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So I had to wait 37 minutes to get to this moment…

A: I had this whole romantic proposal planned and it didn’t include a pug sweatshirt, but I guess I’ll just wing it…
E: You would have proposed to me?
A: Well, I’m still trying to, so… When I was at my most lonely, and unhappy place, angry place, you loved me… when I was an ugly human being, you saw a beautiful soul. You make the world a better place, because you see the good in it. And you make me a better woman, because you search for one. Do you promise to do that every day for the rest of our lives?
E: Yes
A: I love you…
E: I love you too…

So Ali says I love you like Hawaiians say Aloha, but I had to wait 37 minutes into the finale to get the words from Emily… Holy crap, if Alison were my other half I would yell it to the rooftops that I loved her!

Side note: Can I say that this was the best way they could have made these two have this moment? It’s romantic because it’s the two of them being true to who they are. Emily being all snoopy about her mom and Ali and Ali just coming right out and saying it even though she wanted all the fireworks and candles.

Prompt: Can you write Spencer confronting Alison about her feelings for Emily instead of Paige?  

Alison fiddled with a pillow in her grasp, avoiding the eyes of her brooding best friend towering over her.  Spencer had arrived in a tense manner about 10 minutes ago, but between Alison busying herself with anything in reach and Spencer struggling to approach the topic in the forefront of her mind, the two girls have yet to say a word.  

“I need to know where your head is at.” The brunette sighs, remembering the argument she had with Emily earlier.

She knew approaching this topic with hostility wasn’t the best option because of how defensive Emily had become.  Emily and Alison’s relationship has always been turbulent, Spencer watching from the sidelines through most of it while Emily fell in and out of her feelings.  Judging from their talk the other day, she was back in again and much too far in to be able to be pulled out.  

“About what?” Alison tilted her head in confusion.

“About Emily.  What are you doing Ali?”

“What do you mean? I’m keeping the baby and I-“ Spencer was already frustrated, if Alison was going to keep playing dumb, she wasn’t going to get anywhere.

“And you invited the woman that has been in love with you since she was 14 to live with you.”

“She doesn’t feel that way anymore, she wants Paige.”  Alison looked down in a defeated manner.

Spencer catches the insecure tone replacing the usual disdain that accompanies the name, “Well what do you want?” She asked, not wanting to reveal Emily’s current feelings yet.

“I want her ” Alison hesitates, “to be happy.  And me having this baby will make her happy” her voice falters with the knowledge that she’s not sharing everything that she wants to.  Her walls were beginning to crumble, her half-sister’s words were starting to get to her.  

“And there it is again.  The only reason why you’re going through with this baby is because it’s what Emily wants.  Why do you want this baby, and don’t you dare try to bullshit me.”

Alison hesitated before unleashing the truth, “I want to do something good.  I want to create something pure and real.  I want the chance to raise a child with the best person I know and the woman I’ve trusted with my life since I was 14.  Emily is the truest part of my life, she’s always been the hardest to disappoint.  Everything I feel is amplified if she’s involved.”

Alison slowly began to realize what she had been feeling all these years.  Being on the run and not having a solid family to fall back on led her to skip truly living her formative years.  She was always in a life or death mindset, trying to understand other people’s intentions with her, she was never able to think about her feelings for Emily.

All she ever knew was that aching feeling whenever she had to leave her.  How desperate she was to be near her, to hear her voice, to be in her arms.  How hard she tried to be the person that Emily saw, the person deep down under that facade she put.  She wanted to be with her.  She wanted to have the courage to tell her.  

“You’re in love with her.” Spencer concluded with a sad smile, watching how Alison’s face softened and her eyes watered.  

“I’m too late.  She gave me a chance, and I didn’t take it.  She moved on.”  Alison admitted, her voice cracking.

“Alison.  How many times has Emily ‘moved on’ only to come right back to you?  I came here because I was worried because I can see her falling for you all over again and I didn’t know you felt that way about her now.”

Spencer was tired of watching Emily struggle to get over Alison.  When Emily first admitted to being in love with Alison, Spencer couldn’t understand why.  She had seen how Alison had treated her when they were younger and could never wrap her head around how Emily was always chasing her.  But as she spent more time talking to Emily, she began to understand.  Alison was different when she was alone with Emily.  She was trying to be someone else.  Someone better.  

“What am I going to do?” Alison groaned, burying her face in her hands.

“That’s up to you.  But personally, watching her go to her second choice because she doesn’t think you feel anything for her is heartbreaking.” Spencer sat down next to the blonde, placing a supportive hand on her back.

“I’ll tell her.  I just have to find the right moment.” Alison spoke determinedly, relieving the tall woman next to her.

“With news like that, any moment is going to be the right moment.” She laughed lightheartedly.

“I hope you’re right, how did you know something was going on with me?”

“Call it familial intuition.” Spencer smirked watching Alison throw her head back and laugh, all worries leaving her mind.

For the PLL/Emison fans confused about their storyline, this is how I interpret last nights episode

For starters, Paige only decided to stay after she saw Alison’s abortion pamphlet. No, I don’t think she was trying to jab at Alison again by staying and getting back together with Emily. I think by seeing that pamphlet, her suspicions about there being something between Alison and Emily were denied. She realized, “oh! The only reason they’re acting like that is because Emily is helping support Alison through her abortion. This makes sense.” She did some deep thinking and realized maybe she shouldn’t go because her reason for leaving was just denied.

Second, Emily only showed interest in Paige after she gave Alison the ultimatum to figure out her feelings or to stop kissing her. To Emily, this was just like before where Alison would kiss her and not discuss her feelings. Let me remind you, Emily showed no interest in Paige romantically until 7x14. Why? Because she still had a chance with Alison. Now that she doesn’t think she has one, she’s returning to Paige. Although many of us don’t like Paige, she’s been Emily’s area of comfort for a while. She’s a safe place, and Emily needed the support.

