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Hi i am starting to hate mcu for what they are doing with tony always calling him the villian always putting him with the blames and burdens. Its the same routine in every movie. mcu has potential but the piss on tony parade is just too much of a dampner for me each movie! And as i have loved tony stark since the 1st time i read marvel Adventures comics, i feel its cruel of mcu to put him through this much shit for whatever reasons they deem fitting. Is his self loathing not enough for them?

I definitely don’t want to see Tony get blamed for another bad guy, though, to be fair, it is a bit premature with Spider-Man, considering all we have is a few lines from an interview.  We don’t really know how Vulture’s origin story might play out.  I’m a bad guy because Tony Stark was…helping people clean up New York?  That’s kind of a terrible attempt at laying the blame at someone else’s feet.  I’m not even sure how people who don’t like Tony twist that one into somehow Tony’s fault.  Though, I’m certain there are those who would try.

Tony isn’t perfect, by any means, and he has made mistakes.  Some truly monumental mistakes.  So have others, but that’s a terrible argument to try to justify Tony’s failures, and I see that way too much with Tony.  The thing I like about him is that he acknowledges his mistakes (probably shoulders a bit too much blame) and tries to rectify them, if possible, or at least address the issue.  No one is perfect and superheroes are going to be fallible on scales that are a bit bigger than the mistakes made by us regular folks.  For me, I don’t have any interest in a hero who is perfect all the time.  It is how he deals with these failures and mistakes that makes him truly heroic.

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Oh no! Is Bucky ok? I'm so sorry about what happened to him! I can't believe people have the audacity to scare dogs or pet without asking(this is why 'dog attacks' happen and then the dog gets blamed). Dogs are kinda like people too, in a way. I don't know how my dog would react if it would happen (she's a Bichon), but I'm sure she would jump wit her tail inbetween her legs. It honestly upsets me when I see people pet dogs without asking. I normally just look a the dog from afar and either (1/2)

ask or wait for the owner to say ‘you can pet her’. Honestly, I treat dogs like people and respect them as I would with a person. (2/2)

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@heyitssilverwolf Bucky is fine. He’s gone into that, I’m feeling sorry for myself kind of deal and is laying in his bed. It happens a lot, he’s just never been ‘this’ scared before. Honestly, I’m happy that I’m getting this kind of response and not people telling me I’m over reacting! If a lot more people were like you, walking Bucky would be easier. Sometimes, if he spots a person looking at him, he wants to go up to them first!

Bucky is my child. When people treat him like a person, not just some animal, it makes me really happy. He isn’t just a dog to me; he’s my favourite person.- Ro

klance things i want to see in season 3

  • more thank yous
  • their teamwork improving, to the point that they start to be seen as a power duo
  • fighting back to back, protecting each other
  • soft smiles at each other
  • eye contact. glances when the other isn’t looking, staring at each other for a second longer than necessary, just…keith and lance looking at each other
  • lance admitting that the bonding moment happened
  • keith complimenting lance
  • keith telling lance that he’s an irreplaceable part of team voltron
  • lance making keith laugh/smile
  • “vol!” “…tron” “KEITH YOU DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!” it becomes their thing
  • lance cradles keith in his arms and then keith is just like “nope :// didn’t happen”
  • keith opening up to lance about his past
  • keith talking to lance about being galra
  • lance opening up about his insecurities
  • mutually supporting each other
  • “do you trust me?” “yeah”
  • being worried for each other’s safety
  • more playful bickering!!! the kind that ends in smirks and smiles
  • b l u s h i n g

give me soft and supportive klance content

Ok so like I think Roadhog and Junkrat are both probably really good at chess?? theyre always missing pieces though so they need to write down some of them on paper slips (They make silly bets every game too)


someone suggested smooches and another cuddles sooooo

Me reading about the “BLM kidnapping“

oh damn that fuckin’ sucks what the hell who would do such a thing. No one deserves that kind of–

*I learn the white kid was a trump supporter*


I will title this masterpiece: “Please put your shirt back on, Bokuto-san” *akaashi voice*

Part of an anatomy study with Bo. I liked it so i cleaned it and slapped some… color…(?) on.