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         ━━━    STARTER   CALL   !   i  lost  my  other  one  shhh   stab  the  heart  for  something  of  varying  length  these  will  be  slow  and  done  in  between  drafts  whenever  loki  feels  like  ignoring  whatever  it  is  we  actually  gotta  do  .  

    ( specify verse otherwise i’ll just go with a random onehmu if you’d prefer to discuss a plot prior to a thread )

hi loves! i realized i’ve been getting a lot of new followers recently so i wanted to do a lil introduction / get to know me tag kinda thing.

🦋 my name is isabella and im 15 years old

🦋 i’m really passionate about photography and have been getting into film lately. along with that i’d love to be a photojournalist some day to incorporate my love for writing

🦋 i drink kombucha almost every day (mango’s my favorite)

🦋 i also love banana bread, cherries, pomegrante chai lattes and MANGO 

🦋 my music taste always changes but i consistently love chill rap (kendrick lamar, chance the rapper, childish gambino) and i’ve been loving alternative lately (tame impala, the lumineers, alt-j)

🦋 i’ve always loved fashion since i was a little toddler (my mom tells me) and over the years it’s changed drastically, but my current style i would say is art student meets street style. (does that even make sense??) you can usually find me wearing trousers, ripped jeans, oversized jackets, mini skirts, cropped sweaters, statement sunglasses, bodysuits and my vans! i’ve also been getting into layered gold necklaces and cool socks

🦋 i get 99% of my clothes from thrift shops not because im trying to be cool but because im broke 

thats me in a nutshell! i love u all and i’m tagging @frenchtwig @exciting @calmfairy @chickpeabb @pockhy to make a cute lil post like this xoxox 

short & sweet ♡

If you heard anyone yell this morning it was me right after finding out dgm’s on this month’s SQ Crown holy f uck

dave strider realizing hes gay/bisexual and coming to terms with his abusive childhood makes him so much more of a character than he was as the token “main character’s best friend who is cagey, funny, and a dick”

fandom often headcanons or reads labels/experiences like these onto lots of mediocre, kinda funny, and assholish dude characters – but dave is the real deal. dave strider expressed softness and kindness and introspection in canon in a way that was not corny or forced, and most importantly did not come at the expense of women (i would argue he was 100% more of a stepping stone for terezi’s arc than vice versa) and for that i appreciate him a lot

despite all of andrew hussie’s flaws and questionable/problematic/bad writing, he did a good thing by bringing dave strider into text. he did even more good by allowing his character to have depth in a way that is uncommon for boy characters.

homestuck broke so many molds (at least from my fandom experience) by having a super likable male character who was funny, witty, and complex… AND a gay/bi self-admitted survivor of abuse.

humans more like ew-mans am i right


New York City…

Been posting New York City photography to Instagram for a while now and after getting 117,000 followers there, a lot of people ask me how I got that many followers. 

So, I finally made a video about how to get more followers on Instagram!

P.S. In the first comment on the video on YouTube, I ask people to share their Instagrams so I can check them out…so share!!! (there!) :)

So I hit 1,290 followers and I wanted to celebrate early instead of at the next hundred so here’s a ‘lil something for the future occasion!! 

Thanks to everyone, this one’s for you ✨

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since I already drew Laurent as a child I felt obligated to draw a “grown up” version of him as well although I am not overly happy with how he turned out ¯\_(ツ)_/¯