Third, Paige is going to leave by next episode. She’s projected to leave next episode, and with what I saw last night it’s fairly obvious why. Paige always gets upset when Emily chooses Alison over her, or when Alison hold an advantage to her. Right now, this advantage being the fact she’s caring Emily’s child. Next episode, Emily will confine in Paige that Alison is not only pregnant, but she’s pregnant with Emily’s child. To Paige, that’s a punch in the gut. She’s trying to make it work with her high school girlfriend, but once again Alison has leverage. And if AD won’t let Alison abort their child, Emily will definitely want to be a part of the baby’s life as a parent. Paige would not be able to deal with that, as she concludes Alison always gets her way. Thus, after finding out this she decides to take the new job and leaves Emily behind. Knowing Emily would not be able to give her what she wants, because she’s too busy worrying about her unborn baby.

Fourth, Alison and Emily will come to terms with their feelings when they discuss Alison’s sexuality. Although, I don’t know what exactly Alison will realize or how she realized it, but she’ll finally be able to tell Emily how she feels. She did a lot of thinking, and yes she does have feelings for Emily. She’ll probably also say she had been meaning to tell Emily sooner, but with everything going on it was put off. In the sneak peek, there’s a scene where they’re both sitting on the floor at Alison’s house. Maybe that’s where they’ll have their talk, and maybe kiss once Alison concludes that she does have feelings for Emily. This could happen before or after Paige leaves, I’m not exactly sure.

Fifth, Emily and Alison will get together because of the constant time they spend together now. Yes, it’s because of the baby, and Emily wants to be around Alison and her baby however she can. That’s who Emily is, she loves her family and she probably blames herself for this mess. I don’t think they’ll decide “oh we should get married because we’re having a kid.” I think they’ll have spent so much time together in the next few episodes, that they’ll both realize how nice it is to be around each other and how they support each other. They just realize that all around, it’s better if they stay together. Baby or not. Emily cares about Alison and helps her keep afloat, and Alison can calm Emily’s storm by just saying her name.

Although I am particularly upset that the writers have done this, even though I wrote the theory, this is probably the storyline that they are going down. Romantic or not, it’s too late to do anything about it now. Smooth sails fellow shippers.

Also I realize that pllfinale on twitter also tweeted similar to what I just posted after the fact! A lot of people have the same idea, and be sure to check out her twitter thread too!
Teen Wolf thoughts from someone who just started the show

Ep.5 I think?
1) Stiles > everyone else
2) One of the only reasons I started this show was for Colton (I watch arrow), and Daniel (I watch originals). Speaking of which, when is Daniel’s character coming thx.
3) I didn’t know Tyler was in this so when I saw him I was like BOI I’M WATCHING NOW
4) Please give Derek a hug oh my god I -
5) These wolves are ugly lmao but I’m guessing it gets better later on
6) OK I’m sorry to Alison x Scott shippers but he knew her for like five seconds and is already like “I MUST PROTECT-GIRL OF MY DREAMS-LOVE-” Like we get it dude a pretty girl noticed you good job.
7) I know from tumblr that stydia is gonna be a thing so I’m just waiting for Lydia to stop being such a bitch so she can get my boy laid. 8) I feel like this show is gonna get so depressing because whenever I re-watch shows, I forget about how nice it was at the beginning before a giant shit storm came along so

9) Derek deserves happiness I STG I’m gonna sue if something happens to him

I’m Obsessing.  Again.

This is what Orphan Black reduces me to.  I am a grown ass woman, watching a 1+ minute trailer frame by frame searching for clues to make me feel better about the shit storm it dumped in my lap.

BUT….I found this…

Could this be our Delphine getting ready to burn the place down to save the love of her life? 

I surely freaking hope so because Cos crying in the trailer has broken my heart and I really need something to make myself feel a little better.

If you’re looking for this in the trailer…it’s right after Alison says “now we fight.” 

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Hey Cap! Can you do a drabble in wich Alison tells her dad that she is dating Emily/pregnant? I feel like everybody forgot about Mr. D xD I love your writing btw! ❤

I for one love your optimism. Can you do an established emison drabble where Emily mentions/reveals to Ali what Mrs dilaurentis told her years ago about how she wished Ali could return the feelings?

Where is Mr. DiLaurentis, anyway? I’m not a huge fan of him (which is somewhat evident in this drabble), but, guy, where you at? Anywho, since we haven’t see him in quite some time, he’s not the easiest to write for which is why I portrayed the aftermath (with more fluffy, Emison goodness):

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Making up for lost time

imagine Isaac coming back from France and surprising you in your room but you end up fighting instead than having makeup sex  

warning: I wouldn’t say this is smut but it does get explicit and kind of dirty 

pairing: Isaac Lahey X reader 


Y: What are you doing back" I said as I walking in my bedroom tossing my keys on my dresser clearly annoyed.

I: I missed you" he said leaning agent my window with moonlight shining through.

Y: No you don’t get to say that you don’t get to miss me after you broke my heart" I said walking and stopped at the foot of my bed.

I: Why not we were together for almost a year and I’m not allowed to miss you" he said pushing off the window sill and walking to stand in front of me

Y: NO! because when we were together I knew you didn’t love me, I knew that, I knew you loved Allison. I knew you made out with Alison, and I know I’ll never be “that girl”. but I was completely in love with you from minute one. so I excepted it because having only part of you was astronomically better than having none of you. then you left and it felt like part of me died, I felt like I couldn’t breathe because one of my closest friends was murdered and my boyfriend left to live in France, and I was lost I didn’t know what to do. you left when I needed you the most. that’s why you don’t get to miss me" I said as tears threatened to spill from my eyes.

I: you think I didn’t love you. that’s what you think. was I conflicted with you and Allison? yes. did I do somethings that I shouldn’t? yes. but if I didn’t love you, I wouldn’t have stayed with you for a fucking year" he said raising his voice.

