getting asked to prom

“I can get anyone to go to prom with me!” Eggsy says, puffing out his chest and smiling down at Dom.

See, Eggsy is a high school senior with the I-Can-Never-Die complex, yeah? He knows it too but that doesn’t stop him from trying near death and worthy of prison acts so of course he would confidently say this to a mate one day during lunch.

It’s also not a secret that Mr. Hart is the local heartthrob at Savile Row High. Mr. Hart, how did one explain Mr. Hart? Well, in Eggsy’s mind Mr. Hart was a man that could sweet talk you to death and make you faint just by opening the door for you and saying ‘lovely day, love’. Mr. Hart was the type of man that could take hold of a weapon during history class and swing it around with an ease that looked like a panther raising for its hunt during the mid morning dew. Mr. Hart was a man that could take one look around his class and catch Eggsy passing a note to his mate about how nice his ass looked in his bespoke suits.

“Eggsy Unwin, if you please?” Mr. Hart said, his tone clipped meaning he was severely disappointed, then held out his hand for the note that was still in Eggsy’s hand.

Now Eggsy doesn’t get embarrassed easily but a note in his hand writing form his hand that says ’The things I would do to that ass <3” Isn’t something Eggsy is willing to lose his dignity over so he shoves the note in his mouth, chews, swallows, and asks Mr. Hart in a very polite tone, “Pardon?”

Mr. Hart’s mouth thins and he lets his hand drop and Eggsy knows he fucked up but damn if Mr. Hart angry isn’t sexy as hell. So, Eggsy just blinks and waits for his punishment to be served, making sure to throw a dirty look to his mate who’s covering his mouth with a hand trying desperately not to laugh.

“Mr. Unwin,” Harry says tilting his head and turning back towards the board, “detention. Three weeks.”

“What! But Prof-”

“Four. Another word and it’ll be a month,” Harry only turns back to Eggsy when he’s behind his desk again, “Test me, my boy, and see how much I care when you’re in here everyday till four. Turn to page 394 and begin reading then answer questions one through thirty-two.” Mr. Hart says in a crisp tone letting everyone know he is not to be messed with and that Eggsy done fucked up everyones weekend.

“Homework over the weekend.”

Everyone in the class groaned and glared at Eggsy who only slid down in his seat and pulled his hoodie over his head to avoid being caught with a crimson blush.


Eggsy opened the door to class room 103 and stopped when he found Mr. Hart bent over, head under his desk, ass in the air looking for a fuckin’ pen. Eggsy doesn’t say a word because fuck if he’s missing the chance to ogle Mr. Hart’s ass but then finds himself coughing so Mr. Hart doesn’t get suspicious or think he’s late for detention.

“Ah,” Harry straightens up and sets his now found pen on the desk and grabs a sheet of paper to hand to Eggsy, “Mr. Unwin, you’ll be writing a short essay over what we learned today in class, if you weren’t paying attention then grab a textbook from the back of the room and read from chapter thirteen.”

Eggsy grabs the paper and pencil form Mr. Hart and pouts. “Mr. Hart I would prefer doing anything other than writing an essay…I mean…well, anything.”

Eggsy doesn’t think about how bad that would sound to a teacher or how husky his voice is because he’s still stuck on Mr. Hart’s fine ass but Harry just looks at him like he’s grown a second head.

“Did you just bribe me…with sex?”

Eggsy drops the paper and pencil in his hand and his face turns a beautiful crimson color for the second time that day.

“W-what? No, no I really mean anything I mean, like, I mean, labor work or, fuck!” Eggsy covers his red face with his hands and decides to hold in the tears of shame till he’s walking home alone and definitely not in front of Mr. Hart.

“Relax Eggsy, I was just joking.”

Eggsy looks up at Mr. Hart with an exasperated look before it changes to a smirk.

“So you’re saying you would sleep with me?”

“What?” Harry says a bit to loud then glances at his door, flustered, then back at Eggsy with a frown.

