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hummingbird heartbeat - pt23

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On July second, Bitty stood on his tiptoes, eyeing the arriving passengers for any sign of Kent. The flight was on time, according to the arrivals board. He hadn’t gotten a text message from Kent yet, but they had to have landed. Fidgeting with his phone, Bitty looked up at the boards again. Maybe he could find Kent by the baggage claim?

He’d managed to convince his parents – mostly his Mama – that it would be fine for him to go pick Kent up by himself. It wasn’t an awful drive from the Atlanta airport back to Madison, and, in all honesty, Bitty wanted Kent all to himself. He wanted to hold hands on the drive back from the airport, to kiss Kent when he saw him. He wanted to make sure Kent wasn’t freaking out too much about meeting his parents. Bitty checked the boards again, looking for baggage claim information.

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obvs there is something great about when a Big Scary turns into a Big Softie where Tiny Useless is concerned, but what i like better is:

Tiny Useless decides, with no prompting and for no apparent reason whatsoever, that Big Scary needs protecting. and if no one else will do it then this accidentally-gets-stepped-on, blows-away-in-a-stiff-breeze motherfucker is going to have to be the one to protect this living mountain of pain. you wanna get to this troll, you’re gonna have to go through this pixie. you try to come for this tibetan mastiff, this chihuahua’s gonna try to kick your ass first.

and the Big Scary is mostly just?? really confused???? there are at least twenty different reasons why this is fucking dumb. but also this feeble lil shit is the first person in the entire world to try and stand up for this person that absolutely does not need it. Big Scary continues to be huge and terrifying but now Tiny Useless has their undying loyalty and it will probably not end well for anyone.

Fanfiction Work-In-Progress Guessing Game

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I deserve someone better.
I deserve someone better.
I deserve someone better.
—  Repeat until you accept that there is no going back no matter how much you still love them. Tolerate NO mistreatments. Respect yourself.

Lunafreya Nox Fleuret ; The Passing of the Oracle

On John Lewis, Civil Rights Hero

“I fought too long & too hard against discrimination based on race & color, not to fight against discrimination based on sexual orientation,” tweeted civil rights icon John Lewis on July 23, 2015.

Fifty-five years ago, on May 14, 1961, Lewis rode with the Freedom Riders in a bus pelted by rocks and bricks, as axes smashed through windshields, a firebomb lobbed through the shattered glass. State troopers fired warning shots – but whom they warned was not the violent mob.

The bus’s passengers were black and white Americans riding together, testing the recent Supreme Court ruling that said it would be illegal to segregate public transportation passengers based on their race. 

John Lewis was the first Freedom Rider to be assaulted. And yet, a battered face and broken ribs did not prevent him from continuing his ride. “We were determined not to let any act of violence keep us from our goal,” Lewis has said of the experience. “We knew our lives could be threatened, but we had made up our minds not to turn back.”

As the fight for civil rights continued over the ensuing years, Lewis kept to his conviction that there was no turning back. Three years following the Freedom Riders’ journeys aboard greyhounds, Lewis marched in Selma, Mississippi, in a demonstration of their urgent insistence on African Americans’ right to vote amidst widespread voter suppression. On a day that became known as Bloody Sunday, the peaceful protesters were beaten by state troopers who met them at the end of Edmond Pettus Bridge.

[from John Lewis’ testimony]

After a lifetime of fighting for civil rights, John Lewis has never stooped to rest. As a champion of LGBTQ rights, Lewis gave an impassioned speech in a 1996 debate on the Defense of Marriage Act, where he lashed out against any who would deny LGBTQ citizens’ their right to marriage.

“I will not turn my back on another American,” he said. “I will not oppress my fellow human being. I fought too hard and too long against discrimination based on race and color to stand up against discrimination based on sexual orientation.”