Y: but you didn’t stay Isaac. that was the biggest knife twist of all. that was the consolation prize for second place"

I: your not the only one that lost her"

Y: No. I’m not but you’re the only one that left. you ran away to another country, and I had to stay and relive everything we had every day. I had to walk the halls at school where you would kiss me. I had to see our friends. I had to sleep in the bed we spent so many nights together in. and I had to do it with an iron smile because I had to be the rock for everyone else. I had nobody that I could run to" I was crying I couldn’t hold it together anymore after a year of burying everything, but it felt cathartic to finally let it all out, the pain of losing Alison, the pain of losing Isaac and everything since I couldn’t hold it in anymore and Isaac wrapped his arms around me and just held me.

Y: No. don’t touch me. I’m fine. I’m strong. I don’t need anyone" I said while fighting in his arms with every word, but he never let me go. he just let me fight against him. he knew that I really did need him to hold me. and we collapsed to the ground.

I: I’m so sorry babe. I never knew it would hurt you this much to leave. I never would’ve if I had known, but if you want me to stay, if you want to try to work things out, it would mean the world to me. but if you want me gone, I’ll understand" Isaac said after I had finished crying  

Y: It will take time. trust has to be rebuilt, and feelings need to be reborn, and it may never be the way it was" I sniffled from crying.

I: I know and I’m willing to work on that" we stood, and he was facing me with his hands in his pockets. he stepped back to give me the space he thought I needed.

Y: can’t we just skip it. can’t you just be kissing me now" before I could process what was happening. his lips were on mine, in one of the best kisses of my life. in that moment, I knew he did love me. his hand were in my hair, mine were on his chest. then I slid them to his sides under his arms that had gotten much bigger may I add, then down his ribcage, to the hem of his shirt and I started playing with it. he broke the kiss and looked at me confused.

Y: I missed you too" I looked up at him with a suggestive look as he towered over me. I pulled his shirt over his head. he did the same to me. then he lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist. he kissed me again. his hands were on my butt and mine running through his thick curls, as he walked to my bed he laid me down and hovered over me, kissing down my neck and through the valley of my chest, then down my stomach and unbuttoned my pants. he looked up at me as if to ask if he was out of line. I nodded my head to say I wanted to go further. so he slid my cut off shorts down my thighs leaving my underwear. he looked up at me. making his way back up my body, he reached behind me to unclip my bra, but I bucked my hips to roll us over so I was on top. he seemed surprised at how dominant I was. before he left, I was always shy and submissive to him.

I: I would say you did miss me" he sat up to kiss me. I slid my hand down his chest and unbuttoned his jeans. then I put my hand inside palming him through his boxers. his head flew back and eyes fluttered shut as he gripped my thighs.

S: Y/n. y/n you’ll never guess who’s bac- OH. MY. GOD.“ Stiles said bursting through my bedroom door.

Y: GET OUT” I screamed as my brother closed my bedroom door.

S: I was gonna tell you that Isaac was back but it seems like you already knew that, and now I’m going to have the image of my sister straddling one of my friends burned in my brain for the rest of my life. there’s not enough brain bleach in the world" he said from the other side of the door
S: fucking rabbits" stiles yelled while walking back downstairs. I throw my head back and laughed and Issac started kissing my neck.

I: oh no I’m nowhere near done with you" he said kissing my neck as I noticed the moon was full.

Y: Isaac the moon. I take it you found an anchor when you were gone.  

I: yeah, I couldn’t get this girl out of my head, I couldn’t stop thinking about how her hair smelled, or how she talks in her sleep, or the way she throws her head back when she laughs" I lowered my head kind of hurt that he moved on. I mean I understand he was in a different country and he has needs but it still hurt.

I: it’s you, dummy. you’re my anchor" I popped up and pushed him into the bed and smiled, making him laugh. he wrapped his arms around me pulling me closer and unclipping my bra. we spent the whole night together making up for lost time.


