused on the spot on the apex of her sex, moving slowly, letting her pleasure build up and up until she can’t stand it, until she begs him to go faster.

And so he does.

Cassian moves his hand to her hips, keeping her against the wall as her legs start to shake so bad that she can’t keep herself upright, but he doesn’t stop his tongue from moving, drinking her in.

Nesta’s breath starts to come in quick, labored pants as her orgasm hits her, her face flushed a beautiful shade of red, her eyes wide.

He goes up to her then, cups her face in his hands and kisses her, making Nesta taste herself on his tongue.

Mine, you’re mine, you’re mine”, he says and Nesta, still shaking, her naked body covered in sweat, with her voice hoarse from moaning whispers “Prove it.”

It takes a second and then she’s in his arms again as he moves toward the table, moves one arm to throw everything on it on the ground, not caring of the sound of glass shattering, nothing matters but them.

He places Nesta above the table, her golden brown hair like a halo around her head.

Cassian moves away just to remove his pants, and seeing her, splayed in front of him it’s-it’s too much, his blood screaming inside of him, every last shred of his self-control disappearing.

He slides is cock inside her and watches as Nesta arches her back.

He bends on her, licking up her breasts, her hands in his hair again, but it’s just a moment, then his hands are on her hips as he thrust into her and she’s so perfect, so perfect, tight and wet and hot, the smack of their bodies meeting vibrates through his bones.

He moves one of his hands and puts it under her navel, spreading his fingers and pushing down “Can you feel it? Can you feel me inside you, how we fit perfectly?” he’s beyond coherent thought now, the words coming out of his mouth like a flow.

She nods her head frantically, a gospel of “yes, yes, yes”.

“And you know why? Because you are my mate, and You. Are. Mine” he punctuates every word with a deep, powerful thrust.

Cassian moves his hand, makes it travel gently on her throat, stops on her mouth and she parts her lips, takes two of his fingers in her mouth and sucks.

Fuck”, he says as her tongue swirls and he can feel the vibrations of her moans on his fingers and Mother, he wants her mouth, wants it wrapped tightly around his cock, he wants everything of her.

Her legs move around his hips, her feet on the small of his back, urging him on and he growls, buries himself even deeper into her; he removes his fingers from her mouth to kiss her, a kiss that is wild and consuming, burning.

He moves to Nesta’s neck again, biting down just as her nails scratch at his shoulders -ten red lines on his body, the signs of the female he belongs to-, both of them trying to mark the other.

His hand travels between her legs again and he knows she must so, so sensitive right now and when he start to touch her with the same fingers that were in her mouth moments ago she nearly screams, her moaning so loud it makes him move quicker, his hips snapping against hers, the slick sound of skin on skin.

He feels her tighten around him so he strokes her even harder, moves his hips faster until all that she can do is feel him and moan and scream-yours, yours, please, faster, Cassian, Cassian- and when she comes he knows he won’t be able to hold back much longer so he takes her hips in his hands and it takes a handful of thrust for him to go over the edge, his face hidden in the crook of her neck.

He moves to kiss her, both of them trying to breathe normally as the pleasure weighs down and the first rays of sunshine come in through the window, playing with the gold on Nesta’s hair.

The kiss is gentle, slow and sweet and he slowly moves out of her to cradle her in his arms as gently as he can, even if they are both still shaking, their breathing still nowhere near normal.

“How about a bath now, sweetheart?” he asks and she nods, already half asleep and it’s obvious from the way she leans into him, from the way her legs still tremble that the bath will have to wait, so he goes to the bedroom, moving the covers as best as he can without putting her down.

When she’s under the covers he moves in too, taking her in his arms, kissing her forehead, her hair, telling her how much he loves her, ho wonderful she is, the best thing to ever happen to him.

She mumbles her agreement and Cassian can’t help but laugh.

Nesta moves closer, snuggles against his chest and says, her voice thick with sleep “Next year, you are passing this celebration of yours with me, day and night”, and even if she is fighting to keep her eyes open, and he can’t help but feel like the luckiest bastard on heart to be able to make her like this, to make her feel so good and come so hard that she can barely speak, Nesta still somehow manages to make it sound like an order.