“Of course not, not only are you a minor-”

“I’m 18 as of last year actually.”

“-but I’m a teacher and you’re my student and that’s insubordination.” Mr. Hart finishes with a tone of finality.

“Write your essay or prepare for four weeks of detention.”

Eggsy clicks his tongue but swipes the paper and pencil off the ground and sits in the desk right in front of Mr. Hart to start his essay.

Eggsy bites on his pencil for a while, watching Mr. Hart through his eyelashes and definitely doesn’t notice how the time quickly passes so when Mr. Hart looks up and asks for the essay and Eggsy has written absolutely nothing he definitely doesn’t jump and blush.


Eggsy swallows and looks at the blank paper, writing his name in the top right corner he hands it to Mr. Hart with his head down and hands shoved into the front of his jacket pockets.

“I expected…a bit more.” Mr. Hart says, his tone soft, “Eggsy…Do you need help writing an essay?”

Eggsy doesn’t look up from his shoes because he doesn’t want to give away his lie when he says, “No, sir.”

“Eggsy you know I’m here to help you with anything, right? You need only ask.”

Eggsy is about to give a short no and just walk out but then realizes this is his chance to gain extra time spent with Mr. Hart.

“Well, I mean ya, sometimes.” Eggsy says in a whisper.

“We’ll work on it tomorrow but for now you should get home before your parents start worrying.” Harry says.

Eggsy grimaces but gives a smile to Mr. Hart and leaves to the pub where his friends are waiting for him. They might not be able to drink yet but they all enjoy a cooled soda during the spring heat.

~Break Here~

The next day Eggsy shows up to Mr. Hart’s room without any distractions and on time unlike Harry.

“Eggsy would you mind going to my house for today? I want to help you on your writing but my pup at home is sick and I can’t afford to leave him alone for much longer.”

Eggsy agreed instantly and followed Mr. Hart out to his car, carrying a few papers and a brief case for Harry as Harry stumbled along with an armful of papers and projects.

“Thanks kid.” Is all Harry says when Eggsy finally sits in the passenger seat of Mr. Hart’s car after loading everything.

“No problem guv.”

“Also, on a side note, I do hope you’ll keep this under discretion? This isn’t exactly legal.” Harry says starting the car then looking at Eggsy as if to give him a way out of the car.

“Course not, won’t speak a word,” Eggsy says before throwing in, “sir.”

Harry nods and quietly drives out of the school’s parking lot.

When they reach Harry’s house Eggsy can’t help the little sound that exits his throat.

“Wasn’t expecting your teacher to own a manor?” Harry asks with a chuckle, pulling the keys from the ignition.

“No, not really, not with the payroll you get.” Eggsy says unabashedly, getting out of the car to admire the castle before him, “Do you live here alone?”

“No, it’s my home but through my father’s business which I didn’t get into to so I have the house but his business is run through it.”

Eggsy frowns but doesn’t ask about it and helps get Harry’s supplies out of the car and into the manor.

Immediately upon entering, a brown Yorkshire wobbles up to Eggsy’s ankles and precedes to sniff and wheeze on him until it deems him worthy of a few licks and a short yelp.

“Hey Mr. Pickles.” Harry says off hand, walking into a study to set his school papers down along with Eggsy.

Mr. Pickles?” Eggsy asks exasperated.

“Yes, he’s quite the charmer.” Harry smiles at Eggsy then looks down at the Yorkshire padding up to Harry and whining at his feet, “unfortunately he has acute pancreatitis and doesn’t have much longer.”

Eggsy sees a sad look cross Harry’s face and only offers quiet condolences before kneeling towards the pup and reaching a hand out so Harry may piece himself back together in privacy.

“Hey there bud, how’re you, huh? You’re quite cute if I say so myself bruv.” Eggsy coaxes at the dog as it yelps into his hands and turns over on its back for a belly rub which Eggsy relents to. Eggsy completely misses the fond look that crosses Harry’s face.