I dont really know where to start cause words can not express how much last nights episode meant to me omg. So let’s start with the whole Alison is pregnant with Emily’s baby thing. When they actually made this canon in the previous episode I was feeling alot of emotions at once. I was happy because that would mean they would become mommies together, but the Paily kiss completely ruined it for me and made it seem like they were trying to force Emison back together. This episode however they perfectly portrayed what we had all been hoping for Emison when we were theorising about Em’s eggs being fertilised and used to impregnate Ali. We saw both of them really trying to listen to each other, understand eachother and basically acting like a maried couple. The love and the caring for one another couldn’t have been more obvious: The way that Emily kept feeling like she was not aloud to have a say in it because she didn’t want to put that kind of pressure on Ali, and the way that Ali eventually decided to keep the baby because Emily really wanted her to. Now I have to give the writers of this episode and especially Troian, for directing it, alot of credits for the way they portrayed Paige this episode. I hated Paige and have so since the beginning. I hated how she never showed any signs of big character development and idk I just couldn’t stand her. This episode however, she probably showed one of the biggest character development out of all the characters on Pretty Little Liars (apart from Alison but we’ll get to that later). She handled everything so very mature and respectfull towards both Emily and Alison. And when she sortof broke in to Alison’s house to show her remorse, I actually liked her. I also appreciate her asking whether Alison loves Emily (BECAUSE ALISON FINALLY ADMITTED IT BECAUSE OF THAT BUT ILL GET TO THAT LATER OMG) but because it shows that she just wants to check and make sure she leaves Emily in a safe environment. Now Alisons reaction to when Paige asked her whether she loves Emily is sO IMPORTANT OMG. At first you see how she immediatly shuts Paige out, and closes herself off. This just shows how afraid Alison is to let anyone come close and how little practice she has had with opening up. But after Paige stays kinda calm and touches the vulnurable spot in Alisons heart (the fact that Emily does love Alison and that might have made her so afraid and have her do such terrible things), she finally opens up fot the first time in 7 seasons. She was so increadibly vulnurable at that moment. And even though she did not say the words “yes, I love Emily”, she described exactly what it feels like to be in love. In her eyes and in her voice you can hear and see how afraid she is of these feelings, but you can also see a clear realisation: she now knows she does love Emily. And honestly Sasha did such a great fucking job in this scene omg. For me, Alison admitting her feelings for Emily is so important and I can not use enough words how much this scene meant to me. I cried like a baby the whole scene and mostly for the rest of the episode as well. When I first had the guts to admit to myself that I liked girls, Emily was the first and only representation of myself that I had yet seen or known. Emily and her whole coming out storyline plus the rest pf her storyline therefore hold a very special place in my heart. The fact that Emily found out she liked girls after realising she was in love with one of her best friends made me identify with her even more, since the exact same thing happened to me. This is also why Emison holds such a special place in my heart: wanted to see my story represented further and get a happy ending. Because I felt so represented by Emily, I also simoultaniously fell in love with Alison. And to be honest, Alison’s character development is by far the best one on this entire show, maybe even the best character development I have ever known. As Hanna Marin would say: “people change, they grow”. And boy did Alison grow into a better and more beautiful person! (And now we know she did it because sHE WANTED TO BE THE BETTER VERSION OF HERSELF THAT EMILY ALWAYS SEES IN HER SO SHOW IT OFF TO EMILY OMG) I also think it was very important for Alison to admit these feelings to Paige first. This was her first step to realising and admitting she is in love with Emily, and she knew Paige would not laugh at her or judge her because Paige feels the same way about Em (sometimes it was kinda hard to tell though but whtever). Everyone who is angry and sad that Ali should have admitted these feelings to Emily in person, Relax. She will, in time. A process like this, whether you wanna call it coming out or just admitting to yourself that you have been in love with someone for 10 years, takes time. Ali has never learned how to open op to somebody and to let someone truly get close, so she will do this step by step. I honestly hope that Emison gets a happy ending because both Emily and Alison deserve to finally be happy whilst loving eachother. And now Im gonna stop talking cause ive rambled alot and my fingers are hurting because im typing so agressively😂

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Learn To Trust Me (Emison Prompt)

Prompt: Prompt- Emison have a fight cause Emily saw Alison kissing a random person. But the person kissed her first and she was shocked. And the rest of the girls are protective over Emily till Alison finally proves that she didnt kiss the person back

She was silent. With what? Sadness? Shock? She didn’t know. Well, she couldn’t really say she was shocked, she had tried to trust Alison, really she had, and she did, trust her, but she would be lying if she said a small part of her hadn’t been screaming at her that trusting her was a huge mistake the whole time they had been together. As for sad, she definitely was sad, but not as much sad as disappointed. She loved Alison, loves her, even now, even when she’s looking at this stupid photo, and she hates herself for it. The photo had ended up in her locker, and even though there was no signature, she could guess who it was from. I mean, who else had been trying to ruin her’s (and all the other girl’s) lives for what felt like forever now. And of course, this was not an opportunity A would pass up on. She took the photo between her tan fingers, gently brushing her thumb against the smooth photo paper. She felt nauseous looking at it. Alison stood still in the picture, though it felt like she was punching Emily in the face. Noel stood facing her on the frame, his tone arms wrapped around her body, his lips pressed hard to hers. She put the photo down, roughly pushing her hand through her dark hair, trying to think of anything but the blonde, and the fact that the photo made her jealous even more than it made her angry, which disgusted her.

“Hey babe,” was what knocked her out of the angry world her mind just couldn’t seem to escape out of, well until the blonde’s words shook her. She looked up at Alison, her dark eyes angry, but also filled with exhaustion, and she didn’t know what was worse. “What-” Alison started, worriedly, but she cut herself off as her blue eyes fell on the photo sitting in front of Emily on the bed. “You kissed him?” Emily whispered, her voice shaking, and Alison just stared down at her, her eyes wide with shock. “Who…how did you get that?” “Someone put it in my locker.” “Obviously, A, Em, you can’t-” “Can’t what? Can’t trust A? It’s a photo, Alison. It doesn’t matter who it’s from. What matters is that you kissed Noel.” “I didn’t! He kissed me!” “And you didn’t even think to tell me?” She felt like her blood had turned to acid, every part of her body aching with such extreme intensity that she thought she might pass out. “I should’ve told you,” she resigned without a fight, even quicker than Emily suspected, “I know I should’ve. But I was scared, scared I would lose you.” “You were right to be,” Emily said, venom to her words, and she was so angry that when Alison cringed at her voice, she almost smiled. “Em-” “Please, stop. I’m so sick of this. All the lying, God, Ali, I actually thought you liked me.” “I do like you, Em! Of course I like you! I…love you.” “I wish I believed you.” “Don’t do this, Em. Please trust me, please.” “How can I, Alison? All you do is lie.” The words tasted like acid on her tongue, she wanted so badly to forgive the blonde, even after she kissed Noel. And god, it fucking hurt. “I should’ve been honest before, I know. But I’ll be honest now. He kissed me. I didn’t kiss him back, and I told him to never try it again. But I didn’t tell you because I was scared you…you wouldn’t believe me.” There was sincerity to her voice, hurt, even, but she had kissed Noel and there was no way Emily could get over that. Maybe, Emily decided, this is good. Maybe if she pushed her away then it would hurt less. Everything about the blonde would hurt a little less. But, of course, she knew that wasn’t true. She would always love Alison, even when it felt like the blonde was strangling her, killing her. “I don’t,” Emily said sternly, but she just felt like crying. She held the tears back, but Alison couldn’t, warm tears steadily streaming down her face. “Please, Em. Please! I love you!” “Stop! You don’t love me, Alison. You don’t know how to love,” and with those words, that were filled with such an extreme hurt, Alison felt broken. She held herself together as she walked out the door, only falling apart once she was safely away in her car.