She nods to herself a bit, her nose moving on his chest, and then falls asleep.

Cassian looks at her, at the peaceful expression on her face, at her hands on his chest and he knows that he will never, never love anything as he loves her.

He opens his wing, moves it until it covers her, shields her, protects her.

His eyes stay on his mate until he can’t keep them open any longer, so he kisses her, one last time, and falls asleep.

Here’s a thing that happened to one of my friends. I was there.

Basically, we were walking down the sidewalk, talking about something meaningless. I think it had to do with science. Then this bus screeches up, stops next to us, and a bunch of Black Mesa employees with “Down with Aperture” shirts climbed out and started beating him up. I was punched and kicked a bit too, but I managed to avoid brutalization by going for their faces. After figuring out what’s happening, I started attacking them back, getting them off of him. He was quite injured but I called 911 and he made a full recovery at the hospital. I was fine, with only a cut on my arm that they patched up.

More Than Friends - Weasley Twin Imagine


Hey could you do weasley twins imagine where both of them have crush on you and both being very flirty and touchy with you for somedays till one of the other guy flirt with her due to which both of them get angry and then tell her? Ps.your master-list is awesome!

~(Y/n)’s POV~

I was enjoying my breakfast in the Great Hall like any other morning but, something disturbed my peace, even though I didn’t mind it “Hey beautiful” I felt an arm wrap around my shoulder “Um. Hi…. George?” I said awkwardly “Really? I’m Fred! I’m obviously the better looking one!” Fred said angrily “Oh, I’m sorry Fred. I didn’t know. you both look the same!” I laughed “We do not!” He exclaimed “Yes you do!” I giggled. “Hey guys!” I looked to the side of Fred to see George standing close behind him “Oh hi Fred!” I joked “Are you serious?” George said shocked. I laughed loudly and almost fell of the bench, I held my stomach it was starting to hurt “I was just joking! But, Honestly you both look the same!” I sighed retuning to my bowl of cereal.

“No we don’t!” They said angrily together as George sat next to me. Fred was on the right side of me while George was on my left side. I felt an arm wrap around my shoulder and saw that it was George, I really didn’t mind it because the twins did that all the time. Then I gasped loudly as I felt Fred’s arm wrap around my waist tightly taking me by surprise. I looked at Fred to see him smirking in his plate, what was up with them today. “Excuse me” I mumbled before standing and leaving the Great Hall quickly.

~A Few Days Later~

Okay, that’s it! Fred and George have been acting very very strange around me. They’ve been flirting with me a lot and they’ve been very touch just like yesterday George grabbed my ass during Herbology in which I had to leave the classroom because I told Professor Sprout I couldn’t breath. But today was way worst than any other day. I was sitting in the Transfiguration courtyard just watching the beauties of nature and the sunset that was gleaming over Hogwarts Ground. “Hey (Y/n)!” I looked to my left to see one of the twins standing there with a huge smile on their face “Hi Fred!” I said returning the smile “Finally! You know the difference!” He chuckled sitting next to me.

“I’ve been practicing” I bit my bottom lip. “Can you come with me?” He asked all of a sudden “Um. Where?” I asked “Just somewhere” he smirked “Okay” I said. He quickly grabbed my hand in his, locking our fingers together. He helped me off the stone bench and lead me down an empty corridor, we walked for only a few seconds before something crazy happened. I heard a “Poof” and there was white smoke surrounding me and Fred. “Fred! What’s going on?!” I screamed getting scared, I felt someone grab my hand and lead me out of the smoke.

“George? What’s going on? Where’s Fred?” I said worried still looking at the heap of smoke that was on the side of me. “Fred’s fine. Quick we have to go” George said grabbing my hand and dragging me away from the smoke “George! Where are we going?” I asked still worried about Fred and a little shaken from the smoke attack. George was going to answer my question but, didn’t because a loud voice stopped him. “George! You bloody bastard! Let go of her!” It was Fred.

