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Someone asked: Would you feel awful if they died without you saying goodbye?

At this point I don’t even know. When I married Wolf they were so mean and snarky to him and about him (and us). I told them that was my husband that I loved and I’m not going to have anyone causing problems in my family & among my kids who are all trying to learn each other and get along. So to play nice, or they wouldn’t see us or the kids anymore. They chose to be mean and bitter instead.

Then they manipulated my ex (who they hated when we were married) into bringing the kids to see them, against my wishes. While there, they got mad that the kids called my youngest “Betsy” (she’s named after my dad’s sister Beverly who he’s always had a major jones for, but I hate “Bev” as a nickname). So in a fit of temper my dad dragged out pics of Aunt Bev while she was dying and showed them to the kids to show them how much the woman whose name they were “dishonoring” suffered. While my ex took a nap.

It took even the teenagers months to stop being afraid of dying. Since then they’ve even sent the kids’ gift cards to my ex’s house instead of our house where the kids live.

Additionally, every holiday all my life they would get in major fights right in front of my kids, which I have enjoyed not having that experience anymore. Thoroughly disgusting behavior as far as I’m concerned.

So I don’t even know how I feel about going to see them.


These are my three amigos of plague now. The imperial (snatched from @shadowdrac-rising) joining the team is named Fadil.

Long story short, Fadil is in the same kind of business as Middlemist. Where she acts as a plague guide who primarily guides small groups or solitary travellers directly into territories like shadow and ice, Fadil serves large caravans along Trader’s Walk. They end up getting friendly after encountering each other a couple times on jobs along the walk. They talk shop and share techniques since her bloodlines are west and central plague territory while his are east on the shadow border and they have different approaches to fighting.

Eventually she asks what the deal with the wind mask is and he reveals that he is extremely contagious. Like, he survived his brush with Contagion of course and he’s healthy as could be, but whatever sickness he’s reached equilibrium was especially virulent. So the mask was modified to act as a sort of purifier. Otherwise, he would be actively dangerous to the health of everyone around him.

And Middlemist just straight up says “My ma has a shot that’ll fix that. Top tier plague doctoring stuff too.“

And he’s a shit so he’s like "Are you trying to set me up with your mother?”

But after they box it out a little over that he agrees to come to Clan Aphaster. Haematica is the one to see him since Alala sees a lot of travelers and hatchlings who would be destroyed if they were exposed to Contagion. And after the shot and the little quarantine period, he just hangs around with Copernicus and Coagulum and is amazed that neither one of them are puking.

And Alala being the most hospitable one in the family comes to see the cat her sister dragged in, and offers him clan residence. At first he’s like ‘ehhhhh…’ but when she tells him that they have an Arcane branch of the clan that would be tiny but private and equally hospitable he can’t pass that up. Having the sponsorship of a clan as seemingly booming as Aphaster’s at both ends of Trader’s Walk isn’t something to just brush aside.

So he got all sworn in and read the law, and immediately he got put to work by Telos herself in helping the effort to bring Obsidian and Pink Granite from Arcane, with leave to take one week’s time at Point: Windchime Flat, which immediately sold him. So now he treats Middlemist and Alala like his lucky charms, and they’re lowkey like ‘heck yeah we suckered a nice plague dragon we aren’t related to into the clan, let’s find some more’

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What do you think is the deal with rebsgoddess? I know you like her, but I don't understand how one can be so into columbine, yet, defend a bully. I really like you alot, your blog is amazing and everything about you is lovely and graceful but I'm just kinda confused. Thank you for all the time and passion you dedicate on this blog💝

Thank you very much for the kind words and the compliments. They’re much appreciated. =)

I don’t want to get in the middle of that shitton of drama that’s been making the rounds here lately in any way, to be honest with you, and so I’ll keep this reply very brief. The last thing I want to do is offend anybody or get dragged into back-and-forth arguments, so the following is probably all I’ll say on the subject in this public setting.

Rebsgoddess and I get along all right and have occasional conversations about Columbine and some other things when we feel like it. We’re on friendly terms at the moment, though we also disagree at times and have had arguments in the past. She will likely be the first to attest that I call her out on her shit in private whenever the situation calls for it and that I don’t tend to budge on my observations/opinions in that regard. She knows exactly how I feel and think about things, just as she knows that I will not get involved beyond offering her my honest opinions and advice. I will not be the one to call her (or anyone else) out in public, as I find that only leads to more issues and doesn’t help anybody.