“Hey Emily,” Noel said, catching her at her locker and leaning casually against the wall. His bright eyes flickered with amusement and his smile was that of a lion right before it pounces on its prey. “What do you want?” She said, more harshly than she intended, slamming the locker door in his face, which only seemed to amuse him more. “I can see you enjoyed my picture, but I’m gonna need it back.” “You knew I had it?” Her stomach sank, and she thought about the picture wedged into one of her textbooks, which she had thrown into her bag. “It disappeared from my bag yesterday morning. I was following Alison last night, I needed some more photos, when I saw her in her car crying. It wasn’t that hard to put it together,” he said, seemingly bored, “Now, can I have it back?” “No,” Emily responded quickly and sternly, trying to walk around him, but he stepped in her way. “Look, it’s not going to do you any good anyway. It’s not like I enjoyed it, the dumb bitch didn’t even kiss me back,” he said, slight annoyance to his voice. “She didn’t?” “No. I was going to use it to turn you against her if I needed to, but it doesn’t matter now.” Emily cautiously pulled the photo from her bag, examining it with new eyes. She hadn’t noticed before, but Alison’s arm hung limply at her side and her eyes weren’t even closed, they were wide in shock. She felt her body go numb as she realized that Alison hadn’t been lying after all. She pushed the photo into Noel’s outstretched hand, running off before he could say a word.

“Listen, Alison, you need to stay away from her,” Hanna said, a harshness to her voice that Alison had gotten used to recently. “She told you?” “Of course she told me, she’s my best friend.” “Did you two have a good night full of alcohol because of it?” “You know I’m not drinking anymore,” she said, crossing her arms. “Whatever. Spencer and Aria are already giving me the cold shoulder, and Emily already screamed at me, so I think I’ve learned my lesson. Now, can you please leave me alone? I need to get to class.” “No, Alison. You don’t understand. Emily loves you, she always has, and as much as I hate it, she always will. And sadly, I can’t change that. But what I can do is tell you to back off. I didn’t want her to date you, but I knew better than to try to convince her not to, she wouldn’t have listened anyway. And I have to admit, I kind of was actually hoping you changed, because Emily deserves the best and if she can’t get over you than that is what you need to be. But you aren’t. I wanted to be wrong, I wanted things to work out between you and Emily, but obviously that isn’t going to happen. So if you are capable of caring for her at all with that frozen heart of yours, then please, leave her alone. Let her move on. It’s only fair.”

“Alison!” Emily shouted out when she caught a glimpse of the blonde walking by herself down the hallway. The blonde stopped and turned, obviously recognizing her voice. “You’re talking to me now?” She asked, a slight bitterness to her voice, but also something else, hope, Emily decided. “I talked to Noel,” she said softly, taking in the blonde, the blonde who maybe she could actually trust after all. Her blue eyes were dark, she looked tired and distant, and there was hurt and pain laced into the blue that had quickly become her favorite color. “And?” Alison said, hurt evident in her voice, but also a little annoyance. “You were telling the truth,” Emily started, and the blonde’s lips curled into a smirk. “I know.” “I’m sorry, Ali, I should’ve believed you, it’s just-” “Stop Emily, it’s okay, I understand. I’m evil Alison and you can’t trust a word I say.” “It’s not that! I was-” “No, Emily, I get it. But I’m kind of sick of trying to earn your trust. You either trust me or you don’t, and you’ve made it very clear that you don’t.” “I do, Alison. But it’s hard to trust you when I’m staring at a picture of you kissing Noel.” “If I ever saw a picture of you kissing anyone, Paige even, and you told me that they kissed you, I’d trust you. That’s what love is Emily, trust. Not that I’d know, right? Cause I don’t know what love is?” There was hurt in her voice, venom to her words, but her lips remained curled into a smile. “I shouldn’t have said that. I didn’t mean it.” “Yeah, but you did say it Emily.” “Please, I don’t want to fight,” Emily said softly, closing the gap between them and wrapping her tan arms gently around the blonde’s slim body. “This isn’t a fight Emily. It’s a realization.” “Of what?” “That until you actually learn to trust me, this isn’t going to work,” she said, pulling her body away from Emily’s grasp, and walking away without even a glance back.

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Cap, can I nitpick your brain for the Emison proposal? Some articles shade Ali for the one-sided proposal, asking Emily to love her for the rest of their lives etc, forgetting that marriage is partnership. To me, it was an insecure girl's confession of her imperfections, asking this perfect woman to be hers forever. And here was an implicit promise in making her a better woman because of and for Em. So I don't get the shading. Also thanks for sharing your fave drabbles in my last ask ;)

I agree with you completely.

The entire proposal, leading up to Alison asking Emily if she’s willing to do the same for the rest of their lives, was basically prodding at herself and how she’s never been perfect (in fact, she knows she’s been an ugly person) but Emily has found the patience to love her, anyway. That’s definitely not one-sided; that’s Alison noticing that, hey, she has so many flaws, but Emily is the one for her because she’s been able to deal with that and Alison is flat-out fascinated with the amount of tolerance and dedication she has. Alison wouldn’t be proposing, in the first place, if it was one-sided.

The fact that there are articles saying this is mind-blowing. The lack of complex-understanding that some of these people have really grinds my gears. If you don’t know how to read into a character and their actions/words, you shouldn’t be writing articles. You should go back to writing blog posts.

‘’I made you, I made all of you!’’ Ali’s Pretty Little Dolls (+some Aria clues)

How Ali made them her bitches dolls

According to Mona, Alison picked each of them to assemble the perfect group- the perfect dolls to play with (compassionate, etc etc). She did pick them because they were easy to manipulate, to make her do what she says, but how did she know? Ali picked each one of them because they remind her of.. well, Ali!

This post is going to get deeper of how Alison managed to manipulate the girls

hear me out, somehow it does makes sense

Spencer’s known to be Ali’s rival, so obviously what they have in common is their go-getter personality and they’re both smart, competetive, both of their families good in keeping secrets.