[watch the full speech here]

Lewis has been elected to Congress fourteen times, a few times running unopposed, beloved for his bravery and dedication to fighting for the rights of his constituents and fellow Americans at large. He has recently received media attention for the criticism laid down on him by President Donald Trump, who said of the civil rights hero, “All talk, talk, talk — no action or results. Sad!”

With the sun high on the first day of February, a new month awaits dedicated to remembering the contributions of Black Americans throughout our history. They are the trailblazers who have fought tirelessly for justice and equality, and who today continue to fight for their community, in addition to others marginalized in similar manners, allies united in their advocation.


I wanted to tell you, but I was afraid it would open old wounds.

I’m in sports anime hell

anyway!! Here’s a drawing of Kageyama working part-time at Ukai’s convenience store because I have an AU where he lives alone and has to pay for groceries somehow and Hinata finds out by bumping into Kageyama while he’s working. also i kinda just wanted to draw kageyama in an apron and a headscarf ahahahahahahah

Sleepless Nights (Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader)

Prompt: None. I’ve been stirring over this baby for weeks now. I’m not even proud of it. But you’re getting it anyways.

Summary: Sleep deprivation and pharmacies.

Word Count: 1,912 (why though. how though.)

Author’s Note: I did not proofread nor plan out this fic. I’m sure you’ll be able to tell as you read. (I feel my self-deprecation will prevent people from reading… Read anyways! Prove me wrong (or right!))

Warnings: Cursing (of course)

12:31 a.m.

Revving engines from the presumably barren roadways below had awaken you from your much needed slumber. A soggy, half-eaten turkey sandwich lay beside your mess of papers that lie askew. An empty styrofoam cup, once filled with Red Bull and caffeinated coffee, now rolls along the hardwood office floor as the warm stream of air from the heater sends it along. A computer screen illuminates the darkened bags beneath your eyes.

This was not a prime moment of yours.

For the past few days, you have been working non-stop on an incredulously urgent proposal needed to move forward with a research project. Your colleagues weren’t able to start on anything until this paper was finished in its entirety. Your ass was on the line, and your boss never took any shit. She was hard on you, sure, but you liked to think it was because she saw potential in you.

Maybe that wasn’t the case.

Either way, that paper needed to be finished before the sun peaked over the tranquil skyline of the city. Until the gigantic ball of gas and impending doom made its way into your view, you were determined to crank out some intricate, well-put sentences on a nearly blank sheet of paper. You made it clear to the office’s deafening silence that you were going to kick this paper’s ass. After another energy drink, that is.

1:04 a.m.

You were still a bit groggy from your inexcusable nap break; a quick trip to the nearby drug store was more than imminent. With the crisp New York City breeze slapping you across the face all along the sidewalk, an energy boost may not even be necessary. You grabbed ahold of your bearings, threw on your rust-orange peplum coat, and slung on your crossbody. You locked the office doors before heading out for a few moments. The subtle fiddling of the keys in your chilled hands kept your focus on something other than the significant winter’s chill.

The click, click of your heels on the pavement was accompanied by the faint screech of tires trekking across worn-out pavement. For the most part, the street on which your place of employment lied was quiet. Well, quiet for the city, you suppose. It was on a back road, an adequate starting point for drag racing, as you discovered earlier. Luckily, a corner store stood a block away, making refreshing simple, especially when you pulled all-nighters at the office.

1:23 a.m.

You muzzily shuffled into the store, rubbing your eyes while adjusting to the fluorescent lights. Makena, the cashier with whom you have grown close, smiled when she saw you walk into the store.

“Someone looks a bit out of it,” she commented.

You chuckled softly, adding, “To say the least.”

The small 5-hour energy bottle sat upon the front counter. You trudged over, grabbing one and placing it in front of Makena.

“You’re gonna have to wait in line, sweetheart,” she mentioned before beckoning her head to the right.

You turned, only to find a man holding a large, circular box of sweets and a pink card. He seemed just as worn out as you, though the bags beneath his eyes were overshadowed by his gentle eyes.