I don’t condone bullying. I never have, I never will, and I will confront people about it if necessary. I believe that we can achieve more by being kind to people than we ever can being rude to them. The grace with which I’ve run this blog over the years is the same grace I extend to people in private, though it’s not without its sharp edges. It’s natural for me to be a voice of reason more than anything else, which is probably reflected in how I have chosen to confront any type of drama inside of our community. There’s a difference between building up and breaking down. I prefer to do the former. I will not engage in the latter.

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Which other planeswalkers would Reiri get along with or butt heads with?

Let’s speak about possible relationships :)

First of all, she’d really enjoy being a part of Tamiyo’s Story Circle :3 Reiri loves stories and family-like warm atmosphere and Tamiyo, Big-Furry-Cat Ajani and even Narset are persons who’d she get along well.

Now just have a look on other pws from her home plane Kaladesh:

  • Chandra: Reiri would enjoy spending some time with her, they wouldn’t be close friends but could find fun activities to do together.
  • Dovin Baan: Reiri doesn’t know him personally but becouse of her job she had some… trouble with the law before. She wouldn’t like Dovin if she meets him, they would totally make each other mad.
  • Saheeli Rai: Saheeli is a celebrity on Kaladesh so Reiri knows her (not personally). But she doesn’t care.

Other pws:

  • Ral Zarek: now that would cause a real chaos if those two meet… and they’d enjoy it.
  • Kaya: despite I know not that much about her I just have a feeling she and Reiri would get along quite well.

Aaaand, other fanwalkers: I’d like to mention @isharton‘s Ferra. Another dwarf pw from Kaladesh, Ferra is someone Reiri admires and feels close to herself, someone who could understand her (Reiri still keeps in secret she is a planeswalker). She looks up to her very much.
Others will come soon, just give me some time to get to know them better!


It’s video game day for @miraculous-weeks‘s AU week and I was meant to draw this but I’m an idiot and forgot my tablet so I’ll just explain it instead and draw it later

  • A Miraculous Splatoon AU where Ladybug and Chat Noir are inklings who use their special powers (Lucky Charm and Cataclysm) along with their weapons to fight against the Octarians who are invading their land
  • (Ladybug mains the Octoshot Replica and Chat Noir mains the Krak-On Splat Roller … I went into too much detail on this I’m sorry I just love Splatoon)
  • The Squid Sisters, aka Agents 1 and 2, are Aurore and Mireille, weather announcers as well as pop idols! … who don’t really get along well with each other.
  • Plagg the cat has been around since the humans were around and therefore is thousands of years old. He loves cheese and sleeping and might give you advice if you ask for it. He’s the one who announces the winners and losers of turf wars.
  • Captain Fu is an old turtle hanging out in his shack in Octo Valley and watching out for Octarians. Once he realizes they’re up to something, he recruits Ladybug and Chat Noir and gives them their special powers to help the Squid Sisters fight the Octarians away.
  • Juleka is the dodgy emo sea urchin who helps order new gear off the black market for squids. She likes snails. (Listen the first time I saw Spyke in the game I literally said out loud “IS THAT JULEKA WITH SPIKY HAIR”)
  • Mylene is a cute anemone who sells headgear at her shop (HER HAIR IS LITERALLY JUST LIKE ANNIE’S)
  • DJ Bubbler is the leader of the Octarians who Ladybug and Chat Noir must eventually defeat. He’s a DJ octopus who plays sick music during the final battle and shoots bubbles of paint as an attack.
  • The classmates are inklings living in Inkopolis who love turf wars, ranked battles and splatfests! They all have their own favourite weapons: Alya - .96 Gal, Chloe - Tentatek Splattershot, Sabrina - Tri-Slosher, Rose - Carbon Roller Deco, Nath - Inkbrush, Alix - Aerospray RG, Kim - Aerospray MG, Max - E Litre 3K Scope, Ivan - Heavy Splatling, Lila - Gold Dynamo Roller
  • Jagged Stone is king of the Killer Wail. He does it with a guitar somehow and calls it “Shocking Riff”.
  • barefoot
  • short
  • belligerent
  • covered in dirt
  • cant swim
  • cant really read either
  • sharp tongued
  • not patient
  • great hair
  • doesn’t care what people think
  • in touch with the earth
  • fiercely independent
  • ran away from home once
  • will kick your butt. will kick your dog’s butt. will kick her own butt.
  • traveling the world with a band of misfits
  • had to learn out how to get along with other people in the group
  • won a fighting tournament despite being the smallest and most unlikely competitor
  • had a rivalry-turned-some-kind-of-mutual-understanding with a meathead from that competition
  • wanted by the authorities at some point
  • doesn’t like libraries
  • has a crush on the cute guy with a sword
  • eventually becomes a prominent leading figure in a major city
  • probably an ISTP
  • am i talking about Jasmine of the Forests or Toph Beifong