Hanna, uhm! Well it’s been pointed out too often that they look alike- so she probably picked her because of the appearance 

Emily as we know is gay and has been struggling with her sexuality before. While we found out Ali is bisexual- so she probably picked Emily because of her sexuality.

Let’s try to describe Alison. We know her as really smart, she does everything to get what she wants, wanted to be better than everyone, she’s gorgeous, she values her appearance and popularity, she attracts and gets attracted by the opposite sex as well as the same sex. 

But let’s not forget what else makes Alison the Alison we know and love. Her family has a lot of secrets and baggage, She’s cunning, she has a temper, she’s manipulative, she’s a liar, and most of the people who know her would describe her as evil. 

‘’You know why I picked you, right?’’ (Ali to Aria)

Why did Alison really pick her? The others have something in common with her.. but what does Aria have with Ali?

You know what I think? I think it’s because Aria has a temper, she’s a liar (well all of them, but it’s been said she’s the best liar among the group)- could she also be manipulative and evil? Also they both like older guys lol

Going further with this, we know Alison manipulates the girls according to their secrets, and observing from the flashbacks etc, their secrets mostly roots back from what they have in common with Ali. And of course Alison knew how to manipulate this as you can only know if you’ve experienced the same, am i right? Let’s see!

Examples from the girls’ secrets from the previous seasons:

Spencer: - Stole Melissa’s paper and pretended it to be hers
               - kissed Ian, Wren (Melissa’s boyfriends)
               - had substance abuse issues
               - secret half brother (jason)
Those secrets were mainly because Spencer wanted what she can’t have, wanted to be the best (Spencer was speeding to be better at studies)- and Alison knew that and knew how to play her because she was the same, she knew exactly how to blackmail her. Plus the family affair- jason lol they have that in common too.

Hanna - throwing up after she eats
           - shoplifted
           - financial issues
           - secretly smart

As stated above, she and Ali both valued their appearances and their status- also, Ali taught Hanna to puke after eating. And the financial issues and the secretly smart things were a secret as she thinks her popularity will go down for those things. Alison played push and pull- knowing what to say to Hanna to bring her down, and making it seem like being in her group was the only good thing about her. Because she too, probably had self esteem issues.

Emily - lesbian
         - in love with Ali
Alison knew Emily wasn’t straight from the beginning, because she noticed how Emily looks at her, looks at girls- because she was struggling with the same problem with her sexuality at that time. Even easier for Alison to manipulate Emily back then (don’t come at me i said back then), because she was in love with her.

Aria - knew about her dad’s former affair
       - Affair with her teacher
       - Trashed her dad’s office 
       - the most records of cheating on partners (correct me if this is wrong)

It’s obvious Aria has some temper, trashing her dad’s office (and ezra’s some time later). is a Liar as she cheated on multiple occasions, but also she used guys and throws them away when they are no longer needed (Andrew, Jake, etc). Ali was there during the office incident and was the one to give her a little push to trash it- she knows how to play Aria’s temper and emotions.

I heard somewhere that some witches or magical people know how to put some parts of them into a lifeless objects, so they can own them and control them.

I’m not saying Alison is a witch or anything, but if we look at it like this- the girls seem to carry a part of Alison inside them- the parts Alison know how to control. As if Alison really does own them.

The girls were happy Alison was gone.

After she disappeared, they continued living their lives- thinking she was dead. But the -A game started and it made them revolve their lives around Ali again. 

They were her dolls. 

But she lost control in the latter seasons. 


Because they started losing that part of them they connected with Ali.

Spencer stopped going for what Melissa has, settled with not going to Upenn. Hanna started being her own person, regardless what anyone says. Emily is not struggling with her sexuality. Aria, who knows what’s really going on with that girl tbh so much secrets!

That’s why the -A game started again, didn’t it? To make it revolve around Ali again.

I personally think Ali might be Uber A, since the beginning- and she played Aria to help her. 

ps: sorry if it’s not very well written, i’m a bit sleep deprived- and i still have things to do today. But i hope the idea is there!

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so i love getting people's opinion on this. why do u think emily fell for alison when they were 14? like what was it about ali that made her love her? and what do you think is the reason she's in love with ali now?

That is a very good questions and I have several thoughts but I guess that, in my opinion, Emily initially fell for Alison because she made her feel needed and special, you know? Alison chose her, Alison would go to her when things were bad, Alison would often treat her better than she treated other people, and I guess Emily felt like she was special because wow this person who treats everyone like shit seems to enjoy spending time with me. And Alison was captivating, I mean, she was beautiful but she was also mysterious and interesting and someone you can’t quite figure out - even though Emily did know her better than many people and still does. I think that now it’s completely different though, I feel like she never fell out of love with Alison and I think she still loves her because Alison has changed; I highly doubt she would still love Alison if Alison hadn’t changed her ways. This new Alison, she’s mature, she’s there for Emily too so it doesn’t feel one sided, she still makes Emily feel needed because it’s who she goes to whenever things go wrong. And I think Emily has never forgotten that one night they shared all those years ago and that gives her something to hold onto - the Alison she loves now is someone who has shown she can love back and not just this high school crush she had.

Emison vs. Paily

After reading the afterellen 5x07 recap online, I understand a little bit better where paily shippers are coming from. But, the one thing I still can’t get over is HOW PAIGE DROWNED EMILY. Like for real, she just attempted to murder the person she loved. How is everything she does now all of suddenly justified just because she was present during a shit storm? I’m sorry, but why is everyone ignoring this?

What Alison did to Emily wasn’t justified either, she was a bully and a tyrant. But she was 15 you guys, she’s not supposed to be this super perfect character were supposed to be rooting for. She takes out her insecurities out on other people, and there was a reason for the way she treated Emily. To me personally, it seemed that Ali didn’t want to give Emily any power over her; because maybe she loved Emily back, so in order to regain control she had to put Em back in her place by rejecting her. As the audience currently, we’re still unsure what direction Alison’s character is going in.

