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RC9GN + Miraculous AU

Okay basically, here are a few things:

  • Randy and Marinette are cousins from her father’s side.
  • Randy, being supportive of Marinette’s love life, becomes buddies with Adrien, along with Howard and Nino (which Howard did not agree to).
  • Alya and Debbie joining forces to investigate about Ladybug and Chat Noir teaming up with the Ninja.
  • Rachel and Rose would be “Squee-sters.”
  • Bash would probably try to flirt with Chloe, but she rebuffs his affections. Also Sabrina has a crush on Bash.
  • Randy knows that Marinette is Ladybug and Marinette knows that Randy is the Ninja.
  • Despite Adrien and Randy being pals, when they are Chat Noir and the Ninja, they bicker and argue to no end, which it annoys Ladybug.
  • The Sorcerer and Hawkmoth would be partners in creating and spread their “Stanked Akumas” or “Akumatized Stank.”

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esquire - “the cast of baz luhrmann’s new netflix series show us exactly how to ‘get down’”

We were there to talk to the show’s absurdly talented actors—Justice Smith, Herizen F. Guardiola, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Shameik Moore, and Jaden Smith—about their characters’ style and what ‘70s trends they’d like to see make a comeback. We also asked each to, well, get down.


Today I learned that if you actually let the timer in the Arrival DLC run out it shows the reapers arriving and destroying the galaxy. Such highlights include:

  • The Citadel being destroyed
  • Shepards helmet (head??) on a SPIKE
  • Destroyed Normandy
  • All your friends and crew lining up to be executed

Am I the only one just finding this out because holy shit

A long while back, I started this piece while having Geronimo on loop. Only just now decided to finish it up! I honestly thought there would be more of a re-haul on this but I guess my coloring process wasn’t as complicated as I thought

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I only bring the finest creations to this fandom

If I find out f(x) disbands on a bad note I am for real never going to respect SM entertainment. They been through so much just to be underappreciated and thrown to the side like dolls, which is not what your supposed to be treated like when you spent your time and effort for something for eight freaking years.