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This is the first extra life that I've watched live (even though it was just part of it) and honestly what a blessing

congrats!!! extra life and christmas are like my two favorite times of the year and i’m stoked you got to experience one live!!!

19 Genius Ways To Upcycle Your Child’s Plastic Dinosaur Collection

Dinosaurs will forever be in fashion. Jurassic Park made them ultra cool back in the early 90s and today they’re just as awesome. Plus, they have a great many uses… 

Turn Them Into Drawer Handles

A little spray paint and a spot of DIY and you’ve got yourself one epic desk. [Photo: Apartment Therapy]

Add Them To Your Terrarium

Who said plants were boring? [Photo: Yellow Brick Home]

Fashion Them Into A Coat Rack

This is one upcycling idea guaranteed to jazz up your dingy hallway. [Photo: Etsy]

Make Them Magnets

Never has a fridge looked so terrifyingly brilliant. [Photo: Yellow Brick Home]

Go For A Garland

Who needs fabric bunting when you can make this gender neutral garland? [Photo: DIY Candy]

Stick Them To A Mirror

If you’re up for something a bit quirky, we love this fun idea. [Photo: Etsy]

Use Them As Planters

Let’s be honest, these look WAY more exciting than regular plant pots. [Photo: Off Beat Home]

Turn A Diplodocus Into A Loo Roll Holder

This is one way to jazz up your bathroom. [Photo: The Chic Site]

Give Them An Ornamental Status

A little lick of paint and you’ve got yourself some brilliant shelf liners. [Photo: Etsy]

DIY Yourself A Dinosaur Necklace

A brilliant gift idea, if we do say so ourselves. [Photo: Made From Pinterest]

Turn Them Into Cup Handles

Definitely a different look for your kitchen. [Photo: White Lights On Wednesday]

Cram Them Into A Transparent Box

That’s one way to decorate your lounge. [Photo: eBay]

Make Yourself Some Great Place Holders

Ideal for weddings. [Photo: Pinterest]

Use One As A Ringholder

We reckon this fella would look lovely on your dressing table. [Photo: Safari]

Make This Badass Toothbrush Holder

All you need to do is drill a hole through the middle of the toy. [Photo: Pinterest]

Get All Arty And Make This Wall Hanging

Whoever said dinosaurs can’t look artistic? [Photo: Etsy]

Make Yourself These Epic Napkin Rings

Makes napkins WAY more modern. [Photo: Hannah Kate Flora]

DIY Yourself A Dino Serving Dish

We could see this becoming the new cake stand. [Photo: Three Little Monkeys Studio]

Create Some Excellent Jar Toppers

Suddenly jam jars are everything. [Photo: Pinterest]

I got a weird group text of like 15 people that was like “Ahoy parrotheads!” and something about latitude and I thought I got accidentally added to a bird watching group but I have since found out that “parrotheads” are Jimmy Buffett fans so i was apparently accidentally added to some local fan group. I have also learned that there is a concert on Saturday and all these random people are very excited about it

// I decided to make a set of drawings (which I’ll use as stickers later ahah) with Jinx with her Supports : > bc more love for supports!

The list is huge and Idk if I do everyone…

But I decided to start from just Jinx : D

the thing is bigger than it should be I’m sorry

why i love 1989

1989 is not the kind of album you can just listen to quietly

1989 is the kind of album that you can’t help but sing along to even if you have a non-existent list of ex-lovers

it’s fun and it’s intense and it’s heartbreak and it’s beautiful

it’s the kind of album that makes you want to sing in front of strangers, jumping on chairs and flipping tables

it makes you want to wear your favorite clothes and cherry red lipstick because you are a nightmare and a daydream and a perfect storm and whatever you freakin’ wanna be

it’s a description of love from the high to the pain (the screaming and crying and the pretty lies) and picking yourself back up after the world seems to be collapsing around you

it’s coming back from whatever happens and shaking off the hate and the pain

it’s the fairytale of wonderland and a glittering new city

it’s revenge and bitterness and growing up and moving on because love can’t always be a fairytale

it’s being proud to sing heartbreak as your national anthem and being your own person because your life is yours and no one else’s

it’s madness and love and i love it

the person at the desk of the vet we used to take our dogs to would, every single time, ask me if Leonard was named after the character in The Big Bang Theory. And it was very frustrating because I dislike that show quite a bit. Like she’d call us and then look at the paperwork and be like “Oh, Leonard! You must be fans of the Big Bang Theory!”, like no that name did not originate from The Big Bang Theory and that’s not where we got it…

It bugged me but I was always polite, ‘cause she didn’t mean anything by it. But it was annoying to be asked that every time we took him to the vet