“Stay here” George said before whipping out his wand from his robe pockets and making his way towards Fred. I saw that Fred did the same exact thing and had a look of pure anger on his face exactly like George. I was shocked, I had no idea what was going on. I didn’t even know what they were fighting about. “Expelliarmus!” They both said, both of their wands flew out of their hands and they were out of reach. That was way too easy. They didn’t even think twice about what to do. They both ran straight forward at each other and fell down, George was able to get up first, and punched Fred on the face really hard.

Fred flipped them over, now Fred was on top. Fred punched George brutally on the cheek making him bleed a little. “She’s mine!” Fred yelled in George’s face, but after he said those words George lost it. He pushed Fred off of him and kicked him in the stomach “No! She’s mine!”. “Stop” I whispered but they kept punching, yelling and kicking the living life out of each other. I cant believe they were fighting over me, they were both getting badly injured because of me! I finally found my voice and my courage to stop the fight myself, because if I didn’t stop it one of them would probably be dead in a few seconds.

“Stop it! Stop this instance!” I screamed pulling them both away from each other. Once I did they both looked down and crossed their arms. “What is wrong with the two of you! You’ve both been acting crazy these past few days! Tell me! What’s wrong?!” I yelled maybe a little angry myself. “I well we -” George started but Fred finished “Like you” I just sat there on the floor with them, my mouth opened widely. There was an awkward silence only for a few seconds before someone spoke up. “We want to be more than friends” Fred said quietly, I took a deep breath in. “Well you should have told me something! You guys were freaking me out these past few days Doofs!” I laughed shaking my head.

They laughed with me “Were sorry it’s just that. We were scared to tell you. what happens if you didn’t want to be our friend anymore” George said sadly “Yeah. We rather have you as a friend then nothing at all” Fred added “You guys. I would never ever leave your side. Plus I like both of you very dearly.” I smiled “Well if you do. Would you like to go to Hogsmead with us this weekend?” They both said together with a smug grin attached to their faces. “That would be lovely” I agreed.


✨"Don’t, Ginny, we’ll send you loads of owls!“ Fred yelled.
“We’ll send you a Hogwarts toilet seat!” George added “George!” Mrs. Weasley said Dangerously.✨

Why DBZ is NOT Anti-Feminist

Let’s just be honest – shounen is catered to young boys. This still doesn’t mean female characters should be patronized, brutalized, or portrayed as simpletons with no self-respect.

This is why I’m so pleased that unlike with other popular anime (I’m not even going to cough. Naruto.), I never found Dragon Ball Z to be anti-feminist. Just to go over a few of the reasons why:


A female. A fighter. An ender.

Blew. My. Mind

Mirai Trunks never specified the genders of the androids terrorizing his world, so I was pleasantly surprised when we met 18. Further, she was the first main android to get any action, showcasing a terrible dominance that strangely left my young-self grinning at the sight of Vegeta, my favorite character, getting his ass kicked. Even the grotesqueness of Vegeta’s snapping elbow couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. Dragon Ball Z had a female villain, and she completely dominated her male opponents. She brutalized the misogynistic, arrogant, prince of Saiyans. And I was awe-struck.


One of the original main characters, the smartest woman in the world, the engineer of several vital devices (the time machine, the capsule, the dragon radar), and the character who prompted most of Vegeta’s development - the only person who could somehow temper his caustic personality with her equally aggressive one - Bulma has long been the leading female character of Z. She is fearless, manipulative, brilliant, and hilarious. Yes, she has been seen using her sexuality to her advantage, and good on her. In fact, it seems to have worked out quite well for us.

Chi Chi-

ChiChi commands respect, and always gets it, particularly from Goku. Though absent of Bulma and Vegeta’s chaos and tension, Goku and ChiChi are the model of a functional relationship, small intimate moments between them littered throughout the series. Further, ChiChi shows passion for protecting her loved ones and maintaining a voice in her household despite Goku’s continuous ascension in power. Just as Goku is a strong role model for young boys, ChiChi is a strong role model for girls. In Goku’s death, ChiChi spends several years raising her sons independently, and the Son family has reaped the benefits of Chi Chi’s maintaining it. Among the strongest humans in the series, ChiChi has even gone on to train Goten in his childhood, prompting his Super Saiyan transformation before anyone else even acknowledges him as a fighter. She is declared “the strongest woman in the world” by Goten in Super, and this statement could not have been more accurate.