“So, you ready to start on your essay?” Harry asks.

Eggsy stops rubbing the dog’s belly and sharply looks up at Harry with a are-you-kidding-me look that makes Harry laugh. Eggsy smiles at the beautiful sound that Harry makes while laughing but wipes the smile off as Harry looks back at him.

“Come on, i’ll make it fun.”

So Harry and Eggsy enjoy some root beer floats, curtsy of Harry, on the kitchen counter. The only thing the other residents can hear are two sets of laughs every once in a while and they enjoy it because it’s been years since they’ve heard Harry laugh like that and they thank the younger man with him.

This is how things go for three weeks, Eggsy going to Mr. Hart’s house, playing with Mr. Pickles, learning how to write essays and just overall improving his english grade while also enjoying time with Harry whom he finds he really enjoys being around, more so than his friends.

By the end of the third week Eggsy is dreading the moment Harry tells him he’s free to go because it will be the last time he may come over and see Mr. Pickles. He knows it’ll be the last time he’ll get to spend time with Harry. It will also be the last chance he has to ask Mr. Hart to prom.

So Eggsy drags himself to Harry’s room after school and simply stands outside the door. Finding the courage to open the door he turns the handle and enters.

When Eggsy enters the quiet room he immediately feels the tension and sees Harry’s back pulled tight like he’s about to get into a fight.

“Mr. Hart?” Eggsy asks but when there is no reply he calls out, “Harry?”

“Don’t call me that.”

Eggsy blanches at the cold tone Harry uses but suddenly he’s angry.

“I think I have ever right to call you Harry.” Eggsy growls.

“Not when you’ve been using me as a way to win a bet Mr. Unwin.” Harry bites out through his teeth as he spins to glare at Eggsy, “I don’t appreciate being used or being made fun of and if it didn’t mean you had to spend another second with me I wouldn’t hesitate to give you more detention.”

Eggsy’s face drops when Harry mentions the bet. “No, Harry it’s-”

“Don’t try and explain it, all the teachers in the lounge told me, now get out.”

Eggsy feels himself falling apart inside because he can’t even get a word out and this was supposed to be his chance to ask, his chance to woo Harry to prom because Eggsy…because…

Eggsy loved Harry.

Eggsy swallowed, the bile threatening to rise in his throat and nodded, quickly making his way out of the room and back home where he could wallow in embarrassment.

Prom was tomorrow. Eggsy had no date. Eggsy had failed to get Harry to prom and now Eggsy found he could care less about prom all he wanted was Harry to know that he cared. Eggsy just wanted Harry to know that it wasn’t just a bet, it wasn’t just a joke, he didn’t mean to embarrass Harry.


The night of prom Eggsy finds himself in a cheap tux next to the spiked punch bowl watching couples slowly dance with each other, smiling and kissing. Eggsy hates them all. Eggsy is jealous because he was so close to having that and then it got thrown down the fuckin’ drain.

“So, where’s professor Hart?” One of his friends asks smugly later that night when Eggsy probably had a tiny bit too much punch.

“Shut the fuck up mate otherwise I’ll break your nose in.” Eggsy growls, slumping into the booth his friends and him occupy.

“Someone butt hurt over being rejected for once? Or maybe your butt doesn’t hurt enough considering-”

Eggsy threw the punch before he could stop himself, his mind running in slow motion and his eyes shielded by rage.

“I told you to shut your mouth.”

“Mr. Unwin!” A teacher shouts over the music, the scold loud and clear.

Eggsy wipes his mouth off with his arm and looks at the teacher with a smirk. He doesn’t say anything to his friend that is laying on the ground holding his cheek and staring at him as if he is crazy, and he might just be, but he could care less. He had someone to apologize to.

Eggsy had been to Harry’s house enough time to memorize the route but what he doesn’t remember is it being this long. Sure, Eggsy can handle himself and with his stamina he could go for miles but while drunk? His stamina was hindered just a wee bit. So when Eggsy is sitting on the side of the road after throwing up half his gut and sees a lone car making it’s way down the road he flags it down with a shaky hand.

