getting back at taylor

I wanted Andrew to bench press Neil and @wymack was happy to help me make that happen

  • one of the Foxes bets that Andrew can’t do it
  • it was probably Nicky he has the least regard for filtering and avoiding being murdered
  • Andrew is like “fucking watch me”
  • and he just fucking lays down and motions Neil over and fucking bench presses him and ??? have they done this before??? probably
  • definitely
  • Neil had to practice planking for like a week and now he can just like tense his core and straighten his legs and hold himself like that for a long time???
  • bonus is that it tones his abs and thighs a lot like DAMN
  • Andrew, of course, can bench press Neil like it’s nothing
  • Neil fucking sitting on Andrew’s back while Andrew’s doing pushups
  • Neil is on fucking Twitter fighting someone
  • and he’s telling Andrew everything that’s happening like, “babe you won’t beLIEVE”
  • Andrew sarcastically replies “that’s nice sweetheart”
  • and Kevin walks in and just stares for a really long time because what is happening????
  • eventually he yells at Neil to “get off his lazy ass” and get on a treadmill or something
  • Neil huffs and says, “That’s so rude, Kevin. Don’t call Andrew a lazy ass. He’s clearly working harder than you.”