“Oh! I’m so sorry,” you said frantically as you stepped out of his way.

He smiled. “No worries, I’m in the same boat,” he stated as he placed the card and candy on the counter. “It took me three minutes to find the card aisle. Lack of sleep really takes a toll on the mind,” he mentioned. You laughed.

“Will this be all?” she asked the man. “We have nice plush toys in the back. There’s a koala that holds a balloon saying ‘I love you beary much!’”

He pursed his lips and nodded. “I am a fan of the idea, though koalas aren’t bears.”

Makena furrowed her brows. “Hmph,” she turned to you. “My life is a lie.”

You chuckled. The messy-haired gent grinned. “While my mother is a big fan of Australian creatures, I’m going to have to pass.”

Makena tilted her head. “Look, I’m not trying to pry or anything, but…” she gestured toward the items on the counter. “Does your mom have you in the dog house?”

His eyes widened as he raised his hands side-to-side. “No! It’s not like that, I just…” he scratched the back of his neck. “I forgot her birthday. I’m trying to make up for it,” he sighed, continuing, “with mediocre drug store products.”

“Mediocre?” Makena frowns. “That one hurts. Are my four dollar chocolates not up to par for your mother’s forgettable birthday?”

“One time! I forgot once,” he noted, eyes wide. “Okay, twice, but at least I almost remembered this time. I’m incredibly grateful for this store and its high quality products.” He smiled. It looked genuine enough.

Makena smiled back. “Mhm. Your total will be $6.03.”

“Would you add an energy shot for your fatigued friend back there?” He jabbed a thumb towards the place where you stood. “I’ve wasted enough of her time yakking on about my forgetfulness.”

Makena smirked and nodded. “Your new total is $11.36.”

He smiled as he paid and collected up the birthday gifts and the bottle of over-caffeination. He turned and handed you the 5-hour energy.

“I appreciate your putting up with my story,” he remarked.

You flashed him a smile. “My pleasure. I do enjoy a good story; the complementary energy drink was a nice touch. The name’s Y/N,” you mentioned, holding out your hand.

“Lin-Manuel,” the shaggy-haired fellow stated as he struggled to hold his purchases with one hand. “Though ‘Lin’ is just fine.”

The two of you head out side-by-side. You turned back and saw Makena wink at you, throwing in a thumbs-up. You playfully rolled your eyes and stepped out the door.

1:56 a.m.

“Where are you headed?” Lin asked.

“A few blocks west of here. I have to get back to my lab to finish a report,” you said, rubbing your temple, trying to inhibit your ineludible future headache.

“I’m off that way as well. Mind if I join you?”

“That would be nice.”

A silence swung between you both for a few minutes as you walked along, until Lin spoke up.

“May I ask what your research is about?”

You nodded while focusing on your footing. There were few lights along the road. “I’m set to start a study of the development of synthetic hormones, and I can’t start without this paper written to completion.” You let out a heavy breath. “Also, it must be completed,” you checked your watch. “…within the next six hours.”

“Oh, dear,” Lin whispered. “It’s too bad there isn’t a ‘six-hour energy’ drink. Tsk tsk.”

You let out a snort. “As of right now, I’ll take anything, as long as it isn’t coffee from a four-year-old machine,” you shook your head. “My last cup had grounds in the bottom. It was rather chewy,” you stated, shaking your head. “Definitely wouldn’t recommend it.”

Lin’s threw his head back in laughter. “The machines are already planning our demise; perhaps a robotic apocalypse is upon us.”

“If only,” you exhaled. “In that case, I would be worrying about how to correctly dismantle a rouge microwave rather than figure how to sort scientific words into insightful sentences.” Lin chuckled in response.

The silence shoved its way back in between the both of you. After a lulled few minutes, Lin turned to you.

“I’m an English major.”

You raised an eyebrow. “Congratulations..?”