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Someone: Jodel is a random message site, it's largely inaccurate. Skam fandom: you don't want Even to have a big part in the series. Someone: That's not what I said I'm telling people what's going on and where henrik was seen. Blogger: I'm so confused. I posted okay, can't we all just get along, let's not start drama please. Other anons: FUCK YOU BLOGGER. All y'all are ridiculous.

me: can we please not start drama

someone: is offended by me wanting to keep this chill 🤗

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Hi!!! I though I'd drop a line and let you know that McKinley's Beauty is actually available this month through humblebundle. The theme is women of sci-fi and fantasy- you'd have to pay a little more to unlock Beauty, but you also get tons of other amazing books along with it! Just wanted to do a PSA for anyone in the fairy tale club who hadn't picked it up yet!

Oohh thank you!!!

I am a dude with a boyfriend.

We’re both Asian.

We went on a bus and sat in front of two girls.

I kissed behind his ear (and then he punched me in the arm, he’s shy in public) and I heard one of them whisper to the other something along the lines of “We get to see close up yaoi on here!”.

(Neither of us are even Japanese)

I was kinda offended, so I took my boyfriend by the hand and left.

It made us feel very uncomfortable.

I just want to say:

Our love and relationship isn’t for your entertainment.

Nor is it here for you to fetishize and sexualize.

Please just keep your “yaoi xDD” to just fiction, and please do not call us “yaoi”.

Many dismiss this as not a problem, which I find rude as they have never experienced this so they don’t really have much to say against this.

Thank you for reading.

- Submitted by Anonymous

* ^^^ Sorry to hear that anon D: that’s pretty terrible.



Logan trying to save money to buy a boat for him, Charles and Caliban so they can spend their remaining days on the ocean.
Logan needing reading glasses and Charles telling him he looks younger when he wears them.
Logan wanting to be away from Laura because if it’s anything he’s learned in the 100+ years it’s that every person he has ever cared about has been put in harms way and he blames himself.
Logan calling Charles his dad.
Logan burying Charles by the river to cater to his last wish.
Logan fighting his last fight to protect his daughter. And get her safely to the other side along with the other child mutants.
Logan dying at the hands of the weapon he was supposed to be. Sacrificing his life for his daughter.
Laura calling him daddy.
Logan telling her not to become what they made her to be.
Logan listening to Charles last words to him. To stop and take a moment to feel what it’s like to have a family. And his only daughter giving him that feeling in his last moments.
“So this is what it’s like.”
Laura burying Logan close to the border where he gave his life so she and the last mutants can escape and be free.

Okay but what if instead of Emily & Winston’s first meeting having Emily being all “holy shit, a talking Gorilla”, she actually deals with it super-gracefully, and Winston compliments her on it later and asked if she believed when Tracer warned her about him, only to find out that Tracer totally forgot to mention he was a gorilla (that’s just the kind of thing she does), but Emily didn’t freak out because she knows Tracer would never put her in harm’s way for any reason. If Winston was a friend of Tracer’s, he’s a friend of Emily’s, moon-gorilla or not.

And that’s how Emily becomes the first person outside of Overwatch Winston feels comfortable talking to and inviting over. And Tracer’s so ecstatic that her best friend and girlfriend get along that they get together most holidays or any other excuse they can get.

You know that new voiceline in OW between Hanzo and Genji for Valentines Day:

“Genji: Any chocolates today brother?

Hanzo: Those were your amusements not mine.”

I don’t think it’s as mean as you’d first think. In Japan girls give the chocolates on V day and the boys give back to them on White Day, which is a month after. So I think this is more of Genji teasing Hanzo about whether he got chocolates or not. Not if Hanzo would give any chocolates to him. Hanzo might be saying that he isn’t interested in getting chocolates or he hasn’t got any. Though he may want some or is annoyed Genji would ask when he knows the answer. Which is nice since they are getting along a bit more. If they are able to tease each other. 

This could also be supported by the fact that Genji got chocolates from Angela/Mercy and seems surprised by the gift. Even asking her to share some with him. But when he gives chocolates to Mercy he says, with regret, ‘not swiss’. Which could mean it was last minuet since he may have realized, or forgotten, that other places have girls and boys giving away chocolate. Otherwise he may have went the extra mile and gave swiss chocolates. And seeing as Genji was a playboy and he seems to really like Mercy he totally would have.