I did not even get into Videl, but she’s another great female character. Though these women are not always front and center, I have never felt hurt or offended by Toriyama’s portrayal of them, as I have felt towards the portrayals of women in certain other shounen anime series’. So let’s not forget to give credit where credit is due. While making a series for young boys, Toriyama has always made sure to cater to his young female viewers.

  • Lotor: Here’s a thing that happened to one of my friends. I was there.
  • Basically, we were walking down the sidewalk, talking about something meaningless. I think it had to do with a planet Father conquered. Then this bus screeches up, stops next to us, and a bunch of people with “Down with Galra” shirts climbed out and started beating him up. I was punched and kicked a bit too, but I managed to avoid brutalization by going for their faces. After figuring out what’s happening, I started attacking them back, getting them off of him. He was quite injured but I called Haggar and I haven't seen him since but I bet he's okay. I was fine, with only a cut on my arm that they patched up.
  • Allura: lmao I was there I was driving the bus
Promise (Marauders x Sirius x Reader)

It was chilly, a slight breeze turning the base of ones breath visible in the dusk air. Spring had arrived, and small buds of flowers and grass had begun to rise.
Now, one could gaze upon it with sadness, the stones rising from the ground as grim reminders of the past, of all the memories, painful and bitter.
One might say it was quite poetic and beautiful, if they were to gaze upon the scene, how perfectly calm everything seemed to be, but that would only prove their ignorance.
But you see, to those of personal connection, this small plot, six feet under, held something so heartbreaking, their breaths came in painful gasps. Their vision would blur together and they would struggle to remain upright, that was the pain of living while those you loved did not.
Truly, for those who were gone, the last enemy to be destroyed is death, but for those who remain, it is, perhaps, the very thing that makes one crave it.


Come on guys! You have to promise!” You had laughed, pushing your hair out of your face and your cheeks tinting a slight red.
The six of you had stood on the edge of the astronomy tower, looking out across the grounds and black lake.
“You know we will, do we have to bloody promise?” Sirius had shook his head at you, humor written all over his face.
“It’s the thought! I mean, this is our last night at Hogwarts, after this, we go out into the world! We have to promise to meet every month at least!” You cried indignantly and Sirius pulled you closer, throwing an arm around your shoulder and pressing a kiss to the side of your forehead.
“She’s right,” Lily had nodded, her red hair curling in the gentle breeze. “We don’t know how long we’ve got.”
“Geez, way to make it depressing Lils,” James had given his girlfriend a sidelong glance.
“It’s true. We might not make it to 20,” Remus had shrugged, leaning his arms on the railing.
“Okay, okay,” James stuck his arm out. “I promise, that we will meet every month at least.”
Remus added his hand, then Lily, Peter, Sirius, and lastly you, with a huge smile on your face.


To anyone else, a small, rag-tag group of young adults stood gathered in a small cemetery might seem out of the ordinary.
It was so strange, that a once abnormal occurrence was depressingly common. Just two months ago, they had been here for Marlene’s ceremony. But now, they were here for you.
James and Lily arrived first.
Lily Potter was tucked under the arm of her husband, her arm on her slightly protruding stomach.Her mascara had run onto her face, her tears leaving thick trails. Her red hair was knotted and dull, evidence to her pulling at it and running her hands through it, trying to get her mind off the sharp pain in her heart.


We’re best friends right?” You had asked her the night before you left for the end of your first year.
“Of course. Why?” A young Lily had asked curiously.
“I just don’t want you to forget me,” you had smiled awkwardly and Lily had hugged you tightly.
“Never! What girl could forget her best friend?”


James Potter clutched onto his wife, his glasses askew and his hand for once not fiddling with his hair every few seconds, no his free hand clutched onto a photograph of you two, a fat tear slipping down his cheek.