Lin laughed softly. “No, I mean… I’m rather experienced in the paper-writing process. I teach seventh grade English classes,” he uncomfortably shifted his items in his arms. “If you find yourself in a jam, I’d be happy to help you put together a paper.”

“While I am a genius in the field of science, I am, to put it lightly, shit at writing. I’ll be sure to keep the offer in mind. If you need help putting together a genuine birthday present, I’m your guy,” you replied.

To that, Lin sniggered. “I’d need your number in order to take you up on that offer. Or an email. I’m flexible,” he smirked.

Damn. He was good.

You grabbed Lin’s arm to stop him with one hand while pulling a pen from your bag with the other. With numb fingers, you took Lin’s free hand and scribbled down your number.

“Next time, I’d suggest going with Hallmark,” you remarked.

Lin smiled, which, of course, in turn, led you to smile back. How was this guy’s smile so contagious?

You sighed, noticing that you were already at your building. “This is my stop,” you noted.

Lin frowned. “It was a pleasure to have accompanied you on your walk.”

You grinned subtly as you unlocked the doors and headed in. “I appreciate the company.”

“I’ll call you?” Lin called.

You caught the door closing behind you, replying, “I’ll pick up.”

He turned, bouncing a bit as he walked.

2:37 a.m.

You head to your computer, starting up the document once again. Surprisingly, you didn’t need the energy drink. You felt awake, refreshed even, after conversing with the shaggy-haired fellow. Less than seven minutes into your frantic typing, your cell rang, startling you. You grabbed it, noticing the words “Unknown Number” that flashed across your screen, and answered.

“Y/N Y/L/N speaking,” you said.

“Aha! I got it right this time,” exclaimed the voice from the other line.

“Is this Lin?”

“Yes! Sorry, I was a tad overexcited. I may have accidentally called a grumpy old woman just a minute ago. I had a little trouble deciphering your number,” Lin commented, adding a chuckle.

“What can I do you for?”

“Actually, I was looking to aid you in your scientific endeavour.”

“I’m in no need of a Prince Charming to save my ass, Mr. Lin-Manuel.”

“No! I mean-”

“Only joking. Now, how does one put together a coherent sentence?”

4:22 a.m.

Lin sped things up. Significantly. Within two hours, the two of you had strung together a magnificent paper. Not only would this please your hard-ass boss, but listening to a sleepy-voiced Lin was a plus as well.

“I can’t thank you enough for helping me. Not only am I actually prepared for work, I may get three hours of sleep in,” you expressed.

“Trust me, I understand the agony. I’ve been in the same situation several times too many. Now, I ought to leave you to get some much-needed rest. I hope your project goes well!”

You smiled. “Thanks to your help, I’m sure it will.”

“We’ll talk soon,” Lin stated, and you both hung up.

How the hell would this have ever gotten done without this guy?

1:13 p.m.

To: Lin-Manuel

No need for ass-kissing today - that paper did it all for me. Won’t ever be able to repay you.

Note: not skipping work to text. In the middle of lunch break.

From: Lin-Manuel

Instead of repayment, how about meeting me for coffee after work?

To: Lin-Manuel

Another caffeine-filled evening? No thanks.

I’ll see you at the pizza place on 41st. Be there or b² .

From: Lin-Manuel

A scientist with mad algebraic jokes? There’s no one else I’d rather join at a greasy pizza joint.


Queen of Disaster - Lana Del Rey  🎵

@simplifiedsimi‘s release of this wonderful hair totally inspired my simself to channel her inner Lana Del Rey today. 

(also look it’s @our-dazed-sims denim skirt recolour)


Since I never shown this which I drew last year, have it. Cause I like it.

Some kind of weird AU with Knight!Fidds and just upper class Stan twins. No real meaning behind anything just a practice to try to draw armor and Fidds kissing Ford’s hand. And the helmet thing there.

I can’t draw armor ugh