For real though, attempting to murder someone is just not okay. And justifying it by saying she did it out of love is all kinds of fucked up, and displays a serious mental issue on Paige’s half.

Any paily shipper care to explain this to me? Step up to the plate now.

Okay. I really wish Cosima would let up on Delphine already. It was one thing for Cosima to be pissed about the breakup and to not want to trust Nealon because Delphine put him in charge. But for Cosima, who is still dying, to deliberately go out of her way to get a urine sample from Alison just because she thinks Delphine’s on some “power trip?” That just… boggles my mind.

Granted, Delphine could have obtained the sample in much better ways than barging into Shay’s love nest (good lord writers). But, I think at the very least Cosima should know by now that Delphine has always put Cosima’s welfare first. Delphine has done everything in her power to keep Cosima alive, often to the detriment of their relationship. Heck, if Delphine hadn’t insisted on the stem cell treatment from Kira’s tooth, Cosima probably wouldn’t even be alive to have all these sexy times with Shay. So for Cosima to assume that Delphine is just using her illness out of jealousy (?) or for some other nefarious purpose… I just don’t get it.

My Recap + Reaction Gifs

This is my recap post for 4x14 “Who’s In The Box?”. It is in no way a structured recap lol I will have an actual review out tomorrow. :) And since I don’t want to spoil anybody… you gotta click the Read More link! :) 

Disclaimer: None of these gifs are mine. It’s also long but also quite amusing if I do say so myself. 

Keep reading

taylorswift taylorswift Thank you for giving me the strength to stay strong. You support and help me through every little hardship and you don’t even know it. I can’t begin to say how much I love you and how much you’ve done for me. Thank you, for making me believe that everything happens for a reason and it will get better. Because of you, I’m not giving up on anything. Not love, school, other people, my future, my dreams, my goals and certainly not myself. You make me gain hope. Thank you, Taylor. I love you more than you will ever ever know and I can only hope that someday, I can tell you my whole story in person. You gave me the strength to build a castle out of all the bricks they’ve thrown at me. Taylor Alison Swift, thank you. For being my inspiration. Everything you conquer, accomplish and achieve just gives me hope with everything. You chased your dream, you gave me the strength, power and desire for make me want to chase mine. To go to college, make a living and then settle down with a true love. Thank you, really. I don’t know how I could ever repay you. Thank you for making me so strong. I can really just go on and on but I really want to tell you in person. thank you Taylor. I have met so many amazing people because of you. I really just, can’t put how much I love you into words. I’ll spend my whole life trying to put it into words. Thank you, for making me believe in miracles and that everything and anything can happen. Thank you for making me into the strong believer I am today. And just like I promised you from the start, I will stand by you forever. I’m having the time of my life fighting dragons with you. You never fail to save me. You never fail to put the biggest smile on my face. You never fail to make me cry because of how much I love you. I did’t know it was possible to love a celebrity like this. You’re a best friend that I just don’t see that often. Thank you for being the best of the best. Thank you for being you. Thank you for making your family move to Nashville so you can live your dream because we made it, YOU made it. You save lives every single day. You’ve saved mine, and my best friends. Everyday. I can’t even begin to tell you the amounts of friends I have because of you. I just, I love you so much Taylor. I just hope I can really tell you someday in person so the sound of my voice reflects the passion in me when I say it. You got me through high school. I am graduating in June and going to college and YOU made me believe I can do it. Everyone doubted i would get that far into my education but you gave me the strength to shake it off and show them who’s strongest. You helped me fight all my life and I can’t thank you enough for continuing to help me. You gave me the hope and strength to carry on every day. Yes, I’ve been through a whole lot but, I can do it. I can fight through the dragons and bricks with the strength and courage you gave me. And thank you for fighting with me and never giving up. You are the high light of my every year, Taylor. Thank you, thank you for making a fighter out of me. I couldn’t have done it with out you. You mean nothing less than the world to me 💙💛💜❤️💛 taylorswift

Aria and Bethany THEORY

I’ll start this theory with the fact that Aria has close friends other than the liars.

  •  Aria and Bethany knew each other, they either met at Radley at a young age and became really close or she’s a relative to Aria and they met through some family gatherings. We know Aria had left to Iceland for a year after Alison disappeared. However, Ezra wrote that she’s been in Iceland for about 3 years? He’s not wrong, though! Aria has been in Iceland for 3 years in total. Not 3 years after her disappearance but in lifetime. Also, if the information about Aria is wrong, why doesn’t she correct him?
  •  As Aria was reading what he had wrote in his book about her, she becomes frustrated and breaks everything. She then says ‘Ezra knew who I was before we met’ 

Bethany was sent to Radley in Iceland, far away from Rosewood. The Dilaurentis family later took a trip to Iceland(?) so that Jessica could check up on Bethany. 

As she grew older, Bethany was moved back to Radley in PA because she no longer had to be in the children’s ward. Alison found out about Bethany and she lured her to Rosewood so she could fake her death successfully. I don’t think she cared about Bethany’s past or had any interest of her. 

However, Bethany knows all about Alison thanks to Aria. She’s more of a private investigator who’s doing it for love. She cares about Bethany more than anything. If that makes sense.

On the night of Alison’s disappearance, Bethany was buried alive by Melissa Hasting and Aria happened to pull her out. Here’s why & how:

  • In the halloween episode 4x14, Aria saves Leah (Luke’s cousin) who was wearing a bridal costume, which is a black widow reference. This is a very huge clue that Aria did save Bethany the night Alison disappeared and Bethany is indeed Black Veil. 

This scene also reminds me of the song, Walking After Midnight.

