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After a year and a half of being unemployed, I finally got a job this week.

A man just approached me in the subway station, telling me he was a veteran who was struggling to make enough money to get to his job and take care of his family. Usually I politely decline to offer help, recently because I couldn’t afford to, but generally because you just can’t give to everyone who asks. There are simply too many people in this city who need help.

But this man asked me on a day when I could finally say yes. He needed an unlimited week-long metrocard, so I bought him one. It is a significant cost for me, as my job doesn’t start until next week and it takes a few weeks before I’ll actually get paid. I don’t have the money yet, but I will. So I helped him.

Treat people with kindness.

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Hc for what and s/o could do to embarrass Kakashi (in honour of your ask lol)

- So. Many. Ways.

- Hold his hand in public and squeeze.

- Ask him out on a date.

- Squeeze his thigh under the table.

- Kiss him on his cheek.

- Flash him.

- Wink at him.

- Any kind of PDA will get this dork blushing.

- Praise him sincerely.

-Ask to see what he’s reading.

- Catch him giggling at Icha Icha.

- Ask him who he’s crushing on.

- Catch him cooking in his underwear.

- Every time he’s embarrassed he tries to be nonchalant but no one’s fooled.

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I felt inspired by a previous ask~ Martial arts headcanons please? Zen and Jaehee sparring with MC, no holds barred but MC still wins! (they're the only ones I know who can fight lol but feel free to add more chars who are capable too)

Added the Choi twins ^-^


- he thought it was adorable you wanted to spar with him

- he didn’t want to hurt you though, so starts out going easy on you

- you’re easily blocking him though and he realizes you know what you’re doing

- so he goes all out, deciding to give you challenge

- eventually you get him pinned and he has no choice but to tap out

- when he gets up he asks you excitedly where you learned to fight like that

- “you’re not the first man who wanted to protect my integrity”

- he thinks you’re so cool and after finding out your dad taught you how to fight, insists on meeting him and thanking him


- she’s surprised at first

- she didn’t expect you’d want to practice sparring with her

- alright though

- she doesn’t hold back one bit

- when you win though she’s dumbfounded

- she’s not used to being the one who has to tap

- but she loves you all the more because that was amazing

- she definitely wants to practice more with you


- “hell yeah let’s roll!”

- he keeps commenting on every move you throw

- mostly they’re compliments but sometimes he critiques your form

- even though it’s slightly annoying you appreciate the feedback

- when you when he’s way too dramatic

- “Hark! I hath been slain! Oh, woe is me!”

- while you’re laughing he tackles you, claiming he’s the true victor

- okay maybe not but he won some cuddles


- he doesn’t really want to

- he knows he’s good at fighting and doesn’t want to hurt you

- after constant pleading he finally agrees, on the condition that you buy him ice cream later he’s easily bought

- the spar goes by unexpectedly fast and ends with him staring up at you in shock

- he had no idea you were so good

- “wow” he says with a slight smile, sitting up

- you get really flustered, not used to him giving any kind of praise even if it’s little like that

- he switches to grumpy quickly, feeling self conscious

- after you get him ice cream he drops the act

- he thinks he’s the luckiest to be with someone so talented but kind

OK, so apparently there’s this established things in prisons when all the other criminals find out that a new inmate is a rapists or a child molester that beat them up, or sometimes even kill them. Now that this has slipped out into the world people are praising these murders and thieves and what-have-you for doing so…and that slightly annoys me. Why should these people get any kind of praise because they have have the same distaste for rapists and child molesters as the most of the rest of the world. I saw “most of the rest of” because unfortunately some people don’t feel that way, but still I almost guarantee it’s most people in the world. The people who murdered me best friend are in prison and if I discovered that they ganged up on and killed a child molester or rapists and wouldn’t think that they were a better person because of it.

And because I’ve followed this blog for a long time and I know how people, take opinions and go off topic with them, I’m gonna try to cover all my bases; I’m not saying there should be a hierarchy of criminals or that any of these serious crimes aren’t “as bad” as any other.