You better not hurt her Potter!” You had threatened him, waving your finger in his face.
“I would never!” James had nodded vigorously.
“Good. Cause you might be one of my best friends, but Lily is my BEST friend and if you did I’d have to hurt you in the most brutal way possible,” you had smiled at him and nudged his shoulder, swinging your broom over yours. “Now let’s go kick Slytherin’s arse.”


Peter Pettigrew had arrived next, standing slightly off from the others, a heartbroken expression on his face. His feet shuffled at times, and his knees shook from wanting nothing more than to drop and never get up.


What’s wrong Petey?” You had sat down on the steps your friend was on and looked at him worriedly.
“Just the slytherins,” Peter had responded glumly. “They were saying I was too cowardly to be on Gryffindor.”
“And you listened to them?”
Peter furrowed his brows at you curiously.
“I mean, the hat placed you here for a reason! You get to choose your path Wormtail, It’s your life. But if you ask me your pretty brave,” you smiled at him and ruffled his hair comfortingly.  


Remus arrived a few minutes later, coming to stand on Lily’s other side, a comforting hand on her shoulder. His hair messy, his chest heaving slightly with contained cries. He silently dropped a (Y/F/F) onto the fresh dirt and refused to meet anyone’s eyes.


Remus!” You gasped in horror and rushed towards your friend, who had scratches and blood dripping down his face. “What happened?”
“It’s nothin’,” he waved you off and tried to sulk back to his dorm, only to be stopped by you flinging his arm over your shoulder and bearing half of his weight.
He sighed in relief as you helped him up the stairs.
“Why’re you helping?” He asked tiredly as you leant him on his bed.  
“Well I’m still your friend, even if you don’t want to tell me what happened.”
“I’m a werewolf,” Remus rushed suddenly and you blinked slowly, before walking up and kissing his forehead as he leant back in his bead.
“You don’t hate me?” He asked curiously and you laughed.
“Rem, I could never hate you. I’m so sorry you go through that and I’m going to do everything in my power to help.”


Lastly, Sirius Black shuffled in. His hands stuffed in his pockets and his face was expressionless. His trademark smirk gone, his eyes hollow and rid of their shine.
He wasn’t used to your absence, Every few seconds he would turn to look for you, and every few seconds his heart shattered more as he realized you would never be there again.


Sirius Orion Black!” You shouted and he paused, his dark hair falling in his face.
“What?” He sighed heavily.
“I’m not allowed to date?” You quoted him from earlier. “Excuse me but you have dated every girl in hogwarts with the exception of me!”
He turned around and crossed his arms.
“Did it ever occur to you that maybe I do that because the one girl I am in love with doesn’t think of me like that?” He took a step closer to you and you could feel his breath.
You faltered for a second and looked up at him curiously.
“Well then kiss her, prat. And see if your right,” you had raised an eyebrow in challenge, feeling braver than you felt.
Sirius gave you his signature smirk before crashing his lips to yours.


No words were exchanged, but none were needed.
James stared down at his wife and then turned his face towards the sky. Is this what would happen? One by one they would die, until none were left?
The five stood there, until the sun began to slip farther from view, the darkness reflecting the mood, but not doing it justice.
“We came,” Lily said softly, directing her words down to the grave. “How come we kept our promise but you didn’t keep yours?” Her voice cracked, showing how often she had been crying.
But it wasn’t true, you were there, in spirit at least. You kept your promise.
You stood, invisible to the human eye as you watched your friends, heartbroken.
“Oh but Lily, I kept my promise. And now I’m always with you, with all of you. Until the very end, until we meet again.” You said and reached out, as if to brush the hair from her face, but your hand making no impact.

Here’s a thing that happened to one of my friends. I was there.

Basically, we were walking down the sidewalk, talking about something meaningless. I think it had to do with a movie. Then this bus screeches up, stops next to us, and a bunch of people with “Down with Pants” shirts climbed out and started beating him up. I was punched and kicked a bit too, but I managed to avoid brutalization by going for their faces. After figuring out what’s happening, I started attacking them back, getting them off of him. He was quite injured but I called 911 and he made a full recovery at the hospital. I was fine, with only a cut on my arm that they patched up.