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BTS: Dating Taehyung

• Gets down on one knee and holds your hand while he asks you out
• Him getting so excited that he cheers and kisses you over and over
• Swinging your arms when you guys hold hands
• Becoming friends w/ Kookie and Jimin
• Automatically given the right to call Jimin ‘ChimChim’
• Taking naps while snuggling
• Him making dumb faces to cheer you up when you’re sad
• Swooning whenever he’s got that god-forsaken bandana on and his forehead appears
• Him back hugging you and humming in his deep voice and you can feel the vibrations
• Taking photos w/ filters together
• Talking about smol baby children
• Telling people you have a 'Gucci Boyfriend’
• Him charming you with his bedroom eyes
• Making him sing in falsetto bc “SWEET JESUS, my boyfriend is so talented.”
• Calling each other and him yelling at everyone else bc they’re making obscene noises

Just something I doodled to get back into the swing of things. Also, something to upload while I work on part 2 of my other comic.

I didn’t know maid Ritsu was canon. I just thought people were drawing him in a maid outfit cause why not? lol 

“Okay… my access to everything has opened up again, and apparently a lot has changed since it was closed, so… I’m a bit out of the loop right now.

Sort of need help getting back into the swing of things.”

“I remember these tended to spread around faster, so you mind giving me a hand in getting a handle on stuff again? I’d appreciate it.

If you do, I might bake ya something. Any of you like cookies?”

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It’s so hard swinging back and forth between being sex repulsed and completely into getting fucked. The switch happens and I can’t control it or even tell what makes it happen. Sometimes when I think about sex I physically cringe and I’m like ‘don’t fucking touch me don’t ever ever touch me I’m pure I want to be pure and sex is disgusting’ and other times I’m like 'literally use me just use me and you can even hurt me and I want you to do whatever you want to me’

missmehphistos  asked:

Guy, friend, pal, your forgetting to write a love letter from Kakyoin. This needs to be fixed, my man.

Okay! time to hop back on and get some more love letters finished! these are going to be hella short so I’m sorry but I really want to get back into the regular swing of writing requests and that! ^^ @missmehphistos

- Ghost


To think that so many months have been able to pass by in what feels like such a short amount of time, I can hardly believe it myself were I not reminded of the events that took place during this time. I understand that you won’t be able to come visit me at the hospital for a few days in light of being needed by the Speedwagon Foundation but that doesn’t mean that we have to remain completely apart from one another; apologies if my writing seems a tad illegible this is the first time I’ve been able to pick up a pen and put it to paper since…the battle with DIO.

I still hear the nurses and doctors whispering to one another about their ‘miracle patient’ who ‘managed to survive when everyone was sure he would succumb to his injuries’ and to be honest I could almost laugh at how the rumors and tales seem to spread like wild fire through this place, if you could hear them now I’m sure you’d think I were a celebrity with how often they talk about me (although it irks me when they think I can’t hear them when they gossip right outside of my room - with the door open no less)

…No matter what I do I cannot rid ever rid you from my mind, not that I would ever want to of course but whenever you come to my thoughts the first and foremost memory which comes forth is when I first regained consciousness. At first I was sure that I had died, after all being used as a human hole puncher leaves little room for doubt about how little my chances of survival were; but when my sight adjusted and I spotted you, stood so diligently but my side I somehow knew exactly what had really happened. I doubt I will ever allow myself to forget the expression which crossed your face once you realized I was awake - an expression of utter relief only marred by the fresh wave of tears which rolled down your cheeks as you desperately clutched to my hand, as if at any moment you would lose me again. I wanted so badly to be the one to wipe those tears away, to pull you against me and run my hands along your back as I whispered words of comfort; but alas my injuries hardly allowed me to move, only permitting me to feebly return your grip and run my thumb along the top of your hand as the only way of providing comfort. 

I’m sure that I can’t even begin to repay you for staying by my side through every step of my recovery - through every night where doubt, frustration and uselessness ran rampant in my head; I promise you that the moment I can finally walk through those hospital doors I will spend every day of my life showing you the love and support which you have so generously graced me with as we move towards the future and put these events as far behind us as we can.

Hopefully the foundation can have this sent to you as soon as they can, and I can’t wait to see you again, but until then I will gladly wait for you to come back love.

Best wishes - Noriaki 

Hope this turned out okay! ^^

&& i’m home y’all. 

i wanna thank everyone for their prayers, well wishes, and general support. when i walked in the door, my grandmother sat up big and tall and waited for me to come over and she gave me the biggest hug and i sat there in her arms for a good five minutes. it was the best feeling. we were so happy to see each other. ;w; hopefully i don’t have to go back to the hospital for a good long while. 

as for rping, it’ll be business as usual. give me a few days to recover in full, then i’ll be back in full swing etc etc. i’ll try to stop trifling with idiots who reply to that post, too. try. it’s hard man i’m bad at ignoring– *cough* anyway.

the point is yes this is still an rp blog now that i’m back home i plan to fulfill my promise of getting back to it as soon as i feel healthier. c: i’ve already started plotting with some people so yay!

again, thank you guys SO SO MUCH for your support. i can’t tell you how relieved and overjoyed i was to see her sit up like that. she hasn’t given up yet, so i’ve still got time with her.

i love you guys.


Alright so I’ve been all but dead on here except for my diligently filled queue because school and work and life in general has pounded my mental health into a useless pulp bUT

Tomorrow I have my last final of the quarter! Which means I’ll be getting back in the swing of things as far as roleplaying goes.

On Friday I’m having a very minor surgery that will have me out of work for a week, so that’s plenty of time to waste away on tumblr while I’m doped up on painkillers lmao,, but I’m excited to be able to jump back into rps with my other partners, so hit me up if you’re interested! I’ll try to reblog some ask memes and prompts so feel free to send me stuff

Thanks to everyone who has stuck around! ^-^

Requests OPEN

I am trying to get back in the swing of writing, and decided to open requests. Please don’t be shy to request a SPN fic! The only thing I ask that you do not request smut, because I do not write those. Just send it through the ‘ask’!

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