getting back at taylor

Shes like the world’s best wingman. I mean, she reason me and Cherry rekindled was because I was doing shows in New York, and she lived in New York, and we kind of started hanging out again. But the moment it properly rekindled was when Taylor was having her 4th of July party and Cherry was like ‘oh I’m at a 4th of July party in Rhode Island,’ and I was like 'me too!’ and Taylor said she should come down and she basically wing manned that situation as well.
—  Ed on how Taylor helped him get back with Cherry.

I wanted Andrew to bench press Neil and @wymack was happy to help me make that happen

  • one of the Foxes bets that Andrew can’t do it
  • it was probably Nicky he has the least regard for filtering and avoiding being murdered
  • Andrew is like “fucking watch me”
  • and he just fucking lays down and motions Neil over and fucking bench presses him and ??? have they done this before??? probably
  • definitely
  • Neil had to practice planking for like a week and now he can just like tense his core and straighten his legs and hold himself like that for a long time???
  • bonus is that it tones his abs and thighs a lot like DAMN
  • Andrew, of course, can bench press Neil like it’s nothing
  • Neil fucking sitting on Andrew’s back while Andrew’s doing pushups
  • Neil is on fucking Twitter fighting someone
  • and he’s telling Andrew everything that’s happening like, “babe you won’t beLIEVE”
  • Andrew sarcastically replies “that’s nice sweetheart”
  • and Kevin walks in and just stares for a really long time because what is happening????
  • eventually he yells at Neil to “get off his lazy ass” and get on a treadmill or something
  • Neil huffs and says, “That’s so rude, Kevin. Don’t call Andrew a lazy ass. He’s clearly working harder than you.”