getting asked to prom


Best way to ask a girl to prom ever (by brochesis)

this is how i wanna get asked to prom 

anonymous asked:

Honestly I was gonna send an ask about how I could be ur lesbian wife instead of the other anon but I saw someone else beat me to it so are you open to being apart of a lesbian ot3

Anonymous said: Fuck that shit! Start a harem with me XD

if u promise to love me and my anonymous wife and treat us well then i don’t see why not <3

I got asked to prom today(:

My best friend and I were nominated for the award “Should have been a couple”, and ended up winning!  When we went up to receive out awards, the MC’s started going on this rant about how this award was a big deal.  Then out of no where, this guy comes running up with flowers, and gives them to my best friend.  Then he asked me to prom(:

the-catholic-anon  asked:

Ugh, tumblr Y U KEEP EATING MY ASKS!? Excuse me as i hop away and go on a kpop mv spree

Oh if this is about the ask for prom it didn’t get eaten up I’m going on holiday so a little busy and my WiFi has tripped that’s why

Sorry for the late replies hun x