The car pulls over and the window rolls down.

“Aye mate mind if I catch-” Eggsy begins but is cut off as he gets a good look at who’s driving the car and then he realizes he’s been in this car more than a few times the past three weeks.



“I uh…I’m drunk.” Is all Eggsy can get out because he’s dumbfounded and cold and just wants to sleep really.

“Get in.” Harry sighs and unlocks the car. Eggsy gets in and the ride back to Harry’s place is tense and quiet. When they arrive at the house Eggsy attempts to get out of the car but his legs seem to have turned to jelly after the long walk so really he only accomplishes hitting his head on the gravel and groaning when Harry slips arms around him to carry him inside.

“You’re a mess, christ.” Harry says when Eggsy falls off the couch Harry set him on.

“’m sorry.”

“It’s fine just get back on the couch and lay down on your side.” Harry leaves the room as Eggsy continuously says sorry. When Harry enters the room again Eggsy is sitting up on the couch, his head between his hands and his shoulders shaking.

“’m sorry, Harry.” Eggsy sobs into his hands and Harry sighs as he sits next to Eggsy and wraps a arm around his shoulders.

“For what?”

“For being a douche bag.”

Harry laughs softly, “You weren’t a douche bag Eggsy, don’t worry.”

“No but I shouldn’t of made that bet because I love you Harry, I should’ve just asked.”

Harry freezes but relaxes again “You’re drunk and you’re going to regret everything you say if you don’t shut up.”

“No!” Eggsy finally looks up at Harry, his face wet and red, “Just…listen, ok?”

Harry stares at Eggsy for a minute before nodding.

“At first it was all a game, seeing if I could get you to prom cuz you’re the towns heart throb and I’m the towns whore-”

“You’re not a whore.” Harry growls.

“-so I made the bet but then..then you turned out to be so much more than…than a simple crush Harry. Every day I came over falling harder and harder for you and bloody hell I sound like a sad romantic.”

Harry chuckled, his arm pulling Eggsy to himself. “That’s because you are.” He whispers out.

“So…you forgive me?” Eggsy asks, his voice trembling.

“I did the minute you walked out of the room Eggsy, I over reacted and I’m sorry about that but you also have to understand this…this can’t happen.”

Eggsy swallowed. “'course.” He went to pull away but Harry’s arms tightened around him.

“At least until you graduate.”

Eggsy felt a smile pull at his lips. “'course.” He breathed out again but this time relaxed into Harry’s arms.

“Now I believe a small dance is in order? It is your prom night and who would I be to ruin that for you?” Harry says, helping Eggsy stand with himself.

They both twirled around the room, the only music playing in their heads.

“Love you, Harry.” Eggsy says into Harry’s cardigan.

“I know, Eggsy.” Harry smiles into Eggsy’s hair.

Oh god I don’t think you understand how scared I am to post this…

how they ask you to prom/homecoming:

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Best way to ask a girl to prom ever (by brochesis)

this is how i wanna get asked to prom 

Soo, I arrive home from youth group today, and notice that there’s a pizza guy outside my house, waiting in his car, just chilling. Puzzled and a bit freaked, I get outside of my car and he as well gets out of his. Get this, it’s 9pm at night (I DON’T eat past 8pm!! which is why I was like…“this has got to be a joke.”) He starts walking towards me and says, “Hey, I have an order for Brizzy.” (ME) And at this point, I’m getting a little flustered. He then says, “It’s already payed for! Also, make sure to check the bottom–there’s a note!” He gives me the box, he leaves, and I go inside and open the pizza box to find this inside… I don’t even know what to say?! How creative though!!! My best guy friend is the absolute best; he really put some thought process into this. I am forever grateful and thankful! :D I can’t wait to spend my night with him, Prom 2012 will be a blast!!!