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jimon week day 6   //   favourite scene

jace and simon… being nice? to each other? this episode was such a blessing for so many reasons (and it looked so bright and pretty i just)

this-undying–wish said:Could I get a what would being seths imprint include imagine please?

A/N: These would include: imagines are seriously getting popular for my blog. I’m glad that you all are enjoying them so much! And yes, anon, yes I shall make this imagine. I hope that you enjoy it!

Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Being Seth’s imprint would include:

- Loving his enthusiasm.

- Seth always getting lost in your eyes.

- Holding hands.

- Seth being protective of you because you’re his imprint.

- “I love youuuuuuuu.

- Practically spending most of your time in La Push.

- Cuddling.

- More cuddling.



- Him always smiling which is contagious and it makes you smile.

- Whenever you’re sad Seth makes you believe that things will get better.

- Seth always being upbeat.

- Scolding Jacob when he get’s annoyed with Seth.

- Seth’s spirit always uplifting your own.

- “Don’t come after us. Stay here with Emily.

- Walks on the beach.

- Being incredibly cheesy.

- Seth always getting anxious whenever you’re not around.

- “Where did you go?

- “I got lost.

- Always holding hands.

- Lot’s of play fighting.

- Never fighting with each other.

- Seth always protecting you.

- Being safe because Seth coaxed the pack into watching over you too.

- “You’re amazing Seth.

- “No, you are.

- “You’re beautiful.

- “You’re such a dork.

- “Don’t go. Five more minutes of cuddling.

- Always waiting for Seth at Emily’s when he’s on patrol.

- Him always stealing your food.

- Him doing whatever he can to fulfil your happiness.

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