I go out walkin’ after midnight
Out in the moonlight, just like we used to do
I’m always walkin’ after midnight
Searchin’ for you
Well, that’s just my way of sayin’ I love you
I’m always walkin’ after midnight
Searchin’ for you

I think this describes their relationship perfectly.

  • In Shadow Play 4x19, I found a picture of Aria with the gazebo reference, the place with an open grave. Not a coincidence. 

Moving on!

When Aria volunteered at Radley, Eddie Lamb recognized her. He felt like they’ve met before. Not just seen her but actually knew her. When they were talking, there was a pig portrait behind her. Why is there always a pig reference with Aria? Marlene said that we have not seen the last of ‘Pigtunia’ Aria’s favorite puppet. Alison also mentioned that the game has a new ‘puppet master’ 

Marlene King posted a picture on Instagram of the liars in Jail from Season 2 and captioned it, ‘A remembers this #clue Why would Charles remember that? Unless, she was talking about Uber A, who is rumored to be Bethany Young. 

 When Aria was helping out at Radley, the patients were painting flowers and if you look closely, you’ll see sunflowers behind the teacher. There’s always sunflower references when it comes to Aria

 The sunflower is the Greek symbol of Clytie (a water nymph) who turns into a sunflower after grieving over the loss of her love (Apollo). The mythological symbolism here is that Clytie (in the form of a sunflower) is always facing the sun, looking for Apollo’s chariot to return and she might be joined again with her love

 Another perfect description of their relationship!

Oh, look! Sunflowers, pigtunia and a picture of a blonde all in one picture! 

Also! When Aria showed her paintings in Radley, there was a painting of a blonde and a sunflower…coincidence? I think not!

Jenna sends an unknown text to Aria at the masquerade ball 2X25, she looks across the room and goes looking for Bethany(?) Jenna follows her, we then see her unmasked and in that moment Jenna found out something about Aria. Either she’s A or she knows Bethany. She looks terrified but angry at the same time. I don’t think it was an A text because nobody attacked her. Also, Aria looked happy while she was on her way to Bethany. However, Ezra just happened to mysteriously be there, the text wasn’t about him. 

As Aria was on her way to Bethany, the song ‘Better In Time’ by Leona Lewis was playing.

It’s been the longest winter without you
I didn’t know where to turn to
See somehow I can’t forget you
After all that we’ve been through

Thought I heard a knock (Whose there, no one?)
Thinking that (I deserve it)
Now I have realized
That I really didn’t know
You mean everything (quickly I’m learning)
To love again (all I know is)
Imma be okay

Thought I couldn’t live without you
It’s going to hurt when it heals too
Oh yeah (It’ll all get better in time)
Even though I really love you
I’m gonna smile because I deserve too
Oh (It’ll all get better in time)

How could I turn on the TV
Without something that’ll remind me
Was it all that easy?
To put aside your feeling
If I’m dreamin’
Don’t want to let it (hurt my feelings)
But that’s the past (i believe it)
And I know that, time will heal it 

Another perfect description of their relationship! 

We know there were 2 mysterious blondes at the masquerade ball. One of them is Alison because she has the same exact mask in her attic and the other is Bethany! Aria wasn’t shocked when she got the text about Bethany because she knew she was going to be there.

Here’s a theory that could play out in this.

A is torturing the girls to find out what happened to Bethany Young and who exactly killed her. Aria is trying to find out what happened to Bethany. She’s been looking for clues since day 1. Watch Aria closely in the pilot. She’s wandering around, asking questions, etc. I know it’s because she’s been in Iceland for a year but she is the reason why the girls got back together. The apron you saw in 5x10 belongs to Aria. Why would Charles have a girl’s nursing uniform? Think about it. It belongs to Aria because she needed to sneak in and look at Bethany’s records. Melissa’s main priority is to protect Spencer no matter the cost. That’s why she wanted to get rid of ARIA. Why not the others? Jenna probably told Melissa about Aria’s connection with Bethany. Think about it. When Spencer told the girls that she killed Bethany Young, Aria was so sure that she didn’t. How is she so sure? Is it because she’s been working on this case since forever? All the A clues targeting Aria is not a coincidence. Wren colored in the red coat who seemed to have brunette hair is Aria. There was a red coat doll with brunette hair in Aria’s basement! When Ezra was shot, Aria specifically told her mom, ‘I thought he was gone, mom. Really gone. The whole time he was at the hospital, I was just making up this list of things I would tell him if I just got one more chance. And, now he’s okay. I’m so glad that he’s okay. But, I’m just…stuck with that list still’ Now here’s another twisted part. Wren is working for Aria. I think he is Aria’s cousin because her dad’s brother had a mental illness and Wren’s father too had a mental illness. We see A in HER lair with photos of her stuck on the wall. Aria said she loved them, she even has one in her room (season 5!) Later, we see A with Wren’s prescription cards. I also believe that Noel is working for Aria too. He shot Ezra accidentally and the way he looked at Aria after the incident says it all. All of this because of Bethany Young aka PLL’s end game. They know she’s alive but it’s not safe for her to return until they find her killer or get some justice by tormenting Alison and the liars.

In the dollhouse, there were quite a lot of clues that linked to Wren and Aria. I’m sure you’ve already seen them on IG/Tumblr.

Check out my Instagram @rosewoodspoiler for more theories!


Dr Rollins killed Cece, but he didn't mean to.

I’ve missed reading and writing theories, thought about the last episode and so far this is what I think might happen.

Dr Rollins was treating Charlotte, through that he met and fell in love with Alison. He was how much Ali loved her sister, and did everything he could to help Cece get better. Alison fell for Dr Rollins because she saw him helping Cece.

Once Cece got better, he feared that Cece would no longer need him and therefore Ali wouldn’t need him either. The night Cece was released Dr Rollins some how lured Cece to the church in attempt to make it look like she was going to try to kill herself and therefore was a risk to herself and should be admitted again. Which would mean he would have to treat her and get to be around Ali again, but Cece put up a fight and he ended up actually killing her.